The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch11)

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The Wonderfully Naughty Wizard of Oz (Ch11)Leandra stood on the balcony looking out at the sky. The sun was setting over the outstretched mountain range. The calm sky had a deep shade of red paint across it. Just then a knock on her chamber door.”My Queen it is Looppen and Nikko, may we come in.””Enter.”The short nome, her second in command, and winged monkey, head of her winged army, came in bowing before her. “My Queen your guest have arrived and are waiting for you in the dinning hall.” Leandra stepped off the balcony wearing a long flowing black robe and pointed black hat. She had found these in her mothers closet and had it was only right to wear them. “Looppen has everyone shown up?””Yes my Queen.””Good. Now Nikko you dispatched all the monkeys to the desired locations I would hope.””I have my Queen. All you need to do is send the signal in the air and your orders will be followed out.” Leandra just smiled showing her pleasure.”There is one thing my Queen.””What is it Looppen.””Our spy at Castle Mombi reports that Ms. Gale has awoken and they have called a banquet to be held in her honor.”Leandra walked over and grabbed her mothers broom off the wall, gripping it tightly. “How is she?””Ms. Gale seems to be in good spirits. But we believe the banquet is also a meeting to discuss your sudden rise of power.””Why would say that?””Everyone of high rank will be there. Even Queen Ozma will be there.”Leandra walked over to large black cabinet and swung the doors open. Inside lay shelves upon shelves of potions. She looked around and found a small vile of purple liquid. “Is the King of Boboland going to be there?””I believe so my Queen.””Good. Here Nikko, take this vile to our spy at Castle Mombi and have them put it in the drink of King Bobo of Boboland. With his death we can easily march into Boboland and claim it as ours. I want you to stay behind and make sure its done Nikko. Looppen have our troops in Mangaboos ready to march into Boboland. By the time Queen Ozma finds out it will be too late.”Nikko took the vile and went to the balcony. Jumping out and fly towards Castle Mombi. “There’s one more thing my Queen. A emissary from The land of Ev is at Castle Mombi and has asked a audience with Ms. Gale.”Leandra walked up to Looppen furious and clutched his throat, squeezing it tight.”Why didn’t you tell me that from the beginning, dam it.” She let go and Looppen hunched over catching his breath. “I didn’t think it was of great importance.” Leandra walked up to a map of Oz,looking down at The Land of Ev. “You know I have been working on a meeting with the King and Queen of Ev for a month now. In two days I leave with Prince Evrob for Ev. They are the only ones who know where the Expectacles are.” She reached into a pocket on the side of her robe, it was a opening to The Magic Belt. She touched the belt and closed her eyes.Nikko was flying through the sky, when he suddenly stopped. Hovering in midair he could hear Leandra talking to him as if she was right next to him. “Nikko, I need you to tell our spy to find out what the emissary from Ev wants with Ms. Gale. As soon as you find out report to me immediately.””Yes my Queen.” Nikko began to move again, as Leandra opened her eyes. “We have kept our guest waiting long enough.” Looppen went and opened the door for her, following her down into the dinning hall.The guest all sat around a large circular table. Leandra walked in and they all rose and bowed their heads. “Please sit my friends, we have much to discuss.” She held onto her broom, as she began walking around the table. “If you don’t know who each other are, let me honor to introduce you. First we have, Prince Evrob of The Land of Ev. He is second in line to the throne and wishes nothing more then to see his brother dead.”Prince Evrob raised his glass and laughed,”That is all true.” He was a handsome man. Tall and athletic with blond hair that was slicked back, blue eyes that edremit escort shimmered like water, and had on a golden tunic embroidered with the letters E and V. “Next we have Grand Gallipoot, leader of the Growleywogs. He once joined with my father to destroy the Emerald City. I am honored to have hims sit with us.” Gallipoot looked at the others, tilting his head, introducing himself to them. He stood about twelve feet high, made of muscle,skin and bone. Growleywogs had no meat or fat on there body, which made them all the more intimidating. He was covered in grey metal armor, thinly made so he could have total mobility.”Next is ruler of The Phanfasms, First and Foremost.” Prince Evrob laughed,”Is that his name or title.” First and Foremost growled at the Prince,”It would be wise for the Prince to watch his tongue.” Leandra went up behind Prince Evrob and slapped him on the back of the head. “He meant no disrespect my lord.” First and Foremost composed himself and took a sip of wine. He was wide in stature. He had the head of a bear and a body of a man but was covered in hair. He had no clothing because he needed none.”If we have no other outburst I will proceed.” Looking at Prince Evrob. “Next we have The Royal Gardener, keeper of The Rose Kingdom.” There sat a short little man, small eyes and a sharp