Flight to Submission Ch. 06

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She checked her watch and relaxed. It was only around 6am in Miami so she didn’t expect to receive any immediate response. She was startled, therefore, when moments later the phone rang. With hands that trembled (whether from excitement or apprehension, she couldn’t tell), Stephanie answered. Her new Master’s voice issued incisively through the phone.

“Well done sub,” he said. “I see you have obeyed my instructions.”

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie replied. “I hope I didn’t wake you!” she continued.

“Not at all,” was David’s response. “I am an early riser. I find I get more done in the hours before most other people rise. Besides,” he added, “I have already received a phone call from Master G, who has given me his in depth report about your actions and behaviour during the flight. I may say he was impressed, both by your defence of his sub to your colleague and your loyalty to your colleague. He also felt you conduct yourself exceptionally well in your job. You are efficient but friendly and approachable. Very well done, sub, I’m proud of you!”

Stephanie glowed in pleasure. She had always tried to do a good job but it seemed to her that this was taken for granted. It was a welcome change to receive praise and acknowledgement!

David’s voice cut through her thoughts.

“I have sent you a package that should be arriving any moment now,” he told her.

Sure enough, her doorbell rang at that moment.

“Go and answer the door but remain on the line,” David instructed.

Stephanie obediently rose and walked to the front door. On opening it, she saw a young man standing there with a very large, cardboard box and a signature handset. She signed for the box and asked the young man to bring it into her living room. Once he had done so, she thanked him and showed him out.

As she closed the front door, she brought the phone back to her ear.

“I’ve received the package, Sir,” she told David.

“Excellent,” he replied. “Now before you open it, I want you to go into your bedroom and strip. From now on you will remain naked in your apartment at all times unless I give you permission to dress. And Stephanie, I will know if you disobey me in this matter!” he warned.

Stephanie made a face. Being at the top of the old house, her apartment was not the best insulated and it could get uncomfortably cold in the winter months! Just imagining how it would be without clothes made her shiver.

“Do not worry about being cold,” David reassured her, seeming to read her mind, “I have made arrangements for your apartment’s insulation to be upgraded and for the heating system to be replaced with one that is more efficient,” he paused, “after all, I can’t have my sub suffering for her obedience to me, can I?” he asked.

“No Sir,” Stephanie said with a smile in her voice. She couldn’t help but smile at his last comment, but she was wondering what he had meant by knowing if she disobeyed him by not being naked at all times!

“Now strip for me!” David commanded and Stephanie automatically stood up and started to remove her clothing.

“One moment,” David’s voice halted her actions. “Lift your skirt and take a photo. Send it to me immediately!”

Stephanie was reaching for her skirt before her mind took in what she had been asked to do! Swallowing hard, she switched the phone to camera mode and took a picture of her bare pussy. She then sent the picture to her Master.

“Good girl!” David said approvingly. “I see you are learning obedience! Now proceed to strip off the rest of your clothes.”

Stephanie complied, removing her uniform and the beautiful bra he had bought her.

“Stand in front of your mirror and take a full length photo, then immediately send it to me!” came David’s voice through the phone.

Stephanie obeyed the command and placed herself in front of her mirror before positioning the camera to take a full length shot of her naked body.

“Excellent!” David said approvingly. “Very good girl, you are learning quickly. Now you may open the box in your living room.”

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie said, wondering how he knew the box was there and not in her bedroom. “Oh well, he probably just assumed I wouldn’t want anyone in my bedroom,” she thought to herself.

She walked through to the living room. It felt strange to be naked here, and somehow sinful. She knelt down and started to remove the tape holding the box closed. When she finally opened the flaps, she could see there were several other boxes inside. One by one she removed them. Some were lighter than others.

David’s voice once again cut into her thoughts.

“This package contains items that you will either use or wear according to my direction,” he told her.

