The Cougar and the Anaconda Ch. 03

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A huge thank you to ngnx for his editing assistance and thoughtful suggestions.


This is the third chapter of The Cougar and the Anaconda. Candace is a 49-year-old partner in a Dallas law firm who is having an affair with Jeremy, a 24-year-old law student who will be starting at another big firm, Parker & Hanson, when he graduates. Candace’s husband and Jeremy’s wife are oblivious to the affair. Enjoy!



After a long day at the office, I walked toward the train station. If Jeremy was free, I would hop on a train with him. If he was still out at a dinner put on by his firm, I would call an Uber. I texted him.

“Hey babe. Just left the office. Where are you?”

“Heading your way. Red line. First car. How are you?”

“Rough night.”

He texted me back the lyrics to Sade’s “Nothing Can Come Between Us.” Skimming the words, I felt my heart catch. I loved when he quoted Sade to me. I loved when he was romantic.

But I was fighting with myself not to fall for him. People and years stood in our way. Our time together was light and joyful. I feared that love would weigh us down with guilt and angst.

I had to lighten the mood.

I checked the train schedule then shot him back a smiley face. “See you at 9:44.”

The wait for Jeremy’s train took forever. But he looked amazing. It had been days, and I had forgotten how well he filled out a standard navy pinstripe. Fuck, I wanted him so bad, but we were stuck on the train with no plans in sight.

Jeremy came on stronger than usual, figuring that no one noticed us at this late hour. As it was, most of our colleagues drove, and the few who didn’t drive took a car home if they had to work late. We would have done the same if we didn’t want to see each other so badly.

“Hey lover boy. How was your dinner?”

“Painful. They trotted in a bunch of scantily clad women who couldn’t hold a conversation to flirt with us male summer associates. The one female associate spent most of the time in the restroom. I wanted to hide out with her instead of flirt with a bunch of bimbos. A couple of the guys went home with the eye candy. Somehow that didn’t appeal to me.”

“So you’re saying it went well.”

“I’m saying, “I wouldn’t want to lay or ever love with another.'”


“Sade, I Couldn’t Love You More, 1992. Don’t you listen to the stuff you turn me on to?”

“Yeah, back when I was in high school. Now I’m playing catch-up with you.”

“You make me laugh. I love you.”

Everyone else had gotten off the car, and it felt like all the air had been sucked out. I love you? Was that a millennial expression that I was 25 years too old to take casually? Or an “I’m tired and drunk and not thinking straight” thing? Or a sentiment Sade sang about? I didn’t want to burden him with questions. With Britney and the baby and the in-laws and the new firm, he had enough people demanding things of him.

But his exuberance was making it hard for me to keep a level head.

I wrapped my fingers around the loosened knot of his tie and pulled him to me. “Kiss me.”

Looking hungrily into my eyes, he cupped my cheek and stroked my chin with his thumb. I loved when he held me like that—it made me feel cherished, like he was thinking about exactly how he wanted to kiss me.

He took his time bringing his head down to me. By the time his lips were on mine, I was half in his lap with longing and need. His tongue tangled with mine, a slow, sloppy kiss that made me wonder if he was drunker than I first thought. He must’ve heard my thoughts.

“I know what you’re thinking.”


“You think because I’m kissing you slowly and saying, ‘I love you,’ I must be drunk. I’m not. I’m in love with you and getting tired of not admitting it.”

“Don’t you think it complicates things?”

“Yes. But what’s the alternative—pretend I don’t feel the way I feel? Stop seeing you?”

I didn’t like either alternative. And I wasn’t ready to be straight about how I felt. So I masked my feelings behind a deeper kiss, pulling him closer to me and moving our torsos together.

My soft breasts pressed into his firm bulk beneath his suit. We reached for each other’s thighs at the same time, him to stroke the tender skin where my skirt had ridden up, me to tease near his groin. I kneaded the firm muscle of his upper leg and felt him tense, then relax beneath me. He scooted down in his seat, which brought our bodies closer together and gave me full access to him.

I wasn’t ready to tell him how I felt, but maybe I could show him. I scooped my hand beneath him to wrap my fingers around his balls. Appreciating their weight in my hand, I rubbed my thumb along the fabric and bounced him in my palm. He groaned when I reached for the zipper.

“Candace, here?”

“There’s no one else in the car. And who’s getting on at this hour?”

He watched my hand as I brought the zipper down. “This brings back memories.”

“It never hurts to have Maltepe Escort two memorable train rides.”

