A Birthday to Remember

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Chapter One – Thinking It Up

Angela works as a receptionist at my office. She is a petite little thing weighing just over 100 pounds. She has the cutest little curves I have ever seen with full A-cup breasts and a tight little ass. She is ten years older than I am, but that doesn’t stop our flirting. In fact, it may add to it. With her being older than I am, me being married, and her being engaged, our flirting always seemed like harmless fun. It even got to the point where I could slap her on the ass as I walked by her in the hall and it wasn’t a big deal. What she didn’t know was how badly I wanted to grab hold of that tight little ass, bend her over the file cabinet and take her tight little pussy from behind.

A few months ago we had an office party at my boss’s house, spouses and significant others were invited. Nicole, my wife, and Angela hit it off really well. They talked almost the entire time and became really good friends. We didn’t really run in the same social circles, so after the office party Nicole and Angela would call each other every once in a while to catch up.

Last week Nicole walked into the front room where I was watching television. “I just got off the phone with Angela, she told me you slap her ass sometimes at work.” Oh man, I was in trouble now. “She does have a cute ass, doesn’t she?”

I know a trap when I see one so I replied, “I haven’t really noticed. It is just a little harmless game we play, more like a joke than anything.”

“Well she doesn’t mind it, so I am not worried about it. Just don’t let it go further than that.”

I thought I had escaped a potentially volatile situation but Nicole brought the subject again the next night. “Did you grab Angela’s ass at work today?”

“I don’t ‘grab’ her ass, I slap it. Kind of like baseball players do.” I was trying to make it sound as non-sexual as possible. “And no, I didn’t slap her ass today.”

“You should grab it as often as you can get away with.” I could sense a hint of jealousy. But not that she was jealous of Angela, but almost as if Nicole would like to get a chance at slapping Angela’s ass.

“What do you think she would do if I gave her a little tap on the ass?” Nicole inquired.

“I don’t know, she probably would just think you were in on the game. That we are just having fun and it’s not too big of a deal.” I was trying to downplay my ass-grabbing game with Angela, but at the same time was curious why Nicole kept on the subject.

“I may have to come into the office next week.” she said over her shoulder as she walked away.

That got me to thinking, and I came up with a plan. Nicole’s birthday was coming up and I was going to make this one a birthday to remember. It would take a little planning, a little finesse, and a lot of luck, but it was worth a shot.

Chapter Two – Setting It Up

The next day at the office Angela was standing in front of the copy machine making copies. I took this opportunity to put my plan in motion. As I walked by her, rather than slapping her ass, I firmly cupped the left cheek of her ass with my right hand, my index finger burrowing into her crack. Sliding my hand down her ass my fingers approached her pussy. But before I got too close to make her really jump I continued down the hall. “That was from Nicole.” I said without turning around to see how she responded to the fact that our ‘game’ had just gone to a new level.

A few hours later Angela was in the doorway to my office. “What was that?” she asked. There was not an angry tone, rather an inquisitive one. This was good.

“Well, you told Nicole that I grab your ass sometimes. She said I should grab it as often as I can and that she would like to do the same. We both think you have a really cute little body.” Each move I made had to push the envelope just a little. I had to push enough that there would be progression, but not too much to have the whole thing blow up in my face.

“Well then let her know that I return the favor. Your wife is the one with the nice body. She is so tall and curvy, I bet you just love that.” It’s true; my wife is nearly six feet tall and has a perfect pair of C-cup breasts. She is athletic and doesn’t have much body fat. When we have sex I love to take a hold of her right breast with my left hand, rolling her nipple between my fingers. With my right hand I reach down and gently massage her clit. This, combined with my dick slowly rocking in her pussy, puts her over the edge.

“Is there something going on between you and my wife that I should know about?” I asked as my mind turned back to the present conversation. “Are you two having some lesbian affair behind my back that I should know about? Believe me, I would like to know about that, it’s pretty hot.”

“No!” she said with a laugh. “We are not having a lesbian affair!”

“Have you ever even fooled around with a girl before?” The look on her face made me think I had just pushed a little too far too fast.

