Straightening out wrinkles

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Straightening out wrinklesStraightening Out Wrinklesbypenisleeve©Hello.Like most bars this one was mostly unforgettable, too many people, too many drunks, too much smoke and noise. But I would always remember this one as the place where I began a long adventure into sexual exploitation and servitude. Just entering the door of this particular bar makes my cock throb in memory and anticipation.It was a usual Friday night and I’d decided to go out and have a drink. I’m not as a rule a pub goer but at a loose end, or should that be with a loose end I decided to socialise and see what came up.The pub was a large city affair with numerous bars all overcrowded with the usual crush of people all desperately trying to get plastered and happy. I’d made my way to a slightly less noisy bar and secured a seat in a corner from where I could observe the room. There were a mix of people in groups and singly spread around and generally the atmosphere wasn’t to offensive. A number of men and women had caught my eye but nothing had eventuated before the dreaded Chinese bladder effect of beer struck. I’d been drinking for about two hours when I started to need a piss. Once I started I would have to keep tracking back and forth to the gents, I’d been twice, once for each of the last middies. I ordered one last drink and as nothing had occurred figured I’d call it a night and head home to my hand and dildo in front of the TV with a porn tape.I followed an older man into the toilet and stood beside him in the double urinal. I casually noticed his cock, as you do! It was surprisingly large and much wrinkled. A little drunk, I commented on how wrinkled it was. Now this is of course a dangerous thing to do in anything but a gay place but the booze and being randy had made me less than cautious.“You should see it when the wrinkles get straitened out.” He commented with a curious smirk on his face.Quickly checking the room was empty he moved back slightly turning in my direction and stroked his cock giving me a better look and making it begin to swell.“Do you want to see it without wrinkles?” He asked.I could feel the excitement rising and licked my lips nodding as I nervously checked the room was still empty.“Touch it then.” He ordered.I let go of my now erect cock and gently took his in my hand. It was warm and soft to the touch but hardening and growing quickly. The wrinkles were in deed disappearing and I slowly stroked it as it grew.“In there.” He said indicating the cubical.I let his cock go and followed my now dribbling cock into the cubical and sat down as he entered closing the door behind him. His cock and continued to grow and was by now fully erect, 8 inches long, very thick and not a wrinkle to be seen!I licked my lips and opened my mouth as he stepped closer. The smell of his excitement reached me just as I licked the head of his cock. It tasted of fresh piss and precum.“Good boy. Now do it nice a slow and deep, swallow it all.” He instructed.I reached into his open fly and pulled his balls free; they were huge and hairy, hanging down a good way. I gently held them as I began to lick all over his cock and begin to suck it deeper and deeper into my mouth. Slight involuntary moans were coming from me when there were suddenly other people in the toilet.“Quiet slut.” He ordered. He took my head in his hand, his fingers interlacing behind my head and pulled me onto the full length of his cock which was by now throbbing and leaking copious precum.The men in the room could be heard talking about women they planned to take home, their piss could be heard splashing against the metal of the urinal only inches from my head. As he pulled me forward he heaved his hips towards me and forced his thick cock down my throat. I gagged and began to choke but he just held me in place and looked down into my upturned face as tears sprang to my eyes and I struggled to accommodate him fully. I could feel my throat retching against the intrusion but something other than the fear of being caught sucking cock in a public toilet made me want to achieve what he wanted. My stomach heaved and the contraction of my throat made him tense and push against my face even harder.More men entered the room; one entered the booth next to ours and began to piss noisily. Others complained about the place being full. If only they knew how full some places were.He began to withdraw slightly and then push back in. Each pump was slightly longer and harder as he was clearly enjoying the face fuck and the proximity of other men. I managed to gasp air each time he withdrew keeping as quiet as I could and now beginning to cope with the penetration. My cock that had shrunk when he made me gag and retch began to harden again and I grasped it beginning to wank in time to his thrusts into my face. He smiled and quietly said, “That’s a good slut. Jerk it off while I relieve myself in you.”I nearly came there and then! I poked my tongue out as far as I could and licked the underside of his advancing cock pulling gently on his balls and now wiling him ever deeper into my throat.Men still came and went from the toilet and soon he was coming also. His face began to become very red and his breathing ragged and he started roughly fucking my face. He’d pull almost completely out and then shove it in as deep as he could. His pubic bone was hammering against my top lip and his hairy balls were now slapping against my chin since I’d let them go so they could swing. Slight slopping sounds issued from my mouth as he approached the point of no return and as the veins in his neck and forehead looked as if they were about to burst he heaved himself into me and began to cum. I beat my own cock as hard as I could and joined him in release, spraying cum onto his trouser legs and shoes.He squirted a huge amount down my throat before making me hold my mouth wide open and allow him to finish draining himself onto my tongue. He seemed to dribble cum for ages as I had to swallow three or four times to avoid spilling his seed down my chin.His cock began to soften and the wrinkles reappear. I licked it and kissed and sucking it deep to remove all traces of his thick semen. He stood there and let me nurse as he shrunk. “You filthy little slut look at my trousers and shoes!” He said as he noticed I’d cum all over them. “Clan them up now, with your tongue you faggot slut.” He demanded leaning back against the door.I slipped to my knees, concerned that someone would notice us but quickly licked all traces of my semen from his trousers and then shoes.He flipped his soft but still impressive cock into his trousers, zipped up and smiled at me. “Follow me out of here. I think we’re going to enjoy ourselves tonight.”I quickly shoved my cock into my trousers and followed him from the cubicle. The men in the toilet looked at us in some surprise and I heard one comment about ‘fucking faggots’ as the door closed behind us.