Surreptitious Love Ch. 28

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One beautiful morning in late November I was sitting at home, marking students’ essays. On paper, it was still rainy season, but perhaps it was about to be over. The day was dry and windy, and the sun was out. Our house was rather long (or deep), perhaps 65 feet, but only 13 or so wide. To the left and the right of ours were identical houses, so that we didn’t have any windows along the long walls, which was okay, though, as we had windows in the back, and the screechy metal door in the front was always open when we were at home.

My spot of choice in the house was about 25 feet in, to the right, seen from the door. I always sat on the left chair at the table, close to the wall, looking outside. It didn’t matter what I was doing, I could always see who was walking past our house, while I remained hard to spot, as the sidewalk was another 20 feet wide. Most people didn’t notice that I was there or what was going on inside. I hadn’t deliberately arranged matters that way; that’s just how it happened.

As I was marking those papers, I was thinking of Ngan and Thuy, who was probably still sore from our wild fuck three weeks back, which she had requested. Ngan, my young colleague, hesitated to hook up with me again. I had deflowered her on that windy day in October, when a gust had blown up her skirt. I regretted now that I hadn’t explored her longish butt cheeks and pussy enough that day. Two days ago, she had refused my modest request for a picture after saying on Facebook that she had been to the hairdresser. Perhaps she needed more time to digest the loss of her hymen, or she didn’t want to appear immodest by inviting a married colleague to fuck. Or, she was just afraid of being found out.

Nguyet and I had talked over the phone the previous week. She was well, just as her baby. The only problem she reported was slightly sore nipples from breastfeeding. Sometime in December, I would go and see her at her parents’ house, but I thought I should give her a few more weeks as she had just given birth only four weeks ago. Men just didn’t visit freshly-minted mothers here in Vietnam anyway. As much as I desired her, I knew it would be better to be patient. She certainly had had a C-section and was probably still aching.

I couldn’t wait to roll around in bed with her, though. Since she had a baby now, we could only do it at her parents’ house. The thought of getting a hotel room for an hour with the baby in tow was amusing but not feasible by any means. Once she was back in her apartment, however, things would naturally be easier again. To amuse myself, I sometimes entertained the idea of meeting her at a café. I could watch her large tits while she was breastfeeding and, maybe, could even try her milk. I could probably get her to take her panties off, too, and see her pussy, just like back in the day.

My wife was out and about in town this morning and would be back for lunch around eleven, I thought. She was selling insurance and had had tons of friends and family within a 2-mile radius. Just as when I was young, in Vietnam, you could still pop in people’s houses without calling them first. My wife usually visited someone once she was in town anyway. She also knew loads of people who worked at restaurants or cafes, as she used to work at a vegetarian place (where we met).

It was just about half past nine; I had just gotten up from the table and gone back to the kitchen to start a load of laundry when I heard a motorcycle stop outside, and then the engine was shut off. Our neighbors had just moved out, so maybe it was my wife. But her motorcycle sounded different. Anyway, I put some detergent in the machine, closed the lid, and went back to the front of the house.

Against the light, I could see a woman in a dress Şerifali Escort standing in our door. It was Nguyet. Oh.

„Hey! Now, that’s a surprise!” I said and invited her in.

She smiled but seemed a little nervous. I was wondering where the baby was. She looked slim and trim like last year again, apart from her ample bosom. I offered her the chair next to mine here at the table, and she sat down. I asked if she wanted tea or some cookies, but she just shook her head.

“I don’t have much time,” she began and seemed slightly embarrassed.

I looked at her more closely. She was wearing the dusty-pink dress that I loved so much. Her hair was relatively short and fell dashingly next to her neck onto her shoulders. She took off her glasses and cleared her throat:

“Ben, I had to get out of the house. It’s pretty daunting to have a baby next to you 24-7. He’s sleeping now, and I told my mother that I’d go to a wedding of a co-worker.”

I was flummoxed. Did she want me to come with her? That would have been unheard of.

„I often think of us, Ben. The last time we saw each other was in July.”

„Yeah, I know. I also think of you a lot. Every day. Multiple times. We need to start seeing each other again, once your son is a little older. In a few months. Or weeks. Do you want me to join you to go to the wedding?” I asked, still puzzled.

