Sorority Pledge Pt. 07

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Hi Everyone,

This story follows on directly from where Sorority Pledge part 6 finished, so this will make much more sense if you read the earlier parts first.

As always I love getting comments and messages from you all about my stories, especially from other girls! So please feel free to let me know what you think.

Thanks and I hope you enjoy, Love and Licks, Lucy X X X X

* * * * * * * * * *

Please note the following rather than complaining afterwards,

A. Since I started this story someone has published a totally separate story using the same title, so for clarity my story is about a girl’s attempts to gain a place in a prestigious sorority & the trials she goes through in that attempt.

B. This story is almost entirely girl on girl, so if you don’t like that then this isn’t the story for you.

C. If you are looking for a gentle romance then again this story isn’t for you, it involves in part cruel girls & very kinky acts, you have been warned!

* * * * * * * * * *

Chapter 37: Friday’s Games

Harmony was driving her brand new, & totally gorgeous, red Alfa Romeo Giulia along a coastal road. To the left she could see green hilly land sloping down towards the ocean, to her right was a steep drop to the beautiful blue sea. Up ahead she could see Tiphany’s Blue Lotus & in her wing mirrors was one of the sorority jeeps. As the three cars slowed & rounded a corner a lovely sandy beach appeared in the far distance ahead of them.

As she looked in her wing mirrors to check that the jeep wasn’t too close behind her Harmony saw to her shock that the two girls in the back of her car, Rebecca & Poppy, were both topless, that was when she also realised that Lexi, in the seat next to her, wasn’t wearing a top either. It wasn’t long before she realised that both Tiphany & her passenger Amber were topless too & the same with Taylor & her four passengers Zara, Summer, Britney & Cassie.

Harmony had no idea why ten other girls were all naked from the waist up, although she was relieved to see that she was wearing a top herself. Before she had time to think about things any further Tiphany’s car did a perfect skid to stop at the edge of the beach, so she slowed more carefully & pulled up alongside as did Taylor.

Tiphany hurried out of her car & laid out a large beach mat about twenty yards away from the gently lapping sea. All of the girls followed the big chested blonde down the beach & when they reached the mat Harmony found herself pushed to her knees in the middle of the mat. As she knelt there in the warm sunshine with the sound of the ocean behind her Harmony felt incredibly relaxed, then the ten topless girls started to circle her, a bit like in a shark film, but a lot more sexy. As they circled the girls started to lean forward more & more so that as each girl passed their naked breasts gently rubbed across Harmony’s face, none of the others were as big as Tiphany’s but Harmony couldn’t tare her eyes away from the mesmerising sight even though the view & the feeling of their flesh on her skin was so intoxicating that it was making her feel really dizzy & more & more sleepy. As Harmony began to feel even warmer her eyes flickered & then closed as she felt a pair of breasts settle against her face, she wanted to open her eyes but she felt herself sinking inexorably into sleep.

A few seconds later Harmony felt like she was coming out of the other end of a tunnel, the beech had been at one end, now reality was at the other. There were still breasts resting on her face though, as her eyes opened she heard Taylor’s laughter before the sorority vice president said,

“Good morning Harmony, I thought this would be a fun way to wake you up!” As she finished she bounced her breasts off either side of Harmony’s face a couple of times before falling back on to the bed laughing.

“Lexi’s already in the shower, but I thought I’d let you sleep a bit longer, you do need to wake up now though as we only have half an hour until breakfast.” Taylor told her with a smile.

Once Lexi was out of the bathroom Taylor went in with Harmony, she gave the blonde’s injuries a quick look before the two shared a hurried shower. When they were both dry Taylor quickly dressed before, with Lexi’s help, rubbing cream into the cuts, bruises & minor burns that still showed from Cindy’s attack of around 32 hours ago. Harmony felt a lot better than she had the previous day & improved further once she had taken a few of the painkillers Jenny had left for her, she pulled on the gel bra that was helping to heel the cuts on her breasts & then her pledge robe, this done she headed to the party room where breakfast was already laid out on the tables.

Most of the girls seemed pretty drowsy so the meal was a quiet one, when everyone had eaten the pledges were set to clearing up, doing the washing up etc & before they knew it the time had come for the pledge challenges to restart.