Stephanie opened the largest of the boxes and caught her breath. Inside was a beautiful dress made of very light, silk chiffon in a bright buttercup yellow. She held it against her body and noticed that the skirt was high and very full, the slightest breeze would lift it. The ankarakazan.com bodice was deeply cut, rising to slim straps for her arms. The dress was lined with gossamer fine silk. Underneath the dress were two more outfits. The first consisted of a silk chiffon blouse and contrasting straight skirt in a silk linen mix. The blouse was a pale lavender and cut in the blouson style with full sleeves ending at neat cuffs and a row of small, pearl buttons running down the front. The skirt was in a deep, rich purple and like the skirt of the magenta dress, ended just above the knee and had high splits in either side. The second outfit consisted of a silk satin, tailored blouse in a deep emerald green. This was teamed with a full skirt, again in a silk linen mix and when Stephanie held it against her, it reached to mid-thigh, no lower. As the second skirt was removed from the box, it revealed one final item. Lying in the bottom of the box was a beautiful, deep red, silk robe. When she held it up against her she could see that it was short, falling to about mid-thigh length. It had a subtle pattern worked upon it in gold silk embroidery thread. All the clothes were obviously expensive and Stephanie felt uneasy about accepting them.

“Stephanie!” David’s voice commanded her attention. “What did I say about you being my sub?”

Stephanie thought frantically back to that last lunch she had taken with him and his words came powerfully back to her.

“As your sub, I am to take a pride in myself as I am a reflection upon you,” she said.

“Exactly right, sub,” David said. “From now on I will be choosing what it is that you wear and you will accept this without demur! Do you understand?”

Stephanie realised she was going to have no option but to accept the beautiful clothing her Master had purchased for her.

“Yes Sir, I understand,” she replied.

“Very well, you may continue to open the other boxes,” David told her in a gentler voice.

Stephanie drew out a smaller, lighter box and opened it. Inside were a variety of bras and thongs. Every bra was either a combination of satin and lace or pure lace and were either half cup or quarter cups. She also noticed that each was padded underneath the cup and she could see that once worn, they would raise her breasts high. The thongs were made either of the sheerest chiffon, pure lace or the thinnest, softest silk. All the bras and thongs were in striking colours. There were no nude tones and only two were white. Underneath that selection were two corsets. One was in a deep purple satin with black lace overlay and the other was in pure black leather that was as soft as butter. Stephanie could feel, however, that these were not the usual types of corset that could be bought in a high street store. As she ran her hands over them, she could feel that there was absolutely no give in the boning and as she experimentally tried to flex them, she realised that the boning was actually metal.

David’s voice sounded in her ear once again. “The two corsets that you have in front of you are training corsets,” he told her. “Although your figure is good, it is not yet perfect. As my sub you will be expected to have an hour glass figure and these corsets will train your body to that shape. These particular corsets have been made to your measurements and will start the process. As your body starts to change shape, you will be issued with new ones until you have reached the perfect shape,” he explained.

Stephanie swallowed hard. There was absolutely no give in either of the corsets and she could just imagine how confining they would be! She wondered how she was going to manage to lace them up to the specifications her Master would require.

Again, David seemed to read her mind. “Do not touch the lacings at the back,” he told her. “These have been pre-set. All you will be expected to do is to fasten the front.”

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie replied.

“Now open the final box,” David instructed.

As Stephanie picked it up, she could tell it was considerably heavier than the other two! She opened the flaps and gasped as she saw the contents. One by one she drew out the items and placed them on the coffee table. First there was a set of four wide, thick cuffs made of butter soft leather. Next were two collars, again in thick leather. The first was around 2″ thick with D rings set into each side and an O ring set into the front. The collar was closed with a buckle. The second was considerably higher and sculpted. Stephanie guessed it must be at least 3″ high and was made of a much harder leather, although once again, a softer leather lined the inside. This collar was secured by a padlock. Following the collars was a finely tooled leather leash, about 3′ long. Stephanie then picked up a small box which jingled when she shook it. Opening it revealed two pairs of nipple clamps inside, together with connecting chains. It looked as if one set was made of silver, the other of gold! Again, Stephanie reached into the box. Her pussy was starting to get wet, especially at the sight of the nipple clips! Another small box revealed a strange looking clip and Stephanie couldn’t stop herself from asking the question.