“No, bahis firmaları but I don’t think I would be totally against it.” She was in. It was time to let her in on what I was giving Nicole for her birthday. As I described my plans to Angela we both got pretty horny. I am sure she could see the lump in my pants and I could tell that her breathing was a little deeper. It took everything in me not to make a move on her right then and there.

“This could be pretty hot” she sighed. “Is it okay if I tell you I am pretty moist right now?”

“It is as long as you are willing to let me verify the fact,” I said as I put my hand on her thigh. Fortunately she was wearing a skirt that day and I knew that she never wears panties. I always loved the way her clothes hugged her ass because she never wore underwear. There was no resistance as I slid my hand up her leg. With my middle finger I took one long, slow swipe from the back of her pussy to the front. “Yup, you’re pretty wet,” I said with a grin as I twirled my finger around her clit. “Now get out of here before we get into trouble.”

Chapter Three – Playing It Up

Yesterday was Nicole’s birthday. I arranged for her to drop the baby off at a sitter’s then have a pedicure at the local salon. While she was at the salon Angela and I got to the house. I wanted to have dinner almost ready by the time Nicole got home. Angela use to work as a chef, so it would not be too outrageous of a beginning story to tell Nicole that for her birthday I wanted to have a nice evening in together and have dinner made for us. Little did she know that dinner was just the first step in a very elaborate plan.

As we sat down to dinner Nicole asked, “How did you talk Angela in to coming and cooking for us? Are you paying her or something?”

“No, the other day at work she was talking how much she loved to cook and would like to invite us over to her place sometime so she could cook for us. That gave me the idea of having her come to our place to cook you a birthday dinner and she liked the idea. It was that simple. I told her I would pay her for her time, but she refused.”

“You at least bought the food didn’t you?”

“Yeah, I bought all the food on the way home form work this afternoon. Angela still wanted to pay for the food, as a birthday gift for you. So I struck a deal with her. She agreed to be your personal servant after dinner and do whatever it is you ask of her, that is her birthday present to you.”

“I like the sound of that.”

“Maybe we can get her to vacuum or something.” I didn’t want to spring into action too quickly. I figured the best way to achieve my plan was to make it look like there was no plan or hidden agenda to any of this. I was going to set everything up into the ideal conditions and just let things run their course.

“Yeah, she can clean the house and I can take a bath, what a good birthday.” Nicole loves to take relaxing baths but never has enough time to herself to enjoy one.

Things were going perfectly. I wasn’t sure how I was going to talk Nicole into taking a shower while Angela was here, and I wanted everybody fresh a clean for what I was hoping would be a night full of sex and fun. This just might work.

Chapter Four – Cleaning Up – Part 1

“Angela,” I called out. “After you finish up in the kitchen will you please run Nicole a bath, you’ll find some scented candles under the sink.” Nicole looked at me and just smiled. “No distractions, I promise.”

Last time Nicole took a bath I went into the bathroom just to talk. However, her breasts, floating there on top of the water as Nicole relaxed in the tub, caught the glistening candle light perfectly. The air was cold enough that her nipples were standing erect and all I could think about was twirling those nipples with my tongue. Soon I was on my back in the tub with Nicole’s breasts bouncing around as she rode my cock.

“I really enjoyed our last bath,” Nicole sighed. “But with Angela here…you know.”

Here was my first opportunity to test the waters. “Yeah, we would have to ask her to join us so she didn’t feel left out.” I tried my best to make it sound like a joke. Nicole just nodded, her eyes looking up. I could tell she was picturing something and was hoping she was picturing the three of us in the bath.

“We wouldn’t all fit anyway.” Nicole was surprised this thought of hers materialized into words and that she actually said it out loud. She began to back-pedal. “No, we wouldn’t invite her to join us. And don’t you even think about it.” The tone of her voice was more of a joking manner rather than serious. “So anyway, it probably will be better if you don’t come into the bathroom at all while I am in the bath.”

“I promise I will not disturb you while you are in the bath. I’ll just read the paper or something.”

Just then Nicole’s mouth dropped open and I could tell she was looking over my shoulder at the hallway leading to the bedrooms. I turned around kaçak iddaa to a glorious sight. Angela was standing there, holding a bath towel with one hand just above her cute little tits. The towel draped down her body to the middle of her thighs. “What is she doing!?” I thought to myself. “We didn’t talk about this!”

