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This is a first attempt at putting into words the fantasy that keeps going through my head. A little backstory about myself. I’m a 64-year-old man recently widowed after 40 years of marriage to a wonderful woman. She succumbed to the virus a year ago. Till now, I had never thought about sex with anyone else. After a few months, passed I started to surf the web for porn and stuff, I came across Literotica. I began reading the straight stories and found them to be hot, I moved around the site and discovered many new ideas about what makes people happy and sexually satisfied. I moved from straight to first time, to anal, to BDSM, to lesbian, but for some reason I avoided the transgendered and gay sections. Until I came across a story in the first time section. It was about a guy who was seduced into gay sex for the first time. I almost didn’t finish the story at first, but for some reason my dick seemed harder than ever as I thought about putting myself in the place of the man being seduced. Never in my life had I thought about having a sexual encounter with another man. The more stories I read in the first time section, the more I began to search for the first time gay tag, and then began reading as many of the stories in the gay male section every time I visited Literotica. My masturbation fantasies became more and more about me being seduced and taken for the first time with another man. It didn’t matter if it was an older or younger man just the thought of being used by a man for the first time always fueled a furious jack off for me.

I found the chat room section of the site and the curiosity of what other guys say about other guys got the best of me and I signed up. Chatting with other people have only excited me more. I mentioned that I had never seen another man’s cock in a sexual situation, one of the guys I was talking to suggested I get a toy to play with and practice with before trying to meet with the real thing. I think he was just poking fun at the new guy in the room, but after I got done, I started looking at dildos and butt plugs. Not only that, but I never ever had a finger in my ass, and now I’m looking for a fake cock or plug to stick in my ass. The idea didn’t go away. So, I ordered a 7″ cock shaped dildo and a butt plug. A few days later the package arrived. I saw the brown truck pull up to the house while I worked in my yard, and as the driver stepped out I found myself looking at him in an entirely different way. This is where the fantasy starts.

As the delivery man walked toward me, I noticed his legs in his brown short pants and traced my gaze up towards his cock and paused there as he moved closer.

I broke my gaze when he spoke saying, “I’m sorry sir, but your package was damaged in shipment. Would you like to refuse the shipment?”

As I looked up to him (I was on my knees at the time) I think he noticed I was staring at his crotch, he added.

“Or open it up and inspect the contents to make sure there is no damage?” I began to turn a little red in the face when I realized just what was in the package, but there was no way I was going to refuse it, so I told him I would make sure there was no damage to it when I got inside.

There was a little tremble in my voice as I looked at this man who was a hell of a lot younger than me in the eyes for the first time.

He smiled a little, saying “I’m sorry sir, but I need to see you open and inspect the package before I can go.”

As I fumbled with the box to open it and at the same time try to hide the fact that there was a butt plug and a dildo in it. The worst thing happened: the 7″ dildo fell out and hit the ground, before I could react, he bent down and picked it up. I felt my face getting redder and redder with shame and embarrassment. As he handed it back to me, he showed no emotion or change in his demeanor as he asked if the contents were what I ordered and in good condition.

“Yes sir, yes sir, everything is here and in good shape.” I managed to respond. “That’s good. It’s my policy to make sure all my customers get what they desire, the load is delivered properly, and they are completely satisfied with my service.” He said as he returned to his truck and drove off. Feeling completely ashamed and embarrassed I took the opened box into my house and just put it on the couch. I was considering just returning it and forgetting the whole thing. But for now, I just wanted to get away from those thoughts and returned to doing my yard work.

A few hours went by, I finished cleaning the yard and was putting away my tools when I saw the Mustang pull into my driveway. I paid it attention because I didn’t know anyone with that car, as I walked towards it the driver’s door opened and the delivery guy got out.

Still in his uniform he started off by saying. “Hello again, I just wanted to stop by and make sure you are completely satisfied with my service.”

“Oh yeah the delivery was great” I replied.

“Fine but I wasn’t just talking about the delivery. Mind if Maltepe Escort I ask, were the items for you, your wife, girlfriend or” after a slight pause, “boyfriend?” Again turning red I looked down and relied on, “for me. I don’t have a wife anymore, and I’ve never had a boyfriend.”

