Vicky’s Pink Diary 04

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Vicky’s Pink Diary 04My head is spinning now, and as my uncle slowly pulls my panties down, I close my eyes dreading my fate!I watch as he pulls my case out from under the bed. He takes a key out of his trouser pocket and unlocks the padlock.”My god, how long have you had a key?!””Vicky, surely you remember losing a key a little while ago. It fell out of your jeans when your stepmother pulled them out of the washing machine. She didn’t notice, but I did. Now I don’t want to bring the other you up, but I did wonder why you would have a key in your jeans.”I knew I’d lost one of the keys, but I never knew where I’d lost it. At the time I remember thinking I should change the lock, but Kevin is a lazy asshole, and he never got round to it, I guess he forgot about it.”I went exploring when Jenny went in to town. What a little treasure trove I found under you bed. I’ve read your diaries a few times, and made my judgement of when would be the best time to let you know I’ve found out about your secret. Look on the bright side, I haven’t told anyone, and I won’t, if you play ball with me.””But you don’t live here…how the hell did you read everything over and over?””My sister gave me a key to the house, in case they got locked out or something. With her and her husband working full time, and you at college, I’ve been able to spend a few hours a week reading your pink diaries and getting all the details, even making notes as reminders to me.””Making notes, fucking hell you pervert!””Oh dear, Kevin has just joined us. Stop struggling so much, you’ll break your bed.”I settle down a little, but I’m not sure who is here at the moment. Kevin looks pretty bloody stupid chained to the bed in drag. Soon he’ll start cursing Vicky ever existed if I’m not careful. I’m peering over the edge of the bed watching my uncle rummage around in my case. “What, are you, you looking for?” thank god Vicky is back in control, although Kevin is fighting like mad to get out of her.”Ah here we are.””Oh fuck me no!””Oh fuck you yes.”I’m staring at the dildo and gel that I have used just twice. My bed is making an awful racket as I yank on the chains. That is until the rope crashes down on my backside harder than ever before!”Now shut the fuck up. Do you want me to use this on Vicky, or Kevin?!”I’m staring at it and weighing up my options. Kevin would have a fucking fit. He might even start crying. Vicky though, Vicky might have a few tears, but she isn’t that much of a baby. If my uncle is going to use that on me, then I’d much prefer to be Vicky at the time.It is eight inches long and skin coloured, it cost me nearly £30, and it was quite embarrassing to buy. I got it from the TV shop where I go and dress as a woman for a few hours. They do your makeup there, usually there are two or three of them working, and one has turned into my favourite. We giggle and laugh about things, like real girlfriends. I know she is being paid, but she is friendly and quite suggestive when I buy or try on things. She saw me looking at them in the cabinet, and joked about wishing her husband was that big. She encouraged me to buy it, again I know it is her job, but she is hard to resist. Kevin fancies her, and so does Vicky, she kept whispering “Go on buy it Vicky, you’ll have hours of fun with it, and it might lead to other things,”So I bought it, and here I am watching my uncle wave it about under my nose!”You, you will be gentle won’t you? I, I, I’ve only ever used it, twice, and not all the way.”The sound of the gel being squirted out the tube puts me off a little. Now I can hear it and feel it. My fucking uncle is smearing it round my asshole!”Tell me Vicky, are you trembling because you are scared, or because you are excited?”I can’t answer him. I just wince as I feel the head of the dildo nuzzle in my ass cheeks. I’m panting as he works the head slowly in. My hands are gripping the duvet, and I’m saying silent prayers to the Tranny Goddess to let me get through this, and still be able to walk afterwards. “Relax Vicky.”Easy for him to say the fucking prick!”Good girl…that’s about halfway now.””No further please,” I can feel it stretching me, but what worries me is I’m not in control of how far it goes.”Now what did your landlord do to you, when he fucked you from behind?”I’m fighting to keep Kevin out of this now, “Don’t do that, please don’t do that uncle.””I won’t, just relax and enjoy it.”Normally I would, but this is like a visit to the dentist. They say it won’t hurt, but I’d love to tell the dentist to try and relax, while I drill holes in his teeth!He starts to slowly pull it in and out. I’ve got control of my breathing, and okay, at last I’m finding the motion sexually stimulating.In my diary, after my landlord shot his spunk in my mouth, he got his cock hard again and moved round to where my uncle is now. My landlord took me roughly, very roughly. He laughed, he called me his slut, and he banged me hard all the way through it. My uncle is being gentle, but I’m still scared.”Do you like that now?””It’s okay…please don’t go any faster though.”I can feel him pushing in a little further, and while it still stretches and hurts a little more, I keep telling my self, no pain no gain. I’m still whimpering a little, but it isn’t those anxious whimpers