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Trained to Eat Creampie’s Before and After CuI cucked my husband for a while before he ever knew. He had more than one sloppy ‘seconds’ and at least one ‘sloppy thirds’. He never even seemed to notice. I have always made him eat me before we had sex. He ate creampies several times without knowing. Once I just knew he would say something because three men had cum in me. He had to know, but oh well. I progressed to having him eat me both before sex and after. He never said a thing.Two weeks ago, I just told him. He has asked me to fuck other men for several years. I have absolutely refused, saying it was perverted. Last year I went to a conference with some other teachers. I had my own hotel room for three nights. The first evening my buddy, a male teacher in my building, and I sat and talked in the bar. Saying that it might not look good to be in a bar, we went up to my room. As we talked, I sat on the bed and he in a chair across from me.I told him that we would have to break this up as my back and shoulders were hurting. He volunteered to rub my shoulders and back. I laid back on the bed and turned over. He began to massage my back, first over my sweater, and then under it. I just took it off and he continued to massage me. I unhooked my bra so it would be easier for him. I was really enjoying the massage.Scott massaged my shoulders and down my back several times. He then continued down to my bottom and massaged me through my pants. I turned and looked at him. He said he was sorry if he offended me. I turned further over and my tits were in full view. I told him that he didn’t offend me at all and that he could massage me all he wanted.My heart was beating in my chest so much! Scott soon pulled my pants down, took off socks, and then slowly pulled my panties off. He continued to massage me as he also kissed my neck, down my back, my ass, and down my legs. I turned over and lay on the bed totally nude. Without saying a thing, Scott quickly undressed. I watched as he took his boxers off and his dick sprang up.I reached up to him. He laid on top of me and we embraced. Our kisses were hungry for each other. I spread my legs and he moved his dick to my pussy entrance. He slowly pushed it in me and we fucked like it was our first time! I allowed him to cum in me as I climaxed like I hadn’t in years. We lay together kissing and cuddling. Scott kissed and then sucked my breasts. I moved down and took his dick in my mouth. I wanted it so badly. I don’t do this for my husband. When we first got married, he wanted me to. I tried and decided I couldn’t without a condom. In over the many years, I may have sucked my husband’s dick six or so times.But I loved sucking Scott. He was soon hard again but I continued sucking. I wanted bahis firmaları to taste him. I wanted him to cum in my mouth. Scott started to pull out, but I shook my head and held his dick. Taking it out for just a second, I said “please” I want to taste you. I continued to suck on him, hoping I was doing it right. I wanted to be good for him. Scott moved his fingers to his dick and began jacking it. I moved his hand and replaced it with mine.I continued to suck and jack him. I had already tasted his precum and hoped soon he would give me something more. I felt his dick begin to pulse and then his cum came. I sucked as hard as I could and then I swallowed it.We lay together for a while and then he went to his room. I called him early the next morning and he came up to my room and we fucked fast and hard before the conference began. We fucked at lunch and also before dinner. (all break times). That night I convinced him to stay with me. It was wonderful!!! I was a virgin when I married and Scott was the first man to fuck me other than my husband. He didn’t want to at first because he was sharing a room with another teacher from the High School. I told him I didn’t care if he knew. I knew that he had been cheating on his wife for a while and he better not say anything.Scott and I slept together for those two nights, fucking several times. Since then, we have seen each other several times. Motel rooms in OKC, in the car out in the country, at his house, and once at mine. We decided that we are not in love with each other, but in lust. It’s truthful. And it also opens the possibility of dating others.So far, I have taken two other lovers, but Scott remains my favorite and most often lover. So, back to two weeks ago. As I was getting ready for bed, I put on a sexy top, nothing else. I lay on top of the sheets and called for my husband to come to the bedroom. I told him to totally undress first. When he was naked (and his little dick getting hard) I said to him, “I want to tell you something, I have been fucking some other men. I really enjoy it. You asked me to do it and I have. In fact, just this afternoon one of my lovers has fucked me and I haven’t cleaned up. If you want to fuck me and keep me you’ll eat me now.There was a priceless look of total shock on his face! But he began to lick me and I told him to tongue deeper. I made him continue to eat my pussy until I cummed. I then let him fuck me (which lasted maybe two minutes). After he cum, I had him eat me again.I am holding off telling him details. I want him to be in turmoil for a while. However, ………. I told him to get us a room at the Embassy Suites in OKC last Friday night so we could relax and enjoy.After school Friday I took a long bath with kaçak iddaa my favorite bath oils. I walked naked down the hall as my husband watched. I