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Subject: THE BOY WITH PONYTAILED HAIR Part 2 THE BOY WITH PONYTAILED HAIR Part 2 I heard the noise of the children coming from the outside. About a hundred kids play in the yard a variety of games. They now had time to do what they wanted. Some were swimming, others were playing football, farther on the field the boys and girls had their own softball games going on. In the front yard, a group of boys played murderball. I sat on the bench and opened the ice-cold Coke, and stayed to watch. And who else there would have been among the boys but Mica, the mysterious Mica. He spotted me and waved. I nodded back. I didn’t want to attract attention; someone might watch and wonder how the boy and I have some kind of connection, although I didn’t think there was anything like that. A huge amount of dust rose from the sandy field, which was carried in my direction by the wind. My eyes itched so they began to leak. I wiped away the tears with my right hand when suddenly the bottle in my left hand disappeared. I squint my eyes and looked beside me. The former pony-tailed boy drank my drink as if it were his Laid-back and carefree he let go of half a bottle until he stopped and looked at me. He burped loudly and asked: “Why are you crying? Missing home? ” “Missing home? Heh. That damned sand flew into my eyes and my eyes are a little tender. Oh, you have a nice bottle of cola, could you let me taste a little?” I asked and took the bottle from the boy’s hand. “Hey, thief!” Mica shouted, and began to pull the bottle out of my hand, laughing at the same time. “Calm down, boy.” I told him. “People are watching, someone will soon think that I…” I skipped the sentence. “That you… What?” “Nothing. You can have that drink, I have no thirst anymore. Isn’t it disgusting to drink from the same bottle I’ve been drinking from? ” “Definitely not. It’s kind of like a kiss given through a bottle.” The boy said and took a big sip. “You hardly want to kiss an old man, and besides, it wouldn’t even be acceptable, you know that?” “So what? No one knows what I’m thinking. If I thought it would be nice to give you a kiss, then it’s no one else’s business. ” I was left staring at a fourth-grader. I wondered about his outspokenness. How someone so small can be so strangely fascinating? “What do you like about my shirt?” He asked and stood up in front of me. “It’s very… Tight.” I said. The shirt was a whitish sleeveless shirt with a hem so long that it half crossed the legs of the shorts. “Can’t you find the right size clothes? I asked. “The right size? This is exactly good and one I like. When I’m an adult, nobody tells me what I want to wear.” “I think you are good just the way you are.” I said before I had time to think what it sounded like. “Am I? For real?” Mica said, glowing. “Mmmm, well. I mean, what’s your hurry for? You’re nice just like that, a pretty little boy. “Pretty but not interesting.” Mica gasped and went to play with the boys. I watched the boy as he walked away from me. The long-sleeved shirt covered his back, but because it was really tight, it pressed against his buttocks. Two small pears swayed side by side in the rhythm of the steps. They were tight, hardly even shaking at all. Seen from behind, I couldn’t have guessed if he was a girl or a boy. His hips were narrow, boyish. I thought the boy was approximately 5.4 ft. (140 cm) in height, and because he was slender, he hardly weighed more than 70 lb. (30 Kilos). For some reason, it made my lower abdomen tingle strangely. I watched as the boys played ball. Tight shorts, fluttering hairs, screams, laughter, and the one who looked at me every now and then. I liked what I saw, ankara escort I had to admit it to myself, even though some voice in the subconscious was trying hard to block it. The weather had been hot, and the evening was very warm too. The boys ran to the beach and commanded me to come to watch, without an adult swimming was not allowed to go under any circumstances. A dozen wild boys ran along the gently sloping sandy beach into the water with their clothes on. I sat at the end of a short pier and waved my feet in the water, which was only a little cooler than the air. “Come here to the water!” I was called out of the lake. It wasn’t difficult to guess who was behind the idea. “I don’t have swimming trunks, and besides, I can’t come because I have to see you all up here and count that you’re all still alive.” I answered. Mica waded towards me and stood in front of me. He crossed his arms and said: “Not fair.” “Sometimes life isn’t.” I said and laughed. Mica lowered both hands below the surface and bent down slightly. I guessed what was coming, but too late. The boy threw water on me with both hands, and I got wet in the blink of an eye. However, I decided not to give him the satisfaction of running away. Soon the boy stopped splashing and stood breathless in