anymore.”Oh god, what are you doing siirt rus escort now?” “Just giving your clit a little fun, that is what the landlord did to you, and I want you to feel like it is actually him, teasing you, humiliating you, and fucking you.”He pulls the dildo right out and then pushes it back in, while he strokes my clitty cock. There is a brief pause after he pulls it right out again, and then…”OH MY GOD!””Sorry Vicky, I could resist, you got me all hard again. Don’t worry I’m not as big as your dildo. But it is a real live cock in you now!”My mouth is open, my fingers are gripping my quilt, and my fucking uncle is fucking me! I can feel his hairy thighs on my nylon covered legs. I can feel his hands on my hips dragging me back to meet his slow rhythmic thrusts, and I can feel my head exploding with the knowledge of what is happening!I’M BEING FUCKED!I’m staring at the wallpaper over my headboard and trying to think of a thousand reasons why we shouldn’t be doing this. I can feel his cock in me, I don’t know if I want to but it is there, and I can’t stop him. Even his groaning is filling my head, he is actually enjoying this! I know, why shouldn’t he be, but it still surprises me.His left hand is back on my dick again, or rather as I’m thinking of it, my clit. I thought I’d lost all feeling to that, I and did for awhile, but now she is getting excited. “Oh, I knew you’d be a natural.”What the hell does that mean?! I guess another silly question has just filled my pea sized brain. Am I, am I a natural? I’ve gotten over the shock of what is happening and now, now I’m taking it, and yes, enjoying it, even the pain! Not only that, but now I’m feeling those feelings, those sexy feelings, and my clit is a little ahead of me.”There Vicky, you see, paying the rent isn’t all that bad, for me anyway. In fact, I’m thinking of upping the price.”I’m back in role play mode, and well, yes I’m enjoying getting fucked, “What do you mean? Sean and I can’t afford to pay you any more money.””I mean, I’ll be coming round twice a week, and you had better be ready for me, unless you want Sean to hear you’ve been fucking around.””But I haven’t, that is a lie, I love my Sean.””I’m sure I can convince him otherwise. I’ll tell him I’ve seen men coming and going while he is out at work. You are my dirty slut, aren’t you Vicky?””Yes sir….I’m your dirty slut, oh fuckkkkkkkkkk!”His hand is wiping my spunk over my clit. I can’t help coming, I can’t help but get excited even more, and I can’t help pushing my self back against my uncle’s throbbing dick! “Come uncle, please come,” I pant.I look down underneath me, and I can see his bloody balls swinging away. Then his hand comes into view. His hand stained with my spunk. He wipes it on my stocking top, and when his hand moves away I can see the white mess on my black stockings!”There, that is so you, Victoria.”I’ve got two hands on my hips now, dragging me back against his thrusting cock again. He shudders, grips my hips tighter, and fires his spunk in to me!I wince as he pulls out and stumbles off the bed. He mumbles something about getting rid of the condom, and then staggers out of the room.I’m staring at my painted fingernails watching my fingers tremble, as the stinging in my ass slowly fades. My knees hurt and my back aches, so slowly I lower myself to the bed. I look at my alarm clock as the second hand clicks round. It’s 12.40, and as the time goes on I realise my first fuck is now history. So whether I like it or not, I’ve been fucked!”I’ve run you a bath, how do you feel?””Fuck knows,” escapes my mouth. Laying in the bath I won’t let Kevin back. He wants to come back and ask me what the fuck I’ve been doing, but I can’t face him right now. I tell my self Vicky has to be dominant for the moment. I get out of the bath and the aches are still there. I won’t look at my face in the mirror just yet, because I haven’t got my wig on, and I know who will be staring back at me. It is at times like this I want to be a real woman, because as a man it is hard to deal with what has just happened. I’d only be k**ding my self if I tried to explain it as being forced, although in a way I was. But I got dressed up for my uncle, and I wanted to be with him for one last time. That throws up another question, was that the last time Uncle Creep would see Vicky? If I asked him if that was it, what if he said no? But then again, what if he said yes?! Why does that thought scare me, why am I frightened that this is the end?I can hear him moving about down stairs. The lounge door opens and he calls up the stairs, “Who is coming down?”I close my eyes and keep them closed as I reply, “Me Uncle,” in my softest feminine voice. “Good, I’ll make us some lunch, Vicky.”I open my eyes and smile slightly.”Well how do I look?”He passes me a glass of wine, and stands back and looks me over.The dress is silk, black, and tight round my torso. The layers of the skirt part flare out and doesn’t even pretend to hide my black stocking tops. In fact, it barely hides my ass! My stockings have a lacy band round the top, and are held tight by my black suspender belt. My high heels are cerise with a black ankle strap and open toes. I feel vulnerable, and I want to feel that way.”You look like a…common siirt rus escort bayan little whore.”His words should make me cringe, they do in a way, but that was the response