The Intern Ch. 08

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I strongly recommend new readers to read some, at least, of the previous chapters otherwise you will be lost with the characters and their various relationships.


I believe, and I see no reason to doubt it, that we change position continuously while we sleep. It is curious therefor that when I woke in the morning I was in exactly the same place as I had been when I had fallen asleep. To be fair it took me a while to work this out. I was still lying on my side, but it took some time to decipher some new sensations and I was puzzled until I worked out that the weight on my waist was an arm and the feeling at my back was of another naked body. Slowly memories of last night returned. Very carefully I moved onto my back and looked to the side. Rose was still sleeping deeply with a smile on her face. I grinned to myself. It seemed she had happy memories of yesterday as well.

I lay quietly for a while gazing at the sleeping face until other urges began to take over. I carefully lifted her arm away from my waist and pulled the blanket away from my side. As I slipped from the bed I made sure she remained covered. Without bothering to cover myself I padded into the bath room and sat on the toilet. A satisfying gush cascaded into the bowl and I breathed a sigh of pleasure. I stood up and closed the door before turning on the shower. It was so refreshing to feel the hot water hitting me. It washed away all the excesses of the night before yet still allowed the memories to remain.

I stepped out and picked up one of my extra-large towels and dried myself off. As I dried between my thighs I smiled as a tingle brought back images of Rose ministering to my needs. She had made me cum three times and had improved each time without any training. There was still lots for her to learn but it was a promising start. I put on a robe and went back into the bedroom. Rose had rolled onto her back but was still sleeping. I flicked up the blanket from the end of the bed and exposed one of her feet. I took hold of it and shook it vigorously. Her eyes popped open and she looked around frantically. She seemed confused and lost in the surroundings of my bedroom. I was ready to guess that she had spent very few if any nights out of her own bed in her life. Finally, she saw me standing at the end of the bed with my hand still gripping her ankle.

“Wake up, sleepy head,” I said in a soft voice, “time to get up. You may shower in the bathroom across the hall. I’ll be downstairs making coffee and toast. No need to dress but be quick.”

Without waiting for her reply, I let go of her foot and walked out. Telling her to use the bathroom across the hall was just one way of making sure she knew her place. The last thing I wanted was for her to get over-familiar. In the kitchen I filled the kettle and got a pot ready to make fresh coffee. I switched on the grill and put slices of bread under. The coffee pot was almost full, and I was just finishing buttering the toast when she shyly came in looking all scrubbed and clean. I pointed to a chair and she sat down at the table. I put the toast in the centre alongside a pot of jam and another of marmalade. I pushed a cup of coffee across the table towards her and then sat down and started to concentrate on my own breakfast. There seemed little need for conversation. After a little hesitation Rose picked up a slice of toast, spread jam on it and started to eat. She seemed reluctant to lift her head and look at me and I indulged her. I sat back and sipped at my coffee and watched her as she ate. She was like a bird, taking little nibbles at her toast in contrast to the way she had attacked her pizza last night.

When she had finally finished eating and had picked up her coffee and taken a mouthful she suddenly realised where she was and who she was with. She looked up and gave me an embarrassed smile.

“Good morning, Miss, I’m sorry,”

“That’s ok, Rose, I realise that yesterday was all a new experience for you. How are you this morning?”

“Very well, thank you Miss.”

“Good. And now we must wait for Yvonne to return. Can you remember what I said to her last night?”

She thought for a while, her forehead creasing with concentration. “That she was to be here by nine o’clock?”

“Exactly right. Well done for remembering, and here it is already five past,” I said gesturing at the large vintage clock on the wall. “Can you remember what I said the consequences would be if she was late?”

Again, she tried to recall a half-remembered speech. “Something about being punished, Miss?”

“Quite right. Now, what do you think that punishment should be?”

“I-I-I don’t know, Miss.”

“Well … I was thinking a good spanking. Do you think that would be a good idea?”

“If you think so, Miss.”

“I do. I think one for each minute she is late.” I glanced at the clock again, “Which is now ten.”

I lapsed into silence and we both sat quietly drinking our coffee as the sound of the clock’s tick-tock filled the room. It was almost a quarter past when hastane porno the doorbell went which made us both jump.

“That’ll be her now I hope. Be a good girl and answer it for me.”

