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SirSir called. He said very little, as usual. “Boy, be here at 7:30”. He didn’thave to say anymore. He knew that i would arrive, open the door, strip offmy clothes and kneel in the foyer. He knew that i would wait. If he took oneminute or three hours. He knew. His boy would wait. And so, after a day ofnegotiating with colleagues and clients, of being in charge, sometimesenjoying the little victories and sometimes pissed because i didn’t win, iwas walking to Sir’s townhouse. My cock ached because he hadn’t called inover a week and i was not allowed to touch myself. Of course, i could havecheated and jacked off or had sex but I was Sir’s boy and couldn’t bringmyself to do that. iwould have ended up in tears at his feet confessing andbegging him to punish me to make it right with him. The one time, after ifirst accepted his domination, that i cheated i told him within a minute ofour next meeting. He just asked me if istill wanted to be his. In tearsisaid yes and begged him to keep me. He told me to lie on my back on thekitchen floor. Then he shit on my belly and told me not to move. i lay therefor most of the day meditating on his shit and hoping that he would notthrow me out. At the end of the day he had me take the shit to the bathroomin my hands, flush it down the toilet. Then he washed me, told me to dress,and sent me home. i waited two weeks for him to call me back, passing thedays in agony that he would not call again. When he did, i was like a littleboy waiting for Santa Claus — happy, excited, and afraid that Santa wouldnot bring me any gifts.Not just my cock ached as i walked to his home; my stomach ached too. Itached because this was not a game that i played. i was not Sir’s boy becausei wanted to be disciplined and humiliated. i was his boy because i loved himit was the only way I could have any part of him — his conditions, myacceptance. i had any interest in being submissive to a Dominant man. Beforei met Sir i had been to leather bars a few times but found it to be prettysilly. Insecure men posing as Doms or subs because they didn’t know anotherway to find a man or to negotiate a relationship. i didn’t meet Sir at aleather bar or in a Dom/sub chat room. i met him at a party at a friend’shouse. He wasn’t dressed in leather. He didn’t pose. We met when i dropped anapkin and he picked it up and handed it to me, meeting my eyes with hissteady gaze, as he said, “You dropped this.” Pretty simple and I wasconquered.Sir was very attractive. Thirty-seven years old, dark hair and eyes,well-built but not a muscle builder. He was 4 inches shorter than my sixfeet. i am also very well built. Usually i would spend an hour a day at thegym. The payoff was that at 43 I could still attract younger, good lookingguys. Sir and i spoke for several hours that first night. I noticed that iwas letting him direct the conversation, answering his questions, attentiveto his words. He noticed too. At the end of the evening i was hoping hewould ask me to go home with him but he didn’t. He didn’t ask for my phonenumber. Instead, he took out a card and told me to write my number on it. idid what he asked. Even at our first meeting, i wanted to do what he askedif it would make him happy. Three days later he called me and said he wouldlike me to come to his house for dinner that evening. I had plans but didn’teven tell him that. i accepted and later cancelled my other plans. Duringour conversation on the phone he let it slip that he liked the color blue onme and that a stretch T-shirt would probably look really good on my. Afterwe hung up i went out shopping to find a blue stretch T. i arrived at hishouse, bottle of wine in hand. He invited me in, took the wine, thanked meand took in my appearance with a smile. He put the wine down on the kitchencounter and put his hands on my chest, lightly pinching my nipples whichstood hard for him. The moment was charged for me. i was growing hard andcould feel the rush of sexual feeling come over me as if i just sniffed somepoppers and could feel my blood vessel filling and my legs weaken. He tookit all in. He let go of my nipples, said: “Nice tits. They respond well”,and brushed his hand across my cheek gently and possessively. i was his fromthat minute on.Dinner was great. Don’t ask me what i ate or drank. i was mesmerized by thisguy, drinking him in and falling in love like a 15-year-old girl with herfirst crush. When dinner was done he invited me to the living room. i don’tknow why but i asked if he’d like me to wash the dishes first. He gave mehis enigmatic smile and said, “yes, I think you should do that.” So i washedthe dishes and then went into the living room where he was sitting on thesofa. He was looking at a book but told me to come and sit with him. He maderoom so that i could sit with his arm around me and he showed me the book hewas reading. The title of the book was “In Search of a Master”. He asked meif i had ever read it. i responded that I had not. He told me that he wouldlike me to take it home and read it so that i could tell him where i sawmyself and him in the book the next time we met. It was an odd request, ithought, but intriguing too. As we sat he started to play with my nipplesagain. Speaking quietly and assuredly, he told me to take off my shirt. Weweren’t making love; he was exploring my body and finding out how iresponded to his touch. After about a half hour he told me to take off therest of my clothes. So there i was, naked, being caressed and probed withhis hands while he was fully dressed. He never even touched my cock thatnight but it was one of the most sensual nights I could remember. My bodywas learning to respond to his hands. They were not shy; they touched whereand how they wanted, they took possession, they conquered and commanded. Andi was being turned into a boy.As i walked to Sir’s house i continued to reflect on our first night. I wasnaked with a fully clothed man who was using his hands to learn how he coulddirect my body. He never kissed me and didn’t allow me to take anyinitiatives that night. When I tried to kiss him he firmly pushed my faceaway from him and said; “no, it isn’t going to be like that.” I didn’t knowwhat he meant so I just stored the information and continued to let him dowhat he wanted. After several hours he stopped and said; “I think it’s timefor you to go for now.”, leaving me with a throbbing hard-on. He just got upand said; “Wait for me to phone you this week.” As istood, he slapped myass. It was a bit too hard to be playful, just hard enough to be slightlyhumiliating. In my state of arousali couldn’t control my reaction. i started to cum. Not knowing what to do icaught the cum in my hand because i didn’t want to stain his carpet. Now ifelt completely humiliated standing naked in front of him, with all of hisclothes on, looking at me like i was a c***d who just peed his pants. i wasmad but couldn’t let him know because i was already thinking that i couldn’tlose this guy. i laughed uncomfortably. He gazed at me and in a voice thatwas almost a whisper said; “It would be really nice to see you eat your cumnow.” Although i had never done anything like that i was not about to say noto him. i started licking my hand. When i finished i thought i would makelight of my feeling humiliated by jokingly saying; “Did Sir like that?” Heresponded, “Yes, and I want you to continue to call me Sir. You’ll learn notto be embarrassed by pleasing me. Now go home.”i left his house totally confused but still very aroused. Being humiliatedwas not something i did for fun or for sex but with him, feeling humiliatedand hot were beginning to become inseparable. i went home, stripped off myclothes and sat in the living room thinking about how i had felt with him. iwas sure that it was the most sexually erotic night of my life but i was notsure i wanted to feel as naked, aroused, and ashamed with anybody as i didwith him. The rest of the week went by in the same way. I worked, carried onas if everything were fine but i was thinking about him and refeelingeveryplace he touched me all week long.Then he called again on Thursday. He didn’t say who it was and didn’t askhow i was. He just said that he wanted me to make dinner for him at my houseon Friday evening. He would be over at 8:00. Then he added; “It would benice if you didn’t have any clothes on when you open the door. We’ll startthings right this time.” Once again, i knew that i would do what he told mebut i didn’t feel comfortable with my eagerness to do so or with hisself-assurance that i would do exactly what he said. For the rest of thatevening and all day Friday i had trouble not thinking about being at my doornaked for him. i also put some thought into what dinner i could make thatwould please him — i could already see how this relationship was alreadychanging how i felt about myself and that he was bringing out of mesomething i never knew was there.On Friday, i went home after work. Instinctively, i stripped and started toprepare dinner. i worked quickly, making a simple meal that ihad seen inGourmet. When he rang the bell at 8:30 i let him in. He stood in theentrance, with the door still open, smiled at me and my naked body. When heclosed the door he pinched my nipples and gave a playful slap to my face,saying only; “Very nice, we’re off to a good start.” We talked for a whileor, i should say, he directed the conversation and i followed his cues. Itwas pretty clear that our roles were becoming very established.When i invited him to come to the table he took the head seat. i went intothe kitchen to bring in the food. When i brought it in, he looked onapprovingly and said; “Nice job, after you serve me why don’t you sit downthere.” Once again, i felt humiliated at being told that i could sit at myown table. But i served him and sat as he had told me to do. He ate, payinglittle attention to me. When he finished the green beans, he stopped andsaid; “I’d like you to serve me some more of these but first heat them up.”i got up to heat the green beans. It was impossible to hide my raginghard-on as i went to the kitchen and returned. He continued to eat as if iwasn’t there.At the end of dinner he repeated what he had said at our first dinner. So iwent to wash the dishes. I finished and went into the living room. His copyof “In Search of a Master” was on the coffee table. He noted it and said,once again in that firm whisper soft commanding voice, “Come and kneel withyour head in my lap”. i positioned myself so that i could look up into hiseyes easily but it was very clear that i was becoming his to command. i wasnot comfortable but i was not protesting. And my cock was stiffer than icould ever remember. As i kneeled there in a subservient position, hestarted to speak. ” I think you know by now what I am looking for. I havealways been dominant to other men in relationships. I liked you from themoment we met. I want to train you and mold you. I know that this is veryuncomfortable for you but you will learn to submit yourself to me in moreand more ways. You may not like it but after a time it will become naturalto you and you will crave my domination even if you hate how it feels towant to be dominated. You can tell me now that this is not what you want andI’ll leave — for good. But your cock and your eyes and the way you try tomake me happy all tell me that you want to be dominated by me. If you acceptwhat I am offering we will go slowly. I will break down your resistance andbring you past your fears slowly.”I looked at him, maybe like a deer caught in headlights — but this deer hada rock hard cock and a body that already felt like he was inside of me insome way that took control away from me.Seeing my look, he said, “Don’t speak. If you agree that we should continueto explore this then lower your head and kiss my shoes in submission. NOW.”My body was shaking. i didn’t want to become his sub and i didn’t want tolick anybody’s shoes. But i wanted him. I slowly lowered my head to hisshoes, still shaking with my ass exposed. Then i raised my head and startedto cry, something i couldn’t remember doing in years. He stood up and had mestand to. Then he put his arms around me and let me cry on his shoulder.Although he was younger and four inches shorter he stroked my head as thoughi were a little boy. The last thing he said before he left that night was;”For now you are my boy. Whenever we are alone you will call me Sir.Whenever you have a dialogue in your head, imagining that you are talking tome, you will call me Sir. Whenever we are alone together or when I tell youthat certain friends are coming over, you will be naked. Is that clear,boy?”And my last words to him that evening, after he once again slapped my on theass and caused me to cum in my hand, were: “Yes, Sir. I understand”Then, as he left he said “Good, the training will begin now.”i felt more confused than ever as a i walked home that night. i had agreedto be trained as a boy by this man who i now thought of as “Sir”. Every timei thought about him i also thought about what it meant to serve him and besubservient to him. It was a new me i was discovering. No longer a confidentbusinessman, not an intelligent, charming man and lover. Just a boy. It mademe feel queasy to think about it, but queasy with a nearly constant hard-on.Just thinking about him telling me to do something or holding me firmly inhis arms while i sobbed like a c***d made me think of more ways to try toplease him and to make him proud of me. At home alone, i never wore clothesanymore. i stopped jerking off because it didn’t feel right without hisdirection. i exercised harder because i wanted him to approve of my body. iwondered if he would want me to shave my body or my head or tattoo myselffor him.A few nights later, Sir called again. “Come tonight boy to begin yourtraining.”i got to “Sir’s at the appointed time. As soon as i entered i stripped. ididn’t know what i was supposed to do next. Sir stood there and inspectedme, as usually playing with my nipples a bit. Then he slapped me just a bitharder than before, not to hurt me but just to remind me that he had rightsover me.Then Sir said “Well boy, how do you think you should show me proper respectnow?”i said “i don’t know Sir, Please tell me” Sir slapped me again and said”Boy, I am not looking for a doormat. I am looking for an intelligent boywho wants to use his intelligence to become a good boy for me.” Then herepeated “How do you think you should show me proper respect now”. This timei told him exactly what i had been thinking about since the last time wemet.”Sir, i think i should kneel at your feet and lick your shoes clean untilyou tell me to stop.”And Sir said “You’ve been thinking about doing that for a while, haven’t youboy. You’re starting to love the idea of showing me that you want to submitand to obey, aren’t