I wanted. “You look like you are going out, on the pull.”I can’t look him in the eye at the moment. I swallow and for the first time I close my mouth, because it has been open since I appeared through the door. I can’t help it sometimes, I just get so turned on it feels hard to breathe. My mouth opens and that nervous panting, deep and broken comes slowly dribbling out. This is all so humiliating for me, but I don’t care about that, I want it! I place my foot up on the chair, this is my prostitute act. God knows why I’m doing it, but in my diaries I love this slut look. I love to pretend I’m one of the whores down the red light district. The fact that I’m at home and doing this in front of my uncle, doesn’t really bother me now. I’m so wrapped up in my fantasy, I don’t care how silly this looks, and I think neither does my uncle. I spend hours thinking up fantasies, probably too many in reality, but the life of a TV is a lonely one, I know from experience, and from what I’ve read and heard. So now I’ve got the chance to share it with my Uncle Creep, and I’m going to. He might not have been my first choice to do this with, but he has featured in my pink diaries almost as much as Sean. “So, are you off to meet you boyfriend?”His questioned has stumped me, and I’m not sure how to react to that. Does he honestly expect me to go out like this in broad daylight?! “Won’t he be waiting by the cinema?”I’m still giving him a worried quizzical look. If this was a fantasy I have written about then I’ve forgotten it. “I’m not letting you go to see Sean dressed like that…and I know how much you want to, don’t you?”Finally I get it, finally I realise he is telling me.”You, can’t stop me meeting my, boyfriend.””Yes I can, but if you are a good girl I’ll let you go. So you’ll have to crawl over here, and lick my balls. Then I’ll see if I’ll let you out.”I take a swig of the wine and nearly drop the bloody glass, because I’m so nervous and turned on. “You know, I can always phone your stepmother, and tell her Sean will be waiting outside the cinema for his girlfriend, and that she isn’t allowed to go because she has been a bad girl. I’m sure Jenny wouldn’t mind taking your place, and I know Sean would be just as happy with her mouth wrapped around his cock, again.”Once again I’m in shock here. How did my uncle know about Sean and Jenny? I don’t think I put that in my diary. Or has he just said something that is a total coincidence. Either way the thought of Jenny taking my place on a date with my boyfriend, fills me with dread.I get to my knees and crawl to him. He drops his trousers and pants and there they are, cock and balls all ready and waiting. “Oh that’s a good girl…if you are going to dress like a slut, then you should be treated like one, don’t you agree, Vicky?””Yes Uncle, but Sean likes me like this. I mean he likes me to dress this way,” I whimper, and go back to kissing and licking his balls. “Oh and you just do as your told, like a good little slut, don’t you? Now suck me off, and you had better swallow or you won’t get your boyfriend’s cock…your stepmother will.”I suck as hard as I can. It might not be my fantasy but it sure has got me excited. The thought of that bitch taking my boyfriend off me is racing round my head. Okay in real life they have fucked, more than once, but even though I’m not going to meet Sean after this, I’m behaving like I am!”Perhaps you’re stepmother, should go anyway…perhaps you are not that interested in Sean?””No…he’s my boyfriend, Jenny can go fuck herself!””Can I now?!” booms out behind me.Before I can move two hands grip my head and force it down on my uncle’s cock. I’m choking and swallowing spunk.My uncle lets me go, and my stepmother leans close to my ear, “Got you now haven’t I Kevin, you disgusting little faggot?!”I slump back on the floor. I can see her heels and legs as far as her knees. I can’t look any higher, because the image of her face in my head is bad, but probably not as bad as her disgusted and sick look really is!I look over hoping she has gone, but she hasn’t. Her shoes are still there just a foot from me. I can smell her perfume, and I can hear her breathing. But still I’m too scared to look up.It is now I feel ridiculous, it is now that Vicky has gone and left Kevin knelt here. Kevin is horrified, he has been caught wearing a dress and in full make up with strange lumps hidden in this dress. Kevin feels sick, and deep down is cursing Vicky, and the way she won’t be denied. Why the fuck can’t I stop doing this? Look at me, caught wearing women’s clothes like some queer, and sucking my uncle’s cock, by my stepmother. My life, (which wasn’t that great,) has now nose dived into a black bottomless pit!A tissue is waved under my nose, “Here, I don’t want that stuff dribbling out of your mouth and getting on my carpet,” her voices has never sounded so unwelcome, its like a thousand bagpipes being warmed up right in my ear. “My god, I don’t know who I’m more disgusted with, you Des, or that bloody fool in a dress.””What the hell is going on here?! My god you bloody poof! rus siirt escort I’m going to beat some sense into you, you little queer!”I’m staring up at my Stepfather now. I cower as he raises his hand, until my uncle gives him a bloody nose!”You leave him alone, he can’t help the way he is. You little prick!”Jenny stands between