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Subject: The Blow of Your Life Part 1 The Blow of Your Life Part 1 by Chaim groeiutrecht@ This is the story of how I met an extraordinary young man and his two younger brothers and my unexpected adventures with them. This is a work of fiction with all the standard disclaimers apply. Support Nifty to keep this webside open and free! Part one Introduction I was flipping through a Men’s Health magazine. As I busied myself, thumbing through the magazine, I stopped at several of the pictures, showing athletes in their sport gear doing all kind exercises. Turning the magazine sideways to properly look at the centerfold, I admired a picture of a young athlete sitting on a bench wearing a jockstrap with his legs slightly apart. The tight jock was in line with the promoted style, the accompanying column stated that the depicted boy thought that there are three things you might wear; regular style briefs, a jockstrap, or nothing. Holy shit, I knew this guy! On the picture he wore a white ‘Pump’ jockstrap and the outline of his dick was clearly visible on the inside of his left thigh. Suddenly I heard a young voice saying, “Hell, do you like how his muscled body looks?” It kind of stunned me, so I looked up to see this young guy standing behind me staring over my shoulder at the half naked youth in the magazine. Apart from his jockstrap the model was naked and looked sexy. I thought I saw a small wet patch on his jockstrap pouch and smiled. I was sure, it was him! The young guy’s comment had brought back the memory. As I remembered this morning, I had gotten done with my workout. The locker room was completely deserted, after my workout, I walked in and slowly peeled off my clothes. Wearing only my briefs, I started to take another look around to see if anyone was around. And then I saw him, now I was sure, it was him, the young athlete posing in this magazine. He was just coming out of the showers, and he was wearing only his jockstrap. He was truly stunning as he walked. I smiled at him, and he gave a nervous smile back as we passed each other. When I wasn’t looking at his crotch, I tried to look at his eyes, to see if he was checking me out. And, to my delight, I noticed him look me up and down. “Hey man,” he said. Wow. I couldn’t believe it. He was making the moves on me. He stood there, leaning against the lockers, gripping his hard cock through his jockstrap. He stood there confident, a bit nonchalant but challenging. I started doing the same, fondling my cock. And I started to walk over towards him. I laid my hands on his pecs and started to massage his chest all over. At this point, both of our cocks were straining to get out of the confines of our undergarment. I looked around but knew that we wouldn’t be disturbed here, we both sat on the bench face-to-face and he leaned forward an we started to kiss. Our tongues battled for control in each other’s mouths. I conceded defeat and started sucking on his tongue as it was in my mouth. I moved down and worked my way up to his pecs, and paid very special attention to his nipples. I pinched both of his slippery nipples after I finished licking him. He moaned, and I saw the mushroom head of his cock poke out of the top of his jock. I gently sucked on his nipples, bit and teased them. They were certainly some of the best nipples to enjoy. He moaned loudly, he was so sexy. I kept licking is chest and moved down to his chiseled abs. I licked every crevasse of his abs and moved down do his glory. The Athlete’s jock was already soaked with sweat, but I began to lick on the shaft of his cock through the jock. He warned me, ‘I’m going to cum!’ I stopped, and left him eager but unsatisfied and looked at his excited face. I moved down again to his packed jock. I mouthed his hard cock through the fabric of the pouch. It was clear he had been on the edge, I tasted his sweat and pre-cum. I had to get my mouth on his naked cock. I pulled the strap down and was amazed at what I saw. The young athlete had glorious inches of hard meat, and there was a drop of pre-cum in his wide open piss slit. I immediately dove in for it and licked it up. I started to take the length of his cock down my mouth. I was certain that I could take him down, once my throat got used to his length and thickness. Slowly, ever more of his cock disappeared down my throat, until my nose was in his soft pubic hair. The athlete groaned had started to slowly fuck my mouth as I bobbed up and down on his cock. I opened my mouth and his cock inside and he