The day it rained

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The day it rainedSo, we’d been wed for more than a week now..the love was blossoming but we had not managed to get our inhibitions out of the way and get down to business if you know what I mean. Mr P and I had met online, and after a 5 month long-distance relationship I fell for his dry sense of humor and sexy deep voice. I am an attractive woman and my ladies are a 36 C and I haven’t ever shied away from showing off my cleavage and watching men stare 😉 .. House was full of relatives post wedding meant we had not managed to get anywhere apart from me staring at his hard manhood poking through his jammies and him staring at my deep cleavage. Well, hubby decided we had had enough of staring at each other and sighing in desperation. A week later we were finally alone at home, it has rained earlier in the evening. There’s something in the air with the smell of wet earth, frogs croaking and crickets making all that noise that gets ones hormones going. He enters the kitchen, pulls me into his arms and I know, this is the day. He kisses me long and hard, his tongue exploring mine hungrily. His hunger is apparent and I go wet in no time. His strong hands on my body, his hunger feeding mineHe kisses me fierce and deep, his tongue exploring my mouth with a sudden hunger, his hands in my hair gently stroking it as he leans over. The smell of wet earth and his sweat mingled with my now free flowing hormones somehow brings tuzla escort forth an unbridled passion, one that makes me want to tear stuff, scream in passion, make him enter me..its no games, no plans, just two bodies in heat and what they want.Well, mine wants his..all over me, inside me. As I move my hand all over his body, his hard throbbing manhood tells me he wants the sameI can’t even think straight anymore as our bodies and hormones are now firmly in control. We kiss, bite (and bite hard, oh yeah !) and scream with pleasure. He fumbles around my top but can’t seem to get to my nipples. He loves them. Likes them Firm and hard and big, and I like what he does to them with his mouth, but this complicated piece of fabric is getting the better of us right now. There’s no patience, no time to think and he, for once, decides to impose his manhood on me. He tears the top off me.I can’t believe it as I hear the top being torn off. This is the first time he has gone off his usual subtle, nice guy character like this. The sound of my top being torn gets me wildly aroused. I hear every stitch come off loud and clear and every stitch makes me want our bodies engulfed in the mad dance even more.I can almost feel my juices drip. He holds my torn top in his hands and with a glint in his eyes, releases my breasts from their captivity into the warmth of his mouth. His hot tongue exploring my breasts and arousing senses I did not tuzla escort bayan know existed. Our bodies mingle like in a mad rush to get everywhere at once. His hands squeezing my ass, my hands scratching his chest. His mouth sucking my nipples, pulling and pinching them. And then he asks in a throaty voice, “are you wet”All I can do is gasp, it somehow does not feel like our first time. It’s almost like our bodies were meant to be doing this to each other’s for a while. Perhaps across time, across some boundaries I haven’t known.A sudden sensation brings me firmly back to reality. I have gone off into a chain of thoughts and he has taken the liberty to go down on me. He spreads my legs and his tongue gently touches my clit. I shudder with a feeling that is beyond pleasure. His tongue continues to prove my pussy, my clit. And I can no longer think, I hold his head in my hands and push him deeper. My clit is now in his mouth and he flicks his tongue all around it sending me into a frenzy of pleasure.My body gets taut, I arch my back as his tongue expertly takes me closer to what I can only describe as an explosion. I suddenly want him all over me, I want to kiss him, feel him, feel this all over me. His hands hold my thighs firm but I seem to be fighting him. He pulls me down and in the last few flicks gets me closer. I can feel sweat trickle down my body, feel the fabric rub against my naked skin, feel the air against escort tuzla my skin, feel his day old stubble on my inner thighs, his fingers digging into my butt. They all seem to be conspiring against me..pushing me closer and closer to the edge.I scream with pleasure, I want him to continue working his magic down there and I want him to stop, I want to be kissed and left alone, I want to feel his body all over me and inside me. Everything at body grows tauter by the second, I arch my back and scream.. no longer in control. And there is an explosion of pleasure, I orgasm like never before, my legs shivering, my lips quivering, his head firmly between my legs as I nearly strangle himIt goes on forever, and then slowly stops like it was hardly for a moment. He looks at me all goofy eyed smile and suddenly, turns me over roughly. Before I can react, he starts to kiss my back. He starts from the nape of my neck – sending goosebumps all over my body. His tongue expertly navigates along my back and his fingers crush my nipples while he makes love to my back. I am wet again and my hands reach out for his dick. He feels long and thick, a throbbing monster of a cock – it was wet before I could even touch it. He grabs me by my hips and slowly whispers in my ears ‘ready or not, here i come’ and sucks on my ear lobes. I go into yet another frenzy of pleasure and sensations I knew not my body was capable of.Oh the story does not end here, but I gotta go – my first time may have been delayed but we have made sure we make up for it multiple times each day 😉 To read the rest of my first sexual encounter, you will have to wait 😉

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