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Tricks of tradeINTRODUCTIONThe aim of the Tricks of the Trade workshop is to provide health and safety information relevantfor street sexworkers and those who work with them.A street sexworker needs to:? attract customers;? negotiate with the customer about what s/he will do, where and for what price;? provide the service agreed;? maintain health, safety and dignity in the process.Sexwork styles and the problems that people have with it are individual and various. Handingout pamphlets and supplies can never take the place of individual contact attention andcounseling.This booklet is meant to serve as a reminder of what was covered in the workshop, and not as apamphlet to distribute to sexworkers. It covers some of the health and safety factors a sexworkerhas to consider when dressing for work, while on the stroll, with customers in a hotel or bar,providing a variety of sex acts and caring for the body when off-the-job.Much of this text was written with biological females in mind. However, much of theinformation can be used by male sexworkers as well. Features specifically relevant to biologicalmales can be found at the end.APPEARANCESAFETY? Shoes should come off easily or be appropriate for running in.? Long earrings or big hoops for pierced ears may get pulled accidentally or intentionally. Wearsmall earrings, clip-ons or none at all? Avoid necklaces, scarves. Across-the-body shoulder bags, or anything else that canaccidentally or intentionally be tightened around your throat.? Wigs should fit so that they can’t slip and cover the face.? Wear clothing that doesn’t have to be removed to fuck. This saves time, hides money andtracks, and if there’s a problem you won’t lose your clothing if you have to run away or leavein a hurry.? Clothing should be “straitjacket-proof.” A half zipped or buttoned jacket can be pulled overshoulders to trap arms.? Wear nothing that can get caught in or on car doors, like loose bracelets, billowing dresses.wide sleeves, or long coats with dangling, attached belts.? Try to keep pubic hair clipped short – it won’t get pulled either by accident or intentionally? Make yourself noticeable/attractive to customers, and ensure that you can see them as well. Ifyou need glasses or contact lenses, wear them- Constricted pupils do not admit too muchlight , so limit your heroin intake if you work at night.? “Act as if.” Always pretend to have security, wealth, health and calm.HEALTH? Tight pants, nylon underwear and pantyhose can cause vaginal infections. Wear cotton orcrotchless underwear. stockings, or nothing. Change panties daily (or turn inside out onalternate days, or use pantyliners). The same applies for socks.? Keep toenails short to reduce toot pain. Shoes that are too large are safer and morecomfortable than shoes that are too small.? Sanitary napkins can provide a pathway for bacteria from anus to vagina, causing infection.Wear tampons while having your period and change them frequently.? Keep lips, teeth, gums, vagina and thighs well lubricated to prevent irritation.? Brush your teeth, douche and use enemas after work, not before or between customers,NEGOTIATION WITH CUSTOMERSBEFORE GOING TO WORK? Have a price list and stick to it? Decide what you are and are not willing to do.? Pick your own parking spot or hotel, don’t leave it up to the customer? Have a time limit for each service. If a customer can’t come within a reasonable period he’scosting you money by preventing you from seeing other customers. His failure to get off maymake him agitated or violent? Urinate often- friction from fucking with a full bladder may cause a bladder infection? If you have access to “female” condoms check them out They can be used for both vaginaland anal sex, are controlled by the wearer, and they offer protection from both pregnancy andsexually transmitted diseases.? Female condoms can be inserted before you go out to the stroll and will guarantee someprotection.? Have a supply of condoms, lube, and napkins with you and put a condom in your mouth? Be willing to turn down particular customers, particular requests and offers of paymentbelow your standards.? Use some mentholated salve, like Vicks Vapo-Rub (for chapped lips & colds) inside yournostrils – you’ll smell the customer less when you give head and you’ll be less sniffly if you’redope sick.REMEMBER? Run against traffic, not with it? The smaller the stroll, the more you have to guard your reputation. In a small town with asmall pool of customers, you can’t afford to get caught stealing, faking, going with someone