you.”i replied, “Yes Sir, i’ve been thinking about being naked in front of youall week. And i’ve been thinking how much i want to show you that i am yoursto turn into your boy even though it is very hard for me to give upcontrol.”Sir smiled, as usual, with his superior smile that told me he alreadyanticipated what i thought and what i needed. He commanded. “Boy, lick myshoes. Get your head low and your ass high. I want to see your ass in theair while you worship my feet.i got down on my knees and started to carefully caress Sir’s shoes with mytongue. The turn on was not in bathing his shoes with my adoring tongue. Itwas in trying to show him how much i wanted to please him. After minutes ofservicing his shoes. He said “Boy, rule number one is that you hold yourhands behind your back whenever you are not doing something that requirestheir use.” i felt stupid after trying so hard to do things right. i lockedmy fingers together behind my back and continued. Several minutes more andSir spoke. “That’s enough, come and sit down. We need to talk about therules.”We went into the living room. Next to the sofa was a small stool. Sir said.”The stool is yours. From now on it is the only furniture you sit on unlessI tell you otherwise. Than may happen when we have guests who don’t need toknow about your role. Remember, even if there are guests, unless I tell youotherwise, this is your only furniture.”I sat on the stool, legs slightly apart so that my almost always hard cockwas clearly showing.”Rule number two boy. You will lower your eyes and hand in respect unless Itell you that you may raise them. At times I will want you to talk freely.You are an intelligent man and I want to share that. But that will be when Iwant it, not when you think you have something clever to say to me. Do youunderstand?”With lowered eyes, cock hard, and hands behind my back, i replied “Yes, Sir,i understand.”Sir smiled. “Good boy. Now go pour me a glass of wine and bring it quick.You will kneel in front of me and hold it until I take it from you.”i got up quickly and went to the kitchen for the wine like a servant. i waswondering if my raging hard-on would ever soften. i brought the wine backand knelt. Sir ignored me for several minutes while he looked at some mail.Then he took the wine glass, took a sip and handed the glass back to me. Hepetted my head, playing a bit with my hair absentmindedly while he read.Then he gave me his attention again.”This is how you will serve me when I tell you to get something. Always.” Hecontinued.”Sometimes I will want you to dine with me. Then you will bring your stoolto the table and you’ll have freedom to talk. Other times, you will serve insilence. While I am eating you will kneel beside my chair. You will not showany impatience. If I want to feed you I will give you food from my plate. Ifnot, you will eat after I am finished, in the kitchen, from my dirty plate.Do you understand?””Yes Sir, i understand Sir.””What do you think so far, boy?””Sir, i don’t know why but i want to find more ways to let you know how muchi want to make you happy that i am your boy. And Sir, it feels more like youare training me to be your slave than your boy.””Very good observation, boy. You may become my slave if it works out betweenus. But that will be later and it will be something that we both want andthat will be permanent. Let’s just consider this to be our courtship.””Thank you, Sir” I was incredibly happy to think that Sir was thinking of usbeing in a permanent relationship someday. Even with me as his slave. Ormaybe especially with me as his slave.”As for sex, boy.” He went on “When I want it and how I want it. Your focusis on using your mouth, your ass, and your body to give me pleasure. Yourcock is irrelevant except that it’s a barometer of how right beingsubmissive is for you. I don’t want a doormat. I am not a Sir who is goingto waste any time trying to figure out how to keep you sexually excited. Ifthat’s what you want go to the Eagle and find some insecure make-believemaster who’ll try to satisfy you while he’s giving orders.”i knew what Sir was talking about. i guess that one of the reasons i nevergot into the Dom/sub bar world was that i never really believed that theDoms were Doms. They seemed just as desperate as the subs.”Now let’s go to the bedroom.”i had never been in Sir’s bedroom before. There was no dungeon, noequipment. Just a very expensive contemporary design bedroom set. Sir sat onthe edge of the bed. For a second i didn’t know what to do but then iremembered and knelt at his feet, hands locked behind my back, stomachpulled in, cock jutting out. i was anxious to see Sir’s body. i had not seenor touched his cock yet. i was hoping that this would be my opportunity. Butit wasn’t. Sir whispered. “Stand in front of me” I did so. He took my cockfirmly in his hands, the first time ever, and said “Think about how you feelboy. Focus all your attention on how your cock feels right now. It is thecenter of your world right now boy. Tell me how it feels.””Sir, all i can think of is how good it feels to have my cock in your hand.i feel your strength Sir. i feel like you have total power over me Sir and ifeel like i want to give you more power, Sir.””Very good, boy” ” Now you are going to lie on your back on the floor and Iam going to make you cum by playing with your cock with my shoe. When youcum you will clean your body and lick up the cum on your hands and on thefloor. Then you will go to the foyer, put on your clothes and go home. Idon’t think I have to tell you this boy, but you don’t cum on your ownanymore. Only when I tell you, clear?””Yes, Sir, very clear Sir”Then i lay down on the ground and Sir started to play with my cock. Hestepped on it firmly but not too forcefully. He gave it little kicks withhis shoe and watched it quiver. After about five minutes, He ordered “Cum.”i shot my load, all over my chest and some on the floor. i carefully sc****dthe cum from my body and licked it off my fingers. Once done with that, igot on my knees and licked the spots of my cum off the floor as Sir sat andwatched. Then without words, I left the bedroom, got dressed in the foyerand walked out of the townhouse to go home.i left Sir’s house minutes ago. Although i had just cum i was walking with ahard-on that anybody passing by on the street would notice. i was thinkingabout the fact that i was having the hottest sex of my life with a man whohad barely touched me and whom i had never touched. It made me aware of howmuch sexual pleasure was in my mind. But it also made me mad. Why was iletting myself be turned into a boy/slave by Sir? Why was i willing tosettle for whatever he wanted to give me on his terms only? As i walkedalong i got more pissed. Instead of going home i decided to go to the Eagle,have a drink, and look at some men on my own terms. i took a cab over. Wheni got inside i checked my coat and as an afterthought my T-shirt too. i gota drink and cruised around the bar for a while. There were lots of jeans andsneakers types and some guys in leather. i felt like i needed to identify mynewfound sub self so i went into the little leather store on the first floorand bought a leather armband. i couldn’t get it on by myself so i asked theleatherman sales guy to help put it on my right arm. He grinned when i askedand said. “ask right, boy” i replied, “Sir, could you please help me snap onthe armband so that everyone here will know that i am a boy?” Then he helpedme and before backing off stuck his armpit right into my face, saying “Giveit a few licks, boy” Without thinking, i did as he said. My boy training wastaking over my life.i walked out of the leather store back into the bar. A big guy in leatherchaps and vest, and a leather cap was watching me. He followed me to the barand started talking. “My slave and I are looking for another boy — someonelike you — to play with tonight. Why don’t you come home with us?” A coupleof months ago i would have just laughed at an invitation like this. Now myreaction was one of curiosity and fear. i wanted to see how this leathermanwould use me and his boy together. i was afraid of what Sir would do if heknew i did something behind his back. But i was pissed at Sir so i said”Yes, Sir i would like to go home with you and your boy.” The leatherman’sslave approached. He was a younger guy, about 5’6″. He wore tight leathershorts, boots and a chain around his neck with a lock. He approached hismaster eagerly and almost forgetting to lower his eyes in respect. Theleatherman said, “Boy, this is slave Juan. Give each other a nice slavekiss.” i didn’t know what he meant and just stood there but slave Juan cameup to me, hands locked behind his back. i did the same and we began to kissfor master’s pleasure. Slave Juan was a cute guy but all i could think ofwhile i was kissing him was that i wanted to be kissed by Sir or have Sir bethe one telling me to kiss slave Juan. i was feeling really bad now and iknew that i couldn’t go on with this. i stopped kissing slave Juan. i pulledback a bit and turned to the leatherman. He didn’t look happy but iinstinctively got on my knees in front of him in full public view and spoketo him very respectfully. “i am sorry Sir, but i can’t do this. i would bebetraying the man who now owns my life.” The leatherman laughed at this andpulled on my hair with big hands so that i was looking up into his eyes.”That’s a good response, boy. Let me give you something to remember me by.”With that he spit in my face. i left the gobs of spit on my face and saidthank you to the leatherman and to slave Juan. Then i got up and went home,spit still on my face.At home i stripped off my clothes and lay on the bed for a long time withoutsleeping. As usual when i thought about Sir, my cock was pulsing. i knewthat i was going to confess what i had done to him and i was afraid of hisreaction. i didn’t care if he punished my; i would beg him for that. What iwas terrified of was that he would send me away. i realized that i wascompletely in love with Sir and did not want to lose him. i barely sleptthat night.Sir called. It was several days later and i was still restless and worried.He wanted me to come over on Saturday to clean his townhouse and entertainsome friends that evening. i asked Sir how i should dress for the evening.He said that i did not have to be concerned with clothes for the evening.With these friends i would present naked as if it were just the two of us.Before he hung up, i told him that i would have something important to tellhim on Saturday morning.There was too much going on in my head as i walked to Sir’s. i was going toconfess. i had no idea how he would react. i was supposed to be introducedto friends as his boy. All in one day. i was in turmoil as i got to hisplace.Upon entering i quickly took off my clothes and kneeled with my head bowedand hands locked behind my back. i was sweating and shaking a bit when Sircame to inspect me about ten minutes later. i immediately kissed his barefeet and licked between his toes. My agitation must have been prettyobvious. He told me to raise my head and look him in the eyes. His gaze tookcomplete control of me. I started to weep and explained what had happenedthe other night. Sir kept gazing at me. i asked permission to speak. WhenSir said yes i begged him to punish me because i was sorry for what i haddone and then i said what i had feared to say for weeks now.”Sir, i love you. i know that i am just your boy and maybe someday yourslave, but i love you, Sir.” Sir continued to penetrate me with his eyes andput his fingers to his lips, indicating that i should be silent. i shut upand knelt completely still.”Boy, I know that you love me. You might be surprised to hear this but Ilove you too. I am not going to love you in the way you are used to. I willlove you eventually as your Master and you will love me as my slave. What weare doing now is shaping your mind and your body to respond as a trulyobedient, submissive slave.”He continued “I also know that you are struggling with what is going oninside of you and that you both love me and at times hate me. So you thoughtin your mind that you could hurt me by being unfaithful. But boy, I knowthat you can’t do that.””I will punish you.” He said, “Not to hurt you but so that you can thinkabout what you have done and how important it is for you to serve me.”That was when Sir had me lie on the kitchen floor. I saw his naked ass forthe first time as he squatted over me and shit on my belly. Then he got upand went to his study, leaving me on the floor, contemplating a pile of his– happily for me — solid turds.i knew that i could have got up and walked out at that moment but i might aswell have been superglued to the floor. i barely moved a muscle but laythere for several hours. Sir came into the kitchen, had a cup of coffee andate a sandwich as if i were not even there. My eyes followed him whenever hewas in sight without moving my head. i realized that i was happy just lyingin this man’s shit if it meant that i was close to him and that he caredabout me.At about 1:00 p.m. he came into the kitchen again and told me to take hisshit into the toilet. I did as he commanded. He came into the bathroom andran warm water in the shower. He told me to get in and from outside of theshower he washed my torso while i stood with my hands locked behind my back.Then he toweled me dry.He gave orders. “Boy, you have a lot to do now. I want the living room anddining room clean and the menu for tonight is on the kitchen counter.Mauricio and his slave will arrive at 7:30. I want everything ready and Iwant you to make me proud tonight when I show you off.Then Sir did what he had never done before. He took my head in his hands anddrew me close to him. He kissed me deeply with his tongue. My cock felt likeit was going to explode as his tongue invaded my mouth and made that too hisproperty to own and control.For the rest of the day i worked very happily. i barely saw Sir. He stayedin his study doing some work, reading, and then resting. i cleaned andcooked and savored the memory of him inside of my hungry mouth. The shameand humiliation i had once felt in being naked and subservient in hispresence were now being transformed into something much warmer. i felt trulyloved and cared for as i made preparations for the evening, concentrating onhow much i wanted him to be happy with the results. i could not ignore myhard-on. It might have looked silly to someone looking in from the outside –a grown man, a highly educated professional man cooking and setting tablenaked with a raging hard-on. But to me it felt just right.At 5:00 Sir checked on me. Seeing that there were only finishing touchesleft to complete he called me into his study. i knelt on the oriental carpetbeside his leather chair. He tousled my hair and spoke. “You’ve done well sofar boy. Maybe you should rest