front of me. His shirt was wet and translucent, so his skin could be seen through it. The small hardened nipples protruded against the cloth. Boy’s chest was, of course, completely flat, but it didn’t seem to bother those little buds. “What are you staring at?” He asked. I had been left staring at his chest and now I was caught. “Eh .. nothing.” I replied and I think I might stutter a little. Mica looked at his own chest and saw how his nipples were clearly visible under the shirt. He looked at me cunningly. Then he pulled his shirt even tighter against himself so that it tightened even more at the chest. I still stared at the same point as the fool. “I know you like me.” He said and dived away. Indeed, I could not refute the claim. It was evening and the sun was setting. Everyone gathered around the campfires again. I sat down to myself and stared at the fire. The kids were frying sausages and I have somehow immersed in the dreamworlds of my own thoughts. I hadn’t seen Mica in a long time until suddenly someone poked fingers from behind to both of my ribs. “Ouch!” I exclaimed, and in that second I knew who it was. “It couldn’t hurt.” Mica said an innocent look on his face. Then he leaned his hands against my knees and pushed his mouth to my ear. “Abla ubla uu,” he whispered. “What did you say? I asked in amazement. “Bluubbaabbuu.” “Ok, stop fooling around and sit down.” I said aloud, and then I whispered to him so that the others wouldn’t hear: “Everyone is watching us.” In the dark evening, as the campfire dimmed, people only saw shadows. Mica sat next to me and pressed his leg against me. He laid his hand on my thigh, and I laid my hand on it. Not that I had taken it off, but that I first squeezed it gently and then stroked it. I woke up in the middle of the night, my conscience telling me not to sleep but to whip myself. I wasn’t guilty of anything other than the weird turmoil in my head. There’s no way one teasing little boy should confuse an adult man, that’s for sure, right? What’s weird about it if some little boy falls a little? That’s what happens – boys are like that. That’s how I tried to explain it to myself, but is there anything weird about it if an adult man falls with a little boy? The next morning the air had cooled down a bit, and all the children had a little more clothing on. Mica wore a college sweater, green-yellow, ankara genç escort with the Minnesota North Star logo on it. I don’t know where to get them anymore. And leggings. Light blue running tights. The pants seemed to tighten the boy’s lower limbs everywhere. As I drove the car, I watched his legs, which he had raised to the dashboard again, how thin his calves were. I thought I might get my fingers around them. The thighs were just as thin. He was a little boy, just a child, and I wouldn’t have thought a few days ago that I would look at them today with a whole new eye. Normally, I wouldn’t have gotten out of the car because I had to leave right away to pick up the next herd of children in the car. But now all I could do was get up to see what his butt looked like in those pants. And it was small. What else did I expect,? It was really small. Barely much wider than my palm. And it was pretty in those tight pants. Absolutely incredibly wonderful. After staring for a moment, I got back on the minibus and turned back to camp. I felt like I wouldn’t survive this week in any way. Two more days left, and I was losing my mind. I took a shower. Before that, I made sure my hair was shaved carefully. But once the head was tidied up, why not the lower end as well. I wasn’t very interested in getting the woman’s company so that too was a bit poorly cared for. After my divorce, I went on a date. Tinder, the guys, and everyone suggested the widest possible range of women. However, I liked myself alone, did my work, and enjoyed myself at home. I don’t understand why they bothered so much about me. I was pretty happy. I love women, but I can’t really get excited about big breasts or twerking asses. And when I thought about that, I thought I should have a sense of proportionality with me. Not a flat boy’s chest or a boyish little bum can be any compensation for not liking just those qualities. There are many types of us men. My wife was small and graceful too. We all have our likes. I dried my body. I wipe my feet and think my thighs may be wider than Mica’s waist. My wrist is certainly thicker than his calves. By the time I stood by him, his head had just reached the height of my chest. Once again, I tried to flush those thoughts out of my mind and focus on something else. Children’s lunch was served outdoors. That meant I had to transport the food in the heat boxes to the archery range. I packed a folding table in the car for dishes and food drawers, as well as disposable plates and cutlery. I built a buffet at the site, and the food was handled by the group supervisors. I told them I would drive