Taylor had all of the pledges take seats in the party room rize escort so that she could give them instructions,

“Our first pledge challenge of the day is a bit different to the others as it is possible for you all to earn the maximum number of points available, we have 5 small tasks to test your bravery & you get one point for each of them that you complete. Some of them you’ll do all at the same time, others you’ll do without the other pledges present so that you won’t know until the end of the challenge how many points your rivals have scored. The first two of these are in the swimming pool, I’m going to send you down there one at a time, Ashley will meet you at poolside & will explain the tasks you are doing in there. Once you’ve finished take a quick walk through the showers to get the swimming pool smell off of yourselves & then report to Zara in the changing room. Cassie you’ll be guiding Lexi for the whole of this challenge, but there’s only one task you can help her with, Ashley will tell you more about that.”.

Taylor sent Amber down to the pool first & a few minutes later Ashley’s voice came over the intercom to call Catalina for her turn. A few minutes after that it was Harmony who was the third girl to be sent downstairs.

When she reached the swimming pool area Harmony saw two girls waiting down there, Ashley was sat by the side of the pool in a deck chair, whereas Scarla was stood there in her swimming costume, as Harmony correctly assumed she was the life guard for this task.

“Okay Harmony,” Ashley started,

“So the two tasks in here are to dive off of the diving board into the pool & to get the plastic brick up from the bottom of the pool.”.

Harmony carefully looked into the pool & spotted a black blob, which was obviously the brick, at the deepest part of the pool against the wall that the diving board was perched above.

“As you aren’t allowed into the pool on Jenny’s orders we are going to do these two tasks differently for you. Firstly as Taylor & Zara saw you leap off the diving board earlier in the week we know you can do that one so have automatically completed that task. As for the brick, as you can’t get it yourself you can pick any first year girl to retrieve it for you.” Ashley explained.

Harmony thought about this for a couple of seconds before answering,

“I pick Scarla then.”.

Ashley smiled at this choice & as she did so Scarla took a few steps back away from the pool before taking a short run up, diving straight in & within less than ten seconds returning to the surface holding the brick. She held it up to make sure Ashley could see that she had it before carefully dropping it back in almost exactly where she had got it from.

After Harmony went to the changing room, skipping the showers as she didn’t set foot in the water, the remaining girls took their turns in the pool. Scarla was pleased that she was able to help Harmony & she was very impressed that not only did Lexi dive off the board despite not being able to see what she was diving towards, but the blind girl also insisted on getting the brick herself even though she was given the option of having Cassie get it for her, it took three attempts for her to find it but Lexi did manage it & was delighted with herself for doing so.

The others had mixed results, Jess got the brick but refused to go near the diving board, Amber tried but failed to locate the brick but did do the dive, whereas both Poppy & Catalina did both tasks easily.

When everyone had showered off Ashley & Zara led them all into the meeting room, the layout of the room was different to that the girls had seen before, a curtain was across the room to hide one end of it so they had no idea what was there. At the end by the door there was a circular table with six shot glasses on it, each had a lid over it so the pledges had no idea what they contained.

Six of the usual plastic chairs were around the table & five more chairs were in a straight line a few feet back towards the door. The pledges were sent to sit around the table, once they were seated Ashley, Zara & Taylor came to stand behind them with two different girls in front of each of them, in Harmony’s case herself & Poppy had Zara behind them. Cassie was stood by Lexi too.

“Okay girls, all you have to do to earn the point from this task is to drink the contents of one of these shot glasses. Once I say so the girls who choose to take part will pick up a glass & when I tell them to they will swallow all of the liquid in one go.” Ashley explained with a mischievous smile on her face.

There was silence for a few seconds whilst the pledges considered what Ashley had just said, before Amber asked,

“Sister Ashley, what’s in the glasses?”,

“I’m glad someone asked that,” she was still smiling as she turned to face Amber,

“Three of the glasses contain apple juice & the other three…” she paused for dramatic effect,

“Contain pee, my pee to be precise!” She paused again to let this sink in before adding,

“There’s no way for you to tell which is which & if you pick up one of the glasses & either don’t drink all of its contents or you spit it out again, then you will lose 20 pledge challenge points, so the decision you need to make is are you brave enough to gamble?”.