a while before our guests arrive. i wasgrateful for Sir’s thoughtfulness. He told me to lie on my back on thecarpet and try to sleep a bit. i closed my eyes and did as i was ordered.Sir occasionally massaged me with the soles of his shoes. I couldn’t sleepmuch but was very rested when the doorbell rang. Sir ordered me to go toopen the door and to receive Mauricio and his slave on my knees. I scurriedto the door to follow Sir’s command.i opened the door naked, without knowing who would be entering. At one timei would have felt shame at being viewed naked, my cock half hard bystrangers. But now it seemed almost natural. The two men who entered were anextraordinary looking couple. The first to come in was the smaller of thetwo. About 5′ 8” with a fine featured, extremely handsome face, andcommanding demeanor. Following him respectfully was a larger man, also quitegood looking with a very muscular body. i assumed that the smaller man wasMauricio. i didn’t know what the other was until i saw the small chainaround his neck with a lock on it. He was, i assumed correctly, Mauricio’sslave. What followed next had ballet like precision. The slave tookMauricio’s cashmere overcoat, handed it to me to hang up, and took off hisown clothes in a single graceful movement. He immediately knelt. I followedhis lead, thinking that this was the proper thing to do as a sign of respectto Sir and Sir’s friend Mauricio.Mauricio and Sir greeted each other casually, like old friends. Sir askedMauricio how his book was coming along and how his family was. Mauricio saidthat the book was almost finished and that there were just a few changes tomake before publication. i did not know what kind of book Mauricio waswriting and since the slave and i were being totally ignored at the moment ididn’t think that i was going to find out. After several minutes ofconversation, Sir changed the topic. “I see that your boy has become yourslave now. His training must be coming along very well.”Mauricio replied “Yes, he has learned a great deal. It’s hard to believethat he was such a cocky stud before. Do you remember when we first saw himat the bar. You didn’t think he could be dominated and after one look in hiseyes I told you that he is just a big slave waiting for a master. Now look.”With that Mauricio approached his slave. He took the slaves chin by the handand raised his head from the submissive eyes down position. With his slavelooking up into his eyes Mauricio said “Who’s slave are you?” The slavereplied with no self-consciousness. “I am your slave, Master.” Mauricioadded “What is your goal slave?” To which the slave responded, “To serve youand make you happy, Master.” The slave’s huge, blood engorged cock wasgrowing harder as he soaked in his master’s gaze. Mauricio commanded “Sit.”The slave changed his position from kneeling to sitting with his legs openin front of him. Mauricio stepped on his cock, not with his full weight butwith enough for me to know that it must have hurt. The slave did not winceor move. Mauricio smiled down at him and then at Sir. He removed his footfrom the slave’s cock. The slave had a look of great pleasure on his face,as if he was very satisfied with what had been done to him. Very softly hesaid “Thank you Master for your foot on your property.”Mauricio then turned to Sir. “How is your training working out? It looks asthough you have found some true slave material here.”i wondered what made me look like `true slave material’ but before i thoughttoo much, Mauricio moved in front of me and ordered “Stand.” i stood just asif it were Sir commanding me. Mauricio inspected me. Nodded at my positionand said “Just look at the way his ass stands out. He’s spent a life timetrying to let other men know that he wants them to fuck him. And look at hiseyes, always with a gentle look that says `Don’t worry, I won’t hurt you. Ineed you to like me and love me.” “Yes” he continued, “This one has alwayswanted to be someone’s boy or slave although he never knew it and neverwould have if you hadn’t helped him to discover himself.” Then Mauricioadded, “Just look how his cock throbs when I talk about him as a submissiveobject. Have you trained him to cum without touching him yet?”Sir responded “No, but he barely needs to be touched. His cock is becomingas submissive as his mind is. I am taking my time with him. He has had toovercome the pain he has associated with humiliation so that he can betotally free to serve. I haven’t fucked him yet because he still needs tohave his mind and body become more unified in the objective of serving. Soonhe will be free enough to become a complete slave, like yours.”Maybe i should have felt offended to hear myself being spoken about like apuppy being trained but i was concentrating completely on Sir’s words and iwas very proud to be considered to be making good progress.Mauricio noted my satisfied look. “George, this one will be your slave foras long as you want him.” Sir just winked at Mauricio and slapped me on theass. “You boy and you slave, get into the kitchen and get things ready fordinner. Feel free to speak to each other. You need to get to know each othersince you will be working together a great deal. From this i understood thatSir and Mauricio were very good friends and that using slaves and boystogether was not something completely new for themSlave and i moved quickly to the kitchen. Although the townhouse was quiteelegant the galley kitchen was small enough so that we were very aware ofeach other’s nakedness. i spoke to slave first. “What should i call you.Since i have become Sir’s boy he has not used my name. Do we have namesanymore or what? Slave responded “For now we are slave and boy. They willdecide what to call us when they want.” Then I questioned some more. “Howlong have you been serving your master?” He replied “I’ve been with him forthree years. Your Sir was training another boy for the about one year butwhen Sir wanted his total commitment as a slave, the boy could not gothrough with it and backed out. Then your Sir was alone until he met you. Iknow from overhearing Master’s conversations with him on the phone or when Ihave served the two of them together that your Sir thinks that you will makethe commitment. He is pleased with your progress.Although we continued to work, slave’s remarks made a deep impression on me.My cock got harder as i thought of his words about Sir’s being pleased withme. Like a baby who begins to cry when he hears another crying, slave’s cockalso began to grow. We looked at each other and grinned in complicity. Hecommented “You have a nice slavecock. It really is learning to respond toeven the thought of your Sir. You’ll see how wonderful it is to become theslave of a truly dominant man such as your Sir. I was never a sub before Imet Master but since I have become his slave I have never been happier. Istill have my own professional life but the rest of my life is dedicated tohim. Not a minute of the day goes by when some part of my mind doesn’t turnto him or remember something he said or did. I think I am a very happy,contented slave. I hope you will become one too.”We brought the food to the table, Sir at the head and Master at its foot.When we had served them and poured their wine Sir spoke. “Since we aregetting to know each other you two will sit at the table tonight and mayjoin — respectfully — in our conversation when invited. i was very excitedand pleased at the arrangement. Slave and i sat on opposite sides of thetable. We did not have stools but our chairs were several inches lower thanthe others and we were not eating from the china. Each of us had a plasticdish and a spoon to eat with. We were also allowed to partake of the winefrom plastic cups. No matter, with legs open in deference to the twodominant men at the table we eagerly joined them for dinner.Mauricio and Sir spoke with animation. There friendship was a very warm andlively one. They obviously cared for each other and shared intellectualinterests. Mauricio asked me about my work. i responded that i had worked atmy international consultant firm for seven years. i used to travel a greatdeal but now was at a higher managerial position. That was good, i blushedbecause it made me more available to Sir when he demanded my presence.Mauricio responded that the arrangement was fortunate. Slave bolu escort bayan had had to giveup a more high powered position in order to dedicate himself to totalslavery. Slave added that the career sacrifice was well worth it in order tobe Mauricio’s slave.The evening continued like this with light conversation and friendlysharing. After we cleared, Sir suggested that we go to the living room. Sirand Mauricio took the large leather chairs. Slave sat between Mauricio’slegs and i between Sir’s. After two brandies, Sir was very animated. Hesuggested that slave and i start to become familiar with each other. Heopened the drawer of the end table and brought out a double-dildo with alarge head on each side. “Mauricio, do you think boy and slave should showus how they can cum without touching their cocks?” Mauricio applauded with asmile and said “Certainly.” So we were ordered to stand back to back. Thedildo was lubed then inserted in slave’s ready and willing asshole. Thenthey told me to back into it as Sir fitted it into my asshole too. Mauriciostood in front of slave and Sir in front of me. Sir looked me in the eyesand spoke. “Boy, start to fuck the dildo. Look me in the eyes and let meknow how much you want to make me proud of you.” i began with slowgyrations, finding a rhythm to match slave’s, and feeling his ass cheeks rubmine very erotically. i kept my gaze on Sir, letting him know withoutspeaking that although it was another man’s body caressing mine that everymuscle movement of pleasure really was directed by and belonged to him. Eachstaring into our masters’ eyes we slowly fucked each others ass.After a while of my being in a near hypnotic trance of pure sexualsubmission to Sir, Sir and Mauricio caught each other’s glance and they bothsaid simultaneously “CUM”. Both slave and i came simultaneously. i wasquick enough to catch all of my cum in my hand, ready to eat it on command.Slave missed several drops. One hit his Master’s shoe. Mauricio’s face wentstone serious. He quickly slapped slave across the face. Slave accepted theslap. He dropped to his knees and with his ass high in the air he begancleaning his Master’s shoe with his tongue. Mauricio ignored what he wasdoing and directed his attention to Sir. “George, could you tell your boy torub his cum in slave’s face and hair. He will leave here tonight shirtless,covered in cum. Maybe he’ll learn not to be so clumsy in the future.Sir ordered me to do what Mauricio requested. i rubbed the cum in slave’shair and face when he finished cleaning Mauricio’s shoes. Then i gotMauricio his overcoat. Slave put it on him and then put on his own pants andshoes. He left his shirt. Although it was only in the low 60’s that evening,slave was going to walk to the car and drive his master home with acum-stained face. i wondered if his master would make a stop somewhere sothat slave could be further humiliated.When they left, Sir turned to me. “You’ve done well tonight boy. I am happywith your progress. Then he added. I want to sit and read for a bit. Comekneel at my feet.” i eagerly followed him and knelt with my head facing hiscrotch. Seeing me staring at his crotch he said “That’s good boy. I am goingto open my pants. I want you to study my cock and balls. I want you toconcentrate on them and on how much you want to give them pleasure. Focusyour entire attention on them. Let your mind give me the best blow job youhave ever given. Think about how hungry your tongue is for my cock, how muchyou want my cock to own your mouth. Don’t speak but think about how much youwant to dedicate yourself to this cock.” Sir didn’t have to say any of thosewords. i was already the slave to this man and to his cock, even though ihadn’t touched it yet.The taller of Pete’s slaves returned in just a minute. He had a pair ofunderpants in his hand. He came to my cage and stood above me, smilingslyly. “Boy, your master left these for you to sniff and chew on. Lick mycock and then I’ll give them to you. i got very excited at the thought ofhaving something of Sir with me to allow me to feel his presence. i put myface up to the bars of the cage, trying to reach the underpants. Instead ofthe underwear, i got the slave’s erect cock. i started to lick his cock,eagerly. i wasn’t thinking about his cock or his pleasure. Rather i wasthinking about Sir and how much i wanted him to be happy with my training.”Slow down, doggie” grunted the slave “I like a nice slow blowjob. You’regoing to get plenty of time to learn before you pass this course.” Then hepulled back his cock and threw the underpants into the cage. I took thembetween my paws and brought them up to my mouth and nose. I whimpered in joyat having Sir’s odor in my face. My cock was hard and my ass was high, likeit was waiting for him to come into the room to slap it and fuck me. ididn’t care that the poor dog named Juan was watching me nearly have anorgasm over a pair of underpants. i could see from his rock hard cock thathe was enjoying the performance he was seeing.After about an hour the two slaves returned. Speaking to Juan, one of themsaid “Hey Chihuahua, let’s see how you do today. You know that your masterhas plans for you once we teach you to submit without question. It’s a gooddeal for a street mutt like you. He wants to civilize you and educate you sothat you can be his full time slave. Not many hustlers like you get thischance.” With that, the slave opened Juan’s cage door and pulled him out. Itwas only then that I noticed that Juan had a steel bar holding his handsapart at shoulder width, with manacles on his wrists. The slave said to Juan”I am going to take the ball gag out but you will speak with respect todayor your punishment will be worse than yesterday.” The fearful look in Juan’seyes said that he was not going to cross the slave today. When the ball gagcame off Juan started to lick the slave’s hand in gratitude. The slavetousled his hair and played a bit with his mouth, saying “There now, isn’tthat better?” Juan didn’t answer with words but with a yap like a dog “woof,woof”.The other slave opened my cage door and led me out. It was obvious that mytreatment was much different from Juan’s. i was already broken by theirstandards. So what was my training?With one of them in front of Juan and one behind him they ordered me to geton my back underneath Juan so that i could suck on his cock. Then the onebehind penetrated Juan, not violently or too quickly but slowly and verysensuously. “You’re going to learn to beg for your master’s cock up your assChihuahua.” Now open your mouth and start working on Slave Mike’s cock. andyou, doggie, start