turned and stopped at the door. I asked him how he liked my trimmed pussy. I told him not to touch as I moved my fingers across my pussy. Did I trim too much, not enough? he told me it was perfect, fabulous. I swated his hand as he reached for me. I returned with my skimpy pink panties on, no bra. I asked him if he liked them. Of course, he really did. I returned with my lacy pink bra (pink is his favorite color on me).We finally left and drove to the hotel. He checked us in and we went to our room. When we got in the room, he surprised me with some sexy lingerie he had bought for me at Patricia’s. I told him that I would wear it later.We went down to the manager’s reception and had a few drinks and then back to our room. I lay down and took a short nap. I then got up, took the new lingerie and began to dress to go out to dinner. When I went into the bathroom to fix my makeup, I called Scott. My husband closely watched as I dressed. I asked him for the car keys and for his wallet. “Why?” he asked. “Just give them to me!” I said with a smile and a wink.I took them and put them in my purse. There was a knock on the door and my husband answered. Scott was there and walked right in. He kissed me, right in front of my husband. I took him by the arm and said to hubby, “This is Scott, my lover, we’re taking your car and going to eat and then we’ll be back. You can charge something to eat to the room. Don’t touch yourself and don’t mess up the bed. See you later!”Scott and I walked out and down to the elevator. I had wanted to be seen with my husband at the reception, and with another man as I left the hotel (am I mean?) I was already wet as Scott opened the door for me and I got in the car.Scott drove us to Louie’s on the Lake. I pulled my skirt up as he drove and Scott felt my wet pussy through the panties my husband had just bought. When he parked, he asked me to stay in the seat with my skirt raised. He came around the car to my side and opened my door. It was late dusk, a little dark but not too much. You need to know that Scott snf I often play this little game of “challenge.” Tell you more later.Scott unzipped his slacks as I bent down and began to suck him. He pushed me up and pulled my panties to the side. He stuck his dick in me and we fucked for a moment. Scott then took my panties off and put them in his pocket. He then said “Challenge! Hold your skirt to your waist and walk down to the lake. I looked around. People were parking and walking to the restaurant. I half closed my eyes and got out of the car. Standing next to Scott with the car door to cover me, I raised kaçak bahis my skirt to my waist and held it there. Scott took my arm and walked me to the front of the car, closing the door. I gulped and walked to the sidewalk, across the sidewalk and into the grass, down to the lake. The breeze felt cool and fresh against my pussy and ass. I turned and looked at Scott, my pussy now facing the parking lot. I started to drop my skirt, but Scott shook his head ‘no”. I began to walk fast and Scott held his hand out. I slowed down as much as I could make myself and finally got to the car.We kissed and then laughed as he walked me to the restaurant. We ordered drinks and dinner. I was afraid to look at anyone except Scott, feeling they could have seen me, my naked ass and pussy.We finished our drinks, got the rest of our food to go, paid with my husband’s cash and went to the hotel. Opening the door, I saw my dutifull husband sitting on the couch watching TV. Scott and I kissed in the open doorway and then Scott handed my panties to my husband. As we walked to the bedroom I said to my husband “Don’t come in, I’ll call for you when I’m ready.”Scott and I began to undress in the entry room of the suite. I dropped my skirt, took off my blouse and unhooked my bra, Scott had already dropped his pants and unbuttoned his shirt. I bent down, lowered his boxers and licked his dick, Scott sucked on my tits and we closed the door behind us.We fucked long, hard, and loud. Scott shot the biggest load of cum ever deep in my pussy. I quivered all over as I came. We hugged and kissed for a minute and I called for my hubby. He quickly came into the bedroom.He saw our naked bodies lying together, facing one another. I turned to him and told him to undress. He quickly did. I turned over to lay on my back, and Scott’s semi-hard dick came out of me.As I pulled my pussy lips apart, I said to Randy, “come and eat me, honey.” He hesitated. “Now!” I said firmly. He got on his knees at the foot of the bed and began to lick around my pussy. I grabbed his head and pulled his face into my pussy. “Tongue me deeply,” I said to him. I worked my pussy muscles to push the cum into his mouth as he cleaned me. He did a good job.Scott’s dick had been lying on my thigh all the time my husband was eating me. On a whim, I grabbed his hair and turned his mouth to Scott’s dick. “Suck him until he gets hard enough to fuck me again.” Hubby looked at me. “I mean it. Do it.” Scott looked at me, looked at my husband and pulled his head to his dick. “Open!” I said. As Randy sucked my lover’s dick, Scott and I kissed and cuddled, me licking and sucking his nipples, he taking as much of my tit in his mouth as he could and sucking, then flicking my nipple with his tongue. Soon Scott’s dick was hard again.As he started to enter me, I told my hubby to stay close and watch a real man fuck me. When he’s done you get to eat every drop of cum from my pussy and every drop from Scott’s cock.

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