„There is no wedding. I lied to my mother. I wanted to see you.”

I swallowed. It was moving to have her here with the admission that she needed to see me, but I imagined her mother alone with the crying baby. Nguyet shouldn’t do things like that. But now she was here, and I couldn’t take my eyes off her. And she had said already that she wasn’t gonna stay for long. She made me warm all over. And roused me. I remembered that day she had been wearing that dress at the romantic café on the south side, together with white stockings. We had gone across the street to fuck, and then we had gone back to her parents’ house to do it once more.

I took her hand and caressed her. We turned towards each other and moved our chairs closer. We kissed; there weren’t too many people walking past our house ever. And if, they’d think I was there with my wife. I looked outside but didn’t see anyone. The Vietnamese don’t walk much anyway. They ride scooters. I put my hands on her knees under her dress, and my dick started pumping itself up. I wanted to see her pussy. Right now. Under her beautiful dress.

„Take of your panties!” I requested.

She got up and reached under her skirt. She didn’t think it was strange and, to be honest, she had probably come here today for just that. She gave me her white panties, which I sniffed right away, but she only laughed, as they were ‘fresh’. She probably had taken a shower right before she came to my house. But, still, there was a trace of her pussy aroma. On the way over, some molecules must have already made their way into the cotton.

I put the panties onto the board under the table, which was cluttered with all kinds of stuff. No one was able to see from outside what went on behind the table. All that people could see were our heads, chests and lower legs, also because the sidewalk was 3 feet below the floor of our house.

I pushed my hands upward on her firm yet soft legs and caressed them for a minute or two. As far as I knew, she was never into sports, but her legs were simply awesome. She didn’t have a single ounce of fat on her whole body. Not even now, just after having given birth. But her legs were soft, too, and also warm and cool at the same time, just like any beautiful young woman’s legs. I briefly thought of the moment when she had been sitting up on that wall in Hue, back in March.

Well, we couldn’t undress here. I did Üsküdar Escort want to see and kiss her tits, but she had already told me about her sore nipples. We couldn’t close the house with her motorcycle outside either. Neither could we fuck in the bed where my wife and I slept together in winter and where my son had been conceived. That just wasn’t an option, and I sensed she didn’t want that either.

„Nguyet, what do you wanna do?” I asked her. “We can’t close the door. My wife is bouncing all over town but she’ll be back soon.

“I blow you or jerk you off quickly? We need to meet up again, somehow. I just want you to touch me. It’s been so long …” she said again.

„Well, our best option is probably to sit here and make each other come. I’ll diddle your clit and you give me a handjob? And in a few weeks, we’ll meet at your house when your mother isn’t there and do it properly.”

She nodded. I pushed my hands further up her thighs, knowing that her pussy was undefended. I looked down, but it was just dark between her legs. I needed to push her dress further up. I kept caressing her legs briefly, while we kissed again. It was a blessing that the board here under the table was so cluttered.

Nguyet’s breasts were large now but I was surprised that they fit in her dress here. Ordinarily, she was pretty flat. I was tempted again to just take that dress off her, but, alas, we really couldn’t do that. Her bosom was heaving nicely, though.

I got up and went to the bedroom to change into a pair of boxers, so that she could work on my dick more easily. I didn’t want to sit down on my naked ass. Of course, I could never have explained to my wife why I was wearing boxers with Nguyet here at the house. Well, let’s say she wasn’t gonna be back for another half-an-hour, I told myself.

After I had sat down again, I let my dick snap through the front of my underwear. Nguyet leaned over and dropped a large blob of spit onto my glans. She looked relieved, like life seemed much better with a dick in your hand. She started to stroke my cock artfully, while I pushed her dress up to see her pussy.

I was relieved to see, smell, and be able to touch the center of the universe again. Just as Nguyet, I found life with pussy better than life without it. Well, I couldn’t smell much at this point, but we would perhaps get there. I looked at her face and how carefully she was treating my dick. I reached for her pussy lips and caressed the whole area. I found the first drops of pussy nectar, which I applied to her lips. With my finger freshly moistened, I ended up diddling her clit.

“Nguyet, we’ve got to do it again soon!” I said panting.

