The Package Ch. 07

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James and Suzanne were so turned on after Claire came. “Get your clothes off, love, I need you and you need me.” James growled.

“No.” Claire said assertively.

“What do you mean. ‘No’…” They both looked at her in disbelief.

“No, wait. You’d both enjoy it better if we did the same to you as you just did for me.” Claire then grinned saucily, “and you’d enjoy it even more if you had to wait.”

“Hell, Claire, I’m already so horny I’m not sure I can wait.” James’ face cleared, “anyway why do we need to?”

“You don’t. But I’m willing to bet that if you do the explosions would be worth it.” Claire stood up, the only one of the three of them naked. “I don’t know about you, but I’m starving, and that’s about the right delay to have you screaming for it.” She laughed at James’ and Suzanne’s expressions of pain and lustful stares at her body. “And I’m going to up the anti by staying naked while we eat.” Claire grinned over her shoulder as she walked towards the kitchen swaying seductively.

Suzanne jumped up, pulling James with her, and followed Claire into the kitchen — both practically burning a hole in her back watching her. They grabbed each other for an urgent kiss before drawing Claire into a hug, shamelessly caressing her body. Claire was getting aroused again by their hands and the roughness of their clothes pressed against her nakedness.

“Hey, you two, knock it off. You’re not supposed to be distracting me, just boiling up inside yourselves.” She pulled away, picked up the oven gloves and reached for the food in the oven. The heat from the oven on her bare skin was painfully erotic, and she had to concentrate not to groan aloud.

Sitting opposite Claire, seeing her breasts moving as she ate, watching as she inflamed them by getting up to pour the wine, showing flashes of pussy, back and leg, was delightful torture.

“I think I’m too full for dessert,” Suzanne groaned.

“Huh. I don’t think so. I think you’re famished for dessert, but not of the food kind.” James grinned.

“Yes please.” Suzanne’s face registered her urgent need, her eyes on fire with lust. “Come on Claire, let’s get going.”

They moved back into the lounge, Suzanne and Claire beginning to undress James by mutual consent. Suzanne sat on a chair, and James sank to her lap, rubbing his back on her breasts, just as Claire had done. Suzanne reached round to play in his chest hair, shortly finding his nipples and rubbing and pinching. He gasped, dropping his head back and sideways to kiss Suzanne.

Claire knelt down in front of him, taking his steel hard shaft in both hands and oh-so-slowly rubbing up and down with feather-light touch. James groaned in an agony of pleasure, desperate to for her to go hard and fast. He felt Suzanne move one hand down to massage his flat stomach and play in his pubic hair. When Claire reduced the pressure on his cock by removing one hand, he cried out in disappointment. She continued her feather touch with one hand, rubbing her thumb gently over his tip to gather the drops, gradually changing the sensations from feather skin contact to liquid slide, the lubricant increasing the contact area and subtly changing the feeling.

Her other hand slipped down over his balls, caressing the area below, then round and over his anus. He mewed into Suzanne’s mouth, pulling her head into a deeper kiss, and squirming in delight. Then he gasped as Claire removed both hands, the cool air hitting where her warm hands had been. Suddenly her slick hand was spreading his juice round his anus, and her dry hand was gathering moisture and continuing the stroking. A finger pushed slowly into him, and he grunted, “Oh God.” And his head fell back onto Suzanne’s shoulder.

As Claire inserted a second finger and started moving both in and out, he tensed. Suzanne was running her hands all over his torso, madly kissing and licking his face, and suddenly he came with a shout, bucking his hips and panting. He collapsed back onto Suzanne, limp with satiated delight.

Claire leaned forward to kiss Suzanne as James slithered off to one side. She started undressing her, removing top and bra to gain access to her rock hard nipples. Her tongue followed her hands, laving the silky smooth mounds, teasing nipples, and making Suzanne gasp with pleasure.

James was beginning to come round, realising that he was missing the fun. He sat up and attempted to pull Suzanne onto his lap. “No, dressed you idiot.” Claire shot at him. “Its so much more sexy rubbing up against the rough clothes.

Recognition dawned. Quickly pulling on his jeans and shirt, James sat and manoeuvred Suzanne onto his lap. She rubbed against him and wriggled on his growing erection, stimulated by Claire’s hands and mouth all over her body.

