The Atonement – My New Life

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The Atonement – My New LifedeletedI was left standing in the clutch of Mr Kapoor wearing only my black buckle shoes and blue socks. I was still crying, I felt a hand trying to caress my back, trying to grab my boobies. I got out of my stupor to look at his face. Oh!! He was so ugly, I was so petite in front of him. He reminded me instantaneously of the old hindi villan Premnath. Only that he was stout and short he maybe only couple of inches taller around 5’6. I was graced with a beautiful height I was always the last girl in the row.“Radhe Rani, sit on my lap let me see you properly” the tone in which Mr. Kapoor spoke had authorative as well as well as request. I didn’t move, Come on over here, baby doll! Mr. Kapoor said.I was not prepared for what occurred next, I felt Mr. Kapoor’s hands slowly caressing my arms, then felt him slowly move in towards me and began to nuzzle at my neck, feeling Mr. Kapoor’s hands now caressing my body. Shivering, I felt Mr. Kapoor’s hand creeping up from my waist. I felt my nipple immediately harden as my breast were cupped. Unprepared for this, I shivered and I felt Mr. Kapoor turning my body, my back now to Mr. Kapoor as he now cupped both breasts and my nipples stiff and hard from the expert thumbing..All I could do was pant in excitement “Ohhhhhh !!!!!..ohhh, Sirr!” I moaned, needing and wanting his pleasurable touch.Limp and exhausted from that shivering climax, I now found myself in the embrace of Mr. Kapoor, tilting my head up a bit as we engaged in a deep passionate kiss.I hope you like to suck cock, he said..I didnt say a word I felt him guiding my fingers to feel his penis and to open his zipper and let his penis out. Oh fuck. It was big. Big and so hard I estimated it was thicker than Sanjayji’s penis.I slide down and started licking and sucking his fat pole. I was sucking him with lust looking into his eyes. Just open your mouth, baby, he said, and when I complied, he began slowly fucking my face. He continued to fuck my mouth, going deeper and deeper with each stroke.Soon, I was gagging as his cock went down my throat, but I did not want him to stop. I started rubbing his swollen sack with both hands, and very soon his thick fat dick erupted, squirting his hot semen into the back of my throat. I started choking almost immediately. Mr. Kapoor let out a huge groan, and pulled his dick out and gaziemir escort started pumping it by hand. I felt his hot cum hit my face, and heard him tell me to open my mouth again, which I did without hesitation, even though I was still choking. He must have sprayed my face with a quart of his hot cum.Mr. Kapoor got me standing and started kissing me. He then squeezed my breasts and sucking on my small titties, I could tell he was getting excited by the situation, because his cock began to grow. I slowly undressed him by unbuttoning his shirt and helping him out of his pant.I just stood and stared at his huge penis, and felt my pussy start to get wet. His cock was just about at the level of my breasts, and as I got even closer to him, he reached out and pressed my body against him. I could feel his cock getting even harder just under my tits. He took me by my hand to the bed and laid me there while he was admiring my body with his eyes, fingers, lips and tongue.He reached between my legs and rubbed my pussy, He slowly worked the middle finger of his left hand into my tight pussy and diddled my clit and started fingering me, Oh baby!!! you feel good. He was stretching me wide open and it’s was making me more horny.Oh, yes, yes Ohhhh.” I was getting very turned on and excited by what was happening to me. My pussy was throbbing and swollen, and I felt it was time that my lovehole was finally taken.Mr. Kapoor kissed me right on the mouth, I just put my arms around him and hugged him tight as his tongue probed my mouth.I could still hear my own squeals of pleasure. Mr. Kapoor took at least an hour to get me ready, and fingered me through four orgasms. I felt like I was constantly coming, He took his time kissing me, allowing me to calm down from my series of orgasms., I felt him bury his face down between the vee of my legs, and his wet tongue along the inside of my creamy thighs, Making his way down to my sweet treasure, seeking out to taste my sweet honey delving his tongue into my pussy lips.