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SOVIET SADIST’S SLAVESOVIET SADIST’S SLAVE (Not of my authorship, author unknown)FOREWORDUrsula moaned and arched her back harder.Tamara sucked the bold burnished nubbins of her glowing tits and fingered her cunt hole with relish. She pressed her thumb against the girl’s distended clit and sank all four fingers into her writhing pussy slit.Her pussy muscles obliged with only a bit of resistance.Obviously, the girl had taken a good sized dick recently. Or she was quite used to taking big cock without complaining.”Oh, yeah,” the hot and horny Ursula moaned, “do that to me. I love it.”Tamara didn’t need a lot of encouragement… just a beautiful willing girl writhing naked beneath her could make her lesbian heart flutter.”Now I’m gonna vibrate my hand inside your pussy, so relax,” she commanded.Ursula, half out of her wits with passion, went along with it. She felt the girl’s expert fingers shudder and shake inside her cunt.CHAPTER ONE”Owwwwww!!!!!!” came the craven cry of the young girl as she felt the hot hard pumping engine of her boyfriend’s eight inch dick stab the depths of her cunt.”Am I hurting you?” he said with an edge of hopeful glee in his voice.Rob DeLucca had been told he had a big one, and his girlfriend was proving his fondest wish true. She was wiggling like a worm on a hook.Wiggling like a belly dancer on methadrine.He sank his wick into her again and felt her hot tight cunt clasp him in its rubbery wet clutches. The girl had a tight pussy, too, and that helped.”Owwwwwww!!!!!” Penny Entwhistle called again from the depths of the mattress. Rob was pinning her into the fucking goose down with every thrust.”You want me to stop?”Crazily, Penny shook her head. In a pig’s eye she wanted him to stop. Her cunt was just starting to heat up now. She wound her ass around in hot, erotic circles and took him to the depths of her pussy.Rob cranked his disk up and let her have a short, stabbing series of fucking thrusts that sent her clawing for the headboard.”Whooppeeee!!!!!” he cried as he rode the girl’s cunt with his mighty wang. In and out and out and in, he fucked her.He fucked her with wild abandon.The girl took his cock to the hilt and splayed her legs out hungrily for more. It wasn’t that he was hurting her, but she had learned a few things in college.One of them was to let the male think he was pre-dominant in any given sexual situation.The other was to give into him in the first place.She hadn’t known Rob all that long. He’d carried her bags up to her room from the hotel lobby only an hour ago. But he was cute.Probably from a good family, too, judging from the cut of his circumcision. Probably not the horsie set, though. Not a guy working as a bellboy in the Hewitt Regency Hotel. But a good fuck!Yes, Rob was a good fuck.She was halfway sorry she was leaving for Paris tomorrow, even if it meant a summer on the continent. Daddy had promised her if she was very good and kept her cunt in her panties and came home with a passing grade in at least one subject, he’d spring for the trip.Dear, sweet Daddy.”Fucking Christ!!!!” Penny hollered as she twisted her hips hard and felt the stab of Rob’s big tawny meat stick sever her pussy flesh.Rob grinned and did it again.He banged the girl till she and he were wringing with sweat. But there was no end in sight. Each seemed to be trying to outfuck the other.Neither of them would give in and come yet.Both held out as long as they could.And so, it had turned into a marathon fuck.The kind of fuck that Penny had missed at school. Maybe she SHOULD have gone out and worked in the real world first like her mother wanted her to do.Maybe she should have worked as a maid at the Hewitt Regency…Think of all the good balling she had missed.”God, your pussy is glorious!” the smiling dude said as he crammed his hard wick into her honey pot again and again and stirred it around.”So’s my mouth,” Penny declared and slid her hips along the bed till she felt Rob’s big dick tickle the tip of her womb.”You sold me,” he said and popped his rod out of her slit.The thing came up like some slimy specimen of marine life pulled fresh and wiggling from the sea. Penny admired it. But only for a moment.It was tawny and full and very hard. And wet.Wet from the hot, teenage juices of her superbly squeezable pussy.She looked at the hairpin slit in the glans. It was full of clear liquid and it kept on oozing even after she held it between her hands and examined it.She roamed her eye over the rounded beet red head and examined the corona.”You looking for structural faults?” Rob said, hands on his hips.”Naw, I’m looking to see what’s the best approach to suck you.””Why not just shove it down your mouth and hold it there?””Hmmmmm,” she said, as though toying with the idea. She looked at the huge purple and throbbing vein that ran the full length of his shaft.She could take the guy’s pulse by it.”I love this,” she said, diddling his glans with the soft pads of her fingertips.”I’d love your mouth better.”Penny winked and scrambled up on all fours! She fisted the guy’s pulsating prick and aimed his head toward her mouth opening.She made an “O” with her lips and sank the thing into her mouth hole.It tasted splendid. She sucked the head back hard between her cheeks and held it there a moment. As many cocks as she’d sucked at Balfour U. that last year, she never got over how perfectly they fit in her mouth.It was as if cocks had been sculpted just to fit down her throat.Or maybe vice versa.Maybe her throat had been outfitted to handle a cock… all cocks, she hoped. Well, she hadn’t met one yet that she didn’t like.Or didn’t fit down her mouth. Penny Entwhistle was the perfect little cocksucker, and she loved to keep ahead of the pack. She had blown some of the finest, hardest, hottest dicks on campus, and she was a noted authority in her field.”I like that,” Rob said, returning the compliment.He felt his balls go crazy with the sensations of having his dick licked. The girl had an agile tongue, too. Just the way he liked them.Hot, wet, and surly.The thing coiled around his shaft and squeezed it like a python.He felt a thick strand of pre-cum bubble out his slit.He felt his ball’s shudder with untold delights.The girl was plainly a nympho.That was fine with him.All he’d done was bring her bags up to her mom and ask her where she was headed. She asked him to sit down a minute, and since he was nearly off duty, he accepted.The rest happened kind of fast.First, there was her blouse. He didn’t remember taking it off. She must have. But he remembered the set of knockers that spilled out of it.What an eye-popping pair of jugs!They were big and pert and tight, but pear-shaped with lovely rose nipples. What was it about tits shaped like fruit that made him want to eat them?He had sucked her nipples real hard, raising the grain on her nubbins to a rippling rubber. Then, she wiggled out of her skirt and flashed him her box.Penny was a natural blonde, and her cunt hair was especially light.He wouldn’t need a flashlight to find THAT clit.Her ash blonde pussy hair was translucent and downy and ample, but so light he could get a clear view of her puffy pink inner cunt lips before she even pulled her outer lips apart.She did, anyway.And he licked them. She laid back on the bed without even taking her garter belt and nylons off and spread her pussy lips for him to lick her clit.He sucked that thing to an engorged bulb.He ran his tongue over every pore of it and found new and exciting ways to jab it.The girl went nuts and bounced all over the bed, even falling down onto the carpeted floor. That must have been how he ended up on top of her.And that gave her free rein to unzip his pants and haul his cock out.”Wow!” she said, inspecting it in its partly-flaccid stage. It wasn’t fully deflated, because no cock could stay that way around a chick like this for long.It started to plump and pulsate the moment she handled it.And she was quite well-versed at handling cock.He noticed that about her right off.She knew how to really lay her hands on a guy’s joint… and on his balls.None of your fairy hand passes. Oh, no. She skipped the feather light stuff and got right to rubbing, massaging and kneading.She worked his balls around like they were bread dough, but gently. Gently like she’d done this sort of thing a lot before.She wasn’t a hooker. Hookers didn’t carry bags. But she was a doll.And a loose doll at that.One with a real live cunt.A fucking doll.”Sheeeiiitttt!!!!” Rob called as the girl twisted her mouth around him like the lid on a Mason jar. She tightened her mouth around him in corkscrew fashion.Nobody ever sucked his cock like that before… and he’d had a few.For a moment there, he felt loose enough to ask her if she wouldn’t mind showing HIS girlfriend how to do that, but he kept it buttoned up.No point in antagonizing a good thing.The girl sucked his wick head far back into her throat and pumped it good and hot and hard and furious. She tossed her head around and really got into it.Christ! Rob thought to himself.She really LIKES this!!!Penny felt the hard boner of the bellboy’s cock dig into her mouth. She planted it firmly down into her gullet and squeezed her muscles around it.She kept her hands wrapped around the engorged base of his stick and made a few passes at his balls from time to time.She massaged the thick corrugated hide of his sac and pulled his scrotum down in playful caresses. She deep-throated his cock.”Oh, Christ!” he said, and he watched the bulge in her throat where he knew for damn sure his dick was distorting the line of her neck.So that’s what it feels like to be deep-throated, he told himself.So that’s what it is to have your dick buried in a chick’s throat.He loved it.The cozy hot feeling of having those wet, tight muscles wrapped around your dick squeezing it hard and making it juice like a river…That was hot!Penny stroked her throat where the big bulge of Rob’s quivering cock lay hid. Rob went into spasms of sheer delight. So did she.Penny Entwhistle loved to suck a good hard big and willing slice of dick meat.And she’d had tons of experience.***Down the hail of the Hewitt Regency, another scene was playing out.It involved a girl and her boyfriend in a rather amorous position. He was lying on the double bed in the center of the suite.And she was lying on top of him.”Oh, yeah,” he said, with true appreciation. “God, that feels good.”The girl bounced her nubile hips up and down and flung her thick black hair over her shoulders. She stuck her ivory mounds out into his face.He grabbed the ripe raspberry nipple of one of them and sucked it hard.”I thought that would shut you up.”Ursula Laker was used to having things her way. She had her boyfriend, whom it was agreed would become her fiance in the fall, wrapped around her little clit.Tyson Williamson, the third.He made a splendid lover. It didn’t hurt that he was one of the wealthiest young men on the campus of Balfour University either.He had showered her with presents and compliments from the first week they met. And he never stopped lavishing his attention on her.”Mmmmmmm,” he moaned, amorously tugging at her thick juicy nipple as she rode up and down atop his burgeoning fuck stick.”You like that, don’t you?” she said in her teasing voice.He loved it when she teased him.He loved to be tantalized by a beauteous young female like this one, especially since she always put out and backed her tease up with action.If she hadn’t, he might have well wrung her neck.Tyson Williamson, the third wasn’t exactly Mr. Milquetoast. He was all-state wrestling champion and built like a stone fence.His dick was hard and thick, and though not the longest one that Ursula had ever encountered, it was by far and away the widest. The first time she fucked him, his dork damned near split her pussy lips in two. Five times and five different positions were tried, but this was the best.Anyway, Ursula liked to be on top.She slammed her knees down into the bed and lifted her hips up, sliding well enough off Tyson’s thick ramrod to reveal it to the light. It glistened with its double coats of cunt paint and cock lacquer. It looked especially full and shone a beautiful color of crimson.It made a superb contrast to Ursula’s shrimp pink cunt and dark shiny pussy hair. Ursula was especially proud of her cunt hair.She even shampooed it. She loved to brush it under the lamplight while her fiance stroked his dick and looked on in admiration.It was her every desire to convince Tyson Williamson, the third that he had indeed picked the freshman queen of Balfour University as his intended.She led him around by the scent of her pussy.And he followed, gladly.Ursula twisted around and grabbed her boyfriend’s hot, trembling balls. They were like two coconuts. Average length dick or not, his balls were the beefiest she had ever encountered.And who the hell cared how long it was if it was this fucking wide. Christ, it was as thick as her wrist was… flaccid.”There,” she said and slid her curvaceous hips back down over his throbbing member and fucked it till it vibrated like a tuning fork.Up and down, she rode his stick.Back and forth.In and out.Hotter, wetter, faster, harder…In and out.The bulge of his man prick shone like a luminescent fist as it jutted out from his muscular, rippling washboard stomach.Ursula sailed down on it again and pounded her thighs into his.”MMmmmm!!!!!” Tyson moaned as he mouthed her nipple.”Harder!!!!” Ursula sang out and stuffed her tits full in his face.His cock ablaze with desire, Tyson grabbed both of his girlfriend’s nipples and stuffed them into his mouth. He had to bite on them a bit to keep them anchored inside, but that seemed to get him off.He’d never known a girl like her… so a****l and sensual.And best of all… she couldn’t get enough sex.That suited him fine. If only his wang could hold out for a few more minutes… long enough to get her off. Ursula always took a long time to come.The girl atop him gripped her nails into his shoulders and wore herself out on top of his stick. She pumped her hips up and down and flung them sideways.She whirled them around in circles and pumped some more.She set her bare feet up on his muscular chest and strummed her bulging clit as she let him fuck her to a screaming, orgiastic climax.In and out.Up and down.Harder and faster. Deeper and longer.Hotter and wetter.Until…”Ooooooooh!” she began to wail. It was the sign he had been waiting for.At last, Ursula was coming.She ran her fingers up and down the full length of her ruffled pink cuntal lips as fast as the speed of light. She moaned louder.”Yeah, oh, yeah!!!!” Tyson grunted as he, too, felt his balls pump their load of man spunk into his peckerwood chute.He couldn’t have held his juice back longer if his cock had reins. He heaved his up once, then brought them down and felt the slit of his glans split wide.A blast of man come shot out his prick and shot his girlfriend full in the cunt.She fielded the blast beautifully and tossed back one of her own.”Oh, God!!!!!” she cried, as though the two of them were in a soundproof room in the middle of an island. Her voice rocked the rafters.She spun into a tumbling spiral of mind-shattering climax.She gripped Tyson’s shoulders with her fingernails. Her body shook all over.She came like a truck barreling down a hill.Tyson hung on and felt his stomach muscles contract, into one… two… three hard jets of creamy white come that washed into his girlfriend’s womb.The two of them came in a wild display of hip rolling and teeth gnashing and head tossing. Where one of their orgasms stopped and the other one began, no onlooker could possibly say.”Wow!” Ursula said as she wiggled her hot hips off the still rock hard pecker of her boyfriend’s thick stick. “That really blew me away.”Tyson smiled.He hadn’t yet found the kind of action that could blow his girlfriend away. She was probably a nympho. But that was fine with him.As long as he and she could go on looking together.Ursula picked up a cigarette and lit it. She was much too young to smoke, and Tyson, being an athlete, really didn’t approve.But she was nervous.It was her first trans-Atlantic flight tomorrow.”I’ll miss you, sweetheart,” she said, toying with a thick tendril of his chestnut hair. “I’m really glad you could spend this last night with me.”It wasn’t a problem since Tyson’s father owned a rather large chemical plant in New Jersey and he had his own car and the money necessary to keep it filled with gasoline. “Do you really have to go?””I don’t REALLY, you know. But it’s worth eight college credits. Just touring the churches of France and writing a paper on it counts as one class! It’ll mean I can graduate that much sooner and we can be married.”Tyson liked the sound of that, even if he didn’t like his girlfriend traipsing off to Europe for the summer without him.”Don’t you dare fuck with any other guys when you’re over there. You hear me?” He grabbed her gorgeous raven-haired head in a mock wrestling hold and hugged her close.”You don’t have to worry,” she replied through constricted vocal chords, “all those Frenchmen are gay. I’ve seen them swish around in the movies.””Just be sure you don’t,” he said as a final warning.He meant it, too. Tyson Williamson most definitely did not want his girlfriend and future fiance messing around on the continent.With faggots or anybody else.”Besides,” Ursula said, sticking her finger inside her cunt and scooping out some of the delicious cream that Tyson had just shot in there, “who’d want to make it with anybody else after you? Whose come tastes this good?”Just to prove her point, Ursula sucked her fingers lewdly and loud.Tyson laughed and sat back while she cleaned his dick with her tongue.She was the hottest chick he’d ever known. And if she kept it in her pants all over France, he’d marry her. If not, he’d tear her fucking face off.***Tamara St. Onge sat in her room of the Hewitt Regency and stared out the window.Paris…The idea was not without its charm. She longed to see the city ever since her mother and she had left it when Tamara was a small girl.A college tour package wasn’t exactly what she had in mind, but money was short on account of tuition, and the air fare was offered at a greatly reduced rate.Anyway, she would be going home.Only a few of her relatives survived over there, and she wanted to see them before they had all gone the way of all flesh.Besides, a college tour full of girls looking at statues and paintings and taking notes was something she figured she could easily ditch.Then, she would be off to explore Paris on her own.Who knew what kind of trouble she might get into?But then, surely whatever happened couldn’t surpass the trouble she had already been into. Tamara St. Onge was raised in a brothel.Two brothels, actually, if you count the one in Paris. The one in Philadelphia was where she had spent most of her formative years.Before going to Balfour University to study art. Her mother, the brothel Madam, loved the idea of sending her daughter to a prestige school… and sending her to Europe for the summer.But now, her mother was dead.What money she had accumulated had gone pretty fast since she hadn’t bothered to invest it. Rather, she had lived the way so many people from the old country had done. She hoarded it in a shoe box in the back of her closet.Tamara raked her hand through her carrot red hair and stood up. Anyone looking in the window would have seen an incredibly statuesque girl with the tits of a topless dancer and the hips of a calendar girl.Tamara ambled toward the bathroom and threw off her negligee. She grabbed a huge bar of soap from her vanity case and stepped into the shower.She lathered her huge boobs up with the soap and spread her legs. She worked the hard, elongated bar in between her pussy lips and stroked her clit.She had no boyfriend to bring her to New York and see her off to the plane… no bellboy from the lobby had followed her into her room with his tongue hanging out… though if one had, she might have gotten rid of him.Tamara St. Onge was not particularly interested in men. Perhaps because she had had so many of them as a young girl. She much preferred women.Or a good hard bar of soap.”Oooooh,” she said, surprised that her clit was that sensitive all of a sudden. Well, she hadn’t touched herself for a few days.That might explain it.She rubbed the rounded hard bar against her bulging clitoris and felt the glow radiate back to her asshole. She fingered her pussy hotly.The warm water washed over the splendidly rounded mounds of her huge boobies and flowed down in rivulets to her cunt and asshole.She leaned over, facing the shower spray, and caught a jet of water up her ass valley. And at the same time, she worked the bar in between her flamingo pink pussy lips.It was a wide bar of soap, but her pussy was unusually elastic.It was elastic from all the things various customers of her mother’s had rammed up it since she was a c***d… cocks and fists and dildos, for starters.But that was nothing Tamara hadn’t learned to handle.Her mother had trained her well.Her mother had trained her as a submissive, and she was expert at it.”Mmmmmmmm,” she said as she screwed the hot handle of the soap bar around in her clutching cunt hole. The muscles spasmed as she worked the bar around.Her muscles clasping the bar, she