for less-than-? price or without condoms.? The further from the stroll you get with a customer, the harder it becomes to turn him down.? If he gives you a bad feeling on the stroll (your territory) It will get worse once you’re in thecar (his territory).? Stand where you can be seen and where you have good, glare-free vision of the stroll andapproaching cars.? Stash keys and other important personal items where they will be accessible and safe -keeping them in your pockets or purse makes them available to customers who want to robyou,APPROACHING THE CAR? Approach the driver’s window keeping enough distance to avoid being grabbed, assaultedwith spit or spray paint or pleasing “window shoppers”? Study the customer, the car and the door lock system.? Arrange price, service and location while you’re outside the car.? Circle the car completely before entering to ensure the number of passengers and to take thelicense plate number or pretend to.? Wave goodbye to work partner (or pretend to) and shout expected return time.IN THE CAR? Ensure that you can re-open the car door.? Get a good look at the customer and the car. Its still not too late to back out. For example,he’s drunker than you thought you see a weapon under his seat or you get a creepy feeling.? Get your money up front.? Let him see you stash his payment and keep it separate from the rest of your money. If hetries to rob you maybe he won’t find your entire bankroll.? Put your purse where you can find it without looking. For example, open on the floorbetween your feet.? Act in control. and take charge of the action.? Keep eyes on him. and his hands, at all times.? Don’t let him get between you and the exit? Keep the door open a crack if he allows.SERVICESFELLATIO (Blow jobs)? The best positions in a car are in the passenger seat or crouching outside his door. The worstposition is in the footwell crouching at his feet (this is usually only possible in vehicles thathave lots of foot room) – you can be trapped there very easily. In a two-door vehicle, try toremain in the front seat? Use hands to get him hard, keep him hard enough to get a condom on and prevent him fromcoming too soon if this means you’ll have to give his money back.? Get condom on (with hands or mouth) and check to make sure its on properly,? Try not to rest bahis firmaları any part of your face (chin, cheeks, forehead) on his balls or thighs. If he hassores, herpes, lice you may got them too.? Take movement am from him.? Breathe through your nose and don’t close your eyes.? If he wants to touch his dick and doesn’t know he’s wearing a condom distract him intotouching you.? To deep throat make a straight line from your chin to neck- This is difficult from thepassenger? seat unless you crouch on the seat? If you don’t like deep contact, tuck your chin to your chest. In this position there’s a real limitto how far in he can get.? Scrotum tightening signals imminent ejaculation.? Most men thrust when they come. Arrange your chin so he’s a comfortable depth in yourmouth.? Once he comes, keep firm pressure on condom with lips and hands to prevent semen leakinginto your mouth.? If you have gotten a condom on without him knowing it, sneak it off with far side hand (yourleft if you’re in the passenger seat) and hide it in a baggie or napkin in your purse.SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES AND BLOWJOBS? Its possible to get sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) like gonorrhea, syphilis, chlamydia,herpes, warts and HIV from giving head to an infected person.? Warts caused by human papilloma virus (HPV) have been linked to cervical cancer inwomen? HPV is incurable, but warts can be surgically removed.? HPV in the mouth can affect larynx and vocal chords. Surgery here is complicated.? Men you’re infected with an STD you are at higher risk for infection with HIV and hepatitis.Accessing STD testing and treatment regularly will reduce your risk for other, more deadly,diseases.IF YOU MUST GIVE HEAD WITHOUT A CONDOM? Keep lips, mouth and throat as wet as possible. Don’t swallow your spit.? Try to suck and control moves, rather than holding mouth slack and letting him move intoyou? Throat tissue is fragile, try to keep contact shallow.? If you must deep throat, don’t panic. Tension will make your throat tighten and tissues easierto tear.? It is better to have him come on you than to have him thrusting in your mouth.? The risk of infection is due more to fluids entering cuts or abrasions in your mouth, lips,throat,? than swallowing pre-cum and semen. Stomach acids will probably destroy infectious