The Red Line Pt. 03

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Hey all. All characters involved in sex are 18 or older. Because someone has tried to copy my work and post it elsewhere, I must state my all my work is protected by copyright laws. That being said, I hope you enjoy.


I open my eyes to find Nina nestled in my arms. I lean over and kiss her before I try to unwrap myself from her without waking her up only to find that she’s got a death grip on my leash. I unhook it from the collar and sneak out as I pull on some sweats and a shirt as I head into my office.

Opening my computer, I get to work on the story. Even though the wood elves and the humans are mortal enemies, the two find themselves developing feelings for each other as she drags him back to the Wood Elf city of Moonreach to meet his fate.

She’s conflicted though. She’s come to like this human and she knows what his fate will be once they arrive at Moonreach.

“Good morning,” a sexy voice calls from behind me.

“Good morning, love.” I turn to find a naked Nina strutting towards me.

“Don’t stop on my account,” she says.

I turn back to my computer and continue where I left off as she wraps her hands around my neck and leaves a kiss on my cheek. Then she proceeds to read over my shoulder as I type. “Hmm, it’s turning out to be a hot story. I love it so far. Maybe we can do a little roleplay tonight. I’ll be the sexy elven deldorai and you can be my hot mage prisoner.”

“Well of course,” I laugh. “You know, I still have yet to give them names. Got anything in mind?”

“Hmm. You should definitely call the elf Clymere,” she says.

“Anything special about it?” I ask.

“It was my night elf’s World of Warcraft name,” she says.

“Oh cool. I love it,” I say.

“What was yours?” she asks.

“Bubblefet,” I say.

She laughs. “Yeah, I don’t think that will fly with your fans.”

“I kind of like the name Eudoxus. It’s greek,” I say.

“Yeah, it has a ring to it,” she says, giving me another kiss. “We should probably get our costumes today for Arathicon tomorrow.”

“Yeah, we can do that. I know someone who can hook us up with material,” I say.

“Of course you do,” she laughs.

She pulls me back and struts in front of me. Grabbing my collar, she pulls me to my feet and bends me over the desk. “Don’t stop typing.”

I try to type as she pulls my sweats down. “Be right back.”

She runs off and returns with a bottle of lube. Her stiff dick is already lathered in it. She spreads my ass open and lathers it in lube. “Slave, I told you not to stop typing.”

“How can I concentrate on this when I’m about to get my ass pounded?” The way my heart is beating, I feel like I’m running a marathon.

“You better get used to it,” she snickers. “Think of it as your daily training. It’ll make you a better writer.” She gives me a wink. I feel her hands rub lub up and down the crack of my ass. Her hand leaves a good sting as she spanks my ass and gives it a squeeze. “Fuck, you have such an amazing ass. So thick. Probably the best ass any man could have. Makes my dick hard just looking at it. And to think, it’s all mine.”

I shudder as I feel the tip of her dick slide up and down the crack of my ass. When her cock meets my tight asshole, I grip the dick as she slowly pushes inside me. I groan out as her cock spreads me open. She smacks my ass hard. “I thought I told you to type, slave.”

“Yes mistress!” I say, bitting my lip as she pushes another inch inside me. I get to work bringing my fingers to the keyboard.

Clymere has the poor mage all tied up bent over a log as she pushes herself into him, I write.

Nina grabs my hips with both hands just like the sexy elf with long brunette hair and a thick ass does with the poor dark-haired human mage. He begs her to show mercy. She only responds with a hard slap on the ass.

“That’s it, baby, I love it!” Nina says as she leans over me, pressing her boobs against my back as she reads what I wrote. “Take my cock, you filthy human.”

“Please, just let me go,” I beg as I write more.

“Stupid human. You think the elves will go easy on you after you stole our artifact?” Nina laughs as she hilts herself inside me. “You’ll be lucky they don’t kill you. If you beg me I might be able to make you my sex slave.”

She gives my ass another slap as she continues her assault. “I’m begging you, show mercy,” I plead.

She reaches down and grabs a handful of my hair. “The only mercy you’ll receive is at the end of my cock,” she says.

By now, I’m too far lost in the pleasure of her cock to continue typing and Nina’s lost all control. She’s pounding me faster and harder giving my ass a good slap every now and again. My own hard cock is threatening to let loose. I grab ahold of anything I can as the friction of her thrusts heats me up to a boiling point. “I’m going to cum,” I shout.

“No! Not yet, my little mage pet,” she says as she reaches down and grabs ahold of my dick, squeezing the tip. “I’m not going to let you cum until you get another 500 words written. Got it slut?”

“Please, mistress. I… Urgh. I want to cum so badly,” I beg and plead.

“Don’t be such a slut. Focus on the story!” she slaps my ass so hard it feels like I just got whipped.

