A New Taste Part 38 (Lockdown Heaven)

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A New Taste Part 38 (Lockdown Heaven)Tom had taken a pounding on his ‘gardening day’. He felt the ache of his multiple ejaculations and the ghost of my girth in his behind. He claimed to have lower back ache when his parent inquired. The were proud of his hard work. An honest days toil was a good thing. Tom was a little sore and when he touched his sensitive anus in the shower he became aroused. He thought of how slutty he had been, how magical it felt to ask to be fucked by a man. To give up his ‘pussy’. He held his erection as the water poured over him and recalled the first time I had entered his body and the intense thrill of watching me suck Nick’s cock. How our eyes flirted as I throated Nick’s large penis and gobbled down his thick semen. Tom’s dick spat his load onto the shower tiles as the thought of watching me suck another man again took him over the edge and through a shuddering orgasm.He thought of little else for the next few days. He had found his first male lover and was full of the joys of youthful sexual outpouring but nothing could stop the recurring thought of watching me fellate a long fat cock through the glory hole.He told me all about his fantasies late one night as he masturbated in bed. I told him I had been extra thrilled because he was watching me suck in secret. I offered to arrange another session and as I described the scene in explicit detail he ejaculated and fell asleep all sticky.The next day I texted Philippe to ask if he could give me a call if possible. He got back to me quickly and I could hear birdsong in the background and asked if he was outside. “Yes I have just popped into my garden for some privacy. How can I help you Ben?” He asked.“Well Sir, obviously I would like you to pay me a visit if that would please you but I have a slightly unusual request.” “Intriguing, do go on…”“I have a new friend, a new lover… and he, well he… would like to watch me at work as it were. If you get my drift?”“I see.” Philipe replied. “He would be watching from behind the…” He paused searching for the term, “behind the glory hole?”“Yes Sir, watching quietly, you wouldn’t know he was there.” I gave time for Philippe to consider.“I would require the usual discretions Ben. I don’t want him to see me. No photos and so forth. I trust you of course but I want to be very clear. You understand?”“Yes Sir. If you prefer not to have him that is fine, I don’t zonguldak escort mind I just thought I should ask.”“It’s okay Ben. A one off though. I must confess I do need relief. I am busy but I find this lockdown has rather focused my attention on my manhood. It was an advantage when I was a young man but the size can be a hindrance in a long marriage. Men, well some men like me, long for a thorough, vigorous workout once in a while. You have been a great help in that regard Ben. You are a discreet form of marriage guidance.”“I am flattered Sir, It is a pleasure to be of use.” I responded embarrassed at Philipe’s surprising candour.“I suppose you need a specific time for the service so that your friend can attend?” He asked.“A day would be sufficient and text when you are on your way. That will do I think.”“It will be tomorrow then. No point in waiting. I will be there at 11 am. Half an hour I would think will do the trick. Very vigorous. That should be doable, yes, eleven it is. Bye for now.” and with that he hung up. I told Tom straight away and he was breathless with anticipation.“Oh my god! It’s sooo exiting!” He gushed down the phone. The next day we were ready and in place. Tom sat naked on a stool, fully erect. I had been gently sucking him as we waited. The door latch clicked shut. I hurried to my kneeler and looked through the long hole to see Philippe undressing with his usual precise fingertip folding, neatly placing his suit on the chair. He looked over and caught my eyes. He looked to one side to signal a question, ‘is he there?’ and I gave the smallest of nods in reply. Philippe stood in just his long socks, his pendulous endowment just a matter of reality for him but a thing of wonder for me. Any straight man would be mesmerised by its magnetic beauty. Few men have what Philippe has. Tailors bump their hands on it when taking an inside leg measurement, nurses giggle to each other, men catch a glimpse of it at the urinal and look again helpless with its novelty and middle class gentlemen at the tennis club think about its heft and swing as the lie in bed with their wives after seeing Philippe walk past in the showers. They lie on their sides and silently touch themselves as they pictured his long shlong and his capacious testicles. They playfully imagine holding it, feeling the weight of the flesh.