working Chihuahua’s cock. Juan didn’t do as he was toldimmediately. He muttered under his breath, “I don’t suck cock, maricones.”Slave Mike slapped Juan across the face with full force. The slave behindhim did not allow Juan to fall. Slave Mike said without anger “You want toapologize to us all for that comment don’t you cuntmouth?” To which Juanreplied with tears in his eyes and the look of fear again “Yes, Sirs, I amsorry. I am the cuntmouth maricon here. Please let me suck your cock Sir.”Slave Mike smiled and responded, “Very good Chihuahua, a littleself-recognition is creeping in there. That’s good.”Then this huge fuck machine started in motion. Slave Joe in back workingJuan’s ass with slow gyrations. Juan sucking Slave Mike’s cock equallyslowly. And me underneath suck Juan’s humongous piece of Latin cock while mymind focused almost completely on Sir. i wished that Sir could be watchingme now to see how much i would humiliate myself as a mark of love andrespect for him.Our exercise went on for a very long time. Then Master Pete came into thetraining room. He nodded approvingly and spoke to his slaves. “Keep workingon the jumping bean. I am going to take Sir George’s boy to start somemind-sex training with him” With that he literally pulled me out from underJuan by my legs and led me on my leash to another part of the room. He hadme jump up on a leather table. With me in doggie position he took my cock inhis very warm hands and started pulling it sensuously. Are you thinkingabout your Sir, pup?” i knew that i was not expected to speak with words soi yapped in assent. He said “Good, I want you to close your eyes and thinkabout your Sir. Imagine that his hands are touching you. Any pleasure orpain you feel belongs to him. Your body and your mind and your heart belongto him, don’t they?” i didn’t even make a woof. i whimpered in agreement andlet my mind focus on all of my memories of Sir. Master Pete continued tomilk my cock until i came. He told me to lick the cum up off of the leathertable and then he continued to massage slowly. i was still hard but was notrestored enough to cum again soon. Master Pete just kept milking me,occasionally stopping to caress and pinch my nipples, especially after hesaw how the responded. i came again after about a half hour of this. MasterPete kept speaking in a low, hypnotic voice through all of the milking. “Youare thinking about Sir George boy. You are releasing all the tension andcontrol in your body.” “You want Sir to have complete control” i couldn’tcum again. My cock was tired but Master Pete continued. Sensing how my bodywas tensing up after my sexual release, he kept speaking to me. “Let go ofthe muscle control pup. It isn’t about your pleasure, it is about makingyour master happy. Feel him possess your body; release its control to him.”With these and similar words Master Pete continued to milk me, periodicallymassaging my ass and tits and other parts of my body. Although i could notcum, i could feel the blood flowing warmly to each part of my body as MasterPete spoke. And that part of my body became extremely aroused andresponsive. Always with my mind focused on Sir. Pete occasionally took thepair of underpants and held them up to my nose so i could smell Sir andrenew the force of his presence.This exercise went on for hours. i came two more times but it wasn’t thecumming that was important. Rather, it was the feeling of totallysurrendering my body to Sir, even in his absence. There was an electricityrunning through my body and mind that i had never felt before. Anywhere onmy body that i was touched immediately surrendered to Sir. He owned mecompletely.When Master Pete decided we were done, I was exhausted. He led me back to mycage, saying, “Now you are going to drink some water, eat some dog chow andsleep for a while. When you get up you will do your daily exercise,stretching and be massaged to keep you in top shape for Sir George. Then thetraining will continue.” When we reached the dog dishes, he held me back abit with the leash and said “Show some gratitude for this morning pup.” istarted to lick his boots appreciatively, eyes closed imagining Sir. Hepulled me up by the leash and directed my mouth to his now exposed cock. Islowly started to massage his cock with my tongues, taking his balls into mymouth and playing gently with them. i was thinking all the time about Sirand wanted to treat Master Pete’s cock and balls as if they were Sir’s. Whenhe had enough, Master Pete let me drink, lapping up the water withoutspilling any, and eat the bits of food in my food dish. Then he led my intomy cage, passed my a pair of Sir-scented underpants and left me to curl upand nap.The taller of Pete’s slaves returned in just a minute. He had a pair ofunderpants in his hand. He came to my cage and stood above me, smilingslyly. “Boy, your master left these for you to sniff and chew on. Lick mycock and then I’ll give them to you. i got very excited at the thought ofhaving something of Sir with me to allow me to feel his presence. i put myface up to the bars of the cage, trying to reach the underpants. Instead ofthe underwear, i got the slave’s erect cock. i started to lick his cock,eagerly. i wasn’t thinking about his cock or his pleasure. Rather i wasthinking about Sir and how much i wanted him to be happy with my training.”Slow down, doggie” grunted the slave “I like a nice slow blowjob. You’regoing to get plenty of time to learn before you pass this course.” Then hepulled back his cock and threw the underpants into the cage. I took thembetween my paws and brought them up to my mouth and nose. I whimpered in joyat having Sir’s odor in my face. My cock was hard and my ass was high, likeit was waiting for him to come into the room to slap it and fuck me. ididn’t care that the poor dog named Juan was watching me nearly have anorgasm over a pair of underpants. i could see from his rock hard cock thathe was enjoying the performance he was seeing.After about an hour the two slaves returned. Speaking to Juan, one of themsaid “Hey Chihuahua, let’s see how you do today. You know that your masterhas plans for you once we teach you to submit without question. It’s a gooddeal for a street mutt like you. He wants to civilize you and educate you sothat you can be his full time slave. Not many hustlers like you get thischance.” With that, the slave opened Juan’s cage door and pulled him out. Itwas only then that I noticed that Juan had a steel bar holding his handsapart at shoulder width, with manacles on his wrists. The slave said to Juan”I am going to take the ball gag out but you will speak with respect todayor your punishment will be worse than yesterday.” The fearful look in Juan’seyes said that he was not going to cross the slave today. When the ball gagcame off Juan started to lick the slave’s hand in gratitude. The slavetousled his hair and played a bit with his mouth, saying “There now, isn’tthat better?” Juan didn’t answer with words but with a yap like a dog “woof,woof”.The other slave opened my cage door and led me out. It was obvious that mytreatment was much different from Juan’s. i was already broken by theirstandards. So what was my training?With one of them in front of Juan and one behind him they ordered me to geton my back underneath Juan so that i could suck on his cock. Then the onebehind penetrated Juan, not violently or too quickly but slowly and verysensuously. “You’re going to learn to beg for your master’s cock up your assChihuahua.” Now open your mouth and start working on Slave Mike’s cock. andyou, doggie, start working Chihuahua’s cock. Juan didn’t do as he was toldimmediately. He muttered under his breath, “I don’t suck cock, maricones.”Slave Mike slapped Juan across the face with full force. The slave behindhim did not allow Juan to fall. Slave Mike said without anger “You want toapologize to us all for that comment don’t you cuntmouth?” To which Juanreplied with tears in his eyes and the look of fear again “Yes, Sirs, I amsorry. I am the cuntmouth maricon here. Please let me suck your cock Sir.”Slave Mike smiled and responded, “Very good Chihuahua, a littleself-recognition is creeping in there. That’s good.”Then this huge fuck machine started in motion. Slave Joe in back workingJuan’s ass with slow gyrations. Juan sucking Slave Mike’s cock equallyslowly. And me underneath suck Juan’s humongous piece of Latin cock while mymind focused almost completely on Sir. i wished that Sir could be watchingme now to see how much i would humiliate myself as a mark of love andrespect for him.Our exercise went on for a very long time. Then Master Pete came into thetraining room. He nodded approvingly and spoke to his slaves. “Keep workingon the jumping bean. I am going to take Sir George’s boy to start somemind-sex training with him” With that he literally pulled me out from underJuan by my legs and led me on my leash to another part of the room. He hadme jump up on a leather table. With me in doggie position he took my cock inhis very warm hands and started pulling it sensuously. Are you thinkingabout your Sir, pup?” i knew that i was not expected to speak with words soi yapped in assent. He said “Good, I want you to close your eyes and thinkabout your Sir. Imagine that his hands are touching you. Any pleasure orpain you feel belongs to him. Your body and your mind and your heart belongto him, don’t they?” i didn’t even make a woof. i whimpered in agreement andlet my mind focus on all of my memories of Sir. Master Pete continued tomilk my cock until i came. He told me to lick the cum up off of the leathertable and then he continued to massage slowly. i was still hard but was notrestored enough to cum again soon. Master Pete just kept milking me,occasionally stopping to caress and pinch my nipples, especially after hesaw how the responded. i came again after about a half hour of this. MasterPete kept speaking in a low, hypnotic voice through all of the milking. “Youare thinking about Sir George boy. You are releasing all the tension andcontrol in your body.” “You want Sir to have complete control” i couldn’tcum again. My cock was tired but Master Pete continued. Sensing how my bodywas tensing up after my sexual release, he kept speaking to me. “Let go ofthe muscle control pup. It isn’t about your pleasure, it is about makingyour master happy. Feel him possess your body; release its control to him.”With these and similar words Master Pete continued to milk me, periodicallymassaging my ass and tits and other parts of my body. Although i could notcum, i could feel the blood flowing warmly to each part of my body as MasterPete spoke. And that part of my body became extremely aroused andresponsive. Always with my mind focused on Sir. Pete occasionally took thepair of underpants and held them up to my nose so i could smell Sir andrenew the force of his presence.This exercise went on for hours. i came two more times but it wasn’t thecumming that was important. Rather, it was the feeling of totallysurrendering my body to Sir, even in his absence. There was an electricityrunning through my body and mind that i had never felt before. Anywhere onmy body that i was touched immediately surrendered to Sir. He owned mecompletely.When Master Pete decided we were done, I was exhausted. He led me back to mycage, saying, “Now you are going to drink some water, eat some dog chow andsleep for a while. When you get up you will do your daily exercise,stretching and be massaged to keep you in top shape for Sir George. Then thetraining will continue.” When we reached the dog dishes, he held me back abit with the leash and said “Show some gratitude for this morning pup.” istarted to lick his boots appreciatively, eyes closed imagining Sir. Hepulled me up by the leash and directed my mouth to his now exposed cock. Islowly started to massage his cock with my tongues, taking his balls into mymouth and playing gently with them. i was thinking all the time about Sirand wanted to treat Master Pete’s cock and balls as if they were Sir’s. Whenhe had enough, Master Pete let me drink, lapping up the water withoutspilling any, and eat the bits of food in my food dish. Then he led my intomy cage, passed my a pair of Sir-scented underpants and left me to curl upand nap.i woke up the next morning with an acute need to piss. Master was stillasleep so iwent into the bathroom and pissed. Then i washed my face, brushed my teeth,and gargled to look good for Master. i returned to bed and lay down lower onmy bed taking his limp cock into my mouth to obey my orders of the nightbefore. Nothing ever seemed more natural than to have his cock in my mouth,tasting the salty residue from last night’s sex and making sure that he wascradled in warm comfort. Absentmindedly at first, i began to massage andsuck on his cock, gently, not to arouse him but to study the veins andmuscles of the cock i wanted to arouse and excite and serve. Master startedto wake up slowly. When he opened his eyes he saw what i was doing andsmiled contentedly. Then he started to let a slow stream of piss escape. Itightened my face muscles to close a seal around his cock and suck his pissdown like a baby suckling. When he finished emptying his bladder he spokefor the first time. “Go run the shower and while I am getting ready prepareour breakfast.”Since i was just now beginning my life of permanent slavery it occurred tome while i hurried downstairs that i would be spending much of my lifenaked, scurrying about fulfilling orders. i was really happy about this and,once more noted that as i thought about Master, my cock swelled and got rockhard. As i prepared breakfast it remained hard and when Master came into thekitchen i was completely erect. i didn’t know if i was supposed to set oneplace or two for breakfast but risked it and set for only Master, notwanting to displease him. He noted the setting approvingly and smiled at me.”Lie down on the table slave. I want to enjoy the sight of you as my placemat, a place mat with a huge hard-on.” I lay on the table with my cock inthe air, arms at my side. Master placed his plate on my belly and his coffeecup on my chest. i had to lay very still, not breathing too deeply tobalance while Master ate off of me. When he noticed the pre-cum seeping frommy cock he bathed forkfuls of food in it “Open wide, slave” i opened mymouth for my cum-soaked breakfast, happy to be entertaining Master in thisway.When breakfast was finished, i cleaned the table and washed the dishes.Master read the paper until i presented myself on my knees in front of him.He said “Slave, we have a gym date at 3:00 with some friends of mine then weare having dinner at their home. I will present you as my new partner. Inall things you will act like my partner with no hint that you are my slave.I expect you to engage in conversation freely without restraint of anykind.”Although part of me was really