“Yes mistress!” I type furiously and xslot as fast as I can. The elf pounds the mage as he begs gives in to her dominance and submits to her, begging her not to stop. She growls as he moans. Her cock spreading him wide open.

“That’s it. I love it! Don’t stop!” She says, leaning over me, I can feel the weight of her boobs pressed against my back. She kisses my shoulder and gently sinks her teeth into my skin all the while she continues to thrust that dick inside me. She doesn’t let go of my dick and continues to grip the tip, keeping me from coming.

I type faster as the pleasure threatens to send me into a coma of bliss. “Fuck, I’m going to cum!” she says as she lodges her dick balls deep inside me, just like the elf Clymere hilts her elven womanhood inside her prisoner. Just then a riptide of her steaming hot spunk fills my ass up. Her hot cum like molten lava, leaving my entire body burning as if I have a fever. She continues to thrust inside me. I can feel her cum start to leak out of my ass.

“I finish! 500 more words as requested. Now can I please cum!” I beg as my cock feels like a liter of cola sealed with a whole roll of mentos inside it.

She pulls out and turns me around as she sinks to her knees. “Now time for your reward, for being a good slave.”

She lets go of my cock and takes it in her mouth as I erupt. She swallows every last drop of my cum. “Can’t let any of that delicious cum go to waste,” she says licking her lips.

I pull her into a kiss and hold her tightly against me.

After we break apart, she looks up at me with a devilish smirk. “Now what does every good slave do?”

I laugh as I sink to my knees and take her flaccid cock in my mouth, licking up all the cum on it. “Good boy.”

She leans down and kisses me. “Urgh, fuck. That was so much fun. We should role-play all of your character romances.”

She pulls out of my ass, giving it one last slap.

“Next time, let’s pick the one where the males on top,” I say, standing up, her hot cum leaking out of my ass.

“Maybe, depends on how happy you make me,” she says coyly so I drop to my knees and take her softening cock in my mouth and suck it clean. “That’s definitely a start.”

After we hop into the shower, we go out for breakfast at a local pancake shop downtown that used to be Maria’s favorite. After we put in our orders, my phone goes off. “It’s my mother,” I sigh.

“Answer it!” she says.

I begrudgingly pick up the phone and answer it.

“Hello?” I ask.

“Roy, dear, you’re father and I are going to be in town this afternoon and we would love to see you,” she says.

“Well, I’m kind of busy with my girlfriend,” I say.

“You’ve got a girlfriend?” my mother asks.

“Yeah, it happened recently,” I say.

“We’re not too busy,” Nina says.

“Well how about the four of us grab dinner tonight?” my mother asks. “It’ll be your treat.”

“Let me see what she thinks,” I say. I hold the mouthpiece of the phone as I look at Nina. “My parents are going to be in town and would like us to take them out for dinner. I can tell her no. It’d be the easier option.”

“Are you serious? Of course, we’ll go,” she says.

“Okay, we’ll meet you down at the bistro, say 6 o’clock,” I tell them. “I’ve got to go, I’ll see you soon. Love you, bye.”

I hang up the phone before she has a chance to reply.

“That was rather, blunt,” Nina says.

“My parents can be rather… What’s the word? Nosy? Entitled? They’re really old fashion,” I say.

“What are they like?” she asks.

“They go to church every Sunday. They love to pry into other people’s business and judge them accordingly. You know? Typical retired old folks that have nothing better to do than gossip all day,” I say.

“Ouch, you sound awfully close,” she says.

“Yeah, we’re as thick as thieves,” I say rolling my eyes. “Oh, they’re also a tad racist, homophobic prudes that believe they always have the moral high ground.”

“Ohh. I see,” she says. “Do you have any siblings?”

I wince at her question. The memory of Grace opens up wounds better left alone. “I did.”

“Oh…” she says.

She reaches over and places her hand on my arm. “Would you like to talk about it?”

“Maybe another time,” I say.

“You know you don’t have to bear the pain alone? I’m here for you,” she says.

“I know. I just… It’s too soon,” I say.

“Okay, but at some point, you need to talk to someone about it,” she says.

I take her hand in mine and kiss the back of her palm. “I promise, I will tell you everything. Let’s just focus on surviving dinner with my parents first.”

“Deal,” she says. “We also need to pick up our costumes for tomorrow.”

“Right. I know just the place for it.”

“That somehow doesn’t surprise me,” she says.

The waitress delivers our food and we dig in. After we finish, I give my friend Charlotte a call.

“Great news, my friend who’s a costume designer for big movie sets says she can help us out after 1,” I inform Nina.

“That’s great!” Nina says.

“What would you like to do until then?” I ask.

“I don’t care, you choose,” she says.

“Want to go to the beach?” I ask.

“Sure,” she says.