released her hands and went to work on her asshole and her throbbing clitoris. Now that her fingers were all soapy, she could easily slide one up the tight rosy sphincter of her nubile vortex.She worked one up and pumped it gently.That usually made her moan. She moaned softly and diddled her clit button. The thing responded like a well-oiled machine.She rolled her clit around in her fingers and twisted her hips to get the full benefits of that big juicy bar of soap crammed up her snatch.Around and around, she rolled her clit.In and out, she stuffed her forefinger.Back and forth, she twisted the soap bar with her talented twat muscles.She leaned one shoulder against the wall and squeezed her clit. She rolled it around like a marble in a sea of hot oil.She pumped her forefinger in and out of her asshole. The sphincter clutched at it at first, then stretched a bit as she added a second finger.Harder and more urgently, she pumped her fingers in and out of her bung hole.She felt the tacky walls of her poop chute. She fucked her ass harder.Twirling her fingers around like magic, she strummed her clit until it sizzled. She pinched it and made it glow with agonized pleasure. She rubbed against her pussy walls. She stuffed the soap inside her cunt.So adept were her pussy muscles at this type of action, she could roll the thing around inside her as though it were a cock.But to her, it was better than a cock since no man was attached to it. She smiled at that thought and dug her fingers harder into her bung hole.Ass action was about all Tamara ever really craved from a man anymore. But it was difficult to find one who liked to ball you up the back door while you ate your girlfriend’s cunt out.And besides, it was difficult to find a college girl that sophisticated.Take the girls on this tour.Bimbos, most of them, at least as far as she could make out. Typical co-eds whose Dads had sprung for the trip as a way of rewarding them for passing that year.Most of them were staying right here at the Hewitt Regency, so that they could leave, for Kennedy Airport in the morning… and land in Paris twelve hours later.It was exciting.So was getting herself off.Tamara was glad she didn’t need anybody for this task.She really preferred to do it alone… or with another willing young woman. She had heard Paris was full of young lesbians… some extremely beautiful.She had never cared for the bull dyke type with her short haircut who ran around in gym shorts all the time and had no boobies.She liked full figured girls… especially in the sack.Nobody who’d ever seen her walk around campus could deny that she was a full figured girl. She had many admirers. But she was aloof.Most of the students at Balfour U. knew that.She was aloof and she lived alone.So she was the mystery lady of Balfour U.The dragon lady on campus.It was a reputation she encouraged at every point. She would rather be thought of as just plain eccentric than to have anyone know what her real background was.Imagine if her professors knew she was a trained submissive! They’d probably want to take lessons. Most of them were a bit mousey anyway.She could teach THEM a thing or two. But she didn’t. She kept to herself and made few friends and got herself off whenever necessary. And, most especially, she tried not to trick.It was difficult, because the money was easy.But it was dangerous.It was dangerous because it was i*****l. But it was dangerous for another reason… a reason Tamara knew, but didn’t discuss with anyone.Not even her mother before she died.The truth was… she liked it. She liked it all.Getting tied up.Getting strung up by her ankles.Getting bound and gagged.Whipped and chained.Tortured and beaten.She knew how to handle it, and she always got off. But it was a different kind of get off than the one she was giving herself here in the shower.It wasn’t a superficial release of tension or sexual horniness… no… it was the genuine article. It was a deep, internal sort of get-off.An apocalyptic get off.”Oooooo,” she said and fingered the bulging rosebud of her glorious clit faster and faster. Just thinking about ropes was making her pussy spasm.”Yeah, yeah, yeah,” she whispered as she pumped three fingers in and out of the hot tiny confines of her snug little poop chute.The bar of soap did its work on command as she moved her hips around in wide angled circles like a crazed hula hoop champion.On cue, she began the long slow climb to climax.She tossed her wet red mane back and came like a motherfucker. The soap shot out of her cunt and hit the wall, then landed in the tub.Such well trained pussy muscles, she thought, watching the spectacle.Her nipples were burnished thimbles of rippling flesh.Her ass sphincter danced in and out as she fucked herself with her fingers.Her clit pulsated like a hot rock in an earthquake.”Oh, yeah!!!!!!!!”And that did it. She got off nicely. Not her favorite way to fly, but it would do until something better came along… something like a rich, good-looking nymphomaniac who owned a torture chamber.Tamara stepped out of the tub and dried off her glorious, golden body with a rich fluffy towel. She set heir alarm for five o’clock in the morning and fell into bed.It was going to be a long day tomorrow, and she wanted a running start at it.Maybe she’d take an early morning shower…CHAPTER TWOStainless steel doors closed behind the man dressed in white lab coat and carefully carrying a vial of dark purple liquid. He strolled toward the work bench.”Here,” he said to a much shorter man in thick glasses. “Dr. Kropotnik’s formula. He claims it’s ready for the human phase of the experiment.”The shorter man shook his head, though he did not look up from his test tubes. “Dr. Kropotnik doesn’t know the formula for yogurt.””Ah, Comrade, I wouldn’t say that too loud. He’s a prize-winning physicist.””He’s a second rate chemist with first class connections.””Whatever. Where shall I put this?”The short man in thick glasses indicated a vial holder with his stubby fingers. “There. And don’t forget to label it. We don’t want any of Dr. Kropotnik’s formulas getting mislabeled… do we?”The younger man didn’t like the tilt of his mentor’s eyebrows.”We’re due in five minutes in the board chamber.””I’m almost finished, Comrade. You can go and save a seat for me. Away from our eminently beloved prize winning physicist, if you don’t mind.””Peter, if I didn’t know you better, I’d say you were jealous.””Of what would I be jealous?””The man has clout. He’s known by nearly every member of the Presidium. He has a rather beautiful home on the Black Sea.”The sawed-off man waved his free hand, as if to dismiss the comment. “I’ve never been there… but I’ve heard about the place.””What have you heard? I only know his g**** arbor is one of the most admired in the region.””So is his torture chamber.””Peter!””I’m not talking gossip, Yosef, I’ve seen pictures.””But he’s a scientist… an eminent…””He’s a butcher! The man made his reputation torturing members of the old guard until they broke down or were killed. And he calls his techniques ‘brainwashing’. Ha!!!! State-condoned sadism is more like it.””He’s been in favor for a long time now.””I know he’s survived one shifting regime after another. Only Anastas Mikoyan can approach his record. But he’s a barbarian.””The state exacts a price from us all, Peter.””Ah, yes,” the man said, rubbing his reddened eyes, “I know that well enough. But this latest venture of his… it’s outlandish. I doubt that the state gave HIM this latest idea.””You think he thought it up himself?””Knowing the diabolical workings of the man’s mind… yes, I do. He’s been maniacal about subverting from within. And this latest scheme is purely preposterous.””Infiltrating college campuses, you mean.””It’s not new, Comrade. It’s been tried before… at Berkeley… the University of Chicago… N.Y.U… and always, we’ve come up short. I think it’s pointless to waste our time with c***dren.””But this new scheme…””I know, I know,” the man said, shaking his gnomish head adamantly, “I know his theory. Brainwash a trio of young, nubile women… let them do the subverting. I don’t like it. It’s risky.””Everything is, Comrade, but if Communism is to prevail…””Don’t go giving me the party line, Comrade. I know it all too well already.””Sorry, Peter.””I’m telling you, it’s WE who are going to have to pay for Kropotnik’s blunders. The C.I.A. has listening outposts on every college campus in the U.S.””But they’re weak… ineffectual… blunderers…””What about Kropotnik?””Whatever else you want to say about him… he’s a master at his craft. I’ve seen examples of his handiwork. Flabby pro-Western types turned into solid Communist supporters.””Just don’t look under the table, Comrade. I don’t think you’d approve of Kropotnik’s methods yourself. I know you have a touch of humanity in you. I’ve watched you work.”The younger man looked down at the floor, though he could not hide his swelling pride. “Thank you, Comrade.””Not like that insane Kropotnik. The company he keeps alone would make a devil leap out of his path. That vile whipmaster… what’s his name?””Vladimir Prokoynin… Commander Prokoynin, actually.””Ah, yes, one of the Red Army’s worst mistakes.””There’s a K.G.B. agent on his staff as well.””Sergei Chunka. Pride of the Tartars. A Mongolian maniac.””He’s scored an impressive record with the K.G.B.””He’s nothing more than a trained dog. His sexual appetite outstrips Atilla’s… whom he resembles… even in a three piece suit.””Quite a trio.””And don’t forget his vicious little nursemaid.””Olga Betti,” the younger man echoed.”The Kremlin’s biggest dyke. How she ever escaped the purges, I don’t know.””Maybe she was well-connected.”A red light flashed on the wall near the door. It was the sign that someone was entering. The two men busied themselves at the laboratory work bench as a staunch, sharp-jawed woman entered the room.She could have been a secretary, and indeed, she looked efficient with her note pad tucked under her arm. But the shorter man knew her.He knew her by reputation and by sight. “Gentlemen,” the woman said, narrowing her eyes at them. “Doctor Kropotkin is ready. You will join us in the board chamber.””Very good, Comrade Betti,” the man with the thick glasses said, though he did not look her in the face. She reminded him of Medussa, and he was afraid that if he looked at her directly, he would turn to stone.***”A little lower, Comrade,” the husky voice of Dr. Kropotkin floated up to the rafter beams of the study. Here, he was surrounded by books and documents that were rarely seen inside of Russia.But, being a member in good standing with the party, he rated them.He also rated a female companion.In this case, she was a voluptuous blonde with thick braids wound around her head and a very sexy look on her face. Not the most beautiful woman he had ever seen… they were to be found in the pages of American girlie magazines… but she would suffice.And at the moment, she was giving him an excellent nipple massage.”Ah,” he said, satisfied that he was in expert hands. “Run them down my back all the way to my ass, my dear. I love a good tit massage.”The nude girl bent tow over Kropotkin’s back aid pinched her nipples between her fingers. She ran them up and down the full length of his broad back and listened to him moan.She had no desire to displease him. She had heard of what happened to young girls who did. There were rumors that the man was not merely a scientist, but also a sadist of the worst kind.Diligently, she did exactly as he told her.”Excellent,” he said, fumbling in the air for his brandy.His efficient secretary/companion, Olga Betti, brought it to him. Along with his favorite Havana cigar. The woman lit the end of his cigar and waited for him to inhale deeply. Then, she sat down at his left hand and watched the proceedings.She kept her eye pinned on the buxom beauty giving the massage. Three times her precious boss’s life had been threatened by a hired assassin.It didn’t hurt to be careful.Also, she had developed a mild interest in this young blonde wench. A pretty thing she was, too, if a bit on the chunky side.No matter. She liked them that way. Just enough firm ripe flesh around the midsection for her to sink her teeth into…”Ahhhhh!” The sound of her boss’s moan alerted her, and she watched the woman with more guarded caution. But thus far, the scene seemed innocent enough.The woman had stuck one of her big, mocha colored nipples into the man’s asshole. Apparently, he was enjoying it immensely.”Yes,” he said, as though someone were tickling the bottom of his foot with a feather. “That’s lovely, darling. Just keep that up.”Kropotkin felt his dick twitch under his legs. It wouldn’t be long before he would have to move to one side and allow the thing free rein.Then, he would force this darling little party hostess down on her knees and he would fuck her up the ass… or any other orifice that suited his fancy.Perhaps he would just let her tongue HIS asshole.He’d have to inspect her tongue first. Girls with thin, ribbony tongues really couldn’t hold a candle to those with the thick kind.Kropotkin edged a little to one side. All these thoughts about getting his asshole licked were making his male member burnished and hard.He shifted onto one hip and felt his hard wang pop up a bit. His thickish, dark foreskin had already begun to roll back.His balls began to dance.The young blonde girl crammed her nipple deeper into the doctor’s asshole and began to slowly stroke his balls. She pulled them downward in hot, massaging movements.She rotated the ellipsoidal eggs around inside his ball sac.She traced the smooth seam between his huge, hairy balls with her finger. She parted the corrugated flesh of his crinkly hide and rubbed him briskly.”Mmmmmm,” the horny Russian said as he felt his peckerwood tilt up and out at a lewd angle. He could look down on it now and see the clear trail of jism spouting out the slit in his dork knob.”Would the good doctor care for a mouth massage?” the bubbling blonde girl said with a kittenish grin. “Whatever you wish, of course.””Ah, yes,” the self-satisfied doctor said smugly. “Whatever I wish.”It was a well-known fact among certain select members of the party that there were those who could get whatever they wished.They were above the law.Dr. Kropotkin was one of these.He could tie this luscious lovely down and brand her and nobody would so much as suggest an investigation into his behavior.He could behead her and send her body air freight to Lenin’s tomb, and no one would dare so much as hint that there had been any foul play on his part.”Come here, young woman,” Kropotkin said, wiggling his thickish jewelled finger at her. “I’d like to see you on your knees in front of me.””Worshipping you, Comrade?” she said with a lilt of her beautiful blonde head.There was something a little sarcastic in her manner. As if she didn’t believe he would request her to do that. He snapped his fingers.Comrade Olga presented him with an electric cattle prod the same way she had presented him with a cigar and a lighter and a glass of brandy.Kropotkin jerked up and swatted the girl on her taut, chunky buttocks.”Aieeeee!!!!” she cried, her eyes wide with horror. Evidently, the stories she had heard about this man were not without basis.”Bend over,” the vile sadistic doctor commanded.When she did not move instantly, Olga clutched one of her braids and yanked her down to her knees in one brute, unbroken gesture.”You were told to bend over, bitch!” she snarled.The blonde girl’s knees dug into the polished parquet floor. Her nose touched the butch woman’s lace-up leather high heeled shoes.Olga clutched the girls elbows behind her back, forcing her tits out at an eye appealing angle and causing her enormous pain and agony.”When Dr. Kropotkin tells you to do something, girl… YOU HAD BETTER DO IT!!!!!”With that, she threw the girl down and watched in smug satisfaction as her boss whacked the girl’s ass time and time again.Thick, muffled sounds broke the air as he thrashed her flesh.In between those sounds, the sound of a beautiful blonde girl whimpering could be heard.Kropotkin scrambled up on his feet and stood with his hard cock jutting up into the girl’s face. “I’ve burned women’s nipples off for less insubordinance than that.””Yes, Comrade!!!!” she said, tears springing from her pinched eyes.Kropotkin reached around behind her and yanked her head back by the thick blonde braids.”Unfortunately, I haven’t time. I’m expecting guests from the west shortly.””Very good, Comrade.””Silence!” Kropotkin ordered.Even the flies in the room stopped buzzing.”Now lean down where I can stick my cock into your sweet, pliant… mouth!”Kropotkin rammed his rigid rod into the girl’s startled lips and shoved it far back into her throat. Tears choked her eyes.But she knew better than to resist. One little move on her part might result in tragedy. The man was not to be toyed with.”Olga,” he said, beckoning the woman with his fingers. “Hand me that salve.”The blonde girl heard his command, though she could do little but wonder what it was he had on his mind at that moment.The older woman handed her boss a tub of greenish-black salve. He stuck the head of his electric cattle prod in it and nodded to Olga.Olga stooped down and pressed her fingers into the girl’s voluminous butt flesh. She splayed the girl’s ass cheeks out wide, exposing the ripe aperture of her pink bung hole.”Mrrrrrrr!!!!!!” the distraught girl cried once her luscious asshole button had been so rudely exposed. But she had only begun to sense the real pain.The real pain came a moment later.It came when Dr. Kropotkin stabbed her wrinkly sweet water well with his hard prod. He knifed her deep and hard and thrust the prod deeply into her anal chasm.”Mrrrrrrr!!!!!!” she let out, though any articulate pronouncements of her pain were choked off by Kropotkin’s thick, bludgeon of a cock.He rammed it down inside her throat hard and far and fast and without a let up in the action. He forced his rod in up to the hilt of his wick.The blonde girl twisted, but she had little radius of movement.The wicked doctor and the wanton woman had made a slave sandwich of her. They were forcing her to take their punishment and take it obediently.She wished she had never been given this assignment and frankly began to wonder if she would live through it. But she must. She had to…”Hmmmmmm!” Olga said examining the girl’s pussy. It was wide and blonde and very rubbery and moist. She loved to suck young girl’s cunts.”Go ahead,” the sweating Dr. Kropotkin said as he rammed his peter in and out of the writhing girl’s face. “Suck her juice out. Clean her dry. I plan to hose her down here, shortly. Why not?”Olga smiled evilly at her prince of darkness. Kropotkin had been ever so good to her since their first meeting in Siberia.In exchange for total servitude to him, he had provided her with a comfortable life full of luxuries the common man couldn’t hope to enjoy.And he had provided her with an excellent opportunity to seduce young girls… her very favorite sexual sport. She was lucky to have met him.”Here,” the brutal man said, stabbing the girl’s hind quarter quim with his hard furious cattle prod pole. “Take this up your ass. It might change your mind about worshipping me in the future when I ask you for it.”The savage head of the man’s cock thrust sharply into her juicing gullet. She took him to the maximum and nuzzled her lips against his balls.In the meantime, her ass went up in smoke. The heat and pain from the constant jabbing of that cattle prod chewed the nerves right out of her bung hole.Her sphincter burned from the rough treatment and stretched wider than it ever had before in her life. She could barely breathe with that big throbbing log pumping up and down in her throat.And then, to top it all off, Olga saddled herself between her legs and began nibbling on her thrusting hot pink clit. She wasn’t gentle either.The woman was as brash and crude and demanding as her boss.She chewed the girl’s cunt lips and stretched them wide in the process. She forced her tongue into her silt and added a couple of fingers.”Don’t gobble her all up in one mouthful, Olga dear,” Kropotkin teased. Well he knew of his secretary’s fondness for younger women.And well he liked to watch.Especially when he was getting his dick sucked at the same time.The blonde girl wasn’t the most expert cocksucker he’d had on the end of his dork, but she would do nicely. It war the aspect of force and brutality that turned him on anyway, rather than expertise with tongue, lips and teeth.He crammed his ramrod down even deeper into her mouth and tried to pack his balls in there, too. But even slaves had their limitations.She was, after all, only a human, and he had no real desire to break her jaw. If he happened to bust her ass in the process… well, such accidents happened.The blonde girl felt herself very near to a faint.She closed her eyes and tried not to watch the huge hard log ramming down into her mouth that was now pumping so out of control inside of her.”Aha!!!!!” Kropotkin yelled and slapped her hard across her face. “sleeping on the job, are you? Well, we’ll see about that, Comrade!”On top of all the pain she was suffering, now there was this to contend with. Slice after slice of his brutal hand crossed her face, leaving a trail of red welt rows across her