agentsso swallowing may be safer than holding semen in your mouth while you look for a place tospit it out.? As soon as possible when its over, gargle with astringent mouthwash, hydrogen peroxide, orhard? liquor -don’t brush your teeth.VAGINAL SEX? Birth control is necessary for all female sexworkers. Weigh the costs and benefits of eachmethod.? It’s possible to get pregnant before you begin menstruating, after what you thought wasmenopause, and anytime in between, even if your cycles are infrequent.? Female condoms are good—if you can get used to them—since you control them. They canbe inserted before you go out to work and can be used more than once (although they shouldbe cleaned with warm, soapy water between customers). The drawbacks of female condomsare that they are expensive and do not prevent the customer’s semen from coming into contactwith the area around your vagina, leaving you at some risk for STDs. Find out if your localAIDS service or family planning agency distributes them for free or at a discount? Male condoms are imperfect, especially if not used properly. **** remains an occupationalhazard, especially on strolls where sexwork is i*****l. Your local harm reduction, AIDSservice or family planning agency may distribute free condoms.? The pill, implants and “prickpill” are effective but can cause candida and depression.? The I.U.D. is effective, but the string helps carry infectious agents from the vagina into uterusand tubes causing Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID) which is serious and sometimeslife-threatening.? Diaphragms must be used with spermicide and held in pace for 8 hours after his lastejaculation- The benefits are that man can’t feel it with the penis and its a cheap, reusabletampon. The problems are that it sometimes causes bladder infections, can cause infections ifleft in place too long and it must be refitted with changes in body weight.? The cervical cap works like a diaphragm but is made from hard plastic, which men can feelwith their penises.? Spermicide foams, creams, jellies, sponges, suppositories and films are only effective whenused with a condom. Nonoxynol 9, the most common spermicidal ingredient, may help killHIV and some other STDs. However, these substances can be messy, drippy and can beirritating to vaginal, anal and penile tissue, especially when used daily.RISKS OF VAGINAL SEX? Pregnancy, sexually transmitted disease, HIV and hepatitis if you don’t use latex barriers(male condoms, fernale condoms, dental dams).? Bladder infections from friction of the penis over full bladder which, if untreated, can causeserious k**ney infections? Candida, bichomonads, hemophilus gardnerella from poor hygiene and from wearing tightclothing or synthetic fabrics over damp wet genitals.? Irritation of labia from pulled hairs and local trauma? Gas or difficulty shitting following trauma (fucking too hard).RISK PREVENTION? Use condoms and appropriate birth control.? Keep labia and inner thighs well lubricated with water soluble lubricant? Re-activate lubricant with spit as needed? Urinate frequently – ideally before and after every luck, Some d**gs (cocaine. speed) make itfeel as if you don’t need to piss. Do it anyway, and use hands on abdomen to press last dropsof urine from bladder.? Wipe front to back after pissing and shitting? Wear crotchless underwear, clean cotton ones or none at all. Wear stockings instead ofpantyhose.? Drink lots of unsweetened fruit juices (citrus, cranberry) or take vitamin C to prevent bladderand yeast infections.? Don’t douche. If you must do it after work, not before, with a mild salt solution or whitevinegar in warm water.? Yogurt or a whole, unpeeled garlic clove in the vagina will kill candida (yeast)- Eating yogurthelps prevent candida.? Too much sugar. coffee, tea, cola, cocaine. or speed will increase your risk of bladder orvaginal infections.? Shower or bathe daily if possible. Avoid perfumed soap and bubble bath which can causeirritation and bladder infections.? If you can’t bathe, wash your genitals and allow them to dry completely before dressing? Infections cause small cuts in mucous tissue which increase your chances of getting STDs,HIV and hepatitis.? Prevent as much as you can- If you do get an infection get it treated immediately.RISK REDUCTION WITH THE CUSTOMER? Try to negotiate out of performing vaginal or anal sex. Offer to do it with hands, mouth.between thighs, tits and ass cheeksOR? Charge a very high price for this service.? Use a lubricated condom and lubricate entire genital area.? Put condom kaçak iddaa on with your mouth if he