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I have to laugh when I read these stories about how every Black guy has a big cock, and the poor little white boy is always cuckcolded. I know some Blacks have big cocks and some have average or even small cocks. Being a physician, I know what I see in my practice, and what the national norms are.

My story isn’t about my practice, however, but is about the big cock novelty. When I think back to my high school days, I still chuckle.

When I was in high school, there were four Black guys in my gym class. Jimmy, Lammy, Budba, and Cootie. They had average size cocks with Cootie having the largest. I was one of several Italians in the class, but I had one distinction: I had the biggest cock of them all, including the Black guys. My friends called me “T” which later turned to “T Rope” when they got a good look at my cock, then to just “Rope.”

In those days, everybody made fun of anybody different, so I tried to keep a low profile. I tried to wait until the other guys were out of the shower before “sneaking” in. Many times I would just wash off after gym class with water from the sink, and dry off as quickly as possible.

I was extremely shy, despite my big cock; I thought I was deformed. You know how it is when you are a teenager, you think everybody is looking at you, and you think ever part of your body needs to be perfect and look like everyone else’s. What made it more difficult was that like most Italian boys, I was almost always horny. I lost my “cherry” to my girlfriend’s mother when I was in my teens. She was about forty years old at the time, but that is another story.

By the time I was 18, I was fucking quite a few “women.” I didn’t date girls from the school because I was afraid they would make fun of me because of my big dong (little did I know!) So I would either jack off or look for some older ladies that were interested in some young cock. I worked at a gasoline service station, and that job provided me with quite a few prospects. We were still washing windshields in those days, and I got to look up quite a few skirts, which in turn led to some action for me on many occasions.

I was embarrassed at some of the things the ladies would say to me, flirting. I was good looking, but not the movie star type. Then one day, something happened that would change my life. One of my classmate’s mothers pulled into the station. I filled her car with gas, and of course, cleaned her windshield. She was wearing a short dress, and was showing a lot of leg. I thought I could see her pussy, but passed it off as a reflection. Then she said to me, “T, do you like to look up my dress?”

I was embarrassed and said, “What do you mean Mrs. Matoni?”

She told me that she knew I was looking up her dress Bostancı Escort and that it was OK. She asked me if I thought she was pretty. I told her that she was very nice.

I wasn’t lying. She was a petite nice looking Italian lady. I always checked her ass out when I went to her house to hang out with her son, Tony. She was always smiling, but I was too dumb to pick up any overt messages that she may have been sending.

She asked me if I liked older woman. Of course, I told her yes, and I never thought of her as an old woman. She then asked if any of the other boys told me anything about her. I told her the truth, that I hadn’t heard anything. She then told me that she was having sex with several of Tony’s special friends when her husband was working. She asked me if I was interested in being a special friend. I said that I didn’t think it was right, since I was one of Tony’s friends. She assured me that Tony didn’t care, and she always made sure that he wasn’t home when she had sex.

She spread her legs, and I could see that it wasn’t a reflection; she wasn’t wearing any underwear! My dick began to rise in my pants, and Mrs. Matoni licked her lips while checking out my bulge. I asked her when would be a good time. She said that her husband was working tonight, but Tony was home. I said that is a shame because I get off at 10:00.

She told me that she could meet me here at the station, and we could go have sex out in the nearby country. She had to be home a few minutes before midnight because her husband usually got home from work around 12:15. I agreed, and she drove off.

Needless to say, I was hard the rest of my shift just thinking about fucking Mrs. Matoni. I got everything ready to close up the station for the night so I was ready when Mrs. Matoni pulled in to the station about 9:55. At 10:00 I turned out the lights and locked the money in the safe. She told me to follow her to a nearby supermarket where she left her car just in case somebody saw it.

She jumped into my Camero, and off we went to the country, my heart pounding away. Mrs. Matoni kept looking at me and smiling, licking her lips. She reached over and went right for my cock. She started rubbing me through my pants. Then she took out my cock and tried to force it all in her mouth. I was still soft mostly because I was scared of getting caught fucking someone’s mother. She told me that I have a nice cock, and couldn’t wait to feel me inside of her.

I drove to a spot along a country road where my friends and I go for cheap quickie parking sessions. I quickly pulled over and turned off the lights. Mrs. Matoni started kissing me on the lips. I wasn’t interested in her romantically so I gave her a few pecks and started Kadıköy Escort taking off her clothes. As an eager relatively inexperienced teenager, I wasn’t much for foreplay, but loved to fuck. I told her to hop in the back seat, since there was more room.