“Perfect, then you’re going to need this, and I’m assuming some instruction on how to use the items you purchased.” With that, he reached out and handed me a bottle of lube. Sheepishly I took the lube from him.

“Good, why don’t we go inside, and I will make sure you get the load I know you want and delivered the way I know you need.” with that he took my hand and led me into my house, through the front door and I let him. Once inside he locked my front door, turned to me and kissed me. I was shocked at first I had never been kissed by another man before. It was so hot, and forceful. I began to kiss back, his younger lips felt so different from my wife’s and as his tongue began to press against my lips I opened my mouth and let this man have his way. We kissed for a few minutes just standing in the middle of my living room, and as we broke the kiss he turned my face and licked my cheek.

“I like the way you taste. But for your first time you need to clean, Go take a shower and wash yourself. I’ll wait.” He directed.

As I turned to go to the shower I was a little taken aback that I was letting the strange young man tell me what to do, but as I turned on the shower and got naked I saw just how turned on I was. My cock was already rock hard and throbbing. As I was soaping up and washing I reached for my cock I knew just a couple of quick jerks and I would explode.

That’s when I heard him say, “Don’t you dare jack off in the shower!” Turning toward the voice I saw him standing there watching me, drinking a beer from my fridge. “When you finish, towel off and come into the kitchen. Naked and hard, you understand?”

“Yes” I replied. “YES WHAT” he commanded. “Yes sir” I replied head down and embarrassed.

“Good boy, you won’t regret it. I promise.” At that he turned and left the bathroom. As I stood in the shower I began to wonder what I had gotten myself into. There was no denying the fact that I was more turned on than I had been in years, but what was in store for me next. While in the trance he put me in I dried off and wrapped the towel around my waist. As I stepped out of the bathroom, I remembered he said naked, no he commanded NAKED and HARD. Hard was no problem, so I took the towel and tossed it back into the bathroom. There I was naked and sporting the biggest hard on I’ve had in years walking toward a stranger in my kitchen. I took a big gulp and turned into the kitchen.

As I looked around the room I knew so well, I saw a few changes. The kitchen table had been moved and all the chairs, but one had been removed. Sitting in that chair was him, shirt and shoes off he was just sitting there in his brown shorts with a noticeable bulge, drinking a beer. His chest was perfectly smooth as were his legs I noticed for the first time.

“Before we go any further, you need to know a few things. My name is Derrick, I don’t do this type of thing often but when I saw you checking me out when I first got here you licked your lips a little. I thought you might be some old worn out fat guy going to hit on me for the thousandth time. You have no idea how boring that gets having to turn down some old sloppy blow job from a guy who passed his prime. As I got closer I saw you are in pretty good shape for an older man, and I thought I might have a little fun with you and see just how far you would go.

I knew what was in the package before I got to your house. The damage happened as the package was loaded and the dildo fell out in my truck. I put it back and made sure you were my last delivery of the day. So, when you dropped your dildo again I almost lost it and laughed right then and there. But when you became so embarrassed and replied yes sir to me, I knew I had to come back.”

I stood in the doorway hanging on his every word. He took another sip of beer and continued, “From your response earlier I am assuming you’ve never been with a man, correct?” I could only nod yes.

“Perfect. You see the pillow on the floor in front of me” I looked down and noticed it for the first time. “If you walk into the kitchen and kneel before me, I promise your first time will be both memorable and pleasurable for the both of us, but you will do everything I tell you to, no questions asked and no backing out. Understood?” Again all I could do was nod the affirmative.

“No, not good enough. I need you to say the words, say you understand, and you will obey.”

“Yes Derrick I understand.’ He stopped me there, “No like you said it in the yard this afternoon. Try again.” I paused just a second to consider my next words carefully.

“Yes sir, yes sir, I understand and will do everything you tell me to. No questions asked, no backing out.” Tuzla Escort As I stepped towards the pillow, kneeling I added. “I am yours to command.” Kneeling and looking at the floor in front of him was one of the most arousing thing I had ever felt in my life. The excitement coursing through my body was so intense I almost passed out.

“Good. From this point forward the only appropriate response to anything I say is “Yes Sir” do you understand?” “Yes sir.” was my reply.

