South Carolina for the Summer pt 1

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South Carolina for the Summer pt 1Pam and Ethan’s sexploits continue… Chapter 24, this one is a series within the Pam and Ethan series, Enjoy!Pam looked around the backyard, but Mom was nowhere to be found, and neither was her new boyfriend, Eric. She went inside and checked the kitchen, but she wasn’t there. A few people were getting food at the buffet in the dining room, but Mom was not among them.Pam headed upstairs. She was not in the bathroom, but she was surprised to see Mom’s bedroom door closed. She listened carefully and heard moans from the other side. For a moment she thought Mom might be in trouble, but just before she opened her door, she heard her moan, “Eric!”Pam quickly ran across the hall to her room and shut the door, leaving it open just a crack to peek out.A few moments later, Mom’s door opened and she came out, followed by Eric. They walked down the hall and were gone.Pam snuck back across the hall to Mom’s door and peered in. Everything in the room was perfectly neat, as if nothing had been disturbed, but the smell of sex filled the air. Eric had fucked Mom.Pam hurried downstairs and saw Eric alone at the buffet table, piling a plate full of food.”Hi, Eric,” Pam smiled as he crammed food into his face.”Pam,” he nodded, and walked to the table. Pam sat in the chair next to his, facing him, and watched him eat.”What do you see in my Mom?””She’s a very beautiful woman. Why?””Do you love her?””Of course.””Do you like fucking her?”He suddenly stopped eating and stared at her with a blank face, but only for a moment.”Absolutely,” he smiled. “I like fucking beautiful women.””Like me?”Pam noticed a twitch in his trousers. She parted her thighs, letting him see up her skirt to her panties. Her crotch was wet. She breathed in deep and strained her breasts against her blouse.Eric looked around to see if anyone was watching, and shifted in the chair and she saw the outline of the entire length of his cock down the leg of his pants. Licking her lips, Pam reached out to touch it, but he grabbed her wrist.”Let’s go upstairs,” he said. Pam nodded.They quickly ran upstairs and locked themselves in her bedroom, her back against the door. She panted heavily as he unbuttoned her blouse and reached down to his crotch. She was aroused by the thought of making it with the man who had just fucked her Mom. Knowing their relationship had just begun made him that much more desirable.”I want kaçak iddaa you to fuck me,” Pam whispered bravely, rubbing his cock in his pants. He laughed, massaging her tits.”Get down on your knees,” he told her.She kneeled before him, eagerly watching his hands unzip his pants. She licked her lips as he tugged the long shaft out of his pants and held it in front of her. She lifted it to her mouth and slipped her lips over the head. His prick was massive, quite a bit bigger than she expected, and throbbed in her mouth. It didn’t detour the thoughts of tasting her mothers pussy on his cock. He wrapped his hands around her head and bucked his hips, forcing his cock deep into her mouth, deeper than she was able to take the big thing. He held her tight, stuffing his cock down her throat, and she was choking on it.He drew his hips back and fucked her face with long, slow strokes that pulled the head of his cock out to her lips, and pushed it all the way back to her throat.Pam desperately tried to keep up with him. She licked the head furiously when it came back to her lips, but her eyes bulged out of her head when he shoved it back in, and she gagged terribly when it touched the back of her throat.Suddenly, his cock throbbed and he was cumming. He crammed it deep into her mouth, and Pam screamed, although her scream was muffled by the cock. Cum gushed from the end of his cock against the roof of her mouth and right to the back of her throat, quickly filling her mouth.”Swallow it,” Eric said in a low voice.Pam managed to swallow some, but it just filled her mouth too quickly. The backwash of cum spurt out of her mouth around his cock, down her chin and cheeks and all over her bare tits. He pulled his cock out of her mouth and Pam coughed and wiped the cum off her face with the back of her hand. He pulled her up to her feet.”You all right?” he asked.”Mm hm,” Pam answered, as she swallowed the little bit of cum that remained in her mouth. She wiped her face with her other hand and smeared the cum across her lips.”I never did that before,” she choked. She looked down at the cum on her tits and the cum on her hands, and wasn’t sure what to do.”You’ll love it when you learn how to do it right.”He pushed her face down on the bed, pulled her skirt up, and spread her legs and slipped her panties to one side, pointing his cock at her cunt. Pam looked back at him over her shoulder, biting her lower lip illegal bahis in her teeth. She trembled with fear