The Cop and the Mob Boss’s Daughter

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Maria paced the pale street light casting shadow at every corner. Jon told her to wait there. He promised everything would be fine. An hour later he still hadn’t returned, he confused to her. She was angry but she still loved him. She would leave the family to be with him.

Every part of his body ached as he stumbled through the park, the blood covering his knuckles was a stark reminder of what he was forced to do to get away from them. The pain radiated across his body as he approached the meeting spot, he had hoped she would still be there but after so long he doubted she’d still be waiting.

Looking up and down the road, she was just about to go look for him. Since he was playing with dangerous people, she was growing more scared every minute that passed. Maria’s heart felt like it stopped as she saw a faint shadow stumbling towards her. She prayed it was a drunken man, but deep down she knew. She knew it was him and he was hurt, frozen in place, waiting to get a better look.

He came out of the shadows towards her, his torn and bloodied shirt clinging to his bruised and battered body. He breathed a sigh of relief as he saw her, his legs gave way as he stumbled again and collapsed on the ground.

The tears formed instantly as she saw the man she loved collapse. Running to him, she dropped to her knees, rolling him so she could see his body. Her hands checking for a bullet or knife wound, her voice low and filled with tears. “Please be alright…God please.”

“Maria…I didn’t think you’d still be here…” he groaned as she inspected his wounds.

“And it wasn’t Tony’s boys either, it was some other gang,” he said groaning again.

Maria peered into his eyes, sitting next to him, and pulling him into her lap. “I will not leave you. I don’t think you were shot.” Her face contorted with worry of another gang.

“You can’t investigate anymore Jon. You can’t. Even if my father doesn’t figure you out this other group will still try to kill you.” Her hand rested slightly on his cheek. Her pleads for his life clear in every movement.

Jon winced and said, “That’s crazy talk and you know it Maria, I have to do this. Do you want all those murders to go unpunished? Trust me he won’t figure it out.”

She leaned over, kissing his lips softly. “We have to get you out the street. They can send someone else. I can’t lose you. Please Jon,” her voice broke slightly as she spoke.

He grunted as he pushed himself up, “Thanks, but I’ll be fine I just need some rest,” he said as he got up unsteadily. “I did get away but Marco and Alexei are probably at the bottom of the bay now.”

She held her lips tightly together. “Do they know who your are? Who you work for?” She stood helping him steady himself. Pulling the arm that was less wounded over her shoulders.

“No they don’t, they just interrogated me as you can see,” he said wincing as she helped him walk, “Tony will need to know what happened. He’s going to start asking questions and we need to be prepared,” he said as he hobbled up the street.

Her eyes fell on the ground. She said nothing as she walked slowly with him to her apartment a few blocks down the road.

“I just need to soak in a hot bath,” he winced as stabs of pain surged through him.

She nodded slowly. “We get to my place, I’ll get you a bath, and something to eat,” her voice so quiet barely over a whisper.

When they finally reached her apartment, Jon leaned against a pole while she unlocked the door. He panted from the exertion he forced on himself, the last remnants of adrenaline had since expired leaving him feeling weak and exhausted.

She unlocked the door, glancing behind her before opening it. She loved his strength and his sense of duty. What she didn’t love was the fact she grew up in this life. She knew exactly how ruthless they could be. She let out a sigh and walked dawn the couple of steps to help him up.

“Thanks,” he said with a pained smile. His shirt was sticking to him, the blood and sweat on his skin sticking the material to him. It was probably going to hurt coming off, he thought as he stumbled up the stairs.

Helping him into the small living room just inside, she turned on the table lap. “I’ll get your bath ready.”

“Thanks,” he said, as he groaned while he collapsed into the chair.

She went into the large bathroom and turned on the hot water. After the tub was half filled she added some cold water, then she tested it to make sure it wasn’t too hot. She then pulled out a first aid kit from under the sink.

Leaving it sitting next to the tub, she headed into the kitchen. Grabbing a wine cooler for herself and a bottle of vodka. From the amount of blood on his shirt, she knew he had more then just a few simple cuts. She cringed at how much the cleaning solution will hurt him.

She made her way back to the living room, she stood, both drinks in hand. “I think its hot enough for you to get in,” her voice calmer now and holding affection.