“Ohhh.Sirrrrr!!! ahhhhhh…..ahhhhh!” I groaned, tossing about the bed as the wiggling tongue was driving me out of my mind.Raising my legs up, placing them upon his back, I put my hands on his head to keep him between my legs. Arching my hips up into his face, I shivered as my love juices oozed from my quivering slit and into gaziemir escort bayan Mr. Kapoor’s slurping mouth. He was eating out, sucking all the honey that I could give him. I arched up high with Mr. Kapoor’s tongue deep in my slit, moaning “Ohhhh Sirrrrr!!!!eat me .ohhhh, I’m cuminggg….. ahhhhhhhh!”Mr Kapoor licked his lips as he looked upon me. Now he was about to sate the pent-up lust that he had stored for hours. With my legs widespread for him, Mr Kapoor got himself into position, placing his thick cockhead at the entrance to my pussy. Mr. Kapoor just took his time, but he did start pushing in slowly. I guess he didn’t want to hurt me, but I doubt that he could have in the state I was in. I was absolutely and totally ready.Pushing his cockhead into my velvet lips, his body shivered as the tightness of my cunt enclosed around him. “Oh, baby! You’re so tight ….so fucking tight!” he groaned with pleasure. “Hmmmmm!” Mr. Kapoor moaned as he pulled out a little and gave one last hard thrust, I came in a wave of pleasure and pain, feeling his huge, fat cock completely buried in.“Ohhhh, Sirrr !!!!!..ohhhhh, yes !!!!!yessss !!!!!fuck me, Sirrrr !!!!!fuck mee!” I cried arching my hips up into Mr. Kapoor’s thrust.. “Yes !!!!!?yes !!!!! much better !!!!!!!so much better!” I was whiningMy hands now clutched the muscular shoulders of Mr. Kapoor. Wrapping my legs around his waist, I locked my heels together, keeping Mr. Kapoor close to me as I squeezed my cunt muscles around his thick cock“Ohhh !!!!!!!ahhhh !!!!!!!..yesssss!” as his thick penis began to sink deeper and deeper into me and he began to hammer away giving me the fucking that i needed and craved for all the past week.Mr. Kapoor pulled himself out while I was climaxing. He put me on my hands and knees. Put your chest down on the bed, baby, he said, and stick your ass up for Mr. Kapoor. I did as I was told, and Mr. Kapoor began teasing me with his fat cockhead. He rubbed it up and down my dripping slit, and I lay there whimpering with my ass up, pushing back at him, begging for him to fuck me. Oh, god, please Sirr, put it in.. Please!!! Fuck me!!!! I can’t take this anymore, oh god, oh please, oh come on, please stop teasing, please fuck me!Fuck me now!“Yes !!!!!!!.yes !!!!!!!?.oh, God, yessss!” I moaned as my cuntlips were parted and the thick escort gaziemir bloated cockhead became a part of me.“Oh, baby !!!!!!..ohhhhhh, so tight !!!! good !!!!! oh, baby !!!! gonna cum !!!!!!!..ahhhh, yeahh!” Mr. Kapoor groaned loudly, grasping by my hips and slamming his erupting cock deep in my pussy. “Cumming !!!! cummingg !!!! ahhh, yeahh!” he panted as spurt after spurt of his hot cum filled my quivering pussy.I cannot describe the fullness of his fuck, the way he totally possessed me that afternoon I came and came and came, crying into the pillows, begging for more. Mr. Kapoor fucked me for over an hour, like some kind of fucking machine. I could not believe how it felt.When he got ready to come, he pushed his fat dick as deep inside me as it would go and pumped my little pussy full of his thick, creamy sauce. We rested, then fucked again twice more that day, and each time he filled my young pussy with his potent seed(I assume). He fucked me in every position possible several times.The calling bell rang while I was sucking Mr. Kapoor, I knew it would be Sanjayji. All this while whenever the calling bell rang, Mr. Kapoor would open the door as we knew it was room service. This time knowing well who it would be I went to answer the door. I ensured it was him to open the door, Naked!!!. Seeing me naked and the pink purple marks over my nipples and neck. Sanjayji had a sly smile. He touched over the marks when I heard Mr. Kapoor you aren’t done.. I went back to Mr. Kapoor to resume our position of 69 leaving the bedroom door open so that Sanjayji can hear our moans and groans and the slurrpps.I felt Mr. Kapoor swelling and groaning My name and came in my mouth which I swallowed. He wrapped the bath robe and pulling me by side, went to the sitting room where Sanjayji was waiting. Wah Sanjay!! I am so happy because of you I could meet my baby doll!!!. And he kissed my cheeks. I was blushing. She has been the best fuck, and always ready for more.I know Sanjayji said. .Just wait here we will get ready. He took me to the shower and then dressed me up. Before letting me go with Sanjayji with my gift he gavean expensive pen and took my house number so that he can now call me directly.Friends, the next story would be about My first experience of twosome with Sir and Sanjayji. Followed with my other stories how I was shared to gain the company’s business and strengthen the family and friendship bonds as Mr. Kapoor also allowed his Sons to fuck me and we had a family threesome and the best 18th birthday I turn 15 not only in age but also numbers. So keep reading. Also my first cheating my husband story

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