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Teen Girls FacialEven my first facial was something out of the blue, a dream cumming for the old man standing in his open doorway, having a wank, just as I happened to walk by. Call it impulsive or intuitive, it happened, and in such impressive style, and to this day, I can still feel the force, smell and warmth, my first dollop of virgin semen creaming my teenage face, not once, but an incredible five times, of powerful ejaculate, ending with my mouth full of his circumcised bulbous knob end, his glans trapped behind my teeth, and the fourth and final ejections hitting my tonsils and dripping down my trachea and into my stomach.It was around eleven O’clock as I made my way home from my friends house, just a few door down from him.She lived in a terraced row of houses and knew of him, well we both did, a widower in his fifties, his wife having passed away years before, had taken up flashing school girls for sexual release, and Britney had seen him as much as he had saw himself, like me she saw no point in informing the authorities, especially as his cock was the biggest our young eyes had ever seen.We were excited as tomorrow was Saturday and we had planned a full day, I had thought about staying over but as my clothes were at home for the next day, I decided to walk the couple of kilometers home, that Summers night.We had drank a glass of wine, naughty for a couple of f******n year olds’, but fuck we came from working class families and our alanya escort bayan parents were so smashed, they barely noticed us having a glass, or even registered us watching her father’s porn flick.Perhaps that was another reason for my going home, I was horny and wanted a hand session to quench the ache that had developed between my legs, better still, borrow my older sisters rabbit, and wear out the batteries, poor rabbit working overtime inside tubes of moist warm ribbed girly flesh, my sister had a sex drive as equal to mine, our battery bills equaled the family electricity bill.Mr Blackwell was an unlikely sex object for a teenage girl, we never felt threatened by his presence, we knew of his kink for young girls and off his masturbatory skills in front of us, so in effect he was more often a figure of ridicule and scorn, but an hour of porn and belly of wine, he became a life support for the cock I longed for as I walked home, and as I approached I saw the red glow of a cigarette, alerting me to his presence, and the 99% chance he had his out, and was ready to give me my first look at what until now, was just a descriptive desirable fucking object from the fertile imaginations of my friend Britney. I slowed down as I neared, had a quick look around as if reassuring myself we were alone, my mind was already made up to wanting to see him, and within milliseconds I already knew this was a chance in a million to enjoy the escort alanya experience, my own untouchable age and beauty, light years from his point of view, but not from mine, as the saying goes, ‘If only we saw ourselves as others see us’, perhaps if I did, then I might have thought different, but I was ‘Up for it’, and the dampness in my knickers increased as each step I took closer, the young woman in me had prepared me for sex, in lightening speed, o by the time he said, ‘Hi Mariel, do you want some?’ I was loosening my belt and pushing my denims down.The red glow seemed prolonged as I came up to the last door before his, the sharp intake of breath clearly initiated by my immanent presence to him, his hand movement and the sight of his massive appendage held within, caused my own breath intake to increase, surely to charge a cock this big with blood must cause a fainting fit, but as I neared whilst staring at it, walking in a straight line, he must have sensed my willingness, hence his verbal offering.He was pumping hard, not willing to miss the golden opportunity presented in my my presence, and as I drew level my eyes were locked onto the mesmerizing uncircumcised knob end his swollen glans presented, my zipper was open and my denims were over my hips, as I turned to face him and drop to my knees, my face level with his cock he released the fist ejaculate, hitting under my nose and going up my nostril, with such force it started alanya escort running down the back of my throat, the second hit my clenched teeth, causing my cheek to fill, the third my chin as I tried to control my facial movements to make my first creaming more meaningful, but all I did in the end was to open my mouth and stick his cock inside and close my pearly white teeth over his glans and lock him down inside my mouth, the fourth and fifth ejaculates, direct hits onto my tonsils.If I had timed things from start to finish, one minute from easing my denims down to swallowing his cum, I would have been cleaning his knob by 56 seconds with my tongue.I got up and pulled my zipper up and fastened my button and ran the remainder of the way, the acrid aftertaste of cum in my nostril and mouth, the semen running down between my breasts and tummy, the warmth of his semen deep within my gut and the need to relieve myself, all caused me to stop in the park and rub myself in a frenzy, using the fresh ejaculate to heighten my senses, his smells alive in my mind as I imagined him fucking me.I sat for a time wiping him clean from me, still in a state of high sexual arousal, I needed closure on this sudden experience and masturbating here in the park was not achieving it.I looked back along the road leading down to this park, trying to see if the tell-tail cigarette light showed he was there, but I could not see it.The strength of my urge was so strong I started to walk back towards the scene of my ‘creaming’, my knees were weak but the urge was strong and I knocked his door timorously at first but more forcefully next and his face lit up at the sight of me standing there.Part 2 will follow

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