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Honey-colored strappy platform high heels, with black heel and bottoms. 7-inch heel and 2 and 1/3 inches platforms

Straight black shoulder length hair tucked behind the ear on one side. Her gorgeous face with soft succulent lips, the gaze of those grey eyes was sharp, as if lined with shards of glass around the edges. The calculating coldness at the center drew him in, yet they betrayed no feeling.


When I’m doing menial tasks, I tend to let my mind wonder. This time I was imaging an alternate world and creating an epic fantasy centered around a main character, Kai. Just as I was getting deep into the story, my reverie was broken by the sound of the key turning inside the lock.

I quickly rushed to the front door, as soon as I was within half a body length away from the door, I prostrated myself on the floor, face down with my hands stretched in front of my head and my palms facing the ceiling.

As I was lying there buck naked, the door opened, and she walked in. Closing the door behind her she stepped with both of her shoes on my palms. Quietly suffering her full wight crushing my hands, I couldn’t help but admire her beautiful honey colored strappy platform high heels. I was very familiar with this pair; they had a black seven-inch heel which was currently obstructed from my view and a two and a third inch heigh platform which was the at this very moment the bane of my existence.

Knowing what was expected of me I gripped the sides of her platforms and proceeded to kiss the perfectly pedicured toes with yellow neon nail polish on her left foot. I then moved on to unzip the zipper on the back of the heel with my mouth, not an easy task when you have your hands pinned down in front of you. After managing success with the zipper, I move on to kiss her right foot, as I do this she steps out of her left heel. Knowing better then to let go of her left heel I keep gripping it tightly and unzip the zipper on her right foot in the same manner. As soon as I completed my task, I bring my forehead to the ground and wait as she steps on my head with all her weight crushing my forehead into the ground. The pain was immense luckily it didn’t last very long as she stepped out of her right heel and used that foot to step on the small of my back.

She makes sure to land on my exposed genitals when she steps off. Suffering in silence I don’t waste her valuable time recuperating; I can do that while doing something useful. I get on all fours and place her heels in my mouth so that I can use my hands. I walk behind her until I reach the kitchen, then I quickly get up and take her favorite iced tea out of the refrigerator. I serve it in a tall glass with lots of ice, just the way she likes it. When I enter the living room, I find her standing by the window talking on the phone. The sight bahis şirketleri of her perfect ass and legs wrapped in a tight black skirt made my mouth water. I leave the cold beverage on the coffee table and proceed to my next task.

Because I am outside of her field of view, I don’t have to be on all fours, so I take the heels out of my mouth and go into her closet. I take a role of paper towels to have on hand. I start by first licking inside of her shoe, I can immediately tell she walked a lot, as they are very sweaty. The taste is really bad, mixture of her foot sweat and dirt from the street that got inside of the shoe and got stuck to it. I lick for five minutes as per the rules, to make sure that every square inch of it is perfectly coated in my saliva. Then I take a piece of paper towel and thoroughly wipe the inside down until it is spotless.

I move on to licking the straps and sides of the platforms to make sure that they remain spotless. The straps were clean already but better safe then sorry. the platforms however being much closer to the ground had some dirt on them. As the rules dictate if there is any amount of dirt five-minute licking is required to guarantee perfect cleanliness, so I did just that. The taste of dirt is awful, but I love it anyway because it is on her shoes and anything that is on her shoes I unconditionally love. After that I proceed to wipe it down with a new piece of paper towel, keeping the old used one on the side for later.

Now the worst part…bottoms. I flip the heel, because the sole of the shoe is black I couldn’t see how dirty it got but considering how much she must have walked to generate that amount of sweat on the inside of the shoe, it had to have a substantial amount of dirt. Knowing that time is of the essence I don’t waste time hesitating and plunge right in. I was right it is very dirty. Every two licks I must swallow to make room on my tongue. After passing the length of the sole once it starts getting easier as the gist of the dirt was gone. When I can’t taste the dirt anymore, I lick it for five more minutes to make sure it was perfectly clean. Then I wipe it down with a new piece of paper towel.

I start sucking on the heel, I love the feeling of the heel deep inside my mouth. Deepthroating a beautiful high heel feels like the essence of submission. I start licking on the side of the heal to make sure I get every single spec of dirt that might have clung to it. A few strong licks on the tip of the heel and I’m all done. I wipe it down carefully and put it in the empty place on the shelf.

Time for round two. I take the second shoe and start licking it inside. This one is even sweatier; mistress always sweats more from her left foot. God, I love this awful taste. After making sure it was spotless, I wipe it down with a paper towel and bahis firmaları move on to licking the straps clean. Same as with her other shoe, the straps are already clean. Time for the sides of the platform, they had a little dirt on them but nothing too bad. After five minutes of licking, I wipe them down thoroughly.

