Crossed Wires

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“You want to try what?!” I stared, jaw wide open at my girlfriend, Sandy. “Seriously, what?”

“Honey, calm down! It’s not that crazy.”

“But-” I balked, trying to get my mind around it. “You want to be a guy!?”

“Well no. I just want to try being a guy once! You always seem to enjoy it so much, I want to understand!”

I somehow managed to close my gaping mouth and turned away from her, staring out the window of our one bedroom flat. I was pretty sure that your girlfriend wanting to be a guy was generally a bad sign for a relationship – not that I had any problems with that, but I was not into guys.

My thoughts were interrupted as I felt Sandy come up behind me and give me a hug. After a few moments her hands started to drift suspiciously downwards until she was cupping my crotch.

“Just think about the blowjobs I’ll be able to give once I understand what it feels like” she whispered into my ear, standing on her tip toes to reach with her petite 5’2″ frame.

I didn’t reply. I didn’t need to. The erection that immediately spouted was enough to tell her that I liked the idea. She giggled behind me and I turned around.

“So this simulator, what’s the deal again?”

“Well,” she started, “it’s simple really. We go in and lay in these tube things. Then it starts and we wake up as whoever we want to be. We have our fun, then we pop out and it’s done!”

“Yea but I don’t want to have gay sex with my girlfriend!” I shouted.

“Oh come on, I know you like it when I tease you down there!” she replied, grabbing my ass.

“That’s not the same thing! It’s not gay to do that because you’re a girl. But if you were a guy then it would be!”

“Fine!” She relented. “They can also load up a fake girl into the simulation. We can have a three-way.”

I rubbed my chin considering her proposition.

“I’ll even let you pick what she looks like…” she whispered slyly.

“Okay” I acquiesced. “I’ll do it if I can choose the girl.”

“Awesome! Thank you so much honey, I knew you would help me on this. I just really want to know what it’s like.”

I stepped to her and gave her a hug, grabbing her ass while I did.

“And what’s this I hear about my girlfriend wanting to bang another chick with me?” I grinned.

She smacked me playfully, turned around, and walked towards the kitchen. “Just for you!” she yelled over her back.

I sat down on the couch and turned on the TV, musing about what kind of girl I would pick. In the kitchen I heard Sandy dialing her phone and the start of the conversation.

“Hi I’d like to book a sim session…” she started.

Just then a bathing suit commercial came on and I sunk back into my musings about who I would be having fun with…


The next day we arrived at the sim shop. It was a non-descript stucco building on the outside with a no-frills receptionist desk in the front. We walked in and, being the only ones there, walked up to the counter.

“I had a reservation for Sandy L?”

“Hmm let me see.” The receptionist started. “Oh yes a gender swap three way at 2:30, yes?”

Sandy and I both blushed at her forwardness, but Sandy acknowledged her with a nod.

“Right then! You just need to pick your bodies.” She gestured towards the other end of her desk where a computer sat. “Have a seat please.” We complied and she continued, “Now start by selecting the two males, then the female. You can browse all the pictures, then when you find a body you like click on it and you can customize it and choose your clothing. When your done hit the green accept button and I’ll show you to your room. Got it?”

We nodded and she left us alone.

I looked at the screen, but Kelsey had already started going through the pictures of men. Each one was standing in a pair black briefs showing off their bodies. There were options for all types of guys, skinny or muscled, tall or short, and every race and face imaginable. Sandy eventually settled on a tan, lightly built guy with long hair.

“Honestly it would be distracting if I didn’t have long hair at this point.” She said to herself, before moving on to the customization screen where she gave him a generous 8″ member, no body hair, and high stamina. sex hikayeleri She then selected a pair of shiny black briefs and with a goofy remark, a bow tie. Satisfied, she motioned to me and told me to pick the other guy.

I sat at the chair and went through the options. I found one that looked a little like me, but slightly bigger shoulders, more tan, and 6 feet tall. On the next screen I gave myself an 8″ dick, high stamina (basically like real life, I mumbled to myself) and confirmed it.

Next up was the girl. Going through the pages of women I couldn’t help but get hard. There was every girl possible, in every size, with any features. How could I possibly decide which one I wanted to bang?!

After a couple minutes and a slight nudge from Sandy I settled on a gorgeous brunette with full lips, large well rounded breasts, and a slim figure. On the next screen I chuckled as I unchecked the box for gag reflex and removed all of her body hair. Finally, I chose a pink bustier with a thong, garters, black thigh-highs stockings, pink and black kitty ears, and tail that disappeared under the thong. Satisfied and very excited I accepted my choices.

The computer beeped and the receptionist came over.

“Good! I’ll show you to your rooms. You-” she gestured at Sandy, “will be first on the left, and you will be on the right. Just remember that you must lie in the tube still, and completely naked.”