She jumped up immediately but then hesitated as thoughts of her encounter with the pizza delivery man came flooding back. Realising there was no point in appealing to my better nature she turned and headed for the front door. When she returned moments later she was followed by Mo who was trailed by a very sad looking and completely naked Yvonne. Mo was carrying the coat that Yvonne had worn for her late-night walk and she made as if to speak but I silenced her with a wave of my hand and looked at Yvonne.

“I hope you have an explanation for being late, young lady,” I said severely. “You were told to be here at nine and yet you are fifteen minutes late. What do you have to say for yourself?”

“I’m sorry, Miss.”

“Sorry is not good enough.” I turned to Mo, “maybe you can enlighten me, Mo?”

“I tried my best, I honestly did. It took several attempts to get her out of bed. To be honest I shall be glad to let you have her back, she’s been a grumpy bitch all morning.”

“Late and grumpy? This is not good. Why is she so grumpy?”

“Because I kept to my promise. She still hasn’t cum although she’s been very close a few times. Perhaps more than a few as it wasn’t till gone dawn that I finally let her sleep.” Mo’s grin was sly and mischievous.

“I hope the same isn’t true for you.”

“Oh, don’t worry about that. I made sure I got more than my fair share. But now I must go, I have proper business to deal with. Thanks once more for the loan. Hope you had as much fun as I did,” and she winked at me and I smiled to let her know all was well as far as I was concerned. After she had left I continued to stare at Yvonne who looked fixedly at the floor trying to show that she was contrite.

“I said last night that you would be punished for lateness and I am not a woman to go back on her word as well you know. Wait here for me until I call for you …both of you. I want you to watch this Rose.”

I stood and marched past them to the living room. I went around and picked up all the discarded clothing from last night and threw them in a heap behind the sofa out of sight before I sat at my usual end of the couch and called to them to come in. Yvonne instinctively took a place in the centre of the room still staring at the floor. Rose stood just inside the door with a bewildered expression wondering what was about to happen. I looked around for the toys from yesterday and then remembered I had taken them upstairs with me last night.

“Rose, do you remember the paddle that Mo used last night?” she nodded nervously so I continued, “I took it back upstairs. Please run and fetch it for me.”

She quickly turned and bolted out of the door. While she was away I stood up and slowly walked a circle around Yvonne. Her bottom was, if anything, even redder than it had been when she left last night and there were marks and a slight reddening on her boobs, all the work of Mo no doubt. When Rose returned I held out my hand and she put the paddle into it.

“Stand on the other side of her, Rose, I want you to witness this. How many minutes late was she, fifteen I believe?”

“I think it was closer to sixteen, Miss.”

I stopped suddenly as I let this sink in. I had not expected this. I had expected her to either agree with me or maybe lie on Yvonne’s behalf and try and reduce what was to come. But, no, she had shifted things up a notch, only by a minute, but it seemed a significant step. I looked at her and she was grinning from ear to ear. The little bitch was actually enjoying this. This was a new development and an aspect to Rose that I hadn’t anticipated and was one that I made sure I noted and stored away for later examination. I managed to bring myself back to the Yvonne problem.

“Very well, sixteen it is. I think the first eight on the bottom and then we’ll explore elsewhere. Eight on each cheek of course,” I said, sneakily doubling the number. “Bend over, slut, and grasp your ankles. Rose, make sure she doesn’t topple over.”

Yvonne was already close to tears as she did as she was told. Her red butt cheeks stood out and made a tempting target. Yvonne was silent for the first three on each cheek but cracked as the next pair came down. She yelped and squirmed and tried to rise but I noticed that Rose pressed down firmly on her back to hold her in place. Yvonne was sobbing by the time I’d delivered the eighth pair, so I paused. It was then that I had a good idea!

“Two more on each,” I said so that Yvonne could prepare herself. But then I threw her my ‘curve ball’. “Would you like to try these, Rose?”

I held out the paddle, handle first. And she took it with a surprised look. She swung it back and forth a couple of times to get the measure of its weight and then looked at me.

“Go ahead. In your own time,” I told her, “just two on each.”

