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True loveThis story starts 22 yrs ago . I was 18 at my friends house for his sons 1st birthday his little sister was a bouncing lil 8 yr old that was one of them that liked to set in your lap. She wasn’t bothering me but her dad said Tracy leave Mike alone and go play she looked at him and said that we were going to get married 1 day everyone just laughed. Not long after this her older brother went to prison.  I never even thought about her for the next 20 yrs. After going threw a nasty divorce 3 yrs ago I’d yet to enter the dating world again I had a couple fuck buddies but nothing serious. Then I started a new job soon as I got settled in I noticed this beautiful lady that worked just opposite of me. She’d smile and I’d smile back. I knew I knew her but couldn’t place a finger on where from.  Time went by and I got her name. But I still couldn’t figure it out.  I just knew she was a beauty.  We would casually flirt she was not long out of a divorce also. Seemed neither was ready for anything but flirting. Her dad got hired in as a boss man . Not long after he started it dawned on me who he was & who she was. I remembered I had a picture of her in my lap years ago.  I went home and gaziantep rus escortlar searched and searched for it hours later I found it. I took it to work with me the next day at break I asked her if she recognized the lil girl in the picture as I held my hand over me in the picture.  She said yeah that’s me when I was about 8 how did you get it . I removed my hand to show her that she was sitting on my lap. The look on her face was priceless.  She said she remembers now that she just kept bugging the hell out of me that day. I told her to let me take her out on Friday and I’d forget about how much of a brat she was. She agreed for me to pick her up around 7. I felt like a teenage boy the rest of the week.  Friday night came and we went out to a bar and grill type restaurant.  We talked and talked. We were still deep in conversation when the place closed at 2am so I took her home.  She said that she had a couple beers inside if I wanted to hang out for a while.  So I went on in and she grabbed me a beer and said she was going to change out of her good clothes that she’d be right back to feel free to help myself to the tv and she gaziantep rus escort bayanlar tossed me the remote . When she left I turned it on and it was on HBO with one of them soft porns on so I just turned the tv back off. She returned wearing some jogging pants and a tshirt.  She asked me why I hadn’t turned the tv on ? I said I was waiting on her. She grabbed the remote turned it on there was a guy with his head between a ladies legs . Tracy said oh my gosh what the hell as she hit the guide button to see what was on . She put it on one of them murder mystery shows. I could tell she’d removed her bra cause her nipples had gotten hard . Then she changed the channel again this time to a horror flick she scooted over close to me and said that she may jump in my lap if she gets scared. Well she nearly about did several times. I reached out to put my arm around her when I did she turned to me and kissed me just a little peck on the lips. When the movie was over she said that was some intense shit right there. The next movie coming on was a love story.  It wasn’t long into it before she turned to me again and kissed me passionately rus gaziantep escort I turned towards her and placed my hand on her left nipple which was hard as a rock. She kissed me even harder I let my hand fall and find the bottom of her tshirt. I started my hand up her shirt till I felt her naked breast in my hand I gently rubbed it and squeezed it . She turned to me more in let my hand fall again and I found the top of her jogging pants . I slid my hand inside to find no panties. She spread her legs as I cupped her pussy with my hand I rubbed it at 1st then I placed a finger at the opening and it slid in . She reached down to unbutton my jeans slid them down a bit to free my cock she stroked it ever so softly then she broke our kiss and reached down to take my cock in her mouth.  She kissed it ever so gently. I had about all I could take. I pulled her away from my cock and pushed her back onto her sofa I grabbed her pants and gave them a yank . It revealed the beautifulest lil pussy I’d ever seen with a lil landing strip. I dove in head 1st lapping her pussy up she cummed on my face then pulled me up so I could enter her pussy she was so hott I almost cummed right off the bat I had to go slow she was meeting each of my thrust with her own . She licked my ear and said I wanna feel your cum in me. That’s all it took and I released my seed deep I’m get womb . We laid there in each others arms she smiled at me and said now we gotta get married. We did the following week I’ve never been happier in my life . This is my love story

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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