James took over caressing Suzanne’s pebbled nipples as Claire began rubbing her finger’s through Suzanne’s triangle of curls, moving oh-so-slowly towards her beautiful rock hard dick and creaming pussy. Suzanne’s moan of frustration as she moved past her dick down to her pussy made Claire xslot laugh. “James, help the poor girl down here.” Suzanne grunted as James began to stroke her.

Suddenly the stimulation of her dick seemed less important as Claire pushed several fingers into her wet sheath and pulsed them in and out. As she added another finger, Suzanne groaned and bucked against her hand. Finally Claire tucked her thumb in and gently see-sawed her hand until it was buried in Suzanne up to the wrist. Then she started fucking her in earnest as Suzanne ground out, “Oh God. Don’t stop.”

The feelings were so intense she could only concentrate on the fist inside her and be peripherally aware of James masturbating her faster and pulling and pinching her nipples. She felt as if she were on fire, her stomach and hips twitching madly, head thrown back, and panting. “Oh God. I’m coming. Don’t stop.” She gasped out as her body convulsed and deep groans and whimpers were forced out of her.

She was boneless with passion, gasping for breath, and twitching with exquisite shocks of pleasure over skin that felt almost painfully sensitive. But the deep gold feeling of total relaxation sated her as she descended from heaven to caresses and whispers from her two lovers. “Oh I love you so, you beautiful wife. You felt and feel so amazing in my arms. Shh now baby. I love you so much.”

“Hey girlfriend, you looked so good. Such rapture and satisfaction, I came when you did. Oh God, Suzanne, I love you too.”

Suzanne could barely move, let alone speak. She felt so comfortable and warm and loved. After what seemed like ages, she took a deep breath. They had to strain to hear, “I love you both so much. I’m so lucky.” She moved her head to kiss James. When she moved back to kiss Claire, she looked deep into her eyes and gave a heartfelt sigh, “I wish you could marry us too.”

Much to their surprise Claire burst into tears. Horrified, James and Suzanne pulled her to them and comforted her. As Suzanne was apologising for upsetting her, Claire shook her head against them and huffed out through her tears. “No — it’s OK. I can’t believe you said that and invited me to live here. You two are just so wonderful to me.” They lay together like that, flesh to flesh for an eternity, until Claire started shivering.

“Come on, let’s shower and get some sleep,” announced the ever-practical James. By mutual consent they showered together — a gentle pleasure this time — and simply all fell in to bed together. Suzanne fell asleep almost the instant her head hit the pillow after her amazing and exhausting experience.

James took a little longer, but whispered to Claire before he drifted off, “You OK?”

“I don’t know,” she said, wonderingly. “I feel like I’m cushioned from reality and drifting in a warm cocoon. Usually I know what I feel and want,” she felt James’ rumble of laughter, “but I just feel…..I don’t know. Not like sleeping, just content to be here between you two wonderful people. It’s a new feeling, and I think I like it.”

After James had whispered “I’m glad,” and drifted off. Claire lay in her warm cocoon at peace. Suzanne shifted in her sleep, turning more towards her, and her thigh came up to rest on Claire’s. James’ hand was across her stomach, and Claire slipped slowly into sleep with a lovely smile curving her lips.

The bed

They moved Claire’s stuff the next day, giving notice to her landlord at the same time. There was no point in her continuing to live there, as there was no rent to pay with James & Suzanne. Claire had tried to insist, but they were adamant. “Just buy food occasionally. You’re on student money and we’re earning,” they had said.

A month later she still couldn’t believe her luck. Comfortable both physically and emotionally with them, she really felt she had come home. Although she kept her clothes in the spare room, they mostly slept together in the main bedroom. It was a bit cramped in the bed, especially when things got hot, but all three of them preferred it. The only snag, if it could be called that, was the frequent disturbances in the night when one or more of them felt horny. So occasionally one of them would go to the spare room to be on their own for a night or have a lie in.

The sex was amazing, whether it was all three of them, or two of them in any combination. Claire was perhaps the most voracious of the three, but James and Suzanne weren’t far behind.

About a month after she moved in, she and Suzanne were in the kitchen putting the final touches to their meal when James burst in from work.

“What’s up with you?” Claire asked, eyebrows raised. “You look like a dog with two tails.”

“No just a man whose had a wonderful breakthrough and teed up a surprise for you both later on this evening. You’ve got to stay out of the bedroom until later.” James bounced over and kissed them both thoroughly..

Suzanne laughed, “We’ll just have to use the rug then. And soon if you’re going to carry on like that.”