***We left the pub and he took me home to his place a half hour or so away. On the way he introduced himself as Malcolm, he was 56, a businessman with his own manufacturing company, an ex-wife, four k**s and no current outlet for his sexual needs. His property, car, house, clothes all spoke of comfortable wealth and he seemed self assured and easy with his choices. In the car he had me gently suck his cock all the way from the car park to the garage of his house. By the time we were there he was hard as a rock and dribbling again. I commented on his precum and semen, how much of each and how thick it was. He told me he’d always produced plenty and that this had been a problem for his wife who didn’t really like sex and the ‘mess’ it made. Speaking with my mouth full I told him how I really liked it and he could make as much mess as he liked in, on and around me.Once in his house he had me strip off and show him my body. I had to stand there and turn around then touch my toes, pull my cheeks apart, display myself for his amusement. He produced a number of dongs and a vibrator and had me use these on myself. I had to swallow them as far as I could leaving them covered in saliva and then lie back and while looking into his eyes push them up my arse as far as they’d go. I was facing him with and erection and a sticky mess beneath my gaping hole. He sat there, naked with a huge erection slowly pulling it throughout this display. He said how the dongs had been bought years before by him and his wife when they were still trying to ‘make it work’ but that they’d only rarely been used.When I got to the largest dong and had got it as wet as I could he made me squat over it and lower myself down. It was 10 inches long and about 2 inches thick but I played with bigger ones at home. When my cheeks reached the table top where the action had taken place he groaned and began to stroke his cock in earnest.“She could never take all of that!” He panted as he beat his cock.“All of this little thing?” I coyly asked as I rose and fell the complete length of the rubber cock making obscene squelchy noises.He groaned and beat faster his hand almost a blur. “Lie back bitch.” He commanded as he stood up holding a throbbing, drooling cock and stepped between my thighs. The dong was fully up me with just the very base showing from outside as I lay back and he stepped up to push his cock against my hole. “I’m going to fuck you stupid now!” he gasped and he pushed the head of his cock in alongside the dong.It was really tight and made me squeal much to his delight. “That’s right bitch scream while I fuck you to death!” he growled and then he shoved his cock right up me.He took my legs in his hands and placed them over his shoulders then grasped my hips and began to fuck me. The dong had slipped inside and he just fucked away as I began to loosen even further and enjoy the rough ride. He fucked me for about ten minutes before he began to pound completely in and out of me as he came. Every now and then the head of his cock would strike the end of the dong and force it really deep making me moan in pain and perversion which served to drive him to even harder efforts.Sweat was dripping off him onto my prone body as he pounded away at my now slack hole and I slipped back and forth across a table slick with sweat. Je rained a torrent of verbal abuse down on me as he fucked calling me a slut and whore, a faggot, queer and poofter. He said how he wished he could have fucked his bitch wife this way and then poured his semen up me in one last thrust whereby he lifted me from the table trembling and heaving his cock into me as his semen filled me to overflowing.He put me back down onto the table and slumped back down into his chair leaving me exhausted and excited. His cock was softening but still proudly thick as it lay across his hairy belly. Semen was splashed across his balls and thighs leaving a shiny, slimy reminder of what he’d just done.The dong was nowhere to be seen but he ordered me to push it out. I lay back and bore down to push the rubber out and felt his copious semen run down between my cheeks to join the growing pool beneath my arse. The dong still did not emerge.“Reach in and get it you slack faggot!” He directed.I reached inside with my right hand and could just touch the end of the dong well up my hole. I pushed down and after some fumbling managed to get a grip and pull it free. The sensation of my rectum sucking against the dong as it was withdrawn made me groan in disgusting pleasure. I could feel every atom of my hole reacting to the stimulation as the rubber pulled free.Malcolm watched in amazement as I pulled the goo covered dong from my body and began to lick it clean. My arse was spasming in the throws of an anal orgasm as I did so and the obvious lust I was enjoying made him hard once again.He made me get off the table and lick it clean while he fucked me once again this time from the rear. He pumped away for about half an hour before giving me another semen enema. Exhausted this time he had me clean him up with my tongue as he dozed off. He awoke as I licked his arse and made me stay the night in his bed. He tied me to the headboard and put the dong back inside me. I still hadn’t shot another load since the toilet and desperately needed to cum.In the morning he woke and had me suck him off before having a shower. When he was