chubby, school girlish cheeks.She felt the develi escort razor of his cut diamond ring slice into her flesh. She tasted blood as it seeped out of the cuts and ran down into her mouth.And she tasted Kropotkin.She tasted his fury and she tasted his rage.She tasted the hard thrusting shaft of his surly, red dick.She tasted the brute butt end of his electric cattle prod.And she tasted the sexually twisted tongue of the vile Olga, now diddling her slit like a vibrating jackhammer before diving in and out of her cunt hole.Beyond her control now, her slit juices and her clit bobbed saucily out of the top folds of her cuntal sheath. Olga licked it hard and bit it harder.”Mrrrrrr!!!!!!!” the girl cried in alarm.Apparently, it didn’t even pay to get aroused with these two. They would see to it that you paid for that little indiscretion.The girl writhed, though her writhings only resulted in more mouth punishment from Kropotkin’s pumping hose of a dick… or in more pain at the mercy of that greased up dildo stick up her ass… or in Olga taking charge of her cunt with her mouth.Fingers were now inserted into her pussy and forced hard up her slit.One, two, then three… four fingers. Four fingers crammed inside the slick hot confines of her oily cunt canal as the woman fist fucked her.The blonde girl kept her eyes open and tried not to stare into Kropotkin’s eyes. How long this charade would continue, she knew not.Perhaps, if she could get him off…She roused her numb tongue and began to diddle the head of his glans. She swiped it back and forth and around and around in calculated motions that would bring most men to the very brink of desire.She wondered about Kropotkin.She wondered if he were human enough to respond to her lusty licks.She spiraled her tongue around his glans and dipped into his juicing hairpin slit. She coiled her tongue around his corona and jabbed and rubbed him at every point.Then, she sucked in her cheeks like a bellows and blew him long and hard.She took him far down into her throat and held him there as long as she dared.She clenched her mouth to his wick and pumped him as best she could under such a limited band of movement. But the trick seemed to work.”Suck me!!!!!” Kropotkin raged.”Fuck my big dork with your tiny little mouth, Comrade!!””Eat my rod!!!””Take it… take it… take it all!!!!!””SUCK ME!!!”The blonde girl vacuumed his hard pole back into her gullet and spat it out as fast as she could go. Again and again she repeated the exercise.Until…Kropotkin’s dick slit flew open and a cannon load of come sprayed her square in the throat. His stomach contracted hard and she took down two more blasts of jisms.Now, she felt Olga’s hand on the cattle prod. It stabbed her deep.Surely, it would sever her body in two.She closed her eyes and wished that if it had to be over… it would be over fast.Then, just as the woman yanked the prod out of her ass, she felt herself collide against her fingers and tongue in a wild, unforeseen burst of orgasm.”Aaaaaaaa!!!!!!” she said, almost in relief.But even as she was coming, the cruel doctor was giving his orders.”Take that bitch and throw her out the door, Olga. She’s of no further use to us. Throw her out. See how well she fares in a snowstorm in her birthday suit.”The two of them chuckled as they prodded the girl to her feet, even while the cattle prod was still anchored in her poop chute.They worked her by the butt all the way to the front door and opened it. Then, in one graceless maneuver, Olga popped the cattle prod out of her ass and shoved the screaming girl onto the icy steps where she fell, slid all the way to the street and managed to amble off into the night, leaving a trail of blood in the filthy snow behind her.CHAPTER THREEUrsula swung her curvy ass onto the park bench and stared at the church spire. It was, as their tour guide had said often, a salient example of neo-Romanesque architecture.”Note the ornate gargoyles and chimera on the four corners of the steeple,” the guide’s voice droned on. “Here we see once again a fusion of the religious with the pagan…”Ursula nodded and tried to keep her note pad on her lap. Not that Paris was boring. Far from it. The place was full of majestic churches with ornate domes awl steeples and spires.Problem was, everyone of them reminded her of cock.And cock was something she had been expressly told by her husband-to-be was off limits to her until he saw her again. What a bummer!She was beginning to wish that she didn’t have a steady boyfriend in this city. The men weren’t gay-acting at all! Suave, continental and soft-spoken, perhaps, but that hardly constituted a queer.And the way they wiggled those asses in those tight French-cut pants as they strolled down the boulevards or sat sipping cafe au lait with anisette at the outdoor bistros.Her eye wandered over to one of those pairs of buns right now.A tall, gaunt guy in sunglasses was sitting at an outdoor cafe, and unless she missed her guess he was staring at her.Instinctively, she stared down at the cobblestones beneath her. She had been given strict orders not to flirt… well, not to ball…And in her case, flirting usually led to balling. That’s what happened when she met Tyson. She would have to watch herself real close here.How she envied the other girls on the tour.They seemed so foot loose and fancy free. One of them sat next to her on the bench as the tour guide pointed out some other salient features of the majestic cathedral.”Hi, Penny,” Ursula said, tossing a tendril of her thick hair over her shoulder. She had no idea Paris could be so hot in June.”Hi,” the girl said, scanning the horizon.”You’re looking the wrong way,” she said, nodding over her left shoulder toward the cafe across the street.”Oh!” the ash blonde girl said with a knowing smile. “I know where you’re looking. How do these Parisian men get poured into those pants? I mean, don’t their dicks split through the material?”Now there was a girl after Ursula’s own heart.”He’s looking at you like you’re a ham sandwich and he hasn’t eaten all day.””Aren’t those hard-ons reflected in his sunglasses?” Penny giggled back.The two laughed for a while until a third girl joined their party.”I see you two are really taking to Parisian landscape.””Especially his,” Penny said, indicating the dark, handsome stranger with a tilt of her head. “Isn’t he juicy enough to pinch?””Not my type, really,” Tamara said eyeing Ursula and Penny.Now those two.They WERE her type.But she didn’t dare say so. After all, they were sharing a pension together and any word of lesbianism might stir up a scandal.”Funny thing is,” Ursula said, scratching her raven head, “I think I’ve seen him before… somewhere…””Probably in the movies,” Penny threw in. “No, I don’t think so. But somewhere. He’s unusual looking. He’d stand out anywhere.””Are you joking? This city is full of types like that,” Tamara said with a regal toss of her fuzzy reddish blonde hair.”Not in my hotel room,” Penny whined.”We’ll have an hour break for lunch!” the tour guide shouted and blew her whistle. If only she didn’t insist on blowing that damned whistle!Several girls went off together… all in different directions.”Well, I’m going back to the hotel and stick my ass in a bidet,” Tamara announced, standing up. Secretly, she thought that this might be her chance to escape this mass of lunatics and sneak off to see her family… among other things.”Oh, do you mind if I join you?” Ursula said, jumping up.”Well, you could, but my bidet is pretty small.””I mean… if you’re going back to the hotel. If I stay here… I’ll only get in trouble. I mean, I’d just rather be off the streets… away from men.”Tamara smiled like a hungry lynx.It sounded fine to her, though she had no idea the girl was gay. But if she didn’t like men, so much the better. Maybe she could get in a quickie with this beautiful raven-haired beauty before she took a powder.”You coming, Penny?””Nooo,” the blonde girl said, swinging her curvy thighs around and lounging against the back of the park bench. “I think I’ll stay here and look at the scenery.””Lucky you,” Ursula said softly, almost to herself.She would have loved to have stayed and watched the dark stranger in the tight pants, but it was just too damned tempting. She didn’t want to lose a fiance over it.Ursula and Tamara headed across the street as Penny gave the man a very serious wink followed by what could only be described as a “come hither” look.It seemed to do the trick.No sooner had she smiled and pulled her prairie skirt up ever so delicately over her dimples knees, then the man stood up and sauntered over.He was even better close up.***”Wow! Your room overlooks the park,” Ursula said with girlish enthusiasm.She peered out the window and saw Penny and the tall, dark stranger heading toward their hotel arm in arm. Penny was smiling.”Now there’s a fast worker.””Well, it’s a fast life, I expect,” Tamara purred from her position reclining against the back of her bed. She looked Ursula up and down.The girl had a hot shape on her. The kind of tits that never needed a bra, but only looked fuller in one. And long, tapering legs.She so loved good ankles on a girl.”You sure you’re a student at Balfour U.?” Ursula said as the hungry dyke eyed her up and down.”Why do you ask?””Because you don’t act like a college student.””How do I act?””Ooooh, like someone who’s been around a lot. Like someone who’s been to Paris before. Not like somebody on an all-girl tour to the churches of Paris.””Well, I was born here, if you really want to know.””I hope I wasn’t prying.””You were. But I don’t mind. Not from someone as beautiful as you.””That’s sweet of you. My fiance says the same thing to me… oh, he’s not really my fiance. We won’t be engaged till I return in August.””How lucky for him.””Hmmm… luck for me, too. You should see him. Muscles like you wouldn’t believe. Biceps the size of footballs… and a cock that’s long as your…” Ursula looked terribly embarrassed as she clapped her hand over her mouth.”Don’t be shy about telling me intimate details,” Tamara said, casually. “I WOULD be more interested if you’d like to tell me about yourself… what are YOUR finer physical features?””Well, everybody says my hair.””I can see that. Tell me about the ones I can’t see. Better yet… show me.””You’re joking…” Ursula said, wishing to hell her pussy lips wouldn’t pick this particular time to twitch. “Why do you say that?””Because you’re gorgeous and bright and adorable and I’d love to make it with you.””Wow!” Ursula said, plopping down onto the edge of the bed.”Does that surprise you?””Yeah, but there’s something else.””What’s that?””It baffles me a bit, too.””Why so?””Because I’ve never made it with a chick before.””Well, don’t let that stop you. This is Paris. Why not try something new?”Ursula felt her nipples swell up and strain against her bra. Her pussy lips yearned to be set free of their nylon confines. They twitched and tugged.”I think I will,” Ursula said, almost too low for the other girl to hear her. “Why the hell not? Tyson told me I couldn’t make it with another guy! He never said a damned word about another chick!!!!””Well, aren’t we lucky?” And with that, the girl lunged for her. It was kind of a friendly lunge, but it was damned aggressive… for a girl.Ursula felt herself forced backwards and lay panting on the end of the bed with her huge, hot tits rising and falling as the girl set her dewy rose petal lips against her own.Never having made out with a girl before, Ursula didn’t exactly know what to think, but she was surely not disappointed.Tamara’s kisses were as ardent and tongue-devouring as those of her own male lover, and the feel of those ripe boobies pressing against her own made her tremble with arousal.The red-headed Tamara wasted little time drawing the girl to full out passion. She rolled the hot nubbin of her scarlet nipples around and around in between her thumb and forefinger, setting the girl ablaze everywhere.Ursula was quick to reach a writhing, heart-thumping pinnacle of desire. And she usually spent a long time there. Today was no exception.Neither was the fact that her lover, on this particular occasion was a hot, lusty young woman, wise in the ways of lesbian love and very turned on by Ursula.”You remind me of a porcelain doll,” Tamara whispered to Ursula as she squeezed the girl’s nipples with her fingers and pressed her pelvis against hers.”Ooooooo,” Ursula said and smiled a little self-consciously. Making it with another girl was fun and damned exciting.Maybe more exciting than she thought it was going to be when she had, on impulse, first decided to hop into bed with the fuzzy red-haired beauty.Next Tamara sucked the girls nipples until what was full became rock hard and throbbing. She tasted each inch of the girl’s hot, popping titties as if they were rich morsels and gave over to the enterprise with total abandon.Just seeing Tamara’s naked body stirring above her gave Ursula a jolt of passion. She was exceptionally tall and statuesque and the sight of her sucking on her tits as if they were the most deliciously amusing projections in the world made her wonder what she had been missing all these years with Tyson.”Spread your thighs wide,” the dominant red head ordered. “I want to play with that hot little love button of yours.””How do you know it’s so hot?””I can tell the temperature of a girl’s clit by tasting her nipples. Yours are at the sizzling point right now. Believe me, your clit is hot.”Ursula could not deny her that point.Her cunt felt damned near to exploding with all the pressure from her lusty big love button. It poked out from between her pussy lips and shone like a tiny red beacon in the night.”Mmmmm,” the raven-haired lovely said as she splayed out her hungry thighs and arched her body so that Tamara could do as she wished with her.What she wished was to suck her cunt.But first, she traced a delirious line of arousal around her stretched out pussy lips, paying special attention to the rubbery prong of her clitoris.It was every bit as hot and bulging as Tamara predicted it would be.And she was utterly amazed at the darker girl’s responsiveness.No sooner did she ring her clit with her fist than the girl was sent into a series of pussy spasms and gyrations that rivaled a belly dancer’s.”Wow, you’re hot,” Tamara spoke softly, pointing out the obvious.Indeed she was.Her nipples glowed and her asshole radiated fire. Her pussy muscles contorted and massaged Tamara’s probing fingertips.”You’ve got, one of those nice, stretchy cunts,” she said, “I do so hate those tight, tiny ones. Or the ones that feel like they’re made out of aluminum.””My box is hot okay,” Ursula said, squirming in heat, “Tyson’s told me that often enough. He tells me I’m so hot…””Why don’t you just forget about him?” Tamara cooed. “Here you are in Paris having a ripping time and thinking about some schnook back home. It’s not very continental!””Well, we’re ALMOST engaged.””Hmmmmm,” the hot vixen purred, “all the more reason to experiment now, while you’re a free spirit. Wouldn’t you say?”That thought seemed to quiet Ursula for a while. At least as far as her doubts were concerned. Her body wasn’t exactly quiet.Her body gyrated and twisted and yearned for the new female lover that pushed her three fingers hot and hard into the willing chasm of her pliable pussy slit.Ursula turned to face the beautiful girl finger fucking her and let out a big sigh of sexual arousal. That always turned Tamara on.She loved getting other women excited. It was really the only thing that got her off.It was the only time she could be dominant for her entire experience with men had been based on her performance as a submissive.Therefore, she could not be comfortable with men.But she was comfortable with beautiful women… especially when she was wiggling her fingers inside their cunt holes. Wiggling and sliding them in and out.Ursula moaned and arched her back harder.Tamara sucked the bold burnished nubbins of her tits and fingered her cunt hole. She rubbed her thumb against the girl’s distended clit and sank four fingers into her twat. Her pussy muscles obliged with only a little bit of maneuvering.Obviously, the girl had taken a good sized dick recently. Or she was quite used to taking big cock with little or no pain.”Oh, yeah,” Ursula urged her on.Tamara didn’t need a lot of encouragement… just a beautiful, willing girl she could make lesbian love to if it pleased her.”Now I’m gonna vibrate you, so relax,” she commanded.Ursula, half out of her wits with passion, went along with it. She felt the girl’s knowing fingers begin to shake and tremble.Her whole body shuddered with them. She went for a fuck ride on the end of a huge fleshy tuning fork. She shook and rolled her hips around in excitement.”Does that please you?” Tamara whispered as the black-haired girl went wild with the sensations of dyke dicking.Ursula snapped her knees together and caught the girl’s hand hard. She wanted to hold her hand inside her cunt because she liked the sensations so well.She was rather surprised when Tamara slapped her across the face.”Owwww!!!” she cried, holding her smarting cheek. “What was that for?””Don’t ever tell me what to do in bed,” Tamara snapped. “I’LL TELL YOU! Is that clear?”Shocked, Ursula slowly nodded her head.She didn’t want the lovemaking to stop.But there was something else. It was the scary way Tamara looked at her when she spoke… as if she were possessed by demons.She had a wide-eyed look of diabolical horror on her face, and Ursula was too frightened to argue with her at all.She lay back and split her legs out and let Tamara do whatever she wanted to her. After all, the sensations hadn’t been anything but erotic so far.She felt the girl’s fleshy fingers crawl up the plushy sluice of her cunt once more and she knew she wasn’t far from climaxing.All she needed was a bit of extra stimuli… maybe sucking on Tamara’s cunt…As if the girl read her mind, she straddled Ursula’s face and stuck her carrot red bush in her mouth. Ursula stuck her tongue out and tasted.The girl’s pussy tasted like sherry from a fine vintner’s collection.She licked her thick, hot juicy cuntal lips and sucked her clit. Though the girl’s clit was somewhat smaller than hers, it was hard as an arrowhead.And it was fun to lick.She licked her clit and wormed her tongue up inside the girl’s pussy crack.Tamara moaned with pleasure. Ursula relaxed. At least that was a good sign. Maybe the girl wouldn’t hit her like that again.She hoped not.Ursula took her tongue out of the girl’s sweet hot slit and tongued her asshole a bit. She flicked her tongue over the girl’s shiny pink sphincter and stabbed her in the bung hole a couple of times.Tamara seemed to love it.She responded by pumping the girl’s slime hole and bending over far enough to suck her clit into her hot, churning lips.She worked her clit around and around inside her lips, then pressed her teeth down on it.Ursula winced with the pain, but thought better of complaining.She was too scared to complain to Tamara… and far too excited. She didn’t want this forbidden love tryst to end. She sucked the girl’s twat hard and tried not to consider how much Tamara was hurting her.More teeth bites.”Mmmmmm,” Ursula said, discontentedly shifting her weight.That was worse.Tamara dug her teeth even deeper into the flesh of her puffy clitoris and tasted her snatch with her full, pouty lips. She wormed her fingers in and out of her fuck hole.She diddled the girl’s pussy with her fingers, humped her with her own pussy. And Ursula was a good lover back. She wiggled her buns around and tried to ignore the constant increase of pain.It was curious how the girl worked. At first, those teeth had felt wonderful, then she had noticed some slight discomfort.Then, she was aware of a painful, stinging kind of sensation… then more pressure… but all the time, more arousal as well.The girl was getting her hot enough to receive the additional layer of pain without finding it unbearable. Ursula had the feeling she was in the hands of an expert.She opened her eyes wide when the pain became more than she could bear. She was going to have to say something… SOMETHING!!!!!!”Ow!!!!!” came the inevitable cry as Tamara gnawed at the fleshy prong of her burgeoning clit button. “That fucking hurts!!!!”Expecting to be hit, she half hid under the luscious mounds of Tamara’s buns, but the girl only laughed. “Of course, it hurts, my beautiful one. It hurts and you will have to get used to a little pain in this style of lovemaking.”Ursula would call it more than a little pain, but there was this very urgent, scary tone to Tamara’s voice, and she kept quiet about it.The pain didn’t let up. In fact, it got a little worse. But Ursula was hot. She couldn’t deny that… not could she explain it particularly well either.The woman was an unbelievably hot combination of hard-driving lust and soft, supple sweetness. And she wanted more… oh, yes, she wanted it all.She wanted to come in Tamara’s mouth and have Tamara come in hers. Driven to the heights of her sexual and sensual peaks by this strange young woman, Ursula felt herself plunging from a high tower.Lost for a moment in the ecstatic free fall of climax, she hit a soft, fleecy cloud. It turned out to be Tamara’s pussy.”Oh, wow!!!!!!” she said in schoolgirlish glee.Tamara dug her hands deeper into the girl’s cunt as she came