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Free at last, Hannah thought as the door clicked shut. It had been nearly a month since she’d had any private time, and she was well overdue. Having just moved to the city, she was staying with her best friend’s brother and his roommate until she saved enough for a deposit for a place of her own. They were very kind to let her stay, but she was staying on the couch and had no door to close. Plus, Dan and Craig were both rather fine male specimens.

The past month had been a build-up of hormones for Hannah. As much as she’d like to hook up with either Dan or Craig, she didn’t want to jeopordize her friendship with the only two people she really knew in this town. Plus, she wouldn’t even know who to pick, if she had to. Dan was kind and had great taste in music. He was a daredevil extreme athlete: snowboarding, BMX bikes, rock climbing, you name it, he did it. He was the more classically handsome of the two, clean-cut and ripped, with short blond hair and the jaw line of a model. Craig was the intellectual: a brooding philosopher and a writer, he was never without a witty remark or insightful solution. He had shaggy dark hair and a charming smile, and was a little taller and leaner than Dan.

The duo was on their way out of town for a mutual friend’s wedding. They would be gone until late the next day, and as much as Hannah liked having them around, she was getting tired of the shower-head massager. She liked variety.

So, not ten minutes after they’d said good-bye, Hannah was ready. She had the sofa pulled out into a bed, and had stripped out of her clothes except for her sheer black stockings. Lying on her back with her legs spread wide, she dropped a few drops of massage oil between her pussy lips and slowly rubbed it in, watching her reflection in the picture window opposite her. She did not bother to close the drapes, as they were the only occupants on the third floor, the top floor. Plus, it was still daylight, so no one far away could see in.

She watched her finger slip over and around her clit as the little nub grew swollen and hard. “Mmm,” she moaned for herself, sliding her middle finger into her vagina, drawing it out, and plunging two more in. She worked her clit with her left hand and finger fucked herself with her right, the tension in her body building higher, but she did not want to rush it.

Hannah liked the look of herself sprawled there, her pussy clearly glistening. Her breasts were nice and round and firm, just like her ass. She loved the look of her creamy thighs, and wished she had more hands with which to pet herself. “Oooooh,” she plunged three fingers into her aching kitty, and raised her hips to penetrate as deeply as she could.

It was a tease, she needed more. She cursed having left her toys with her ex. Hurriedly, she got up and went to the kitchen, where she found what she was looking for. Back on the bed, she resumed her position.

She stroked her clit side to side, steady, and reached for a cucumber. It was long and narrow, and cold from being refridgerated. She used it to stroke her clit, causing another audible gasp, and slowly pushed it up inside of her. “Aaah,” she sighed and lovingly casino şirketleri pulled and pushed the vegetable in and out of her very wet cunt.

She reached into the bowl beside her and grabbed an ice cube. At first, the cold on her nipples was too much to bear, but as they adjusted, they became hard and taut and very sensitive. Hannah pinched her rock hard nipples as she fucked herself with the cucumber, a little faster now, not too fast, steady, oh, steady, yes, she was on the verge of cumming, but she stopped herself. She wanted a treat, today.

Her hands found the massage oil and treated her finger to a good squirt. Then, her knees bent and back arched, she reached between her legs to slip her finger into her asshole. She pushed it in good, and rubbed the oil around. Reaching to her side again, she found the carrot, and slowly worked it deep into her ass.

“MMMmmm,” she loved being filled from both sides, and returned to stroking her clit with her left hand. The cucumber in her pussy was lodged deep and comfortable, stationary, as she reached down to fuck her well-lubed ass with the skinnier carrot. She loved pushing it all the way in, where the head was thickest, and wished she had brought another cucumber, instead.

Her steady rhythm got faster as she got wetter and hotter. As much as she enjoyed seeing her reflection, being filled in such a way looked so nasty, so hot, she had to lie back and close her eyes and enjoy the sensation of her swollen clit and stuffed body, “Oh, god,” she moaned and stroked herself harder, “Yes!” she cried as the carrot dipped so deep within her it could almost taste the cucumber, “Mmm MMMmmmm OOOHHHHH,” she panted and moaned, so close.

So loud were her cries that she did not hear the sound of footfalls on the stairs outside, nor did she see her roommates outside the picture window, watching her. “Oh, God!” Craig whispered, though not a religious man, he was clearly overwhelmed by the miracle before him.

“Sweet Jesus,” echoed Dan. Both the boys were hard as rocks in an instant, watching the sweet, beautiful Hannah impale herself forcefully with vegetables. She was moaning like it were the best sex ever, and the boys had a short, whispered conference.

Hannah was rocking her own world so hard, with the patience of a saint. She knew she could have cum many times over by now, but she also knew that the longer the build-up, the stronger the orgasm. She was aiming to knock herself out, by the looks of it. She hadn’t even heard the boys come in the front door, though, of course, they were being as quiet as possible, until both were securely inside, and the door shut.

“Oh, OH, OOHHH,” Hannah panted, her fingers rocking steady, her cunt dripping. She paused in her moans to pant a bit.

“Need some help with that?” Dan asked.

Bam, Hannah shot straight up, clutching her arms around her in a modesty that was far too late.

“Um,” she said, reaching for her sheets, which she was conviently on top of.

Craig gave her a wry smile. “Please don’t be embarrassed, Hannah. You’re sexy. That’s wonderful.”

The heat in Hannah’s cheeks spread through casino firmaları her whole body. She was relatively inexperienced, with other people, that is, and while she considered herself a very sexually liberated woman, she was still a shy, sweet girl on the outside.