won’t permit one, and swing yourself on top of himquickly (while hiding his cock in your hands) so he doesn’t see it? In a two-door car, try to remain in the front seat.? Position yourself on top and facing him. This way you can move easily and keep an eye onhis hands.? Open labia yourself after first spitting on fingers to reactivate lubricant and push hairs to thesides.? Hold your pelvis so that the head of his penis is pointing to the middle of your bacic This isthe least friction-producing position for most women.? The closer together your thighs are, the shallower he’ll be in your vagina.? When you’re fucking someone who excites you, your vagina lubricates naturally, expands,and your cervix moves higher in your body- If this doesn’t happen you may have some painfrom the penis banging into your cervix? If you have A LOT of pain when he bangs your cervix, you probably have an infection. See amedical provider as soon as possible.? Never let him (or anyone else) put fingers first in your ass and then in your vagina – this willplace you at high risk for infections.? If you have bad cramps after fucking, check the position of your cervix with a clean finger. Ifyou can’t feel the os (hole) then the cervix got banged out of position. Try to reach behind itand pull it back into position. It helps to squat and push down as if you’re shitting.? Keep a hand on the base of his penis to:1) keep him hard2) make sure the condom doesn’t roll up3) keep your labia spread and reduce trauma4) 4) limit depth of penis in your body? Once he comes get him out fast or hold condom tight to the base of his penis so semendoesn’t leak into you. If you snuck condom on, sneak it off. Don’t spill semen on or near yourvagina.? Its hard to sneak condoms on without giving head. If it isn’t possible to sneak one on, tryappealing to1) his safety2) his libido (condoms make it last longer, condoms excite you and you’ll fuck longer)3) his status as a customer – he’s paying you as an expert in giving pleasure – he shouldtrust that you’ll be sure to please him while keeping both of you safe4) his sense of honor about your safety.? If you find you’re fucking a lot of customers without condoms, consider using a diaphragm.Some protection is better than none and this method offers partial protection againstpregnancy and disease.ANAL SEX? Anal sex can be uncomfortable, make shitting more difficult and is a very efficient way ofgetting HIV, hepatitis B. and other diseases.? Try to negotiate out of it with another service or charge so much that a cheap customer won’tbe willing to pay.? If you think you can pull it off, try faking by using your hands, ass cheeks or vagina.? Use a well lubricated thick condom and lots of extra lubricant on your anus? Female condoms can be used for anal intercourse? To prevent infections, don’t let him go from your ass to your mouth or vagina. Forbidfingering or insist he use separate hands for the anus and vagina. If you must perform anotherservice following anal sex, change condoms.? Position yourself on top and facing him as for vaginal sex, but this time put your feet on theseat on either side of him (like a jockey on a horse). This straightens your colon so you willhave less discomfort and you will be able to move more easily.? When he enters, exhale slowly while pushing down like you’re taking a shit (you won’t). Hispenis will go in more easily,? If you’re nervous, your sphincter will tighten and can tear. Try to stay relaxed and control themovements.? Keep a hand at the base of his dick to limit the depth and check that the condom doesn’t rollup.? If you have shit in your ass, it’ll get pushed higher into your body when assfucking. You mayhave difficulty shitting the next day. You can prevent/treat constipation by drinking lots ofwater and/or fruit juice, eating fruits and vegetables or something that’s oily/fatty.? If constipated drink lots of water, eat some oily foods and/or fruit and vegetables, using cokeor speed may help or use a reliable laxative pill. Or put a clean finger inside your vagina and move? the shit down toward your anus and out your body through the membrane wall.? If you must use an enema. do it an a day when you don’t have to work.? You might drip lubricant and a little loose shit for awhile- It can cause an infection if it getsin your vagina.? Wipe front to back and if you want to catch the drip in a pantyliner, place the liner to the backso the bacteria can’t “walk” along the pad and into your vagina and/or urethra.ANALINGUS (RIMMING)? Fake it with spit on a knuckle while lowering your head- Wash your hands afterwards.? If