I snaked my hand through his pants and his boxers to get to my goal. His cock was firm and hot, straining at his clothes.

“Mind if I pull this out?”

“Do anything. Just don’t stop.”

I threaded his cock through the holes in his pants and admired the feel of his bare dick in my hand. He made a feeble effort to shield himself with his jacket from any imagined prying eyes, then succumbed when I pushed his hand away.

“You have a gorgeous cock. Let me enjoy the show.”

“Oh god. I’m not going to last.”

I could see that. His veins stood out in sharp relief, and he was hard like the granite he becomes just before he orgasms. I spit on my hand and rubbed his precum on my palm, then used it to lubricate long, solid strokes, taking his head with a firm grip then sliding to his base with an easier one. I kept the rhythm slow, trying to prolong his pleasure.

He tilted his head back as if to relax, but I saw his chest move faster. It was hard to hear over the sounds of the train, so I leaned my ear toward his mouth. His breath was labored, punctuated by soft groans. He was struggling not to come. He opened his eyes and looked at me, a dopey grin playing across his lips.

“Do you have a tissue?”

“No, but I’ve got something better.”

I ached to take him in my mouth. He nearly bucked out of his seat when I bent over and tasted him. He was salty and sweaty after a long day. I had been with him at that time of night before; he was musky, not far from bedtime, and I loved his primal scent at that hour.

He had had a rough day. This was one of the greatest, most soothing gifts I could give him. I took him as deep as I could, then let the saliva settle around his shaft as I dragged my mouth back to his tip. Sucking on his head, I set a fast tempo on his shaft, pushing him where I knew he was about to go.

He grabbed my shoulder and doubled over in the seat as he came in my mouth—long, hot shots that ricocheted off the back of my throat and settled on my tongue. He went off repeatedly, squeezing my shoulder with less and less force each time. My instinct was to swallow, but then I had a better use for his cum.

After he spent his last load, I lifted my head and caught his eye. I slid my mouth open to reveal his pool of cum cradled on my tongue just before I swallowed.

“Oh fuck.”

“See? We didn’t need a tissue.”

Groaning, he choked out, “Why do you do this to me?”

He grabbed me by the back of my head and drew my tongue in to his mouth. When we came up for air from the kiss, he zipped himself and gave me a filthy grin.

He pinched my chin between his fingers. “My turn next.”

“You’re going to give me a blowjob on the train?”

“Very funny. I meant, it’s my turn to surprise you next. I want to do something special for you.”

“That was special for me. I love taking you in my mouth. And I love when you come in me.”

Jeremy was about to respond when the lights cut off and the train slammed to a halt, catapulting us into the seatback in front of us.

A staticky voice came over the speaker “…hindrance…working hard…off the train…bus or stay on the train.”

“What was that?”

Jeremy and I both lived at the end of the line. The standard procedure was you could wait out a train problem on the train, or you could get off and take a bus to the next station.

We both started talking at once. “Should we catch the bus or wait and see how long it takes to fix the train?”

I was a little freaked out that it was so dark and I couldn’t see him. “It’s pitch black out.”

He couldn’t see me either. “I can barely see my hand in front of my face.”

The delay hadn’t killed all my senses. “I can smell you.”

“You smell amazing.”

“Thank you.” I wore a particular perfume just for him. “I love the way you smell.”

“God, your smell makes me want you to sit on my face.”

He couldn’t see me grin as I said, “With pleasure.”

A deep groan escaped his chest.

Reality kicked in; one of us had to be practical. “What does any of this have to do with catching a bus?”

I could hear the smirk in his voice. “Well, if I recall correctly, one of us has a fantasy of exhibitionism. Getting busted fucking on a train would count.”

“I just gave you a blowjob on the train.”

“Yeah, but you weren’t the one exposed.”

“Good point. I sure could use a fuck toy about now.”

I couldn’t see a thing, but felt Jeremy reach beneath my skirt. At the same time, his mouth skittered across my jaw, and he mumbled, “I’m going to fuck you till you wish I was just a toy.”

At that moment, he could have said, “The pomegranate flies high in the sky,” and I probably would have been just as wet. It had been too long, and I needed that man to take me. Pity the train personnel who stumbled upon us.

Grabbing my hips, Jeremy lifted me onto the headrest of the seat in front of us. I kicked my heels Kartal Escort off and splayed out my legs so my pussy lined up with his face. I could barely see him, but I could feel his big hand roaming between my thighs.

