A Sister’s Fear Ch. 01

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The sound of thunder woke me.

I listened thinking I had dreamt it then the room lit up and was followed by a loud boom that’s when my bedroom door flew open and my 26 year old sister Kelly jumped into my bed.

“I’m sorry Al.”

She pushed against me so I wrapped my arms around her, she had always been terrified of thunderstorms.

“That’s OK Kel.” I said.

I pulled her closer just before another flash followed by a louder clap of thunder that even made me jump, she pushed against me twisting, moaning and squirming, I could feel tears or sweat on my arms and it felt like she was trying to crawl inside me.

“Its OK, your safe with me”.

Normally our 12 year old sister Natasha would be diving into my bed but she was away with our mom in London for a late birthday treat.

Over the next hour or so the storm seemed hell bent on scaring Kelly to death, every boom made her whimper and twist in my arms, she would duck under the quilt with every flash of lightning.

Eventually the storm passed and I fell asleep still holding my frightened sister, the house returning to a quiet peace.

Kelly was a tomboy, no other word for it, she was flat and boyish not unattractive but she had always been a tomboy and I thought she was a lesbian because she never had a boyfriend that I knew about.

I have no idea what time I woke up but when I did I realised that I still had an arm across Kelly, who lay face down with my left leg across her legs.

I was shocked when I realised that Kel was naked from the chest down her nightdress must have ridden up during the night.

My erect penis was pressed against her warm right buttock, I always slept nude, I was so hard it was almost painful.

I knew I should move but it felt so good and for a minute or so I lay perfectly still wishing that she wasn’t my sister.

I was still a virgin and I knew it was wrong but I had to try something

I slowly pushed my cock against her stopping when Kelly sighed, she moved her hips toward me and my cock now slid between her ass cheeks!

I lay there for an age my aching dick gripped between her cheeks, it was throbbing and wet with pre cum.

I wanted to slide it up and down until I came but what the hell would she say or do?

I knew I should stop what I was doing but I couldn’t, I just wanted to feel what that would be like so I slowly moved my hips back then pushed forward feeling Kelly’s cheeks around my cock, it felt fantastic!

I paused waiting for any reaction and when non came I slowly pulled back and slid forward again, still no reaction so I repeated the move thinking that if this felt so good, full sex must be mind blowing!

I paused again, this time I pulled my cock as far back as I dared but as I pushed forward my hard dick slid down under her ass and between Kelly’s legs the head of my cock must have been right against her vaginal opening!

I froze expecting her to scream rape but Kelly still seemed asleep, I couldn’t help myself I pushed forward as much as I could, the tip of my cock felt wetness and was wrapped in something warm, was I inside my first pussy?

I eased back slowly and pushed forward again feeling the warm wetness on the end of my cock the feeling was ecstasy, but my mind was racing and I knew I had to stop but my body seemed to be thinking for itself!

I slowly pulled back and pushed forward again this time I felt myself slid into Kelly gripped again by that warm wetness, suddenly she sighed and in fright I pulled out and away rolling onto my back.

“Why did you stop? “

The sound of her voice made me jump.

“I’m sorry Kel, that was wrong and I shouldn’t have done that, I don’t know what came over me.”

She turned over and faced me.

“I know what came over you, the same thing as me.”

She propped herself up looking at me grinning.

“I was enjoying it and I know that you were I didn’t want you to stop. ”

“What?” I must have looked a complete idiot.

“You heard me” she moved a little “OK, don’t move, you’ve used with me now it’s my turn.”

She moved quickly and straddled me, lifting herself up with her hands I felt hot wetness against my cock as she sat back lifting her nightdress over her head.

I hadn’t seen her naked since we were a lot younger, she was skinny and her tits were small mounds with inviting perfect, pink nipples. Without thinking I reached up and cupped her left tit squeezing it, she grabbed my hand with both of hers pressing it against her, I could feel her nipple harden.

“Oh god Alan!” she had her eyes closed.

“Kelly, this is wrong we should stop. ” I said.

“OK, take your hand off me.”

She was looking down at me now, she smiled when my hand stayed where it was then I realised she was slowly rocking her hips, rubbing her pussy along my cock.

I looked down and watched the glistening head of my cock appear from her hairy bush as she slid her wet pussy along its length, I grabbed her hip with my left hand pulling her towards me.

