The Grind

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I’m usually the fuck-er, not the fuckee.Generally speaking, I set the pace of our fucking, of the strokes of my dick with my hips, egged on by your whimpers and moans, emboldened by your body reacting to mine. I like to be ‘in charge’, to have a handful of your hair as you swallow the tip of my stiff cock, guiding your rhythm and occasionally holding you in place whilst I tell how much of a good girl you’re being. To hold your wrists behind your back, your face buried in the tangled sheets as I slowly push myself past your glistening folds. To wrap the fingers of one hand around your slender neck as I furiously fuck you with the other, splashing us both with your gushing lust as the pressure builds behind your eyes.It’s not often that I get to be fucked.The way you suck my dick is unrivaled. The sensation of the tip of your tongue running from the hilt of my cock, up the length to its zenith, makes me breathless. There are times that you leave me a trembling mess after tightly stroking my spit-covered dick long after I’ve shot bursa escort thick ropes of hot spunk into the air and over my hairy torso.As amazing as those moments are, I don’t ever feel dominated in them. I could suggest we move position, or select a toy to play with to change it up a bit, or just tell you how much I want to be inside you at that moment, and it would probably happen.There is one act, though, that gives me the submissive edge that I crave. It combines my love of eating your cunt with my need for pleasuring you. Yes, I said ‘need’. I have to give you everything I can. I long to leave you spent and shattered, sweat-soaked and smiling. Some days, it’s all I can think about. The thought of you pinning my wrists under your knees and slowly lowering your summer-scented snatch onto my outstretched and eager tongue is enough for me to lose a day to.…The warmth of your throbbing cunt hits me first. That deep, radiating heat that only seems to come from lips and dicks and engorged clits. I can feel it against my face like bursa escort bayan the first break of the spring sun after a long, lonely winter. I bask in its glow, savouring a long draw of fresh cotton mixed with heady notes of crushed vanilla pods, warmed whiskey and nutmeg. The essence of you intoxicates me and my chest swells as I breathe you in again. It makes my cock twitch with excitement.The sight of you hovering over me is powerful. You’re in control despite being naked and vulnerable. I could move my head an inch or two to one side and tickle you with my beard, or run my tongue flat against your thigh and ruin the moment. I could sink my teeth into your leg and bite your femoral artery in an animalistic reaction to being pinned in this position.None of that matters though, not in this moment. Right now, you’re the boss. The alpha. The one calling the shots.It’s a side of yourself that you don’t let out often, no matter how headstrong and confident you come across in everyday life. You like being fucked, to be taken escort bursa and held, picked up and thrown around, spanked and slapped and fingered. You crave that mixed mess of mascara, spit, and spunk across your face. Most of the time you are the fuckee, the object of desire whether it’s in the bedroom or out in public – there are lustful eyes on you – but right now you decide exactly how much of you I get to look at – your knowing grin, your heavy sweat-sheened breasts with their straining nipples, your beautifully soft stomach, the thick patch of curled hair adorning your perfectly plump pussy – and you get to decide how much I’m allowed to taste you. You’re aware of how much I love this and you’re going to tease every ‘fuuuuuck’ and beg and dick-twitch out of me before you give me your full weight.With a smirk, you bury my nose into your cunt hair and arch your hips so your lips are just touching my mouth. I give gentle kisses as I take deep breaths. There’s a moisture on my lips that isn’t mine. I want to lick it off. I want more of it. I want to plunge my tongue inside you and feel you pulse against it. Your hips arch forward and you guide my mouth to your hood. I kiss you softly, feeling the stiffness of your clitoris against my lips.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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