“Candace, you’re wearing underwear.”

“Of course I’m wearing underwear. I was at work all day.”

“That won’t do.” He grabbed my panties on one side, then the other, and with two efficient rips, tore them from my hips.

“Better, much better.”

“Those were my favorite panties.”

“I’ll buy you a new pair.”

“I’m not so sure this is a good idea…”

My thought was cut short by his eager mouth. He held me upright by my hips and probed his tongue blindly between my legs. I was his conductor, and he was my very attentive engineer.

“Jeremy, to the left…over a little…up…up more…no, too high. Yes, yes, right there. Yessss.”

Circling his head with my forearms, I pulled him deep between my thighs, ready to devour him. I wanted to lean back and relax into his attentions, but I was perched on the headrest of the seat in front of us. I couldn’t balance there much longer.

“Pull your zipper down. I need to fuck you.”

“I knew I was just a fuck toy to you.”

“Shhhh, just pull your zipper down already.”

After what seemed like forever, I heard him unzip.

“Are you hard?”

“I just had my face buried in your pussy. Of course I’m hard.”

Balancing my heels on either side of his hips, I slid down to impale myself on him.

My groan started in my pussy. “Baby, you feel so good.”

He was adamant. “We need to do this every day.”

“Did you get bigger since last time?”

“Yes. Did you get wetter?”

“Yes, for you I did.”

“Baby, you need to come, because I’m really close.”


“Yes, sorry.”

Jeremy was also optimistic, because at that moment, the power restarted and the glaring fluorescents flickered back on.

I hopped off Jeremy and looked around for my shoes and ruined panties. He wasn’t ready to stop and struggled to get his dick back in his pants.

“Jeremy, we can’t fuck here. Get that dick under control.”

He closed his eyes and did higher math or whatever he does to kill an erection.

“Shit, now what?”

I leaned my head against the window, feeling more despondent than I should. We were each going home to sleep next to the wrong person and trying to grab a quick fuck together wherever we could find it. While it was one thing to be together in an upscale hotel over lunch, I felt cheapened by our effort to get it on a broken-down train. That was until I saw the playground.

I elbowed Jeremy. “Do you see what I see?”

“Um, a star?”

“No, look, it’s a playground.”


Jeremy was not following me. But he would be in a minute. “Come on.”

We hopped off the train just as it was departing. I had my briefcase and suit jacket in one hand, heels and panties in the other. Jeremy was still in his suit, with a briefcase dangling out of his left hand. That’s right, we were some of the highest paid people in Dallas, and we were going to fuck in a children’s playground. We were classy like that.

Catching a final glimpse of Jeremy’s silhouette by the train’s fading light, I threw myself at him, wrapping my arms and legs around him. “Sit on that swing and fuck me.”

“On the swing?”

“…the slide, wherever. Just fuck me.”

Stumbling through the wood chips with me clinging to him like a spider monkey, Jeremy landed on a swing. He scooted me up onto his abdomen so he could unzip his pants. As soon as I felt that familiar cock on my pussy, I knew it was worth the risk.

We both held on to the chains as I lifted my pelvis up. I slid down, easing his giant cock into me inch by overdue inch. It had been so long, and I was so inexplicably emotional, I felt like crying. I could hear my ardor echoed in his voice.

Swinging our bodies forward, Jeremy mumbled in my hair, “Oh, god, baby. I’ve missed you. Missed your pussy. Missed you both so much.”

As we swung back, I grabbed him by the jaw and kissed him. I tussled my tongue with his as we swung. His dick rocked back and forth in me to the rhythm of the swing. It was mesmerizing, and I tilted my head back to enjoy the sensation of flying in his arms.

We were finally close enough to see each other. Jeremy wrapped his hand around the back of my neck, leaned his forehead against mine, and whispered more than we would ever say in daylight.

“I need to be inside you. To make you scream. Every day.”

“I need you too. It’s hard going home to the wrong man.”

“Us together, like now…it’s incredible.”

“It is. And I’m so close. God, the things you do to my pussy.”

All of sudden, he slammed his heels into the wood chips, brought the swing to a halt, and groaned, “I’m coming.”

I was dangling in the air and could do little to enhance his experience. I bit down where his shoulder muscles came together, then pulled my head up and whispered, Kurtköy Escort “Come for me, baby, come hard.”

He dug his fingertips into my hips, pressed me firmly onto his dick, and pumped so hard the chains creaked.

“Fuuuuck, yes.”