“Thanks Maria,” he said as he pushed illegal bahis himself up out of the chair. He grabbed the bottle and opened it before taking a sip. The burn down his throat took his mind off how much his whole body ached and throbbed.

She moved to him so he could lean on her once more, leading him into the bathroom. She set her wine cooler down on the sink and turned so she was in front of him.

Undoing his pants, she hooked her fingers under his boxers and pulled them down with his pants. “Lets get you in the tub, the water will help loosen the blood so we can take off your shirt.”

He stepped cautiously into the water the heat burning up his legs, he groaned as the heat started burning through his muscles, stretching them out and relaxing them, he sunk down into the large bath. He hissed in pain as the hot water seared his chest, the heat burning all the cuts and scrapes on his chest and arms.

Sitting on the edge of the tub, she reached into the water, slowly pulling his shirt off. Stopping and working the spots stuck to him softly, to cause as little pain as possible.

He winced again as the shirt was pulled from him, once the fabric had been removed he started to feel better as the searing heat worked his muscles, relaxing them as the pain continued to throb through his body. His cuts feeling like a branding iron was pressed to them.

She took a wash cloth, washing his chest and arms so she could see the worse cuts. “They worked you over pretty good,” she commented.

“Yeah, but they were professionals, they came for Tony’s package. Somebody tipped them off,” he hissed as the gentle brushing off the cloth set fire to his already inflamed skin.

She moved her hand over his jaw line, leaning in to kiss his lips. “I have to clean those cuts.”

“Be my guest,” he said as he struggled up against the tub exposing his chest so she could clean them properly.

Opening the first aid kit, she pulled out a couple of gauze pads and then a bottle of solution. “I don’t think any are deep enough to need stitches,” Pouring the contents in the bottle onto the gauze pad.

Working slowly and carefully, she tended to each wound on his normally perfect chiseled chest.

He hissed as he struggled to stay still, the burn of the alcohol on his skin was driving him crazy, he looked at her, Maria was honestly what he was doing this for now. He couldn’t leave her here in this mess, he loved her and had to take care of her.

She finished cleaning his wounds, turning to stay in his eye. She studied his features, analyzing every memorized curve of his jaw. Her hand moved to his cheek. “I don’t know what I would do if you were hurt more.”

“Hey that’s not going to happen, I’m OK now I just need to rest,” he said.

She nodded turning to stand. “Rest in the tub, let the warmth of the water work on your muscles.”

“Thanks,” he murmured before laying back and closing his eyes, letting the heat seep into his skin.

Maria stepped out of the bathroom while Jon laid in there peacefully, she had to do something more to help him. She loved him so much it hurt her to even think of what could have happened.

She felt she needed to go back in and show him how she felt, she was going to blow his mind. She stepped back into the room, knowing he couldn’t exactly do anything for her. She wasn’t going to let him anyway, she grinned deviously as she watched his breathing slowed as he took in the heat of the water.

She grabbed for the wash cloth and dipped it into the water, she reached down with her cloth in hand and grabbed hold of his cock and rubbed.

Jon jerked in the tub as he looked up and saw Maria looking like a devious angel. He groaned then shuddered as he leaned back against the tub while Maria stroked his quickly waking cock with the cloth.

She grinned as his groan came from him deeply, she needed this. So did Jon. Grinning, she continued to stroke his now fully thickened cock with the cloth. Then she let it float away, she grabbed it with both her hands and stroked him quickly, rubbing the tip with her palm enjoying his squirm.

Jon hissed as the pleasure washed over him battling with the pain, he closed his eyes and surrendered himself to the pleasure as it surged through him.

“You like that Jon?” she grinned, smirking slightly as he panted harshly as his eyes closed.

“Oh yeah, you know I do babe,” he moaned as he slid down slightly into the bath.

“That’s good,” she grinned deviously as she dragged her nails down his cock to his balls stroking them with her nails.

He hissed as the sharp shooting pleasure rocked him, he felt it all across his body. He didn’t want it to stop, it felt so good.

Maria rubbed the scratches with her fingers before diving deeper, rubbing her fingers behind his balls as he hissed in a breath. She grabbed for the cloth and quickly grasped his full thickness with the cloth and stroked him with it while her other hand digging deep inside his ass rubbing him, her nails gently illegal bahis siteleri scraping him.