and anchored her teeth even more securely into her hot, lusty clit. That insured a powerful come, but a painful comeback.”Owwwwwww!!!!!!!!”Tamara bounced harder on Ursula’s mouth and laughed to herself. She was taming this young girl… and training her, too. Soon, she would be putty in her hands… if she wanted her to be…Tamara spent her pussy on top of Ursula’s sucking mouth. Up and down, down and up, she bounced and forced the girl’s tongue high up inside her powerful cunt.She squeezed her pussy muscles and got off splendidly.The whole time, she kept her nose burrowed in the girl’s snatch and her teeth locked around her clit… biting into it hard.”Oh, pleeeeeze!!!!!” Ursula wailed at last, “I can’t take this much…”A series of frenzied raps on the locked door drew both of the girls attention.Ursula took her mouth off Tamara’s clit and looked up. Tamara took a grateful breath of air. “Who is it?””It’s Penny,” an uncharacteristically shaky voice said through the keyhole.”What do you want?””Oh, uh… well… uh… I just wanted to know if you guys would like to go out for some lunch with me… or maybe we could take a shower together…”The curious combined request drew Tamara’s attention.Ursula was stunned. Her clit throbbed with pain of having been bitten, but of having been loved extremely well at the same time.Tamara closed her eyes and thought of Penny. What would a threesome be like? Penny was by far and away the only other girl on the tour she would even consider making it with… besides Ursula.Why not invite the girl in and get it on with her as well? There would be plenty of time to ditch the whole tour later and strike out on her own.”Here,” she said, throwing Ursula a towel, “slip that around you. And I want you to hide those boobies from prying eyes, too.”Surprised at herself, Ursula took the towel and did as her lover said.Tamara grabbed a light robe, made sure her breasts were crawling out of the lapels and went to the door. She opened it on a tall, dark man with sunglasses and a can of mace.Before Ursula could leap out the window, or even jump off the bed, the stuff that felled Tamara filled her nostrils as well.The last thing she remembered seeing was Penny in the doorway, tied and bound and gagged. Then, the earth slipped sideways, and she slumped into the mattress.CHAPTER FOURTamara woke up first. There wasn’t room to move and the ropes that had been lashed around her wrists and ankles bit into her flesh.But Tamara knew one thing for sure.She’d been shanghaied.The man who was with Penny and who had undoubtedly held a knife or gun at her back to make her knock on that door like she had was behind it.But who was he?Other than the fact that he was the same man they had seen across the street at the outdoor cafe, she had never seen him before.She was fairly certain of that.But where was she now? And where was she headed? She could feel wheels under her. Obviously she was in the back of a truck, though boxed in somewhere directly over the wheels, since she could hear them and feel their vibrations so much.The other girls weren’t around. Where were they, she wondered. And where were they going?Ursula moaned and opened her lovely eyes wider. She was bound and gagged and in a tight, enclosed space with little light. But there was light shining through some slats or vents… or was it grillwork?What the hell had happened?Tamara was making love to her. Everything was hot and sexy and a little painful, though there was lots of pleasure to counteract any feelings of pain, and then…Well, then Penny had knocked on the door.The guy with the pegged pants and sunglasses who had been flirting with Penny from across the street… the same guy they had both seen Penny walk toward their hotel with arm in arm…HE had sprayed them with some kind of awful stuff that made her sneeze and drop onto the bed. Then, she remembered smelling something else.Something that had given her the most excruciating headache she had ever had. Her entire body throbbed from it now.Wheels… wheels under her body. She was in some kind of vehicle and they were moving… but where? And whatever for?What would Tyson think when he learned they had been k**napped?He would be outraged and worried. And what if she never came back? She made a mental note to tell her captors, whoever they were, that her fiance wouldn’t give them one penny and they might as well put her to death.She felt a mite martyrish saying that to herself. Well, maybe she could bargain with them. But how would her captors even know that she was engaged to a wealthy man?She struggled to adjust her sitting position, but it was hopeless. So tightly were her hands and feet bound that each movement was more painful than the last.Stark naked with only that ridiculous towel under her, Ursula felt hopeless. Weak with hunger and demoralized with fear, she tried to sleep again… but even that was useless.Penny gritted her teeth. How could she have been so stupid? Letting a total stranger into her room. But hell, she had done that so many times before.Even at the Hewitt Regency… and at least a dozen times that month before that.Promiscuous or not, she hadn’t expected THIS!!!And that guy seemed so nice and charming and sexy in the beginning. They had had such a nice talk in the park. He offered a cigarette, and then the rest was not so clear.Something in that cigarette had made her light-headed and… something else… compliant… yes! That was it. It was as though there were some kind of hypnotic ingredient in that smoke. Some kind of substance that broke her will.She vaguely remembered that the two of them had gone across the street to her pension and walked up the steps to her room.The first few minutes had been fun. The guy had undressed her and done all kinds of really wet things to her. First, he kissed her tits.That was always sweet for openers.But he didn’t kiss them in any particularly fond way, just expert. He performed like a stud… yes, that was it. He performed like a trained fucking stud.He was hung like one, too, as she recalled.His schlong meat was hard before he even got his pants down. She remembered because when he was pressing his chest to her tits and sucking her nipples, she could feel his full, hard member against her hips.Anxious, she bent over and unzipped him. It was a genuine boner well enough. Long and thick and slightly bullet shaped on the head. But juicy.She remembered that real well. She had sucked him a long time, too. A very long time as a matter of fact, though time may have been a little screwed up since she smoked that funny cigarette.She got down on her knees and he held her head hard between his hands and she sucked his tool. His glans was juicing like a sieve and beet red and pulsating.The elongated vein that ran down the full length of his shaft made her lips hum just by sucking it. It beat a mighty tattoo.His balls were rough, but hairy and heavy. She had played with them hard and then a little softer but he made no comment at all.It was as if he were an automaton.Well, he HAD been smoking that thing before she got her lips wrapped around it. He lit it for her. Then she remembered that he had only inhaled it once.That might account for his clarity of head, but what could account for his lack of amorousness? He was rock hard and ready, but his head was clearly somewhere else.But where?And where was she now?Penny tasted her lips. There was a salty taste on them… not the sugar and spice flavor of the guy’s dick that she had sucked some time ago… though she wasn’t sure just how long ago that was.She worked his rod well with her tongue, too. Accustomed as she was to receiving great compliments about her masterful cocksucking, she was a little surprised that the dark stranger hadn’t said anything.The dark stranger… what was his name again? Oh, yeah… Rudy… that’s what he said. He had an accent, too. Dark, thick, a little lilting. Could have been French, but not from Paris.She had learned to recognize that particular accent by now. And he asked her only a few questions. How did she like Paris… where was she staying… had she seen the Champs Elysees yet?Stupid things like that.But he wasn’t so stupid in bed… just emotionless.His big red wang stretched her mouth out to ridiculous proportions, but she sucked him hard anyway. She wasn’t used to throwing in the towel on a project like this.After all, she had her reputation to safeguard.Who knew what circles Rudy ran in?”Mmmmmmm,” she said about halfway up his fuck pole. She gave him lots of feedback on how, well he tasted, but she couldn’t really call him a good lover.She wondered if somebody’d made him in a factory and forgot his heart. They sure had screwed one tremendous dick onto him though.Faster and faster she whirled her tongue around.She probed his slit with her tongue and coaxed out some hot gooey fluid. She used it along with her saliva to slick up the shaft of his stick.Up and down, she sucked him.Harder and faster.She put a lot of energy into getting him to come around. She didn’t care if he told her she was the most fabulous cocksucker in captivity, but an acknowledgement that she was alive might be nice.But nothing.He just set his hands against his slender hips and let her suck him. As though she were trying out for a part and he was a big rich jaded producer.Not even so much as a tug at her sleeve to make her do something else… like lie down and take his dick up her pussy.That at least might have been a bit livelier.Up and down his big hard fuck stick, Penny slid her mouth. She gulped him all the way to the hilt and held on tight.Deep-throating! Now that ought to bring him around.But no.Nothing.Zip.The guy was as staunch as a pioneer. He just stood there and stuck his narrow hips out and thrust his dick down deep into her mouth.Occasionally, he would turn his hips in hot, erotic circles, making her crave a bit more of what he so far had not displayed emotion.But she could feel herself getting very hot and crazy from sucking his juicy log. His dick was one of the longest and hottest and most crazily angled she had ever wrapped her lips around.It stood at right angles to his stomach and tilted up lewdly at the head. As if it were made for a good sucking. And a good sucking is what she gave it.No notice from him, though.He kept his eye planted somewhere dead ahead of them and his dick firmly inside her hot sucking teenage mouth. And she sucked him blind.Up and down and around and down and swooping around, she aimed her sucking mouth.Over and over she flicked the head of his juicing slit with her tongue.She pulled his sac down gently and diddled the ellipsoidal shaped eggs inside. She traced a hot circle around his sphincter and felt his tight ass cheeks with her nails.Nothing.Then, she went to town on his shaft.Up and down.Up and down.Down and up.Harder.Faster.Longer.And with a lot of mouth juice combined with pre-cum fluid.A lot of slick wet hot sucking sounds filled the air.And Penny felt her cunt blaze.She sucked him so fast and hard that his dick was a reddish blur sliding in and out of her mouth. She sucked him so hard and fast that her cunt sizzled.She fingered her pussy and sucked him harder. He showed not the least interest in her cunt, but he stood there and let her blow him.She blew him to kingdom come.She wiggled her lithe, pliant fingers inside her cunt hole and stretched it out for his dick. Well, a girl could dream, couldn’t she?Maybe he would fuck her.But he stayed as adamantly stony as he had when she first pulled his dick out.Finally, in near despair, Penny pulled her mouth off Rudy’s dick and let out a big sigh of pent up frustration. “Shit!” she mumbled.”You are through now?” Rudy said down to her. Christ, he still had his fucking dark glasses on.”I… uh… I think so,” Penny admitted. She really hated to admit that somebody had withstood one of her blowjobs without shooting, but this guy broke the mold.”Very well, perhaps you’d continue a bit?”She wiggled her buns back into position and took the rock hard member down inside her clutching little throat.And then, surprise of surprise, Rudy began to pump his buns. He rocked back and forth on his feet and twisted his hips around in slow, hot circles.Then, he slid his big fuck stick in and out of her mouth, building up speed and heat and friction between them.”Mmmmmm!!!!!” Penny said, feeling a rush of excitement all over again. Maybe he WAS human. She fingered the rubbery thumb of her clit.She fingered it hard.She fingered it fast in round, determined circles.She wiggled it every which way but loose.Until… she came.Penny got off well, but just as she was about to try for a second round, she felt Rudy exploding inside her gripping hot mouth chute.He rammed his log in and out of her mouth and shot his load inside her throat.He exploded in her mouth.Rudy shot his load in Penny’s startled mouth.Well, maybe he was human after all. That was just before he pulled a rather ugly looking gun out and aimed it at her head. He cocked the trigger just as she swallowed his thick, creamy semen.”Now we are going to play another game,” he said, his dick still firmly planted in her mouth. “We are going to play at something else now.”Penny looked at his gun. She turned her eyes down and looked at his cock.He pulled his cock out of her mouth and rammed his gun muzzle harder into her temple. “This game,” he said, more casually than he had behaved during his blowjob, “is only for very bright girls to play.”Penny swallowed hard. His fuck stick was still rock hard, and he showed no signs of pulling it out of her mouth. Never once, however, did the thought pass through her mind to bite it.”If you are very bright you can win at this game. If you are stupid, however, you will lose. And in this game, losers wind up with a bullet through their skull.”Then he pulled his red wet wick out and scoffed at her.”We’ve just started,” he said, “so don’t think I’m through with you yet.”She felt her jaws. They ached. But not so much as her head. What the hell had been in that cigarette? And what was this game he was promoting? With a gun in his hand, nothing seemed like a game anyway.”You will now go to the door and lead me to the room of the two girls you were seen talking to an hour ago in the square.””Oh, they’re just…”A huge hand swiped her face and Penny fell to the floor, rubbing her bruised cheek.”Don’t be a loser already, Penny. Think! I’ve got the gun. Now let’s go.”Penny thought it over.But only for a few seconds.After that, she got up and buttoned her blouse. She went to the door and opened it. Rudy stole up behind her. He followed her down the hall and when it came time to knock on Tamara’s door, he surprised her by tying her hands and feet with a rough rope first. Then, once she had spoken through the keyhole, he slapped a rather tight gag over her mouth.Then, as she watched in horror, he fired a spray can of a vile-smelling stuff all over the room and the girls passed out… Penny along with them. As to why Rudy wasn’t affected, Penny could only guess that maybe what she thought was true…He really wasn’t human.The truck lurched and ground to a halt. All three girls sat still and waited for the workings of their fate to unravel.There was a lot of muffled talking in halting voices that Tamara recognized as German. Then, they heard the back of the truck flip down.Try as they might to make noise and reveal themselves, the girls only succeeded in making themselves even more uncomfortable.So tight were the confines of the cases they were sealed into, they could not even beat their feet on the floor to call attention.Ursula was nearest the open back of the truck. There was someone walking around inside. Someone with boots on. German, she thought.Then, she heard the distinct sound of a bottle of wine being uncorked. Then, some pleasantries were exchanged… then someone guzzling.And finally, the man with the boots got out of the truck and the back door was sealed again. The truck rolled on.What little light the girls could see through the slats faded into dimness.The next time they stopped, the entire scene pretty much repeated itself. A man speaking German strolled around in back of the truck, knocking his stick on one case or another. Then, the sound of a bottle being uncorked.And then, some merry hurried guzzling.Then, the door was sealed again and the driver started up the engine.The third time they stopped, things were very different.The truck stopped and all around them was quiet. Crickets and night hawks could be heard even inside their wooden prisons.Penny was the first to feel it… the case or crate… whatever it was she was riding in was thrown out of the truck and onto the ground.She watched the claws of a hammer tear open one end of it. She was rolled out and slapped around a bit, but that wasn’t the worst.Her clothes were torn off her and she was lashed against a tree. She was in the middle of nowhere tied to a tree and waiting for her friends to join her.Her eyes flashed wide when she saw who it was that led the shaking and trembling Ursula to her place on a nearby tree.”Greetings,” Rudy said, smiling broadly, “and welcome to East Germany.”CHAPTER FIVEStripped naked and shuddering against the trees they were lashed to, the three girls awaited their fate. Sometime before dawn, Rudy pulled down each of their gags and gave them a drink.It tasted terrible, but none of them were in any mood to decline it.All of them were weakened from hunger, not to mention humiliated by their nakedness and total dependence on their captor.It was a role Rudy did not seem to be particularly interested in. He treated them all with cool diffidence. He seemed to regard their nakedness as something he wasn’t particularly interested in.”We’ll be moving out now,” he said, once the sky was streaked with light. He nudged his assistant, a huge man of Eastern European features and bearing, and the two of them prepared to move out.He pulled the gag off Penny’s face and stuck a straw in her mouth. “Bite into this,” he instructed. “It’s going to be your last food for sometime.”But Penny twisted her head away in favor of pleading with him.”Pleeeeze,” she said, tears welling up in her eyes. “I don’t know where you’re taking us, but if it’s money you want… my father is a wealthy man. He wouldn’t want any harm to come to me… or to the others…”Rudy stared at her as if he were a robot and not programmed to receive her words into his computer bank. “Very well,” he said offhandedly, “if you don’t want any food, I’ll give it to your girlfriend here.”He slipped the gag back up over the protesting girl’s mouth and moved on toward Ursula. Once her gag was removed, she had a rough choice to make. Penny’s protestations hadn’t worked too well. But she could be very persuasive. She knew that well enough.She resolved to try a little of it on him.”Hi,” she said with a wan smile. “I hope you’ve brought us out here to **** and pillage, because I can be very cooperative. Do you like my tits? Why don’t you untie me and see what else I’ve got under…”Her words were cut off with a harsh hand. It sliced horizontally across her mouth and then retraced the path, slapping her the other way.”Silence, bitch,” he said, glaring at her. “Do you think you can tempt me with that paltry body of yours?”Ursula blanched, then turned red. As swollen as her lip was, her pride hurt even worse. No one had said anything but complimentary things about, her body since she reached puberty.”It’s your last chance,” he said, holding the straw up to her face. Ursula nodded slowly, but her head screamed. Before she knew it, she was opening her mouth again.”My fiance will come after you and kill you for this… he’ll…!!!”A series of harsh slaps that reduced the girl to tears and took the muscles out of her knees. She slumped down along the rough bark of the tree, and she wept.Her face was red and welted from the cruel series of facial blows her captor had delivered to her. She had been a fool and she knew it.”Now,” Rudy said as he lifted the gag from Tamara’s mouth, “your turn. Let’s see if you’re hungry… or would you rather chat?”The girl bit her lip. She mustn’t say anything. As much as she wanted to say, she didn’t dare. She allowed her eyes to roam over the man’s face. They pleaded with him, but she remained silent.Instead, she took a long, deep drink of the vile gruel and stayed mute.”At least we have one intelligent young woman here,” Rudy said, reaching out and fondling one of her tits. “And one with a nice set of jugs on her, too.”Tamara closed her eyes.The feel of the man’s hands on her breasts made her skin crawl.But she kept her lip buttoned.She hadn’t had a man touch her since… well, it had been along time. Not since her last trick. He was a very dominant man with a cruel streak and a mean bullwhip.But that was then.And this was now.She had to withstand this, or she would shrivel in front of this man. He would have no respect for any of them. But it was difficult.It made her stomach churn to feel his hands on her. He squeezed her nipples hard, then tossed the cup with the straw onto the ground.”Hmmmmm,” he said, pulling her pussy lips apart. “A very hot box, too, unless I miss my guess. I do so appreciate a hot cunt on a woman.”Tamara could feel her knees grow weak and the bile rise in her throat. How she could possibly take his advances one more second, she wasn’t sure. She called upon her reserves as a trained