I flip the shoe and look at it with horror. Oh God no… she stepped on a piece of gum. I inhale deeply to prepare myself for what is about to happen, then I plunge in. I scrape the gum with my teeth. As it comes off, I take it into my mouth. The taste is indescribable. It is full of all the street dirt that got stuck to it while she walked. It is a hundred times worse than the taste od dirt on the bottom of her shoes. It is too big to swallow whole, so I break it in half with my teeth. My god if the taste was bad before now it is even worse. I fight the urge to gag and throw up and swallow hard twice.

Feeling relieved that the worst was over with. I proceed to lick to sole clean. Swallowing all the dirt on the bottom is a cake walk compared to that piece of gum. After wiping it clean, I start sucking on the heal and licking it until it is spotless. After wiping it I place the second shoe next to the first one.

Ok, now I need to deal with the trash I made with the paper towels. I put the first one in my mouth chew on it for a few seconds, my saliva makes it break down rather quickly. There isn’t much taste on most of them except the ones that were used for wiping the bottoms, they do have some taste of dirt that clings to them. Finishing eating the last piece I rush to the living room.

The view as I enter the living room takes my breath away. My mistress is siting on the sofa with her legs crossed in the sexiest pose I have ever seen. Her straight black shoulder length hair stuck on one side behind her ear. Her gorgeous face looking straight at me, while her soft succulent lips suck on the straw, slowly drinking her iced tea. The gaze of those grey eyes was sharp, as if lined with shards of glass around the edges. The calculating coldness at the center drew him in, yet they betrayed no feeling.

She snaps her fingers and points to the floor in front of her. I rush at the spot she pointed to and kneel on all fours parallel to the sofa. She puts her legs on my back and uses me as her footrest. I feel like I’m in heaven. She turns on the TV and after switching a few channels finds something that catches her interest. Soon I hear the snap of the fingers again, I look up and see her pointing at the coffee table. As I scan the table, I immediately realize what she wants. Her cigarettes, she removes her legs from my back, and I grab the cigarettes from the table, open the box, and offer a cigarette to her. She takes one cigarette and puts it into her mouth. I take out a lighter from kaçak bahis siteleri the box and light it for her. Then I move back into position, and she puts her feet on my back again.

She keeps watching the TV while I continue to enjoy serving as her footrest. “Open your mouth,” she instructed. I did as I was told. That is when I felt the fiery pain on my tongue, followed by horrible taste of ash.

My mistress had just flicked ashes from her cigarette into my mouth. “Swallow,” I immediately obeyed and swallowed the ashes in my mouth. She continued watching the TV in silence only sporadically instructing me to open my mouth or swallow. Then after telling me to open my mouth one more time, I feel a much more intense and longer lasting pain on my tongue. I immediately realize what it is, mistress has juts extinguished her cigarette bud in my mouth. “Swallow,” I swallow hard knowing that this is going to be a bit harder than swallowing her ashes.

She removes her feet from my back and snaps her fingers again. I look up and she simply says “Open your mouth and tilt your head back.” I obey silently, and she spits a couple of times in my mouth. “Swallow and open it again the same way.” After doing what I’m told she spits a couple of times again, I swallow, and then I open my mouth. She grabs me by the chin and moves my head a bit to make it easier to inspect my mouth.

“Good, it is clean enough,” she lets go of my chin and leans back into the sofa. “Lick my feet clean, I need to go take a shower.”

I take her right foot and start licking from the heel to the ball of her foot. It takes a lot of strokes to get ride of all the accumulated sweat and street dirt on it. The taste is bad but the feeling of her soft perfect soles on my tongue is amazing. Realizing that I can’t taste the sweat anymore, I give it a few more strokes and proceed to her toes. I take her big toe into my mouth and suck on it. At first lightly then with more intensity, while constantly moving my tongue sideways to make sure I was getting the dirt and sweat from it. Once I feel the texture get very soft, I move on to her other toes and clean them the same way.

Now I start licking between her toes, there isn’t much dirt nor toe jam between most of these, except for the gap between her pinky toe and ring toe. Somehow this place always gets full of toe jam.

Finishing with her right foot I move on to the left. As expected, this one is sweatier. I proceed to clean it in the same manor as I did her right. Once I was done, she stood up walked past me and went into the bathroom to take a shower.

I quickly go to her closet, grab a pair of black yoga pants and a pink t-shirt, and bring it all into the bedroom. I lay it out on the bed, and then I open one drawer to take out a pair of pink panties and a matching braw. From a different drawer I take out a pair of white socks and lay this out on the bed next to the rest of the clothes.

Now I have a few minutes to relax and rest while I kneel next to the bed waiting for my mistress to finish her shower.

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