“We shouldn’t klasbahis güvenilirmi do this.” I said again.

“We are not going to have sex and I’m on the pill if anything goes wrong so don’t worry” she stopped moving “Al, I have only had sex once and it was awful but this I really want, please let me do this.”

I could feel the wetness and heat from her pussy against my cock.

I lifted my other hand and squeezed both of her tits, I was aching to take one of her nipples into my mouth and suck it but I didn’t want to spoil the moment, I squeezed her tits and started to roll her nipples with my thumb and finger.

Kelly had started rubbing against my cock again, the sounds she was making were turning me on and the feeling was unbelievable.

I was desperate to suck her nipples so I lifted myself up and placed my mouth over her right nipple as I did Kelly stopped moving, I sucked then moved to her right nipple as I did Kelly moved slightly toward me and I felt my cock slip into my sister.

“Oh yes!” she breathed, a shiver ripped through her and I let out a gasp “Don’t move, please don’t move Alan.”

She was rigid, all I could do was flop back on the bed and savor the feeling.

“Your so big” she hissed “Please let me feel you inside me, please don’t move.”

I didn’t answer, I wanted to be deeper inside her so I pushed up with my knees and hips I felt my cock slide all the way inside her, she gasped her mouth wide open so I grabbed her hips and pulled her down on to my cock to keep her there, feeling every movement of her around my cock.

“Oh Yes!” she breathed.

I pushed my ass down into the bed, feeling my cock slide out a little then pushed back up.

“Don’t stop.” she grunted.

I was fucking my sister!

It felt fantastic and I couldn’t believe what I was doing and I couldn’t stop.

She put her hands on to the bed either side of me, her face close to me, then she kissed me hard.

“Please don’t stop.”

I could feel her tight vagina around me, every thrust into her seemed to make me harder.

“Oh god Alan your making me come.”

Her hips were getting faster and she moaned every time my cock slammed into her, I could feel my orgasm building.

“Kelly, I’m coming, I can’t stop.”

I was slamming into her faster and harder, my fingers were digging into her hips as I pounder into her.

I could feel her get tighter around me.

“Yesssss.” she hissed through her teeth.

As she did I gave a massive push into her and came in long waves, I could hear myself saying her name every time my cock slammed and pumped inside her, it felt as if I was shooting pints into her I came so hard.

When my orgasam subsided I opened my eyes and looked at Kelly, she had her mouth wide open as if she was screaming silently her saliva dripping onto me, she was covered in sweat, I could feel her vagina clamping around my cock her body jerking, hot wetness tickling out of her.

We stayed like that for some time until she lowered herself onto me.

Her head was on my shoulder her face towards me, so I looked into her eyes and kissed her nose.

“That was unbelievable.” she panted smiling.

“I never thought my first would be you” I replied then put my arms around her “I’m glad it was though.”

My cock was still deep inside her.

“Don’t move Al, I want you inside me as long as possible.” she murmured.

“I’m not going anywhere.”

I was amazed that I hadn’t gone soft yet, normally when I wanked as soon as I came I would get soft quickly.

“Am I your first?” she still hadn’t moved “I thought you and Debs would have done it by now.”

“No, we have seen each other nude and played with each other but no sex yet.”

“I feel a little guilty taking your virginity.”

“Don’t be, that was fantastic”

I was still inside her with my arms around her.

“How do I compare to Debs?” she asked.

“Well I prefer your tits, nice and small, Debs shaves which I like. But you are here and she isn’t.”

Kelly moved her head slightly closer.

“Thank you Alan.”

I held her tighter and closed my eyes.

I have no idea how long I slept.

“Wake up sleepy l need to pee.” Kelly woke me, she was still in the same position.

“Can we do this again?” she asked

“You don’t need to ask me that.” I ran my hand up her back.

“Mmmmm, Tonight?”

“Now? ” I replied.

“Tonight, Your supposed to be at Martins aren’t you?”

Kelly got off me and I felt cooler air hit my wet cock, my cum and her pussy juices were all over me, the feeling turned me on!

I lay remembering what had happened then swung my legs off the bed as Kelly came back in to the bedroom, naked!

It was as if a switch had been thrown, when she lived at home we would always cover up run to our rooms but here I was sitting on my bed naked and my sister had just walked into my bedroom also naked, we were not covering our selves up!