submissive.And she took in a deep lungful of air. Then, she began to heave her huge tits provocatively. She closed her eyes and focused somewhere else and not on the pawing hands that seemed to devour her breast flesh.”Say, there,” Rudy said, pulling her pussy lips wide apart. “That’s not the prettiest pussy I ever saw. But it’s one of them. I think it’s not the smallest one I’ve ever seen either. I think it could take a couple of cocks up there. What do you say, Hans?”The huge hulking figure of Rudy’s assistant came lumbering over to his side. Rudy spoke to him in German, a language that Tamara only understood part of, but she got the gist of it.They were both going to fuck her.And they were going to make it hurt. The two of them twisted her sideways against the tree and Rudy hauled his zipper down. Penny’s eyes bugged out anew. He was hard.He had some kind of stamina, that guy. But who the hell was he? He wasn’t human. Only when he came. And then, you were already raked over the coals too much to care.Rudy fisted his giant cock and swung it up and tilted it into the hot, tight slit of Tamara’s carrot red coated cunt.He aimed it straight for the pinkish flaps of her dewy sweet slit and plugged his rod into her hard. She focused on the tree branch overhead, though she began to moan softly.Men were the vilest things in the world to her, but she forced herself to concentrate not on what was being done to her, but what was going on around her.It had worked for her long ago, and she had a hunch that if she really played it down the line, it would work for her today.The huge, hulking driver tore his britches apart and swung out a dark, scum-encrusted dick. Though Tamara did not see it, her friends did.It damned near made them sick.The eager assistant pulled the girl’s buttocks wide and slammed his blunt-ended fuck stick up into her ass valley. The first time, he succeeded only in slamming it against her dosed sphincter.Hurriedly, he complained to Rudy that she was too tight. Rudy reached into his pocket and tossed him a jar. The guy stared at it dumbly.Rudy told him in German to slap some on his dick, then try again. And to show her no mercy. Tamara understood that much.”Mmmmmmmm,” the bound and breathless girl said as she heaved her tits up and down and took Rudy into her pussy up to the hilt.Luckily for her, she had an elastic box and ass. But neither of her captors knew that. To be effective, she would have to hide this fact from them.”Owwwwwww,” she said, as though she were in pain.That response brought a smile to Rudy’s face. It was the first smile Penny had seen there since she met him, except for when he flirted with her from across the street.Then, the man behind her began rubbing his long, thick fuck rod with a generous amount of the clear lube. His rod was gnarled and red at the tip… and blunt… like a shovel.He yanked her butt mounds open and stuck his wick inside them again. He jutted it out so that the head of it connected with her burnished pink sphincter.Then, using a lot of thrusting hip action, he severed her asshole with the head of his dong. Tamara let out a mild scream, but she didn’t think much about what was actually being done to her.She had learned to rise above that.It was doubly as hard, because of her revulsion of men, and because there were two of them, but she worked doubly as hard to go beyond the pain and humiliation.Her girlfriends, however, were totally wiped out at the spectacle of this beautiful tempestuous girl getting fucked in the pussy and in the ass at the same time.Penny shuddered.As many positions as she tried, this had never even crossed her mind. She was pretty much of a one-on-one type person.This revolted and terrified her.Rudy’s dick was as appealing as it always had been. Even the surly driver’s fuck stick had a certain earthy charm to it with that very dark shaft and that sawed-off glans, but she was too scared to appreciate it now.What if she were next?Ursula wept silently. Somewhere inside her, she feared that she would never see her fiance again. And, she was staring to fall in love with this strange red-haired girl.Seeing her forced to take it up the ass and up the cunt at the same time made her want to vomit and cry and faint and die all at the same time.Her knees, still weak, would not hold her a minute longer. She collapsed and closed her eyes to the horny spectacle in front of her.But she could not close her ears.The hot, hard pumping and sucking sounds of two dicks working inside of two holes on the same woman haunted her. She shook her head, but the sounds went unabated.In and out, Rudy sawed his massive dick.Out and in, he fucked the beauteous red-haired girl.She showed little emotion, but neither did he on these occasions. He figured she was probably too frightened to scream, but she did moan and whine a lot.That turned him on.The driver sank his wretched wick inside the girl’s tiny tortured bung hole. His dick forced the membrane of her wrinkled sphincter back. It sailed neatly up inside her poop chute, though his dick burned with pleasures from the tight hot and clutching chute.Everywhere, his prick shaft was massaged with fingertip muscles from her diminutive asshole chute. Her buttocks quivered and he dug his dirty fingernails into them to keep them still.Too much stimulation along the shaft of his dick would cause him to come too soon.And Rudy didn’t like that.Tamara set up a tremendous gyration in her quivering quim. She fingered the driver’s dark hard dick all over the glans and down the shaft with her highly trained ass muscles.She let him know that his manpower was hurting her, but not too loudly. That wouldn’t do if he was a sadist. He would only want more.She was counting on his essential straightness, because she had seen enough sadists to know one when she saw him. Basically, she figured he was just a poor schlunk, horny and anxious to carry out his boss’s orders.She hadn’t figured the boss yet. He was either a dispassionate stud or a very dangerous lover. She couldn’t tell yet.He showed little emotion, but he was extremely calculated. Even the way he fucked was calculated. Every move of his cock was choreographed.It rammed her pussy hole hard, then withdrew equally as hard. Each thrust nearly folded her up. He was using his cock like a weapon.Like a switchblade, he was cutting her with it.In and out, he rammed his savage rod.She kept her mind elsewhere, but she could not fight the buildup of feelings.Nor could she fight the growing sensation of heat in her pussy. It was a sensation she would not like to claim, but his cock was a mighty top and he aimed it with all the expertise and timing of a seasoned swordsman.He was fencing her with his dick.The man behind her was a horror show. He crammed his rough and ready stick into her willowy sluice and grunted. Then, he moved his hips up and down… hard… as if he were pumping her up.He was using his dick like a pump handle.It hurt terribly. Her insides were on fire. Her bowels ached and throbbed. She could feel the size of his dick in her asshole. It felt huge and hard and totally out of control.She hated men that fucked like peasants, but she knew what to do about them.She gave him a lusty groan moved her ass in his direction, as if she loved it. But at the same time, she worked her butt muscles so that she gave his dick the massage of a lifetime.She knew he could not withstand the feel of that on his cock for long without shooting. And then, he would no doubt be forced to stop.At least he would be forced to stop fucking her.”Mmmmmmmrrrr,” Penny called from her tree trunk. She was revolted at the sight, but turned on, too. There was just too much fuck action going on here for her not to be.Ursula diverted her head, but she always looked back. The sight of her new girlfriend and lover taking two cocks and seemingly liking it made her pussy wet with excitement.Tamara shuddered all over body. This trembling set the driver’s cock ablaze and his balls go crazy. He knew he couldn’t hold his load much longer.He fucked the girl harder.In and out, he crammed his massive man roll.Rudy yanked the girl’s pussy lips wide… so wide that her eyes crossed in pain… but she didn’t complain. She let out a low, smooth moan, but a hurtful one… one calculated to let him know he was hurting her, but that she could also get off on it, if that’s what he had in mind for her to do.It was a risky game. If he didn’t like it, he might pull out a knife and cut her… or worse. But he left her little choice.In and out, he sawed his huge, hard fuck stick.The bound girl sank her hips into it and rubbed his dick with the tight hot muscles of her pussy. She caressed his cock along the shaft and wrapped her sweet pussy muscles around his glans, squeezing it ever so gently.In and out, he fucked her.Rudy felt the build up of man sweat along the shaft of his dick. This girl’s pussy was sheer delight. So was the rest of her.He had never had a cunt so challenging. Hotter women, he’d had. But none that knew this much about fucking his stick.He rotated his hips around and stirred her deep inside her cuntal hole.She stirred along with him, following his exact pattern.When he changed it, she went right along with him.Every fuck game he played, she played it, too, or went one up on him.And when he felt himself ready to blow his stack, he grabbed the thrusting knobs of her tits and squeezed the life out of them.To his surprise, the girl tossed her head back and let out a long, contented sigh.She might be hard to break, but he would love to try it!!!!Harder and harder, he sank his weapon.Around and around.Faster and faster.His dick became a hard hot red and very wet knife that plunged into her again and again, drawing, not blood, but a generous stream of cunt honey.And a deeply provocative series of moans. And then, Tamara felt it. The man behind her… with his plug-ugly dick jamming in and out of her anal hole… the driver… shot his wad.He exploded like a Chinese firecracker inside her ass.She loathed the sound of him shooting. She hated the feel of his hot breath on her naked shoulders. She wretched inside at the thought of his spunk in her.But she took it and smiled.And then, she went to work on Rudy. She pulled out all the stops. She undulated her cunt muscles so that he got a massage up one side and down the other.She pressed her pussy together at the womb and clasped his glans as though between two very firm wet fingers. She forced a come out of him.Rudy bucked his hard hips.Tamara bucked her own curvaceous ones.And Rudy shot his load.He groaned once, then felt the flood from his balls pump their man load into the base of his prick. After that, he had only to hold on.The fiery fluid shot out the end of his peter and blasted the luscious girl’s hot, churning cunt hole. It whitewashed her vulva.It plastered her all over and dripped out her pussy slit before he had a chance to haul his still rock hard rod out of her crack.He wiped the tip of his dick onto her flat rippling stomach and walked away laughing. Whoever she was, he hadn’t broken her.But Dr. Kropotnik would. He was an expert at girls like this. They were, in fact, his specialty. Rudy beckoned to his assistant and the two of them managed to place the two frightened girls back into their crates.Tamara, still defiant, was nailed back into hers with a warning from Rudy.”Your journey has barely begun, my sweet. You’ll feel quite different when it’s over, I’m sure. Have a pleasant trip.”Numbed by fatigue and hunger and depression, the girls slept most of the way to their final destination. And though none of them knew exactly where it might be, Tamara had distinctly heard a Russian name mentioned.Dr. Kropotnik.So, they were being taken to Russia, no doubt. That would explain the stop in West Germany and the one in East Germany.The truck was from France with French license plates. It carried cases of wine, although she hadn’t actually seen any of the stuff.Possibly that’s what the border police were drinking.Other calculations broke down in her head. She was exhausted from having psychologically resisted the advances of Rudy and his gross driver.And she was tired from having been unable to resist his sexual advances. Whatever else he was, Rudy was a phenomenal lover.She only wished the time and place had been more appropos.***The next stop was deep inside of Russia.Half-starved and trembling, the girls were released in an enclosed courtyard.A gigantic man dressed in uniform with full Wellington boots and a pistol at his side walked up to greet them.He smiled and shook Rudy’s hand. But none of the girls could imagine what he was smiling about. They were glassy-eyed from lack of sleep and crazed with hunger. Their eyes were dark with fear and their lips swollen from Rudy’s constant beatings.Two other men in uniform, though of lower rank, if their demeanor could be trusted came out and drove three stakes into the ground.The girls were dragged each to a stake and had their bound arms fitted over it so that they stood at attention, their constricted breasts jutting out in the air.From somewhere off, a door flew open and three figures marched out. For the girls, the figures were wavy and indistinct, but they could make out a woman and two men.The man on the left was Oriental-looking, squat and wide-shouldered with huge dark drooping mustache. The woman was feisty and pinch-nosed.The man in the center had on a white uniform and wore a stethoscope around his neck.”Thank God,” Ursula said through parched lips. Her beleaguered mind read him as a doctor, a man of compassion and understanding.”Oh, help us,” Penny cried, her knees giving way as the vision before her turned into a waving white sheet between two bedposts.Tamara stared at the man in doctor’s garb. Whoever he was, she didn’t know. But, possibly, very possibly, he was the Dr. Kropotnik Rudy had spoken of.And, if her weary eye could be trusted, he was the real thing. A sadist.CHAPTER SIX”Welcome to Russia, ladies,” the tall man in white coat said as he stretched his arms out wide in a greeting. “I trust your journey was comfortable.”Tamara wanted to spit in his eye, but she hadn’t the strength. Besides, he would surely make an example of her the way Rudy had done earlier.She was seriously worried about the other two girls. Demoralization was the worst enemy one could have in this situation.Demoralization was the first step a sadist would use to break a person’s spirit… to make them a slave… as Tamara knew well.She had seen her mother do it often enough when she worked as a dominatrix. But this wasn’t a brothel now. This was real life.Dr. Kropotnik ambled from one strung up beauty to the next, examining them with his stethoscope and checking their pulse.”Very good,” he said, once his routine checkup had been completed. “I see you are all in excellent condition, except that you are hungry.” He eyed the three of them eerily. “Isn’t that so?””Oh, yes,” Penny said, nodding her tangled blonde mass of hair. “We haven’t a thing to eat for days… longer… I don’t know…”Ursula jumped in with whatever reserves of strength she had left. “Anything, sir,” she said, her voice cracking, “if you could spare us any food… or drink. We’ve been half-starved on the way here.”Dr. Kropotnik nodded and smiled thinly. Tamara wanted to wring his neck. She had not had time to tell the others not to bend to his tricks… not to play into his hands.She had had no privacy with them to coach them. They must be told not to let him sweet talk them. They had to be warned that these were all his psychological tricks… calculated to break them…”And you, young lady?” the doctor said, stepping up to Tamara. “Would like something to eat before we have a little chat?””You’re in charge here,” Tamara said with as much respect as she could muster, “I trust it you’ll be making that decision for us… Master.”Her use of that last word had an effect on him. Not a profound one, but Tamara was used to picking up nuances. He stepped back and gave her a cursory nod.”I think you should all have a nice hot bath first,” he said, signaling the guards. The two of them came forward and words in Russian were exchanged.Then, the girls were cut down and dragged along the ground toward a huge steaming room at the center of which was a steaming wooden tub.”What are they going to do to us?” Ursula whispered to Penny. The other girl shook her head as the two were dragged closer to the huge pot of boiling water.”It looks too hot to bathe in,” Penny said, trembling in fear.”Ah,” Dr. Kropotnik announced as he came strolling in through the door. Each of the girls was being held down by a guard. “I see we’re all quite comfortable. Now perhaps, we can begin. Olga!”The mousey little secretary stepped up next to him and awaited his orders.”You take this one,” he pointed to Penny. “Sergei!”The short, but thick Mongolian strode up and stood frozen at attention.”You take the tempestuous black haired beauty.” Sergei gripped the naked and struggling Ursula around her waist. She was too frightened to scream.”Colonel Prokoynin will take the lovely redhead.”The man in uniform stepped up, saluted and grabbed Tamara by the hair and forced her toward the tub with a swift knee in her ass.Boiling hot water was not Tamara’s idea of a good time. But she bore up rather well under the circumstances. She worried more that the other girls would scream and play into their captors hands.She kept her mouth silent, though she had to bite into her lip to do so. The man in uniform dunked her under the steaming water and she felt her eyelids burn from the searing heat.Not hot enough to boil a lobster, but damned close.When she was at last allowed to come up, she heard a loud splash and looked up. Olga stood at the rim of the tub, brushing her empty hands together proudly.Then, Penny bobbed up and let out a scream to wake the dead.”Aaaiiieeeeeeeee!!!!!!!” she called and fought to climb out again. But her cruel captor kicked at her hands with her feet and stepped on her fingers with her black ugly leather laceup boots.”Get back in there,” she scoffed. “You’re not clean yet.””I’m clean!!!!” Penny called to her pleadingly. “Oh, please believe me. I’m clean!!!!”The woman shook her evils head and laughed. “You’re a filthy slut and you need to be washed off… both inside and out!!!!!”Again, the cruel bitch kicked at Penny’s fingers, driving the struggling girl back into the tub again and again. She thwarted each of her attempts to get out.Then, another loud splash and Ursula went crashing into the water.She must have been doing a lot of struggling because the chunky Mongolian came right in after her… clothes and all.She had even less chance than Penny of getting out, struggle though she did, because the heavy ogre flung himself at her and gripped her by the tits.Ursula put up a terrible battle, but it was a losing one. Tamara could have told her that, but there was no time or opportunity.The Mongolian maniac clutched her nipples and drew her into him. Then, as Tamara watched in frozen horror, he slapped her face again and again.”How dare you pull me in here!” he said indignantly. “How dare you get my good clothes all wet. Now you’re going to have to take them off. That’s going to take even longer. You might even boil to death before you’re through.”Ursula looked at the dark, surly slanty-eyed goon. He pulled rudely at her nipples, making her cry out in pain. But worse fears were yet to be realized.”Now take off my clothes,” he ordered.Ursula stood quaking in the shoulder high hot water and didn’t move. Bad plan, thought Tamara, but it was too late to warn her.She couldn’t have anyway.The brazen Mongolian swatted her across the face, then grabbed her by the ears. Even Tamara thought this an unusually cruel punishment. He jerked her up and down.Those who looked on witnessed the curvaceous body of the raven-haired girl jerked up and down in the water, her nude form bouncing like a shapely pogo stick.”Yes!!!!!!” she managed at last, coughing the water out of her lungs. “Yes, I’ll undress you.””You’re not moving around,” the mile high colonel said, glaring down at Tamara. “Why don’t you move around some… show me the backstroke.”Tamara blanched. She was too damned hot to move. Her nipples felt like live embers of coal. Her cunt blazed with the heat from the water.”Not going to do as I bid you?” the colonel said, tapping his menacing fingers on his wide leather belt. “That’s too bad.”Tamara waited for the blow to strike. Surely, he would find a way to punish her for not doing as he commanded. Only she didn’t know what way he would choose.One of the strongest elements of the dominant master is the element of surprise.She saw it moments later. The towering form of the colonel stood at attention. He clicked his fingers and a large roller cart was wheeled toward him.On it was a tray covered with a thick white cotton cloth. Whatever instrument lay on that tray, Tamara did not know for sure.But she it would be an instrument of torture. That’s what usually came wheeling out on so sterile a looking tray as this one.The colonel calmly took off his leather gloves and replaced them with rubber ones. As he moved this way and that, Tamara noticed that his pants had begun to tent up in the front.He was a well-hung man judging from the bulge in his pants, but that was not the only bulge that caught Tamara’s eye just then.The man