ready he made me get dressed and into balçova escort the car. I still had the dong up me! He dropped me off at the car park and told me to be at the pub the next week with the dong in place!I drove home faster than ever, called in sick to work and fucked myself into exhaustion reliving the night I’d just had. My hole had never been so sensitive or used. Every movement of the dong had me wriggling with passion and lust. When I did eventually fall asleep I slept right through from Saturday lunch time until the Sunday morning. I woke with a very sore arse and aching balls. I could barely wait until the next Friday, but was I glad I did.Straightening Out Wrinkles Ch. 2: Next Time.Meet him at the same pub. Him with four other men (Doug, Dave, Jeff, Harry) all in 50’s.Have me suck them off in toilet. Pisspot.Taken to a quiet park and I get ganged by this group of older men. Have to suck each to erection and take each load up my arse. Friday came all too slowly. I arrived at the pub early, what was the point of not appearing eager I was! I had my second drink in hand when Malcolm entered and ignoring me made his way across to a table where four other men had been sitting drinking. I’d caught them looking at me and realised that Malcolm, must have said something to them.Malcolm still ignored me and I didn’t dare approach him unless he gave me some sign. After all a man may not like his mates knowing he ploughed men’s arses and got sucked off in public places. I had another drink and had to go to the loo. As I made my way towards the toilet door I noticed one of the men at Malcolm’s table lean across and say something to him, Malcolm nodded. I entered the toilet and stood at the urinal, my cock was erect and the dildo was rubbing in all the right places deep in my rectum. The man who’d already been there zipped up and left, not before I noticed he had a long thin one leaving the toilet fortunately empty.Just then the door opened and I quickly stopped stroking my cock, luckily it was Malcolm. He coughed and nodded to the cubicle where he’d had me suck him off the previous week.I quickly stepped into the booth and sat upon the toilet. I closed my eyes and opening my mouth wide waited for his lovely thick cock to be pushed inside.“You slut” He derisively said. “Anyone could come in just now and see what you’re doing.” I opened my eyes to see he’d not closed the door of the cubicle and I was exposed to the room. The door did open and some men came in, it was Malcolm’s mates.I was sitting on the toilet, erection out mouth still wide in lust and shock.Malcolm spoke to the four new men. “See I told you he was a slut!”The four laughed, two moved to the urinal and the other two leant against the sinks to watch. Malcolm nodded to me and I reached out and unzipped him. He was already hard and drooling as I pulled his cock and balls free of his trousers. My hand trembled as I proceeded to perform the most obscene of acts in full view of the door which could open at any time and reveal to whoever was there what a wanton faggot slut I was.“Suck it poofter.” Malcolm commended and I did as he said. I placed my mouth over the head of his cock and swallowed as quickly as I could. In no time I was down to his pubes, I was really ready this time.One of the men at the sinks groaned, “My god he’s doing it right down to the balls!”Malcolm agreed. “Not bad for a faggot. I won’t be long then you can all have a turn. Can’t they slut?”I mumbled my consent and nodded bobbing up and down on his cock.Malcolm stepped into the cubicle causing me to remove his erection from my mouth and closed the door behind him. The four others could be heard discussing what they’d just seen. Obviously they’d never had sex with a man but they were very interested to ‘have a go at him.’Malcolm had me remove my clothes, fold them and put them on the cistern. Now naked he made me squat and reveal the dong inside my arse. Satisfied that I’d done as I was told he had me sit astride the toilet again.“I need to piss real bad slut, and you’re going to be my pisspot.”I was about to protest when I heard the door of the toilet open and more men enter. Malcolm took my head in his hands as he had done last time and pushed his cock into my throat as before. He grunted and wriggled his hips to get himself comfortably set in my throat.“Here it comes slut.” He whispered and I felt the piss run down his urethra across my tongue and straight into my gullet. I couldn’t taste it as he was so deep but the thrill of being such a slut had me pulling my cock furiously as he emptied his bladder into me.His thick cock began to harden even more as he finished pissing but he pulled it out and wiped the drips in my hair. “Later slut.” He said and zipping up left the cubicle.DaveOne of Malcolm’s friends entered the cubicle, I saw a complete stranger behind him suddenly stare at me naked upon the toilet as the door opened and closed. Malcolm’s friend didn’t speak he just pulled his cock out and poked it at my face. I leant forward and licked the head as it emerged from it’s foreskin as he hardened. He moaned slightly then grabbed my head and just rammed it into my throat. His cock was long and thin ideal for deep throat.I gagged and heaved but he pumped away with all his might for about a minute then groaned and holding me against his crotch shot his load into my stomach to join Malcolm’s piss. His mates outside the cubicle made various crude comments about his lasting powers and like for poofter sex.I kept sucking until he pulled a wet slimy cock from my face and indicated I should clean it. I licked it clean and he began to twitch again. “I still need a piss. Do you really drink it?” he asked.“I opened my mouth wide and looking him in the eye nodded slowly.He groaned again and sank his cock into my throat. This time he didn’t pump away but a look of concentration came to his face and then I felt his piss begin to flow. He must have had a bladder like a football as he seemed to piss for ages and I began to get short of breath but just as I was beginning to panic he stopped and pulled out. Gasping for air I licked him clean and ticked his cock away. He gave me a bewildered smile and shaking his head left the cubicle to be replaced by another. The stranger was still there.JeffThis friend just unzipped and took out an average sized cock. It was very veiny and beginning to rise as he pulled it out but just as I leant forward to suck it he sprayed me with hot piss.