The evening i changed

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The evening i changedThe evening i changedThis is pure fiction My usual saturday routine was underway. Drinking alone at my local sports bar. 6 beers in, a stunning women with dark brown hair walks in. Shes wearing a black dress high heels, and a choker. Obviously im checking her out and c cup chest, but in my head i know shed never go for a guy like me, im tall bearded, chubby and have a pony tail… think louise ck but with pony tail. Compared to her looking like seline from underworld… i stood no chance, for so i thought.I ask the bartender for another beer, as she gets it for me, who would walk over but her, the woman i was just checking out. She comes over and tells me her name is Jackie. I introduce myself and we proceed to do that awkward chit chat before you hook up. After two more beers shes asks me to leave karabağlar escort with her. In no time i ask for the check and we make it to her place.She takes me to the bedroom, we start making out. She leaves to go grab a drink from her kitchen. She comes back hands me the drink and we both sip. Then we go back to talking, and suddenly i feel really sleepy. I end up passing out.I start to wake up when i feel two mouths on my dick. I wake up and Jackie is underneath me. She repositions herself and slides her pussy right on my dick. Confused, and with no sense of will power i begin pushing into her with my 7 inch cock. Shes starts moaning and grinding on my dick, then yells its your turn. I feel something enter my asshole. I stop moving for a moment as i am filled with pain. In that moment karabağlar escort bayan i had just enough will power to turn and see a tall hispanic man, also on the chubby side, sliding his 9 inch cock inside me. I look back down at her, she tells me this is ricky, her husband. She starts moving again, and me still lost starts pushing back into her, all while ricky pushes into me. As he strokes inside me, he pushes me into her. For a few more moments im confused, and powerless to stop this. Finally i start to feel control of myself, i finally moved my hands, was able to reach around to rickys ass cheeks, and began forcing him into me more. I was enjoying myself which was weird cause id never been with s man nor ever thought of it. But each push he made inside me made me feel a wave escort karabağlar a unexplainable joy. Jackie noticed this and picked up the pace under me. For 20 mins, i was fucking her, and he was fucking me. Then i felt ricky pull out of me. As i am still fucking jackie, he stands right infront of me, and without missing a beat i take his dick into my mouth. Just then i feel myself cum inside jackie, and ricky cums in my mouth. Ricky then bends over and shoves his tounge in my mouth, and our tounges danced as cum dripped from our mouths.We both swallow what remains and i pull out of Jackie. Ricky and I without missing a beat position ourselves right infront of her cum soaked pussy and begin to eat her out. Jackie squirts from the excitement of it all and i drink my cum and her squirt. Now all three of us lay there. I am massively confused, i was just ****d for crying out loud. But i have one hand on rickys cock, and two fingers inside jackie.Jackie asks if i wish to keep going. I shove my finger deeper into her. She says givve me a min. She grabs her phone, and simply says we found one, come over now.To be continued…

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