A SMS from Gavin

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A SMS from GavinOn Tuesday night after putting my daughter to bed. I found myself laying on my back with my husband between my legs. He was muffing my pussy, stimulating my clit with his tongue and licking me up and down my pussy lips. I was soon moaning as he brought me to climax and made me orgasm from the oral pleasure he was giving me. After I finished orgasmning he moved up kissing my belly up to my boobs and up until his lips met mine. As we kissed he entered his hard cock into my wet pussy and slowly starting to make love to me. He thrusted slow back and forth in and out of me as we kissed. I held him tight pulling him close as we made love. After a good few minutes of deep slow thrusts while kissing our lips aparted and I told him to lay on his back. His hard cock left my wet pussy and he moved onto his back. I moved and made my way to between his legs where I sucked his hard cock. Sucking his cock up and down and then deciding to slowly deepthroat him and making myself gag on his cock as I tried to hold myself down on his cock for a few seconds. I gagged a few times on his cock and then he started moaning. I sucked him up and down as he moaned and soon his cum started to shoot into my mouth and down my throat. I swallowed his cum once he had finished and then climbed on top of him, lowering myself onto his hard cock and slowly started to ride him while looking him in the eyes. He placed his hands on my ass and started to speed up the speed that I was riding. Soon I was fucking him hard and rough as I road him back and forth. I started to reach climax again as my body tensed up and my pussy tightened around his hard cock. I moaned as I orgasmed and afterwards I fell down onto my husbands chest and he started kissing me. We changed positions to doggy style and he entered his hard cock into me again.He started thrusting rough in and out of me. His cock was moving all the way back almost out of my pussy and then pounding back into me deep hitting against my back walls of my pussy as my husband fucked me. I was moaning from pleasure again as my pussy tightened around his cock and I started cumming from the pleasure of the rough fuck. My man started moaning when I was half way through my orgasm and as he started cumming into my pussy he thrusted bahis firmaları harder. I continued moaning while my hubby moaned as he shot his load of cum into me. After he finished cumming he removed his cock and laid down on his back. I laid on top of him and gave him a long passionate kiss with lots of tounge action before getting up to go clean myself in the bathroom. On returning to the bed my husband and I cuddled and soon where both asleep.Waking up the next morning I got up and went to get my daughter ready for crèche. My husband showered and got dressed for work and we both left the house at the same time. Once I was home after a good gym workout I decided to have a hot bath. I ran my water, adding in bath salts and oily foam bath. Soon I was laying in the bath relaxing. My phone went off as I receive a SMS. I sat up and stretched towards the basin to reach it. Checking the SMS it was Gavin.  He said he wants to see me, and that I must let him know in the next 30mins if I’m keen to meet up with him at the same hotel from 12h00 till 15h00.I thought about it for a few mins, it was longer than a month since the last time I saw him when my husband and I were fighting. I replied back saying that I shall see him there, and that he must just let me know what room number. He replied back saying awesome and that he will.It was 10h30 so I decided I would relax in the bath a bit longer before getting out. Once i got out and dried off, I decided to put on my blue strapless bra with a nice spring summer dress, as the weather had warmed up rather nicely.I had picked up a g string and was going to put it on when I realised that it wouldn’t be on for long so I decided to go commando under my dress. I wore normal pump shoes. It was 11h30 when I finished getting dressed. I had time to do my makeup but decided against it as well. I then went downstairs and had a quick cup of tea before leaving at 11h50 to head to the hotel. I arrived at the parking lot at 12h10 and when checking my phone I saw Gavin had sent me a msg saying room 2. I made my through the reception area and the lady working behind the desk at the check ins smiled at me as she said hope you have a good time. I smile back at her as I made my way to the room. As usual the room was door was unlocked kaçak iddaa and I entered. I greeted Gavin with a kiss and a hug and immediately I could feel I was wet and horny. We started stripping each other and soon we were both naked. I was sitting on the edge of the bed as Gavin stood in front of me. I had his big long cock in my mouth as I sucked it up and down his shaft. Deepthroating him and gagging on his long cock. I soon stopped and Gavin told me to kneel on all 4s on the edge of the bed. I was expecting his cock to enter my wet pussy but he infact dropped to his knees on the floor and I felt his tounge on my pussy as he started to muff me. He licked my pussy back and forth, sometimes sticking his tongue in and out as well. He stimulated my clit by licking it in a circular motion as well. I then felt him slip 2 of his fingers into my pussy and he started to finger me. He rubbed them back and forth over my g spot and I was soon moaning as he brought me to orgasm while fingering me. After I finished cumming he removed his fingers and stood up. He entered his cock into me and started thrusting back and forth. He fucked me rough in doggy style and I was soon screaming as he brought me to orgasm again. After I finished cumming a 2nd time Gavin removed his cock from me. I told him to lay on his back. I climbed on top of him and lowered myself down onto his hard cock. I started to ride him hard and rough as he placed his hands on my ass to help. He soon started moaning as he neared climax and I started to fuck him as hard as I could. He moaned as I felt his cock shooting his cum into my pussy as I slowly slowed down the pace that I was riding him. He finished cumming but I was still real horny and I continued to ride  his cock back and forth. He soon caught his breath from cumming and sat up and started to kiss me as he placed his hands back on to my ass helping me to move back and forth while on his cock. He then fell back onto his back pulling me down with him. He then rolled us over so he could be on top. He kneeled between my legs before lifting then up over his shoulders. He shoved his hard cock back into my wet pussy and started fucking me hard and rough. I soon was moaning again as my body tensed up and I orgasmed again. Gavin continued kaçak bahis to fuck me hard and rough, eventually he put my legs down and fucked me hard in normal missionary position. As most guys after cumming once, he was taking long to cum the 2nd time and was giving me great pleasure. I soon reached climax again and I started having multiple orgasms as Gavin fucked me. After cumming again Gavin told me that he is near to cumming himself. He got off me and moved to the edge of the bed. He pulled me there and lifted my legs up in the air. He re-entered his cock into my pussy and started fucking me hard once more. It wasn’t long till I started screaming from another orgasm as Gavin’s cock was hitting deep inside my pussy against my walls. He then started groaning and soon he shot his cum into my pussy once more. He pounded deep into as he came. Once he finished he removed his cock from my pussy, his cum dripped out of me onto the bed and floor. We first then laid down and caught our breath. We then started chatting for a bit before getting up and going to shower. After washing each other and drying off. We got dressed and continued to chat as it was only 13h50 and we were both drained from the great rough sex we just had. I told Gavin that I was happy that he messaged me and that I really enjoyed seeing him every now and again. He replied he was so thankful that I came as he hadn’t had sex with his wife in 3 weeks as she doesn’t seem to enjoy it that much anymore for some reason and he once or twice a week ends up jerking himself off to release some cum and sexual tension that’s built up.I told him that really sucks and that I was glad I could release some of his sexual frustration for him. He replied saying that it was a great fuck and that he loves the fact that I love being fucked rough and can handle it and his big cock.I replied telling him that I definitely love the rough sex and the length of his cock that hits my pussy walls rather easily but after the rough sex, I normally need 2 or 3 days to recover properly.He laughed at my comment as he joke saying I’m sure you will be fine to see me in 4 weeks time again.I said I very likely will be and will be looking forward to it again.We continued chatting till 15h15 and then gave each other a kiss and hug goodbye.I left the hotel to go fetch my daughter from crèche and I definitely could feel that Gavin had fucked me real good and rough as my pussy felt rather sensitive.But no doubt I enjoyed every minute of it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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