When My Teen Cousins Came

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This is a continuation of the lives of the main characters from my story Our Kinky New Neighbors. I guess I couldn’t let them go just yet.

My name is Paul and my beautiful—nah, let’s say stunning—wife is named Gemma.

So you can picture us better, I’m hapa: half Korean and half Euromutt via the Midwest USA. I’m about 5’10” and slim but in good shape and I inherited none of my white ancestors’ hairy genes and all of the Asian good-head-hair genes. Gemma is also 5’10” and Native American with strong features and a slightly darker complexion that mine. She has long black hair and gorgeous dark almond eyes. Her bearing is all classic beauty and mine is more class clown.

Not long before I met Gemma, I was a pretty standard issue straight guy whose mind suddenly got opened along with his ass. Luckily, Gemma is trans and has a lovely cock that can fill my ass and a spirit that fills my heart. But I bet you only care about one of those things right now.

Gemma and I have two kids who came along through a unique deal with our friend Michelle. While she was living with us for a few years, we had sex with her on a regular basis. If Gemma impregnated her, the kid was Michelle’s. If my swimmers won the race, Gemma and I would raise the child as our own. It may sound like baby roulette and there was some fun in the randomness of it all but there was also a lot of love between us and we could never repay Michelle for what she did for us.

While our early years of marriage were full of threesomes with Michelle and the occasional wild times with other people, our sex life had slowed down a lot since our kids entered grade school and Michelle moved out to live with her new wife Heidi, a good friend of Gemma’s. We both were busy in our careers and now had children to raise and we were lucky if we got any alone time once a month. To be honest, sometimes we just needed to sleep or watch a movie to chill out when we got any free time.

Everything changed when I got a phone call from my father telling me that my first cousins from Korea would be staying with us.

Yeah, that may sound wrong to American ears but a Korean family will just straight up tell you what to do with your own home and family. Obligations are complex and my family has always been incredibly generous with us, helping us buy the house of our dreams in painfully pricey San Francisco. That generosity comes with some strings.

My dad was calling in his chips by telling me to put up my twin cousins from his younger sister while they began art school in the spring semester. I hadn’t seen Ki and Joon since they were preteens but now they were 18 and college-bound. So in early January of 2020, I found myself waiting for them at the airport as their fellow passengers and crew spilled out into the International Terminal at SFO.

I was scanning the influx of dark-haired, well-dressed arrivals when I got distracted by a wall of Korean Air flight attendants marching by in near-perfect lockstep. They were all perfectly made up and dressed like this ideal stewardesses that you might see in the 1960’s. My drool was probably visible when I felt a hand tap me from behind.

I wheeled around just as a young woman leapt up on to me and wrapped her legs around me in a tight hug.

“Uncle Paul!!!”

While trying to support the lithe, feminine body of Ki, Joon leaned forward and shook my hand warmly with a big smile. Ki kissed me on the cheek and deboarded my torso. I finally got a good look at the two of them.

Ki was maybe 5’2″ on her toes and couldn’t weigh more than 100 lbs. She had shoulder-length straight black hair with bangs and was as perfectly made up as a Korean Air hostess. Joon was taller but still short at 5’6″ and almost equally slender. He may have weighed in at 130 soaking wet and looked like he had a second career with one of the K-Pop boy bands becoming famous around the world. His hair was glam and he had his own share of make up on, a norm now for Korean young men.

I was almost speechless at how pretty both of them were and was curious what Gemma would think of our houseguests.

Ki and Joon were both very polite and made an almost seamless transition into our household. They helped out when they could, although we had to teach them things like laundry and doing dishes because they were used to their housekeeper doing all of that for them. They watched our kids once in a while so Gemma and I could go adulting for the evening.

I never saw them argue until one night we were having dinner and Joon was telling us about a project he was working on with his friend Roger. The twins had gone to an international school in Seoul for two years and had fluent understanding of English but still had strong accents that if I tried to write down, I’d sound like a racist asshole.

“Roger makes very good work in sculpture. He is like genius.”

Ki giggled and teased her brother, “Joon is totally in love with Roger.”

Joon’s face turned sour. “Roger just Ataköy Escort really talented, very smart. I admire him.”

Ki laughed even more. “Joon want to suck Roger dick—”

Joon really didn’t like this and immediately socked his sister hard on the arm. She’s a tiny waif and he’s not exactly a heavyweight himself but I’m sure it still hurt. Our kids cheered.