held a huge rubber bag aloft and pointed to it smiling. “I think this will knock your defiance down a peg or two. It will also help to clean your filthy slut body out… on the inside.”Tamara recognized what he held up as an enema bag. It did not yet have any liquid in it, since it had not pouched out any, but she knew that would come.And she knew that this madman colonel would administer it to her. That was clearly on the agenda. Out of the corner of her eye, Tamara glanced at Dr. Kropotnik.He was busy making notes and observing phenomena.He moved around like the boss in charge of a road gang, and he knew all the tricks, judging from his behavior. He encouraged the Mongolian named Sergei loudly.”Tie her up, man. Brand her if you have to. Burn her hair off.”Evidently, he wanted to note and chart Ursula’s reaction to all this. He needn’t have bothered. Her reaction was consistently stark fear.She noted that Olga had pulled her skirt up and was forcing Penny’s head down between her legs. “Eat me, eat me, eat me!!!!” she ordered the struggling little wildcat.Tamara couldn’t help sighing. Penny was so adamantly straight that it must have been especially humiliating to her to eat this woman’s cunt. It was a job Tamara herself would not have particularly cared to undertake.A guard held the enema bag aloft as the crazed colonel affixed a long tube of rubber and a huge tulip-shaped nozzle at the end.So that is what he would stuff up her ass?Mentally, Tamara knew she must be prepared for this. If only he didn’t put hot oil in that bag, she might actually live through the ordeal.He motioned to one of the guards who picked up a huge bucket arid scooped up a load of boiling hot water from the tub.So that was his gimmick!Boiling hot water up her ass!Just the kind of thing calculated to break her mentally and physically. Well, it wasn’t going to work. She was determined. Even if it killed her.”Let’s give that to her full blast,” the doctor said, noting all that was going on on his official-looking clipboard. His clipboard didn’t fool Tamara for one moment.They weren’t there for an experiment, and she knew it.Why would he bring three college aged girls all the way to Russia? It made no sense. He wouldn’t go to all that trouble and all that risk just to perform some two-bit experiments on them.He could get a handful of political prisoners or peasants to do this.No, there was something else at work here. Something far more sinister.Tamara stared at the enema bag. Two guards lifted her out of the water and spread her out, face down on the wet concrete at the side of the tub.”Here, my dear,” the colonel said in a voice she was beginning to loathe, “let’s see if this makes you mind your masters a bit better.”Before the searing hot water ran into her bowels, Tamara got a pretty good look around. Poor Penny was getting her head stuffed up in between the mousey dyke’s thighs. She was being forced to eat cunt.Ursula was doing little better. The savage b**st of a Tartar was naked now, and Ursula could not see all of him but she had a good idea what he looked like… huge, hairy and horrible.He was forcibly taking Ursula from behind, and Tamara didn’t know whether it was up the ass or up the cunt, but the girl was screaming as though it were in both holes at once.Then, it hit her.The large plastic bulb at the end of the rubber hose. It hit her right between the buttocks. She tightened her sphincter instinctively.But that only drew a caustic reproach from Colonel Prokoynin. He set his booted foot on her left ass cheek and pressed down hard.Tamara felt her hip bone grind into the concrete.”Let go of your muscles, girl,” he commanded. “Your master is giving you a direct order. Let go of them immediately.”In the best voice she could muster, Tamara answered him back. “Yes, Master.”That brought his boot off her buttock. But it did not bring any relief from the swearing pain in her ass. The bulb of that nozzle was all she expected it would be… and more.The thing was huge. Much larger than the head of big cock, in fact. And it was worse than any cock because it did not give, but rather swelled up once the water began to flow down it.Tamara felt the first drops of scorching liquid burn her buns and scald her asshole. The thing was fitted into the tiny tight sphincter of her ass and stuffed up a goodly ways.She let out a thousand screams of intolerable pain inside her head, but she kept them locked behind closed lips. She bit her lip.She drew blood from it.But she refused to let out a peep.This interested her captor who strolled over and made some notes.He stood at her head and spoke in a low voice.”I see you are accommodating well to our cleansing system,” the doctor said as he encouraged the colonel to open the floodgate.The blast of water hit Tamara like a flame thrower.It boiled all the way up the tight chute of her anal tube. She winced hard and even had to close her eyes, but she nodded to the doctor nonetheless in a deferential way and spoke as best she could.”If you really think it’s for the best, Master, I can accommodate to whatever you wish.””Well spoken,” the doctor said, though not with any particular surprise.Hot water rushed up her ass and shit and tacky slime cascaded out of it.The sheer embarrassment of that situation alone caused Tamara a lot of grief, but it was no more than the grief the other girls were experiencing.Ursula was crazed with pain and fear.The man behind her was a huge hairy ape with a cock the size of a shovel handle. He had taken complete command of her body and made Ursula his unwilling victim.He forced her to disrobe him and suck his cock.She knew better than to be reluctant when it came to that, because of her earlier experience with the brunt of the back of his hand.But sucking his cock proved tricky at best. In the first place, he had one of the widest dicks she had ever encountered.It wasn’t the longest, but it was damned near as wide as it was long. It hurt her mouth just to lick the thing. The head was the size and shade of a beet, but the corona didn’t pinch the glans. The shaft was as thick as the fucking head, only thicker the closer it came to the hilt.There was a huge bundle of big throbbing veins running the length of his hard shaft and a set of balls that would have choked a horse.Thick, hairy and corrugated sacs that d****d down between the guy’s short, muscular thighs. And the hairpin slit in his dick juiced lava before he ever crammed it into her mouth and forced her to suck on it.”Mrrrrrr!!!!!” she protested, but that only made matters worse.The sadistic Mongolian called for something in his native tongue and someone threw him a string of huge steel balls.Ursula thought they were to slug her with, but she found out different. The man forced her pussy open with his fingers, prying her lips wide and preparing her for the torture to come.He forced her cuntal membrane wide with his stubby thick fingers and stuffed one of the gleaming steel balls into her cunt.Ursula gasped.The pain was unbelievable, but so was the arousal. She had never had anything up her pussy but fingers, tongue and dick… and, never a steel ball!It stretched her cuntal muscles wide, but they snapped back together once the ball was fitted inside of her. The build up of arousal was stupendous… and overwhelming.Then, even as she was forced to lick the guy’s dick, another steel ball was popped inside her pussy. That one, added to the pressure of the first, made her cry out with the pain.But her cry was stifled with the thrusting wide dick of the horny little Mongolian torturer. He plowed his wide log hard into her face.He made her eat him, even as he forced a third steel ball into her pussy.Ursula wept with the pain.She wiggled and begged for her captor to release her with every twist of her lithe, curvaceous body. But it was useless.Before she knew what was happening, the man hauled his hot cock out of her gripping mouth and flung her over, on her stomach against the side of the tub.Then, he stuck his finger into her burning bung hole.And, naturally, his cock came after that. It severed her buns with a hard thrusting action, calculated to make her leave her skin. The pain was almost blinding.The torrid, hot steaming vapors from the water filled her nostrils and the steel balls filled her tortured cuntal passageway.Ursula wept.But the feel of that hot cock in her ass did little to ease her over her pain. Instead, it increased it. But it did something else even stranger.It made her hot inside.Hot and wet.And that was good.That was good because she was more receptive to the thrustings and plungings of the Mongolian’s thick hot cock in her asshole.The fact that she was aroused made it possible for Ursula to bear something she might not have been able to humanly take otherwise.She moved her hips around clockwise, then the other direction. The steel balls provided their own massage deep inside her clutching pussy channel.She juiced and flowed abundantly with cunt fluids.The steel balls clanked together, clicked inside of her.And the Mongolian’s mad cock penetrated the depths of her bung hole. It seared her high up inside her bowels. It stirred her shit up.The man stuffed yet another steel ball into her pussy, filling her up to what felt like her very eyebrows. The sensations of lust and heat and anger and agony all collided deep inside her.She was angry.She was burning with heat and lust.And she was coming.Ursula was climaxing from the combined forces of the Tartar’s prick and the click… click… click of those nasty steel balls inside her.She let out a holler that even Tamara heard over the noises of the enema water gushing inside her… over the protestations of the girl sucking the lesbian’s greedy pussy… and over the frightened beatings of her own heart.She heard Ursula coming.And she was jealous.CHAPTER SEVENThe pen where they threw the three frightened and shaking co-eds was a tiny hellhole with a guard and an electric eye device.”Can they hear us with that thing on?” Penny asked as she slumped against the corner of the cell. She sat on the ground and stared up at the eye.”I think it’s just to monitor us,” Ursula said, drying herself with a towel one of the guards had thrown her.”I think they can hear everything we say and see everything we do,” Tamara declared. She sat on the floor cross-legged as her pained anal hole could not take any form of pressure.”Then I guess we better be careful what we say,” Penny nodded slowly.”I don’t think we have to be careful,” Ursula said, “just quiet. They can’t hear if we whisper.””They can hear anything they want to hear,” Tamara assured them. “But I’m going to talk anyway. They can string me up by my nipples if they like, but I’m going to say it all the same.””What?” Penny asked.”You two have got to be careful.””How can we?” the trembling blonde girl said as she leaned her head against the wall. “They’ve got all the advantages. They can do whatever they want with us. We might as well give up… tell them everything we know.””And what exactly do you know?” Tamara said her eyes drilling into Penny.”I’m not sure, but they must have k**napped us and brought us here for a reason. Maybe they think we’re spies.””Spies? Three college co-eds touring the cathedrals of Paris? I hardly think so.””What a nasty thing to say!” Penny shouted.”Then why?” Ursula wanted to know. “I don’t understand this at all.””I’m not sure yet, but I’m telling you both, you had better try to be a little more submissive to them.””What?” Penny said, her beautiful blonde face twisted up. “They’re just going to torture us and abuse us sexually anyway. I’d like to fight them even if we don’t have a chance. I’d like to defy them just a fraction of an inch… not make things easier for them.””Me, too,” Ursula seconded. “Why should we submit to them before they torture us again? And maybe they won’t! Maybe…””You’re assholes,” Tamara cut in. “You’re fooling yourselves if you think you can stand up to these a****ls. They’ll stop at nothing to abuse us and sexually degrade us. Don’t you understand what I’m telling you?”The two girls stared wide-eyed at the third. “They know we’re not spies. Now what else do we all have in common?”Big tits, Penny thought, but she kept it to herself. Surely there must be something else.”I’m engaged,” Ursula declared proudly, “well, not officially, but it won’t be long.”Tamara stared at her cruelly and pursed her lips into a haughty grin. “If you LIVE, that is.””What a nasty thing to say!” Penny shouted.”I’m trying to tell you two bimbos the truth!””What is the truth, since you know so much?” Ursula demanded. She crossed her arms under her golden boobies and tried not to sniffle.”The only thing I know for sure that we all have in common is that we’re young and sexual… also, that we’re students at the same university.””There’s a doctor out there,” Penny reasoned, “could they be trying to perform some kind of experiment on us?””I think they’re trying to make it look that way,” Tamara said softly, “but I don’t think that’s it. I don’t think we’re being used as guinea pigs. I think they’re trying to break us.””But why…” The door of the jail cell swung wide, cutting Penny’s words off. Three guards entered followed by Dr. Kropotnik and his faithful Mongolian companion as well as the tall, staunch figure of Colonel Prokoynin.Penny breathed a sigh of relief, but she almost stopped breathing completely when she saw what the trio was carrying.They had enough ropes with them to supply a rodeo… also chains, instruments of metal and gleaming steel, and a series of graduated whips.The smallest one was the size of a garter snake, but deadly looking in red leather. The largest was the size of a garden hose. Penny blanched when she saw it and Ursula felt her stomach lurch.Tamara nodded at her captors. It would take a trained whipmaster to maneuver that whip. She wondered which one of the trio it was.”Greetings again, fair damsels,” Dr. Kropotnik said, a smile showing his yellow teeth beneath the pencil thin mustache.The girls hated that voice by now. It was oily and overly-charming and totally insincere. Penny wanted to get down on her knees and beg him to release them, but she felt the hand of Tamara clasp her wrist.In their insistent but subtle way, the red-haired girl was telling Penny not to do anything rash. Penny closed her eyes and listened to Tamara’s response.Evidently, she knew something that the other two did net. She resolved to follow her example… to do as Tamara did. She knew it would be difficult, but she was desperate.The thought of more and more pain and sexual abuse did, not appeal to her.It terrified her to her hairline.”We have a little surprise for you girls,” the doctor said, scribbling in his wretched notebook. “Colonel Prokoynin here is an adept whipmaster. We’ve made a little wager… the two of us.”So that’s their game, Ursula thought to herself, her fears welling up inside her. They want to play sport with us. I won’t let them!!!!!She rose up on their tiptoes to scream, but felt Tamara tug at her hair.She rocked back down to a normal standing position. Tamara was trying to tell, her not to speak out. She couldn’t bear another moment of this torture! But, Tamara seemed to know what she was talking about. She would have to trust her and try and do as she wanted her to.The beady eyes of Colonel Prokoynin shone with luminous cruelty. He stepped up and tried out one of the smallish whips by snapping it into the air as Dr. Kropotnik continued.”The Colonel here says he can cut a woman’s hair off at the follicle with a well-positioned snap of his whip. I say that’s preposterous. Happily, we are both betting men.”He turned and smiled at his confederate.”Sergei Chuka, my noble Mongolian friend and superb horseman has consented to be the judge in this endeavor.” Dr. Kropotnik crossed his arms over his chest with self-satisfaction as he regarded the frightened trio.”What do you girls have to say to this?”Tamara let one moment of silence elapse before she spoke up. “Whatever is your wish, Dr. Kropotnik. We stand ready to obey it.””Ah, well spoken, young lady. And what about the other two? Are you in agreement, ladies?”Ursula watched as Colonel Prokoynin played with his whips. He lashed against the wall and the snap that assaulted her ears nearly made her cry out in fear.Instead, she got a grip on herself and offered a trembling nod.Penny wanted with all her might to throw herself on her knees and plead for mercy, but she had a hunch it wouldn’t get her anywhere.She, too, offered a limp nod.”Very well,” Dr. Kropotnik said, “since you’re all in agreement, I believe we can begin. Sergei!!”Sergie stepped up and began undoing the various ropes and lengths of chains.The guards brought in three stakes and nailed them to the ground. From each hung, a length of chain with hooks on the ends.”Sergei is excellent with rope,” Kropotnik moderated as the Mongolian devoted himself to the tying and untying of various knots. “It’s one of my greatest pleasures to see him absorbed in his work.”The Mongolian stood up and held a sinister looking length of rope with many and multi-fold variety of knots all through it.He stood up and lassoed the hook at the top of the first stake with a loose knot, then pulled the base line of the knot to tighten it.Then, he repeated the procedure over the same thick metal hook. There were now two hoops of rope with various twists and knots in them dangling from beneath the hook at the top, of the stake.Sergei stood at the foot of the stake and bowed his head to his superior, indicating that his job was, for the moment, complete.”Perhaps one, of you young ladies,” the vile doctor said, indicating them all with a wave, of his hand, “perhaps one of you would care to begin…”His eye fell on Ursula. She shuddered, having had her fill of the brute Mongolian only hours ago. But she managed not to scream out her protestations.Rather, she bit her lip and stepped up to the rope, keeping her head down as she did so. Through the black curtain of her hair she could glimpse the Mongolian, and she nearly collapsed.He seemed so utterly casual about this thing… the way all of them did… and it terrified her. If they were this casual about torturing her, how casual would they be when and if it came time to… But no! She vowed not to let her mind dwell on such morbid thoughts.”Let’s string her up in proper position, Sergei,” Dr. Kropotnik ordered. “Let her be not too tight, but not as loose as a vine in the breeze either. Vladimir needs her to be perfect.”Vladimir, Colonel Prokoynin to the girls, continued playing with his assortment of whips. He exhibited an extreme fondness for each of them.He petted their leather hide and spoke to them lovingly as if they were his c***dren or lovers. This behavior did not go unnoticed by the girls.”Colonel Prokoynin is ready,” the colonel himself said as he launched a stunning lash of leather into the room with bold abandon.Ursula shuddered as Sergei looped one circle of rope over one wrist and tightened it. The rough fiber cut into her flesh.The second one fell into place, and then she looked down and watched in distraught frenzy as he tied her feet in a similar manner.She looked up and saw the sawed off Mongolian dart in very close to her. As she had had her fill of him that afternoon, she balked, but it was useless.There was nowhere to run.Nowhere to hide.And so, the luscious black-haired girl watched in fear and mounting horror as the Mongolian rope master gave a cursory yank and whipped her feet apart.”Oh!” the startled girl cried. She looked down and saw a thickness of rope growing taut between her ankles. Somehow, the man had bound her ankles and separated them by a length of rope. Clever work… if she could only have appreciated his ability more.She would have, too, if it were not something being done to her just now.She watched fear-stricken as her feet actually left the ground.A round of applause rose up from the guards.”Excellent, Sergei,” the doctor proclaimed, “you’ve outdone yourself this time.”Ursula dangled by her wrists. They hurt and her whole body hurt right along with them, but there was another shame that topped all the pain.It was the shame of having her genitals exposed… and at eye level to the assembled men who were ogling her and pointing.She had always been terrifically proud of her cunt. Her fiance adored it, but this wasn’t exactly what she had in mind as a way of displaying it.What she had in mind was something much more private.Not to have her pussy lips splayed like a broken mussel shell and her clit sticking out at a lewd angle between the folds of her glossy pink cunt.”Next!” Dr. Kropotnik said and pointed to Penny.Penny’s fate was similar, although there were minor variations. She was shackled first at the wrists and ankles, then the ropes were fitted through steel rings in the cuffs.That made it every bit as painful as Ursula’s plight once she was roped up and hoisted aloft so that her cunt, too, was stretched to its maximum point of aperture.The steel cuffs dug into her flesh and weighed heavily at her wrists and ankles.This vulnerable display of her pussy made her shy to the point of blushing.It was one thing to be thrown into a tub of hot water and forced to suck a lesbian’s greasy thick cunt. It was quite another to be strung up for public inspection.No part of her was concealed right now. Everything