The Neighbours’ Toy (MMMMVFF)

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It is Friday evening and we are alone at home. I step out of the shower, and slowly dry myself off with a towel. You asked me to take a long warm shower and then come down. You play loud music in the living room and I wrap the towel around me and walk downstairs to you. You look lovely in a green loose summer dress, as you slowly dance around the room. You’re long brown hair swaying as you move. Your deep brown eyes meet mine, and you smile sheepishly.

We are both in our early forties and in very good form. Regular exercising has kept us slim and muscular. I am pretty well built and of medium height. Tonight is you’re night. You smile sweetly as I approach you, and then as you gently kiss me, you pull the towel off me and drop it on the floor. You take my hand and slowly lead me out of the back door to the terrace. It is evening and dark, but the night is warm. A near full moon lights up the garden, as you lead me down the stairs to the little path.

I follow you as we walk over to the neighbour’s garden and approach their terrace. I get nervous as I hear laughter and music streaming out of the open French doors. But I say nothing, as you asked me. It was our deal that this was your night to enjoy me in any way you wanted.

My heart beats faster and I notice that I am aroused and hard. We walk up the stairs and are met with cheers as we walk into the neighbour’s living room. It is nicely furnished, with soft lights and warm soft carpets. Apart from the neighbour – Peter – there are five other men in the room. The drink beer and wine and are comfortably dressed in jeans and t-shirts or loosely fitting shirts. All are very good looking and around our age or younger. I swallow hard, as I begin to realize what you want me to do for you. To my surprise it excites me.

You greet everyone, shaking their hand or giving them a quick kiss on the cheek. You have obviously met some of them before. As we pass them, they run their hands over my body, and some fondle my hard erection.

Last in line is Peter. He turns towards us and has just put on the TV and inserted a DVD. He smiles broadly as you greet him with a hug, and on the TV screen a porn scene comes up with a woman sucking a big man’s cock.

“We’ve been eagerly awaiting you!” he greets me and unbuttons and unzips his jeans and pulls them down. His cock is hard and very big, and he is almost completely shaven I notice.

“Suck him off Ted!” you tell me with a big grin, as you put your hand on my shoulder and push me on me knees.

He continues to unbutton his shirt, as I kneel in front of him and grab his thick shaft. I gently caress it. It is warm and soft. I fondle his balls, and slowly start kissing and licking the swollen head. In the background I hear the man and woman on the TV moaning, and the music is turned down somewhat.

You caress my hair as you watch us. I can hardly believe I am actually doing this, sucking a man’s cock, but you want it, and it makes me incredibly horny. I slowly take him into my mouth and suck him. He moans loudly and closes his eyes.

Out of the corner of my eye I see someone coming up. It is Sara, the wife. She hands you a glass of wine, and over my head you greet each other with a kiss.

She leans down and kisses my cheek, and whisper in my ear:

“Suck him good, he usually comes big time!”

She giggles as mardin escort she stands up again and hugs Peter. Just then I feel him stiffen and swell. I know what is about to happen. He pulls out and starts masturbating himself right in front of my face. In seconds he reaches his climax and shoots a big load of white seed across my face. I look up at you and see you content smile. The colour of your cheeks show that you are also excited by this. You look into my eyes and as he comes again and again, spraying my hair and chest with his seed, you say;

“What a lovely cock sucker you are my dear!”

As Peter finishes and slumps down into a chair, another darkhaired man approaches. He has also pulled down his pants, and he caresses himself as he positions himself in front of me. I look up at him and lean in to lick his shaven balls. He smiles down at me, saying;

“You already have one hundred viewers!”

He points over to a man in a corner filming. I hadn’t noticed him, but a shiver runs down my spine as I realise it is a web-cam and that anyone in the world can see me now. The camera man approaches us, just as the dark man runs his dick across my wet face.

“You are a porn star tonight dear, for all the world to see” you say as you grab the man’s cock and start masturbating for him. He lets you take command, and I watch as you pump his big cock right in front of my mouth. Your pace is fast and he pants heavily. His knees are bucking as he approaches his orgasm. As he comes you catch his cum with your half empty wine glass, while you continue to caress him. I watch as the glass is filled with his man juice.

As he finishes and steps back you kneel down.

“Drink his cum for us!”

You bring the glass to my lips and raise it, and I slowly drink it down. It tastes good.

On the TV two women are showered by cum from two men, and they moan and sigh loudly.

“Now, lie down on the table!” You tell me as you smilingly stand up with the empty glass in your hand and caressing my cheek. Your eyes glitter lovingly.

I swallow down the last drops and move over to a nearby small and low wooden table, I lie back on top of it, shivering slightly from the cold surface. As I lie back my head is just at the end of the table, and I look up as two of the other men come up, holding and stroking their cocks over me. You sit down together with Peter’s wife in the sofa next to me.

You chat as I take turns sucking on the two men’s erect cocks. The filing man has moved closer and zooms in on me. Peter comes up with an iPad and shows it to you and his wife before showing me. I see myself live on the screen, sucking a big cock.

“4000 viewers now!”

I see the visitor number flash in orange on the screen in the lower right corner. It makes me scared and at the same time fantastically hot and aroused.

Just then, the two men come. They masturbate furiously as I open my mouth and stick out my tongue to catch their seed. Soon I feel their warm thick juices shoot across my face and into my open mouth. They come again and again and shoot big loads. Soon my mouth is filled and I let it dribble out. I think of all the people around the world that watch me and start caressing myself.