We xslot Giriş head back to our place and change into swimsuits. After we grab everything we need. We head down to a private beach of a friend of mine. There’s still a few people out and about on the beach, but for the most part, it’s pretty sparse.

We take and set our blankets out. I grab the sunscreen and start applying it to my skin.

“Would you like me to do that for you?” she asks.

“If you really want to,” I smile.

“Of course, I don’t want my slave to get sunburned,” she grins as she takes the lotion from me and starts rubbing it all over my back. She takes her sweet time as her hands rub my body.

“So this is a private beach?” she asks.

“Yeah, a friend of mine owns the club. The beach is for club members only,” I say.

“Oh cool. I hate it when the beach is overcrowded. It makes me so self-conscious,” she says.

“Is that why you’re wearing that cute little skirt over your bikini bottom?” I ask.

She nods.

“I understand,” I say as I take the bottle from her. “My turn?”

“Yep, I don’t really need much, my skin does pretty well in the sun,” she says.

I squirt some sunscreen on my hand as she lays on her stomach and I start rubbing the lotion into her nice bronze skin starting with her feet and taking my time with her calves. “That feels good,” she says.

I take pleasure in massaging her thick thighs. Kneading the soft skin as I take in her beautiful body. I lean down and lay a kiss on the middle of her back. “You better slow your role, you’re making me horny and I don’t want to pop a boner after I tucked it. I really don’t want to get clocked here.”

“Okay, I’m sorry.”

“You don’t have to be sorry,” she laughs. “I love the way you touch me and the way you look at me. It makes me feel wanted.”

I kiss her shoulder as I finish rubbing the sunscreen all over her body. She reaches over and pulls out a book from the beach bag. “What are you reading?” I ask.

“This book I found in your library,” she says. “It looks good. It’s called “Love Letters”.”

“That’s Maria’s,” I say pulling the book from her hands. “You… You can’t just…”

I stare at the book and I look back up at her. She looks devastated. Like she just committed a crime. “I’m sorry. I didn’t realize.”

“No. You’re fine. I’m the one who needs to apologize. I overreacted. This book is just… Special to me. I made it for our anniversary. I took all the love letters we wrote back and forth and put them into a book. I forgot about it.”

“Aww, that’s so sweet,” she says.

I hand her the book back. “You can read it. Maria’s gone and I need to move on.”

“Are you sure?” she asks.

“Yeah, I want you to read it. You’re special to me and you deserve to know,” I say.

She gets up and kisses me. “Why don’t we read it together?” she asks.

“I don’t know. I’m not sure if I want to relive the pain,” I say.

“I understand,” she says.

We spend the next hour bathing in the sun, tossing the frisbee and even get our toes wet. We head back before lunch and clean up. I take Nina to get lunch down in Long Beach. Afterward, we drove out to Hollywood to meet my friend Charlotte.

“Roy! It’s been far too long,” she says, pulling me into a hug. She’s a mature woman, but still beautiful. She’s ages like wine. “How are you holding up. It’s such a tragedy to lose two people so close to you.”

It’s hard not to recoil at the mention of such a painful memory. Especially since everyone I meet seems to want to bring it up.

“It’s good to see you too, Charlotte. I’m doing fine now. This is Nina, my girlfriend,” I say, wrapping my arm around her.

“It’s a pleasure, darling. Roy has always had good taste,” she says giving Nina a peck on the cheek.

“It’s nice to meet you as well,” Nina says.

“So how can I help you, dear?” she asks.

“We’re in need of a favor. We going to Arathicon tomorrow and we need costumes,” I say.

“That’s a tall order for such a short notice,” she says.

“I know and I apologize. I wasn’t planning on going, but it was last minute,” I say.

“Let’s see what we can do. Tell me about the characters,” she says.

“Well, one’s an elf who’s confident, kind of a dominant personality. But she can be really kind and caring. She’s a fierce warrior. Bold and brash. She’ll take risks if she knows it’s for the greater good. My costume is a mix between a mage and a rogue type character. He’s sneaky. He’s a bit of a drinker, or at least he was. He was selfish and only out for his personal gain. That’s because he suffered a tragedy, losing people he loved. So he steals this artifact in hopes to gain back the ones he loves only to learn that it’s not possible.”

“You do have a way with characters, darling. I love it. Now let me see. I think I know just the thing for both of you. Come along,” she says. We follow her through the studio, filled with racks and racks of clothing and costumes, props and different accessories. “So here’s what I’m thinking. As far as the mage goes, I’m thinking Assassin’s Creed style. What color clothing does he wear? Black? Royal Blue? Definitely not white.”

“How about a mix of black and royal blue?” I ask.

“That could xslot Güncel Giriş work,” she says.

“Now is this elf, she more of a ranger or a warrior?” she asks.

“That’s a good question. What do you think?” I ask Nina.