His eyes flew open as his whole body tensed as the pleasure slammed through him, he cried out and moaned as the red hot fingers of pleasure raced through him. “Oh god, I can’t take this much longer baby,” he panted as the pleasure assaulted him.

She smiled and increased her speed, pushing a second finger into his ass. He moaned out loud and long as the tension snapped like an overwrought cable, his orgasm flooded his senses drowning him in waves of blinding pleasure.

She sighed, letting the cloth float free as she slid her fingers out, it would make her night after the terror she endured if Jon could stay with her.

“That was so amazing Maria, but you know I have to report in now and I can’t do that here you know that,” he said panting heavily.

She sighed softly. “You have to report now? Shouldn’t you rest up and do it in the morning?”

“He’s going to want answers, their is nobody else to do that,” he panted trying to catch his breath.

“I understand. Your spare car keys are in the drawer in the hall.” She tried to smile, but it never reached her eyes. She could have lost him and now they have to part ways.

“Hey everything is going to be OK, I promise,” he said as he gathered his last strength and pushed out of bath water rushing off him.

He emptied the tub and stepped out then he picked up his pants. “You’re so beautiful Maria.”

Maria smiled at him. “I’ll get you another shirt.” She turned to walk to her room. Stopping, she looked at him. “Will you be back tonight?”

“Depends Maria, he might need to see me in person,” he said brushing his finger along her cheek. Then he draped his pants over the towel rack and winced as he bent over and scooped up his boxers.

“OK, I will get you your shirt.” She went to the room, grabbing one of his shirts from the closet. Knowing her father and everyone else, they were most likely starting to get twitchy. There was no trust in the family business. She hurried back to the bathroom, holding his shirt out for him.

“Thanks,” he said as he dropped the towel and reached for the shirt, he winced and then said, “Maybe I need some help getting dressed?” he asked.

Maria moved further into the bathroom taking the shirt back, she lifted it so he could put it on. “How are you going to make it anywhere like this?”

“I’ll manage,” he said. “I have to get back home, he can’t know I’ve been here it would be too much.”

“I know. He can’t know what we are to each other.” Taking the boxers, she knelt so he could put his legs in and pulled them up. “I hate having to hide.” She said grabbing his pants to repeat the process.

“Thanks Maria, I’ll try to get back here tonight but I don’t know if I can,” he said as he kissed her lips softly.

Her small hand moving to take his, leaning up kissing him, taking a moment to just enjoy his lips. “You have the keys still?” she asked .

“Yeah I still got them,” he said as he winced, “I’ll be fine I promise, thanks for the help and the comfort,” he said as he turned and walked back down the hall.

She stood in the hall and watched him leave. Moving to her bed, unable to not worry about him.

He sighed, leaving her like this wasn’t the best but he had to show up or he’d start looking. At least his injuries would be sufficient evidence of what had happened tonight. Wrapping the blanket around her, she closed her eyes. Sleep finally taking away the worry of everything that was happening.

After making his report Jon breathed a sigh of relief, it seemed nothing had leaked, he was much grateful for that turn of events, he had to visit Maria now to make sure she was ok.

She had barely fallen asleep, when the sound of the door woke her.

Marie jumped up running into the hall. Her mind consumed with thoughts of Jon. She stopped short seeing the overly large henchmen of her father. She took a deep breath. Fear over coming excitement. She moved into the living room where her father sat, smoking a cigar. His brow crinkled in anger. “So you have been screwing haven’t you?”

Maria took a step back, only to meet one of the wall sized henchmen. Her father was quick, even in his old age, moved to her. Slapping her so hard she fell to the floor. “You my blood, so I am not going to take your life, but that stoolie is finished.”

He grabbed Marie by the scruff of the neck. Hitting her with his opened hand. Bloodying her mouth and nose. “How dare you?! Let someone touch you knowing they are trying to take the family down!” In his anger he balled his fist.

Punching her in the stomach, leaving her lying and bleeding on the floor. Him and his men left, their goal to head to Jon’s and end their problem.

Jon stopped his car outside Maria’s house and got out, he winced as he stood from the car. He noticed the door was open and he rushed up to the door gasping as the pain blasted into him. “Maria!” he called.

Still lying on the canlı bahis siteleri floor, tears running down her face. She cried out his name. “Jon…”

He brushed her tear away from her face with his thumb and drew her in for a soul scorching kiss, “Everything will be OK, we can get through this,” he said after he released her.