Catalina stood immediately shaking her head,

“There is absolutely no way I’m drinking your pee, not even if it was worth a million points.” She declared.

“It’s your choice,” Ashley told her before adding,

“Go & sit down on the row of chairs near the door then.”.

As Catalina did that Lexi also stood,

“I’ve got a fairly good lead in the challenge scores, this one’s a bit too gross for me so I’m willing to sacrifice the chance to get another point to avoid it.” She explained in a cheerful tone.

Cassie led the blind girl over to the row of chairs Catalina was now on, although she chose for them to sit at the opposite end of it from the Colombian American girl.

Ashley had pulled two of the shot glasses over to where she was now sat in Catalina’s vacated seat, when Poppy gave her a quizzical look she smiled & explained,

“Taylor brought the glasses down & set them out after the last of you came down to the swimming pool, so I have no way of knowing which are which, I could have just removed two glasses of my pee or two glasses of apple juice, I’ve got no idea.”.

There was a short pause before Harmony said,

“I’ve been forced to drink piss lots of times since I got here & I gained nothing by doing it, so now that it’s worth something to do it I might as well.” She pulled one of the shot glasses over & placed it in front of herself as she finished saying this.

Amber was the next to decide,

“I really don’t want to drink pee, but as I made Harmony drink mine I wouldn’t feel right if I refused to take the risk of having to do it myself.” She stated seriously before pulling a glass over to sit in front of her.

There was silence for a few more seconds before Jess pulled a glass over to herself saying,

“I might as well, it’s really gross but urine comes out sterile, so unless it’s been sat uncovered for a while or Ashley has some sort of transmittable illness it won’t hurt me.”.

“No in both cases,” Ashley told her before adding,

“All sisters of the sorority have the same medical check you all had when you first got here, only we have it after every summer, Christmas & Easter holidays to make sure we all stay well whilst we’re here.”.

That just left Poppy to decide,

“What the hell, I might as well risk it.” The pink haired girl decided before reaching uncertainly for a glass.

“Let’s make this a little more interesting,” Ashley broke the silence that had fallen again, she looked over to Catalina & Lexi before saying,

“If either of you not part of this task can name one of the girls who got a glass of pee then I’ll give you one bonus point, if you don’t make a guess then your score will stay the same, but if you guess wrongly you lose one point. You don’t need to make your guess until after they’ve all drank though.”.

Then she turned back to the four girls still around the table,

“Okay girls all of you pick up your shot glass, when I count to three I want you to take off the lid of the glass with one hand & tip the contents straight into your mouth, if you pause to try & see what’s in it or you don’t drink at all then you lose 20 points, so I hope you’re all ready.”.

Ashley started to count & as soon as she said three all four girls tipped the contents of their glasses into their mouths. As the liquid passed Harmony’s lips she gagged for a second, then she exhaled a calming breath through her nose & swallowed it down in one go.

As Catalina watched them all carefully she thought they all grimaced or gagged slightly as the liquid passed their lips, but after a second or so they all seemed to relax apart from Amber who screwed up her face as she seemingly forced herself to swallow. The Hispanic girl saw this as an easy point to gain so blurted out,

“Amber, it’s Amber who drank pee.”.

Lexi opted not to guess, so Ashley asked the girls to tell her what they each drank,

Harmony: “I got apple juice Sister Ashley.”,

Jess: “Me too Sister Ashley.”,

Poppy: “Yep, apple juice for me too Sister Ashley.”.

Before Amber could answer Catalina jumped up & punched the air in triumph as she mocked,

“Ha ha Amber, you had to drink piss & you still only gained a point on Lexi, I didn’t even have to risk drinking it & I still got as many points as you!”.

Ashley smiled across at Catalina but in Harmony’s opinion it was a knowing smile,

“Not so fast Catalina, Amber hasn’t told us what she drank yet,” She looked across at the Asian girl & asked,

“Well Amber?”,

“I drank apple juice Sister Ashley.” She answered with certainty.

Then Taylor & Zara leant across the girls they were standing behind, they picked up the last two glasses, clinked them together, before removing the lids & swallowing the contents. Both turned towards an incredulous looking Catalina & with smiles on their faces said together,

“Apple juice.”.

