A Stranger in the Night

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A Stranger in the Night

I’m lying on my stomach with my eyes closed as he requested thinking “How did I let HIM talk me into this? I have never seen him, only texts online. He liked my Tattoo’s when he saw my cam show. He was different than most. He asked about me and what I liked. He complimented my body without being rude. He even made complimentary notes of the changes in my body over time. He finally convinced me to meet him. He paid for a nice hotel and said he would be here at 9pm.”

“He said I could say no at any time and if he arrived and the door was locked he would know I was not comfortable and had changed my mind.” I heard the room door open and shut softly. My heart was beating rapidly. Had I made a mistake? Should I yell no and leave. Then I heard a zipper and his clothes as they with dropped on the floor. I felt his weight as he moved onto the bed and straddled my body. He leaned down and kissed my cheek.

“Hello goddess. I feel your heartbeat and I know you are nervous. You can say stop right now and I’ll leave.” My mind was uncertain but my body wanted what he had promised, a night of selfless passion, just for me. I shook my head slightly to say yes. He kissed my cheek softly then moved to my shoulders and neck kissing gently and nipping at my skin as he went. In moments I was covered in goose bumps and my skin shivered. I heard a soft chuckle as he moved back and forth across my back continuing to kiss and nip at my skin as he moved lower. As he got to my lower back he put his hands on my waist and pulls me to my knees as his kisses move down to my hips and ass. I can only moan as he spreads my thighs with his hands and slides his tongue thru my pussy lips then uses it to probe my sensitive anus.

Suddenly he stops and moves back up my body. I feel him pull a cloth over my eyes and tie it loosely behind my head. He speaks softly in my ear again. “You can remove it if you desire but it will heighten your senses if you don’t.” I’m torn again. He hasn’t tried to harm me but I wanted to know what this tender lover looks like. Before I could decide he rolled me over on my back and started kissing my cheeks and neck. He put his hands on my breasts and squeezed them softly as he began kissing down to the tops of my nipples. I could feel his cock on my thigh as he put his mouth over one nipple and caught my piercing with his teeth and pulled, then sucked on the nipple. The feeling of him tugging and sucking as he flicked his tongue on the end of it sent tingles thru my body. He switched back and forth between my nipples stopping once to say “Your flowers taste so sweet. I could stay here for hours.”

Then he began kissing and nibbling across my stomach. As he gets to my belly button he moves one hand from my breast and begins rubbing his palm across my pierced hood and clit. What a shock that sends thru me. I can feel my creamy cum leaking out and I want him inside me but he has other plans. He continues rubbing my mound and teasing my clit as he plants more kisses on and around my belly until he moves lower and suddenly flicks his tongue on my exposed clit. I thrust my hips up to meet him but he pulls away. He raises both my legs and starts kissing and nipping at my skin as he moves up, back and forth from one leg to the other. Oh god how I want his lips back on my sex but he continues up my legs massaging the bottoms of my feet with his thumbs as he goes.

My toes curl as he kisses my ankles and moves to the soles of my feet still massaging them as he puts tiny kisses all over them. He starts back down my legs pushing them back to my side as he goes and working down the back of my legs sending more tingles thru me. The anticipation of him returning to my sex is overwhelming me until I feel his hands on my thighs, his thumbs spread my lips wide and his fingers pulling the hood back from my clit. I can feel his warm breath just before he plunges his tongue in the opening to my pussy. He takes his mouth from my sex and I hear him “Mmmmm, just as delicious as it looks on your cam.” He puts his bahis firmaları tongue back into my pussy then begins a slow tingling lick to my exposed clit. Once there he beats it around with his tongue like a boxer at and overhead bag.

My vibrator has never made me feel this good. He stops torturing my clit for a moment and just as my breathing slows he bites gently behind my clit piercing and pulls on it as he sucks hard. “OH FUCK, OH FUCK SUCK MY CLIT BABY.” My body wouldn’t stay still. I was thrusting to his lips as my legs shook and my chest heaved. I wanted him to be rough and gentle at the same time. I wanted his lips all over my pussy and I wanted them only on my throbbing clit. Oh go what is happening. I wanted his face pressed into my sex. As he continued pulling on my clit and sucking it hard he took the hood piercing and pulled it back exposing more of my swollen nub.

After his oral assault on my clit he moves to my engorged inner lips. He takes each one in between his lips and pulls on it as he nips on the edges. I have no time to recover as he spreads them with his fingers exposing the entrance to my pussy again and drives his tongue as deep as it will go. As he moves the tip around and sucks on my juices a craving comes over me. I want his cock in me and I want to see his face as he does. “”Oh God, I want you cock in me and I want to see you as you fill me.”

