Victoria’s Play

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Ahhh, home from work. The warm days of early summer have made for warm nights. The warm nights combined with the long day at work have proven exhausting. I greet you as you watch TV and go in to make a light salad and open a bottle of wine for dinner, As the evening begins to fade I give you a kiss on the cheek and head for the shower to clean off the days grime and cool a bit. The shower feels wonderful as it beats down on my breasts while I wash. Finished, I dry off and dressed in a light tank top and panties and go to lay on the bed.

As I stretch out, I feel a slight breeze from the window near the bed, its wide open now to release some of the heat that has built up through the day. My nipples respond to the breeze. I lick my fingers and slide my hand under my tank to pinch my semi erect nipples to their full standing glory. My hand caresses my breast gently at first, then with more grip as I feel my inner heat begin to rise. I sit up on my knees and remove my tank. The breeze hitting my now damp and tender nipples gives me a slight shiver. Using both hands now, I sit on my knees near the window to catch the full breeze as I squeeze my breasts, kneading them, pinching and twisting my nipples slightly.

I hear you move around in the front room, turning off the TV and preparing for the next day. Knowing your routine, I expect that soon I will hear the shower before you come to bed. I lay back on the bed now, my knees bent to either side and Kütahya Escort my feet meeting in the middle. My hand reaches down under my panties, my fingers spreading my lips to expose my clit. Allowing one finger per side, I pinch my clit softly, and explore the sensitive skin much as I had just explored my breasts, pinching and twisting softly at first, then with more force as I feel my heat build, juices spreading. I am sooo wet! I reach under the bed for my toy with a small smile, knowing the pleasure I will soon be feeling and looking forward to it. I no longer hear movement in the house and I realize I have not yet heard the shower begin. As I lean over the bed I slide my eyes to the doorway, my hair has covered my eyes and I know that you cannot see me as I watch you watching me. This type of play is one I have never shared with you and I wonder at your response. I feel my senses sharpen, I know I will perform for you tonight.

Laying my toy next to me on the bed I lay on my back and raise my hips, easing my thumbs under the tops of my panties I slide them off. I raise my knees to my chest to remove them the rest of the way, and allow you a good view of my fully exposed clit, swollen now from my loving fingers. Taking my toy in hand I run it slowly from my nipples to my center, I rub it across my clit, teasing myself, Out of the corner of my eye I see you smile a bit, lowering the toy to my opening I push it in slowly, very wet Kütahya Escort Bayan now and eager to feel the hardness within. I look now towards the door and I ask you, slowly, in a very quiet voice, if you would like to watch me fuck myself. I ask you to come sit with me on the bed, my toy already moving in and out slowly, just as it always does to start.

You come to me, but you do not lay next to me, instead, you stand at the edge of the bed and watch as my toy slides in and out of me, never leaving my body fully. Completely aroused I begin to move the toy with more abandon, harder and faster, my hips raising to meet the thrusts as you watch on, your stiffened member in your hand. I lick my lips and smile at you, loving the expression on your face as you gaze at me. I ask you if you would like to help, I remove my hand from the toy and allow you to take control of it. You place one hand beside my head on the bed and lean down to kiss me, your stiff cock pressing against my belly. Taking my toy in your hand now you shove it in me hard and fast, harder than I normally do myself, I feel my orgasm as it floods me in waves, my juices running out of me, around the toy to run down the crack of my ass. I hear your voice in my ear speaking dirty to me as you ask me if I like to fuck and how hard do I want it…demanding an answer now I beg for more, as I reach my hand between us to grasp your cock firmly and tug it the way I know you Escort Kütahya like.

I want animal rough sex tonight my lover, nothing tender nothing sweet. I want to feel every inch of my body become one with yours. Sensing this, you roll me over to my stomach, reaching under my hips you raise my ass high and thrust yourself into my wet crotch. seeking its heat and warmth, you ride me harshly for only a few seconds before you stop. I wonder what you have in mind as I lay there exposed, feeling the breeze now as you have left me. I don’t need to wonder for long. I feel your hand, covered now in lubricant as you play with my smallest of holes, your finger moving slowly in and out of my ass, loosening my muscles while your other hand is spreading the same lubricant on your cock.

I feel my muscles tense as the tip of your cock teases my ass, finding its mark and pushing in ever so slightly. I moan in pain mixed with pleasure. You stop moving. your hands massaging my hips gently as you wait for me to relax once again before pushing farther in. I know what you want my sweet, and in a frenzy now I thrust my ass back to take you fully inside, I move my hips to meet each thrust as the pain subsides and the pleasure increases. I want you to ride me, I cry out for you to fuck me hard and I feel the sweat drips from your forehead as you move quickly now, thrusting in and out, pulling my hips back with every movement as you build to your climax before shooting your wad up my ass, the hot streaming semen pumping into me. I smile. Moving forward I feel your cock leave me as I curl up on the bed. You fall on the bed next to me, exhausted from our lovemaking and I reach out to run my hand down your face before falling into a deep sleep.

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