“Good morning Benjamin.” He said as he escort zonguldak approached the partition. “You have half an hour.” With those words his genitals appeared through the long hole. I gave a sly smile and turned to look at Tom. He mouth hung open like a cartoon character. I lifted Philippe’s flesh and kissed up and down its shaft while staring into Tom’s eyes. I rolled the foreskin back and lapped at his helmet. I wanted Tom to see my lust in pursuit of the taste of a man. Then I began my work. My devotion. Tom watched in awe as I raised the flag of philippe’s lust. Once he was full, once he was engorged and his heavy organ could maintain the horizontal, I looked once again at my naive young lovers pretty face as I began to throat this powerful penis. It took a while, I struggled to get in the zone but eventually I managed to push myself to the root of his magnificent cock. I fell back gasping for air. I was too concerned with being watched and took a few breaths to gather myself and relax. I started over, bobbing and stopping. Working the helmet, probing the slit deeply (oh what a dreamy big piss hole he has!) and finally I sunk it deep into my head. Tom could see my neck adjust each time I managed to take it all. I stopped showing off and settled into what Philippe had come for – an energetic blow job. I worked the first 6 or so inches for him, really worked hard to please him. After a solid ten minutes I let the great b**st hang in the air. Looking at a massive cock close up makes my stomach churn. The beauty of it, glistening with my saliva. Ten and a half inches of perfect manhood. I looked at Tom. He shook his head in disbelief. He was blushing in the face and neck, deeply aroused, his much smaller penis almost vertical. His randy hands unable to touch it for fear of ejaculating. I smiled at him and returned to my duties. I was a diligent servant, devoted to the pleasure of another man. I slipped up and down that full fuckmeat working towards his satisfaction and in the process finding the deepest erotic fulfilment within myself. I was simultaneously skilfully in control of Philippe’s gratification and displaying my true self to my young and inexperienced lover. There was no hiding here, we were all men indulging our addiction. The older married man, very well endowed, in search of the maximum sensation his huge penis could experience, seeking zonguldak escort bayan nothing but to attain its sensory potential. As for me, the late starter in the search for cock, I had found everything my erotic imagination could have hoped for. In my greedy mouth a superb male form wanting only what I want most to provide, my own sizeable cock trapped against my thigh leaking enough pre cum to fill an egg cup. And Tom, dear young Tom sat priapic and bewitched was observing a private, usually secret meeting of two men that has happened out of sight for millennia. Cock sucking. Cock worshipping. Finally as I was pushing onto him I heard him give a characteristic grunt and I cupped his low hangers, lifting them up in my palm. I rolled my tongue in waves under his head and he began an immense pulsing of thick white man cum onto my tongue. I never stopped working it, I gulped and continued. Tom saw the pulses throb through the underside of his shaft, followed by my Adam’s apple indicting each swallow of semen.And then it was done. I had worked hard to please Philipe and I sat there kneeling, hands on my thighs in a sort of calm genuflection as I watched Philippe silently get dressed. He left his envelope, always the gentleman, and walked back to the hole. “Thank you Benjamin. You did an excellent job as usual. I feel satisfied now.”“Thank you Sir, it was my pleasure.” I responded with understatement. “And did TOM enjoy watching?” Said Philippe unexpectedly. Tom put his hand over his mouth. I hadn’t told Tom that Philippe knew he would be watching and he was so shocked his blushed face went pale. I answered for him.“Yes Sir, your beautiful penis has kept Tom erect for the last half hour without even touching it.” I said.“Ah… well, we were all teenagers once.” said Philippe and then he let himself out. I stood and unbuttoned my jeans. My wet semi needed release. “On the bed.” I ordered. Tom immediately adopted his display position. Oh that sweet little arse! I took some lube and fingered it into his tight ring. I was ready. Ready to blow as well. I sank my cock into him. we both gasped with the tightness. I reached for his stiff dick and told him.“I’m gonna cum in your pussy baby!” He swooned his head to one side as I jammed my spurting cock deeper. I could feel his palpitating erection firing cum as we climaxed together, finally it flowed out over my knuckles as my shaft was milked dry by his quaking orgasmic anal ring.We collapsed. Emptied after a sustained high wire of erotic intensity. Three soft cocks depleted for now. Waiting for the sensual imagination to replenish and the hunt for male gratification to begin again.

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