“Sir, I’ve just opened one of the small boxes and I can’t think what the contents are for!” she said to David.

“Sub, that is a clit clip,” David informed her. “You will be expected to experiment until you can apply it quickly and securely. You will do this every day until you become proficient in its use, do you understand?”

Stephanie hesitated, the idea of attaching this to her clit felt so sinful! However, she knew that she must obey her Master so she told him she understood and repeated his instructions back to him.

“Very good, sub” David said, “although you were straying close to disobedience in your hesitation!” he warned.

Stephanie shivered, remembering what the consequences of disobedience were! To divert herself from those thoughts, she delved once more into the box. This time she withdrew a rabbit vibrator, a large, thick dildo and a set of graduated butt plugs. She almost groaned as she saw the latter but bit it back, not wanting to disappoint or annoy her Master.

“I will expect you to use these every night,” David instructed her. “However, you are not to cum unless I have expressly given you permission to do so! Do you understand?”

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie replied. She had no idea how she was going to comply with his wishes. She had thought she had a low sex drive but the twenty four hours she had spent under her Master’s influence had rapidly changed that. She was finding that merely bringing out each item from the box was making her pussy wetter and her nipples harder.

She looked into the box and saw there was only one more item in there. It was a medium sized box. She drew it out and opened it up. What she saw inside were two clear domes and three clear glass tubes, each with a small rubber hose attached. There was also a small box that had 2 dials on its top. Again, she couldn’t picture what these were to be used for.

“I take it from your silence that you have found the last box,” said David.

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie replied. “But I can’t think what it is!”

“That is very simple, sub,” David said. “What you see in front of you is a pump. The domes are for placing over your breasts and the tubes are for your nipples and your clit. The hoses are connected to the pump, which is then switched on. This will cause a vacuum, which will in turn affect either your breasts or your nipples and your clit, depending which item I instruct you to use, enlarging them from their current size. As I said, you have a good figure but it is not yet perfect. Your breasts are currently a little small and your nipples and your clit also need to be larger so as to give better pleasure both to myself and to you! Again, you will use these items every day until I am satisfied. Do you understand?”

Stephanie felt ashamed. She wanted so much to please her new Master and to be found lacking was having a profound effect on her confidence. She felt tears bead in her eyes.

“Stephanie,” David said softly, his voice a caress, “I am not displeased with you and you need to remember that you are a beautiful woman. What I aim to do is merely enhance what you already possess! I do not expect my subs to undergo surgery to modify their bodies, I merely seek to enhance what nature has already bestowed!”

Stephanie dashed away a tear that trembled on her lower lash and smiled tremulously. She had thought that she was, yet again, proving to be a disappointment to someone she respected, but David’s words had soothed and reassured her. Maybe, just maybe, she really was what he said she was. She had already placed her trust in him and that meant that she needed to really listen and believe in what he was telling her!

David’s voice once more interrupted her musing.

“Stephanie, I want you to take the contents of the box and find space for everything in your bedroom,” he told her. “Then you are to go through your wardrobe and remove everything that I do not deem to be suitable attire. This means that all trousers will have to go, as will any blouses and sweaters that do not allow easy access to your body. Any skirts that are below the knee or that are straight without a split must also go. Any item of clothing that is of a drab or muted colour is also to go. All of your current underwear is to be disposed of as it is totally unsuitable to your station and you are also to get rid of any pantyhose, I believe you call them tights,” he continued. “Furthermore, you are to throw out any shoes that are flat or have a heel lower than 2″ and any shoes that have a thick heel, no matter what their height. You will place all of these items into a bag ready for removal. I will allow you to designate which charity shop these will be sent to. The only exception to this rule is your uniform. Is that understood?”

