Wife makes me Cheat

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My cock feels good as I write this morning. It is actually a little past noon, and my lap top computer is balanced on my lap as I write this on my bed. My cock is a bit sticky and half erect as it swells and moves as my thoughts reflect on the last few hours.

I finally got to unload my swollen balls into my wife’s cunt in the middle of last night. She hasn’t let me fuck her for so long that I’ve almost forgotten how she felt.

We had a family day out yesterday with her parents and our children. When I haven’t been able to fuck regularly, I am always looking for any visual stimulation, and even though it is cold and damp outside, there always seems to be some nice tit cleavage to gaze at or tight pants stretched across some nice ass that outlines panties and ass cheek, and sometimes even pussy lips. When this is all I can enjoy with my private thoughts, I look for what ever I can see and let my cock swell and fidget it my underwear until I seep pre-cum droplets that harden and sometimes glue my pee-hole to the cloth.

There was this clerk at the sauce store that was overweight, but had huge soft tit flesh that was squeezed together and her top had an open neck line that let me see her tit flesh wobble against each other, forming a defined cleavage line running down into her bra. She was friendly and helpful and as she helped my wife taste samples and answered my questions, I let my thoughts run wild as I looked on her soft mammary flesh.

There was this other 30’s something woman that I saw at the buffet that also had a nice pair of tits that were nicely set out in her clothing. She was smaller and her tits didn’t squeeze together. There was a nice gap in between, and I imagined grasping each one in my hands from behind while I fucked her “doggie”, or she could have wrapped them around my stiffening cock as she got ready to “blow” me. It would have been nice if she had dropped to her knees right there and sucked me off. My balls were full enough that I could have flooded her mouth and it would have been lovely to see if she swallowed or could even drink every drop.

I have been so lonely for a good sloppy fuck that I even went to a local massage parlor last Friday in the hopes that I would meet up with the lady from last summer and might get to fuck her again. She was not there, but another dark haired Russian lady was happy to massage me. She was much maltepe escort thinner and smaller, but looked very sexy in her black lacy “stay-ups” and with her small tits pushed out by her black lingerie.

After I disrobed and had a shower where I spent extra time washing my cock and balls and ass hole, I came out and dried off. Usually I get to finish and lie down on the table on my stomach before the attendant comes back in the room. When I do, I can arrange my cock out straight and can lie down with my legs spread open. I also like to check the bed and pillow. Sometimes there are condoms under the pillow. This lets me know that the attendant wants to go all the way. (with the proper tip of course) There are other times when I have not found a condom and the girl has “put out” bare- back, I know that it is not safe, but omg, I have wrestled with myself many times, just to feel bare wet, hot pussy flesh against my cock skin.

This time the attendant walked in while I was toweling off and I just finished and lay down. After the usual small talk bullshit, she massaged my back from my toes right up to my shoulders. Then she returned to my ass cheeks and flirted with my asshole and balls. I love it when they tickle my balls and massage the area between my asshole and cock. It causes my balls to swell with man juice in preparation for a good spurt. She was an expert at building my excitement and then asked if I would like anything special. I reached behind her ass and touched her pussy from behind and pointed with my other hand to my mouth. She nodded, and removed her flimsy clothes before climbing onto the table and settling her pussy down on my mouth. I reached around her ass and pulled her cunt down on my mouth and ate her while she jacked me off. I knew that I wasn’t going to get to fuck her because she started her act and whore talk about how big I was and moaning like she was going to cum. She said I was making her hot and all this bullshit before I had even started to get her ready for a fuck.

I love to eat pussy. I also love to make women cum this way. I have never found a woman who orgasmed with a quick lick. I’m sure that you might know a nympho or two that cum at will, but I have never been that lucky. If you know one and want to share her, you can write me at the end of this story, because I would really love to have that experience. mamak escort What I do know from experience is that most women love to be eaten gently and softly for a long duration. They love softly manicured fingers that probe their pussy entrance, and most even appreciate a little violation of their assholes, especially when they are on the “brink”.