She looked up to him with hope glistening in her eyes. He lightly traced the bruise on her face before pulling her to him in a hug.

Wrapping her arms around his neck she cried. She was just happy he wasn’t home, whispering into his ear, “My father knows.”

“I could see that,” he growled as he comforted her, “We have to go now,” he said as he grabbed her hand and took her down the hall to her bedroom.

She moved with him, her stomach muscles objecting to the fast pace. She moved past it, knowing what would happen if her father returned, she grabbed a suitcase, throwing clothes into it.

“I’ve got enough to nail them now, what was in the package was enough, I’ve got it in the back of the car. They retrieved it,” he said as he winced while grabbing some of his clothes from the wardrobe.

“I love you, I’ am not going to let anything happen to you,” said Jon as he pulled open a drawer and pulled out his fully loaded pistol.

She looked at him walking to the bed, she reached under the mattress and pulled out a large baggy full of money. “I love you too. Jon, you don’t understand something. My father has people in the force. If we stay here, him arrested or not. We are dead.”

“Don’t worry, I have got somewhere we can go. Nobody will find us there, I promise you,” he said.

Handing him the baggy full of hundreds, she kissed him on the cheek. “There is 10 thousand there. It should help.” She turns grabbing her bag and her small black purse. “I’m ready,”

“OK let’s get out of here, we’ll figure it out when we’re in hiding,” he said.

Nodding, she headed for the car. Moving as fast as her body will let her. She turned looking at the building, leaving her family and her life behind. All she wanted was him, but it still hurt.

They drove for hours, until they started on a steep incline, “Not much further to go Maria,” he said.

She stared out the window, dosing in and out of sleep on the drive. She sat up more hearing they were close. She tried to see in the darkness for some clue to where they were. “How long have we been driving?”

“Six hours, it’s almost dawn, your father is probably looking for you now,” he said as he looked out the window at dark blue band of light starting to glow from the horizon.

She thought how there was a good chance they were out of the state. “He said he wouldn’t kill me. He would now.” Her voice held such sorrow her hand moved to Jon’s, needing to feel him.

He picked up her hand and kissed it gently, “Hey, this will be all over soon. I promise,” he said.

She turned her gaze on him, her cheek now throbbing. “I trust you.” She squeezed his hand softly. “I just want to be in your arms and now we are safe.”

“We’ll be there in a few minutes,” he said.

She turned to watch the slowly rising sun. “It will be good to stretch out.”

He grinned as he turned the car off the twisting incline into a hidden path. Scraping noises battered the car as the low lying branches crawled over it.

She turned back to Jon, a little puzzled. “I was expecting some hotel.”

“Maria? A hotel? That would be the first place they’d check, this is my place. My grandfather built it as a hunting cabin, he left it to me in his will. It’s a nice quiet place to relax,” he said

while he parked the car and opened the door.

Sliding stiffly out of the passenger seat she said, “Yeah, your right. But I just didn’t think of a place like this.”

“Well you know I am full of surprises, Maria,” he said as he took her hand and guided her up the path to the large cabin.

She walked with him hand in hand. She was still nervous, but she trusted him. She stopped in middle of the walk, pulling him to her gently.

“Don’t you worry about a thing Maria, I have motion sensors and an alarm if anybody knows we’re here they wont sneak up on us,” he said as he unlocked the door and pushed it open and flicking on the lights. “Underground cables, my father had them installed when the generator became too hard to maintain up here,” he said grinning.

He flicked on a few more lights and asked, “Do you like it?”

She walked in, her eyes scanning the place. She turned to Jon and smiled softly. “It’s beautiful.”

Jon came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her, “Glad you liked it, I haven’t had a chance to check your injuries yet,” he said.

She looked at him. “I don’t think anything is broken, but my father punched me pretty hard in the stomach and ribs area.”

“I still can’t believe the bastard punched you,” he growled as he herded her towards the bedroom.

She walked with him to the bedroom. “I got lucky. If I wasn’t his daughter, I would have been shot.”

“Lucky for us,” he whispered as he kissed her neck and pushed her down on the bed. He flicked on the dim lights and pulled up her shirt. He winced as his chest throbbed in time with seeing the ugly marks forming on her soft perfect skin.

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