back to camp and take the stuff when it was time to pick up the kids. However, a supervisor from a group of boys came to me just as I was leaving. He had something important to tell. “There was a small accident here, and one of the boys injured his leg. He should be taken back to camp. There’s a pain gel that relieves the pain. The foot must also be tied tightly. Could you do it? ” The man asked. I thought it was probably not a big injury because I hadn’t been called in before to pick up a boy. Of course, I could apply the pain gel, and it wouldn’t be a big problem to put on a bandage. I went to get the boy, so I could help him get in the car. For some reason, I wasn’t at all surprised to see the patient was Mica. He sat on a rock, and his expression was painful. “Can you step with it at all?” I asked. “No. It really hurts. ” He said grimacingly. “How the heck did this happen to you?” “I ran and stepped into the pit. The ankle spun and now it’s really sore. ” “When did this happen?” “Just a while antalya escort ago. Please take me out of here. ” I lifted the boy up, and he was standing on one leg. I thought he wouldn’t be able to walk at all, so I asked him to get on my back. I crouched lower and the boy rose on my back. I noticed he didn’t weigh much. When I had finally lifted the boy into the car, I sat behind the wheel and set off to drive. Mica lifted his legs to the dashboard, even the one that was sore quite effortlessly. “Does it hurt a lot?” I asked. “Not at all.” He replied and grinned. “What on earth?” “I didn’t hurt my leg, I pretended because I wanted to ride with you.” “That’s not to be done.” I said rebukingly. “Of course not unless there’s a good reason.” “Hmm. What would be such a good reason? ” “As I already told you. I wanted to ride with you.” He took a short break and continued: “I’d like to have ice cream.” “Where do you think you’re getting ice cream?” I wondered. “From the gas station. That’s pretty close. It sells ice cream, which you buy for me.” The boy looked determined. “Really? Why do you think I would go to buy you some ice cream? ” I asked, marveling at his arrogance. “Because you like me. And because I didn’t have lunch to eat. ” I tried to pretend to be reluctant, but I obviously didn’t do very well. Of course, I found it exciting to go out with the little patient to eat ice cream. We sat in the yard of the gas station under a parasol in the middle of smelly trucks. I’ve been eating ice cream in much more fancier places, too, but this one also felt pretty nice. Mica told of his little sister, who was now five years old. His mother had remarried, so his father wasn’t his biological father. He didn’t know where his real father was, and mom didn’t seem to know either. The little sister got all the attention, and he felt lonely and forsaken at home. He had many friends, but he thought they were a little childish, he wasn’t interested in playing with Marvel toys. Suddenly he jumped to his feet and lifted his other leg to the chair. “Do you like my pants?” He asked. “What is this now? Are you planning a fashion show? ” I asked. “Tell me now. Do you like it? ” “Uhh, I guess so. Yes, I do. How so?” He turned his back on me and leaned over. “Do you see seams?” “What seams?” I was puzzled. “Undies seams, of course.” “No. I don’t think I can see. What is this now? ” “No seams because no undies.” he said and turned, lifting his pants higher. “Do you see?” His pants had risen so high that the shapes of his genitals came out. I was speechless. I stared in enchantment at the front of his pants. Mica squeezed a small bulge between his thumb and forefinger. My boxers were getting tight. “What are you staring at?” Mica said and laughed out loud as he sat back at the table. I remained speechless. After a while, I woke up and looked him straight in the eye and said: “You shouldn’t do that.” “Why not?” He replied apparently innocent. “You shouldn’t do that in a public place. Someone may see it and find it inappropriate. Some might think that I asked you to do so and call the police. ” “I think you weren’t bothered by what I did, but by what others think of it.” He said a little irritated. “Hmm. Well, maybe it didn’t bother me as much as it could have bothered someone else. ” I admitted. “I know you like me, that’s why I did it.” “There are many kinds of likes. Not everything works for everyone. ” “But you liked it, I see it on your face.” The boy insists, “Touching down there feels good.” “I know that. But you are ten years old. I don’t know if you should know anything about that. ” “You’re stupid, and you don’t understand anything.” He said and walked to the car without saying anything more. He didn’t come to me all evening and I didn’t even see him by bedtime. I guess he really got mad at me. It was the last night at the camp, the next morning we were supposed to leave for home. To be ota

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