The Neighbour Chapter 3

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The Neighbour Chapter 3The Nieghbourchapter threei opened my eyes…as i focused them you still lay beside me your breathing slow..and your face was peaceful and content… we lay side by side on the large couch…your long black sheer gown flowed long your body, till it reached you thighs and then opened up and drifted to the floor….i looked at you sleeping so comfortably….i moved my hands down from your neck along your your slowly rising chest pushing back the silky material that covered your enchanting orbs… i exposed one and i slowly run my fingers over it.. gently touching your hardening nipple.. between two fingers i gently roll it and squeeze it. as i did i watched your face for any signs of acknowledgment… you were still way off in a gentle sleep…. i ventured further to your other breast pull the cover from it… exposing it to my eyes.. it nipple pink and hard already… my tongue reached out and touched it..licking around its hardness… slowly sucking it into my mouth.. and gently taking it between my teeth…a slight reaction this time as you let out a tiny groan.. of appreciation my hands continued its adventure down past your flat tight tummy to the triangle of your love… i slowly.. caressed and touched your thighs…moving my fingers up and down and around the pouting lips of your sex… and then along your inner thighs…down one side and then up the other…leaving a trail of goose bumps as i moved… your slight moans became more pronounced… as your lips parted and your tongue slowly appeared.. running along your red lips……my fingers once more glided up to your cleanly shaven lips… gently touching the, i slowly inserted one bahis firmaları between them i could feel the wetness … you were already excited.. i found your hard clit and i began to massage it between two fingers…your eyes were now flickering as you began to climb up form your sleep….running my now very wet finger between your swollen lips i sought out the treasure of your sex… your tiny love hole…. one finger my middle one… moved, and pushed past the muscle…that guarded your opening…penetrating you slightly….your thighs voluntary opened… allowing further access… my finger was now in all the way…i moved it back and forth.. watching as your..sleep filled face turned to one of knowing lust….your red lips turned up wards..showing me how much you were enjoying this…your love juices were flowing freely now and as i pulled my finger out … a little river of honey followed….i swiftly moved down ….wanting to taste your love flow…i moved in between your thighs… and my fingers opened your lusting lips…exposing your tiny love hole and your thick hard clitoris….my tongue darted out…touching and lightly caressing your hard clit… running down to your love…. your hips began to slowly move with the tempo of my tongue…as i continued to shower your sex with my…love movements….your groans started to escape form your slightly pouting lips…i could see the movements of your eyes under there lids.. as you moved and swayed to my passion….my free finger slid down the wet crack of your ass cheeks.. to the tiny puckering hole of your anus… touching and teasing it…your breathing became more pronounced as you were tipobet güvenilir mi close to cummmmming…. i licked and bit gently at you…. holding open your love … and freely drinking at the honey sweet juices that flowed form you…. with a sudden burst you opened your eyes and you came….your groans filled the room….your hips bucked and moved to the rhythm of my tongue and fingers….one finger now buried deep into your sex and the other sinking further into your anal opening…yours eyes looked down at me filled with astonishment and pleasure… as you groaned and rocked before me… your breast heaved and thrust outwards as you shook with the passion of your climax…. my tongue continued to lick and suck at you…. sending you into another wave of sheer orgasm…. your hands reached down holding my head close to you…. making sure that i did not escape…in and out my fingers pumped..and my flickering tongue…plunged deep inside you bringing you to yet another full filling…climax….. you reached out to me bringing me up to your face… kissing at me you tasted the sweet sector of your sex on my lips…your tongue plunged deep into my mouth searching and exploring ……my now very hard organ.. touched against your wet thighs… moving closer to the opening …you instinctively opened your legs wider….and you pulled me closer with your hands.. reaching to my firm strong buttock… you massaged them….your fingers moved right to the strength of my passion… grasping it and gently running your fingers along its shaft… stroking it you found the opening of your love…my shaft penetrating your naked swollen pink bets10 lips….the head of my manhood prying at you pushing at you gaining access to you…. gently pushing past the muscles that would hold it prisoner…deeper and deeper i penetrated you till my shaft was fully engulfed inside you…..holding my position….i stopped and felt the warmth of your inner my hard throbbing muscle… lay there…your legs moved further apart and wrapped themselves around my lower back…. holding me there…. our lips still locked in there passionate hold…. my hands gently massaging your firm breasts touching the hard nipples … i began to move back and forth pulling my strength out and thrusting it back deep inside you or bodies became as one as we rode our passion to its heights…moving my hands down to your buttock i firmly gripped them and began to pump my shaft deeper and deeper inside you….your groans of pleasure filled my ear as my tongue found the tiny end of your ear… exploring the inner regions…whispering my love words to you sending you to your pulsating climax…. and the feeling of your sex muscles as they clenched at my thrusting shaft…brought me to my soaring height…and i let out a loud i reached my own climax… filling your love with my gushing seed…your legs wrapped tightly around me… holding on as i plunged and bucked deep inside you… your climax.. flowing over you .. the lips of your love toy…. clenching and grabbing at me… milking me of all my juice….we continued to flow the waves of passion consumed us… i lay there out of breath as we finally came sown to earth… your lips kissing at me…. and my hands gently holding you close… we lay there in complete silence… as we enjoyed each other … felling the new passion that was there between us…and the bond that was still my organ lay.. seeping the remaining fluid deep inside you…

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