Claire looked slightly surprised, “Wow, you’ve changed. I don’t xslot Giriş remember you being demanding before a bit of a warm up.” She moved over and repeated James’ actions on Suzanne until she was breathing heavily.

“Hey,” she puffed, “eat first or it’ll go dry.”

After clearing the supper, much to their surprise, James disappeared off to the bedroom without joining them on the rug. As they kissed, caressed and began to get quite worked up, they were interrupted by a series of thumps and bangs from the bedroom. Suzanne sprinted to the stairs and called, “Are you OK love?”

James’ voice was muffled, but quite calm, “Yep. I’m fine. Just ignore the bangs unless I yell.”

Claire and Suzanne resumed their exploration of each other, and achieved a couple of very satisfying climaxes each. They were cuddling and recovering on the rug when James came clattering down the stairs, ripping off his clothes as he came.

“Right, now I’m ready for the surprise we can carry on where we started before supper. … Oh — I see you started without me.”

“We couldn’t wait, but more would be good.” As usual Claire took charge. “Lie on your back, fuck one of us and eat the other.”

A raised eyebrow at Suzanne elicited the one word reply, “Eaten.”

Almost before she’d finished, Claire swung over James and speared herself on his rock hard cock. Her head fell back and she shuddered with a huge sigh.

Suzanne was right there with her, facing Claire and straddling James’ face. As his tongue began its work, she too sighed and reached out to drag her thumb over Claire’s nipples. Claire gasped and returned the favour.

Soon all that could be heard were slurps and gasps, until moans and twitches from all three signalled yet again their mutual satisfaction in the relationship.

After a suitable period of recovery, James suggested they dressed ready for the surprise, and shortly after that the doorbell rang.

Suzanne knew it was no good asking what the surprise was. The quickest way to find out was to open the door.

They were faced with two delivery men leaning against what looked like a big single bed. “Where do you want it love?”

James said over her shoulder, “upstairs in the main bedroom please.”

“James, why have you bought a single bed?” Suzanne asked. “We’ve already got one in Claire’s room.

“It’s not a single, it’s half a double. I finally managed to find a firm that makes very wide doubles. It’s more than two feet wider than our present one.”

Instantly the girls were excited. “So that’s what the bumps were. You were dismantling our bed.”

“Yep. Now we need to work out if we want to keep it in Claire’s room, if there is room, or find it a good home.”

After a lot of huffing and puffing the delivery men managed to get the huge mattress upstairs and put it on the field they’d constructed to support it. As soon as they were out of the house, they all rushed up to look, standing together in the doorway.

“It’s amazing, James. Wait a minute — we don’t have any sheets big enough.” Claire’s face fell.

“Ah well. I thought of that. There should be a package here somewhere with a new duvet, cover and sheets sized to match the bed.”

“You clever man.” Suzanne beamed at him.

James had the grace to look slightly embarrassed. “Actually, the firm prompt you — I suppose both because they can sell extra, and because they know the problem!”

They quickly put the sheet on the huge expanse, and jumped on to test it. “Oh wow, we’ve got so much space to sleep properly. It won’t be nearly so necessary to get the occasional night in Claire’s room.” Suzanne beamed again.

“Ah, but we might need to use my room to dress now we’ve such reduced floor space,” laughed Claire. “Hey, let’s christen it,” she continued starting to pull off her top.

“You’re insatiable,” laughed James joining in.

Soon they were a heap of tangled limbs, sensitive skin, heat and grunts of pleasure. Much later they slept in newly acquired comfort.


Weeks later, James and Claire were testing the bed again. It was well up to expectations, as was the sex. As soon as they heard Suzanne come in, they both swung into action. She looked exhausted after a day at school and a parents evening. James went down to make tea and hot food. Claire helped her undress, into the shower and washed her gently. As she was drying her, Suzanne yawned and said, “Thanks so much. You don’t know how good that feels after calming upset parents and encouraging pupils with no confidence. I was wrung out.”

Claire wrapped her up in her fluffy dressing down, and installed her on the settee in front of the fire. At that moment James walked in with scrambled eggs on toast and tea. Suzanne smiled up at him gratefully. “Nursery food. Thanks. That’s wonderful.”

They chatted while Suzanne was eating. When she finished she was so warm, full and comfortable in the heat of the fire she was drifting off.