nose. He had on deep red rose colored clothing. “He is here to pledge loyalty and his kingdom for a small favor.” Leandra walked around to his seat. He stood up and dropped to one knee in front of her. “I pledge my loyalty, my kingdom and my life to The Wicked Nome Queen of the West. In return I ask that she burn all the inhabitants of my kingdom.” She knelt down and lifted him up and smiled at him. “I will honor your pledge.” He kissed her hand,”Thank you my Queen.” He sat back down with a big grin and poured himself more wine.”Here we have Gwig the Sorcerer, from The Land of the Mangaboos.” Gwig had on a long yellow robe that brighten the dark room. His face was hard and crack and his hair was made of thorns. “With his help we have taken over the land. It is now under the control of the Nome Kingdom. I thank you Gwig. He has become my adviser and any harm to him I consider v******e to myself.” He bowed his head towards Leandra. “Thank you my Queen, I am yours to command.” “Last but not least is King Rinkitink, ruler of The land of Rinkitink.” He stood up and stared right at her. “I came here on the notion that we were here to discuss peace between our lands but it seems to me like its war we are planning.” Leandra walked to her seat and sat down, taking a sip of wine. She clapped her hands together and the doors on either end of the dinning room swung open. In came Wheelers, who’s hands and feet were made of wheels. Whimsies, who were giant men of great strength but with little heads. Followed behind them were her armored winkie guards and nome followers.”It is war King Rinkitink. You see I called you here because I know you have been spying for Queen Ozma. It took me a while but I was able to get the truth out.” She clapped her hands and Zimo and Gotifri brought in a beat up old woman, dropping her to the ground. King Rinkitink ran to her side holding her in his hands.”What have you done to my Queen.” Leandra stood up and walked over to them, looking down at the King and Queen. “We persuaded her to tell us about your little messages you been sending to The Emerald City. I thought you would show loyalty to The Nome Kingdom. We have always been friends and have guarded your borders from invaders. But you stab me in the back with this betrayal.””You don’t understand. Queen Ozma told us that you were going to invade us and promised us support if we reported to her your activity.” Leandra put her hands up waving them around,”Where’s your support now King.”Leandra went over to a set of side doors and the guards open them to a balcony. “You see King Rinkitink, Queen Ozma escort edremit was right, I am invading your kingdom.” She lite the end of her broom and tossed it up into the sky. The broom raised up into the night sky and a giant light exploded from the flame. It light up the night sky making some think that morning had arrived. The broom slowly went back down until it was back in Leandra hand. She walked back into the room, kneeling down by the king and queen. “I have just signaled my troops to start destroying your kingdom. My winged monkeys are right now laying claim to your castle. I have told my soldiers to keep no prisoners. I want this to be a statement to anyone that betrays me.” She stood up and looked at the room. “Betray me and I will wipe out your whole kingdom.” The group looked at one another then all stood up. The room knelt on one knee.”ALL HAIL THE WICKED NOME QUEEN OF THE WEST.””Thank you my friends. Prince Evrob would you follow me. The rest of you eat and enjoy yourself, for tomorrow the real fun begins.” “My Queen what should we do with them.” Zimo and Gotifri stood by the King and Queen of Rinkitink.”Throw them off the balcony.”Leandra turned walking up the stairs with Prince Evrob. “Has everything been made ready for me when I arrive in Ev.””Yes my Queen. I have ordered a grand ball to be held in three days. The King and Queen want to stay out of any war that is to come and want to negotiate with you.” At that moment screams could be heard coming from outside the walls, then it stopped. “Good. I will meet with them, find out where The Expectacles are, then I’ll kill them. And you will be the new King of Ev. With you as King I will use your forces and mine to march on The Kingdom of Ix.”They got up to her room and she shut the door. She put the broom back on the wall and placed her hat on a dresser. When she turned back around Prince Evrob was standing there naked. His defined body standing in all its glory, along with his hanging cock. Leandra pulled the robe from her body and unhooked the belt placing it next to her hat. “Is that wise my Queen, your powerless without that belt.” Leandra walked up and laughed,”Oh Prince you have no idea. I have two guards standing watch outside the door.” Then she pointed to the balcony and two winged monkeys sat on it. “With one word they will kill you. What wouldn’t be wise would you to disappoint me.”He smiled”Wouldn’t want that to happen.” He leaned in and kissed her deeply. His tongue sliding around in her waiting mouth, as her tongue roamed his. He picked her up and threw her on the bed. He turned her so her head was hanging off the edge upside down. He slapped his cock on her face then slide into her mouth. His cock began to get hard, feeling her warm lips wrapping themselves