looking forward to calling Master George andengaging with him as an equal, i was also pretty nervous about the visit. ihad not been treated as an equal by Master since our first evening together.i didn’t know if i’d be able to pull off being his partner. Subservience wasnow ingrained in me. And all this being said by the man who just used me asa placemat and a napkin and had chuckled as he played with my cock with hisfork.Before the gym date, i cleaned house and sat at my slave desk doing somework — all naked of course. When it was just about time to go, Master toldme to come and get dressed. i dressed and packed my gym bag. We drove sideby side to the gym. i was confused because i didn’t know if he was Master orGeorge at the moment. As if reading my thoughts, he massaged the back of myneck, what he did when he wanted to relax me and spoke. “Feels a littleweird right now, doesn’t it Tim?” “Don’t worry, you’ll get used to switchinggears. It’s all part of being a good slave in the modern world.”In response, i responded, voice trembling at using the name i hadn’t spokenin months. “Thanks George, i am going to do this to make you proud of me.”We arrived at the gym where George’s two friends had just arrived. They werea couple. One was a tall blond man of about 45. He was in good shape, withan easygoing air about him. His partner was shorter and darker, with thetight muscles of an Italian almost muscle-man without the gold chains.George introduced me to Karl and Louis, friends of his whom he met through acolleague at work. The four of us worked out together on the resistancemachines and cardiovascular equipment for almost two hours. The conversationwas casual but pretty intelligent. i had to remind myself to enter into thetalk without holding back and without waiting for permission or approval. Itwas not always easy. i realized that i was beginning to wear my slavery veryclose to the skin. But i could also see that if i didn’t engage and showthat i had things to offer that an intelligent Master like George would soongrow bored with me as he would with any slave.When we finished working out, we went to the sauna for a bit. Karl and Louissad with each other, the larger Karl wrapped in the arms of the smallmuscular, and obviously possessive Louis. George and i also sat together ina moment of relaxed bliss. i took liberties to touch him without asking andeven to initiate a kiss. He returned the kiss without any sign that hecontrolled my life. Wow, my insides were like a swirled pattern of feelingsthat couldn’t mix. Slave and lover. Lover and beloved. Master and slave. IfGeorge just pinched me or used his hands as he usually did to claim my bodyas his property things would have been much clearer. As it was, i couldn’teven get an erection in the sauna even though i had had one constantly forhours that morning.After the sauna we showered and dressed and arranged to meet at Louis andKarl’s house as soon as we could all get there. George and i drove together.Once again, sensing my discomfort and internal confusion, George massagedthe back of my neck. In doing this it was like reestablishing his dominanceand my slavery through hypnotic action. The tension of not being his slavewas dissipating and i began to feel like my new self again. i closed my eyesand dreamed of being back in Master Pete’s training center again only thistime i was being leashed and caged and trained by Master. It was as his dogthat i fetched and stood proudly with a buttplug tail wagging. Drifting offin the security of his powerful hand, i whimpered and a very low `woof’ cameout of me. Master chuckled and said, ” Having a dream, pup, it’s ok”. iopened my eyes and he moved his hand from the back of my neck to my mouthand chin. Gratefully, i began to lick his hand. My erection was back when wearrived at Louis and Karl’s house.Dinner was delightful. The food was good. George made me a martini andbrought it to me in the living room. Once again, i played the role of hislover and had to suppress the desire to strip naked and serve him and hisfriends and then to kneel patiently at his feet as he entertained them. Buti engaged in conversation. At one point, while discussing a Spanish film ieven corrected a factual error that George made. He didn’t blink butacknowledged that i was right. We continued in this way for hours until10:00 p.m. Then we took our leave and headed home. As soon as we got intothe car Master told me to take off my clothes, which i did gladly. He didnot speak for the rest of the ride. Taking my cue from him i remainedsilent, hoping that i hadn’t displeased him. Once in the garage under thetownhouse, he pulled my collar and leash from the glove compartment and gavethem to me to put on without a word. Then he led me into the house. Onceinside, i immediately fell to my knees. Not sure if Master was angry or noti just waited with eyes down. He picked up the mail and looked at it. Thenhe returned to me and spoke for the first time in a half hour. “Lick myshoes, slave.” i licked slowly and lovingly, trying to put things back inorder with the devotion of my tongue. Then he explained.”Slave, you corrected your Master in front of others. That is a violation ofyour position. You will be punished. But just so you understand, I know thatyou did the right thing. I told you to engage like an equal. Let’s just saythat you are in a catch-22. You had to do what you did and you must bepunished for what you did. It’s the dilemma of being my slave.” As he spoke,i licked and kissed his shoes even more fiercely to show him that i wouldlive gladly with these ambiguities for the privilege of being his slave. Wecontinued like this for about 15 minutes. Then he said, “It’s time for slaveto go to his bed.” i looked at him with eyes that asked permission to speak.He consented.”Master, thank you for this lesson. i understand that i am your slave to bepunished and that i must obey you even when it leads to punishment. Thankyou for being my Master. May i go to the bathroom before being put to bed,Master?”Master pierced me with his gaze. “No slave, tonight you’ll sleep in diapers.If you can’t control yourself, then you’ll sleep in your piss and shit untilI change you tomorrow.” This was a new humiliation for me. My mind and mouthwanted to complain at the indignity of being taken to my room and fittedwith a large adult diaper. But my pulsing erect cock was saying somethingdifferent; it said that i willingly submitted to Master and loved beingtreated even as an incontinent infant by him. Then he lay me on my slave bedand kissed me on the forehead. He said, “Goodnight slave. Don’t get out ofbed until I come for you in the morning unless there is an emergency. ikissed Master’s hand before he left and involuntarily my cock erupted,filling my diaper with warm, sticky cum. Master laughed and walked out. As ilay in bed i tried to sleep. i thought about the events of the day until theurge to piss became overwhelmingly strong. i tried to hold it but wasunsuccessful. i urinated into the diaper, now lying in a combination of mycum and piss until Master decided to clean me on Sunday morning.Life as Master’s slave continued in this way for months. Slavery agreed withme. i was more focused and productive at work and, oddly, more self-assured.As a result i found myself getting more power within the business. i had atrainer at the gym now so my workouts were also yielding more positiveresults. Master was contented with my service but sometimes enjoyed findingpretexts to punish me. i found the punishments to be means of making ourrelationship stronger because they increased my trust that he would notreally harm me. Thankfully, they were not crude punishments or ones thatrelied on fetishes; they were about cementing his dominant role and myever-growing submissive nature.After our first six weeks together, Master had to go out of town for a longweek-end. Instead of leaving me home alone he packed me into the trunk –just me, no clothes or luggage — and drove me to Master Mauricio’s to servealong side Slave Todd while he was gone. When we pulled into MasterMauricio’s he let me out of the trunk. i did not stand. Master commanded meto kneel in the entranceway. Master Mauricio came downstairs to meet Master.I had never seen Master Mauricio as he looked on that day. He wore tightleather pants, leather boots, a Master’s harness, a leather cap, and ariding crop. Master laughed when he saw him. “In a leatherman mood today,Mauricio?”Mauricio smiled at Master and gave me a more serious look, directing my headto his boots with the riding crop. I started servicing his boots, with ahuge hard-on of course, as he and Master spoke. “My slave overslept thismorning so he is now taking some time to think about how a slave fulfillshis responsibilities.””So you are helping him in his reflections, huh?” responded Master.”Yes. I’ll let slave tim help too.””Just remember” Master added “Nobody fucks my slave but me.””Of course, George, and I won’t hurt him at all. But who knows, he might bea better slave when you get home.”Then Master said goodbye to Master Mauricio and pulled my head up brieflyfrom Master Mauricio’s boots to give me a kiss. He borrowed the riding cropto give me a few playful swats on my ass. Of course, he knew that i wouldcum from this stimulation, which i did, covering Master Mauricio’s boots.Then Master left.Master Mauricio ordered me to clean my cum off of his boots. He startedswatting my ass with the crop as i did so, not so playfully as Master butnot hard enough to leave permanent marks. i was a bit apprehensive about theweekend. i always suspected that he was more sadistic than Master. Masterwas a dominant man who took pleasure in my absolute obedience to him but hetook no pleasure from causing me pain. Master Mauricio enjoyed seeing hisslave in pain. When i finished cleaning his boots he led me on the leashcrawling to a waterbowl on the kitchen floor. He told me to drink. i slurpedup the water, refreshing after the salty leather and the cum on his boots.Then we went upstairs, he walking, i crawling like a dog.We entered a room i had not seen before in his house. The lights were dimbut i could see slave todd with chains on his wrists attached to a hook fromthe exposed ceiling beam. He had tit clamps with weights suspended from themand his balls were also being pulled on by weights. Master Mauricioapproached him with his crop and proceeded to whip slave todd ten times onhis buttocks. Slave todd winced with each blow but did not cry or make asound. After each blow, Master Mauricio presented the crop for slave todd tokiss. The slave kissed the crop and when offered his master’s hand, lickedit with gratitude. It occurred to me that slave todd was broken by MasterMauricio in a way that i was not broken. My Master did not want my spirit tobe dulled by slavery. Rather, he wanted me constantly to rededicate myselfto obeying him not out of fear or pain but because there it was in my veryidentity to be his slave. The scars on slave todd’s ass and back told a verydifferent story, one that i didn’t like.Master Mauricio then unlocked slave todd’s chains. He told us to lie side byside on the ground, face up. When we did so, he stood on us, one foot oneach slave. i was extremely uncomfortable after only a few minutes butdidn’t dare move or speak. Since i felt no love toward this man and did nothave the kind of hypnotic connection i had had with Master Pete, my cock waslimp. Slave todd, on the other hand, was throbbingly erect. Obviously, painand punishment were linked together erotically for him. Master Maurcio stoodfor a good 15 minutes. i was sweating and in pain. When he had his fill, hedirected us both to the cage in the corner of the room. The floor of thecage was lined with a white rubber sheet. When we both entered the cage,with no room to stand or lie but only to sit with our bodies slightlyintertwined, Master Mauricio closed the cage door. Looking down on us, hesmiled condescendingly, pulled out his cock and told us both to kiss itshead. Like good slaves we managed to get on all fours so that we could reachhis exposed, hard cock and kiss it. Then, he let go a spray of piss all overus. Before leaving, he said. “I expect you two to lick up every drop of pisson your bodies and on the floor. I’ll be back to inspect before I come foryou to prepare my lunch.Slave todd and i looked at each other. It was very good to be alone withhim. Although we rarely got the chance to talk man to man…or slave to slavei liked him. We started licking the floor first, each using our tongues likea mop to take every yellow drop off of the white floor. Then we beganlicking each others’ body. It was both humiliating and an act of friendshipgently to lap up the piss from his head, face, and body. i was careful withhis welts. For his part, slave todd treated my body with equal respect.Slave todd also took the opportunity to caress my cock with his tongue. Heseemed very hungry for the cock of a man who treated him with kindness. Inturn, i arranged my body so that i could simultaneously suck his cock. Wewere in this 69 position when Master Mauricio returned. “alright slaves,time for lunch.” He opened the door, reattached both of our leashes, and ledus downstairs like a pair of prize dogs. Once in the kitchen he told us tostand and to get lunch ready. Since we had not finished giving each otherblow jobs we were now both aroused, matching slaves with matching hard-ons.When lunch was prepared we went to present ourselves to Master Mauricio inthe study. He ignored us as we knelt in front of him. We remained motionlessuntil he looked up from his book and walked to the dining room. We crawledbehind him and remained kneeling, one on each side, as he ate his lunch. Wetook turns getting up to serve him. When he finished eating, he put food inour dishes on the floor and had us eat without hands. “Since you slaves likesucking each other so much, you can clean each others’ slave faces with yourtongue.” First slave todd licked the food stains from my face then i cleanedhim. While i was doing this my mind was very clear; i did not like MasterMauricio but would serve him because Master ordered it. i was also clearthat i had real feelings toward slave todd, partly sympathy for the moreabused slave and partly affection for a nice man.The weekend proceeded pretty much in the same way. Pain and humiliations. OnSaturday night, Master Mauricio gave us both pairs of leather shorts andboots to wear. With our collars and leashes we were completely dressed. Hehad us sit in the back seat of the car as he drove us to the Eagle. Wewalked in like that, a master with two collared chained slaves. Throughoutthe evening, he talked to friends and to curious guys who came over to askhim about his two slaves. For our part, we knelt at his feet or sat when ourknees became to pained and he gave us permission. We