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I was beginning to get very fed up with the late nights I had been working over the past few weeks as yet again I walked through the door at 8.30pm. I knew that Emma was getting a little fed up too and she wouldn’t attempt to hide the fact each and every time I walked through the door. As I dropped my bag and slipped off my shoes I prepared myself for her disappointed face again. I pushed the living room door slowly open, expecting a frosty atmosphere, but was instantly struck by the smell of sweet perfume and the sight of her wearing the silk dressing gown that I’d bought her months back and had been endlessly encouraging her to wear. I decided to safely assume that she’d had something go well in her day, and more importantly, that I was possibly going to get to have sex with her gorgeous, size ten and toned body. “Come on in husband,” she said, with a naughty smile and a glint in her eye. “I’ve been planning something fun for tonight.””Well I can’t wait any longer – it’s been weeks,” I replied, excitedly. She smirked, “Don’t get too excited. Let me show you what I’ve got prepared.” She stood up slowly, letting her gown slip open slightly to reveal her stocking covered legs – she knew I couldn’t resist her in black fishnets. As she seemed to hover past me she held out her hand and nodded for me to take it. I was being led through to the dining room where I noticed one of our wooden chairs facing us, accompanied by some black leather handcuffs and a small red satin bag. I expected her to sit down as she loved being restrained and teased, but to my surprise, she gripped my wrists firmly and guided me into the chair, forcing me to sit down. I was immediately turned on. She picked up the cuffs, which I noticed were different to our usual ones, but strangely not new looking, and attached my wrists together behind me while weaving the leather into the chair. Escort izmir As I attempted to test the slack I realised that these were very strong cuffs – much stronger than the Velcro ones that we own. Emma leaned forward to pick up the red bag and slightly revealed her pert round tits, supported in a black lace basque. I was so distracted by the sight of her body that I didn’t register what she had retrieved from the bag. As I eventually looked at her hand, I felt a rush of horror and excitement travel through my stomach as her new shiny toy glinted in the dim lights of the dining room. “Is that a cock cage?” I asked, already knowing full well it was. “Well, not just any cock cage. This is your cock cage,’’ she replied. “And this is my key,” she said, with a devilish grin on her pale face. I watched as my dominant wife removed my trousers and underwear quite forcefully and observed her face as she slowly pulled my aching balls through this cold, metal ring. Her eyes lit up as she then manoeuvred my limp cock into the metal cage, making sure to connect the eyelet to the ring. I watched her frown as she concentrated on reaching for something in the red bag between her feet using her spare hand. Then before I had even realised – ‘click’ – she had attached and locked a small chrome padlock through the eyelets. I instantly felt trapped. I couldn’t find any words to say before she switched off the lights in the dining room and closed the voile curtains as she walked away into the living room. I could see everything she was doing quite clearly and watched her place the pair of chrome keys – the keys to my freedom – on the mantelpiece. At that very moment her phone beeped and she sat down on the sofa, which faced away from me, to read her message. What seemed like an eternity passed as I watched the back of her head move izmir escort bayan often to check whatever replies she was receiving, her long black hair shimmered with each movement. I whistled a few tunes briefly such as The Great Escape, hoping to get a giggle or at least an acknowledgment, but no such thing happened. The clock behind me chimed, indicating that it was nine o’clock, but it felt much later.  The house was silent for a few minutes and I was wondering when she was going to give in. After all this couldn’t be any more fun for her than it was for me; she spends most of the early evenings sat on the sofa with her phone while I’m at work. Then all of a sudden, and almost making me jump out of my seat if it wasn’t for the handcuffs, the doorbell rang, sounding much louder than normal as it pierced the tense atmosphere. I watched as Emma slowly stood up in her gown, sorted her hair quickly, pouted her lips to make sure her bright red lipstick was still applied and left through the living room door. My stomach turned as I thought of someone coming into my house and seeing me strapped to a chair with no trousers on and a cock cage attached to my penis. My friends or neighbours would never see me the same again! However, as my sense of hearing was heightened with the adrenaline, I listened to a voice I didn’t recognise, a deep male voice. As I tried to hold my breath and hear any clues to who it was, I received another rush of adrenaline – there were two male voices, both deep, and getting closer. I tried to cross my legs before they saw my locked up penis but the cock cage was in the way. I felt a draught and I knew the door was opening. I closed my eyes with embarrassment, expecting to hear the laughing or the comments about my current state. The lack of reaction was almost disappointing after all the build-up. izmir escort I opened my eyes slowly and saw two of the most manly looking black men I’ve ever seen taking a seat on my sofa, oblivious to my presence. I realised that they couldn’t see me through the voile as my lights were off, to them it would be just darkness – Emma had thought this through well. I didn’t know how to react to the situation. I couldn’t make a single sound as they’d almost certainly come to investigate, but I couldn’t just sit there to watch what was likely to be happening. I was lost. To my dread, Emma approached the curtains as though going to open them, but she just slipped her head through and put a finger to her lips, hushing me like a naughty child. She then went back into the living room and stood in front of the two men, of which I could only see the back of their heads, although they were sitting much taller than Emma was before their arrival. My stomach turned again as she slowly and sexily slipped the silk gown from her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. I could only see her from the waist up, but I knew how good she’d be looking. I listened jealously as the two black men complimented her with filthy words, then one of them stood up. He was over a foot taller than her and his skin made her look even paler than normal as he placed his hands on her waist. I felt my caged penis twitch and get warm. She began to unbutton his shirt without saying a word, eventually removing it from his big shoulders and throwing it to the floor. She smoothed her hands over his chest sensually before softly digging her nails into him. She glanced in my direction for a second then turned her gaze to the second man and with a nod, she summoned him to join them, and he did. He removed his shirt to reveal a very similar physique to his accomplice and positioned himself behind my wife and cupped her perfectly round, lace-covered tits with his strong black hands, leaving me with a profile view of all three. The second man started to lean down to Emma’s neck, kissing her softly on each side while the first man explored below her waist, which I could not see.

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