around his shaft. He moved his hips back and forth, forcing his cock to go deeper in her throat. She moaned and choked, her air cutting off from his hard cock. Prince Evrob pushed in harder,cutting her air completely off. Leandra closed her eyes and gagged hard, spit coughing up out the sides of her mouth, back down over her face. The spit oozed down, spreading across her green skin. Evrob slide out and she gasped, sucking the air into her lungs. He waited for her to get her breath then shoved back in. He put his hands on the bed and began pumping her mouth. His cock fucking her wet mouth in and out, his balls slapping against her forehead. Leandra reached down and started fingering her pussy. Her juices flowing out, spilling over her fingers and the bed sheets. Evrob shoved in, making her take his whole cock. The cock filled her whole throat, she couldn’t believe she was deep throating it all. She gagged hard and coughed up more spit back over her face. Evrob pulled out and smeared his cock around on her face. Smearing the spit with the tip of his cock. She sat up, swiping the spit out of her eyes. Prince Evrob grabbed her hair and edremit escort bayan pulled her back down. “Who said you were done sucking?”He shoved back into her mouth pounding her face. Her hands gripped the sheets holding on as she got face fucked. Evrob reached down holding her tits and pushed his cock in. Holding it in her mouth, her face pressed against his groin. He moaned and arched his back. “Oh fuck, take it my Queen.” He exploded down her throat. Leandra felt it spraying her throat, lubing the inside with ropes of cum. She tried to swallow but choked, cum coughed up out her noise back over her face. Prince Evrob pulled out and steeped back, viewing her face. She slowly sat up, her face covered in spit and cum. She used her fingers, scooping the cum and spit from her face to her mouth. Cleaning the thick cum off, making sure not to waste it. Cum stuck her eyelids together, making it hard to open. She pulled her eyelids open with her fingers, rubbing the cum away.Evrob walked up and pushed her on her back. He pushed her legs open and slide his cock into her pussy. He pulled her to the edge of the bed and put his hands on her thighs, pushing up and down into her pussy. Prince Evrob smiled watching his cock spread her pussy open. “I don’t want to disappoint you my Queen.” He pumped her harder and deeper. “Fuckkkkkkkkkk”, Leandra eyes rolled back in her head, feeling his cock slamming into her. She reached up and grabbed ahold of her ankles and pulled them out and back. It made Evrob cock slide in all the way, his shaved groin rubbing against her shaved pussy. He leaned down and they passionately kissed. There lips pressed against one another, moaning into one another mouths. Evrob pulled his mouth away and stood up, pounding down into her pussy. “Take that cock you fucking bitch, you know you love it.” Leandra’s moans spread throughout the room. “Oh yes, fucking pound my pussy, make me cum all over it.” prince Evrob slammed harder, her body moving up and down on the bed cushion. “I’M CUMMING!”Leandra body shook and both groin began to get sprayed. Evrob pulled out and his cock and groin was sprayed with hot pussy juice. Leandra pussy spitting up warm sticky cum all over him. He wiped up some on his palm and spread it over his chest. Leandra sat up and licked his nipples, tasting her sweet pussy on her wet tongue.He put his hands around her face and kissed her. “I love you my Queen.” Leandra smiled and licked his lips with her tongue. “Soon everyone will love you and kneel before you.” Leandra rolled over on her hands and knees, looking back at Prince Evrob. “Only one on there knees is me, wanting that cock in my ass.” Evrob got up on the bed and got up behind her. His wet cock already lubed with pussy juices, he guided it up to her butthole and pushed in. “Fucking god dam it.” Leandra held the sheets tight feeling her asshole begin to spread. He pushed in hard and stretched her hole. He slapped her ass and began pumping. His cock sliding in and out, working its way deeper. He stood up on his feet and held her waist and began fucking her like a monkey. The winged monkey guards watching, grinning at the showing.”Fuck yes, fuck my ass, I want to be a anal whore.” Evrob grinned and shoved in hard pounding her ass. Leandra asshole pushing out wider and wider, turning into a gaping hole for cock. As he pushed in, Leandra pushed back, meeting his thrust. Along with his cock she could feel his balls slapping against her pussy. He let go of her waist and yanked back on her hair. Pulling her ass back on his cock, he fucked her faster.”I’m going to blow my fucking cum in your ass my Queen.” “Do it my Prince.”He fucked her faster, balls building with hot cum. He shoved in all the way and exploded. “Fuck yes take that cum bitch.” She screamed as the cum filled her ass, her hole overflowing with thick cum. He pulled out slowly and walked up to her face. She was more then willing to suck her ass off his cock. Grabbing his cock, sucking the sticky cum and ass juice off. She put her mouth on the tip and jerked his cock, pulling out the last drops of cum. She pulled her mouth off and looked up at him.”Mmmmmmmm,I want more.”

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