A New Taste Part 39 (Lockdown Worship)

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A New Taste Part 39 (Lockdown Worship)Lockdown had eased somewhat but it made no difference to my furloughed life. Tom visited me once a week for his ‘gardening job’. We had so much fun together fucking in the the strange still heat of lockdown. He loved being penetrated and would strip and present his cute little bum to me as soon as he arrived. I obliged of course. I was always ready to unload after a week without seeing him and after a few hours I knew I could indulge myself and enjoy his slim young body more slowly. Tom requested that Philipe return for a glory hole sucking so he could watch me take his superb endowment once more but Philipe is a very particular and controlled person. He would consider it but not just yet.I did ask Nick and he was up for it but he couldn’t say in advance when it would be. So it was just me and Tom. I got sore knees from shafting his sweet butt on the carpet. My hand covering his moaning mouth so the neighbours wouldn’t hear his earthy expressions of lust.Then late one night I got an unexpected message from Gabriel. It had been at least 18 months since I last heard from him. It was just when we were becoming more emotionally intimate that he decided to stop contacting me and I assumed he never would again. Yet, here he was and we began to chat online once more. I guessed he had been overwhelmed with guilt, both religious and personal. It’s one thing to be on all fours on a man’s bed asking for him to fuck you and not being able to confess to your wife what you really are, and it is quite another to believe that your god is watching you get fucked. There is no hiding from those prying eyes wherever you go. Gabriel had been loyal all this time. He was a good church going volunteer. He occupied his time and was a productive member of society and a good husband. He was a changed man. Then one night he remembered how I had made him cum a second time with my skilful mouth maintaining his erection and bringing him off again. The feelings of sheer physical pleasure flooded through him again. His penis filled up in his pyjamas and he had to make a visit to the bathroom where he quickly and silently masturbated thinking of my cock stretching his ‘pussy’ once more. The orgasm did relieve him but by morning he could think of little else but being with a man. He began secretly masturbating over gay porn and read our old messages. He had to make contact again.We masturbated as we chatted and I told him about Tom and my glory hole. I told him I could relieve his stress and swallow all his worries down my throat as often as he needed me. He was so horny he agreed to visit and be sucked dry. Tom and Gabriel’s god could both watch as his guilty married cum slipped down my throat. I was fine with that.Tom arrived early as usual and helped me set up the glory hole partition. We stripped off and snogged while we waited. We got pretty carried away and Tom presented his arse to me. I rimmed him as he touched his stiffy. Breaking away to tell him how I took Gabriel’s anal virginity. Tom loved that sort of dirty talk and couldn’t wait to watch me fellate a new cock as he looked on quietly.Gabriel arrived late. He apologised and seemed an odd mixture of terrible nerves and awkward smiles. I reassured him as best as I could through the large bahis siteleri hole. He obeyed my instructions without needing to be asked. Finally after some tangential chat he stood naked in my hallway. I smiled at his still skinny olive skinned body and his long relatively slim cock. He was a very lovely sight and I told him so. “Come here.” I said firmly. He presented his beautiful organ to the hole and sighed loudly. I handled it and took it through to my side making sure Tom could see it clearly. I kept eye contact with Tom as Gabriel’s sweet cock entered my mouth and I began to suck eagerly. Tom, legs wide on a low stool, masturbated silently. He was so erect you could have hung your coat on his dick. Gabriel grew fast and soon I was gobbling down every inch of him. I adored sucking Gabriel. His dick was made to stay deep in my mouth. It was easy for me. I had to stop I was smiling so much. I could hear his hands sweeping over the surface of the partition as if looking for something to hang on to. I put my arm through and caressed his delicious arse. I pulled my arm back and sucked my middle finger to get it wet and returned to his buttocks, parting them and trying to spear his little anus. He adjusted himself and clearly desired this extra contact but it wasn’t working with one hand.