She got in the back seat, and was almost completely naked when I got there. She said that we didn’t have much time, and she wanted to ride me as much as possible before it was time to go.

I stripped down and she immediately grabbed my cock, and began to stroke me. My cock started to harden and I heard her gasp. She quickly pulled me on top of her and rubbed the head of my cock against her pussy slit; she was soaking wet! She reached behind me and pulled my ass towards her forcing my cock into her pussy. It went in almost all the way!

She screamed like she got hit with a brick in the stomach. I honestly thought that I split her open. Mrs. Matoni moaned, “Ooohhhhhh… Awwww…Oh… my… T, you… are bigger…than Coo…tie!”

I said, “What?”

She said, “You are bigger than Cootie. I hope you can satisfy me like he does.”

She told me that he was the biggest one that she ever had…up until now. She told me that she loves a big cock, and loves to be stretched.

I had a million thoughts going through my mind at that point. She was nice, hot and tight. I knew I wasn’t going to stop fucking her. I was thinking about what a whore she must be, fucking everybody, even Cootie. Then I remembered that I wasn’t wearing a rubber. This was in the pre HIV days, but I was concerned about getting some disease; Cootie was crusty! He was selective, however, mostly fucking middleclass white girls.

My hormones were raging, and I started to fuck Mrs. Matoni. After about five minutes of hard jamming, I came in her. I pushed it in real deep, and she squeezed her legs around me and almost cut off my air. She came and screamed for a full minute.

She kept saying, “Oh T, I really…like…you. You made me…ahh…cum…so hard…so hard!”

She reached underneath her ass and started playing with my balls. She asked me when I would be ready to “go” again. She felt my cock and said, “Hot damn, you are still hard!”

I started pumping her again, and before long, she screamed that she was cumming again. Her whole body shook, and her ass never stopped moving back and forth. She said that she wanted to ride me from the top. I rolled her tiny body over, and she pulled herself up in the air, never letting my cock leave her cunt.

She slowly pushed back down on me, and quickly pulled back up. She said that she didn’t think that she could take all of me in this position. I told her that we just have to go slow, and that I would lower her down slowly until she Göztepe Escort had all of me in her.

She agreed, and used her hand wrapped around my cock to control how much was going in her cunt. We started fucking faster and faster letting more cock into her pussy with each couple strokes. She told me it felt good, but she had a look of pain on her face on the downstroke.

We fucked this way for about 30 minutes, and she would stop and tighten up about every 5 minutes. She would whisper to me that she was cumming.

She reached around my ass, and slipped a wet finger up my asshole. She was riding me hard, and when she pushed her finger deep into my ass against my prostrate gland, I started cumming like crazy! It felt so good. I grabbed her tight ass, and forced all of my cock into her at this point. I bottomed out and she screamed, “Ohhhhhh, T…T… it…a…a…aaahh…hurts!”

I couldn’t stop at this point, and emptied my nuts into her, keeping her coupled with me. I felt compelled to push my cock up in her as far as I could go. It was like some mating urge took over making me flood her uterus with my seed.

“Pl…pl…plea…please T,” she moaned. Mrs. Matoni was cumming and crying at the same time. I asked her if she was OK. She told me that I stretched her out a little too much, but she was OK. Her legs were still tightly gripping my sides. She looked at the clock on the dash and said that her husband would be home shortly.

After cuddling a while, I pulled out of her. She said that there are so many things that she wanted to do, like suck my cock and have me eat her pussy. “But we will have to save it for next time,” she said.

She went down and kissed my cock and took the head in her mouth. She gave it one final lick, and told me that she couldn’t wait to see me again. We both got dressed and got back in the front seat. She had me turn on the dome light so she could fix her make up. She had a few drops of blood on her lips that transferred off of my cock.

She looked at me and said that I was really deep in her, and stretched her pussy out. She checked her pussy, and said everything is OK. I told her that she is probably just having her period. She told me that she already went through menopause, and stopped having periods over a year ago. She told me not to worry, and that we’d better get going so that she could get home.

She told me that she would need a few days to heal, but wanted to see me soon. I told her that we would get together in a few days. I dropped her off at the supermarket at about 12:20, and drove off.

On the way home, I passed Cootie’s house, and I saw a familiar car parked nearby. It was Mr. Matoni’s car, one that I pumped gas into many times. Mr. Matoni was just sitting there looking up at Cootie’s house. I kept on driving, and went home wondering if he knew about Mrs. Matoni and Cootie. I wondered if he would check Mrs. Matoni when he got home, and find cum dripping out of her well-fucked, previously tight pussy.

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