“You can take off the blindfold anytime you want. It is your choice.” I felt him rise up to his knees and put the head of his cock between my pussy lips, sliding it back and forth to wet it with my juices. It felt long and fat just like he had promised. I couldn’t wait to have it inside me. As I tried to lift my hips to it I pulled off the blindfold. I was looking into his hazels eyes set in a smiling face framed by long salt and pepper hair. Definitely not a young man but the way he was making me feel proved that experience was on his side. “Are you disappointed?”

“No, I kind of knew you were older by the way you talked to me in your texts and the way you have paid so much attention to making me cum. Now fill me with that beautiful cock you have laying on my pussy.” As he held my lips stretched wide he put the tip at the entrance and slid the large purple head in.

When I gasped he said “Is that what you wanted Goddess?” All I could do was nod my head as he paused letting me feel the pulse in it. As he slid it deeper it pulled at my lips causing them to tingle more as it forced my pussy wider. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until it was buried full length in my tunnel. I felt so full it was like a balloon had been inflated in me. As his cock slides out it pulls at the walls of my tunnel and stretches my lips that are tight around it. He reaches down and takes one piercing in each hand pulling them in different directions until I feel the slightest bit of pain that combines with his cock pumping in me to bring me closer and closer to bliss. I want him to move faster and drive into me harder so I can cum but he continues his slow methodical stroking, keeping me on the edge, just out of reach of an orgasm. He continued stroking into me and playing with my clit as he bent forward and again took a nipple n his mouth and sucked. I couldn’t take any more. I pulled his mouth tight to my breast as I moved my legs down and clamped them around his waist to hold him close.

My body failed me as I lost control and shuddered beneath him. My pussy was flooded with cum but he just kept stroking, pulling and sucking. I was in heaven but trying to get my gasping under control. He was having no part of it. He just continued stimulating me until I yelled, “STOP, OH GOD PLEASE STOP AND LET ME REST.” He stopped and rose up smiling at me. He released my piercings but left his cock buried deep in me. My chest was heaving as I sucked in deep breaths.

“Does this mean we’re done?” I realized he was asking if I wanted him to leave. Turmoil set in again. Did I want him to leave and never see him again or did I ask him to stay longer. Once he was kaçak iddaa gone I might never see him again.

“I don’t know. Do you want us to be done?”

“No goddess. I want to give you more of the pleasure you deserve. Do you want me to leave? I will if you want.”

“What do I call you? You have never told me your name?”

“I call you Goddess because I don’t know your name and you are so beautiful, so why don’t you pick one for me.” Just then I felt his cock pulse inside me and he smiled.

“Why don’t I just call you Dick?” He started laughing and each time he did his cock pulsed and he pushed in. Oh crap, my pussy was tingling and I couldn’t make it stop. “Fuck me Mr. Dick. Fuck my pussy hard and fast.” He took my legs from around him and rolled me over onto my knees without removing his cock. He grabbed me by my hips and began pounding his shaft into my pussy. He reached under me with one hand and started rubbing my clit and playing with the piercings. My pussy was clenching at his shaft and the friction sending waves of pleasure into my body. Suddenly my body went still as my pussy milked his shaft. I was having a fabulous orgasm when I felt his cum blast into me. Then everything went dark.

When I woke up again it was to his lips on my clit again sucking on it like a baby at a nipple. When I opened my eyes and moaned he looked back at me and smiled. “I thought you might like my wakeup call.” Before I could answer he was back on my clit and sucked on it hard and all I could get out was “OOOOOOOOOOOO”. He slid his fingers into my pussy while he sucked. My body took over. My back arched and I felt his fingers slide easier in my cum. He continued sucking driving my orgasm high until I had to push him away from my tender clit. He moved back up next to me and rolled me to where I was laying with my head on his shoulder and my body half on him. When my breathing slowed again he stroked my hair and asked if I wanted to rest.

He has given me multiple orgasms, asked nothing in return and now he wants to know if I want to rest. I have never known anyone that didn’t expect something. “Then what?”

“Then I start over making the rest of your night orgasmic.” Mmmmm that sounded good so I moved on top of him. I sat up straddling his thighs and took his cock in both hands stroking to make it hard again.