As they finally finish milking the last drops into my mouth, I suck them off in turns van escort one final time, and then sit up. I smile towards the camera and stand up. He motions me to follow him. You and Sara also get up and follow me through the house to the front door. I am led out into the small front yard, which is surrounded by a small low hedge and a low fence, and as the house is set at a corner between two larger roads with red lights and some soft street lights, it is softly lit. There are some trees and bushes to hind behind as well but I feel extremely expose as they all follow behind me into the front yard. Cars pass and I stop half way between the house and the front gate. You and the others come up behind me, the man filming me makes a circle around me as he films me. I swallow hard. The whole world could see me now out here. Another car passes by with the windows open and with the music turned up. My heart beats heavily. Peter comes up behind me and reaching up between my legs, fondle my balls and cock. I get rock hard again. He grabs my arms, and with one hand holds them together behind my back. He gently pushes me forward and onto the lawn, and in between the trees right at the corner of the yard, and very close to the red light. I stand still as he fondles me, and you and Sara walk around to my left and right and watching me smilingly you light cigarettes. They glow red in the gloom under the trees.

A car stops at the red light and a beautiful woman behind the steering wheel looks over at me. She is startled at first but then smiles as she sees you and Sara and all the naked men behind me. Peter pulls me down by the balls and I kneel down on the soft grass. Two of the men step up in front of me, and hold their half erect cocks up to my face. I lean forward and start licking and sucking on the one on my right. Soon it is fully erect, and I turn my attention to the one on the left. Then they start fucking my open mouth taking turns.

A mini buss stops at the red light and they lean out and holler as they see us.

“Go cock sucker!” one of the women yells after me as the light turns green and they drive off again.

I continue sucking on the two cocks, and the men breathe hard now. They can not be far from their climax now. Suddenly they stop, step back slightly while masturbating. The man with the camera moves in and so does Sara. She kneels beside me and looks intently at me.

“We see you like sucking those big hard cocks.”

She gently caresses my dick, and it is truly rock hard.

“Do you want them to come in your mouth?”

I just nod my heart beating heavily from the thought.

“Tell me …”

“I want them to come in my mouth! I want to drink their cum …”

I hear myself say straight into the camera.

The two men quickly step in and fill my mouth with their big throbbing members, one after the other. Soon one of the guys yells out, and my mouth is flooded by his silky warm salty cum. I swallow as he comes two, three, four, five times …

He pulls out and milks his dick onto my outstretch tongue. I lick the tip and swallow it all down. As he steps back I realize with a slight shock that a couple, a beautiful woman and a handsome man, have stopped to cross the road by the red light and are curiously watching the scene unfolding in the front yard. They ankara escort hold each other’s waists and smile as I lick my lips, and gently caress myself.

A bus passes by, and a few of the passengers look out of the window. I catch the eyes of a gorgeous red headed woman who looks at me with her mouth open.

I sit back and masturbate for the couple, Sara and you. Peter comes up next to me and masturbates as well, letting his dick caress my ear and chin.

“I’m going to shower you with my cum!” he declares, his voice thick with lust.

Then he explodes, and a stream of white cum rains across my shoulder, over my chest and in my face. He comes copiously. I turn my head towards him and grab his slowly softening cock. He steps closer, so I can suck on him. I rub his cock all over my face before, taking him into my mouth and sucking him. I feel him twitch.

Finale he pulls out exhausted and staggers back into the house. You and Sara stand leaning against a tree, watching me as I try to regain my senses. The only man I haven’t yet tasted is the camera man, a tall broad shouldered Asian looking guy. He films me as I run my hands all over my glistening wet body. I am covered in cum, and must have drunk a beer glass of it at least.

“Let’s go inside again cock lover!” Sara tells me and we all move back inside.

You say goodbye to the couple and as we walk inside you slap my ass.

The camera man waves us into the study. He pushes away the chair in front of the desk standing there. He hands the camcorder to Sara and quickly strips naked. As we approach him, I see myself on the PC screen standing on the desk. I am streamed live across the internet, as I kneel down in front of him, without being asked or told to do it. He smiles down at me.

Then you kneel down beside me, and your face fills the screen, as you take his thick long cut cock with your soft hand and start kissing it. I watch as you lick along his shaft, and then join in. Together we worship his massive rock hard tool, as the people online watch.

We kiss between taking turns sucking him.

“Yeah, suck my cock you cum loving couple!”

“Yeah! Look at you! What a man and wife passion! Blissfully about to share this man’s jizz ..!” Sara says into the microphone.

I look over at the screen and see the viewer count rise to 4000.

The man suddenly stiffens, and as he empties himself into your mouth, he cries out!”

“Fuck yes!”

I watch, as you let him finish himself off in your mouth. Then you let him go and turn to me. You look into my eyes as you start to French kiss me, filling my mouth with his cum. We swap it and let it dribble down our cheeks. Passionately we savour his love juice and our own deprivation.

After a long while we break the kiss, and you slowly stand up.

“They promised to make a video out of this as well, and upload it onto one of the free porn tube sites … “you laugh, as you pull me onto my feet.

Sara signs off the computer and live camera, as you and I slowly leave.

We walk silently hand in hand back to our house. You truly used “you’re night” to the maximum. As we enter, your mobile, which you forgot on the living room table beeps. You pick it up.

“55 sms! And the last one from my cocky boss, he asks if he can come for dinner tomorrow. He says he’ll bring the main course …”

You walk up to me and kiss me.

“They’ve all seen you, and want to come and use you … do you think I should invite him tomorrow, would you be ready to suck him off for dinner?”

I just nodd.

“I knew you would! In fact I invited my girlfriends at work over already, to watch!”

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