my Uncle and my stepfather, and screams, “Enough, Kevin get upstairs and change, your stepfather will deal with you later.””No he won’t. Kevin, get your case, and whatever you need. You can come and live with me.””Oh you bloody queer, I always knew you…””Graham, shut the fuck up, unless you want another smack.””It will take me a little time, to get changed I mean.””Then don’t, just put a coat on.””Christ Des, you can’t take him out looking like that, what will the neighbours think?””Well, it’ll make a change from them seeing you going out dressed like a tart, on the pull. Oh Graham just sit still you little twerp, you like her sleeping around,” My uncle turns to turns me, “Well are you coming?”What went on when I went upstairs and got my things I don’t know, but I could hear my Uncle laying down the law. “I’m ready.”Two shocked faces gawp, and one face, my Uncle’s smiles as Vicky stands in her coat. He opens the door for me and takes my case and a bin liner and puts them in his car. I smile at the shocked faces of my neighbour and his wife, as I get into the passenger seat.”Well, you can stay with me as long as you like. But you’ll have to cook and clean to earn your keep, and I’d like to see Victoria from time to time. I’ve got a spare room, it might be a little cramped, but you’ll be fine.”I take a deep breath and pray I’m doing the right thing, and then I squeeze his thigh as he pulls the car off the drive, “Maybe, I don’t want to sleep on my own.””Kevin will I’m sure need some space.””No Uncle, Kevin isn’t coming. I’ve left him at my stepmother’s, well his clothes, and all his things. It is just you and me now, your little Tranny sex slave.” I watch him grin as my hand slowly rubs his stiffening cock through his trousers.The End.Below is an account of my early days as a TV, edited from my first pink diary.My first visit to the TV shop where I could turn into a girl for a few hours was expensive, but it opened my eyes to what was really out there, and I’m glad I went. It was worth the money just to gain the knowledge and experience, and it truly was the best thing I’ve ever done in my life. Armed with money I saved up, I drove the 120 miles or so and parked in the street a few hundreds yards down from the shop. Walking to shop was one hell of a strange mix of emotions. On the outside I was just a guy in the street, underneath my jeans and shirt, my legs, arms, chest and armpits had been shaved for this huge event in my life. I lost count of how many deep breaths I took, and I walked past the place first and into a nearby newsagents. It was then I repeated to myself, I haven’t driven all those miles to wimp out, so I actually plucked up enough courage to go in. It was a magical experience standing there and being greeted by two smiling female faces. The coffee I drunk seemed add to my nervous, I couldn’t hold the bloody cup still.Eventually I picked the clothes I wanted to wear and I got changed, and then waited like a lemon for one of the girls to do my makeup. She was very professional, and slowly I relaxed, and my one word answers gradually became whole sentences. I couldn’t believe what she had done to the face in the mirror, and when she placed the wig on my head, I was mesmerised. Was that really me? Yes it was, how fucking fantastic!Walking out of the change room back into the shop felt like my first real steps as a TV. I drank more coffee, and then walked round the shop looking at the underwear and clothes. I was soon stacking things up on the counter, magazines, jewellery, skirts, underwear, and makeup, until all the money I had taken with me was gone.When I got home my head was in the magazines most of the night, and all my new things were being worn. I knew my visit wasn’t going to be a one off. Hell I wanted to go back the very next day, only my lack of money stopped me. I visited a few more times, only these times taking my own clothes. My miniskirts and my tights and shoes, which I had bought from mail order catalogues, because I wanted my look to be me, and not something else someone has worn before.Eventually I bought wigs and my very own tits, and of course more magazines. TV admirers were something I had never even heard of, and I was scanning the TV contact magazines in wonderment. I never did apply to an add, but I imagined all those horny hunky men, and some not so, taking Victoria out on a date.Several times men came into the shop, other TV’s I guessed. I found myself crossing my legs in my tiny skirts, giving them a flash of thigh, my fantasy more than theirs I suspect, but hell did like showing off! One guy sat and talked to me, we had a coffee and he gave me a cigarette, lighting it for me too. I’m not sure if he was trying to really chat me up, but he was saying the things a girl would like to hear. When he said he was going he leaned in to me and stroked my leg. He said “Nice legs Vicky, better than a lot of real women.”That was the first compliment from a guy that I had, and his hand which briefly touched my nylon clad leg had my head in a spin. I have written a fantasy about him and a couple of other guys which came into the shop. I’ll save them for another time.Well that’s it for now and thank you for all the nice things you have said about my story. I feel I have many new friends. Vicky.

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