The hemşire porno first two were mild attempts and I thought she was trying to be kind, but I was wrong, and she was just testing the feel of things as the last two came down, possibly even harder than I had done and Yvonne yelped after each, more loudly than she had done before. I held out my hand and Rose passed the paddle back to me. She was still grinning, and I realised that I had a potential problem on my hands. I suddenly decided to reverse my earlier proclamation.

“I think we’ll call that all the sixteen,” and I ignored Rose’s disappointed look. “Stand up Yvonne.”

She straightened up slowly and reached behind to sooth her beaten and battered backside. It was time to return to reality.

“Go upstairs and find your office clothes. We have work to go to.” After she had left I turned to Rose. “Your mother will be here soon to do the cleaning. You may either go home or wait here for her.”

“But my clothes, Miss?”

The look of triumphant joy was gone, and she was back to looking worried and a little frightened.

“They need to go in the wash. I suggest you phone your mother and ask her to bring a fresh set round. Explain it as you think best.”

At this moment Yvonne returned in her pink blouse and the usual black mini-skirt. She had also quite clearly chosen a set of black underwear. I nodded approvingly at the fact that she was starting out in ‘flirty’ mode with the top two buttons undone.

I was about to head for the door and leave when I heard the unmistakeable sound of a key in the lock. Rose heard it too and knew immediately what it was. She looked around desperately for somewhere to hide but could see nowhere.

“We’re in here, Mrs M,” I called out.

“Still here, Ms P?” she called back as she came through the door. She looked around, cannily taking in our little group. “You still not dressed, Rose?” she said confronting her daughter.

“Things got a bit messed up last night,” I explained, “they’re mostly behind the couch or upstairs. They’ll need a good wash. She was going to call you but we’re all a bit late getting started today.”

“Well, she’ll just have to live with it till they’re washed and dried. I’ll set her to doing the vacuuming. Teach her a lesson.”

“But mum …”

“It’s either that or you can walk home and get some fresh clothes.”

Rose’s face fell at that thought and she looked shamefaced as her mother made her announcement. I thought it best to leave them to it and beckoned to Yvonne to follow me. We left the fraught family atmosphere and got in the car and drove off. At the office I got Yvonne to type a couple of letters and sort out some invoices. She sat at her computer very carefully and had difficulty in staying still. I busied myself while giving her an occasional glance and inwardly smiling to myself. I looked in my diary and noticed that I had forgotten that I had an appointment at 11 o’clock. Some young woman wanting to chat about organising her wedding reception. I didn’t know her, but I knew the family she was marrying into. One of the oldest in the county and although no longer the possessors of a huge fortune were old enough and wealthy enough to demand special treatment from me. I could see this as being quite a lucrative contract as long as I managed to secure it.

I looked over at Yvonne who was still busy at the computer and still squirming uncomfortably in her chair. I told her about the impending appointment and how important it was for me to get the contract. Not knowing the girl in question apart from the fact that she was from London and she’d met her man while they both worked in the city, I was a little unsure how to play it. In the end I decided that she must surely know her way around the world at large so I thought that dangling Yvonne in front of her like a carrot was worth a try, so I told her to go to the next level and get into ‘sexy’ mode. She grinned knowingly at my suggestion and undid another button carefully rearranging the front of her blouse to show herself off as best she could. As she turned back to her work she must have moved awkwardly in her chair, as she winced, and her brow furrowed in pain. I hoped my fun and games wouldn’t get in the way of my negotiations.

I busied myself doing research on local suppliers of flowers and suitable venues for holding what would probably be a quite posh reception. Certainly, a little bit fancier than the usual village hall or back room of a pub. These things may have already been arranged but it was worth it just in case. I was busy looking through the menu of a local country house hotel when the was a sharp knock on the door. Before I had the chance to call “come in”, the door opened, and a young girl swept into the room.

She was younger than I had expected by two or three years at least and very beautiful. She carried herself with the air of one who is aware of and is secure in her beauty. She had jet black hair worn loose and reaching past her waist. hikaye porno She was simply yet still elegantly dressed in a plain pale green summer dress and sandals. I wouldn’t have minded betting that both the dress and the sandals were high-end designer labels and very expensive. I barely had time to stand before she spoke.

“Hi, I’m Jocinda Ramirez but everyone calls me Joss. I’m here about the wedding.”