Ashley giggled before repeating her earlier statement,

“The decision you need to make is are you brave enough to gamble! None of the glasses had piss in them, if I make one of you drink my pee it will be far more than a little shot glass full of it!” She laughed at Catalina’s angry expression before adding,

“So I’m afraid you lose one point Catalina, Lexi keeps the same score & the other four girls gain a point for being brave enough to gamble.”.

The pledges & Cassie were then told to wait in that half of the room with Taylor as Ashley & Zara went through the curtain to whatever was hidden on the other side. Taylor used the intercom then to summon five of the first years: Amy, Britney, Heather, Rebecca & Tiphany.

Before taking them to the next part of the challenge Taylor paired each pledge up with a first year whose job it was to ensure that they did the task properly. Harmony was given to Heather’s charge, the other pairs were Jess with Tiphany, Lexi with Amy, Poppy with Rebecca, Amber with Britney & Taylor took Catalina herself. Cassie was still allowed to guide Lexi but was instructed that when the task began she was to move away & leave the blind girl to Amy.

As the curtain was drawn aside the strange sight that met the pledges eyes caused a couple of them to gasp, whereas some of the first years laughed at what they saw, obviously pleased that it wasn’t them doing this task.

What they saw was six girls lying on plastic sun loungers, but the only part of the girls that was visible was their naked lower halves. All of them were laid on their front, so the thing that drew the eyes was six bare bottoms. Their top halves were entirely covered by what appeared to be some of the houses spare bed sheets. Covered like this it was pretty much impossible to tell who each of the girls were as even their hair colours were hidden.

When the laughter stopped Taylor addressed the pledges,

“I’m guessing that you can guess what at least part of this task is. Firstly those of you who accept the task will plant three kisses on each butt cheek of the girl you are paired with, then you will give each cheek one long kiss & I do mean with tongue, lastly you will stick your face between their cheeks for 15 seconds, for three of you you’ll just be smelling their butt cracks, but the unlucky other three will get farted on.” This provoked fresh laughter from several of the first years.

“The girls under there are Ashley, Liz, Michelle, Paige, Rachel & Zara, but you won’t know which of them you get until after the task finishes.” Taylor added.

“No way, I am not kissing anyone’s ass, my beautiful ass is made for kissing but there’s no chance I’d ever do that for anyone else, I’m looking forward to watching the rest of you do it though!” Catalina announced arrogantly before going to sit down on the same chair she had been on earlier.

“Fine, Liz you can come out of their & take Catalina upstairs, if she isn’t taking part she isn’t staying to watch everyone else.” Taylor announced with a hint of annoyance in her voice.

Once Catalina had been led away by a very disappointed looking Liz the others were asked by Taylor if they were going to take part.

Harmony: “I’ve kissed plenty of asses & I’ve been farted on far too many times already, but at least this time I can benefit from it happening.”.

Amber: “As I’ve farted on Harmony’s face several times I’d feel like a hypocrite if I didn’t take part.”.

Jess: “It’s really gross, but it won’t hurt me so I might as well.”.

Poppy: “What Jess said!”.

Lexi: “It’s pretty nasty, but I’ll risk it.”.

Taylor held out a bag containing playing cards numbered between 1 & 5, she had Lexi draw out the cards to decide which pledge was paired with which sorority sister, the pledges just got told a number but Taylor & the girls on the sun loungers knew from the numbers that Harmony got Rachel, Jess got Ashley, Lexi got Paige, Poppy got Michelle & Amber got Zara.

Taylor sent all of the pledges over to the girls they had been paired with, the first years escorted them. She explained that the first years job was to firstly ensure the pledges all did the required kissing & then to hold their heads in place for the 15 seconds they’d be spending between the cheeks.

Taylor told the girls to kiss the left cheek 3 times, then the right one & she stood on a chair so that she could see all of them doing it, she really enjoyed watching Jess kiss Ashley’s ass & she was a little turned on by the sight of Amber kissing Zara’s. Then she watched as they each gave both cheeks a long kiss, at which point the first years leant close to make sure that they could see that the pledges were using their tongues as instructed. For all of the pledges this was a little embarrassing & for some a bit degrading, but they all knew the worst was yet to come.

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