“The only sounds I want coming from you is moaning in pleasure and begging me for more. Is that understood?” “Yes Sir.” As Derrick stood up, turning his back to me.

“Now take my shorts off and let’s begin.” I reached up and around his waist I found the button and zipper lowering his shorts. He wasn’t wearing any underwear, and I was staring into his naked ass. ” I know you’ve never done this, so I will make it a little easier for you this first time.” He turned the chair around bending over it and spreading his legs apart exposing his asshole to my gaze. “Now get in there and lick my ass.” I paused just a moment to take all this in. “Now I won’t ask again.” He commanded. I leaned forward and flick my tongue a little over his exposed hole. “Good boy, now a little more.” with his coaching I did it again, I wasn’t repulsed. I continued to flick a little more and more. “Good start. Now kiss my ass cheeks.” I did first the left then the right.

“Now get back to my asshole and lick it hard no more flicking around.” I reached up and spread his cheeks wider and began to lick with gusto. “Oh Yeah. Get in there, lick my ass, you’re enjoying yourself aren’t you?”

All I did was moan into his ass. My mind was racing here. I was in my kitchen on my knees licking a man’s ass. The next thing I did not only surprised me but Derrick as well. I pointed my tongue and drove it straight into his asshole trying to get my whole face into his ass. He moaned in pleasure for the first time. “Yeah keep going, I want more. Eat my ass like a good little slut.” Hearing him call me a slut excited me even more.

I needed to hear him moan from my mouth on his ass. I doubled my efforts with my tongue moving in and out of his asshole, my spit flowing like a river. After several minutes or hours I lost track of time at that point. He pulled his ass away from my face. I almost fell off my knees, to the floor.

“Whew, that was astonishing for your first time, remind me later to ride your face with my ass again.” He was saying as he turned around, and I saw his hairless cock and balls for the first time. I realized that he had no hair on his body except for his close cut hair on his head. His cock was sticking straight out and dripping a river of pre-cum.

“I know you’ve never sucked a cock before, but I need to bust a nut before we can continue. You are going to stay on your knees with your arms by your side. You are going to open your mouth, and I am going to slowly feed you my cock. I am going fuck your face, at first just your mouth but by the time I cum I will be fucking your throat hard, and you will take my full load with no complaints only moans of pleasure. Is that understood, Slut?”

Again calling me slut,” Yes Sir.”

“Hands down, open wide.” he commanded as he stepped forward. I did.

The head entered my mouth, the pre-cum was not what I expected. It was warm and salty, instinctively my tongue swirled around his head.

“No, No tongue yet I just want a fuck hole.” as he pulled his cock out of my mouth. I forced my tongue down to the bottom of my mouth, doing my best to follow his instructions. He then guided his cock back into my mouth. Rocking back and forth he kept adding more of his cock deeper into my mouth. At one point I began to gag a little.

“Don’t worry slut, that’s normal. Tilt your head back a bit and relax. I’ll go slow till I’m sure you can take it.” With that, I tried to relax and shift my head. “Good, Good just like that. Relax and take it. I can tell you’re enjoying it by the way your cock bounces every time I thrust into your mouth.” I tried looking down to see if it was happening but started to gag again.

“Don’t move slut, you will have to trust me on this. It’s bouncing and dripping pre-cum like a flood.” he laughed a little. As soon as I returned my attention to taking his cock into my throat I felt his pelvis touch my face. “Oh yeah my cock is in your throat.” As he held it there for a second. He pulled it back a bit and slid it back again till his pelvis touched my face again. He pulled his cock out of my mouth completely at that point. Turning my face up towards his, he said. ” Now I’m really going to fuck your face till I cum down your throat. Is that clear? Just nod this time.” I nodded and opened my mouth.

With one deep thrust, he was back into my throat, and he began to fuck my face with renewed vigor. Each thrust was harder and faster than the previous. I was amazed I could keep up with it, but I was in heaven, nothing Anadolu Yakası Escort in my entire life had prepared me for what I felt being used like this.

I was snapped back to the moment when Derrick cried, “Tongue bitch, use your tongue on my cock now.” I did as I was commanded, and for the first time I broke the rules and grabbed his ass with my hands to pull more of him as deep as I could.