Gemma stepped in and broke it up but we had a talk with both of them later about talking about dick sucking and punching each other at the dinner table in front of our kids, no matter how entertaining they found it. Ki and Joon apologized but I could tell Joon was still annoyed with Ki for days afterward. I didn’t know what was going on but we started to figure it out until mid-March.

I’m not superstitious but it was Friday the 13th when everything went to pieces. San Francisco schools had just gone on hiatus and a national state of emergency was declared. My tech company announced that we’d be working from home for the next few weeks at least and Gemma’s agency sent her home early that day with the same expectation.

I had to run some errands after work and figured I should grab some toilet paper like the rest of the country. I ended up in a two hour line and didn’t get home until almost 9 pm. The kids were in bed and Ki and Joon were watching TV and relaxing. Gemma liked to keep the house pretty warm and the twins had been slowly adapting to that by wearing less and less clothing. Ki was only in a large t-shirt and I had to assume panties or short shorts while Joon had jeans on but no shirt.

I said hello and then went to look for Gemma upstairs after looking in on our sleeping angels. Gemma opened our bedroom door wearing an open robe and only panties underneath, panties that were barely concealing her thick, growing cock.

We still hadn’t had The Talk with the kids and my wife almost always was tucked around the house, especially since my twin cousins weren’t aware that Gemma wasn’t born female. I had a serious thing for seeing her bulge in a nice pair of silk panties but Gemma had no time for that now. She grabbed me by the collar and pulled me inside, then shut the door quietly.

“I have a story for you. Or maybe two stories,” she said, pushing me towards the bed. “Get on your knees if you want to hear them.”

My wife was rarely dominant like this so I knew this was going to be good. I did as she said and got on my knees at the foot of our king-sized bed. She sat on the edge and rubbed her crotch on my face. I could feel her stiffen even more as her head poked out above the waistband.

I licked the head and then wrapped my lips around her as she lifted her ass and pulled her panties down to give me complete access. She started talking as I began to work my mouth over her 8-inch cock.

“Ooooo okay so I came home early today thinking I could take the twins to lunch while the kids were still over at the sitter’s place. I mean, we’d already paid for the day, right? So I come inside and I don’t see the twins downstairs so I head up and hear these moans… Oh goddamnit you’ve gotten so good at this…”

Gemma paused to look at me as I looked up into her eyes, her willing servant. I couldn’t wait for her to continue so I stopped sucking as a threat.

She blinked and then leaned back and said, “Okay, sorry I’ll focus. So I see that the twins’ bedroom door is cracked a little. The moaning is clearly coming from inside but it sounds tinny, like it’s coming from a speaker. I peek inside and I see that Joon is sitting at his desk watching porn. No big deal, right, teenage boy spending some time online with his best friend, Mr. Hand? But then I look at the screen and see that it’s a pair of twinks fucking their brains out!”

“Ooomph!” I muffle around Gemma’s cock. My eyes are wide and she smiles down at me.

“Now it’s time for you to focus, baby.” Gemma puts her hand on my head and starts guiding me up and down. “Ughhhhh yessss perfect.”

I can feel her cockhead hitting the back of my throat but I try to relax and take it all, feeling the lovely shape of her girlcock as it slides in and out across my lips. I start taking off my clothes, my own cock ready to rip a hole through my pants. I’m both surprised and excited that this pretty little boy in our house would be watching smooth young twinks get it on. Is he just in the closet?

Gemma was thinking the same thing. “So he’s got his pants down with his cute little butt cheeks peeking out and is clearly riveted to the screen like he’d never seen porn before. And I’m thinking, okay so I guess he just didn’t want Ki to out him at dinner that time. But then things get weird—Wait.”

My wife put her hand on my now bare shoulder to slow me down. She closes her eyes and waits for her orgasm to edge back and I sit motionless looking up at her beautiful face. She holds her hand on my shoulder as she goes on.

“That’s when I see that both Ataşehir Escort of his hands are at the keyboard of his laptop but he’s definitely moving and panting a little. My brain can’t compute until I see a pair of knees under the desk. And then I think I can make out Ki’s plaid skirt as well…”

I’m sure Gemma had almost never seen my eyes go so wide and stay wide. I pulled back off her cock.