“The question is,” Craig continued, “should we let you finish this alone? Dan and I, we’re your friends. And friends like to help each other out,” he explained, and Dan nodded in agreement.

A shy smile spread over Hannah’s bent down face, wondering if they had yet seen her special salad. They probably had. And they were hot. And they wanted her.

“Why don’t you lie down, Hannah?” Dan asked.

For some reason, it was easier for her to comply than to give a verbal answer, so she did as told, the tops of the vegetables protruding slightly into view.

“Will you stroke yourself while we get undressed?” Craig asked, a sweet eager need in his voice.

Hannah bit her lower lip and reached down to her clit, which she massaged slowly while breathing heavy. They guys did not take their eyes off her as they peeled out of their clothes in record time.

They knelt, one on either side, next to her. Dan wasted no time and began licking her still rock-hard nipple. “Aaaah,” she moaned, immediately grateful for the offer of help.

Craig slid lower and gently removed the cucumber, and set it aside. He did the same with the carrot. He put his palms on her inner thighs, so sweet and creamy, he caressed them softly, working his way up, she gasped when his thumbs hit the crease between her thighs and her pubic mound.

Dan was on to licking and sucking her nipples. He had an incredibly well trained mouth. While sucking, he could lick, and as his mouth withdrew, he could squeeze the very tip between his lips in a mild pinch. She tried to reach around and stroke his cock, but Dan lifted his mouth long enough to say, “no, honey, you lay back. This is all about you, now.” And then, he returned to bath her breasts in his saliva.

When Craig’s finger swept up through her pussy lips the first time, he found a very wet hole indeed. It was so warm and sweet he wanted to delve right into it, right then, like an animal, but he restrained himself. He contented himself to stroke her in much the same way she had stroked herself. With one hand, he teased her clit, and with the other, he finger-fucked her.

He couldn’t believe how tight her pussy was after seeing that cucumber in her, but there it was, it felt snug around his two fingers. He twisted his fingers in her as he pumped them in and out, and Hannah was purring like a wildcat. Craig growled himself in response, then repositioned himself so that he could use his tongue on her.

She was nearly over the edge in minutes. Between panting, bucking, moaning and crying, Craig and Dan had gushing as she never had before. When her cries got load and steady, they guys held out to the rhythm and let her ride it out in all its delicious glory.

When the spasms had subsided, they guys continued to nip and suck on her, though more gently. Hannah had made up her mind to speak.

“I want both of güvenilir casino you. To fuck me. At the same time.”

After the dumbfounded second that followed, Hannah added. “Please?” And the boys both got a mighty grin out of that.

Dan laid on his back, and Hannah mounted him like a cowgirl. She slowly lowered herself onto his long shaft, and sat on him, without motion, as Craig readied her ass with another coating of oil. Dan’s cock in her pussy was a snug tease, while Craig’s finger slid around her ass. Craig’s dick was not only long, but thick as well, and Hannah was a little nervous about this, but wanted it desperetly anyway. This was a long time fantasy of hers, and she wasn’t going to give up on it now.

Craig placed his hands on her shoulders, and said softly into her ear, “don’t worry, I won’t hurt you.” Then he guided the tip of his rigid cock into her anus, and slowly impaled her. She gasped as his balls slapped her skin, and again, when he slowly withdrew, to begin the wave-like rhythm between the three of them.

Hannah had never felt so good in all her life. As Craig withdrew, Dan would press deeper, and she would keep the pace between them. Though she wanted it to last forever, it was so incredible, so hot, that before long, they were bucking and pounding and fucking as if it were the last day on earth. Hannah moaned without abaondon, so loud that the next block could probably hear her, and the guys grunts were getting deeper and louder and Hannah took the lead, “Please, fuck me,” she panted, “fuck me hard,” and they did. “Oooh, God, OOOOHHH, MMMmMMmm, Yes, Cum in me, Yes, Yes YES!”

They were ramming into her so hard now, so fast and deep that it almost hurt, and there she was, spilling juice out of her cunt as Dan was pumping her tight little pussy full of cum, as Craig was shooting load after load up her asshole. They all shuddered together, rode a few waves back to shore, and fell down, on top of each other, stunned.

They lay like that for a few minutes, just catching their breath. Then, Craig kissed the small of her back, and withdrew himself, allowing Hannah to kiss Dan’s forehead and dismount. There was an awkward silence between them all.

“Um, thanks,” Hannah said, with a shy smile, which got Dan and Craig to grin, too.

“Hey, anytime,” Dan said, kidding in his voice, maybe not kidding in his mind.

“No, thank you,” Craig said, earnestly, to Hannah, of course. The girl was astute enough to know that the bulk of the tension was now between the boys, who had likely never been in a sexual situation together before. Even though they hadn’t touched, she sensed that they had crossed a threshold in their friendship and weren’t quite sure how to be about it.

Hannah bit her lower lip, with a sly grin, and looked back at them, “so, aren’t you guys supposed to be at a wedding?” she asked.

This had apparently been forgotten as the glazed-over look suddenly vanished from their faces. “Uh, yeah. I forgot my dress shoes,” Dan said sheepishly.

Hannah nodded. “Well, I don’t want you guys late on my account. Go, have fun this weekend. We can talk when you get back, okay?”

“Yeah, cool,” Dan said.

“Of course,” Craig replied.

They dressed almost as quickly as they had undressed, got the shoes, and said good-bye again.

Hannah laid back onto the bed and sighed. She kept her vegetable friends nearby, just in case.

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