Angela could tell Nicole was looking for an explanation. “I’m going to be your servant tonight so I went to change out of my work clothes,” Angela explained. “Then as I started to draw you a bath I thought I would take a quick shower to freshen up, but I couldn’t figure out the shower head. Can I get one of you to help me?” We do have a tricky shower head, so this move was legitimate.

“I’ll go.” Nicole said quickly as she stood up before I even got the chance to say anything. With that Angela turned around and headed back down the hall. Nicole and I both got a great look at her ass as she walked down the hall. I leaned to the side to look around Nicole for a better view when Nicole turned around and saw me. She just rolled her eyes and kept on walking down the hall.

“I can’t believe she came out here in nothing but a towel!” Nicole exclaimed as she arrived back at the table. “She has no inhibitions. Did you know she doesn’t ever wear any underwear? Sometimes I wish I could be that free spirited.”

“She’s something else, isn’t she?” Now for another little plug. “But you liked the view of her ass as she walked down the hallway, didn’t you. I bet she did that because I told her you thought she had a cute little ass.”

“You told her!?”

“Yeah, and she was flattered by it. Her reply was that she thinks you have great body. You might have to return the favor when you get into the bath a little later. You know, a quick little flash of something. Be a little free spirited?” There was hope in my voice.

Chapter Five – Cleaning Up – Part 2

After dinner I cleared the table and Nicole headed into our bedroom to get ready for her bath. Angela, in the guest bathroom where the tub is, had finished her shower, lit the candles, and filled the tub by the time Nicole had slipped into her bathrobe and went into the guest bathroom.

“Sorry about before, I totally lost me head when I came out there in just my towel.” Angela was making sure that things were still on the right track and Nicole was not upset.

“That’s alright.” Nicole admitted. “Plus you gave us a pretty nice look at your cute little ass. Now I guess it is time for me to return the favor.” With that Nicole slipped off her robe and stepped into the bath letting Angela see her totally nude, from her voluptuous breasts, down her flat stomach and to her mound of pubic hair hiding her pussy.

“Yeah, we’re even,” Angela said as she headed for the bathroom door. “I think you have everything you need but I will come back in a few minutes to make sure you don’t need anything.”

“Your wife is smoking hot,” Angela said when she got to the kitchen where I had just finished the dishes. “She got into the tub while I was still in the room and I was able to see everything. And the dim light from the candles really added to the visual.” Angela was wearing a little T-shirt just tight enough to show that she was not wearing a bra, which was made more obvious by her nipples poking out a little as she apparently got turned on by seeing Nicole get into the bathtub. Angela was also wearing a pair of men’s boxer-briefs that fit her loosely and were very sexy.

“I know what you mean, trust me.” I replied. “So far so good, eh? Things have been moving slowly enough that I think she is comfortable with everything that has happened. It is a pretty big step that she let you see her completely nude. I hope you got a good view and liked what you saw.”

“Sent shivers down my spine,” then Angela whispered, “ending up in my pussy.” With a smile she said, “I hope all goes according to plan.”

“You can’t tease me like that,” I said, almost out of breath, “telling me that your pussy quivered when you saw Nicole naked, especially with you standing there in that little T-shirt with your nipples poking out.”

“I’m pretty horny right now and can’t wait until she gets out of her bath to get started.” Angela was slowly walking towards me with fire in her eyes. She reached down and grabbed my balls. Though I still had my pants on she was able to get a good feel of how hard my cock was and started rubbing it.

I cupped her breasts in my hands, and started flicking her nipples through her shirt. “Yeah, you are really turning me on,” Angela sighed as she pressed harder against my dick, “maybe a little too much for right now, so you’re just going to have to cool off.” And with that she turned on the sink, ran her fingers under the water and flicked water in my face.

“Oh you are in trouble now!” I laughed and reached for the sprayer.

“What are you going to do with that?” Angela asked with an “I dare you” look on her face.

I squeezed the handle so kaçak bahis that water began spraying in Angela’s direction. Unfortunately for her she had turned the water on cold rather than warm. Angela jumped out of the way but the damage had been done. I got what I was aiming for and her little T-shirt was soaked. The cloth that fit her snuggly just moments ago was now clinging to her wet breasts. I could see through the wet shirt the darkness of her nipples, which her poking out even further because of the cold water.