“Catch it slut.” He commended.I opened my mouth wide and he pissed straight into me. I swallowed as quickly as I could but a lot just poured all over me. The noise of the piss hitting the floor and splashing across me as I swallowed as fast as I could was so disgusting it made me blush! The men outside the cubicle made more obscene comments.As he finished pissing the door opened into the toilet and more people came in. The comments stopped and the man in with me grinned as he reached for my head.“Do it.” Was all he said.I sucked him into my throat and bobbed my head up and down to face fuck his cock as he stood rock steady. His cock became unbelievable hard and the thick veins stood out to create extra friction across my lips down and down my gullet. Slurping sounds issued from my face but I was past caring and anyway he came inside two minutes. Another cock shoved deep and held in place as its owner added to the pool of piss and semen I’d consumed in the last 10 minutes.He pulled out and wiped his cock on my face before pulling the door open and leaving. While the stranger still watched the third of Malcolm’s mates stepped inside. Doug“I’m Doug.” He said and then introduced me to Doug’s best mate. Doug turned out to have an Indian Father and his cock was surprisingly dark. It was already erect about 7 inches long and smooth. He pushed it into my face and fucked me quickly. “Lick the underside.” He commanded as he pumped away. Very quickly he also shot a load of hot semen into me. His was bitter and thin but there was a lot of it and I dribbled it down my chin and chest onto my own cock that was aching to cum as I very carefully stroked it without making myself cum. I knew that if I did I was in danger of just loosing control and I didn’t trust myself if that happened.Doug pulled out and left the cubicle door open for the last of Malcolm’s mates to enter. The stranger still watched.I don’t think anyone else could see into the cubicle as the stranger took up the best vantage point but it was a thrill to think that a complete stranger was listening to my debauchery and knowing I was being used and what for!HarryHarry the fourth man was hairy, really hairy. He had Italian parents and was a beefy man with a thick vicious looking cock jutting from a thick mat of black pubes. Only about 6 inches long his cock was at least as thick as Malcolm’s and thicker than anyone of the other mates. He already and it out when he entered the cubicle and he didn’t waste any time. Without closing the door he aimed his cock at my face and pissed and strong stream towards me. I opened my mouth and tried to catch as much as possible but was soon soaked. The stranger just stared goggle eyed.Harry’s stream slowed down and I descended upon his cock to suck him dry. He moaned and humped his hips forward as my lips and tongue came into contact with his thick cock. He closed his eyes and pumped his hips spasmodically as he quickly came in my mouth. He groaned aloud with no pretence of shame or caution.“Drain it you queer. Suck those big ding balls dry!”I did as I was told and he quickly shivered to a halt letting his cock fall from my mouth.We’d been lucky and no-one had entered the toilet.As Harry flipped his shrinking cock into his trousers he told me to get dressed and meet all of them in the car park in ten minutes. He turned to leave just as someone else entered the room. He laughed crudely to the stranger who’d watched it all. “Go on mate give him one for the road.”In a flash the stranger was in the cubicle and closed the door. He whipped out a raging erection that was already drooling precum.“This is the filthiest thing I’ve ever heard of.” He announced as he pushed his cock into my face.I took hold of it and licked the head. He shivered and groaned and let a spray of piss go right into my face. He kept going as I engulfed hid cock to the balls and swallowed every drop. All through this procedure he kept repeating, “I don’t believe this is happening.”He finished pissing and began fucking my face. I was dripping piss and sweat and semen from everywhere. He just used me for the 3 or so minutes he took to cum and then grunting like a pig he added his load to the rest I’d swallowed and worn. He pulled out for the last two shots, and his were shots that splashed against my face.I kissed his cock and gave it a quick sloppy suck to clean it then he put it away and left.I closed the cubicle door and using toilet paper wiped myself as dry as I could before dressing and rushing to the car park.***Dave the first of Malcolm’s mates to use me with his long thin cock had a people mover van and they were all standing by it as I emerged from the pub into the car park. Malcolm signalled me over and did quick introductions. The second to have me was Jeff, whose veiny cock had given me a sore throat. Doug had introduced himself in the cubicle and Harry was the hairy ding.Harry asked if the other bloke had taken up the offer to which I replied truthfully. He shook his head in amazement and disgust. “You really found a cheap faggot slut this Mal.”We all got into the van after I’d quickly stripped. Dave drove with Doug in the front. The others got in the back with me and all got their cocks out. Malcolm’s was the biggest and only one that hadn’t cum yet so it was this one I was bent over first. As we travelled to the park where they were going to abuse me I sucked, licked, wanked and played with all of them. Dave was distracted from driving and so I got my arse slapped for being a cheap slut and causing a hazard on the road. With the lights on inside the cabin trucks, busses and the like passing us could see what was going on in the van and various horns were sounded as we drove along.While I sucked at Doug’s dark cock Malcolm shoved fingers up my arse and pulled out the dong making escort balçova me try and completely swallow the cock in my face as I anally came. Jeff and Harry were amazed and would have fucked me there and then but we had arrived at the park anyway.