sissy for mum pt2

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sissy for mum pt2Mum woke me early next morning , she was stroking my head saying wake up baby as I opened my eyes . She still had her nightdress on an the silk clung to her firm body, her hand moved over my hair an then she traced a finger over my mouth ” I liked last night” she whispered as her finger moved over my lips , it was wet an kind of sticky and smelt like her dirty panties ,”mummy was just thinking how nice you looked in her nylons “she said. I opened my mouth a little and felt the tip of her wet finger on my tongue , it had a sweet funny taste on it. “come on time to get up we have a lot planed for today” she said as she pulled the quit off me , I was nude, mums hand moved onto my chest and her finger nail scratched over my nipple giving me a shock “did you like last night ” she asked her finger still playing with my nipple , I nodded .well get dressed the we have places to go”. she said almost giggling as she stood up an left the room , I got up quickly an got ready just putting anything on an went down for something to eat.20 mins later mum was ready , short skirt , blouse an heals classy as ever. In the car we chatted about where we are going , she told me after I went to bed she went on line to order some stuff for me an got taking to a woman who thought it best to try the clothes on before buying . I was thinking mum never normally makes a fuss about getting me new clothes , jeans an tee shirts normally so I just sat back and watched her as she drove into town getting a peep at her legs an thinking about why she kept saying you be a good boy today no messing or back-chat.We pulled up at a row of shops , no boys shops must be getting her things first I thought as we entered a woman’s clothes shop .there was a young girl behind the till about 18 years old an very good looking with long blond hair dressed in a tight mini skirt an a tight low pink top another girl about my age 13/14 was folding clothes at the back of the shop .”I’m looking for Jane “ mum said the blond went into the back room an came out with a woman a bit older than mum an a bit bigger than mum ,thick thighs an large boobs in a short black dress an boots above the knee with big heals that made her look tall an intimidating mum left to chat with her an the two young girls in the shop where giggling in the corner , mum called me over to her an took me into a mirrored changing room “So he likes to dress up “ Jane said to mum but never waited for a reply “it’s ok to dress up” she said to me as she took my had an pulled me to the middle of the room “ our little secret , just mum me and the girls, now just pop out of them clothes so I can size you up “ she said as if this happened all the time , I looked over at mum who just lifted my top off an started undoing my pants an removed them quickly , “an the underpants “ mum said but before sahabet güvenilirmi I could protest jane had pulled them half way down “ dirty pants “ she said as she looked at mum shacking her head “i will show you how to clean him so it dose not happen again if you want ?” mum thought this was a good idea an told Jane she had wanted to do it for a while but never knew how ,jane rang a bell an the youngest girl popped her head round the door “ get me the cleaning kit pls and some warm water” she ordered.”yes Ms Jane” she came quickly back with a bag of water on a long stand with a tube on an then left the room all the time looking at me with my pants at my feet.Jane got mum to sit down and placed me over her knee with my bum in the air she told to put something on my ass then I felt a cold slippery finger rubbing my anus then going in and out a few times I was embarrassed at being fingered over my mums knee as the other woman looked on an gave instructions, she gave mum the tube an told her to put it into my bum now that it was ready . The tube was a bit fatter than her finger and looked a bit like a long mushroom at the end , it was cold as it touched my bum hole and felt like it was made from steel , mum pushed it is slowly but firmly as Jane had told her too, Jane told me to relax and I felt her hand caress my balls as my bum opened up it hurt a little but when it was in my bum seamed to close over it an grip it .”see thats why I got a small butt plug for this so it cant fall out “ Jane told mum then she gave it a couple of pulls on the tube to prove her point ,mum then turned the tap on the tube and I felt the warm water tricking into me and filling me slowly up, Jane came round to face me pulled up a chair an sat down so my head was in her lap, then she told mum I needed to be disciplined as I had an just tried to look up her dress which was true but I could not help but look the dress was short an she had nothing on underneath,she asked mum if I had ever kissed her pussy , no was the reply “ do you mind if he dose it to me while you spank him “” that’s fine “ mum answered. She took my head an placed it between her thick thighs , I could feel the heat off her and her pussy was dripping wet an not like mums . I had peeped on mum in the shower often an watched as she saved herself , mums pussy was neat like a paper cut with small lips at the top , Jane’s pussy was only half shaved with hair around her lips , her pussy was open , like it had just had something in it .At the top of her pussy was a metal ring ,like an ear ring but for her clit . I started to lick her , she tasted like mums finger did this morning only stronger , sweet but with something else , her pussy juice was thick an salty at first but became sweeter the more I licked .then she shivered an let out a moan saying something sahabet yeni giriş about me being a good boy licking her clean, she got up an an helped me to my feet an took me and