fetched drinks but didnot talk without permission. When the bar closed we drove to the Manhole.Once inside, we were instructed to remove our leather shorts. Now we werenaked on display, with our hands behind our backs. Master Mauricio allowedmen to pinch us and play with our cocks but he wouldn’t let us cum. Wedidn’t reciprocate — we were just sex toy entertainment for the cruising menwho would play with our bodies between their attempts to find a new sexualpartner. The environment was completely new and unpleasant to me. i wonderedif Master would allow me to tell him that i did not enjoy this experience.Master Mauricio met a man he apparently knew, a very muscular leather man.We left together, they in the front seat, we in the back. Once at home, weprepared the bed for them. Master Mauricio then directed us to the cagewhere we would spend the night together. Although it was small anduncomfortable, i enjoyed the prospect of continuing what slave todd and ibegan in the morning. We sucked each other long and slowly, intermittentlykissing deeply. i loved being close to this strong but very submissive manwhose mind and body had been trained and used like my own but more so. Eachtime we came, we cleaned each other and the cage, knowing that it would haveto be clean in the morning. That also meant that we had to drink eachothers’ piss when the need arose. Next to Master, there was no man i couldremember wanting to be with more than with slave todd.Master returned on Monday afternoon. As usual, i was rock hard upon seeinghim. That was the only way i could show my feelings at that time. He andMaster Mauricio spoke for a while, leaving slave todd escort bolu and me waiting naked.Slave todd was also erect, either sympathetically or because he was arousedby my presence now. When the two master’s returned to the foyer, MasterMauricio finished his comments about how well slave todd and i had bondedover the weekend and laughed as he told about our sucking each other in thecage. Master looked on approvingly.On the way home, naked next to Master in the car, my attention was dividedfor the first time in months. i was focused on Master and how good it was tobe in his presence and feel his power in person once again. At the sametime, my mind kept going back to how much i had disliked the weekend underMaster Mauricio’s power and how much i had enjoyed being close to slavetodd. For the first time since i gave myself to Master, i was concentratingnot to let him know what i was thinking and feeling.As soon as we got home, i stripped and knelt, waiting for Master’s orders.It felt good to be home and to feel that i was once again under the power ofa man i loved instead of being dominated and humiliated by Mauricio, whom iwas growing to dislike more and more. After we entered, Master told me toput his things away then return to the study. i went upstairs with hissuitcases and unpacked them, taking out his things, hanging some up, puttingothers into the laundry. i could not resist breathing in the odor of hissoiled underwear. After the weekend apart the smell alone was enough to makeme have an orgasm — not just cum — but explode with a mixture of lust, love,and submission. At the same time, i knew that i had to tell Master about myfeelings about the weekend, even if it meant being punished. After i startedthe laundry, i returned to the study and knelt before Master. How right itfelt! Master continued reading his mail, ignoring me. i wanted to openmyself completely to him, sexually and emotionally. When he finished readingthe mail, he had to notice because my cock was pulsing, erect. He looked atme for a minute, eyes unreadable to me. Then he spoke. “Well slave, how wasthe weekend?””Master, thank you for asking. It was very hard to be separated from you,Master. i spent a great deal of time with my brother slave Todd. MasterMauricio kept us caged together and continued our training. i think that weare learning how to serve as a pair very well, Master.”With a look that pierced me, Master continued. “Slave, tell me how you feltwith Master Mauricio in charge.””Master, i felt humiliated and worthless under the power of Master Mauricio.Being your slave is something i do with all my will because serving you iswho i am. But it was very difficult to serve Master Mauricio and to see hiscruelty to Slave Todd.”Master ordered me to sit. With my cock erect in front of me, he brought thesole of his shoe down on it firmly. i had to support myself with my arms onthe ground slightly behind my body. i looked down, beginning to feel veryuneasy, not knowing if Master was angry with me or not. Master took my chinand lifted my head so that i was looking at him and he into my eyes. Heleaned over and kissed me, then pulled back. Suddenly and unexpectedly, hespit into my face. Humiliated but at the same time happy because it wasMaster humiliating me, i softly spoke, “Thank you Master, for spitting in myface”Once again Master began speaking. “Slave, I thought you were better trainedthan this. If I left you with Master Mauricio, you should direct everythingin you to making me happy by serving him. It doesn’t matter how you feelabout him. The only thing that matters is that I wanted you to serve him.There will be many times that I order you to do things that are notpleasant. Focus on serving me, not on your ego.”i sat, humbled. Master kept the pressure on my cock. But my cock was nothard now, like my ego it had been shriveled by Master’s superior force. iwas very confused at this point. Being punished would have made thingsclearer or being fucked or something. But i sat there, quiet, while Masterreturned to his mail. i had time to think and to refocus on who and what iwas — Master’s slave. After perhaps another hour, Master spoke to me again.”Slave, this week your training will be different. When you get home fromwork each day, you will strip and go about your chores as usual. I will notspeak to you and you will neither speak to nor raise your eyes in mypresence. You will sleep in your slave room on your slave bed. You will nottouch your cock. You will not think about your sexual pleasure. You willfocus on serving. You will complete each task and take your onlysatisfaction from knowing that you have served me. REMEMBER what you aredoing and why you are doing it. To help you remember, you will not eat atthe table all week. You will eat from your bowl on the floor. You will nottouch your cock even to urinate. Instead you will kneel at the toilet andpiss without hands. As your sexual frustration builds, think about being agood slave. Focus on why you are my slave.The next days were an agony for me but i understood Master’s orders. i camehome from work, cooked, cleaned, and served as if i were invisible. At timesmy cock was erect but i forced myself to ignore it. i was agitated at homeand at work but i forced myself constantly to focus my attention on Masterand his needs. sleeping alone was difficult, not because my bed wasuncomfortable but because i was separated from Master. i had little appetitefor my food, wishing that Master would urinate on it so at least i wouldhave his taste in my mouth but he did not. i ate only what i needed forstrength for work and the gym, and for trying to please Master in everydetail. On Wednesday night, Master Mauricio came to the house alone. He andMaster talked to each other, completely ignoring me while i served them andthen went into the kitchen. At 10:00 Master had me turn down the bedding forthem. They began to get ready to sleep together. With my eyes lowered, ileft them to make love while i went to my slave room alone. i knew that ineeded to be happy that Master was enjoying his time with Master Mauriciorather than think about how it hurt to be alone.When Saturday morning came, i served Master breakfast. When he finishedeating his food, he addressed me for the first time since Sunday evening asi was kneeling before my bowl in the kitchen eating my eggs — i had not evenbeen allowed to eat his leftovers this week. He said “Slave, tell me whatyou have learned this week.””Master, i have learned to focus on what you want rather than on what iwant. i have gained greater understanding of what it means to be your slave,that it is how i bind myself to you and how i find my own self. i havelearned that even though i crave to be used sexually by you Master, that ishould not focus on my own sexual pleasure but on what you want, Master.”Master stared into my eyes. No trace of a smile. Nothing to read on hisface. He pushed aside my food bowl with his booted foot and told me to cleanhis boots. This was a dessert that was very sweet to me now. i caressed hisboot with my tongue, thinking only that i needed to make Master happy that iwas cleaning his boots as well as my tongue could. i knew that this wasMaster’s way of saying that this worst of all punishments was over, at leastfor now.i went about my chores after that. Several hours later, the bell rang. ianswered the door and knelt in silence. It was Master Mauricio and SlaveTodd. Slave Todd knelt as soon as they entered. Master came to greet MasterMauricio. Slave Todd was ignored. Then Master addressed Master Mauricio.”Mauricio, Slave Tim is ready to serve you now. Why don’t you take himupstairs and let him serve you as he would serve me.”Master Mauricio accepted the invitation. He led me upstairs to Master’sbedroom, me on all fours like the dog he preferred to treat me as. When wegot to the room, he told me to stand and take off his clothes. i gently tookoff his clothes just as i would have for Master. When i finished, he took meinto the bathroom. i knelt in the shower stall where he pissed at my mouth.i opened my mouth wide to swallow as much of his urine as i could. When hefinished he turned on the shower — cold water — to clean me off. Then heslapped my on the face several times, not to hurt me but to humiliate me. ithanked him. Then he ordered my to begin sucking his cock. With eyes wideopen so that i could not forget in any way what i was doing, i sucked hiscock with total attention to giving him pleasure so that i could obey Mastermore completely.Master Mauricio did not let me suck his cock until he came. He pulled outafter making sure that i would give the same devotion to serving him as toMaster. After he finished humiliating and using me he led me backdownstairs. Speaking to Master, he said: “Do you think we should let theslaves rest a while before the dungeon party tonight?” i had never heard ofthe dungeon party so did not know what Master Mauricio was speaking about.Master agreed with him and sent slave todd and me to my room with the orderthat we were to sleep. It seemed natural for me to fall to sleep holdingslave todd’s body in my arms, my soft cock buried into the softness of hisass cheeks. It was clear that even between us two slaves, he was morenaturally submissive. i submitted to Master out of love but with him therewas a deeper insecurity that required him always to be under the power of astronger, more assured man. we slept like this for hours, until Master cameto wake us at about 8:30 p.m. It appeared that he and Master Mauricio hadalso slept for hours. They called us into Master’s room to prepare them forthe dungeon party. Master was dressing only in jeans, a tee-shirt andleather boots. Master Mauricio had slave todd dress him with his master’sharness, leather pants, and boots. Slave todd and i were not instructed towear anything but leather boots, cock rings, and small leather caps. The capmade me feel silly but i put it on without question. Then Master ordered usto serve them some cold food that was in the refrigerator. i suppose it wasin preparation for being exhibited at the dungeon party that slave todd andi ate from one plate on the floor, helping each other from keeping the foodfrom spilling and pushing food into each others mouths with our tongues.Before we finished eating, Master Mauricio had us beg for food like dogs andgave each of us a Viagra tablet. With the pheromones that would be flying ina dungeon and our naked proximity to our Masters and each other, we wereboth destined to have hard-ons throughout the night, beginning almostimmediately.After we cleaned up the dining room and kitchen, the Masters had us get intothe trunk of the car. We drove for about 45 minutes, slave todd and i beingbounced around a bit in the trunk. When the car stopped, the trunk wasopened and we got out. i immediately recognized that we were at MasterPete’s slave training facility. It had been months since i’d been here butall the feelings of submission training and focusing on Master throughoutthe weekend instantly came back to me. Both slave todd and i weremaintaining our erections. In my own case, i was very conscious of itjutting and swaying as we walked into the training room, the site of theparty. Slave todd’s cock was more vertically erect than mine with a slightcurve that gave it an exquisite beauty to observe. With our headsrespectfully lowered we entered the hall. Slave mike and slave joe werethere, kneeling one on each side of Master Pete. Other Masters and slaveswere also there, most of whom i did not recognize. Fat, tall, beautiful,troll-like — Masters and slaves in the most incongruous combinations with onething in common. One man was under the power of the other. slaves wereserving their Masters, bringing them drinks and appetizers. Then most kneltsilently at their Masters’ sides, some being petted, some ignored, some feddoggie style.After being in the room for about a half hour, one couple caught myattention. Without being too conspicuous i observed them carefully. It wasJuan, the Chihuahua, with whom i had had my long weekend at the facility. Hewas with the man who had come to pick him up. Only the whole situation wasnow reversed. Juan was dressed as a leather Master and his former master wasnaked and pierced through his nipples and his cock, with a ring through hisnose. Juan was talking with animation to another leather Master with hisslave on all fours, bearing the weight of Juan’s boot that was plantedfirmly on his back. The slave made no complaint but kept his head high withthe proud smile of a totally submissive being who has found the security ofbeing totally dominated by another. In this case, i imagined, it was notwealth or position but the slave’s neediness and Juan’s natural dominancethat reversed their relationship.As Master and Master Mauricio mingled and had us follow them around the roomwe eventually came into Juan’s presence. He greeted Master and MasterMauricio and they returned the greeting in a friendly, casual manner. MasterMauricio spoke to Juan, saying:” Hey Master Juan, I see that you’ve made real headway with this one. Iremember when he first brought you to my house when you were new to this andhe was your master. He and I were friends then. I guess now you and I can befriends and we’ll