Sweet Revenge

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Sweet RevengeThis has been written by me for a very close friend , as I can not express how bad I feel so he Mister Mick has tried — hopefully I will get some closure after reading this on line !!…. I was gutted and sick to my stomach the day I heard my husband Charlie had been fucking my son’s friend’s mum — not just fucking her but he had fucked her virgin bum hole!!!!! We have an open relationship but this takes the piss…..Tasha the stuck up designer bitch walks round as though she has a dildo up her. This one day she came to pick up her son from our house –I almost said sorry but Charlie’s not at home — but unusually for me I bit my tongue….. There where other plans afoot!!!I had been speaking with a friend of mine on the internet who was helping me get through this bad time — we shared fantasies and got on very well (cyber lovers) — He can normally put a scenario or story together very quickly that we both share and enjoy — some how he can tell when I’m down or had a bad day — but he is the one who picks me up and makes it all bearable —just by chatting and having a laugh.It was a couple of weeks on from when I found out about Charlie and Natasha — I still hadn’t let Charlie touch my bum hole since that day –although I had let him fuck me –but only because my needs where greater ………I still hadn’t shaved my pussy since that day as I know how much Charlie hates hairy pussy!!! Well tough — if he wants mine at all that’s what he’s getting and only when I want him to get it.I was talking on line one day and asked Mick to help put my mind at rest over this situation — the only way we could do it was set up a scenario and the following really did give me closure on the Natasha incident — although I will never trust him again …there was a big football game on TV, we normally meet down at the pub and watch it all together…. tonight I was with Charlie — I had put on one of the sexiest mini dresses I had specifically to tease all the guys and hopefully iskenderun escort some of the wives and girlfriends too …Well guess who turned up —– yep —Natasha and her husband — and her 19 year old son ……. he couldn’t take his eyes of my tits or my ass …. Mick was also there –as we had arranged to help me with our plan — he actually stood (as a total stranger to everyone except me) chatting to Natasha’s son and her …Every time I turned to see him they where all laughing and I honestly thought he had fucked me off and decided not to do as we had arranged!!! I was seething he has let me down too — but then he catches my eye and winks —- I smile briefly and feel calm again inside…Mick is getting Tasha son drinking hard, mum is also and dad is just boring watching the footy — I move across to where they are standing and Tasha (who thinks I’m her best friend –for some strange reason — introduces me to Mick who is on vacation and passing through!!! I say ‘I need a Pee can you come and help me Tasha as I need help with this dress’ — she says fine — so we disappear into the loo…Tasha comes in the cubicle with me and faces away — embarrassed? maybe — any way just after we went Mick says come with me I got something to show you — so Tasha’s son -who is a little merry now goes with Mick into the toilets — he says to Mick this is the ladies — Mick puts his finger to his lips — be quiet !!! Mick has arranged to take him into the next cubicle to ours —- he then slides his cock through the hole drilled specially for a glory hole I’m sitting on the loo just finishing my piss and Mick’s cock appears by my ear —- mmmmmm I turn and take him straight into my mouth I can taste his pre cum already —- Tasha’s son is amazed —- Mick whispers — these women are real dirty bitches they love to suck cock!!He is getting really excited and asks Mick if he can put his cock through to get sucked off…… Mick says in a minute I’m enjoying her escort iskenderun mouth — whoever it is ( knowing all to well its Missy ) Tasha has turned to see me sucking hard on this thick cock — I watch her eyes –she can’t take them off me as I slide along his shaft with my mouth —- I put my hand out to her and pull her across as I pull my mouth off Mick’s cock –that is the signal for him to remove his and get her son to push his through ……she takes my place on the toilet facing the hole this cock appears — Tasha licks her lips and takes it all in her mouth —- her sons cock !!!!!!!!!!!!As she is sucking I start to play with her tits –she is up for anything now!!!! They say it’s always the quiet ones!!!!I have her nipples out rolling them so hard — but she is just moaning her pleasure ……I spread her legs and pull off her thong — her perfectly manicured cunt is dripping —- her lips are spread……I give her 3 fingers immediately stretching her over my fingers but very quickly she opens up for another finger —– I lift her off the loo and bend her to suck the cock easier and give me better access to her cunt, I kneel behind her and lick her out —- she is dripping … her asshole is really tight as I feed my tongue in —- I feel her cum as I do this….Mick comes into our cubicle now –as arranged — he stands behind Tasha —- I move my mouth and squeeze his cock so tight the end is huge —— I feed it deep into her asshole stretching her —- not gently tonight —- a real hard ass fucking for her!!! Mick feeds the rest of his cock in until his balls are resting against her cunt lips…….Then he withdraws all the way leaving her gaping wide — I spit into her huge asshole —- Mick drives his hard cock all the way home pulling her on by her hips he is fucking her so hard in the bum hole her cheeks are slapping against hid thighs ,,, she is sucking the cock so hard we can hear the groans from the next cubicle — not long now I think iskenderun escort bayan — I now have my fist in her cunt as she is being drilled —– suddenly she is gulping and choking the cock has just erupted in her throat — Her sons cock !!!!!!!!Mick’s breathing is also getting heavy as he nears his own climax —- I dig my nails into his balls and this finishes’ him off — 3 huge spurts of cum are released into her asshole —– the cock has been removed through the wall she has spunk all over her face —-the cubicle opens just as Mick withdraws his cock leaving her asshole huge and leaking spunk — massive quantity of thick creamy spunk —I dearly want to tongue all of his cream for her but this is not our plan — no —- her son sees Tasha –his mum covered in spunk at both ends — I grab his still hard cock and pull him to her —- he calls her a dirty cum whore — then he just mounts her asshole — and starts to fuck her for all he is worth —- Mick sitting on the toilet hold out his hand and pulls me onto his lap — well actually onto his hard shaft which slowly disappears into my own soaking cunt —- fuck it feels so good for him to be inside me —- Tasha is being fucked so hard by her son we are amazed — pure anal fucking !!!!! and she is loving it —- Mick lifts me clear of his cock then lowers me back down onto it again but this time nudging against my tight bum hole —– I want it so much –the initial pain soon goes and I take him all the way inside — I ride him as he is finger fucking my pussy at he same time — my god it feels so good — I’m in total control of the fuck but he is in control of my orgasms and they are flowing through me hard and fast ……Tasha starts to pant hard as she has cum again followed very quickly by her son!!!!The door to the cubicle opens — Charlie stands there watching Tasha’s son removing his cock from her asshole — his face is a picture — Mick and myself have also just cum–I ease off his cock letting his cum gush from my arse hole right in front of C —- and I smile at him–and say “Tasha has been well stretched for you now my love “— he looks at her and she is smiling nodding her head –like the stupid bitch she is!!!!!Revenge is oh so sweet…………………….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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