We nodded and went to our rooms. I watched as Sandy closed her door, still trying to accept that in a minute she was going to be a guy and we were going to have a three way. Once I heard the door click shut I turned back to the receptionist and made a last request.

“Hey could you uh… Make the girl extra… Excited?” I stammered.

“How do you mean exactly?”

“Well um… Uh… Well basically I want her to get extremely turned on by the sight of a cock to the point where she can’t restrain herself. I want her to be a horny little slut… Uh, if you can…?”

“I can do that. It’s a bit strange as most of our clients need no help getting in the mood but, but yes, I can do it. Now please get into your tube or we won’t start on time.”

I nodded and backed into the room, closing the door behind me. It was empty except for a large machine that looked like a tanning bed but that had way too many wires coming out of it. Opening it up I saw a gel-foam pad. Experimentally I pushed my hand into the gel and felt it mold to my hand. It was somewhat warm.

Remembering the receptionists warning about being late I quickly stripped and laid in the bed. As soon as I was still the lid closed above me and everything went black.


A moment later I opened my eyes and saw that I was now laying on top of the silk sheets on a bed in a dimly lit room.

Everything felt weird.

My whole body felt… Strange. Not bad, but different. The first thing I noticed was the energy coursing through my veins. I was excited, and ready. But my breath wasn’t taken away until I held my hands up to the light to examine my temporary body, and found long, sparkly fingernails at the end of perfectly manicured hands. Looking down, I realized immediately why I felt strange.

I was female.

In fact, I couldn’t see the rest of my body so I moved to climb out of bed and examine myself in the mirror on the other side of the room, but, as I sat I felt something move deeper into me. I groaned in a silky feminine voice and felt my body get flushed with arousal. I had forgotten about the but plug I had put into the girl.

Into me.

Carefully now, I stood up and crossed the room. Staring back at me was a gorgeous, tanned women looking ravishing in her pink lingerie. I ran my hands up my bare legs, over my hourglass shape, and cupped my breasts. Turning, I also admired my well rounded ass and the tail protruding out of it.

I was too intrigued with my new body to get mad until I heard a door open behind me.

“Hey there beautiful.” I heard from the doorway.

Turning, I saw the male body Sandy had picked out, standing there in her black briefs.

My anger flared. “What did you do?!” I shouted. “Look at me, I’m”

“Female?” She interrupted.

“Well, yea!” porno hikayeleri I said, my rant disrupted.

“And you’re a pretty damn good looking one too.”

“Uh, well yea I’m dreamy.” I replied.

“So what’s the problem?” She/He asked innocently.

“Well, I’m a guy! I don’t know how I feel about being a girl.”

“It’s easy darling” he said, sidling up to me. “You just need to look pretty and we’ll do all the work.”

Whatever I was about to say next was interrupted when I saw the erection in Sandy’s brief grow into a full hard on. An instant before it hit my I suddenly understood why the receptionist looked at me funny when I asked her to boost the girl – my – arousal at the sight of a dick. Then all thoughts washed out of my head as I was hit by a wave of arousal. Immediately a heat grew at my crotch and I became acutely aware of my tail, and the attached butt plug inside of me. As I stared at the massive member my nipples hardened under the cups of the bustier and my mouth started to water.

Just then Sandy reached down and pulled out her dick. “Don’t think I didn’t hear your little conversation with the receptionist you horny little slut. Your panties are already showing me just how excited you are. Now, get on your knees.”

By the time I processed what she had said I was on my knees with her dick in my hand, rubbing the length of the shaft. She started moaning. I had never done this before, but apparently I was good at it.

“Suck me.”

I didn’t need to be told twice. I opened my mouth and ran my tongue across her dick, just the way I liked it. Then I started taking it into my mouth. The taste surprised me – salty and just a little sweet, while her pre-cum was thick and sticky.

“Look at me.”

I complied, dick still in my mouth. It felt right there.

“Do you like my cock?”

I paused a moment. I wasn’t happy with being a girl and having a dick in my mouth, but I knew my answer. I nodded vigorously, dick still in my mouth.

“Good girl. Now, if you can touch my balls with your chin I’ll show you what a dick feels like in your pussy.”

Slowly, I pulled the dick out of my mouth and rubbed it, producing several moans from Sandy. Redundantly, I felt moisture soaking the front of my panties. I knew what I wanted.

Taking a deep breath, I opened my mouth and slid her member in. Slowly I continued going past the point where I thought I’d choke. Then I remembered that I didn’t have a gag reflex and kept pushing until I felt her balls on my chin and I’d ran out of dick to take in. I basked in it. Fuck it was hot having her do this to me.

I reveled in the musky taste when I felt a slight tug at my butt plug, causing me to moan. I guess the humming-like vibrations felt good because Sandy moaned too. Then I felt a hand reach down and caress, with a single finger going in and tweaking my nipple. God I wanted that.

Slowly, I pulled the dick out of my mouth and looked up at Sandy. She grinned back at me.