mum to a shower room , mum started to rub my stomach with one had an my cock with the other “ you will like this” she whispered an the other lady pulled the tube an plug from my ass and the water empted out of my bum, I was close to cumming but mum stopped rubbing me to turn on the shower and told me to get a was , I did as I was told as the two lady’s chatted . I was trying to listen but could only catch bit mum saying what happened between us last night and Jane saying how my penis was a good size for my age an something about how I must of liked her cream pie because I licked it so well. I think it was what she must call her pussy but she was right I did like it .When I was washed an dried I was led back into the changing room where the18 year old blonde girl was laying out different types of girls pants , bra’s and stockings . There was also some long wigs there , a blond one an a black one some shoes and a make-up case which was open .Jane introduced me an mum to jenny “she will do the make up for you” she said as she picked up a pair of red silk an lace knickers . Lisa started to put powder onto my face as mum knelt down in front of me , her face so close to my cock I could feel her breath as she slipped the panties on me and pulled then slowly up , “ it matchers “ Jenny said to me with a smile as she held up a red lipstick an started to rub it oner my mouth“ do you like them “ mum asked as she traced her finger over my cock through the silky pants .Jenny had started to put make up on my eyes , she was very close looking right at me as mum was touching me .“He likes them a lot “ Jane added as she seen me getting hard , she then passed mum some sheer stocking and put a suspender belt around my waist , I stepped into them as Jane put a bra on me , Jenny was still doing my eye make up deliberately taking her time I think making me feel more embarrassed as I was getting turned on with with mum and a older lady dressing me up and a stunning girl looking right into my eyes .“i think her likes you jenny “ jane said . My cock was very hard and popping out the top of the red knickers , Jane reached down and rubbed the top of my cock with her finger and rubbed it over the pre cum which was leaking out , she took her finger an put it to Jenny’s mouth who just sucked it off “mmm sissy juice” she moaned then added “all done she looks lovely , you would tell she s a boy”. Then she turned a walked out , her tight bum wiggling underneath her short skirt .”i will go an pick a dress” jane said and followed Jenny out .Mum was still on her knees in front of me “you like this?, You look nice “ she said .she never waited sahabet giriş for my answer but licked to top of my cock repeating what the other girl had just said “mmm sissy juice” then put my cock into her mouth . For the second time in my life my mum was sucking my cock, she looked beautiful so loving with her eyes closed an her lips moving slowly up and down my shaft taking me deeply into her mouth so her nose touched me , it felt like my cock was going right down her throat , I was close to cumming but mum stopped “not yet honey” she said .Jane came back in with a dress , like a summer dress but shorter “ you also wanted some toys “ Jane asked mum .Toys ? I was confused with this one . “oh yes I nearly forget “ mum said as Jane led me over to table next to a chest of draws , the table was black with a soft top an what looked like straps on the corners. Jane bent me over it “ you like your bum played with your mum was telling me “ she said as she put my wrists into the cuffs my arms stretched out in front of me mum was behind me putting high heeled shoes on me as jane pulled my panties off then she opened my legs and cuffed my ankles to the corners my anus was fully exposed ,the heels pushing my bum up even higher . Jane opened the draw next to the table “ anything you fancy or should I pick for you” she asked mum “ I’ll take your advice “mum replied . She handed mum a tube and instructed her to apply some lube , again mums wet finger was massaging my bum hole , “I normally start small but as he’s been so good I think we will try a bit bigger”i seen Jane pick up what looked like a plastic cock , longer but about as thick as mine and gave it to mum .”will it fit in? “ mum asked . Jane nodded and replied “this is the best way to train a sissy . That is until ,well you know what we talked about” mum laughed then I felt the toy touch my ass it went in a bit but my ass was tight mum pushed harder , pushing it in an out in an out , I let out a moan as the head passed into my anal passage , each time she pushed it in it went deeper into me until I felt like I was wide open an full.Jane was holding my cheeks open an giving mum instructions like “ let his ass relax around it” and “work it in an out with long slow strokes “ .my head was starting to spin an mums other had moved to my cock which she started to rub in rhythm with the toy in my bum , I came hard , my ass gripping tightly to the plastic cock “mmmm there’s a good sissy for mummy “Jane said .The two lady’s undid the cuffs put my panties back on an the dress . “lets get you home baby mum said I need you to kiss me like you kissed her” mum said with a sexy smile . Jane gave mum a bag with some toys in and I was lead out to the car dressed as a girl . “same time next week” Jane shouted as we left “ oh yes “ mum answered . As we where leaving a boy and his mum where just coming in .as he passed I her she said to him see how that sissy isn’t moaning , I looked at mum an giggled . “I don’t think he likes that shop mum “ I said “no , but not all boys like to play dress up like you, now lets get you home so you can thank mommy properly

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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