“What the fuck. Wait, are you sure it was Ki?”

“I wasn’t so I had to make sure. Of course I’m already turned on like crazy and dying to go take care of myself but I got control and went back downstairs. I made a lot of noise pretending I’d just come home and yelled out to Ki to come help me with something.”

Gemma took her cock in her right hand and pointed it at my mouth again. I slid down over her, maintaining eye contact while she told her story.

“I went upstairs just as Ki bounced out of the twins’ bedroom wearing the plaid skirt I thought I’d seen. She seemed as normal and happy as usual as I led her into our bedroom and closed the door. I told her point blank what I’d seen and watched her turn white as a ghost.

“Obviously I didn’t want her freaked out so I hugged her and told her not to worry, that her family would never find out anything she didn’t want them to. I told her they were safe here but I needed to hear exactly what happened. I pretended like it was out of concern but of course I mostly wanted the dirty details. Once Ki calmed down, she sat on the bed next to me and I put my arm around her shoulder, holding her tight.”

I closed my eyes, moving slowly up and down on Gemma’s cock while picturing the two of them sitting right here where I was blowing my wife. I pictured Ki in her short plaid skirt with her new pixie haircut that made her look like a little androgynous elf next to Gemma, my wife’s larger but lushly feminine body wrapped around my cousin.

“Ki told me it had started as a dare. They’d both finished their school work and were bored. And I guess it doesn’t take long for bored teens to start talking about sex. Ki bet Joon one hundred dollars that he’d get turned on watching gay porn and Joon was pissed off by the suggestion so he took the bet. But Ki told him she had to keep her hand on his dick while he watched to know for sure if he stayed soft.”

I raised one eyebrow at Gemma while I slid my mouth so slowly over her long cock.

“Yeah, right? Not exactly a fair fight. But maybe when you’re eighteen and some cute girl says she needs to hold on to your dick for a dare, you just say yes even if it’s your sister. Ki chose the porn and she told me she tried to find a video with someone who looked a lot like Joon’s friend Roger: black, slender and not hairy. And she found a couple of videos where the Roger lookalike was fucking a femme Asian guy…”

“Mmmmm,” I moaned. I approved of Ki’s cunning but I was tired of not being able to ask questions. I’d been drooling quite a bit while going down on Gemma and now I tested the waters with my index finger. Her asshole was totally slick and I pushed two fingers in.

“Ohhhhhh god, baby. Thank you.” Gemma closed her eyes for a minute, just enjoying the sensations while my fingers started fucking her asshole and my mouth kept working her hard cock. Gemma laid all the way back on the bed.

“So… so Ki sat next to Joon and placed her hand on his dick through his pants while she started playing the videos she’d picked for him. She said it took less than ten seconds for him to get rock hard. She could have gloated but that’s not what she really wanted. She got really embarrassed telling me this next part.”

I knew Gemma was ready and I was still hard from this hot incestuous story. I crawled up her body, kissing her stomach and stopping to suck each of her nipples lovingly. I nibbled a little and then kissed my way up to her throat, biting and sucking below her ear. We kissed deeply, our tongues dancing while I grabbed the back of her neck.

I ground my cock into hers, one of the hottest feelings in the world. Not many dudes are lucky enough to know the feeling of a soft, gorgeous woman with full breasts underneath you while you grind your dick into hers and she into yours. There’s something indescribably sexy about it.

I repositioned back and grabbed her legs, aiming my cock at her wet asshole. She looked me in the eyes, her lust burning like laser beams. I plunged into her, getting almost half my cock inside on the first go.

“Ahhhhhhhh!” Gemma groaned and wrapped her arms around my sides. “Fuck me, baby.”

I stopped, smiling. “Only if you finish the story…”

She laughed and went on. “So while Joon was entranced by the twinks fucking onscreen, Ki started wanking his cock up and down. She fished it out of his shorts and they watched together. I asked her if she likes watching gay porn and she blushed. She admitted that she likes watching everything. I said, ‘Everything?!?’ Avcılar Escort And she said yes.”

I had all of my cock inside her now and paused at the bottom. “Did you ask her what ‘everything’ meant?”

Gemma laughed. “You know me, baby. I asked her one by one… gay porn, lesbian porn, bisexual porn, trans porn… her eyes especially lit up at trans porn. It was lucky that I was strapped back at that point because I was getting so turned on. I asked her what happened next.”