“Your nipples are about to poke right through your shirt!” I joked with Angela. “You should have turned the water on a little warmer.”

“Oh yeah!” She grabbed the sprayer nozzle from me and sprayed water on my crotch. “How do you like them apples?”

Angela and I began wrestling over the sprayer, each getting shots of water at each other. I am much stronger than Angela but she was pretty feisty and got a few good hits in before I took control. I wrapped my arms around her and picked her up of the ground, pressing her wet breasts against my chest. She dropped the nozzle and wrapped her legs around my waist. We stood there, wet and out of breath, clinging to each other. She wrapped her legs tighter, pressing her hot pussy against my raging cock.

I started pulling up her shirt so that I could get a moth full of her wet little tits that were pressed against my chest. “Not yet,” she said with a smile, “we have to wait for Nicole.” She loosened her legs from around my waist and I set her down. “I better go check on her and see how she is doing.” Angela turned to walk out of the kitchen. I ran up behind her, reached my hands around her body and holding her breasts pulled her into me.

“You are such a tease,” I complained. “You better get Nicole as horny I am, I’m not sure how much longer I can last.” Then we stood there for a few minutes, her breasts in my hands, my hard dick pressed against her back, and went over the plans for getting Nicole into bed with us.

Chapter Six – Cleaning Up – Part 3

“Knock, knock,” Angela announced as she walked into the bathroom where Nicole was bathing, “I’m just checking in on you to make sure there is nothing you need.” She closed the door behind her.

“No, I think I am set, thanks,” Nicole replied. “It has been wonderful to just sit here and relax in the tub. Baths are so good for the mind and the body.” Then, looking at Angela’s wet shirt, Nicole asked “what have you been up to while I have been in here?”

“We got in a little water fight,” Angela responded.

“I can totally see your nipples through your shirt!” Nicole exclaimed.

“Oh, really?” Angela was acting innocent. Then not wanting to give up control of the conversation, added “I am glad you have been enjoying your bath, it looks pretty comfortable lying there. I must say you look pretty sexy, with the candle light and everything.” Angela was a little nervous as to how Nicole would respond. “Now I know why your husband said he shouldn’t come in here to check on you. Heck, I’m about ready to jump in there with you.”

“Is that why your nipples are so hard?” Nicole inquired as her right hand slowly moved down toward her pussy. “Or is it just that you are wet and cold.”

“Mostly you, seeing you lying there naked is turning me on.” Angela had her own hand down her shorts and was gently rubbing her pussy. “And to see you getting turned on gets me going even more.”

Nicole, apparently unaware that she subconsciously had driven a finger up her pussy, quickly brought her hand up and reached for a towel. “Thanks for letting me take a bath.” Nicole was a little embarrassed. “I don’t know what gets into me, but baths turn me on for some reason. I’m sorry about that.”

“Don’t be sorry at all,” Angela replied quickly. “I’m just glad you got to take a relaxing, and extremely sexy, bath. The only problem is that now I am pretty horny.”

“Well you’ll just have to cool it for now,” Nicole smiled as she wrapped herself in a towel. “What I want you to do next…you are still my servant, right?” Angela nodded. “What I want you to do is brush my hair out. It is such a pain to brush out because of how long and curly it is. Grab a chair from the kitchen and meet me in the master bathroom.”

Chapter Seven – Brushing Up

“How’d it go in there?” I asked as Angela came back into the kitchen to get a chair.

“It went perfectly,” Angela said with excitement. “I think she is pretty horny tonight as well. When she saw how hard my nipples were she asked why they were so hard. Then she actually started playing with herself! So I reached down my shorts and started rubbing my pussy as well. It was quite a turn on!”

“That’s great!” Blood was rushing to my dick as I could tell things were all lining up. “So what now?”

“Nicole has asked me to brush out her hair.”

“Yeah, she loves that. Since I am all wet from our water fight, maybe I will jump in the shower while you are brushing Nicole’s hair so that we will all be fresh and clean. I like having sex just after a shower almost as much as I like having sex in the shower.” By this point my dick had grown to an uncomfortable size, restricted by my pants.

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