and anticipation, at the same time excited and frightened by what he was about to do.The head of his cock touched her cunt and she gasped and jerked forward. Eric put his hands around her hips and with a single thrust buried his cock deep inside her, knocking her breath out. He pulled her hips up, repositioned himself, and thrust once more.Pam yelped in pain and whimpered and Eric grinned. She was tight. She moaned with pain and sobbed into the pillow. Her thighs quivered in his hands like a frightened kitten. He had her and she knew it.Her pussy barely had any hair, nothing more than a few, blonde wisps. Her fair skin was soft and smooth, virtually perfect, and her back was covered with a light mist of perspiration droplets. Her long, blonde hair soaked up the sweat from her forehead, her shoulders and her back, and the wet strands stuck to her skin when she tossed her head.He squeezed her hips and pulled her back on his cock, forcing it in another inch or two. She groaned loudly, tugging fiercely at the bedsheets.”Enough,” she panted weakly. “No more. Please.””Yes more. All of it.”He shoved again and she screamed, panting uncontrollably, “Oh God … oh God … oh God.” Tears streamed down her face and her cheeks were red and puffy. Her young, soft, innocent thighs were split to accommodate him, and, when he looked down at her crotch, it looked like he was trying to shove a telephone pole into her.”Please take it out. Please.” She was almost too weak to talk, but looked back at him over her shoulder.”No.”He pumped his hips and her whole body rocked with him.Pam grunted, “Uhn … uhn … uhn,” each time he shoved her forward and jammed another small bit of his cock inside her. She whimpered pitifully between grunts, but he relentlessly pounded his hips into her. She was in terrible pain, but she tolerated it, because it felt too good to stop.He squeezed her hips hard. She gradually grew limp, but she did not want him to stop to give her a rest. She wanted him to give her his sperm, although she probably wouldn’t be able to hold it, and she wanted him to break her in good. She was going to be in serious pain for a couple of days.She buried her face in the pillows to cover her sobs and whimpers, but it couldn’t hide her panting and grunts. Eric pumped faster.”Oh God please stop, bahis siteleri please take it out,” she whimpered, writhing as if she were possessed. Her moaning grew louder and she thrust herself back to take him inside her.Eric grunted, bucked his hips roughly, and sprayed her insides with cum. Pam’s moaning ceased and she practically tore the sheets off the bed.She was as limp and sweaty as a hot towel as he collapsed on top of her, occasionally thrusting with his hips to relieve a spasm. He was breathing hard, but Pam panted like she had just run a marathon.Lying over her, smothering her small body with his weight, he wiped the stringy, wet hair away from her eyes.”I told you you’d like it, didn’t I?”Pam was panting too hard to answer.Suddenly, from the direction of the doorway, a voice shouted, “What the hell’s going on here?”Pam and Eric both looked up. Mom stood just inside the door, still holding the doorknob. Her face was a frightening picture of horror, quickly changing to furious anger.”Uh oh,” Pam whispered.”Anne, I can explain,” Eric said, and quickly lifted himself off Pam. His long cock plopped out of her cunt.”I don’t want to hear it.” Mom’s voice was controlled anger on the edge of an explosion.”Now wait a minute, I wasn’t-“”Shut up,” Anne snarled. “Put your pants on and get out of here and don’t ever come back.” She looked at Pam very sternly. “And you, as soon as you get some clothes on, I want to have a talk with you.”Pam could tell she was just about to explode.* * *”Sit down,” Mom said.Pam sat in the chair, looking at her. Her face was very hard to read. She couldn’t tell how she was feeling or what she was going to do. She knew how pissed she was. She was probably going to ground her for the rest of her life.”It took me a long time to figure out what I was going to do about you and your promiscuity,” she began. Pam didn’t know what promiscuity meant, but she figured it had something to do with all the fucking she had been doing. “I’ve decided not to punish you,” she said, and, inside, Pam felt elated, she was going to get off lightly. “I’ve decided to send you to your Aunt Mary’s for the summer. That way I can keep you out of trouble until school starts again.”Pam’s heart sank, and her face showed how she felt. She had practically been condemned to prison. There was no way she was going to find any cute guys out on a farm in the middle of nowhere. There was only her cousin, Todd, and he was much older than her. He’d never have any interest in her. She felt like crying, but fought to keep her composure.”You’ll be leaving next Wednesday. I’ve got you a ticket on a train.”

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