***We stopped next to a barbeque and table and I was told to get out and lie across the table face up. Each of the five of them stripped off and climbed onto the table over me. They again pissed on me aiming at my face mostly.Malcolm had me demonstrate my anal wanking with the dong as Jeff filmed the events. When I sat down and the dong disappeared completely inside Malcolm said I was ready.I’d been ready for a bloody week!!!Malcolm shoved his fingers up me and pulled the dong out before rolling me onto my belly and stepping between my thighs. His cock was pushed straight up me and he began to fuck my already sloppy hole. He groaned as he entered the deep open hot interior and commended me to fuck his balls dry. I humped back against each thrust he made as he completely pulled out and then buried it to the hilt. The hot and cold effect of my rectum and the night air contrasted so much he was sweating and grunting within five minutes. I was groaning like a virgin when Doug stepped forward and pushed his cock into my face. With only an average cock he didn’t think he’d even touch the sides after the dong and Malcolm’s big cock.Malcolm was approaching orgasm and pounding me furiously when Doug suddenly shot into my mouth. I was surprised he was so quick and most of it splashed onto my face to be captured by the flash of the camera.Malcolm groaned and lifted me up as he’d done the first time on his dinning table. This gave Harry the chance to scoot up onto the table. He lay back and as Malcolm lowered me down Harry took over.He had me kneel astride him and lower my hole onto his thick ding cock. It was wider than Malcolm but not a long and got a good feel of it as he had me pumping up and down. Soon however he felt my hole was too loose and had Jeff get behind me. “Fuck this bitch with me Jeff he’s too loose to get me off.” He said. I was mortified and nearly came. My groans were disgusting and they all loved to hear, see and use such a slut.Jeff’s cock had left my throat sore and now alongside Harry’s it was going to rip my hole open.Harry held me still and forced his thick meat right up me. Jeff placed his cock head against my hole. “Here it comes slut.” And thrust into me.I screamed and begged them to stop. “You’re tearing me.” I cried but they both began to fuck me anyway. The two cocks soon set up an alternate rhythm so that one was penetrating me as the other left. My moaning was still excessive, or so they felt so Malcolm gagged me with his cock.All three men fucked me as they wished to as Dave and Doug used the video and still camera to record the obscenity.Harry emptied his balls first but Jeff wasn’t far behind. Being astride Harry meant that most of the contents of my fucked out arsehole were pooling on his crotch, semen covered him from the waist down around his hairy balls and arse. When they pulled out and Malcolm consented to my mouth being removed from his cock I was set to sucking and licking Harry clean, this took some time!Bent as I was from the waist the others took turns fucking me while photos were taken. My balls were stretched and slapped, my arse filled with cock and eventually Dave cleaned me out with a high colonic piss enema. The heat of the stream of piss shooting directly into my body made my hole contract and cum. I groaned as loud as every begging them, “Let me cum, fuck me, use me, fist me, ruin my hole!”They heard the last and Malcolm stopped everything.I was begging to be used.“Not now poofter boy. I think you’re going to regret being such a slut and begging for such disgusting things.”I trembled on my knees at their feet as they discussed how best to use me. Harry just wanted the whore me out to anyone who wanted a hole. They all agreed and as they did so a grabbed my cock, shoved my other hand up my arse. As they watched and photographed me I lead in the dirt jerking off until I came and passed out.I awoke in the van on the way back to the car park. The dong was ‘back where it belonged’ and I was clean, well washed off under a tap in the park. I was still naked; I was bruised, stretched, sore and satisfied. I groped my hole and could still feel the puffy lips they’d given me. The end of the dong was within reach of a finger and I prodded it as I lead across the back seat listening to them discussing how to make me earn my keep for them.My cock again became hard, I felt ashamed of myself but couldn’t help it and I began to wank again. Just as we got to the car park I was getting close to cumming and couldn’t hide the wanking any more.Malcolm made me stop and when we pulled up in the now deserted car park he made me get out naked. In the glare of the headlights they watched me wank into my hand while fucking the dong in and out of my arse. I came as the dong disappeared inside me. They drove off throwing my clothes out as they left and telling me to wait for a call.I didn’t even bother to drag on my clothes just found my keys a falling into the car drove home to recover.Straightening Out Wrinkles Ch. 3: Mid week DealsMeet at his office in the city. Suck him off under his desk while he talks on phone and has discussion with secretary. Sing contract to be his slut.The call came on Tuesday just after I’d got in from work. Malcolm said to meet at 11o’clock sharp the next day. He gave the address of am office, his office, he was successful it was on an upper floor of a city block! I was told to, “Wear a business suit with silk panties, suspenders and stockings underneath. The dong is to be where it now lives!” If I was late at all I’d suffer.At 11:01 I turned up as ordered. The secretary nodded to me when I said I had an appointment, apparently I was expected. She buzzed through to Mr Janus, Malcolm. He says you’re late and you’ll have to wait. I sat on the lounge provided. After about fifteen minutes Mr Janus would see me and I was ushered through into his office.He sat behind a large desk and stated we weren’t to be disturbed for the next 45 minutes.I stood before the desk and waited until the door had closed and Malcolm spoke to me.