“Are you OK Alan?” klasbahis yeni giriş

Kelly stood before me, nightdress in her hand, her freshly washed pubic hair still damp.

“I’m not dreaming am I?” I said.

“Definitely not, oh definitely not.”

She put her left hand on my cheek and smiled.

“Come on get washed and go to Martin’s.” she giggled.

I washed, dressed and grabbed a snack. As I was leaving Kelly was at the table eating breakfast.

“What no kiss?” she asked.

I walked over to her and was going to give her a quick kiss on the lips, but Kelly had other ideas and it turned into a full blown open mouthed long snog.

All that day all I could only think about was Kelly and the fact that I had fucked my sister. I wanted to tell all my friends that I had lost my virginity but how do you tell your friends that it was your sister you had slept with?

When I got home Kelly was watching TV.

“Hey, are you hungry? I have dinner on the go.”

She was wearing a long lose summer dress and looked somehow different, I couldn’t put my finger on it but she had changed.

When she passed me I grabbed her and pulled her toward me kissing her.

“Down boy, food first, I think you will need your strength!” she walked into the kitchen laughing.

We sat eating and chatting.

“Before you fell asleep you said a few thing’s did you mean them?” she had a strange look on her face.

“I did and I have been thinking about it all day. ” I replied.

“Oh yes? thinking about me all day?” I nodded “I bet that made for a fun day, were you thinking about Debbie’s shaved pussy as well?”

“Yes I was and there’s my problem” she reached across the table and took my hand. “I don’t know what to do” I said confused “I want Debbie but I want you even more!”

“Alan listen to me.” she looked sad “you know we can’t be together, God knows what would happen if people found out.” she fell silent and squeezed my hand.

“But you can always pop over to my flat any time and if mum lets you perhaps stay over for weekends. I want you, as often as you possible.”

“What should I do about Debbie?”

“Nothing! don’t stop seeing her, this is between us we can’t tell anyone, What we did was special to me” I nodded in agreement “but you have to keep seeing Debbie as if nothing had happened” she giggled “Hey, Deb’s during the week and me at the weekend!”

“Heaven!” I said and we both laughed.

We finished eating then Kelly picked up the plates.

“If I wash will you dry?”

I agreed.

When we had finished putting stuff away she stood before me.

“I have something for you, I took a big risk and I hope you like this.”

She pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders and let it drop to the floor, she was naked beneath and shaven!

I could feel myself hardening as I looked at her pussy, it was dead straight and so smooth, Debbie’s was crocked and her lips hung down, Kelly’s were hidden within her slit.

I must have been staring for long seconds.

“Don’t you like it? ” Kelly said.

“I love it, did you shave just for me?”

I moved closer to her and put my arms around her.

“Of course, who else.” she whispered.

I slowly dropped to my knees, my face was level with her pussy, I had seen Debbie’s a couple of times seen photos and videos but Kelly’s was different, I reached out and ran my fingers down either side of her slit and as my fingers touched she whimpered, it felt so soft and smooth!

I had tried to give Debbie oral sex a couple of times but she didn’t like it and I wondered if Kelly would be the same.

I dragged a finger along her slit and Kelly gasped, I then pushed my finger into her now wet crack and instantly found her clit.

“Ooohhh God!” she gasped.

Her knees seemed to buckle a little but she recovered, two of my fingers now pulled her slit open and a third explored her, again her knees buckled.

“Ohhhh my legs keep turning to jelly.”

She put hands on my shoulders, I stood and moved her toward a worktop and lifted her on to it.

I opened her legs and got as close to her as possible, pulling her slit open I was able to get a long look at her inner lips, they were a bright pink, not as long as Debbie’s, much smaller, her clit was tiny it only just cleared it’s hiding place, even though my experience was limited to two, I thought she looked fantastic.

I hoped that this was my chance to try oral sex on her, I’d watched porn and was fascinated by it so I pushed my tongue out and licked her clit, instantly her hands were on my head pulling me hard against her, my tongue was pushed tight against her clit and she moaned so I licked upward, a judder ran through her so I licked again and her whole body seemed to twitch, I then moved my tongue down to her opening and pushed just the tip in to her.

“Oh god! ” her voice was husky, deep and whisper.