was wide open and blushing. “Now, the last young lady,” Kropotnik said in his oily tongue, “Tamara, I believe it is. Isn’t that correct?””Yes, Master,” the girl said and kept her eyes downcast.The man watched the flutter of her thick lashes and the swishing of her brilliant red hair. He craved this fiery damsel for his own designs, but alas, she was about to be whipped.He would have to wait for a more appropriate time.”Such a rare specimen of beauty,” he whispered to Sergei, as the voluptuous girl was led to the stake.Sergei made much of roping her up. He spent a good deal of time fixing the knots just so and testing them out for all to see.”Since you are such an obedient disciple, my c***d,” Dr. Kropotnik said, practically rubbing his hands together, “I have devised a rather special treatment for you…”Then his eyes grew dark and shiny. Evidently, he was enjoying some special knowledge that he chose not to reveal to the others.”Sergei? Are we ready?”The Mongolian stood up and nodded. He pressed the girl against the wall and she met his steely gaze with a submissive bow.”I’m afraid we’re on to your little tricks, my dear,” Kropotnik said, even as Sergei reached around her lithe waist and flipped her up onto her head. “We don’t appreciate your submissive demeanor because we know it’s an act!”The words stung Tamara.But more than that, they pierced Ursula and Penny to the quick.As Sergei began lashing her ankles into his rope nests, the Russian doctor grinned his oiliest. “We don’t want slaves who are not sincere, my sweet. We want slaves who will serve the party and the U.S.S.R. and all that Communism stands for!!!”Penny let out a terrified scream.Tamara closed her eyes at the ugly spectacle.”We want slaves we can train… not trained disciples of capitalist brothels!”Sergei swung the girl from the ropes and she dangled upside down, staring out and trying to breathe in the position she found herself in.”We’ve decided to punish you last, dear, but also hardest. Perhaps you will serve as a model to the others who would dare to follow your lead.”Tamara gasped for breath.She felt the blood rush to her face.The cruel, words of her captor stung her ears.”Now, Sergei, let us begin.”The huge and hairy ape stood up and hoisted Tamara so that her splayed out pussy was directly in the line of fire with Colonel Prokoynin’s whip.The colonel stood at attention, then assumed the stance of a whipmaster. He heaved the huge heavy leather lash high over his shoulder then fired it out into the room with a loud crack.The point that stung Tamara’s buttocks bit into her flesh and left a deep red furrow. A thin ribbon of blood trickled out the furrow as though a razor had cut her.”Excellent warm-up shot, Vladimir!” the doctor said as though he were witnessing a sporting exhibition. “I still claim that you can’t chop a hair off at the root, however.”Vladimir Prokoynin chuckled and laid his shoulder into the whip again. He drew it up at a sharp angle, then hurled it out flat.Another loud crack broke the stillness of the dank cell.His whip found its mark along the trembling girl’s opposite buttock. It broke the skin in a neat row and allowed a line of red blood to seep out in a jagged row… like teeth.”There’s too much play in the body,” Colonel Prokoynin declared in his thick Russian accent, “I must have her more taut.””Sergei!” the mad doctor said to his compatriot.The man stood up and made his way to where Tamara was dangling, her head not more than a foot off the ground.Then he said something to his chief in Russian, and the doctor beckoned the guards to go out of the cell. Doubtless their departure had something to do with Tamara’s condition.The colonel filled their absence with another sure shot of his bullwhip.This time, the leather tongue bit into the girl’s tit flesh, tearing a flap of her delicate pinkish tanned skin open and raising a huge welt that ran from the tip of her nipple to the flat of her stomach.Another shot of the whip.Her other breast was similarly marked with a furrow of red, weeping pain.Then, the cell door swung open and a tray was brought in. Olga stood grinning behind it. Penny went white with the fear of a possible sexual confrontation with this woman.The idea revolted her in the deepest dungeon of her soul.”You will be good enough to perform the necessary tightening of this swinging slave’s body,” the doctor commanded to Sergei and Olga.Olga busied herself at the tray.She lit a long fireplace match and bent low over her work table.She appeared to be sterilizing something with the flame.She grinned and handed Sergei a silver tray on which she had placed the fruits of her labors. The Mongolian stepped up to Tamara with a spring in his step.Tamara glimpsed what it was he held in his hands and felt nauseous.But she bit her lip all the same. So her submissive training hadn’t worked here so far. It was a cruel setback, but she was certain it would work, if she applied it over a long enough period of time.Now, she had to be especially careful.Because at this very moment, she was about to have her nipple pierced.She let out a frightening sound as she felt the hot metal pierce her tender tit flesh. She could hear the gristle in her nubbin crack and split as the red hot prong of the gold hoop diced into it.Penny’s mind danced with black fantasies.Ursula felt herself grow faint and watched the light in the room blur.Would she receive a similar fate?It had sounded good… all that Tamara knew about being submissive before these men. But thus far, it hadn’t worked out.Maybe she would throw herself on their mercy again.Penny thought the same thing. Her mind spun with dual thoughts. Yes, Tamara had a point… about them all being picked for a similar reason… not an experiment… but she had been wrong about the other thing.Acting submissive before these men had thus far served no purpose except to inflict more pain on herself… and perhaps on them, too.The Mongolian stood away and revealed his handiwork.A shining gold hoop dangled from Tamara’s left nipple.It provided a hot, erotic contrast to the supple skin of her crimson nubbin.”Very well done,” Dr. Kropotnik said, examining it. “I see you’ve a bit of gypsy in you, Sergei. How resourceful of you.”Sergei smiled at the compliment, revealing his twin rows of pearly white teeth that shone so brightly against his thick, dark lips and drooping mustache.”Let’s see if you can’t complete that second piercing in half the time.”forced to be less exacting, Sergei took the prepared tray from Olga and bounded to the trussed up girl. He kneeled down and used force to pierce her flesh with the red hot point of the golden prong.Tamara dared not budge, but the pain was nearly unbearable.She had seen nipple piercings in the past, but nearly always with the help of some kind of local anesthetic or numbing oil.But this wasn’t exactly a benign procedure.This was a painful ritual.An unsubtle form of torture that her captors were employing to break her… and the others by proxy. She vowed not to let them.But it would take every ounce of strength she had to defy these people. It might even take her life.CHAPTER EIGHTTamara let out a slight scream as the second gold hoop pierced her nubbin flesh. It dangled juicily from her nipple to the applause of all.”Nearly record time,” Dr. Kropotnik said and noted this on his clipboard. “Let’s hope the others benefit from your growing expertise.”Ursula shuddered along with Penny.Were they to be next?And why nipple piercings anyway? What was the point except to guarantee pain?Their questions were answered when Colonel Prokoynin unraveled some more rope. He shot it to Sergei who eyed it and nodded as though it pleased him.It was a thinner rope than the other… more like a clothesline… a silken clothesline.Sergei fed it quickly and expertly through Tamara’s nipple hoops.Then, he knotted it and tightened it. The hoops stuck out from her tits and her nipples stuck out right along with them.He lashed the ends of the rope to the cell bars.”Yes,” Colonel Prokoynin nodded, “I believe there’s much less play in the girl’s body now. I believe we can proceed.”Another slice of the whip.Another bold line of red pain down Tamara’s luscious body.And another rivulet of red blood washing over her.The girl could actually taste the blood in her mouth.”Now,” Colonel Prokoynin said, strolling around with a swagger. “I shall cut off this girl’s cunt hairs… as many as I can.””I still don’t think you can do it, Prokoynin.”The colonel smiled and unfurled his thick bullwhip. He took careful aim, then jerked the whip back, then let it fly forward.As if the action were in slow motion, the whip curled around a patch of thick, shiny amber hair and held it a moment like a small bouquet of goldenrod.Then, Prokoynin yanked his whip and a loud, plaintive scream filled the silence.It was Penny who screamed, and Ursula along with her.For they bad witnessed a thing too awful to believe. The colonel had actually plucked out a handful of Tamara’s pubic hair with his whip!They saw the stuff lying in a heap on the floor.And they saw the left side of Tamara’s pussy mound, now almost barren and showing her delicate pink cuntal folds to the light.Tamara bit her lip.She let the tears flow freely, but she did not cry or scream.So this was her punishment for being a trained submissive. This was the burden she would have to bear… to be an example to two frightened girls.”Now then,” Colonel Prokoynin declared, “let’s see if we can’t finish the job… perhaps you’d care to make another bet, Dr. Kropotnik?”The vile doctor shook his head. “No, Vladimir. I know when I’m beaten.”The colonel squared his huge shoulders and prepared to lash the frightened girl again. Tamara watched it coming, but she could do nothing to prevent it.She could do nothing, and yet the pain, the degradation, the humiliation of watching her scheme fail made her half-crazed with distress. Without even realizing it, her mouth flew open and she screamed out one word.”Stop!!!!”So startled were the assembly to hear her speak at last, that Dr. Kropotnik gave the order to the colonel to halt what he was about to do.”You win!” Tamara shouted. “I can’t take this pain any longer… or this humiliation. Kill me if you like. But let the others go.”Penny and Ursula could be heard sobbing.If Tamara could break in front of her captors, where did that leave them?”You’re a fool, Tamara,” Dr. Kropotnik said. “You’re playing the martyr for nothing. We don’t intend to kill you. And we certainly don’t intend to let the others go.””I’ll be your slave,” Tamara cried. “I’ll do anything, only please, please cut me down. I can’t breathe any more. I haven’t the strength or the will to go on.””Ah, but you’re adorable,” Dr. Kropotnik said softly, menacingly. “The sweetest captive that perhaps I have ever had the pleasure to break, but you’re not fooling me.””It’s the truth,” she sang out again. “I’ll do anything if you only let me down… ANYTHING!!!!!””Is that a promise?””Yes.” Tamara said, her anguished voice filling the room. “I’ll do anything that’s required of me.”Dr. Kropotnik gave the signal and the bleeding and tortured girl was lowered to the floor. Sergei untied her and Penny and Ursula felt sick at the sight.blood was everywhere.The girl lay panting.They didn’t want her to die, but what nerves had she left? Their own were at stake as well.”Now,” Kropotnik said, pacing the floor. “I hope you remember your promise.””Yes, Master,” Tamara said as Sergei continued to unfasten her bounds.”Very well, I’m going to tell you a little secret. I’m weary of all this brainwashing work. I’ve been involved in it for some time. I no longer find it appealing.”A hush went over the crowd.”I’ve decided to step down in this particular case… but I can only do that if I know I can.”Tamara fluttered her heavy eyelids. Everywhere on her body hurt. She felt as if she’d been run over by a cattle stampede.”I need to know that someone will be in charge of training you girls and bringing them firmly under the yoke of the great U.S.S.R.””Yes, Master,” she mouthed, half-conscious. “And I see now that I have found that person… it’s you.”The girls gasped as Tamara slumped to the ground.***”You!” Tamara snapped as she strolled up the girl coiled in the corner of the cell. “Wake up!!!!”Savagely, she shook the girl until she pawed her way to all fours and stared up at the red-haired girl.”What do you want, Mistress?””Stand up when you address me!” she commanded and sank the toe of her boot into the girl’s buttocks with a sharp thrust.”Owwww!!!!!!” Penny said and scrambled to her feet.Tamara meant business. Both the girls knew that. She meant to be obeyed, as well.”Get up!” she said to Ursula who lay in a nearby heap on the floor.Ursula could not be drawn to her feet quite so easily.It had been a difficult night for her. She had been ****d by no less than three guards and anally ****d by a thick black leather dildo.The dildo had been wielded by none other than their new mistress of two weeks… Tamara herself! She was quite accomplished at ass fucking with that thing.First she had made sure that Ursula was in terrible pain by binding her tightly with leather thongs over the back of a rather hard wooden chair.Then, spreading her ample buttocks out with the cruel points of her fingernails, she drove the thing deep into the girl’s ass.Ursula writhed.She begged Tamara to cease, but it was useless.Since that day when she had been strung up and whipped and had her nipples pierced, the girl had undergone what for all intents and purposes was a remarkable transformation.She had also grown very chummy with Kropotnik.The two of them giggled and spoke in low tones together. Even now, Ursula and Penny were quite certain that he was not far away. He watched her every move, noting things in his endless stack of notebooks.”There,” Tamara had said on the night previous, “this big hot fuck stick is tucked all nice and even up into your anal hole. How do you like it?”Ursula wanted to spit in her ace.Before where she had felt pain and humiliation, now she felt anger.She seethed with anger at this turncoat girl who had so quickly capitulated to her captors. Now she was in charge of breaking them.But that, too, was fruitless, since Ursula felt herself to already have been broken. The only thing left to do now was to survive.That wasn’t going to be easy in this wretched hellhole.The she-bitch fucked her with the rounded end of the leather dildo, ripping into her ass with grinding plunges that made Ursula’s entire belly buckle.The pain was awesome.But she had learned something about pain. If you really try, you can turn it into pleasure… not great big wonderful pleasure.But something more takeable than stark pain.Having three guards fuck her just before helped to mellow her out. And having all that anger at Tamara helped to keep her awake.And focusing on the hot, arousing sensations deep inside her succulent asshole helped her to get through the sex act.Tamara moved the dildo around, grazing every pore of Ursula’s hot, steamy bung hole.Kropotmk stepped into the cell and watched.He rubbed his hands together, then took his dick out of his pants. His stick was full and ornery and tilting upward at a lewd angle.The head was smooth and thick, like a mushroom cap.But his shaft was dark and slimy.Possibly, Ursula thought, Tamara had fucked with him recently. But if she had, he had a tremendous power to get it up again.And it was indeed up.The man roamed his hands over his dick and fisted it at the base. He ran his hand up and down the shaft, creating a thick guzzle of man goo to spring from the hairpin slit in his glans.His shaft glistened in the dim light. Ursula focused on it. She tried to recall what it felt like to be made love to by a real man… by her fiance.Where could he be now?And what must he be thinking?Wondering? Worrying?She closed her eyes and heard the man pump his meat. She opened them and tried to focus on his cock again. It was better than focusing on the pain in her rectum.The woman fucked her butt in smooth, full strokes.The same way that Kropotnik pumped his man meat.Up and down. In and out.They were movements Ursula had become frightfully used to of late. They comprised her entire day… for the most part. Except when her captors saw fit to vary the torture a bit.”Yeah,” Tamara said as she wiggled the big dildo inside the girl’s cunt and stretched her anal membrane every which way she chose. “You’re tight up there. But you’re loosening up. Soon, you’ll be able to take two men at once.”The thought scared Ursula to death.What man would even want her after this ordeal was over?Provided she lived through it.Tyson would surely, consider her used merchandise… damaged goods and have nothing to do with her. There would go all her chances… washed down the drain because of this horrid twist of fate.And now, this horrid twist of the savage black dildo pumping up her ass.Kropotnik pumped his hard log.Tamara pumped the leather dildo in and out of her former lover’s anal chute. She applied more pressure… uneven pressure.She veered the dildo to the right… then to the left.She thrust it in sudden harsh jerks.She rotated it around like a corkscrew.She pinned the girl to the chair and reached around to tweak her clit. Her clit was well enough engorged by this time for Tamara to find it easily enough.The girl had seen to that with each determined thrust of that dildo.Her ass ached.Her skin crawled.But she could not take her eyes off the doctor and his thick, hard dick stalk. Nor could she wipe out the memory of what it felt like to be truly aroused by a man… or woman.And thus, closing her eyes and feeling the deep, burrowing bite of the vicious dildo launched up her bung hole, Ursula came.She rolled off the edge of a sharp cliff into an abyss of nothingness.But her joy was short-lived.Tamara pulled the dildo crudely out of her gripping hot fist of a bung hole and replaced it with Kropotnik’s searing hot cock.He pumped her raw with it.He severed her buns gleefully and bobbed up once more.Tamara steered his prick meat inside the tiny, clutching little hot hole. She steered it in and worked it around in mean, even circles.She fingered Ursula’s clit with her free hand. She worked the bulge of her clit around inside her hand like a marble in a sea of hot oil.She set a series of shudders off inside Ursula’s bound and brutalized body.And the man behind her gave the fucking of a lifetime. She had been forced to take it up the ass many times during captivity, but nothing like this.Perhaps because now, at last, she was becoming used to it.Perhaps, in a strange and unfathomable way, she was even beginning to crave it.That frightened her more than any of the tortures, but she was helpless to try and stop it.”Oh, yeah,” Kropotnik said as he plowed his massive fuck handle into the tiny chasm of the girl’s muscular poop chute.The shit in her asshole greased the trail and made the ride more smooth. Tamara’s steady hand on the base of his prick stick allowed his mind to wander.But his dick knew where it was.It was firmly planted in between the buns of the gloriously beautiful raven-haired doll. And it wouldn’t come out until it had shot its thick, hot load.”Oh, yeah!!!!” he said contorting his face to show how very close he was to coming.In spite of herself, Ursula came a second time.Perhaps it was Tamara’s smooth and knowing fingers rubbing her clit… running up and down the punished pink length of her thick, rubbery wet pussy lips…Or perhaps it was Kropotnik’s cock ramming in and out of her asshole… there was a certain comfort to that rhythm… a certain reliability…”Owwwww!!!!” she let out, unable to hold it back.She came hard and furious. Then, Kropotnik joined her.He plunged his rock hard cock to the willowy depths of her tiny gripping bunt hole and shot a huge hard load of man come that engulfed her bowels.It soothed the flames of her tortured anal canal.It trickled out the tight pink aperture of her dainty sphincter.And that had all happened last night.This morning, here was their turncoat trainer again… waking them with a rude kick of her boot toe… forcing them to their feet.Olga stood nearby.They trusted Tamara to train them about as far as they could throw a freight train.The truth was they never took their eyes off her.She no longer slept in the same room with them, but God only knew where they kept her. Possibly in some warm bed with satin sheets… possibly in shackles in a hellhole worse than this one.But she no longer slept with them.And that, coupled with the fact that she now brutalized them daily, made her a despicable turncoat… one neither of them could stomach.Everytime Penny thought about it, her blood boiled.To think that Tamara had, given them such a pep talk only that first day they came here… all about turning submissive and letting them work their will with you…What a bunch of bunk that had turned out to be.It hadn’t helped Tamara.And it had hadn’t helped them.In fact, Penny often wondered, in her more lucid moments, why Tamara had spoken to them that way at all considering they KNEW the cell was bugged.It was just one mystery, however, and right now, there were many other things to contend with besides the why of someone’s behavior.Why were they here?To serve Mother Russia, they had been told time and time again.But thus far, all Penny knew, was that they were to serve as sexual