pushed my mouth down on it. I swallowed his full cock, and he laid back on the bench, I lifted up his legs and took my first look at his ass. It looked delicious! Now bent as he was, his cheeks looked full and muscular enough to conceal the most private feature of his ass. And nowhere in sight was even a hint of hair, he was smooth and flawless, his hot young ass was simply great. I grabbed his smooth white cheeks and spread them just wide enough for him to see his tiny asshole. I ran a finger up and down his deep crack and ran my finger over his asshole. Tight and puckered, and smooth. Responding to the sensation, his body gave an involuntary thrust back against my exploring fingers. I needed to rim him and took a few tentative licks at it at first, to make sure he approved, and not meeting any rejection on his part, I started to opened his tiny close fuck hole with both tongue. I had no intention to fuck him, but tried to fuck his asshole with my tongue as best as I could. It was tough job, because he was so tight. I knew what I was doing and withdrew my mouth from his ass. I dove down again, by passing his throbbing, desperately ready to istanbul travesti explode cock and began slurping and eating at his hole again. He screamed, begged, moaned like a little bitch. Cursed, but I didn’t care, I ate his ass hole out and saw his cock swell up, he was so close to the edge. I felt him buckling beneath me, so close to the edge of an orgasm, dripping streams of pre-cum. I started my way up again and worked on his balls, giving each of them a thorough tongue bath in their shaved sac. The athlete’s dick soon was leaking some fresh new drops of pre-cum, and I quickly lapped them up. After a few more minutes of sucking his beautiful dick, I went back up to his face and his mouth lifted up. Our kiss lingered as our tongues slide together. Slowly, wet, warm. Tongue teases tongue. I pressed deeper. I was hovering over him, his hands hold my face, almost tender. A quick glance as our eyes meet. I saw his lust as he whispered, ‘I’m gonna fuck you.’ He groaned and I had given his cock the right amount of lubrication, and I was ready for him. I was so fucking hot for him, I looked at the Magazine in my hand and enjoyed my sweet horny memories. It’s so good to give your ass away to a powerful handsome top. The young man who addressed me still was there, I guessed you could say he was a pretty fit boy maybe still a teen or in his early twenties. He moved closer to me and I was kind of shocked and looked back at him. He asked, “You like the magazine?” his question surprised me. “Yeah, I do,” I mumbled and sneaked a look up and nearly died, I felt caught like a little boy with his fingers in the candy jar. He was looking at the magazine in my hand, and followed my gaze at the athlete and the outline of his cock. Caught, in the middle of my sweet, hot and horny memories of this morning. I closed my eyes, no one knows I feel I must be cocky, the man everyone expects me to be, who takes control. Believe me I’m good at it, but during my sex dates I’m a different person. I love to be fucked, to have cock in my ass. I mean, I fucking love to get a good, hard pounding. I’m a bottom and for me the only way to top is fucking a boy. A real boy, who is young and willing to receive my cock. Maybe the boy I still want to be myself. My sweet memories came back, an unstoppable stream of images. The way I got on all fours and presented my firm ass to him. ‘Fuck my ass,’ I had pleaded the young athlete. Instead of just plunging his cock up my ass, he instead decided to rim me! This was more than I could have ever asked for. The athlete immediately spread my checks and zeroed in on my hole with his tongue. Suddenly I was empty, but not for long, his cock-head was pressing at my hole, a quick thrust broke past my sphincter, and he was inside. He held my hips in place as I got used to the girth of his shaft. Before I had time to think he had plunged fully into me, his pubic hair chafed against my smooth arse cheeks. The long slow thrusting started, with each stroke, he hit my pleasure button and my cock jerked up. My body had never know such pleasure and I was in heaven! He started to really plow me, in and out, in and out. He had a rough rhythm to his fuck, and it was great! Throughout this fuck, he was moaning and groaning, sounds that only a man could make while fucking another man. The young athlete continued fucking me for some time. ‘Pussy,’ he growled, challenging me. I got on my back and he began to pound my ass again. It was rough but I fucking loved it! I could feel the strength of his arms as he circled them around me and hugged me tight against his rock-hard, muscular body. He brought his face to mine and stuck his tongue in my mouth as he continued to fuck me with his furious rhythm. He started to suck on my tongue harder as he speeded up his fuck. My knees were on my chest, his tongue was in my mouth and he was building up steam fucking me faster and faster. All I could do was lay there and think this was the best. I couldn’t believe I even contemplated topping him. This is where I belonged, under another hot guy and being his boy. ‘Knew the first time I saw you, you would be a good fuck.’ Oh my god! I was making him happy with my body and my ass hole. I had to tell him how amazing he was. ‘Oh dude, you’re so god damn fucking hot.’ I loved knowing I was so hot that a guy like him had to fuck me. ‘Cum inside me, dude!’ and I knew that he was getting ready to shoot his load up my tight fuck hole. ‘Come on man,’ I had screamed, Fuck my ass! Shoot your fucking hot load up my ass.’ He grunted his reply, ‘You want my cum, don’t you? You want your ass filled with my load, you are a slut.’ Slut? Nobody called me a slut before, but i didn’t care anymore. ‘Yeah, just do it!’ Just as I had said that, he groaned and he picked up the pace and his eyes got big, his mouth opened wide, he threw his head up and back and let out a howl, ‘Oh yessss!’ I felt his cock pulsate and I could feel his load shooting into my gut. I could feel the warmth of his liquid love up my chute. The athlete continued to pound his cock as he shot gobs after gobs of cum in my hole. After what was several minutes, he finally started to slow down his fucking, as cum was dribbling out my asshole. He pulled out his still lengthy cock and lifted my legs up in the air again. He started to ream me out with his tongue. After fetching as much cum as he could, out of my ass and storing it in his mouth, he came back up to share it with me. His cum not only felt good in my ass, but tasted great in my mouth. It was better than his precum! We exchanged his warm cum for several minutes as we kissed. Yes, I got fucked and kadıköy travesti kissed that athlete at the centerfold of this magazine. Suddenly I was frightened, but excited at the thought of what might happen next. There was no way this young guy could know I loved sex so much. A lot of men enjoy Men’s Health magazines. Yes, I enjoyed my promiscuous encounters. I wanted fun and sexual release, no strings attached, which was fine with me, at least for some time. I hadn’t chosen for a suburban life! The young man pulled me out of my memories and considerations, “He’s got a nice one, doesn’t he?” he whispered, still looking over my shoulder at the magazine in my hand. “Yeah, he has…” I breathed huskily, my sweet fuck memories were still there and his young voice went straight through my body to my balls. Hell, my hormones weren’t anything like under control right now, his voice was sweet, young, attractive, I felt my cock stirring and soon was hard and about ready to cream in my boxershorts! “You like this magazine and you curious about what he has between his legs?” He went on, teasing me. I felt a pressure, was he trying to hook me up, his intentions were not clear to me but I was sure he had a certain interest in me. I’m approaching thirty, maybe he was just twenty, what was happening here? “I don’t know,” I mumbled and went on the defensive side. He looked at me with a smile and winked, “You do…” I didn’t know exactly what happened to me, but I did know that he did make me feel funny in some way. He opted for the direct approach, “Well, you don’t have to pretend to be innocent. Look at that tight jockstrap on him. Hell, I bet it hurts to keep your package imprisoned like that. I recognize that, he wants to show off his goodies, but it’s a little uncomfortable this way, isn’t it?” I didn’t know what to say. I had never heard another man comment on the outline of another man’s cock this way. I mean, we were in the middle of my home town and in this respected book store known for it’s collection of modern literature. There was a silence, then he cleared his throat and looked at me. “I don’t know, don’t wear a jockstrap and wasn’t looking at him,” I said, which was a very, very stupid answer. “You can look at every detail, if you’d like to,” he said, “if you want privacy, I can leave if you want to be alone,” he said, “but I’m here for you if you want to talk about it.” He laughed softly and I was unable to think about