“Maybe more ranger than warrior,” she says.

“Okay, perfect. I guess that’s what we’re going for,” I say.

“I see,” she says. “Well, I think I have the perfect outfit for the both of you. Just wait right here.”

She scurries off and a few minutes later, she’s back with several outfits piled in her arms.

Before I know it, I’m dressed up looking in dark black leather with royal blue cloth wrapped around my waist. The hood looks straight out of Assassin’s creed. “This is perfect. Exactly what I had in mind. You’re the best Charlotte.”

“I know, but it’s still good to hear you say it. Now for you, my dear,” she says as she runs off once more.

“I got to say, you look sexy as hell,” Nina says as she eyes me up and down.

“I know, but I love hearing you say it,” I smirk. She laughs.

Charlotte’s back with another pile of clothes in her hands. She takes Nina behind a curtain and then she comes out looking like a sexy elven ranger. She’s got on a green cloak, with a leaf green tunic that comes down to the middle of her thigh. Knee-high boots with metal shin guards. Her cloak has a hood much like my own. She’s also got a quiver and a cool looking elven blade. A wicked-looking bow to top it all off. She’s even got elven ears to pull her outfit together.

“That is so hot,” I say. “Charlotte you have really outdone yourself.”

“Aww, thanks love. I’ll send you a bill in the mail,” she laughs. I’m sure she’s not joking.

“Fair enough,” I chuckle.

After we get changed out of the clothes, she bags it all up for us. She gives us both pecks on the cheeks and we’re on our way.

We head back to my place. I look at the time as we walk into the penthouse. “We’ve got a couple of hours before we have to meet my parents, what would you like to do?” I ask.

“I can think of a few things we can do to pass the time,” she smirks. As we set our bags down.

“I’m sure you can,” I laugh. She leans and kisses me. I pull her into my arms and hold her tight.

“Well, you’re in charge, my mistress,” I say, kissing her.

“God, you sound so sexy when you say that,” she smiles.

I can’t help but laugh. She unwraps herself from me and grabs my hand, leading me upstairs. “What if I made you meet your parents wearing the collar?” she asks with a devilish grin.

“You wouldn’t, would you? That would not be cool. My parents would flip, they’re kind of prudes and they wouldn’t like you very much,” I say.

“Relax, I’m only joking. Although, it does turn me on though,” she smirks.

“You’re sadistic,’ I say.

“I know and don’t pretend you don’t love it,” she says.

“I can’t lie. I do find it hot. But I also know you actually care about me. And I trust you.”

“You really shouldn’t,” she says as her face softens. She turns away from me. “I’m… I’m not a good person.”

“Nonsense. You’re kind and compassionate,” I say. “How are you not a good person?”

“Roy, I’ve done such despicable things. I’m a whore,” she sniffles. “I don’t deserve you. You’ve been so kind to me. I…”

“Stop it,” I say as I wrap my arms around her. “What you’ve done is in the past. You’re not that person anymore just like I’m not the same person when we first met.”

“How can you be so understanding? For god sakes, a week ago I let four guys gangbang me,” she says. “How can you be okay with that? I’m not… I can’t even look in the mirror without hating myself.”

“I know how you feel, every time I look in the mirror, I wish I could tear it down. I spent almost a year in a drunken, drug-filled stupor. I’ve done so many things I regret. I hate myself too. Who am I to judge you. I don’t care what you’ve done. All that matters is what you do now.”

She leans into me and buries her head into my chest. I wrap my arms around her and lay my lips upon her head. We get lost in each other’s embrace. She leans up and kisses me. Her lips are my salvation. I bring my hands up and hold her face as our tongues touch. She has tears streaming down her cheeks. I brush them away with my thumbs. I pull back and look into her eyes as I hold her. “Nina, you never have to suffer through that again. I promise.”

She kisses my palm. “And you never have to drown in a drunken stupor. I will never be able to replace Maria, but I promise I will love you.”

I kiss her so deeply I feel it in my soul. The touch of her lips upon mine fills me with a flame so hot, it burns every part of me. She pushes me down on the bed and straddles my waist. Her lips find mine with a kiss that sizzles us both. We tear at each other’s clothes until we’re both lying there naked. She flips around so her dick is in my face and takes my cock in her mouth. I grab ahold of her hips as I kiss the tip of her dick before wrapping my lips around her shaft. We suck each other’s cocks like thirsty animals. Her hot wet mouth engulfs my entire cock, giving it a steamy hot bath. I focus on taking hers as deeply as I can. I manage to take her big dick all the way down my throat as her balls rest up against my nose. She takes my cock out of her mouth and before I know it, her finger is a knuckle deep up my ass. I return the favor and get my digit nice and wet. After tickling the ring of her butthole I plunge it deep inside her. We’re both moaning as we take each other’s cocks back in our mouths.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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