Just a few thrust later I felt his cock twitch, “Oh GOD now Slut take my special delivery!!” He erupted, forcing his cock deeper into my throat, with me grabbing his ass cheeks hard and pulling him tighter to me. Spurt after spurt he came in my mouth, me trying to swallow as much as I could. As he slumped over me, dripping in sweat. I felt his cock soften in my mouth. I didn’t want him to take it back, it was my cock, meant to stay in my mouth.

As he dropped to his knees beside me, he kissed me, I felt his tongue swirl around in my mouth wanting to pull his cum out. When he did, he pulled back and tilted my head back. For some reason I knew what he wanted. I opened my mouth wide, and he spit his cum back into my mouth, sticking his tongue out. I closed my lips around it, sucking his tongue and what was left of his cum back into me.

He pulled his tongue away from my mouth and sat back. “That was by far the best first face fuck I ever had. You’re an astonishing cum slut.”

“Thank you, Sir. So happy to please you. Thank you for your special delivery. Also, you are right I Will remember this all my life.” I replied.

As he sat back he grabbed what was left of his beer, taking a sip, looking at me.

“But are you completely satisfied with my delivery and my load?” “Yes sir, I think I am.”

“You think, but you don’t know. I think you’re not satisfied, at least that’s what your bouncing dick is telling me.” For the first time I looked down at my wet hard bouncing cock. I’m still supporting the boner I had when I first walked into the kitchen but throbbing so hard it almost hurt.

Getting up off the floor Derrick leaned down and kissed me again. “Now don’t you move, and don’t touch that cock, that’s mine to do with as I please. I’ll be right back.”

With that, he stood up and walked out of the kitchen door into my backyard. Oh my God, a naked man is walking into my backyard. I had a wood privacy fence but who knows what neighbor was out there. What would they think seeing a naked man out there? He headed to my tool shed and went inside. A few minutes later he exited and strode fully naked and confident, he didn’t care who saw him. As he returned to me, he asked,” You’re still mine Right?” I paused a bit, “Yes sir”. “You’ll do as I say, no questions asked, right?” Again yes sir was my response.

He walked around the kitchen table where the dildo and butt plug were sitting. “Stand up and come over here.” I began to move round the table, “No. Not on my side, opposite of me.” As I stood opposite of him, my hard cock was touching the top of the table, while his soft one was staring me in my face. “You still want this cock, don’t you?”

“Yes Sir”

“Well reach over and try to take it.” he said. The table in the kitchen is not a true kitchen table, it’s not a big table just big enough for me to sit at and have a meal on. So as I reached across my whole upper body rested on the table. Derrick took my left arm and pulled it a little, so it fell off the side of the table. That’s when I saw the duct for the first time.

“No questions asked, nothing refused, you agreed.” he said. Simply “yes sir” came out of my mouth. After he secured my left arm with the duct tape, he pulled my right arm to a similar position, and taped it into place. My head hung off the table a bit and on the other end I was up on my tiptoes, bent completely over the table.

Derrick picked up the 7″ dildo, “open your mouth” he commanded. I did, and he forced the plastic toy back in my mouth stopping just short of my throat. “Keep that there. I don’t want to retrain that mouth of yours when I get back to it.”

He then walked around to the other side of the table. Secure as I was I couldn’t see what he was doing. I felt him grab my left leg and pull it out.

As I lost my balance, and fell forward. I felt my hard cock pinned between me and my kitchen table. He taped my left ankle to the table and then moved to the right doing the same thing.

I felt his hand on my ass cheek for the first, just rubbing cheek to cheek. Then the first smack. His bare hand on my bare ass. Smack, smack, smack, one cheek to the other and repeat. For several minutes not a sound out him just smacking my ass. Then for some reason the first moan of pleasure came from not him but me. The next smack came and another moan from me. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for. You’re beginning to enjoy this.” Smack and hit and another louder moan. Derrick began rubbing his finger up and down my ass crack, stopping at my asshole a bit before repeating. “I know how much you enjoyed eating my ass, to be honest, I love eating ass too, but before I eat yours, I’ll have to do something about all this hair. I’ll set up an appointment with a friend to remove all this hair. You will go to him. He can use your mouth, and you will let him but this virgin man pussy is mine. You understand?”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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