your can’t fake it use a dental dam, a cut condom or latex glove, or a doubled up piece ofplastic wrap.? Using lube between your customer’s asshole and the barrier will increase his sensation? It’s possible to get diseases like hepatitis A or B, worms and amoebas from licking the ass ofa person who’s infected.CUNNILINGUS (EATING PUSSY)? Its risky to lay under a stranger- Stay on top.? If he bites you it will hurt and you may get an infection. Even a minor irritation or traumaincreases the chance that you’ll get an infection during your next sexual encounter.? If you have HFV or another STD you may pass it to somebody else this way, even if you’renot menstruating.? Use a dental dam, cut condom or latex glove, or a double layer of sandwich wrap.MILKMAIDS? If you have HIV, it is possible to paw it to somebody else by letting them drink yourbreastmilk.? It probably won’t negatively affect your milk supply.WATERSPORTS? Try to be the pisser, not the one who gets pissed on- Piss stinks, and your ability to attractanother customer may be limited.? Its probably safe to get urine in your mouth.s**t? It’s never safe to get shit in your mouth (even your own shit), vagina or near your urethra? If you must eat his shit, seek medical advice afterwards. It might be a good idea to takeantibiotics.? If he wants to eat your shit and you can do it: go ahead. But don’t let him lick your vaginaafterwards.S&MIts never safe to let a stranger tie you up or hit you.Be the “top”Use rubber gloves (and diaphragm jelly on your hands for extra protection) if you plan toenter his anus, or there’s a chance you’ll draw blood.SEXWORK AND PREGNANCY? Pregnancy may be “immunosuppresive” (your immune system may be weakened). Take extracare.? Try selling only hand and mouth work.? Go easy with vaginal sex. Use a condom, lubricant and avoid deep contact. Stay in control ofthe movements.? Be alert for signs of infection, and treat immediately.? You may develop hemorrhoids. These can bleed, itch, and provide another route for diseaseto enter your.body.SEXWORK AND d**g USE? Try not to let customers know that you use or they may be tempted to play money and powergames.? kaçak bahis Insist on getting paid in cash, not d**gs – you’ll look more professional and in control.? Prevent track marks by rotating injection sites, using new, sharp, small gauge needles, andsalve or hemorrhoid cream on injection sites and old tracks.? Don’t get so pinned that you can’t see at night (use cocaine or speed, less dope. or substitutedemerol)? It’s more difficult to work safe when you’re very high on cocaine or other d**gs.? Try not to use alcohol at all when working – your reaction time will be slower.? Keep mouth moist by chewing gum or sucking hard candies.? Drink a lot of water to prevent constipation, dry mouth and dry, itchy skin.? Don’t let customers know that you’re dope sick. Prevent sniffling with antihistamines andmentholated salve in your nostrils.? Urinate frequently, even if you think you don’t have to.SELF DEFENSE? Like diseases, it is better and easier to prevent v******e than to treat iL The best defense is agood offense. Be aware.? Do not carry a weapon that can be taken from and used against you.? Even small men are often stronger than large women. Do not try to fight a man unless you’recertain that you can escape or that you will win..? Try using your voice and speed instead of your strength- Make a lot of noise. Scream. Turnon the car lights. Hit the horn- Try to get the door open, attack and run.? Attack areas that are easily injured. such as throat, eyes, adam’s apple, nose, underside ofnose, testicles, shins, insteps.? Kick, poke with fingers, nails, keys, spray hairspray in his face? Don’t bother trying to pull his hands off your throat since he will probably be stronger. Breaka? strangle hold by joining hands. and swinging your arms up against him while simultaneouslymoving your body down and away.? Run against traffic and towards lights and people.PERTINENT INFORMATION FOR BIOLOGICALMALESAPPEARANCE? Men working as women may wish to tuck the penis between their legs, securing it withbathing suit thickness underwear, surgical plasters, or tape. In many cases, however, theorgan can still be felt An extra security measure is to hide the penis inside a maternity-length(extra long) sanitary napkin.HEALTH? The hormones in birth control pills and other hormonal preparations that enhance femininephysical characteristics (thinner skin, loss of facial hair, breast development) can also causemoodiness, mood swings and occasionally, severe depression. With combination or