Panting like he’d run a marathon, he slumped over on top of me. His body completely relaxed, and it felt like his bones had deserted him. When he regained his breath, he was all gratitude.

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome. And, baby, it’s my turn. Get your ass over to that slide.”

“The slide?”

“The slide. Now.”

A grin overcame Jeremy’s handsome features. We were back in business.

I slid off his lap, and he pulled off his pants and shoes in record time. Something about that dick was irresistible. I dropped to my knees and sucked the remaining cum off his head. He was smooth and delicious; I could suck him until my mouth ached.

“Holy fuck, you’re sucking the cum off my dick that was just inside you.”

I pulled back and gave him a cross look.

“Sorry, it’s just really hot.”

He held the back of my head and pushed into me, urging his waning erection on. He hardened in my mouth, getting bigger and bigger until he was back to the almost-too-big size I so fondly knew.

“OK, you’re nice and hard. Get over to the slide and fuck me.”

I jogged over to the slide and laid down on it, with my skirt hiked up and my ass dangling off the end.

Jeremy laughed. “Seems like yesterday I was playing on one of these.”

“Oh hush, junior. It’s been a little longer for me.”


“Make it up to me.”

He moved to the end of the slide. Getting on his knees, he found my pussy sopping with his cum and my arousal. This eased the way for him to push himself into me.

He settled into a deep rhythm. Each time he pulled out, I felt a profound sense of emptiness, and each time he pushed in, I felt overwhelmingly full and content. I needed that cock in me far more than I was getting it. He continued his rhythm, slower and gentler than I wanted.

“Baby, go faster. Fuck me hard.”

“Candace, I want to fuck the hell out of you. But these wood chips…”

Oh, the wood chips were digging into his knees. That would hurt.

“Picnic table. Over there.”

Scooping me off the slide by my ass, Jeremy walked me over to the picnic table and laid me on top. Looking up, I could see the faint outline of a magnolia tree. Looking down, I saw the even more beautiful sight of my lover about to take me.

As he scooted my ass to the end of the table, I wrapped my legs around his hips, impatient to have him inside me.

“Jeremy, now.”

He slammed himself inside me, rooting himself in one thrust. I leaned up with a gasp, struggling to accept all of him at once.

“Oh god, I’m sorry, was that too much?”

“It was a lot. But don’t stop. I need this.”

Jeremy looked skeptical, but too turned on to deny my request. He pulled back out, teased my clit with his head, then rammed back into me. I was ready for him that time, and almost giddy with the sensation of him filling me up. He leaned over to kiss me.


“Please, baby, just fuck me. Make me come.”

Staying bent over me, he pistoned his hips against my pelvis, dragging his cockhead against my G-spot with every thrust. He was thick and firm. His cock accepted no resistance as it made its way to the back of my pussy.

I spread my legs open for him and pulled my inner thighs back with my hands. I wanted to feel him as deep as possible, fucking me where no one had been before. I was desperate to feel him inside me. Each thrust was a gift, each retreat was a theft. I struggled to keep my moans low, but he was bringing me to the verge of ecstasy.

“I’m so close.”

“Fuck, so am I. Your pussy is so wet tonight. So tight.”

“Jeremy, you feel so good.”

“Come with me.”

I started to come, big heaving gasps emanating from my pussy, clenching down on him. I felt myself clamp on his dick, as if my pussy refused to let him out. Jeremy dug his fingers into my hair and cried out with his release. I felt his hot cum lash through me and heard him fight back a roar itching to tear through his chest.

I was less discreet. I came with a strength that almost embarrassed me. I clung to his ass and let my pussy pump his dick, trying to squeeze every inch into me. I tilted my head back and let loose with my cries.

“Yes, Jeremy, yes. Fuck, so fucking good. Fuck me like that, baby. Oh god.”

Jeremy was in the blissed-out stage of his waning climax and coherent enough to remember that we were in a public place. He clamped one big hand over my mouth.

“Come for me, but quietly.”

I dug my teeth into his palm to keep from screaming and bucked my hips into him to draw out my orgasm. The magnolia tree seemed to shimmer with colors of the northern lights, and I felt like his body melted into mine. For a brief moment, there was no distinction between my pussy and his cock; we were one complete entity. This was how it was meant to be.

“Can you stop biting my hand now?”

“Shit, I’m sorry.”

Jeremy laughed. He was still leaned over me, and his dark eyes bore into me in the night. He was getting ready to say something meaningful, and I was afraid to hear it.

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