“Come on sleepyhead. Let’s get you to bed.” Claire laughed, and they dragged xslot Güncel Giriş her off to bed. Getting her into bed was easy, as she was naked under the fluffy dressing down, and they all slept naked anyway. James quickly stripped off and slid under the quilt with her to help warm the bed. Spooning with Suzanne was one of his favourite pastimes, so it was no hardship, especially as he’d had a tiring day too. As his mind drifted, he grinned as he realised that spooning with Claire was his second favourite pastime.

Claire went back down to clear up and shut up, as she had to finish off an essay. Much later she went up and joined the husband and wife in their bed, spooning up to whomever was on the side with the most room. Like James, Claire loved to spoon with the both of them.

James was first to come round in the morning, opening his eyes to the awareness that he had a girl on each side of him. At first he didn’t like to move in case he woke them. Anyway he was enjoying the contact between various parts of their three anatomies. After a while, though, he had to get up to go to the bathroom, so he slid carefully out from between the girls.

An hour or so later, he came up again with three mugs of tea. With the house heating having been on for an hour or more, the girls had pushed off parts of the duvet, and various enticing expanses of extremely beautiful flesh were on show. James felt a definite stirring. He dumped the mugs of tea on the table and reached out to a nearby shoulder, running his hand down the slope to a hill with a cairn on top. One enchanting green eye opened to look up at him, and one beautiful red bow curved into a sultry smile.

“Morning gorgeous.” He said as he leant down to brush a kiss on the smile. The eye fluttered shut and the mouth allowed a breathy moan.

“Come in here and love me gently.” Suzanne muttered sleepily.

Needing no second invitation, James slid in beside her are cradled her in his arms. Her quilt-hot body moulded itself to him and he groaned with lust. “I love you so much.”

As they enjoyed their peaceful cuddle, another arm snaked over them and a third body spooned into theirs. “Morning. ‘S Saturday isn’t it?” asked a sleepy voice. Hearing the affirmative response, Claire continued, “Oh good. No need to hurry.” Her leg came over Suzanne’s and all that could be heard for several minutes was their gentle breathing.

James couldn’t keep still, gently rubbing his cock trapped between Suzanne’s cheeks. He moved slightly down the bed and pushed up into her silky sheath, the breath hissing out between his teeth at the glorious wet friction. Claire felt Suzanne’s dick go rock hard as James slipped into her. It was Claire’s turn to move up slightly and relish the steel shaft expanding her inside till it was buried to the hilt and her clit mashed against Suzanne.

But it was slow and gentle. Unhurried and sensational. Slick and toe-curling. Pooling molten gold and nerve tingling. Sending fluttering messages to three stomachs, and clenching hardness to the nipples. Enhanced by hands wandering over silky flesh. Open mouthed kisses. Building pressure. Low groans and deeper breathing. Moisture breaking out on the skin with pants and squeals until final hard thrusts release huge tension into boneless delight.

Still connected, they relished the slowing breathing and quiet recovery till James whispered:

“I really want to have babies with you, Suzanne.”

Suzanne blushed slightly, “I want that too now we’ve settled together, but not without Claire’s agreement.”

Much to their surprise, Claire smiled, “I’d love to have babies with you, Suzanne.”

“Oh!” was surprised out of Suzanne, and her blush deepened slightly. “I was thinking of your agreement, not to force you into it too — and with me?” she asked.

“Oh yes. That would be so right for you to have them with James, and me with you. That would complete the package.” Claire enthused. “And we’d do it all together which would be so good.”

James pushed up onto his elbow and couldn’t keep the excitement out of his voice. “Wow, I love that idea — especially the bit about Suzanne fulfilling her full potential.”

She suddenly realised that with most others she would have felt they were pushing her into “man” territory, but with James it was pure loving of all of her. They shared a heart-stopping grin, and Suzanne felt special all over again hearing how much James cared about and valued all of her.

“What a pity you can’t marry Claire to make it a real contract.” James continued. “It would be so great if we could have a three-way marriage, ‘cos I’d like to make this permanent.”

Claire burst into tears and sobbed, “I love you guys so much, and I’m so touched that you care so much for me.”

Suddenly Suzanne leapt out of bed, making Claire and James jump in surprise. “Wait, I’ve got an idea.” She threw over her shoulder as she ran out of the room and downstairs.

James and Claire turned to look at each other with raised eyebrows. They both realised from the desire in their eyes that they had been staring at Suzanne’s taught backside and shapely legs as the muscles worked with her hurrying out of the room. They laughed and shrugged their shoulders, moving in for a hot kiss to relieve the tension.

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