Then there was another dick in my face. God this one looked good. I grabbed it and started rubbing but before I could do anything Sandy reached down and stopped me.

“You” she said, pointing to the simulated man. “Lay on the bed.”

He complied.

“And you my dear” she said, looking at me. “Are about to get your fill. Suck his dick.”

I stood up, walked over to the bed, and crawled up to him on all fours.. With one hand I started rubbing his dick before I took it into my mouth, reveling once more at the taste. Behind me, I felt Sandy get on the bed behind me and push my legs apart. I presented myself happily.

As I licked and rubbed the dick in front of my I felt Sandy play a little with the plug, causing me to moan wildly, while her other hand reached into my panties and fondled my clit in a circular motion. The feeling drove me crazy and soon I was moaning like a slut in between mouthfuls.

After a couple minutes of getting me worked up I felt her pull my panties to the side and turned my head to see it, but the other guy grabbed my hair and pulled my head back around. Getting the point, I opened my mouth and he pushed me until I had his whole member down my through. Just then I felt Sandy’s dick probing seks hikayeleri at my pussy. After a few pokes she found my hole, and accidentally slid in halfway with how wet I was.

I pulled the dick out of my mouth and gasped. Oh god that felt amazing. He was so big! I could feel myself stretching to accommodate.

After a minute Sandy kept pulled out slightly, then pushed again, and started building up the pace. I reached down with my hand, running past my breasts and down to my pushed aside thong, to where Sandy entered me. God that was crazy. I’m glad I was a girl. This was amazing.

I turned my attention back to the dick in front of me. I wanted badly to be filled from both ends. I took it in again and gave him a vigorous blow job. Before long he started to thrust into my mouth and I could feel him twitchy. Just when I knew he was about to come, he grabbed my hair and held my head so that I was forced to swallow.

Before I had a second to realize what had happened the guy pulled out of me, leaving his cum running down my chin. He then made a signal back to Sandy and she pulled out of me. I then felt her hand at my ass as she slowly removed the butt plug.

I moaned sadly, why was she taking that out? It felt so good!

I had my answer quickly as the guy’s strong arms coaxed me on top of the sim and turned my onto my back. I felt his member searching between his legs before it found my ass and pushed in. I gave another loud girlish moan. He was much bigger than the plug.

Then Sandy moved back up and pushed into my pussy. I was immediately overwhelmed with the feeling of two cocks in me. I could feel them rubbing against each other through my ass and pussy.

Then a pair of hands reached up and pulled my tits out of my bustier. Looking up, I realized there was a mirror on the ceiling. I could plainly see my boobs bouncing up and down as the guys thrust into me. Then the hands took hold of my nipples and started tweaking them.

I just barely heard Sandy say “Oh fuck this is hot” before the wave of pleasure that had been building down in my crotch finally overcame me and launched me into a coursing orgasm. Every fiber of my being felt electrified as a rode over the wave of orgasm. But this wasn’t a male orgasm, it kept going. Waves of pleasure rolled through me for what felt like minutes. I lost track of time. I couldn’t control my legs anymore as they clutched Sandy tightly. I thought I had reached the maximum of sensation when I squeezed Sandy once more with muscles I never knew I had and felt her start to come inside of me at the same time as the sim did.

I could just barely hear Sandy screaming to god as she shot loads into me as my orgasm reached a crescendo and Sandy finally collapsed on top of me.

We lay there for a couple minutes, breathing heavily before Sandy pulled out of me. Looking down I saw my pussy between my tits and pink-wrapped belly, dripping with cum.

Almost instantly, we fell asleep.


I awoke in the dark. Reaching up, I felt the cover of the tube above me. I pushed it up and swung my legs over the side. I jumped down and stood for a moment, adjusting to my regular body and the ability to see the floor without boobs in the way. I reached down and picked up my pants, but noticed a note and something pink laying on them. It was a note from Sandy.

“I hope you liked that, here’s a little something that you might enjoy too.” She had written, above a smiley face. I put the note aside and saw the same pink bustier, thong, and stockings I had worn in the simulation.

Looking at them I could feel myself getting aroused. Back in my body, I didn’t feel the same need for cock I had in the simulation, but I knew that I wanted to wear this lingerie again and again.

I slid into the sexy garments, enjoying how the thong rubbed against my asshole and cupped my balls. I slid on my jeans and shirt over the top and looked at myself in the mirror. I was fooling no one. The bustier made it look like I had books and the lines running down could be seen against my shirt. But I didn’t care. Fuck I felt hot.

I opened the door and saw Sandy do the same across from me. Her eyes ran down my form, noticing the lingerie under my clothes. She smiled.

“I take it you had fun?” she asked, coyly.

I just smiled, stepped up to her, and gave her a long kiss.

After a long moment she pulled back and her hand wandered up to the cup of my bustier.

“So what now my little slut?”

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