She only nodded but then she seemed to want to bend forward and take my dick in her mouth. In the end, however, she remained seated as she was, and we kept satisfying each other using our hands. My finger was already inside her, and when I realized that she was thoroughly wet, I reached for her G-spot. My finger had disappeared completely in her pussy. With my left hand, I caressed her beautiful face.

Her dress had fallen back down, and so she got up and pulled it from underneath her butt. Her naked, wet butt was now on the seat where my wife usually sits. I would have to sniff the seat later, before cleaning it. I made a note to hand Nguyet her panties before she would leave. Her snatch was perhaps the most beautiful pussy I knew. It had just the right mixture of cultivated beauty and wild elements. And just now I smelled her aroma for the first time. It was subtle but unparalleled.

I wasn’t sure if I could give her an orgasm today but as wet as she was, nothing seemed impossible. She had her eyes closed now and was moaning quietly, as I was fingering her. Her clitoris was immensely Ümraniye Escort sensitive, and so I focused on that little button, even though I couldn’t see it today.

I hadn’t seen anyone walk past our house for a while, but now there was an elderly man in pajamas—which is not unusual at all—with his grandson, who was holding his arm. The young man looked at us but didn’t realize what was going on. Near our house was the big hospital for the whole province, and younger relatives often took the patients for a walk in the neighborhood.

Nguyet had me at the point where I wanted to come. Since she was wearing a beautiful dress, I handed her the panties, as there weren’t any napkins within reach. She took the hint to catch the sperm with her underwear, holding her panties near my dick to get ready. Suddenly, she had a better idea: She stood up and leaned over the table, just like Tuyet had done last summer at her grandma’s house. Still sitting, I lifted up her dress and took a good look at her hairy crevice. It wasn’t as hairy as Tuyet’s mother’s, but the sight and the aroma drove me insane.

I got up, too, bend my knees a little, pulled her butt cheeks apart at the bottom and pushed my purple throbbing glans inside her. I looked up and saw the old man with his grandson again, who had turned around to go back to the hospital. I didn’t move until they were out of sight, but then there was no way of stopping us. I thrusted maybe another two dozen times and discharged copious amounts of cum inside her, which felt more like a continuous stream than splashes.

Nguyet reached back on her body with her panties to catch the cum that would be leaking out of her in a second. I sat back down and watched her catch the formidable load, which was a sight I would never forget. She put her cum-soaked panties back on and dropped on the seat next to me again. I let my dick disappear inside my boxers and went to the bedroom to change.

When I got back, I lifted her dress up again to look at her panties: the sight of her wet panties with her protruding, cum-covered lips underneath made me melancholic. There was also some hair sticking out left and right. Her panties were beautifully soaked. I found this sight marvelous and thought to myself that we had done well, considering the circumstances.

“That felt good, didn’t it?”

“Yes, Ben, I need this once or twice a month. When Thuy asked me three weeks ago—when the two of you had met at the Coop-Mart—to tell you that she wanted you to fuck her really hard, I wished I could have come to the hotel. I fantasized about it the whole afternoon and actually masturbated for the first time since my son was born. While I was breast-feeding him. I felt bad afterwards.”

“Don’t worry about that. I understand. As soon as we’re able to, we’ll meet again regularly. I want it too. Well, I hope that your son’s alright now, with your mother.”

Right that moment my wife arrived back at our house. She knew Nguyet from my work; they had seen each other perhaps ten times at company parties when Nguyet still worked at our school. They greeted each other and chatted a little in Vietnamese, perhaps about our and Nguyet’s sons, before my wife went to the kitchen to put some things in the fridge.

Nguyet got up and hollered her goodbye back towards the back of the house, where the kitchen was. When she was gone, my wife reappeared. I saw that the chair next to me still glistened a little, even though Nguyet had sat on it again after her wet pussy had touched the seat. My wife hadn’t noticed but asked immediately why Nguyet had been at our house.

“When I was outside smoking,” I told her, “she saw me on her way to a wedding of a colleague. Stopped to say ‘hello’. To tell me about her baby,” I added.

„We’ll go and visit her,” my wife said determined and sat down. “Is she married?” she wanted to know.

I was happy that she was inadvertently removing the signs of our debauchery with her little butt and only said: “No, they split up before the baby was born.”

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