“Yes Sir!” Stephanie replied. She was worried. The items that her Master had designated as unsuitable consisted of the majority of her wardrobe and the four outfits that she had been given by him were not sufficient to fill the gap!

She glanced at her bedside clock and was amazed to see that she had been on the phone to her Master for over an hour! She couldn’t believe how fast the time had flown by.

As if reading her mind, David spoke once more.

“You will obey my instructions and text me once you have completed your task,” he told her. “You will then stand by for further instructions from me.”

“Yes Sir,” Stephanie replied and heard a click as her Master put the phone down at his end.

She moved to her chest of drawers and opening the top one, she removed all of her underwear. She remembered that there had been some charity bags posted through her letter box a few days ago and she thought they might still be on the hall table. She went to have a look, and sure enough, there they were. She brought them back into the bedroom, together with a black bag from the kitchen.

She proceeded to pack all of her underwear into the black bag. When she compared it to the beautiful sets she had just received, she couldn’t help but realise how plain and ordinary it all seemed. There was not one item that she had owned that could, by the remotest possibility, be deemed to be fancy or sexy!

She continued to go through each drawer methodically. Any items that did not adhere strictly to David’s specifications, were discarded. The items in good condition went into the charity bags, the others went into yet another black bag. Stephanie remembered that there was actually a clothing bank near the tube station that took old clothing to be recycled. She separated out the bags into individual piles as she went. When she finished with her drawers, she moved to the wardrobe. Again she went through it ruthlessly. When she was finished, there were very few items of clothing or shoes left! The drawers and the wardrobe were almost empty and once she had hung up the new outfits, they looked rather forlorn in their isolation.

She moved the bags out of the bedroom and placed them near to the front door, then moved back to the bedroom. Glancing at the clock once more, she found it was almost one thirty pm. It had taken her more time than she had thought to sort through and pack away her clothing.

She picked up the phone and typed a message to her Master. “All unsuitable clothing has been removed and packed up,” the message read.

Within seconds of the text being sent, the phone rang.

“Well done, sub,” David’s voice sounded in her ear approvingly. “You have been extremely obedient and I am very pleased with you. You did not make one decision that I would disapprove of!”

Stephanie’s mouth dropped open. How could he know what decisions she had made? She heard David chuckling quietly at the other end of the phone.

“I told you that I take a great interest in any woman I train,” David told her. “This means that I ensure I know exactly what you are doing at all times. I arranged to have CCTV installed in your apartment whilst you were en route back to the UK. I have also arranged for the lease of your apartment to be transferred to my name. After all,” he said, “I want my sub to be concentrating on obedience to me and not be distracted by trivial matters such as paying the rent!”

Stephanie was startled by his words. Part of her was shocked at his high-handedness, but another part felt relief. She had a decent job but living in the London area, even an area such as Ealing Common, was expensive and she had very little left at the end of each month. With her Master’s assumption of the rent, it would ease the financial strain on her. However, she had a few qualms about accepting this largesse as she had been brought up to believe that money should be earned.

David had been closely observing the play of expressions across Stephanie’s face. He knew this was a crucial turning point for her. He had done some research whilst she was in the air and had found out that she had been generous in her description of her parents. Her mother was a disapproving martinet, straight-laced, buttoned-up and incredibly hard on her only daughter and although her father was an easy going man, he consistently failed to defend his daughter against the unjust treatment his wife meted out. It all added up to Stephanie being completely repressed and he found it easy to see why she had no confidence in herself as a person!

“Stephanie,” he said gently. “Tell me what you are thinking. As your Master, I need to know your mind at all times!”

Stephanie cleared her throat. “I’m pretty taken aback, Sir, both at your installing CCTV without my being here and at your assumption of my rent! I can take care of myself and I’m not sure I’m comfortable with the presence of the CCTV.”

“Stephanie,” David chided gently, “Do you believe I have your best interests at heart?”

Stephanie took her time to think about his question. She knew he would not accept a quick or glib answer. Eventually she gave him her reply.

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