slaves to their Russian masters. It made no sense.”Ouch!” she said as Tamara forced her up against the wall. “I’m tired. I didn’t get more than four hours of sleep… please leave me alone!””What’s the matter, bourgeois princess, didn’t the maid bring you breakfast in bed?”Penny felt her gorge rise.In a flash, she went from self-pity to fiery anger. How dare this bitch take over and boss them around like this… wasn’t she one of them?Wasn’t she an American?Christ, two weeks ago… or was it three… she had been just another co-ed on a cathedral tour of Paris for a few college credits.Now she was bitch queen of the U.S.S.R. Penny’s eyes flashed in anger… an emotion that Tamara could not fail to miss. She didn’t want her to miss it. She wanted to make sure that Tamara understood she was infuriated with her.But she knew better than to speak her mind on the subject.That would only garner her another **** or **** at the hands of Tamara. The girl was beautiful, given, but she was as deadly as a snake in the grass.”Now that you’re both up, let’s see you walk around a little,” Tamara said, booting them in the ass. “You must be strong to serve Mother Russia.”There was that party line again.Serving Mother Russia.It was beyond either of the girls how they could do that and lie down every night to be ****d and menaced by three or four men… or women…”We can’t take anymore, Tamara,” Ursula said, swaying as she tried to walk… “We’re dead on our feet. We can’t take another second of this torture.”Tamara smiled and coaxed them to walk on with yet another boot in the butt.”You’ll do as your captors wish!” she said haughtily. “Whatever they wish! Is that clear?”Ursula rolled her eyes at the red-haired girl, but kept from spitting in her face only by biting her lip. It was difficult.”Your captors can be harsh… or they can merciful… depending on you.””I don’t think so,” Penny said, half-choking, “I don’t think anything depends on what we do. I think it depends on YOU!”Tamara stopped a moment and tossed her a flashing glance, but then she froze and her ire broke into a grin. “That’s right,” she said proudly. “It all depends on me. You are to do just as I say.””What do you want us to do?” Penny said, trying not to whine.”Let’s see you piss first.”Ursula stared at the girl. “What are you talking about?”Tamara gestured toward the electronic eye. “There are some gentlemen there who have a desire to see you piss. Here.”She handed them each a cup and stepped back.”Don’t delay, ladies. Let’s get the job done on time now.””A little water might help,” Ursula said snidely. “If we’re going to be forced to piss in front of onlookers, we’d like some water.””Something to drink,” Penny seconded boldly.”Ah, yes,” Tamara said, arching her eyebrows, “something to drink. We really ought to bring you some water… to go along with the excellent food we’ve been providing.””I don’t call black bread and porridge excellent food,” Ursula tried cautiously.”Just be grateful you have anything to eat at all,” Tamara snapped. “Two-thirds of the world goes to bed hungry. Or didn’t they tell you that in your polite bourgeois society?””They told us,” Penny put in. “But I guess we never believed it.””Perhaps you’ll believe it now!”Huge hoses were dragged in and the girls were watered down like drowning rats. How much actually went into their mouths, they couldn’t tell.But they were forced to piss into cups and display themselves publicly in so doing for whoever it might be watching them from behind that electric eye.They were forced to spread their cunts wide for inspection of that hidden person… or persons.And the only thing that kept the girls going that morning was their blatant, virile hatred of the girl who had formerly been their friend.CHAPTER NINETamara spent a fitful night.They had all been fitful since her little display two weeks ago. Now, she was forced to sleep with the vile Kropotnik himself and endure all manner of sexual depravement.But she figured it was the only way the three of them would survive.”Mmmmmm,” she heard the brutal scientist say as he rolled over and reached out for one of her tender thick nipples. “Mmmmmm!” Tamara felt his hand lock around the shining gold hoop. He pulled on it just enough to give her a cramping pain in the nipple. She sat up and looked at him.”Ah, my beautiful darling,” he said, winking lasciviously, “I would so love to have you give me a massage… the kind you do so well.”Tamara watched as he pulled down the white cotton pajama bottoms and flounced his long tawny cock up between his legs.His ball meat stuck out like a bunch of g****s under his dick.”Come on,” he said, “with your mouth now.”He looped his fingers around her gold nipple hoops and forced her down upon him. She took her cock in his mouth and sucked it long and hard.She licked his throbbing red glans and flicked her tongue under his corona.And she tried not to think too much about what she was doing. Rather, she imagined that she was sucking a huge clit on a beautiful young woman.That, at least, made the exercise bearable. “Oh, yes,” Kropotnik said as she swirled her tongue around and around his bulging glans as if it were an ice cream cone and this was a hot. August afternoon.”Yes, that’s it, my dear.”He adored the way she sucked his cock… such a feather light tongue and such a lusty appetite for the stuff. She made the perfect slave.”Now let’s have a little worship here. Let’s have you idolize my big hard dick a bit.” Kropotnik sat up and set his hands into the headboard and rested on them.Tamara sat up with him, waiting for his next order.”Why don’t you tell me how big and juicy it is.””It’s the biggest, hardest, fullest, darkest cock I’ve ever seen,” she said, rubbing his wang briskly back and forth between her knowing fingers.Her hands worked magic on his shaft. They titillated the glans until it grew hot and juiced abundantly. His balls shuddered with delight.”I adore your cock, Boris. It’s like a tower… like a huge hard hot tower awaiting hordes of pilgrims to come and worship at its base.””Mmxnmm,” Kropotnik said with satisfaction. “More, tell me more. Then suck it. Suck it until I command you to cease.””I want to roll my body all over it, Boris. I want to roll my body around on your beautiful man cock and come that way.””Then let’s see it.”Tamara brushed the burgeoning head of Kropotnik’s dick against her nipples. They went taut at the touch of this tumescent flesh probe.The nipples stood out at a rakish angles and the golden hoops stood out from her aureoles as well. She pinched one of the nipples in between her fingers as best she could and rubbed it around the glans.She traced wild, lusty circles around the dome of Boris Kropotnik’s thick hearty, man cock. She traced circles and dots and triangles.Then, with her nipple still pinched between her fingers, she traced her nipple against his dick shaft all the way to the base.Using her nipple like an artist uses a brush, Tamara painted Boris’ throbbing wick. She stuck her nipple under his corona and wiggled it.She straddled the man’s legs and drew her feet up so that she could play with his beefy big balls between the soft pads of the soles.”Mmmmmm,” Boris uttered softly. “More, yes, more.”He was an insatiable satyr of a man… like all the men in this God forsaken place seemed to be… only he was worse because he was in charge here.He was in control. And that meant that Tamara had to kiss up to him and do exactly as he bade. Whatever he wanted tonight, he would get.All the treasures of her lithe, curvaceous body were to be his.She ran her nipples down either side of his dick, working them in tandem. At the same time, she licked his head in round, wet circles.The smacking noises were deafening. The smacking noises filled Boris’ ears and made him content… if only for a moment. The most gorgeous captive he had ever had in his possession was under his complete power now. This, above everything else, made him happy.”More,” he said, impatient to reach the heights of his arousal. “Worship my ass now. This is all well and good, but my ass is starving for some attention.”Tamara swallowed hard and rolled the man over.The huge rounded mounds of his asshole poked up at her, lightly covered as they were with a fine thicket of dark, coiling hair.Tamara placed her tongue on one of the mounds. She bit him gently, but enough so that he felt the pressure of her teeth.”Ah, yes,” he said, “just the right amount of pressure. I do so love a good ass lick… especially from one with a tongue so talented as yours.”Boris Kropotnik meant every word of it. The girl’s tongue was agile and muscular… like the rest of her. He admired her spirit, even, though he had immediately set out to break it. And now, he had successfully broken it.She was his toy now.His slave.He would do whatever he wished with her and make her perform all the tricks he could wish for… staring with a juicy tongue fuck of his ass.The girl spread his thick buns with her hands and probed her tongue into the valley of his hairy asshole. She tasted the fetid sweat that had accumulated there during the night.She tongued the grossly thick and coiling black tuft of hair. She drew her tongue to a point and stabbed the wrinkled aperture of his hot, tacky asshole with it.Her tongue probed the man’s bung hole. It stretched his anal membrane wide so that it could lance his poop chute higher. And the higher she went, the more Tamara could feel the scientist wiggling on the end of her tongue.He wiggled like a worm on a hook.He wiggled and swore in Russian.He called her names and rotated his hips in hot, eager circles.Again and again, Tamara stabbed the man’s hot, greasy bung hole with her muscular tight tongue. She licked his anal chasm in tight, flicking circles.She drew her tongue out and licked his asshole until it glistened with a build up of his own man sweat and the juice of her hot, agile tongue.Tamara drew the man to a near climax licking him like this.”Use your hand on my cock,” the scientist ordered her. “Use it to jerk my big man stick while you eat the scum out of my asshole.”Tamara had tasted shit before, but this was the worst. This was shit from a man she despised… and she was being forced to eat it.This was the lowest ebb of her young life, but it was a risk she had determined to take in the belief that she would save all of them from extinction… or from another terror she had only begun to get a glimpse of… sexual brainwashing.She ringed the base of the man’s pulsating prick with one hand and held onto the full rippling sac of his balls with the other.She milked his balls with her hand, much in the way a milkmaid would pull on a cow’s udder. She ran her gripping hand up and down the full length of his juicing and throbbing peckerwood.Up and down.Down and up.She increased the speed slowly and sucked him to the depths of his anal chute. She vibrated her tongue hard inside his quivering quim.She vibrated her tongue even as she ate his tacky emissions… even as she ate his anal load. And she pumped his massive man cock at the same time.She pumped his dick and rammed her tongue deep inside of him. She played with his balls, urging him closer and closer to shooting his load.”Mmmmm,” Boris told her as he worked his way back along his knees so that he was bucking his ass full in the face of the beautiful redhead tongue fucking him. “That’s good. Now, really lay it on.”She stroked his balls with greater intensity. She pumped the hard log of his slick dick with greater frequency.She pumped his pecker hard up and down in long, decisive strokes.She sank her tongue all the way to its roots inside his hot, sticking asshole. She sank her tongue up and tried not to breathe too deeply of the fetic anal smell.She ate his ass and pumped his stick.She laid her tongue him with hot, stunning strokes. She stirred his tight, clutching fist of an ass with her tongue.As he beat his meat.And soon… after a lot of swearing and sweating and cock pumping, the vile scientist came. Dr. Boris Kropotnik shot his load.And he made sure he shot it squarely into the girl’s brutalized asshole.”Quick,” he cried, when he felt himself very near the brink. “Get your tongue out of there. Sit up and open your mouth. Take my load.”Tamara obeyed without question.She twisted her tongue out of the hot, greasy anal chute and sat up. Her hand never left the shaft of Boris’ hot, throbbing fuck stick.She sat up and opened her mouth, guiding his dick into it and making sure she kept up the speeding pace of pumping his big hot cock loaf.The man fisted the base of his dick and rose up onto his knees. The two of them drew his spunk out the slit of his pecker.It shot like a blast from a cannon. A single white stream of spunk arced out of the end of his dick and flew into Tamara’s open mouth. She took every ounce of the hot jism and swallowed it whole.She swallowed it without question. It was the only way she could possibly survive.”And you will, of course, sign these,” Tamara said, waving the colorful postcards in the girls faces. “Sign them with your names and say a few nice words about the pictures on the front.”Ursula and Penny looked foggily at the picture postcards. There were scenes of Rome and Venice and the Alps, among others.”What are these for?” Penny said, seized with alarm.”They’re for Rudy to mail,” Tamara said with characteristic haughtiness. “They’re so your parents and loved ones won’t worry about you.”Penny and Ursula looked down at their battered and bruised bodies. The travesty of that statement made them both laugh harshly.”They’ll be going out from time to time for the next few weeks… from all the places in the pictures… just say something cheery and sign off, dears.”Penny grabbed one and scoffed at it openly. “Now, now,” Tamara said casting the girl a s**thing look, “let’s not get hostile. Remember, your parents and loved ones are going to think you’ve left the tour and struck out on your own. That will jibe beautifully with the note we sent the tour guide in Paris postmarked from Copenhagen.””You vile little bitch!” Penny said, throwing herself at Tamara with her nails extended. Ursula had to pull her off, but she wasn’t sure why.Tamara deserved everything they could throw at her… she deserved to be strung up by her nipples all over again… and she would applaud this time.Only she did not want the two of them to get into any trouble… not any more trouble than they were in already.It had been an especially grueling week. Three times they had been taken into a dark little cell and had lights shone in their eyes while some party boss or another preached to them about the joys of life in the great U.S.S.R. and superiority of Communist military might and the imminent fall of the West.As if that weren’t bad enough, they were kept awake night after night by what seemed like hordes of soldiers gang r****g them.Last night had been particularly ugly. Tamara, of course, presided over the evening.She brought a whip for herself to use this time… little turncoat that she was… and now, for all they knew Boris Kropotnik’s mistress.The two of them spent a good deal of time together.Arm in arm, as a matter of fact.Just about the time the girls were drifting off to sleep, drunk with the haranguing words of their captors ringing in their ears, the cell door was thrown open.By now, they had come to expect that sort of thing.But this time was worse.Four… or was it five soldiers marched in and had their way with them. Tamara saw to it that they were strung up and m*****ed in every orifice.Twice Ursula took it up the ass and cunt at the same time.Penny was forced to suck two dicks at once… not both in her mouth, for stretched out as that poor beleaguered orifice was, it was in no condition to take two rather sizable slices of man meat at once.But she was made to lick one distended glans stuck right alongside another and eat the juices of the two cocks as their lava bubbled up out of the gashes in the two bulging red domes.Dissimilar though the cocks were, they both ran together in Penny’s mind after licking them both until she was breathless and overheated.Having two giant dicks thrust into her face at once also made her hot, and that night, with all the forced entry and brutality, she had not been relieved.When Tamara saw them the next morning, bright and early as usual, she was horny, despite the fact of her gang **** the night before.Tamara had participated in one of the fucks with Ursula. By now, Ursula cringed every time she saw the girl. She didn’t want her to be anywhere near her.But that was out of the question.Obviously, Tamara was still sweet on her.And now that she was in a position of authority, she was going to have her way with her anytime she liked.And any WAY she liked.A huge hairy peasant type drew his dick out and savagely assaulted her ass with it. Ursula tried to focus on the floor, the ceiling, anything but the pain of that cock up her bung hole.It seared her like a red hot poker.It inflamed her bowels and savagely grazed her anal chute.”What you need,” Tamara said, parading back and forth in front of the naked and bound beauty, “is something to balance the sensation.””Leave me alone,” Ursula shouted at the height of her pain.”Yes,” Tamara continued, as if there had been no outburst whatsoever. “You need something to balance the sensations of having your bung hole so heartily consumed. You need something up your cunt as well.”Tamara ripped her clothes off and ordered one of the guards to bring her a tray. Ursula had seen one too many trays wheeled into her cell in this place.She shuddered as much from the fear of what might lie in wait there as from the pain of that wretched huge dick tearing the lining out of her asshole.All eyes fell upon the lovely red-haired vixen as she pulled a huge leather dildo off of the tray and strapped it onto her cunt.The guard helped her attach the strings and Tamara turned to assault Ursula in the splayed out folds of her delicious nubile cunt.”No you don’t,” Ursula said, though it was a useless thing to say. Clearly, Tamara could do anything with her she wanted to do.”Yes, I do,” Tamara corrected, “and you can’t stop me.”As pained as Ursula was at that moment, she could not miss the view of the splendidly beautiful redhead’s body as it assaulted her frontally. And there were those nipple rings. That hadn’t been faked. That girl was nearly killed that day.Many a night Ursula had wondered if their captors had done that to her as a warning to her and Penny. They had branded her with nipple rings that day, and thus far, the other two had been spared.But there were other horrors.Those nightly ****s… the brutal beatings and days without food… and the lectures… those loud, strident speeches on the glories of Mother Russia and the worthiness of the Communist way.Bullshit.Only problem was, Ursula wanted to live.And if she wanted to live, she knew that sooner or later she would have to surrender her will. Tamara’s presence was only a reminder of that.The girl stood in front of her and spread the folds of her cunt meat wide apart. She pressed her hips against hers and lanced her with the thick leather tip of the dark, menacing dildo.It stretched her membranes out wide once its head had fitted inside her pussy hole.It hurt.But then, so did the anal assault going on behind her. Her ass burned with the pain of having that thing thrust up there.But she knew she would have to take it.She would have to take it if she were going to live.And, in order to please Tamara, who had seemingly become their new captor, she was going to have to come.Tamara brutalized Ursula with that savage dildo. Yet, despite the brutality, the girl managed to fuck her in places that, drew the arousal up from within the deep, dark places where it had been buried during her stay here.Tamara coaxed Ursula toward a lusty hot come.With that savage cock bearing down in her asshole, and with that hot, erotic fuck stick slamming into her cunt again and again… Ursula came.And she wasn’t faking it either.EPILOGUE”They’re ready, Dr. Kropotnik,” Tamara said as she faced the man sitting in a huge leather chair at the far end of the interrogation room.His noble servant Sergei Chunka stood at his left. His military commander, Colonel Vladimir Prokoynin stood on his right. His secretary, Olga Betti, sat at his feet scribbling madly in her notebook.”They’re ready and willing to serve their master.””Excellent,” Dr. Kropotnik said with a proud grin.”Girls,” Tamara said, snapping her fingers, “show your gratitude to your masters.”Ursula kneeled and Penny kneeled after her.They bowed their heads toward Dr. Kropotnik and his staff.”We are ready to serve, Master,” Ursula said in a halting voice.”Your wish is our command.” Penny said promptly after.”My wishes are those of the Motherland,” Dr. Kropotnik said, “and you are now her handmaidens.”He stood up and came out to the girls. He undid his breeches in the front and made the girls kiss his cock all over the shaft and on the head.He made them kiss his big beefy balls and suck the hairs on his asshole. They did so with all the expertise of their captor, the beauteous Tamara.”This is to remind you of what will become so important in your life in the months to come,” he said, pausing a moment, as if he wished to continue the delicious sucking exercise, but no! He had work to do.THE END

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