I held out my hand. “I’m Felicity Pearson, please call me Flick, everyone else does,” and I smiled and let her take my hand. The firmness of her grip surprised me as I’d been expecting one of those wet fingertip touches so beloved of the gentry when dealing with those whose job it was to serve them. I gestured to the chair opposite me on the other side of the desk.

“Congratulations on your forthcoming marriage,” I said to open the conversation, “would you care for a coffee?”

“I don’t suppose you have anything stronger?”

“A glass of wine? I always keep some in just in case.”

“Sounds ideal.”

“Yvonne can you sort out a couple of glasses for us. The wine’s in the fridge.”

Yvonne stood up and walked rather awkwardly to the kitchen area. When she came back she put two glasses and the bottle on my desk and went back to her work. I had noticed that all this time the young woman opposite me hadn’t taken her eyes off Yvonne and even turned slightly to watch her as she sat at her own desk. She turned back to me and leant across the desk.

“Is she ok?” she asked in a hushed voice, “she seems to be in some sort of discomfort.”

“She hurt her bottom earlier this morning. She’s fine really.”

“Oh dear, how did that happen?” she asked in the same conspiratorial whisper.

Instead of answering directly I looked in the direction of Yvonne. “Maybe you would like to tell Ms Ramirez why your bottom hurts. I’m sure she’d be fascinated.”

“Oh, please do. Was it some awful accident?”

Yvonne swivelled in her chair and hung her head. “I’d rather not.” Was all she could bring herself to say.

“But Ms Ramirez has asked you directly. Don’t be shy.”

There was a long silence while Yvonne summoned up the courage to speak. Finally, she did so, “I was late for work, Miss.”

Joss glanced at me and looked puzzled before turning her attention back to the embarrassed Yvonne. “But why would that make your bottom hurt?”

“I … errr … needed to be punished for my lateness,” Yvonne finally managed to blurt out. I could tell from her voice that she was close to tears. I felt little concern as this would only add to the effectiveness of the punishment.

Again, Joss looked at me and raised a querying eyebrow. When I silently responded with a grin her face slowly change as she realised what had happened and she broke into a smile and winked at me. I was beginning to like this girl. She turned back to Yvonne.

“Show me,” she demanded, “I want to see how bad it is.”

“Miss?” Yvonne could hardly believe her ears.

“Turn around and lift your skirt and show me,” Joss repeated a little more tartly this time.

Very slowly Yvonne got up from her chair and turned her back on us. It seemed to take an age for her to lift her skirt up to her waist and allow her bright pink cheeks to be on display. I glanced at Joss, but she was intent on looking at Yvonne.

“Back up, girl, come closer.”

With tiny steps Yvonne shuffled backwards towards us. When she was close enough Joss reached out with both hands and cupped the cheeks of her arse.

“Still nicely warm,” she commented as she softly massaged the reddened cheeks. “How late were you to deserve this?”

“F-f-fifteen minutes, Miss.”

“Sixteen!” I sternly corrected her.

“Well that is quite late, so I reckon you must have deserved it. Now, turn around and face me.”

Not bothering to pull her skirt back down Yvonne quickly responded to the commanding tone. She kept her face downcast and her gaze fixed on the floor, but I could see that her face was as red as her bottom. Joss looked her up and down and then reached out and fondled one of her nearly exposed breasts.

“Is looking like a slut also part of the punishment?”

“That’s mostly for my pleasure,” I interrupted, “she’s my assistant but also my piece of office eye-candy. She also has her uses when entertaining clients such as yourself.”

“And how entertaining does she get,” she asked me with a knowing look.

“How entertaining do you want her to be?”

“Well you and I have business to discuss but I’m sure she’d fit nicely under your desk while we did so.”

It wasn’t hard to imagine what Joss was after and when I turned to Yvonne she had already anticipated things. She was already on her knees and was crawling under the desk. I looked under my side of the desk and saw her, facing away from me, her skirt still up and her red bottom still on display and pointing in my direction. What was going on at the head end I could only guess but Joss seemed to relax as we began to go through her requirements for the wedding. It took some time to work through the list of things and I had to stop at least three time when Joss totally lost focus for a few minutes. I amused myself by kicking off my shoes and sliding my foot between Yvonne’s thighs and rubbing her pussy with my toes.

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