The Drifter

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It has been a while since I have submitted a story here. All comments are welcome, please don’t be too harsh. 🙂 thank you.

Monica Santos was on her way back to her ranch in southern Arizona from the farmer’s market. Driving with a purpose, as she wanted to get home and start supper. It had been a long day for her, hell it had been a long six months since she caught her longtime boyfriend Boyd banging the town whore from behind in the bathroom at the Double Barrell bar. Since that time, her once cheerful demeanor toward everyone changed to scorn, especially when it came to men. And she told herself that day to never trust a man again. As she drove through the gate and parked her truck, she noticed a figure sitting on her porch, holding a newspaper, she figured the person was responding to her ad about adding farm help. She walked towards the man with caution and watched him as he smoked a rolled cigarette, the jailhouse kind.

“May I help you sir?” She asked the man.

The man took another drag of the cigarette, put it out on his boot and stood up. He was a towering figure over her, she figured the man to be at least 6’4″ tall.

“I walked a long way, responding to your ad, I wanted to see if it was still available.” He replied back.

“Yes, the help is still needed. Have you done any type of work like this?” She asked him.

“I worked on a farm back in Texas for five years. I know my way around a farm. I see that the fencing needs to be worked on. And so does your barn from what I can see so far.” He stated back.

“The requirements are simple, up at sunrise, stop at sunset, I expect 110% at all times and no slacking for any reason.” She told the man as she looked in his eyes, which were light brown.

“I understand. Is there anything more I need to know before I can start work?” He asked her.

“Yes, you can tell me your name.” She replied with curiosity.

“My name’s Joe, Joe Willis.” He told her.

“I’m Monica Joe, nice to meet you, let me show you around.” She replied.

For the next hour she showed him around the ranch and told him the stories about it. The ranch was given to her by her father who passed away when she was 18. She had dreamed of leaving the town but she did not want her family to lose the farm so she sacrificed her dreams for her family’s wishes. Joe mentally took notes in his head, and he was also checking her out from behind. Her tight fitting shirt and jeans showed a very slim body, pert breasts and a very firm ass. Joe was just about to get a bulge in his pants but he quickly recovered when she turned around.

“That is the story, I’ll show you to where you will be living while you work here.” She told him and he follwed her to the guest house out back by the barn.

“The day starts at 6 am, ends when the sun falls. Come on, it’s time for supper.” She told him and he followed her into the house.

Over dinner, Monica watched Joe eat his food. Studying him intently as he took each bite. She wondered why a man like him would come to her ranch and become a farm hand for a woman.

“So Joe, tell me more about yourself.” She asked him. And when she looked at him, she had gotten the sense that he was a hardened man.

Joe told her about himself and his family over the next hour. His mother and father were both alcoholics and were pretty much never around so it left him to care for himself and he ran away at the age of 16 going around the southwest, learning farm work to earn a living. He brushed his long hair back and looked at her hazel eyes as he told her in detail where he had been, what he had done and why he did it. Joe was not a violent man, but when pushed he pushed üsküdar escort back and that usually meant trouble for any other man that challenged him.

“I guess that is about it. Not a pristine life on my end.” He said.

“So, what’s the deal with you, no husband, boyfriend?” He asked with interest because the more he looked at her the more he felt a rise in his jeans.

“Nope. The fucking loser cheated on me at the bar. But that is another story for another time. It’s time for bed, long day tomorrow.” She replied back. Monica did not want to open up to him just yet so she went to her room to get some sleep while Joe headed to the guest house out back.

Over the next few months, Joe became a steady and reliable hand for her as he had gotten a lot of things done from getting the fence done, to fixing the barn doors and even getting her tractor up and working. And while the work was going on, the two bonded closely, and a lot of sexual chemistry. One day while Joe was stacking the hay in the barn, he saw Monica walk in wearing cut off shorts showing off her fantastic legs. Joe is a leg man and he quickly got a bulge in his pants at the sight of her.

“Wow, you’re almost done in here. It would have took me years to get it organized in here.” She said with approval.

“The barn is the easy part, it’s everything else that is hard.” He replied.