the possible consequences. I felt embarrassed, but oddly intrigued, “It’s okay, stay if you want.” He smiled and introduced himself, as he stepped to me. He was not embarrassed at all, his loose shirt, several of the buttons were undone and fell open, so that his smooth toned chest and little nipples were exposed to my gaze, as he bowed for me to kiss my fingers. “My name is Tommy, Tommy de Stoute,” he straightened up and smiled he stuck out his hand to offer a handshake. I accepted his hand and which he used to pull us closer together into a hug. At first I tensed up, this was out of the ordinary, but feeling his body against my own and the firm but soothing pressure of his hands on his back made me relax. The hug lasted quite a bit longer than typical, and by the end of it my cock had become fully erect again inside my shorts. “I didn’t mean to scare you, but that’s a beautiful cock your were looking at,” he taunted while laughing. I didn’t know what to say but said, “Uhh. I really didn’t notice.” came out of my mouth clumsily. I blushed a little bit as I looked around to see who all heard this. Nobody paid any attention to us and I continued to be polite and reluctant. Tommy was nice and challenging, deep inside I liked that, but I wanted to prevent him from discovering my horniness at any cost. I recovered quickly, “Uhh, by the way, my name is Chaim, nice to meet you, Tommy”. Tommy laughed as he slapped my back like a good old friend, and said, “Chaim? That’s a cool name, sorry to interrupt your googly eyes, as you look at that man’s body. I’ll let you be in your horny state.” I snapped back, “I wasn’t looking at him like that, I was reading the article.” it sounded stupid and defensive and in no way convincing, and I mumbled, “Honestly.” Tommy laughed, “What every floats your boat dude, you don’t have to explain or defend yourself. I don’t care, personally I think it’s just nice to watch a horny guy.” he looked at my body but there was no comment, it felt like a subtle compliment. He changed the subject, I was used to that by now. “Hey, you workout a lot?” I felt another thrill, strange enough I answered all Tommy’s questions. Oddly, he had never thought this was something I would do to a complete stranger, unusally I’m holding back, but it was challenging. It was astonishing the deliberateness with which Tommy opened me up. I looked uneasily at him, unsure of what he wanted to know. “Oh, I guessed by your build, you look good and in shape,” I smiled at his compliment and Tommy said, “Chaim, you are just amazing. I love your smooth tanned skin and smile on your face. Plus and that’s a real bonus, I love your body with its subtle definition. My little brothers would really be thrilled if you could come over to my place.” I didn’t know what to say, his little brothers? Was this one big mistake, I really wanted to spend time with Tommy, but what did he want from me? “That’s cool,” I replied, glad that I had managed to say something. He talked to me and I found out that he was big into swimming and fitness and that he liked classical music, which surprised me. He had been average in school but went to college and studied Theatre bakırköy travesti Studies at the department of Arts and Culture. From what I had seen in the last minutes was that he was tall for his age, taller than me, he had a swimmers body that was very well toned, short blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and always that big grin and defiant look on his handsome face. I was kind of drawn into this odd young man for some reason, he looked attractive and fit and there was this air about him, like he was a true free spirit. I wasn’t very keen on talking about myself but I told him a little bit and without much thinking I added, “Oh, you will know by now, I like to look at people.” He smiled, “Cool, so do you like looking at me and… other men and boys?” asked Tommy, taking his questions a little further. “Oh, yeah, sometimes, yes, I guess,” I admitted, but he ignored my cautious confession and ignored that fact I admitted to be interested him. Tommy simply changed the subject again. That seemed like ‘his trademark’ smiling and talking quickly, asking a question and then quickly switching to something else. “I need some fresh air and sun, want to join me outside? It’s a beautiful day.” I wasn’t surprised anymore and said, “Whatever you prefer…” he looked at me, he smiled and rolled his eyes as he put his arm around my shoulder grabbing my magazine and placing it back on the shelf while turning my body in the direction of