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“I just want to be honest with you before you move in.” Jim spoke into the receiver of the phone with his recently divorced sister, Megan. “I like making videos of Janice and me and instead of trying to hide it from you I figured I’d let you know up front, okay? It would be too much work to stow away all the tapes and camera and stuff. So, if it freaks you out and you want to find other digs that’ll be cool.”

“Thanks for being straight, Jimmy, but I don’t think it’ll be a problem. I’m sure we’ll have to work some scheduling things out, but hey, we’re both adults, right? Besides I really need a place to stay until I get back on my feet. And since we’re being honest I want to let you know I got a job at the Cabana Club.”

“Cabana Club?” Jimmy thought his news was risque but his sister just said she got a job at the only full nude strip club within a hundred miles of town. “Wow.” Jimmy muttered as he secretly thought about his hot raven haired sister taking her clothes off.

“Can’t let this body go to waste eh, Jimmy? Besides it’s not like you haven’t seen me naked.” Megan laughed.” Hey, I just wanted to let you know before you stumbled in there and freaked out if saw me dancing, that’s all.” Jimmy was speechless. “Well I’m a few blocks away street blowjobs porno I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

“See ya.” Jimmy’s voice cracked. He couldn’t contain the growing erection in his pants as the naked image of his sister’s 38-24-36 assets, complete with her long curly black hair, paraded shamelessly across the dance floor of his imagination. Jimmy got control of himself as he heard her car pull into the driveway. She was still his sister after all and he had to resist the taboo temptations.

The day went without another word spoken about her stripping or he videotaping as both siblings carted in Megan’s meager possessions. But after a light dinner and a couple of beers the conversation once again turned to their pursuits.

“So, you don’t mind that I’m working at the Cabana?” Megan wiped her hands on a towel after finishing the dishes.

“No not at all.” Jimmy evaded his sister glance. The tight summer dress she was wearing barely contained her large perfect breasts. Her cleavage was staggering and just the mention of the club brought back his erection to full mast. “I hate to say it but it kind of…” Jimmy got up quickly and went into the living room before he said something he might student sex parties porno regret.

“Hey, Jimbo it’s okay.” Megan followed her brother. “Are you turned on by this?”

“Well. yeah. I’d have to be homo not to to be, jeeze. Sister or not you’re pretty damn hot, okay? There I said it.” Jimmy’s cheeks were flushed red.

“Relax I said it was okay. It is okay, right?”

“Yeah.” Jimmy chugged his beer and crushed the can, “It’s just… God, this is weird.”

“Well tell me what kind of movies you and Janice make, huh?” Megan could tell her brother was uncomfortable. Watching him sitting on the couch trying to conceal his erection. She was finding herself aroused at this most taboo of teases.

“Well what do you think? Home movies of us making dinner? Here’s another movie of Janice reading a book, jeeze Meg.”

“You know, I have seen a movie once where there was this girl reading a book. You know what she was doing?”

“Hmmm, let me guess.” Jimmy pondered his sister’s question. “She was drinking a cup of coffee?” Jimmy couldn’t hide his sarcasm.

“No silly.” Megan deviantly smiled as her fingers absently ran down the crevass of her huge tits. “It’s getting a little submissive cuckolds porno warm in here don’t you think?”

“Come on sis maybe we should knock it off. “

“Tell me you haven’t fantasized about making it with me?” Megan unbuttoned the top button on her tight summer dress then slowly peeled her short sleeved shoulder down.

“Well yeah, but it’s still a little strange, don’t you think?” Jimmy absently rubbed his cock through his jeans.

“What fantasy isn’t? I mean you guys fantasize about about all kinds of crazy stuff.” Megan sat at the other end of the couch laying against the deep arm facing her horny brother. Her knees bounced rhythmically together and apart, while slightly bent upward, giving Jimmy a dark glimpse up his sister’s dress.

“Yeah? What kind of crazy stuff have you’ve done?” Jimmy continued to slowly knead his denim. “For instance, have you ever eaten another girl’s pussy?”

“You guys are all alike.” Megan grinned like a hungry lion. “Would you like me to go down on Janice? Eat her wet pussy for you, huh?” Megan spread her legs and slowly pulled her summer dress up her hot stripper thighs exposing her burgundy panties.

“Or maybe Janice eating yours? But hey, we’re into freakier shit than you’d be interested in.” Jimmy smirked.

“Ooooh, how’s this sport?” Megan pulled slowly on her panties letting them drift slowly to the side. Her neatly trimmed dark muff peek-a-booed from under the burgundy material of her tight panties. With her wet, aroused clit fully exposed to her brother Megan slid her finger down her wet slit.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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