The Bimbo Always Wins Pt. 02

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Speaking of work, actual paycheck work, she’d been doing some thinking on that too. She wouldn’t be going back to that same office for the big “unveiling.” Her dad had been an officer in the Army and she remembered him saying that the reason promotions and moves to different units went hand in hand is because it’s better for everyone involved if the new unit didn’t know you before you got promoted. How you are when they first see you – is how they know you. To Erin, the same thing seemed to apply to her situation.

If she did all this and went back to the same place, people would obviously notice big changes and she’d have to answer lots of questions. They’d think she was “trying to be someone she’s not” and it would be awkward for a long time – maybe forever.

Much better to start fresh in a new place with new people after she’d done her revisions. The only Erin they’d know would be the hot bimbo she was set on becoming.

Fortunately, she made good money at her current job and had been able to set aside enough to cover surgery, wardrobe, other sundries, and an extended vacation. She might even be able to wangle a deal where she could work from home for a while in case the search for a new job took longer than expected. What was she talking about? The search would be short. She had great credentials and – the bimbo always wins.


Days at the office were more enjoyable now. They were part work and part research and observation. Although none of “the girls” there were exactly what she wanted to model herself after, they were still more advanced in the ways of flirting and seduction than she, and there were things she could learn from them.

Upon further reflection, she realized she didn’t really have a role model. The basic concept was to remain a highly competent employee – who happened to look like a porn star. From there, who could say where it might go?

She might shoot for marrying a rich guy and being a trophy wife. Or she could try to sleep her way to the top at work. Or she could just keep working the way she normally did, while enjoying the drools of coworkers and having her choice of fun-fucks outside the office. But as Doctor Morgan had mentioned, the surgery she was planning to have does cause major changes in a woman’s life – so perhaps there were options she had not yet thought about.


Since she had a couple of months to kill, joining a gym was the next thing to do. The better shape she was in pre-surgery, the better results she’d get post-surgery. A bimbo’s main asset was her body. Taking care of it wasn’t enough. It needed to be developed. Erin had never done anything remotely athletic, so a trainer seemed like a good idea. She signed up with one.

His name was Jack. He looked her up and down as he introduced himself. It was his job, after all. She had a way to go to reach her potential, but she was way ahead of most of the basket cases he got. She was kinda cute too. Might even reach “hot” gaziantep escort with a little effort.

“What do you think?”

“I’m very happy. I see a lot of potential and if you’re serious about working hard, I can get you there!”

“Oh, I’m serious. I’m making some big changes in my life and this is one of them.”

“That’s really exciting to hear. It’s the kind of attitude that makes this job fun!”

The next day she was sore. Fortunately, Jack had warned her so it was expected and not alarming. Jack had discovered that one of the hurdles working with those who have no athletic background was they don’t know the difference between the normal discomfort that comes from pushing the body to new levels – and injury. It was probably the thing that caused most to quit. He tried to prepare them for what they’d feel in the first couple of weeks.

If they lasted that long, odds were good they’d stick with it and start making noticeable progress that would serve to keep them motivated.

Outwardly he was all business. She wondered how long it would take to weaken his professionalism. She started to set herself a challenge, but it felt too mercenary. In the end she settled on, “if it happens, I’m open to it” and decided to let nature take its course.


Several weeks passed. Erin worked, worked out, and studied/practiced every night by herself. She was getting antsy, ready to put some of the training to the test in the real world.

At home she could now squirt whenever she wanted – but with a real dick, she wouldn’t have the same amount of control so she wondered if she could get the exact stimulation she needed.

She was dying to try anal with a real cock. The dildo had become easy and she loved the sensations. She though the real thing would be even better.

Deep throat? No problem. She was swallowing the big one now. It wasn’t quite effortless, but it was easier every day.

All dolled up, she headed for the strip. The bars would be a good place to hunt, but when she spotted a tattoo shop she had a sudden change of plan. Walking in, she saw exactly what she was hoping for – an empty shop with a couple of guys sitting waiting for a customer to come in.

“Can we help you?”

“I bet you can.”

“What do you have in mind?”

“I do want a tattoo – but not tonight. Tonight what I’d like is, well… this is probably going to sound strange…”

“It already does.”

“Well, I want you both to draw a tramp stamp design for me. The one I like best, I’ll come back and have done next week. But tonight, the winner gets to use my ass. Runner up gets my mouth. Same time of course.”


Erin had thought about getting a tattoo a few times, but hadn’t seen never a picture so meaningful that she wanted to live with it forever. The idea of a permanent mark on her skin wasn’t something she took lightly. No way she’d ever walk out of konya escort a tattoo shop with some picture she saw on the wall. If she was going to do it, it had to be unique and personal. In her mind, transitioning into a bimbo was significant enough to merit her first tat. Now all she needed was the right image.