“I see that.” She said back while taking a peek at the bulge he had developed. Monica had not had a good fuck since her relationship had ended. And even that was not good sex as the ex’s cock was a bit on the small side. But from the outline of Joe’s tent, she figured him to be at least eight inches. And her pussy was getting wet instantly.

“Let’s wrap it up for today, it’s Friday and I want a beer.” She said.

“Sounds good, let me get cleaned up.” He said as he moved his hair from his face.

Friday nights in town consisted of going to a movie or going to the Double Barrell. They both decided to hit the Double Barrell to let off some steam. Joe was sitting on the front porch waiting for Monica. When she came out, she had on a form fitting blouse cut off at the sleeves and a short denim skirt with her boots on. And Joe had on a t-shirt that outlined the definition of his body. They both looked at one another and it ignited an intimate spark that was going to have to be extinguished.

“Ready to go?” She asked him.

“Let’s do it.” He replied. She let him walk in front of her on purpose. She wanted a look at his ass in the jeans he was wearing and she liked the very sight of it.

They jumped in the truck and made the 20 minute drive into town. She had almost forgotten how the town looked as she pretty much secluded herself to the farm and with Joe helping her she had to make sure work got done so they were both glad to take a well deserved break.

The truck pulled into the Double Barrell parking lot. They both got out and walked inside. All the male eyes stared at Monica as if they wanted to rip her clothes off and take her right there. While in turn every woman stared at Joe wondering who was the new piece of meat in town. Joe’s long hair flowed loosely which accentuated his looks even more to them. As they were talking and joking with each other, Joe noticed a man coming behind Monica, she noticed that his eyes were looking off and she quickly turned around. It was her ex boyfriend, Boyd.

“Hey Monica, how are you?” As he flashed his pearly whites at her.

“Bye Boyd.” She sternly told him.

“I asked how you are doing.” His voice rising with anger.

“I believe the lady asked you to şerfali escort go.” Joe said in a voice that meant business.

“And I was not talking to you.” Boyd said in an arrogant tone.

The one thing that Joe hated the most was arrogance in people. He calmly sat down and waited for Boyd’s next move.

“Now baby, where were we?” Boyd said as he tried to kiss Monica. Monica quickly turned her face away from Boyd’s mouth. He grabbed her arm tightly.

“No one turns away from me.” He attempted to slap her, but Joe quickly spun her out of the way and stood up.

“Try slapping me one time.” Joe said. And he was ready to fight.

Boyd tried to hit him twice, but Joe sidestepped him quickly and landed one square on his jaw. Knocking Boyd outcold. The bouncer tried to step in but he did nothing as he watched it all from a distance and saw that Boyd was in the wrong after getting the explanations from both Monica and Joe. Boyd was dragged out of the bar by his friends, and each one gave Joe a look as if they were going to get pay back. But Joe shrugged it off and finished his beer.

“Hey, I’m sorry if that asshole ruined your night. Let’s have a dance.” He told her.

“I would like that very much.” She replied.

They danced for the next half hour close to one another, looking at each other as if they have found their soulmate. Monica felt a calm around Joe, as if he would protect her from anything and anyone. Joe looked at her as a loving woman that can help fill the missing voids that plagued him all of his life. After the music stopped, they ordered another few rounds and at one in the morning decided to call it a night.

“Closing time.” They said at the same time and they both laughed. They finished their beers and headed back to the ranch as Joe drive the truck.

Joe and Monica walked in the door, Monica had not drank in a while so the buzz was getting to her. What she did not know was that Joe had a little surprise for her in the barn which he set up before they left.

“Hey, I got something to show you.” He told her.

“And what is that?” She replied.

“Follow me.” He told her. And they walked to the barn.

When they walked in, she looked at the barn and noticed that there was a makeshift bed in the barn with stacks of hay and blankets with roses on them and a teddy bear.

“This is beautiful, thank you.” she looked at the roses and gave him a soft kiss on his cheek.

While she looked at the roses, he had found a guitar in the barn and he began to play, the moonlight lit up the barn perfectly. While sitting down, Monica looked at Joe play and a lust was building up in her. She got up and slowly walked to him removing an article of clothing along the way. By the time Joe finished the song on the guitar, he looked up at her and saw Monica completely nude wearing her boots. Joe stood up and walked to her slow. He gently touched her face, caressing it and she caressed his chest in turn. She pulled his t-shirt from his jeans and lifted it off of him, touching his skin. Her hands going over his body, her wetness increasing by the second. Joe slowly went in and gently gave her a kiss on her lips. She kissed him back eagerly and started to caress him harder. She wanted Joe and she wanted him now and she broke the kiss quickly.