I pushed my tongue in as far as I could and she hissed through her clenched teeth. klasbahis giriş

Pulling my tongue out I ran it around her pink lips, clamping one between my lips and pulled gently released it I flicked my tongue over her clit before she pulled me up and kissed me. It was then that I realised my cock was pressed against her, we must have been on the same wavelength as she broke the kiss and was undoing my jeans, I pulled them down, stepped out of them, my hard cock was against her smooth opening and I was eager to be inside her, but rubbed along her feeling her wetness on my throbbing cock.

I reached down and held my cock so that the head was against her then slowly pushed, the feeling as I slid in was unbelievable, her feet were pushing against my ass pulling me close, keeping me in position.

“Ohhh, don’t move I want to feel you inside filling me.”

I looked down between us and could only see a small amount of my cock outside of Kelly.

“Christ you feel massive.”

She was looking down, as she did I pulled slowly out of her then pushed back in.

We were now both watching as I repeated the action, I was resisting the urge to slam into her, to cum as soon as I could.

“Slowly, I want this to last all night!” she said.

“I don’t know if I can.” the urge to fuck her was so strong.

“Stop, stop” she pushed me away “upstairs now.”

My cock slid out of her making her gasp.

She dropped off the counter and I watched her cute ass as she walked in front of me.

“We’ll use your bed, I don’t think we should leave stains on Nats bed.”

I giggled at the thought of screwing my sister on a hello kitty bed.

“Lay down, you’ve explored me I want to have a good long look at you.”

I did as she wanted.

She got on the bed and took my cock in her hand slowly pulling down so the foreskin was stretched back.

“I love the shape of your penis” she was whispering “the end of it is so nice.”

I watched as she ran a finger around the head.

“It’s strange that it’s hard all over but this bit is sort of spongy and silky smooth.”

She held me in her right hand and moved the fingers of her left hand down its length to the base.

“You must be 7 inches long!” she said.

“I don’t know how long it is, I have thought about getting a ruler and seeing, shall we see?”

“Not now” She lifted her head and looked at me “I haven’t finished looking at my Big brother.”

She put her head back down and her hands were back exploring my cock.

“I have never really looked at a penis this close” she was moving her fingers all over me “to tell the truth I’ve never had the chance.”

Her left hand pushed against my right leg so I pulled it up and let her explore, her hand cupped my balls gently, my eyes closed I then felt her head rest lightly on my stomach then her tongue touched the end of my cock followed by her lips and I was in her mouth, briefly.

“Sorry Al I can’t do that.”

She moved up the bed and lay at my side her left hand still gripped my twitching cock.

“That’s OK, I never expected you to do that.”

I kissed her lightly. The kiss slowly turned passionate and our hands were all over each other, then I was on top and between her legs her hands guiding me to her waiting pussy, I slid into her, she felt tight, hot and wet, she lifted her legs and I seemed to slide deeper.

“Fuck!” she gasped, and I pulled back almost all the way out of her.

“You OK? Did I hurt you?”

“No, don’t stop.”

I slowly pushed back in as far as I could, I could feel her tighten around me, I stayed like that pressing against her hips desperately trying to get deeper. I pulled back then pushed in to her quickly.

“Oh god, fuck me Alan.”

I started to pick up my pace my cock feeling every inch of her sliding past.

“Your so tight.”

My hips were hitting her so hard I thought I would bruise her.

I was desperately trying to hold back wanting to make it last for as long as I could.

“Don’t stop, I’m coming!”

As soon as she said that I lost control and started pounding into her getting faster, she started to moan, one long sound, I knew I was close I had that feeling deep inside, a sort of tension building up.


Kelly’s legs were trying to clamp around me and with one last push I was coming, I tried to get as deep as I could, my body locked against her unmoving, the pulse of my cock as I shot my cum deep into her was the only movement my body made, I was looking down at Kelly and she had her mouth wide again in that silent scream her eyes were locked on mine.

Suddenly she clamped around my cock squeezing tightly.

“Oh fuck!”

She repeated with every contraction of her cunt, pushing her hips against me until she shivered all over.

“Yes, yes, yes!”

My arms unlocked and I slowly lowered myself down on to her.

We lay there catching our breath not speaking.

I lifted myself up and looked down at my sister.

“You are so sexy!”

“Look who’s talking” she moved a little “we will have to move, your crushing my hip’s.”

“Sorry.” I slowly pulled out of her and lay down.

“Don’t apologise” she lay next to me.

“Considering that was only your second time your fantastic, you made me come twice!”

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