Truth be told, she wasn’t sure she’d come back next week to have the winning design applied in ink. She didn’t feel bad about that because she knew the guys would get sufficient payment this evening.

“You guys do up a couple of designs and I’ll be back. Is an hour enough?”

“No problem. Looking forward to it!”

And with that, she took her leave and decided to go have a drink or two. After all, she wasn’t getting the tat tonight – only looking at the designs. But the real buzz she was looking for would come from whatever male attention she could attract while she sipped.

The women in the room noticed her first. Their eyes said they were suspicious and protective of their territory. They saw her as a threat. That’s a reaction she wasn’t used to, and it told her she was on the right track.

The stripper shoes, the tight jeans, and the top that made it obvious she wasn’t wearing a bra, were working. Her pink lipstick and fake lashes helped too. She’d recently adopted fake nails, but not big ones. She was getting used to the feel, and decided to keep them short enough that they wouldn’t raise any eyebrows at work.

All in all, she judged she was about halfway to her desired bimbo end-state and was pleased with the results so far.

It wasn’t long before the first shark circled the bait.

“Can I buy you another?”

“I’ve still got half of my first one.”

“In that case, may I sit with you while you finish it? My name is Edward.”

“I’m Erin. Pleasure to meet you.”

The conversation flowed easily and before she knew it, she was on her second margarita, courtesy of the handsome stranger. He reminded her of her boss, a 40-something guy, well dressed and in good shape. Good talker too. There were moments when he seemed surprised she was bright enough to keep up – but his smile told her the surprise was pleasant.

“Edward, I have to make it an early night. I’ve got an appointment down the street in a few minutes. Thank you for the drink and the chat. I really enjoyed it.”

She let silence hang in the air for a moment to see what he’d say and, as expected he asked to exchange numbers. She dialed his digits into her phone and sent a “It’s Erin. Call me.” text.

A peck on his cheek and she was away, feeling quite the success. Flushed with victory, she had an impulse and decided to go with it. She texted him, “Edward, I’m going down the street to the tattoo shop. Give me about 30 minutes… then walk down there and peek in the window.”

At the shop, the guys had their designs ready for consideration. Erin wasn’t particularly artistic, but as most people kayseri escort she knew what she liked. One she didn’t much care for – and the other she liked, but did not love. She chose the winner and asked if she could have a copy of it to consider during the week.

“Now guys, about that payment. Shall we?”

“Oh yeah! Back room?,” said the winner.

“I was thinking right here in the front. The couch looks comfy.”

“If you say so!”

The first runner up locked the front door and flipped the sign to “Closed.” He also drew the curtains and turned out the lights. Erin looked at the situation and decided to make a couple of small changes.

“Let’s open the curtains just a crack – and leave the lights on. You guys cool with that?”

They already had their hard dicks in their hands and at this point they’d have been fine with anything. They were stroking gently as she slipped down from her high platform heels and wiggled out of her jeans. She left her top on for a little mystery – but it wasn’t hiding much.

“Oops. I forgot my g-string tonight. I hope you don’t mind.”

She bent forward in front of the winning designer and felt his hands on her hips. The next sensation was something she hadn’t been able to train for – his tongue in her ass crack, licking softly at her hole, pushing gently into it. Damn. That was good.

“Have you used a girl’s ass before?”

“It’s my favorite.”

She relaxed. He was a little older than the other guy and evidently knew what he was doing, so she decided to leave everything to him.

Erin hadn’t spent much time using a tape measure so she couldn’t be sure about the inches she was about to take, but they both looked close to the size of her large dildo. Definitely in that ballpark.

True to his word, the guy behind her had skills. She was surprised at how different the feel of a live cock in her ass was from the dildo. Guess those bazillion nerves clustered in her anus knew their business.

She took the other guy’s cock in her mouth and began to ease it into her throat. He was in more of a hurry and started thrusting. Practice sessions had worked because even though she wasn’t ready, she handled it without gagging or discomfort. Before long he was fucking her throat to the rhythm of the guy thrusting into her ass.

And then she saw an eye peering in through the gap in the curtains. She winked and turned back to the matter at hand. Her orgasm was building faster than she expected. Drifting on a cloud of sensation, it felt like an out of body experience as the guys fucked her hard at both ends. The fact that someone was watching made it even better.

She reached down and touched her clit lightly and in an instant the three of them got off together. Maybe the guys had given each other nods when they were about to pop. She didn’t know. All she really knew was the pulsing of their cocks told her she was being filled with cum and it felt wonderful.

As she was leaving, she kissed each of them softly on the lips.

“Thanks guys. That was fun.”

“Any time! See you next week!”

“You might!”

And with that she was out the door. Edward wasn’t there, but she hadn’t expected he would be. She wondered, without being too invested, whether he’d call or be frightened away for good.

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