“Turn around.” Gabriel spun on the spot. He clearly missed anal contact most. Tom stared at me and I stuck my tongue out as if asking if he objected. He nodded with mad approval and let go of his erection as if it was a dangerous firework. Gabriel’s bum pressed at the hole and my tongue didn’t hesitate to press at his star. I rimmed his cute skinny arse as if I was trying to win a competition. He vocalised his approval through the plywood and I decided to ask for more. I broke away and looked at Tom.“He needs a fuck.” I stated plainly. Tom could have said no in that moment but instead he just nodded along. I began unclamping the partition. Tom stood up and helped, precum from his rigid stiffness wiping on the plywood as he lifted the top away.“What are you doing?” Said a shocked, Gabriel, seeing Tom for the first time and looking overwhelmed. “You need me to fuck you Gabriel. We all know that.” I grabbed his arm.“But, what about social distancing?” He tried absurdly. I embraced him. My large semi tussled with his deflating member and he put his arms around me and looked at Tom.“Don’t be scared Gabriel.” I offered “Tom wants to watch me fuck you.”Tom replied, “God yeah… sooo much!” We all went to the bedroom where I rimmed Gabriel on all fours. He had no resistance left. He was fully engaged with his desires and thrilled to be watched but another, younger man. He felt wonderfully free.“Tell me what you want?” I asked him firmly.“I want you to fuck my pussy.” He replied meekly. Tom beamed with delight and sank to his knees to suck me harder. Then he lubed me up and held my shaft as It kissed contact with Gabriel’s hole. I held him by his left hip and pushed. It’s a lot of cock to take after 18 months of anal chastity but Gabriel wanted to be filled up so badly that he took me without complaint. His ring relaxed quickly because he felt a deep and unfulfilled lust to be used by a man. When I was fully up to my balls in Gabriel’s arse Tom kissed me. He loved watching canlı bahis siteleri me fuck and made it very clear by whispering his filthy thoughts into my ear. I pulled at his stalk as he spoke.I pulled my engorged cock almost free of his muscular embrace and said “Jesus” aloud, then slamming in deep I exclaimed “Christ”. I enjoyed teasing at Gabriel’s guilty conscience. I remained inside him as I pulled him up to a standing position. His cheeks clamped down on me and his cock stuck out straight in front of him. I ordered “Tom” to get down on his knees with my eyes. My hand was over Gabriel’s mouth as Tom began to suck on his cock. What a thrill it all was. I loved fucking the church out of Gabriel’s arse. I loved how cock was a more powerful draw than his faith and he could not resist the temptation. Indeed the transgression turned him on even more.In the end, I ploughed him doggy style until he could take no more butt fucking and he pumped his seed on the bed linen as I grunted my Jism into his hot gut. I then blew Tom as the sweating, panting Gabriel looked on dazed. Tom came after only a few seconds and I showed the mouthful of teen cum to our married visitor before swallowing.“A little sin makes it even sweeter.” I said. He left to pursue his troubles and me and Tom showered and sat in the sun. Two naughty fuckers passing time before an inevitable lazy afternoon fuck to finish the day off beautifully. I pondered what might happen if Gabriel came back for another session.“You should hold him down as I take him.” I said to Tom. “I think he loves being made to submit, it really thrills him to be reminded that he is a sinner. I must say I like to remind him!” We laughed. There was no sadistic malice in us but it was true that I did enjoy playing with Gabriel’s guilty conscience during sex. “We will tie him up and film it. He will love the threat that all his fellow churchgoers might see him compromised.” Tom was delighted at this prospect. He is such a naughty young lad.I gave Gabriel a few days to stew in his thoughts. No doubt his bum needed a rest as well… and then I called him up on his mobile. No warning. To my surprise he answered. He was out delivering food parcels to elderly people in the neighbourhood. I told him he must come to my place the next day and be prepared to be fucked. I told him it wasn’t a suggestion, it was an order. He agreed he would come but he sounded crestfallen not thrilled.The next day Tom and I waited for Gabriel in good spirits. We stripped off and stood in the hall. As Gabriel entered we closed the door and undressed him completely. He didn’t say anything.