“You were late and I’d told you you’d suffer if you were late. Did you do it on purpose?” he asked“Yes sir.” I replied. I’d never called him sir but it seemed right given the environment.“I see!” he said, “Right strip down to your girly things and go through that door. Take a hold of the edge of the conference table and wait.”I quickly shed my outer clothing and folded it up placing it upon his desk before going through the door indicated into a large conference room. The table was a long wooden affair with chairs all around it except for one space at the foot of the table opposite the door I’d entered through.I grasped the edge of the table and stood there, waiting.Soon I heard the door open and then close and could sense someone close behind me. It was Malcolm and he whispered menacingly in my ear, “You are a cheap slut. You need what you’re going to get and you’re going to get it regularly.” With that he pushed me down against the table top so my arse was exposed. “Don’t you dare make a sound or let go of that table or I’ll take the hide off you!” He warned.With that he pulled my panties down and stroked my exposed cheeks.“After I’ve finished you might not want to sit down!”Then he hit me, first on one cheek and then the other with a steel ruler. He beat my cheeks until I was gasping for air, tears were streaming down my face and I was close to screaming in agony.For ten minutes the steady swish of thew ruler was followed by the cutting pain of steel against exposed and soon raw flesh. The dong was causing my guts to churn as I spasmed with each blow and even though I was soon most contrite my cock against all previous experience had become as hard as a rock. Malcolm stopped and had me turn around. “Down on your knees slut.” He commanded. “Get it out and show me your gratitude for your correction.”Through the snot and tears of my pain I pulled his immense cock out and swallowed him with real passion and gratitude. He was soon throbbing in my mouth but he pushed me away. “The next time you disobey me I’ll tie you down and take a whip to your sorry arse until you pass out!”He turned around and walked through the door back to his office. “Get in here and earn your keep.” He ordered.He was again seated behind his huge desk. “Get around here on your knees and swallow.”I quickly slipped around the desk and under it as indicated. His trousers were open and his cock and balls were out in the open. As I sucked him into my mouth, licking my way towards his balls the phone rang. “Don’t stop until I say so.” He warned.I continued to gobble away at his fantastic cock. I was soon pushing my nose towards his pubes as he discussed personal issues on the telephone. Apparently Dave from the other night was on the other end of the line and he gave him a blow by blow description of what I was doing. As he approached climax he placed one hand on the back of my head and forced me down to the base of his cock unable to move at all.“Use your tongue you cheap faggot!”I slid my tongue all over the underside of his cock and tried to ignore my straining throat and burning lungs as he began to throb and then spasmed in orgasm shooting his large load into my belly. In a private place he made more noise than ever before as he unloaded deep into me. He hung up from Dave and pushed me away for a while.***“I’ve got some letters to dictate. You stay put.”He summoned his secretary, Jane and had her come in to take some notes. As he sat there and dictated a series of business letters and such I gently licked his balls and then the growing length of his cock as it recovered its hardness.I remembered my clothing sitting on his desk and wondered what the secretary thought but was brought back to reality when his hand guided me to suck him deeply once again. The desk was big but Jane must have been able to tell what was going on. She must have known I was sucking off her boss while she was present!Eventually he’d finished his letters and dismissed her.“She’ll tell everyone what she’s just witnessed and they’ll all know what you are as you leave!”“Now over the desk slut.”I bent over the desk and Malcolm dropped his trousers to the floor. He stepped between my thighs and pulled the dong out placing it before my lips. “Your gag I believe.”I placed my lips around the gooey rubber only to have him force my head down on it as he pushed his cock up my arse. He wasn’t slow at fucking; he just ploughed into my open hole to relieve himself as quickly as possible. Given the load I already had in my belly this took about twenty minutes and I was a sore pussy by the time he groaned and pumped his second load deep into my belly. I’d left a precum stain all over his desk and he made me lick it up while he recovered and watched. When he was satisfaied with the job I’d done he had me sit at his feet while he read from a paper he held.I was to sign this contract. It gave him and the other four complete rights over the use, abuse and profit from my body. At any time I was to make myself available for anything they wished with anyone or anything they wished. Any fees from the provision of my services would be theirs. In return I would be provided with a house and all the means of living to do with as I wished as long as I was their slut whenever, wherever, however they wished.If I was to agree I had to sign it and have it witnessed by his secretary. I’d then provide a sample of my body to prove the authenticity of the signature. I agreed but was worried by the last point.Malcolm assured me, “I’ll fist fuck you to orgasm over the page and your semen will do nicely. Jane will film it and provide witness. If you agree go into the Conference room and get on all fours on the edge of the table where I beat you.”I assumed the required position in near record time. He was still chuckling when he entered the room with Jane. She seemed a little shocked but she was reassured by him and was soon watching through the camera lens as I was signing my name.Malcolm looked directly at the camera, “This faggot balçova escort bayan slut has just signed over his body to a consortium I lead. He will now, with my help produce a tissue sample to seal the deal after which he will become the property of the consortium.”I spread my knees wide