the door, “Well, that’s all the better, I bet you feel the same way as me, being in the sun almost a sexual thing, I just love to be in the sun and get that wonderfully warm feeling.” I kind of laughed at his statement, it was more than true. I let him guide me through the book store and we walked out front and found a bench and sat down. I took the plunge, “You are gay?” I asked, “I thought you’d never ask,” He said while winking at me. Wow, this felt nice, sitting in the sun, with a random but interesting dude, on a beautiful day. I felt like a naughty boy. “What kind of sex do you think I have…?” I wasn’t expecting him to be so direct. I think I went a bit pale. I pictured Tommy’s hot mouth on my cock, and then Tommy’s cock in my ass. Without realizing it, my cock throbbed and begged for attention. I looked down to my feet, but he pressed on, “Why are you asking me this?” I mumbled, “What do you mean? I don’t know, just asking…” I hadn’t intended to be so direct, but it was appropriate. I thought about Tommy. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes, I pictured in my mind how fucking hot it would be watching Tommy go down on his brothers. I didn’t know what happened to me, it was a weird thought. Tommy was hot as hell and my type, he was young, toned, handsome, with kick ass smiles. Tommy’s younger brothers must have small asses, prime for breeding! I was cunfused, thinking about the possibilities. Fuck! In a flash all I could think about was plowing Tommy’s hot ass and possibly doing the same to his little brothers. I felt silly fool, how did I come to these thoughts? Tommy looked at my face, could he possibly read my mind? “Look, maybe you are too afraid to be labelled. You were enjoying the guy in the magazine immensely. You worried about what I might think about you? You probably think you need to act all macho and straight. That’s ridiculous, Chaim, you are simply not a macho. There’s nothing wrong in being intimate with a friend and it’s natural to feel curious.” He let that outburst information sink, stretching the silence between us, holding my gaze. “Are you curious, Chaim?” he asked me. He had catched me off guard, and it showed. I was nervous at the implications of what he said. I was really curious what he had in mind, but I was confused above all. “Relax, Chaim, enjoy the sun. Relax, man.” he said smiling. I was looking for something to say and finding no words. “Do you want to know what I think?” Tommy leaned against me with his arm draped over my shoulder, bringing his body closer to me. It was the type of thing a buddy might do, or a lover, but it felt natural and good. He continued calmly, I could tell he was choosing his words carefully, “I think you are very curious, Chaim but you are too afraid to ask me to become closer, maybe even to admit it to yourself you want me as a buddy. I think you want to experiment with me, and you know what I mean when I say experiment. You should not feel ashamed because of that! So, what you got planned for the day?” He said to me still with a pretty serious face. An attractive young man, who was perhaps ten years younger than myself, told me the truth. What a day! I sat their acting like I didn’t understood him, and he leaned over and said a little bit louder, “Anything planned for the day? Wanna come to my place?” I sat there for a minute, confused, feeling awkward, and oddly enough turned on by what he said. “Oh, sorry, I didn’t mean to give you that impression. I have nothing against it, but I had no intention to hook you up.” He looked at me with this mischievous smile and said, “Who said anything about hooking me up? I live with my parents and my younger brothers, Oliver who his a little devil and Martin who is a teen already.” I immediately turned bright red, what a complete misjudgement of the situation. I felt like such an ass. “I’ll watch a movie with you if you like, any day, but I thought…. well, let it be…” Tommy slapped me on the back laughing and said, “Wanna come to my place? We can do the things we enjoy together, watch a movie and get to know each other better. If you want, we can go a step further. I have an open relationship with a guy called Alex and I do not shy away from anything. It is always fun to suck and fuck with an older bloke. My parents are on a business trip and are away for a few days, well what do you say?” Tommy’s openness overwhelmed me and I answered, “Why the hell not?! Let’s go for ail

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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