She brought me to the edge of my ejaculation too fast, and I figured what the hell, no point in trying to hold back. My cock wasn’t going to get into the cunt I was eating anyway, so I just let it go, as I nuzzled my face into her crotch. After calming down a bit, she climbed off and got dressed. She offered to get me some hot towels, but I told her I was going to have another shower. I didn’t need to go home with baby oil all over my body, and pussy perfume on my mouth and nose.

This brings me back to the beginning of my story. My cock and balls are sticky and warm, and my balls that were so nicely drained a few hours ago are rolling around in my ball sack, filling with fresh seed as I write this. After our family outing, we returned home very late and got ready for bed. I was quite fatigued and had drifted off in-between worlds and was quickly sinking into slumber, when my wife comes into bed. She was ice cold and as she cuddled up to me I was brought back to awake ness with a start. We haven’t fucked for months, and even though we both sleep in the nude, her tits and pussy don’t interest me much because they are attached to a bitchy person.

While we cuddled and she slowly warmed up, she began wanking my dick until it was stiff and swollen. She has never learned to be gentle and my erection was being punished. I was sort of in a state of semi sleep, but I figured that the best way to get her to stop hurting me was to hand manipulate her cunt into an orgasm and then it would be over. I reached my left hand down between her chubby thighs and she spread her legs apart to give me access to her warm, moist pungent smelling pussy. I finger spread her pussy lips and my mid and index finger pinched her clit lightly and I started to wiggle my fingers back and forth in the slime around her clit.

With my right hand I reached around her shoulders and grasped her raspberry sized nipple on her fat saggy breast. I tweaked and pinched and twisted her nipple with the same painful pressure that she continued ankara escort to hand-fuck my cock skin with. It took a few minutes to get her cum to rise up within her, but she hasn’t cum for so long, and I know that she never gets off on her own, so when the orgasm came, it blasted out of her being and she quivered and moaned as her body shook. She gasped for breath and pounded the bed with her hands as she swung her head back and forth on the pillow.

The last time that this happened, about two months ago, I tried to mount her and she through me back and gave me an unsatisfying hand-job that hurt like hell! I was finally able to ejaculate over the rough hand friction and get it over with so I could rest and heal up for next time.

I rolled over and threw the covers back and mounted her before she could protest. I lifted her heavy over weight fat legs up and spread her wide open with my hands clamped on her ankles. I positioned my cock head at her cunt entrance and thrusted as her pungent dirty cunt odors wafted up to my nose. I held my breath as I thrusted hard, burying my full length deep until my full balls slapped her sticky ass. I fucked her hard and quickly trying to blow my load as fast as possible. I got a cramp in my left thigh, and tried to straighten my leg while I fucked her. The cramp relaxed a bit and I drove my cock into her smelly hole again. I only fucked her for a few long seconds until my man seed burst out and I unloaded my swollen balls inside her. I hadn’t filled her belly with my cum for more then a year and it felt good to have my swollen cock jerking inside her as the creamy goo drained into her.

I pulled out and let her legs drop. I gasped for fresh air as I lunged for my pillow. I threw the covers over her fucked body and turned my back to her. Sleep came quickly.

Now you know why my cock and balls are sticky, and they smell real gamey. I wrote this before having a shower so that the smell would inspire me while I was writing I had to shut down quickly when she came into the room to go to the bathroom. She told me she was ruined. Her pussy is sore and it hurts her when she pisses. Her cunt is tender and streaks of blood are on the toilet paper when she wipes. I guess it will be a long time before I get to fuck her cunt again. I’m going to have a long hot shower now, and I will jack-off in the hot shower with creamy soap around my cock and balls. When I get close to spurting, I will sink a finger up my soapy asshole so that the cum shoots harder and further.

I think I will make that date with that MILF up the street later this afternoon if she is available. I need a nice slow satisfying fuck.

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