The Escort Ch. 17-18

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Part 17

While still naked, Antonio sat on Toni’s bed while she removed several outfits from her closet and dresser drawers. He sat there watching every movement of her lean muscular body as she moved around the room selecting clothing and lingerie. He loved the way her breasts swayed as she turned, and the muscles in her ass flexed sexily as she knelt to pick a pair of shoes from the bottom of her closet. When he saw the peek of her wet pussy as she bent over, he had all he could do to hold back from walking over and ramming his cock deep into her slick wetness.

She turned from the closet and with a few items draped over her arm, she picked up the other clothes from the bed. “I’ll go in the bathroom and try on the first outfit, then come back and you can see it. Don’t you dare move from that bed, Antonio.” He grinned and promised not to move by settling himself back against the headboard of the bed and his hand over his cock. She winked at him then swayed her ass on her way through the bathroom door, teasing him.

She quickly pulled on the first outfit, a transparent white lacy one-piece teddy with holes in the bodice for her nipples to poke through and open crotch, and matching white lace stockings. She slid her feet into a pair of white 4–inch heels then gave her hair a quick fluff with her brush before going out to the bedroom. Antonio’s eyes almost popped out of his head when she stepped through the door and he saw the transparency of the teddy. The rosy blush of her nipples showed plainly through the thin fabric and he could see the moist slit of her pussy through the open crotch of the teddy as well.

He gulped and said, “Mistress, you look like an angel straight from Heaven! You look beautiful!” She blushed and thanked him before turning back to go in the bathroom for the next outfit, a black leather bustier with rhinestone studs, garter-belt, black leather thong panties, black fishnet thigh-high stockings and knee-high black leather boots with 5-inch heels. She put her hair up in a pony-tail with a black silk scrunchie, then went out to the bedroom.

Antonio immediately got on the floor on his knees, bowing low to the floor in a submissive gesture, which made Toni blush more, knowing that when atakent escort Antonio saw a woman wearing this particular outfit, he was trained to submit to her every whim. She told him to get up which he did, and he said, “Mistress, I worship you and your beauty! That outfit is perfect!” Toni smiled and thanked him before going back into the bathroom to change into the third and final outfit, a red lace camisole with a matching garter belt, thong panties, red silk stockings and red high heel shoes.

Antonio was speechless when she emerged from the bathroom and graciously thought she looked stunning. He said, “I think the black outfit would be best, Mistress. It will knock his socks off for sure! The red is very erotic and the white is virginal except for the open crotch, but the black is by far the most captivating for whetting his sexual appetite. I know he will be mesmerized by not only the clothing, but by your exquisite beauty as well. I know I sure am!” Then he walked over to her and took her in his arms, and dropped his head to place his lips tenderly on hers in a gentle kiss, which soon turned fierce as his ardor increased.

Toni felt his cock harden quickly against her belly and she felt moistness gathering in her pussy. She broke the kiss and pulled Antonio to her bed and made him sit while she slowly undressed, swaying her body to some sensual music which only she could hear as she peeled off the red lace camisole, the garter belt & stockings, and finally the thong panties, until she stood completely nude in front of him. He could see the moistness of her juices on her upper inner thighs, close to her swollen pussy lips and he felt his cock jerk in his hand.

Just as she was about to straddle his lap and impale herself on his hard shaft, her phone rang. Antonio tried to persuade her to let the machine get it, but she had to answer it in case it was the agency. She quickly grabbed the phone from her dresser and answered it to find out that it was indeed the agency, calling to inform her that Daniel had cancelled their engagement for the following evening. She didn’t worry about it though since she would still get paid the mandatory $200 base fee akbatı escort plus a $50 cancellation fee paid by the client. She hung up the phone and went back to the bed to spend the rest of the night with Antonio and his glorious cock!

Part 18

Toni waited a few hours for another call from her company. When that call came, she learned that her next client was someone who enjoyed domination. The conversation didn’t last long, so she had time to get ready for the appointment. Antonio’s reaction to the black leather outfit helped her a lot with her choice of clothing.

Jumping into the shower, Toni shaved and washed completely. She put on the black leather bustier with the rhinestone studs, black leather garter-belt, black leather thong panties with the Velcro on the sides for quick removal, and her black thigh-high fishnet stockings. She slid her feet into her knee-high black leather boots with the 5-inch heels then did her makeup. She put her hair up in a pony-tail with a black silk scrunchie, then went out to the bedroom. Her make-up was darker and more dramatic to accentuate the vampish dominatrix look.

The client met her at the hotel bar. She saw the gentleman wearing a suit at the bar drinking from a martini glass. Toni felt slightly uncomfortable walking in wearing only a black leather trench coat over her outfit and being surrounded by all these powerful lawyers, accountants, and other professionals. The stool next to the man became empty and she sat down. She looked him over slowly and smiled at him before introducing herself to him. He introduced himself as Darren, and he was quite surprised to see how she looked. He expected an escort more interested in exchanging money than getting to know the client as a person.

They chatted for about 20 minutes or so, about politics, their work and families. Toni used numerous scripts refined over time and numerous clients to portray her as someone far more than an escort. Talking for such a long time enabled the three drinks she’d had to work through her system and rev her acceptance of the dominatrix role she was to perform soon.

“Well, shall we continue this conversation elsewhere?” Darren aksaray escort asked without hesitation. She nodded and took him by the hand, leading him out of the bar to the elevator bay. No one was around to see her start to sensually rub his lower back and ass through his suit pants.

The petting stopped as others arrived at the elevator bay. She held his hand once the other hotel patrons arrived. They walked into the elevator together, but said nothing. When they arrived at the fourth floor and his hotel room door, he unlocked it and opened it, letting her go in first. Walking into the room, she noticed some strawberries and champagne ready for them. Toni shut the door and kissed Darren deeply. She normally would have had the client initiate, but wearing the lingerie had transformed her a bit into a slight sexaholic.

She moved her hands up and down Darren’s back to the front of his pants. She felt his hardness start to rub against her leather trench coat. She moved his hands toward her ass to unzip her skirt. It slid down and she stepped out of it to reveal the bottom of her lingerie.

Darren’s cock grew harder in his pants. He so needed relief that he went to unzip them. Toni lightly smacked his hands away and led him to the bed. Once there, she pushed him onto his back. Toni got on top of his face and with a commanding voice demanded, “Lick it slave!” Nothing happened. “Lick it slave or you will be punished!” Toni declared. She felt her panties moving aside. Darren’s tongue started flicking at her clit. “That’s it slave, make mama drench your face!” she requested with a commanding tone.

Darren started working her pussy over with his tongue. Toni moved her hips around his face with increasing speed. Darren had a difficult time keeping up with her movements. She started bouncing up and down on his face and he bit her clit lightly a few times. “Do it again slave!” she demanded. She was going to reach orgasmic bliss very soon. He did as she commanded and she screamed out loud. Her body writhed with orgasms all over his face, leaving his face wet with her fluids. She slid off his face bit not before saying, “I hope you enjoyed that as much as I did. You can keep the panties as a memento of the evening.”

She tore off the panties and tossed them over his lap where there was an obvious wet stain, then she left after sliding her skirt back on. Walking down the hallway, Toni’s sexual temperature remained well above HOT. Had it not been for the short ride home, she would have played with herself in the back seat of the taxi.

To Be Continued…

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