“How about I let you rest for a little while?” He smiled up at me as I put my knees between his legs and spread them. I stretched out on my stomach between his legs, cupped his ball sack in one had as I continued to stroke him with the other. As I put my lips to each of his balls and kissed them I heard him say ‘Mmmmm’. As soon as I sucked them into my mouth and swabbed them with my tongue he raised his hips to my mouth. I let them fall from between my lips and grasped them so I could pull the skin tight over them. As I nipped at them his cock jumped, he yelped and precum leaked from the tip of his cock. I put my head on his thigh and pulled his cock down to where I could run my tongue around the head licking the pre-cum off. When I put my lips on the tip and sucked on his big meat straw he let out a moan and moved his hips on the bed. This was fun. I knew he wanted more like I had, but I was going to make him wait like he had me.

I stroked his cock and massaged his balls as I move my head up his thigh taking him in my mouth slowly, licking the underside of it as I went. When it was half in I pulled back and listened to him groan as the cool air hit it and I did not suck it back in. I tease him for a while, sucking until he was close then pulling it out and just licking the head. Finally I took it out and slid up his body with his hard cock pressed between us until I could whisper in his ear. “Is that what you want baby? Do you want to cum in my throat or would you maybe want to stick your cock in my tight little ass?” I was rocking my hips, rubbing his cock thru my slit as I talked in his ear.

He seemed almost frozen until he growled “Why not both?” I smiled and pulled him off the bed with kaçak bahis me, grabbed the bottle of baby oil off the nightstand and walked him to the door that led out onto our small balcony. We were 6 stories up and had a pretty good view but that wasn’t what I was there for. I leaned forward resting one hand on the railing. As I used the other to dribble baby oil between the cheeks of my ass

“I’ve always wanted someone to take me out in the open air up high like this. Fuck my ass and then I’ll suck your cock until you cum or beg me to stop.” He rubbed his cock between my cheeks to coat it with baby oil before putting the head to my pussy and entering me. “Baby, that’s not my ass.”

“Did you want me to put it in dry? Be patient and I’ll make sure you enjoy it.” As his cock sawed in and out filling me to the maximum, he rubbed my rosebud with an oiled thumb. He put a steady pressure on until I relaxed and it popped thru my anal ring. He fucked my ass with his thumb in time with his cock in my pussy. When my ring relaxed more he removed his thumb and inserted 2 fingers. He was probing my ass and using his fingers to stretch my ring. Soon he was working three fingers in my ass and I was pushing back against his cock and his hand. My body was tingling from the stimulation and I wanted to cum so bad when he pulled his cock from my pussy and put the tip against my asshole and pushed the head in.

Damn the anticipation was overwhelming as he didn’t go further. “Oh God don’t tease me. Fill my ass with cock.” He held tight on my waist and began ever so slowly boring his cock into my ass. He didn’t stop until his entire cock was buried in my colon and his balls were pressed against my pussy. I was so full it almost to my breath away. As I gasped he pulled out just as slowly. I reached back and put three fingers in my pussy and finger fucked myself. My body was already close to bliss when he pulled his cock out of my pussy and all I wanted now was for him to pound his cock into my ass and make me cum. I pulled and pushed against him. He moved faster and harder as the tremors rose in my body. I was driving myself against him when I tensed and started shaking as my ass clenched his cock when he drove it in deep and held it.

His hands on my waist were all that kept me from falling as my legs went weak. He pulled me up and hugged my back to his chest, impaled on his cock, until my legs were once again able to support me. He gently pulled his cock from my ass and turned me to face him. He pulled me close against him and gave me a deep passionate kiss. “Are you ok? I wouldn’t want our last moments together to be a bad memory.”

“What makes you think those were your last moments? I told you I was going to suck your cock until you came or begged me to stop.” I went to my knees and pulled him with me as I leaned back against the railing. I pulled him close enough that I could flick my tongue across the head of his cock and watch it twitch. When he had enough of that tease he moved closer, pressing his cock against my lips. I opened them and let him slip the head in before I grabbed his hips, moving him back and forth in my mouth taking a little more each time until he was hitting the back of my mouth. I surprised him after he bottomed a half dozen times by holding him tight and taking his full length in my throat. I was switching between stroking his cock and deepthroating him when he grabbed my head and drove his meat down my throat one last time. He was shooting large blasts of his hot cum straight into my throat. When his cock stopped twitching he pulled back but I kept the head in my mouth sucking out the last bits as I milked him with my hands. When I had the last I stood up, kissed him then smiled. “Now I could use that rest.” We went back to the bedroom and my last memory was snuggling into his arms as he spooned to my back.

When I rolled over to hug him in the morning the bed was empty. I looked around and saw that his clothes were gone then saw the note on the pillow.

“Thank you Goddess. I wish I could have stayed but I promised you I would leave and let you lead your own life. Maybe one day we will meet again. But that is up to you. Love, Your stranger in the night.”

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