lowerdosehormone preparations, this is often less problematicSEXUAL SERVICES? Having a time limit for each service is important because a customer who can’t come within areasonable period costs you money by preventing you from seeing other customers. And, hisfailure to get off may make him agitated or violent? Your inability to come when actively fucking or being sucked by clients may well be aproblem as well. Concentration helps. Failing that it is probably a good idea to have a clientflatteringstory prepared.GETTING SUCKED? Many men have tricks they can use to get hard should a customer wish to suck them.Squeezing the base of the penis or a gentle massage of the testicles or prostrate gland are twomore common ones- Should you fail to get completely hard, try faking it by Squeezing thebase of the penis firmly, or by using a cockring or rubber band.? Try to negotiate so that the customer sucks you either in the front seat or outside the car, inthese places you are safer and more in control.? The risk of contracting sexually transmitted diseases by getting sucked is minimal. but youmay well pass on infections and/or diseases this way.Be considerate. Condom upASS FUCKING THE CUSTOMER? Using a lubricated condom helps protect you from contracting and transmitting infectiousdiseases.? A rock hard penis and a lubricated butthole will make entry less difficult? The dangers to you are fewer here than to the customer, but try not to get any fluids or solidsfrom the rectum on your skin, hands or mouth. These can cause nasty infections, especiallywhen in contact with broken skin? Pissing afterwards is a good idea, even if you’ve used a condom, as this helps cleanse theurethra.GETTING RIMMED? Same warning as for biological women: having teeth so close to your genitals can be veryunnerving and distracting and can draw your attention from where It belongs – ON THEM.One good. We can put you out of business for weeks.DIGNITY? There are now several good groups and publications for “straight” men on the game. Just likehomosexual women, heterosexual men who sell sex sometimes have more difficulty withjob-related stigma or the emotional aspects of their work- Don’t isolate. If you can’t find thenetwork you need, form it. The pride you take in yourself will pay off, both during leisuretime and at work. GETTING RIMMED? Same warning as for biological women: having teeth so close to your genitals can be veryunnerving and distracting and can draw your attention from where It belongs – ON THEM.One good. We can put you out of business for weeks.DIGNITY? There are now several good groups and publications for “straight” men on the game. Just likehomosexual women, heterosexual men who sell sex sometimes have more difficulty withjob-related stigma or the emotional aspects of their work- Don’t isolate. If you can’t find thenetwork you need, form it. The pride you take in yourself will pay off, both during leisuretime and at work.WHAT YOUR AGENCY CAN DO? Provide condoms (male & female). lubricant dental dams and tampons,? Make mouthwash, hemorrhoid cream, body lotion and sunscreen available.? Provide new injection equipment (or bleach kits) and alcohol wipes.? Offer the use of a mirror, toilet shower, telephone, washing machine and dryer.? Post “ugly-mug” sheets and keep them up-to-date.? Report ****s and assaults.? Know the local prostitution laws? Report abusive police.? Offer d**g and financial advisory services, and referral to nonjudgmental providers ofmedical. legal and other professional services? Display clothing and accessories appropriate to safe street sex work. Keep a supply ofdonated clothing and umbrellas on hand.? Provide vitamin C rich foods such as tomato soup and citrus and cranberry juices to preventbladder infections, bleeding gums and easy bruising.? Encourage sexworkers to talk to work with, and support each other.? Discourage sexworkers from undercutting each others’ prices.? Teach self-defense, meditation, relaxation and creative visualization techniques.? Help sexworkers develop good street skills, especially intuition/instinct? Understand that superstition has a role in any unsafe or unpredictable profession or situation.Help sexworkers develop superstitions that are actually protective. Do this by helping themADD to their superstition pool, not by trying to convince them that their current beliefs areinvalid.? Support sexworkers who want to leave the sex industry as well as those who continue towork in it? Cosmetics, hygiene supplies, cotton underwear, and stockings make nice gifts.Good luck,

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