to allow Malcolm easy access to my arse and tried to relax my hole. I heard him spit on his fingers and then press the tips of four against my hole. I was lubed and slack and very quickly he had all four as far up me as possible. Jane moved around to get a good shot of his actual fist penetrating me. He pushed his thumb up alongside his other fingers and with barely a pause forced his whole hand inside my body.I groaned and thanked him profusely and then he began to fist fuck my hole. He punch fucked in and out making me strain against him to keep my drooling cock over the signature. Soon I was gabbling obscenities and begging him to, “Make me your bitch, make ME SHOOT!”He punched one more time this time forcing his arm up past the wrist as he screwed it into me. I screamed and my balls felt as if they were climbing up the centre of my cock. Semen dribbled onto the page and I knelt on all fours shivering and trembling as orgasms racked my body. I’d never had multiple anal orgasms but wanted as many as I could get after the contact signing!Jane signed through my cum and then turned off the camera. Malcolm pulled his fist from my hole and let me see how he’d been able to get about three inches past the wrist. “Eventually you’ll take it past the elbow!” He braggedI shivered with anticipation, lust and fear in equal amounts.After I’d licked his hand and wrist clean he had me dress and leave. The dong was again in its place and I was again in my business suit. Jane smiled while shaking her head as I left.I was now property, but wealthy property and I was going to be well fucked property. For a faggot slut like me that’s just about heaven.Chapter 4: Advertising.A courier delivered a package to me three days later. In it were a video, my contracting, a signed copy of our contract, with all five men’s signatures, mine and the witnesses and a portfolio of stills from the office. There was also a cock-ring come butt plug. A note indicated I was to deliver myself to the appointed public toilet at 5pm that afternoon. I was to be wearing only the cock-ring / plug under a T-shirt and shorts. I was to be bare foot and smooth shaved from navel to arsehole. I was to be on time, ready and in the middle cubicle waiting for it. When I heard the tap on the door and was asked, “Do you need help with that?” I was to open the door and do whatever was demanded of me.The shave and preparation had my balls aching to cum and once the cock-ring was on I couldn’t have gone soft if I wanted to. The plug fitted tight enough not to move at all unless I’d been fisted loose and so ready I got dressed and got going. The toilet was set in a busy park and I noticed a steady stream of people, men and boys, some obviously family entering the block. It didn’t look like a beat, just a normal public facility.I entered and took the middle cubicle as directed in the note. I stripped of and waited. Various people came into the toilet and used it for the normal purposes. I noticed there were some ‘ads’ on the walls and a glory hole had recently been repaired in each of the walls but there didn’t seem to much cruising going on.After about half an hour I was getting worried. Had he forgotten? Then while there were some teenagers joking about there was a tap.“Do you need help with that?” I heard and quickly slipped the latch back. I hoped the teenagers wouldn’t see what was going to happen.There stood Malcolm. He quickly stepped inside but only after glancing over his shoulder, winking and saying, “Keep an eye out, your rewards here.”My heart jumped as I realised what was going to happen.Malcolm unzipped and pulled a fast hardening but still wrinkly cock out of his trousers. He pointed it at my face, pulled back the foreskin and pissed. I opened my mouth and gently wrapped my lips about the head of his squirting cock trying to drink every drop. He groaned enough to be heard. I realised the noise and joking from outside the cubicle had quietened. When he finished urinating into me his cock was rigid. He looked down at me and nodded so I rocked forward and swallowed his cock as far as I could. It knocked the very back of my throat and I had to concentrate to get it to go down my gullet and let my lips meet his pubic bone and balls. With eight inches of thick cock in my throat I looked up at Malcolm and noticed a face over the top of the cubicle next to us. One of the teenagers, he looked about 18 was watching.“He’s got a faggot there alright.” He called to his friends, “He’s swallowed his cock all the way down! I can’t wait till my turn.”Malcolm laughed and taking my head in his hand withdrew completely before slamming back down to the balls causing me to gag. “See slut, the boys have to be paid for their vigilance and I said you’d drain their balls for them. Now being young you might have difficulty doing that so be prepared for a long cock sucking evening.”With that he began to fuck my face with serious determination. I was being hammered onto an eight inch nail over and over again until he forced himself deep and filled my guts with his juices. I didn’t taste a thing until he pulled out and I had to lick his cock and balls before he zipped up and left.As he left he said, “Be a good slut, I’ll be getting a full report. Leave your name, number and address on the wall of each cubicle while they use your arsehole. When anyone calls you will service them.”He opened the door and strode out leaving it open. Three young men stood there, with obvious erections under there jeans. The first one stepped into the cubicle telling the others to keep a watch. He quickly undid his jeans and pulled them down to his knees exposing and young, hard cock dribbling precum. It was about six inches long and quite thick. He grabbed my hair and shoved his cock into my face and began fucking instantly. It was obvious that he wasn’t going to last long so I opened my mouth wide and had my tongue running across the sensitive underside to make him shoot into me quickly.About then I remembered this wasn’t a usual beat as the sound of k**s, with their dad entered the toilet.As I sat there sucking off a teenager a dad and his two boys were pissing just a couple of feet from me. God knows