“Take your jeans off, I want to see what we have here.” She asked in anticipation. Joe took off his boots, followed by his jeans and boxers and they uncovered an eight inch cock that was as thick as his forearm.

“Is this for me?” She said as she wrapped her hands around his cock and stroked it slowly.

“Every bit of it is for you. I want you to suck it.” He replied back as he could not wait for her mouth to be wrapped around his cock. She slowly went down to her knees and started playing with his cock kissing it softly all around and then taking it into her mouth. As she sucked on his cock, Joe could not believe how good it felt. He watched her take his cock in her warm wet mouth and it felt like he was floating on air. Monica loved the way Joe’s cock tasted, as she slowly sucked on it. She was savoring this moment with each bobble of her head. She took it out of her mouth and played with his balls, licking them and sucking them and she ran her tongue up and down his shaft, which gave him a tickling feeling.

“Oh my god, that was incredible. I thought I was gonna cum right there.” Joe said, feeling like the life was taken out of him.

“Nope, I want you to cum somewhere else.” She smiled and winked at him while she said it.

After taking him in her mouth, Joe lifted her up and carried her over to the bed and laid her down. He kissed her from head to toe, sucking on her nipples and squeezing her breasts, kissing her stomach and licking her navel, then going to her wet pussy and tasting her juices. Joe licked and sucked on her clit and her pussy lips hard and slow. One thing Joe loved doing was going down and eating pussy. Monica sure loved how Joe’s mouth was bringing her to a long overdue orgasm.

“Yes, yes, yes, I’m cumming. Make me cum Joe!!!” She screamed out.

And Joe obliged with giving her the best orgasm as it made her body squirm. She pulled him to her and gave him a hard kiss.

“Mmmmmmm, now it’s time for that cock to fuck me.” She told him.

Joe repositioned himself and made sure that his cock was lined up with her pussy. And with one swift move, He plunged his cock deep inside her wet cunt. She grabbed his back and scratched it hard. The way Joe’s cock made her feel gave her a feeling of joy she had not had in quite sometime. Joe started off with slow strokes as Monica’s cunt was incredibly wet, but very tight.

The more seh got used to Joe’s cock, the faster he went. His strokes became harder, faster and deeper.

“Yes Joe, Yes!!!! Fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!!!!” She screamed out to him. She was well on the way to another orgasm. Joe had established a good pace with her, enough to keep her satisfied but also to keep him from cumming too soon. After her second orgasm, he slowed down and pulled out. He wanted to fuck her from behind now. He sat up on his knees and watched her get in position to get fucked from behind.

“I want that cock back in me.” She said in a low whimpery voice.

“Ask and you shall receive.” Joe replied and he quickly entered inside her cunt once again. This time, he did not slow down. He fucked her harder and faster from behind. He loved watching his cock go in and out of her pussy, and Monica in turn was about to head to orgasm number three.

“MMMMMMMM, YES, YES, YES!!!!!!!!! FUCK!!!!!!” She screamed out in the barn. Good thing they were pretty much far out for no one to hear.

For the next thirty minutes, Joe fucked her cunt so hard he thought he was on another planet.

Monica on the other hand was gripping the blankets so tight she thought this was a dream. But this was full blown reality.

And it was about that time for Joe, he wanted to cum and he was going to cum hard.

“FUCK, I”M GONNA CUM RIGHT FUCKING NOW!!!!!!” He screamed out.

“I WANT ALL THAT CUM IN ME, I WANT IT ALL!!!” She screamed back.

Joe kept going and going for another five minutes and then he unloaded shot after shot after shot of cum inside Monica. Monica moaned outloud as Joe fired all of his cum into her womb.

Sweaty, exhausted but sexually satisfied, Monica turned around and kissed the man that came onto her doorstep over a few months ago. The two knew now that he was not a hired hand anymore, he was more than that to her now.

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