I started fucking my wife slowly, not wanting to lose it and come before this story was over.

“Ki told me that she got so turned on that she just had to have Joon’s cock in her mouth. She said it was like he wasn’t her brother anymore, he was just a cute boy with a hard dick. She slid off her panties and crawled under the desk. She pulled Joon’s shorts and underwear down and then took a good look at her twin’s cock. It doesn’t sound like she has much experience but she says she liked the look of it: not too big and not small. She said if she had a cock, she’d want it to look like that.”

“Oh fuck.”

“Oh god, I know. So she put her brother’s dick in her mouth and started sucking him. She used one hand to massage his balls and taint while playing with her pussy with the other. She got really into it and even tried to put a finger up her brother’s ass but he flinched and she didn’t try again. He was probably surprised!”

“Hahaha I bet he was. Fuck, I wish I’d had a sister this kinky when I was his age…”

“You mean instead of the brother-sister role play we do?” Gemma said, winking at me.

“You know I love that. So what happened, did he come?”

“I think I interrupted them too soon. But maybe it’s better that way, leave them wanting more, y’know?”

I loved my wife more than ever right now. I started pounding her, no longer able to hold back from just destroying her sweet, tight asspussy. Gemma started jerking her cock and had a hard time talking as I fucked her ass.

“Ki… uhhh… Ki definitely wants more. I don’t… I’m not sure… if Joon is… really gay or maybe… bi… but I think we… should help them… figure out… their SEXUALITY—”

Gemma came all over her lovely soft tits while I pounded harder. The idea of teaching my teen cousins, these twins who call me ‘Uncle’, how to explore their sexuality was just too much. I plunged all the way in and grabbed Gemma’s long dark hair tight in my fist, coming deep inside her.

“Arrrrrghhhhhhh!!!” I collapsed on her, feeling the wet sticky come and sweat between us as we kissed tenderly. “I love you, Gemma. You’re the best.”

She was still catching her breath. “Does that mean… you don’t want to fuck the twins because you’re… so completely devoted to me?”

I looked at her blankly, knowing there was no good answer to this. She laughed hard.

“Don’t worry, I know you can love me and still want to fuck them, too… Let’s figure out how we’re going to make that happen.”

I snatched up my phone and texted the babysitter. We were going to need some adults-only time tomorrow.

* * * *

“Ki, can I talk to you? In private?”

Ki looked like a deer in the headlights, her almond doe eyes not making the comparison any less obvious. She nodded and followed me upstairs. I gestured towards my bedroom and she walked in first.

I closed the door behind us and she stood awkwardly, not sure where to sit. The bed, her “uncle’s” bed, was too weird and the chair in the corner was too far to be a normal choice. I gestured towards the bed and she sat, smiling as if to say, “Oh of course this is where I should have sat.”

Ki has always been bubblier and more forward than her brother but I noticed that when she’s in trouble, she becomes a very obedient and quiet girl.

“Ki, I’m not going to play any games. Gemma told me about what happened yesterday and as your cousin, I have to say I’m concerned.”

“But ah no, it was, uh—”

“Let me speak for now.” Ki bowed her head quickly, putting her folded hands between her knees. Her skirt was short and her t-shirt thin and loose, clothes well adapted to our thermostat.

“I have a responsibility as your family to make sure you’re not being taken advantage of. Gemma said that touching your brother’s cock was your idea. Is that true?”

Ki looked away, ashamed. But she nodded quickly once.

“If it’s true, say, ‘Yes, sir.'”

“Yes, sir,” Ki said as she moved her hands to her lap, fingers interlocked. She sat up straighter, like she was trying to exude manners.

“And is it also true that it was your idea to get under the desk and put your brother’s cock in your mouth?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Is it true that you made your brother watch gay porn? And that you enjoy watching porn yourself?”

“Yes, sir…” Ki’s breathing had changed, she was having a hard time speaking normally and words were coming out as pants. She maintained a gaze towards the floor.

“Do you watch incest porn?”


“Transgender porn?”

“Yes, sir…”

“How about bondage?”

She inhaled sharply and her eyes widened. “Y-yes, sirrr.” I could see her breath in her chest, heaving ever so slightly.

“I believe you. Joon was not taking advantage of you… if anything, you were taking advantage of your brother.”

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