what they made of the sounds the young guy was making as he pounded my open mouth and quickly came, grunting and moaning as his load got sprayed across my tongue and face while he jerked spasmodically. My cock was still hard, it hard been for nearly an hour and a half by now and was aching and purple.The voices of the three left and the other two teenagers pushed into the cubicle as there friend pulled up his jeans and left. They were pulling healthy young cocks out and grabbing at me. One shoved my face towards his cock and I felt rather than saw it slip into my mouth, across my tongue and engage my throat. His mate pulled my hips around towards him as we all crammed into the booth. My attention was taken by the two fingers he pushed in alongside the buttplug making me groan aloud. The one holding my head rammed into my throat full length and began to cum in long powerful squirts of semen. Too soon he was pulling away as the one behind me started to feed his cock alongside the plug.My groans became too loud and the squeal I made as the head of his cock entered me and stretched my hole around both the thick plug and an obviously well endowed young mans cock. A bang on the door and a rough, “You all right in there? What are you doing?” announced the ‘public attention’I stifled my groans and squeals of pain and delight as the young one up my arse began to jerkl spasmodically without any real rhythm. He just randomly rammed his cock into my hole and then painted my rectum semen white. As he came the cubicle door was opened by his mate I’d just finished sucking and whose semen was still wet on my face. I looked up to see a man in his 50’s standing there.I trembled and tried not to completely embarrass myself by cumming just then but it was too much to bear. The feel of hot semen hitting high in my guts and then quickly overflowing down my thighs to the floor with a thick, disgusting splat was just too good. I came and groaned as the older man watched some homosexual slut taking it in the arse from a teenager. Semen was sprayed about my face and I looked the cheap slut the group wanted.The older man just watched with rapt attention as the young guy finished pumping me full. The young guy plopped his cock out of me and came around for me to lick it clean of the mucus and semen out of my hole. I quickly deep throated his still erect cock and looked meaningfully at the older man as I serviced the slimy cock in my mouth. The young guy quickly came again, maybe after 5 minutes. He zipped up and quickly left. The older man, “Call me sir.” stepped into the booth.He stood over me but left the door just ajar. He looked down from above me and took my chin in his hand. “You taking anything?” he asked,I nodded and opened my mouth to reveal some of the last semen I’d sucked still in my mouth.He smiled and dropped his trousers to reveal a large set of hairy balls and a thick short cock. He just reached for my head and pulled me towards his groin. I opened my mouth and relaxed my gullet and he just slid straight into my throat. He groaned softly as he pushed a thick veined cock fully into my open mouth. He took up an even fucking motion and was soon pulling completely out and then plunging in until his balls slapped my chin and he ground his pubes against my top lip. He kept up a relentless rhythm for what seemed ages. None of the rush of the young guys just an insistent fucking of my face. After some ten minutes he grabbed my head firmly and held me still and began pistoning his cock straight into my throat. His thrusts became more urgent and harder making me chokes and splutter but he kept fucking until I felt his balls rise up firm against my chin and his cock flew across my tongue as he emptied his balls into me. As I struggled to breathe his cock twitched and throbbed with each spurt of cum into my belly. He came for longer than any man who’d fucked me before and I was seeing stars and beginning to pass out when he pulled his cock out of my throat and wiped it across my face. He stood back and dressed himself, putting away his lovely thick cock. “Give me your number and address.” He demanded. I pointed to the note Malcolm had had me write on the wall. ‘Sub Slut. Waiting, any thing, any time. #### ####, 28 Yug Tce.’He took the pen from me and wrote next to the ad, Tried and tested. ‘A’ grade slut, Use it Now! and then left.I was still naked and my cock as hard as ever as I’d not shot my load yet. The door wasn’t properly closed and while I jerked my cock sitting back on the toilet a man walked in. He stopped, shocked and started to mumble an apology then seemed to think better of it and just stared at me. I kept wanking and jerked my cock harder trying to get off even though my balls were blue with the tightness of the ring. Someone made noise as they entered the toilet and the man before me quickly stepped into the cubicle. He undid his trousers and then slipped them off. I started to speak but he put his hand over my mouth and pushed my fist from my cock. He then turned around and lowered his arse onto my throbbing cock, He didn’t d but simply lowered his arse all the way to my balls and began to ride. He rode up and down on my cock while pulling his own sizable piece of meat. He began to breathe hard and then suddenly stood up spun around and sank down fully on my cock facing me. As my balls touched his arse cheeks a \huge splash of semen shot from his cock and hit me in the face. He groaned deeply and grunted with each of his 6 extra shots of cum. He quickly rose and left the cubicle after dressing.I was beside myself with frustration and began to beat my cock as hard as I could. I could hear voices in the toilets and pressed my eye to the gap between door and jamb to see the cocks of men pissing at the urinal as I jerked off. I could taste the semen and smell how disgusting I was as I gazed at two pubescent cocks only a couple of feet away and erupted against the cubicle wall. My semen was thick and plentiful and hung on the wall in an opalescent pattern until I licked it up, dressed and went home to wait for the customers.IF YOUD LIKE MORE DROP ME A COMMENT.

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