“Why have you come here today?” I asked him.“To be fucked.” He replied quietly. He seemed tortured by guilt and I felt a little sorry for him. I knelt and began to suck his flaccid member. I love the feeling of a long semi-stiff cock in my mouth and his beautiful specimen slipped down my gullet like ice cream. I gobbled him and grew his erection as I held my lips against his public hair. He was erect. I stood up and putting my hand on Tom’s shoulder pushed him down to continue sucking. I looked into Gabriel’s eyes to show him we cared for him and I gently kissed him on the lips. He smiled. “I don’t want you to feel ashamed. You must only come here if you need canlı bahis me.” He moved his face towards me and kissed me back. “I want you so bad.” He whispered. We kissed, entwining our tongues as Tom enjoyed himself below. When we stumbled into the bedroom I told them both to get onto the bed and present themselves to me. Two beautiful slender bums were pushed up. One a smooth creamy tan the other pale white. I kissed each arsehole and spanked them both. Without asking they both thanked me. I took my camera and positioned it to film the room. Gabriel caught sight of this and buried his face saying “Oh my god!” to himself. I enjoyed myself licking and spanking the boys. I pulled their erections back between their legs and milked away. Toms was so firm i let it spring back against his belly. I was fun to do just as I pleased. I lubed the first few fingers on both hands and began to finger fuck them both at the same time. They moaned in competition. Tom asked for my cock and I obliged him. I sank my cock into his pale butt and told Gabriel to watch close up. He stared as my helmet slipped into the pink ring. “Lick his stretched hole.” I instructed. Gabriel did as he was told. He lapped like a pet at our connection. Pole and hole.“Resume your position.” I said. I pulled out of Tom and pushed into Gabriel’s welcoming boy pussy. I sighed as I slipped in. He took it all quickly and Tom took his turn to observe the intimate thrusting, the pushing and pulling of Gabriel’s elastic hole. I felt pretty fucking good, my cock felt long, thick and damn useful. I gave him a good hard fucking and Tom watched and masturbated. I flipped him over and Tom crouched above Gabriel’s head holding his long legs back. I sank my length into his spread arse and instructed Tom to stand so I could suck his hard hook of a cock. I went slow and we all edged near orgasm for another forty minutes or so. I was taking Gabriel over the edge of the sofa when Tom announced he couldn’t hold back any longer and I took his sweet load in my mouth. I dribbled the young spunk out of my mouth and down into Gabriel’s open anus. I entered him again and lubed by Tom’s sperm-milk I pulsed a juddering climax into Gabriel’s butt. I pressed as deep as I could to finish and It felt wonderful. I sat back sweaty and satisfied, looking at a smiling Tom opposite me. Gabriel stayed in position, worried he would spill two loads onto the carpet. I took his hand and guided him to the shower. His semi swung temptingly as I stood him in the cubicle. “Did you not cum?” I asked.“Not fully.” He responded softly. “I leaked constantly. It’s not a problem, I loved it. I don’t need to cum really. I just love the feeling of it going on and on.”“Thats lovely.” I kissed him and he wrapped his arms around me. “You are a gay bottom Gabriel. You don’t need to tell anyone. But that’s what you are. You can be yourself with me. You can trust me.”“I do trust you.” He said.“Good. Now I need to suck your cock. Regardless of what you say I want to make you cum with my mouth. Your cock is too beautiful to ignore.”I sank to my knees and took the lengthy beauty into my mouth. It didn’t take long. I had two fingers rammed in his wet arse as he came, finger fucking a sloppy mess of cum out his arse as his own warm load pooled in my mouth before being gulped down into my happy tummy.Lockdown life has made lots of people frustrated. It seems I can alleviate that pressure in my little flat. Chaps just need to bring a nice cock along and I will send them away happy.

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