Sorority night

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Sorority nightBev was anxious for the night as she was going to party with the girls in her secret sorority. It would be her first party with them. When she arrived they took her to the party room and told her she would be the guest of honor but they had to blindfold her. With the blindfold in place they then began to strip her naked. She was then placed in a chair with no arms and her hands were tied behind her. Then they spread her legs and tied them to the legs of the chair. The leader told her “Tonight you are going to be our main attraction. We are going to show you how our gang treats a sexy naked body.” Suddenly hands began to touch her all over. They grabbed her tits and her nipples and were rubbing her pussy. Then two mouths grabbed a nipple and began to suck as a finger rammed inside her cunt. Then she felt a tongue begin to lick her pussy starting at the clit and down to her fuck hole.She was enjoying the hands and mouths on her when she felt a big hard cold object pushed into her cunt and she was being fucked with it. The girls chatted harder, harder. As they fucked her cunt the mouth on her tits began to bite. She was torn between the pain on her tits and the pleasure in her cunt. Then the leader told her “Tonight you are our sex slave. Your body is pure pleasure and has a purpose for our secret.” She then felt a collar put around her neck. She was untied and put on her hands and knees. A leash was attached to the collar. She was lead thru a chain of the girls and as she crawled by them her ass was spanked. Some used a hand and some used a paddle or a belt. One girl had a cane tuzla escort which hurt as she caned her ass.The girls then sat on chairs and the sex slave was brought before each one at a time and told to lick the pussies. As she licked the pussies the object was forced back in her cunt and she was being fucked hard and fast. Without warning an object was also shoved in her ass. Her face was pushed into a girls pussy and held there as they fucked her cunt and ass with the cold objects. Her face was soaked with cum from the pussies and she was cumming fast getting her holes fucked. The leader then told her “Now you get to meet our breeder man. He will fuck you till he knocks you up with his baby. this is his island and he has chosen you to bare his next half dozen c***dren. He has a huge cock and lots of sperm. You will now be one of our breeding slaves. You was chosen because you have nice hips to bear a c***d and huge tits to hold lots of milk to nurse babies. You will be kept here and given good care and give us many babies.”A door opened and she heard footsteps enter the room. A man began to rub her ass as she was kept on all fours. He ran his hand down to her pussy and pushed three fingers inside her and finger fucked her till she came. He then said “Let me see her tits.” She was told to get up on her knees as he felt her tits and nipples. He squeezed a tit hard as he pulled and stretched her big nipples. He replied “Yes, she has great tits to nurse our babies. She will hold lots of milk. Lay her on her back and spread her legs. Get her in the fucking position as I sancaktepe escort want to fuck her at least three times now.” The girls layed her on a cot and spread her legs wide. They rubbed her pussy as the naked man got between her legs. He laughed and said to the girls “I see you like her body a lot. You have had much fun with this slut before you brought me to her. Now take your hands from her pussy but you may have her tits as I fuck and breed her.”He then pushed his monster cock into her cunt. She had never felt such a big cock go into her hole. As he pushed into her the girls rubbed his ass and felt his big full balls. Two girls were sucking on her big tits as he began to fuck and breed her. He pushed his cock in and out of her going deep as his big rod stretched her wide open. He fucked her for thirty minutes before he yelled “I want one of you bitches to lick my ass as you stretch my balls. Put your tongue deep in my ass hole and fuck it as i fill her with cum.” One girl grabbed his balls and began to tongue fuck his ass. Soon he was cumming inside the slave. The man then grabbed the girl licking his ass and put her on his cock. “Lick my cock and clean it.” As she begn to lick him he grabbed her hair and forced his cock down her throat making her gag. He screamed “Get that paddle and whip her ass every time she gags on my huge cock. You bitches need to be able to suck my cock just how I like.” He then forced his cock down her throat again and as she gagged they whiped her ass so hard she had welts all over it.He then grabbed another girl and told her. üsküdar escort “Lets see how you suck cock or do you want your ass beat too?” He pulled her down to his cock and gave no warning and pushed his cock deep into her mouth and down her throat. She gagged once and the other girls whipped her ass but then she was able to suck his cock as he fucked her deep down her mouth. He then pulled her face up and said “You are a great cocksucker. Now suck my balls. Take them all the way in your mouth.” He pulled the next girl to him as the one sucked his balls he turned the girl and bent her over and rammed fingers in her ass. He pulled another girl to him and told her to bend over and spread her ass and he now had four fingers in both girls asses as he fucked them rough as he could. He knew these girls were his slaves to do just as he asked. Each one was a virgin when he first got them. He spanked them , bit them and fucked them till they could no longer walk. Some times he even let the other men fuck them as he watched. He loved gang fucking. And the men were always so horny and took no care when fucking the girl he chose for the night. He knew women were for fucking and bearing his c***dren and he sometimes was very cruel.He was now ready to keep breeding the young girl. He pushed his cock deep in her and said “Tonight we fuck all night long. And I will fuck you all day every day and night till you belly holds my c***d. Then I will fuck you till you are huge with my c***d and your tits are heavy with milk. After you give birth you will have forty five days till I begin to breed you once more. When we are in the breeding time, You will stay naked in the room with me so I may fuck you day and night. The other sluts also may lick and suck you as I tell them. I like them licking and tonguing my ass as I fuck.” He then sunk his huge cock deep in her cunt once again.

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