see what the slave is good for.Master Juan acknowledged Master Mauricio’s comments and with totalself-assurance addressed him as an equal. “You know, Mauricio, from thefirst minute i was with slave tony I knew that he was really a cunt lookingfor a man. It was just his money and being pampered all his life that hadhim confused. Now I am making him happier than ever finding out what acuntslave he is.” With that, Juan used his booted foot to roughly push slavetony’s head to Master Mauricio’s foot. “Worship his boots cuntslave.” Theslave licked and kissed, slurping with unabashed enthusiasm. To me it wasalmost embarrassing to see his changed status. However, my cock was stillrock hard as i witnessed slave tony’s degradation. Master Juan used theriding crop in his hand to further humiliate slave tony by swiping hisbottom. When Master Juan noticed me, he lifted my head with his free hand tolook into my eyes. “Hey compa, how are you? Still a good slave, I see. Iremember how you sucked my cock when we were caged here. Man, you’ve got agood heart. I mean, you weren’t my slave. You sucked my cock and then lickedup the cum out of friendship.” Hearing Master Juan talk to me like thisfilled me with emotion. i was holding back tears. How strange to find realconnectedness to this man who had been a slave and was now a Master. We werenot friends because my status in relation to him was now too low. But therewas a feeling that bound us together nonetheless. He then turned away fromme and spoke to Master. “Master George, do you think I could have a sessionwith slave tim soon? I really like this guy and would like to have thechance to expand his slave nature. You know he’s special. He’s not just acuntslave like slave tony. He’s a slave who gives out a real sense ofdevotion, not just to his master’s cock but to his master’s happiness.Master smiled and petted my, pushing my head down so that i was nowkneeling. “Master Juan, he is a special slave. He’s a slave who is also thelove of my life. I think it might be good for him to spend a day with amaster like you, who appreciates his fine qualities.i could barely contain my happiness and being described by these two men inthis way. In spite of the increasing activity in the room with many scenesof domination and submission being enacted by exhibitionists for voyeurs,they were just a backdrop for the much more absorbing interaction betweenthe two masters. Meanwhile, slave todd and i were kneeling side by side, ourcocks still stiff. Other masters and slaves were obviously looking at us,some with admiration for our refined obedience and good slave bearing, andsome with envy that we had achieved this union as slaves that made usconnected. Yes, we were slaves but we also had a friendship between the twoof us. Our lives had a dimension that many of the other slaves did not have.After the dungeon party life went on as usual for months. My identity asMaster’s slave was completely taking over my life. i went to work andcarried on my professional life as always. Perhaps others noticed that i wasnot the same as i had been before i became a slave. i was certainly lessaggressive about my work, more cooperative and more helpful. i never allowedmyself to act submissively but my new status must have shown in a greaterdeference to those few men who really seemed to be confident with a sense oftheir own power. But i kept work relationships at a business level. At thegym i was more determined. In my early 40’s, i wanted to keep my bodypleasing to Master, tight and toned but not overly muscular. At home i was anaked slave. i served, cleaned, obeyed, and gave pleasure any way Masterwanted it. From the moment i woke up until i went to sleep i no longer askedmyself what i wanted. Rather, i asked what Master wanted. Being his slavewas my way of connecting to him at all levels. It was never boring. Itcouldn’t get boring. Humiliation was not at the center of our relationshipbut Master knew that at times humiliating me was a way to bring me to a newlevel of forgetting myself in my effort to make him happy. So he wouldoccasionally decide to have me wear titclamps when entertaining. Thegreatest humiliation was the night he invited Master Mauricio to dinner andhad me wear diapers. Slave Todd and i served as usual, Master ordering me todrink more fluids than i would normally have done. When i could no longercontrol myself i urinated in the diaper. Master Mauricio particularlyenjoyed my embarrassment. He order slave todd to change my diaper. i wastold to lie on the floor on a plastic sheet that slave todd spread. He tookoff my waterproof panties and unpinned my old-fashioned diaper. i lay nakedand vulnerable as he cleaned me, oiled my genital area and powdered me.Master Mauricio came over to admire his handiwork. He put his fingers in mymouth to suck on like a baby on its bottle. With his other hand he playedwith my cock, commenting on what a cute little baby penis i had. He said toMaster: “George, wouldn’t it be nice to keep slave tim’s body shaved. Ithink that it would be a good reminder to him of his subjugation. Although idid not at all like the idea, my cock became rigid to the point that i hadto tighten my muscles to keep from cumming.This was the way in which Master kept me always working, always striving toserve him. His relationship with Master Mauricio grew to the point wherethey often slept together. Sometimes when they made love i knelt beside thebed, happy that Master was getting pleasure. At other times i was sent to myroom alone; those were the nights i hated but learned to endure. On othernights slave todd and i slept together, making passionate love as only twoslaves who understand each others’ needs can do. Of course, we were notallowed to fuck each other. The worst nights by far were those that Masterordered me to spend with Master Mauricio. Then the humiliation i felt wasnot pleasurable. It was pure humiliation that i entered into to pleaseMaster. Master Mauricio must have been aware of this because he delighted inhumiliating me with butt plugs, shavings of my cock and balls, more diapers,using me as furniture…many things that Master did not need to do. But MasterMauricio and i also knew that my cock grew just as hard for him and hisuncaring humiliation as for Master or for slave todd. My cock yes, but mymind no.After months of continuing like this, Master told me that Master Mauricioand i were going on a vacation together, just the two of us. Plans werealready made and i should take a week off from work. Then he explained thatsince he and Master Mauricio’s relationship had grown it was now necessaryfor me to be trained to respond to Master Mauricio spontaneously anddevotedly, as if he too were my Master. i knew that i couldn’t say no toMaster but he saw my face tighten and the tears i was holding back. Then hesaid to me: `I know that you do not love Master Mauricio but I love him andI love you too. Eventually he and you and slave todd and I will form onehousehold so you must learn to submit to him just as you do to me. He thengently took my chin in his hand and kissed me warmly while he caressed myhardening cock with his other hand. He knew that i would not be able to sayno to him and that by taking control of my body like this that i would startto train my mind as he commanded.The next day i announced at work that i was taking the following week off.Then for the rest of the week between trying to focus completely on Masterand get my work done i constantly returned to thinking about what a weekwith Master Mauricio would be like. It was clear to me that i disliked himand derived no pleasure from his humiliations. It was also clear that nomatter what i thought about him, my body responded to his handsome, sadisticdomination of me. He did not come to the house all week. On Thursday eveninghe called to tell me what to wear for our week. i was to be ready at 5:00p.m. on Friday for him to pick me up to go to the airport. He didn’t eventell me where we were going. I was to wear jeans and a t-shirt that he sentover, both too tight for a man my age unless he was advertising his illusionthat he was still in his twenties and looking for a good time. No socks, nounderwear, sneakers. i was also to pack my gym clothes, collar, leash,cockrings, titclamps, buttplugs, etc. i did as i was ordered and was ready,kneeling at the door when he rang the bell. Master greeted him. i kissed hisshoes while he and Master kissed. Then Master took my head in his hands,raised me up and gave me a deep kiss. As soon as he finished, MasterMauricio did the same. i could taste both of them in my mouth and couldn’tdeny that it felt good. Master gave some final parting words: `Serve himwell slave because in serving him you are pleasing me. Soon you will want toplease Master Mauricio just because he is your Master too.’ Then we left.For perhaps the first time since i met him, i sat next to Master Mauricio inthe car as sat in the back seat of Master’s car on the way to the airport.During the ride his attitude towards me was inconsistent. He spoke, tellingme that he wanted us to develop a relationship in which my submission wasfreely given to him and that he wanted me to learn to desire to serve him.While he said these things he massaged the back of my neck with his powerfulhands, something that Master had always done to make me more malleable andsubmissive. But then, when he saw that i was responding by getting a hard-onhe threatened to make me cum in my pants so i would have to be seen byeveryone at the airport like that — in the only pants i was allowed to pack.Thankfully, he didn’t make me cum. At the airport we departed from Masteragain and boarded a plane for Ft. Lauderdale. We sat next to each other onthe plane, Master Mauricio on the aisle, i on the window. He pretty muchignored me during the flight, doing some work and reading. He put the thingshe wanted close to him on my lap without a word or an acknowledgement that iwasn’t an empty seat. When the obviously gay male attendant came by, MasterMauricio spoke for me. `He’ll have the chicken entree and mineral water.Then he grabbed my genitals through my pants so that the attendant couldsee. The two of them smiled at each other and the attendant, a tall,slightly effeminate black man said: `I guess I know were you two are headed.The leather resort, no.’ Master Mauricio smiled and responded to him. `You’re right, why don’t you stop by if you get a chance and you can join usby the pool or in our room.’ On saying this he squeezed my cock and balls sothat they actually hurt, just to let the attendant know who was the boss andwho would be the boss if he came to visit. The attendant responded: `yesSir, we might be able to accommodate you on that. Do you have everything youneed for the moment Sir?’. It amazed me how easily Master Mauricio couldestablish his dominance over the attendant without a trace of self-doubt ordoubt of the attendant’s willingness to submit. i had to admit to myselfthat his self-assurance turned me on. i absorbed the feeling along with thesubtle smell of his body next to me, allowing myself to feel his strength.We got to the leather resort, a walled resort that from the outside lookedlike many others in Ft. Lauderdale. But as soon as we entered the receptionarea it was apparent how different this place was. Master Mauricio orderedme to strip naked in the lobby, put on my collar and put the clothes intothe bag. i would be naked for the next week. Other men were walking in andout of the lobby, mostly dressed in leather, or vacation clothes if theywere going in or coming out of the resort. We got many looks, especially ofenvy from out of shape men who would have loved to have been standing inMaster Mauricio’s or my place. i was the only completely nude person in thelobby. Master Mauricio spoke to the receptionist. They arranged for our roomand Master Mauricio informed the receptionist that i would take care of allthe cleaning of the room and that i would also serve him at all meals. Nowaiters would be needed at our table. The receptionist smiled and said heunderstood. There were not really that many Master/slave couples who were soovert at the resort but there would be no problem. Then he gave MasterMauricio the room pass. i carried all of our things, following MasterMauricio to the room. Once in the room, i unpacked and put away all of ourthings. His clothes were carefully hung. i laid out my gear on the closetfloor so it was readily available. i then turned down the bed. Then MasterMauricio did what he had never done before. He took me gently in his arms,caressing my body with his hands, kissing me gently but firmly. My bodystarted to become more pliant and he whispered to me. `This week is going tobe very good for us. I want you to really let go and feel you desire toserve me and submit to me in everything.’ Between words, he kept caressingand kissing me, opening my legs and forcing me to let myself submit to hispower. When I was just on the point of cumming, he stopped. He had me kneelwhile he changed into his Speedo. Then he attached my collar and led me outto the pool area, my cock still raging with a pulsating hard-on. We walkedto the pool. He took a chaise for himself and had me sit on the concrete,telling me not to cover my genitals. While he sat in the sun and made smalltalk with several men lying next to him i sat on the ground, readied toserve. After a while, he ordered me to get him a drink. He asked the othertwo men if they would also like one. They said they would so i went to thepoolside bar and picked up their drinks. i gave the order to the barman, aleatherman wearing a bathing suit and a harness. He looked at me with aknowing smile as i kept me eyes respectfully downcast. Before he gave me thedrinks, he made me stand there while he played with my nipples. He pinchedthem and twisted them, very much enjoying the fact that many guys werewatching me be used like this, offering no resistance. Finally, he gave methe drinks. i returned to Master Mauricio and his new-found friends, givingthem each their drink. Master Mauricio had a serious look on his face whenhe told me that i had taken too long and would need to be punished later. itook my place again, seated with my cock and balls exposed. Occasionally hewould use his foot to play with them absentmindedly. If there were otherMaster/slave couples present that day, none were as obvious as us. It wasclear to everybody there that i was a totally trained slave. Master Mauriciomade no pretenses of conversing with me or of being concerned that i washaving a good time. He went swimming, never asking me or indicating in anyway that i might like to go in the water. My body was soaked in sweat. Whenhe came out of the water, i gently towel-dried him. Then i sat again andcontemplated how the rest of the week would be.After about two hours of sitting in the sun, Master Mauricio ordered me toget up, that it was time to go to our room for a while. He led me over towhere the outdoor showers were. Instead of letting me take a shower, he tookthe garden hose attached to the side of the wall and started to water medown. “Soap yourself slave” He ordered. In front of everyone who was lookingon i soaped my whole body. Then, when he was satisfied, he rinsed me off. Hehanded me his own used towel that i had carefully folded to take back to theroom. Before i was allowed to dry off he ordered me to put the towel to mynose and smell it. i did so. Then, in front of several men who werewatching, he interrogated me.”What do you smell, slave?””The body of a Master, Sir””What does the smell do for you slave?””It makes me want to serve you Sir”As i was speaking these words, my cock grew harder, demonstrating to anyonewatching this ritual that i was not an unwilling slave to Master Mauricio.It made me happy to see a look of satisfaction on his face. After severalmore questions and answers for the entertainment of those around us, MasterMauricio had me dry off and led me back to our room. Once there, he had meorder him a beverage then had me kneel on all fours next to his chair. Whenroom service arrived he instructed the collar-wearing waiter to place thedrink on my back. i felt the quick stab of cold but didn’t flinch. Takinghis time, Master Mauricio read and drank. Once he was finished, he took theglass from my back and had me stand. My cock was half hard. He led me to thebed and instructed me to lie on my back with my legs spread. Then he beganto do what he had never done up to now; he started to make love to me. Hiskisses were deep and warm; he used his tongue to take possession of my mouthand my mind. He caressed me gently and lovingly. But there was no questionof who was in charge as he moved my body into various positions. Then hedecided to cuff my hands and feet to the corners of the bed with the cuffsthat were already provided for that purpose. He continued to caress me as ilay spread-eagled and helpless to do anything but respond, letting him knowwith my sighs and hip movements what my most vulnerable parts were. Assweaty as i had been outside, i started sweating more in the room as heplayed my body with his hands, establishing his power over me. He didn’thumiliate me at all but he teased me incessantly. He brought his cock to mylips and retreated, forcing me to reach for it with my tongue while tryingto lift my head from the bed. He used his hands expertly to knead andmassage my anus, making it eagerly receptive to his touch. As gentle as hewas there was a confident forcefulness in all that he did. It was clear thathe was marking his territory, establishing his dominance. But not as before.i was becoming the willing slave to his domination at this point. i washappy to have him take control of me, just as i was with Master.After hours of love making he uncuffed me. Then he started to manipulate mybody so that he could penetrate me anally in a number of positions. Eachtime he arranged my legs in a different position, now with one leg in theair supported by his shoulder, now with my head buried in the bed and my assin the air. i felt safe with him, trusting him as i had never done before.Finally, he came with an explosion that caused my to cum from excitement.Then he lay on top of me and fell asleep. Inhaling his odor and his power ialso slept.At 8:00 p.m. Master Mauricio’s movements woke me up. He told me he needed topiss. i took his penis into my mouth and caressed his flaccid cock so thathe would pee slowly enough for me to swallow. Then we got up. i prepared hisshower and dried him when he finished. Then he allowed me to shower. Hedressed in linen shorts and a linen shirt. I stood by naked, waiting for himto go to dinner. We arrived at the resorts dining room. The maitre d’showed us to our table. i was surprised to see that there were two chairsbut did not presume to sit. Master Mauricio sat with me standing to hisside, just behind him. He told me what we wanted for dinner and sent me tothe kitchen with the order. When i returned there were two drinks on thetable. He indicated that i was to sit across from him. i sat and we began totalk to each other. i was one of the only naked men in the room althoughthere were clearly other master-slave couples. Still, i was notuncomfortable as we discussed our lives, our work, and intellectualinterests. When the dinner was prepared, i served Master Mauriciodiligently, then was allowed to sit and continue our conversation. Althoughhe was unlike Master in not being as readable in his feelings, i felt MasterMauricio becoming warmer and more open with me. He smiled occasionally in away that was very innocent but then would become serious and commandingagain. When i served our deserts, he had me keep my hands by my side as hespoon fed me the panna cotta he ordered. Once again, i got hard as otherswatched me being fed like an infant. He enjoyed seeing me become aroused inpublic and used his foot to further excite my cock. Unable to controlmyself, i came in the dining room with only the table cloth keeping my frombeing totally visible. He laughed as i shot my load. Then he ordered me tolick it up, which i did without hesitation. After dinner, we went outsidewhere we sat with another master-slave couple. Master Mauricio sat on thechair, i was once again on the ground, sitting next to the other slave. Weall were allowed to talk, sharing views on a variety of topics. The otherslave was a university professor of linguistics who had published a numberof books. His master was a construction worker. For my part, i was payingmore and more attention to Master Mauricio. He was an extremely handsomeLatin man. I was falling in love with him as i studied his mannerisms andexpressions. He was charmingly graceful at one minute and dismissive in thenext. At one point he sent me to our room to get the bag with the varioussexual paraphernalia. i brought it and sat back down. He took out my collarand put it on me. i lowered my head in submission. Then he attached mytitclamps. If there had been any doubt as to whether i was a completelysubmissive slave, it was now gone. We continued to talk for a while. ThenMaster Mauricio announced that he thought it would be good if i slept in thekennel tonight. The other master agreed that it would be good for his slavetoo. So he attached my leash to the collar and they led us to the back ofthe resort buildings. There were some low-lying barn-like buildings withstalls. The other slave and i were directed into a large cage in one of thestalls. Master Mauricio kissed me before i entered. Then, once i was in thecage, he put his cock through the bars and had me kiss it good night. Thenhe and the other master left. The other slave and i were both quitesatisfied with our evening and used each others’ bodies to get comfortableto sleep.In the morning, the collared employee woke us by clanging on the bars. Heput out food and drink for us in dog dishes. We ate, without using our handsas he instructed. He instructed us to brush our teeth and shave for ourmasters. Then he led us through an exercise routine for over an hour,followed by a washing down. Finally, we were instructed to return to ourmasters’ rooms. i found Master Mauricio doing some work at the desk. Withoutwords, he instructed me to kneel under the desk so that my face was in hiscrotch. i kept this position for a while. Then he told me that i was free toread or do some work for the morning hours. We didn’t speak till lunchtime,each of us occupied with our tasks. Nonetheless, I was keenly aware of hispresence, catching glances of him absorbed in what he was doing or smellinghis sweet body odors and taking them in.The week went by like this. A pattern was established. He was my Master now,just as Master was. i served him whether he was loving and gentle or coldand indifferent to me. My body was totally receptive to him. If he touchedme, i was aroused. My body felt like it had his dominance imprinted on it sothat just a memory could re-excite me. At times he humiliated me publiclyand at other times he was like a man on his honeymoon with me. It didn’tmatter. i was now his slave.When the week was over, he gave me back my clothes for the first time sincewe arrived. i dressed. The only difference was that he gave me a silvercollar-necklace to wear. He told me that it was my public collar, subtleenough not to embarrass me but also a reminder that i was his slave and thathe committed himself to me as my second Master.The flight home was without event. We took a cab to the house. When we gotthere, Master and slave todd were waiting. i immediately stripped and kneltbefore Master, kissing his feet. He asked Master Mauricio how we had done onour vacation. Master Mauricio started a long conversation, explaining how wehad bonded. We went into the living room, the masters seated on chairs,slave todd and i on our slave stools. We talked for hours. Then MasterMauricio decided we should go to his playroom to complete our bonding. Slavetodd and i were chained with our arms above us to the rafter. We were backto back sharing a dildo and the warmth of each others’ buttocks. Master andMaster Mauricio started to use us in what turned into a four way expressionof love, dominance and submission. It was the sexual expression of what ihoped our lives together would be.When Master Mauricio and i returned home things went on as usual for quite awhile. i continued to learn about submitting to my two Masters. i learnedwhat each of them liked and expected from me. Master dominated but alsotreated me as someone he loved. Every act of submission to him, no matterhow humiliating, made me happy because it pleased him and made him proud ofme as his slave. On the other hand, Master Mauricio looked for new ways tohumiliate bolu escort me. Being hairless below the neck was just the way things were.Having my nipples pierced came next, then a Prince Albert. Going to the gymbecame a different experience because of the looks both of curiosity,interest, and contempt that i experienced from the other men. That didn’tmatter. i was not thinking about them. i was thinking thinking about beingpleasing to Master and to Master Mauricio.Curiously, as the months past, i realized that although i loved Master morei became aware that i was becoming more aroused by Master Mauricio’sdomination than by Master’s. My cock stood more rigid. My mouth watered atthe thought of kneeling at his feet, licking his boots, caressing his cockwith my tongue. i looked forward to his evenings of pleasure when he wouldtake me to the dungeon, chain me up so that i was helpless then torture mytits with clamps, clothespins, his hands, whatever pleased him. When he mademe beg for food treats like a dog and `speak’. When he invited friends overand used me as a coffee table, inviting his friends to rest their boots onmy back, otherwise ignoring me completely. Sometimes he would attach a clampto my cock and balls and to slave todd so that we became inseparable,clamped together with just inches between our faces. He would leave us likethat for hours. We couldn’t sit because the strain on our cocks was toomuch. We were afraid to try to lie side by side because the clamp was sotight we could be damaged if one of us tripped. Yet slave todd and i weremore than willing to serve Master Mauricio. It also started to become moreclear that sometimes Master was not at all involved in Master Mauricio’sevenings of pleasure. Master would go about his business, apparently notnoticing what was happening.It became clear only with the passage of months that things were changing inour household. Master was letting Master Mauricio make more decisions.Master Mauricio decided whom he would sleep with more often than not. Masteraccepted this arrangement. His domination over me, and over slave todd whenMaster Mauricio was not the primary dominator, was still absolute. But itwas becoming clear that Master and Master Mauricio were not sharing thecontrol of the household in complete equality. i didn’t notice things atfirst but as i did, i started to become concerned and less comfortable inthe house. Yet, at the same time, my cock and the reaction of my body toldme that even if less comfortable i was more sexually aroused. Whereas iworshipped Master’s cock and felt surges of joy as i brought him pleasure,Master Mauricio’s cock had the added dimension of fear. If i did not satisfyhim exactly as he wanted, i was punished. He spanked me privately, forcingme to thank him with each whack of the paddle. One night, with four friendsin the living room, he had me present myself naked for a spanking, using hishand on my ass until i cried like a baby. Then, to further humiliate me hehad slave todd diaper me and ordered me to piss into the diaper whilesitting on the floor on a rubber sheet, sucking on a dildo. He and hisfriends were amused. Master joined in but not it was clear that it wasMaster Mauricio who was in charge. Once i pissed, he order slave todd toclean me. Once i was cleaned, oiled and powdered,Slave todd was ordered to stroke my `baby-penis’ until i came. Here i was, abusiness executive, on the floor surrounded by lawyers, a doctor, and otherbusinessmen cumming with more force than i could remember. i shot up intothe air. The cum landed on my face. Master Mauricio commanded slave todd tolick my face clean. Then he ordered me to suck slave todd’s cock for theother gentlemen to see. Completely humiliated, i was also totally excited bythe experience.Several weeks later, after Master and Master Mauricio were spending moretime together privately, without slave todd or my being able to know whatthey were discussing, Master Mauricio called a meeting of the household.Slave todd and i, naked as always, kneeled in front of Master Mauricio inthe livingroom. What happened next was the most difficult moment of my lifesince meeting Master. He came downstairs after Master Mauricio was alreadyseated in one of the large leather chairs. Only, Master was naked just asslave todd and i were. He came into the room and knelt in line with us, hiseyes downcast. Master Mauricio was wearing snakeskin boots, pointed at thetoe. They were quite beautiful. The elegance of their design and thesnakeskin itself, swirls of grey, black, and white, seemingly harmless butonce able to kill with the snakes’ venom, seemed to sum up Master Mauricio.Beautiful, elegant but dangerous and to be feared. Without saying a word hesnapped his finger in Master’s direction and Master lowered his head andbegan to caress and worship Master Mauricio’s boots as slave todd and i haddone so many times. While Master worked on one boot, Master Mauricio usedthe other to apply pressure to Master’s shoulders and head, to humiliate himfurther. After this ritual went on for what seemed like forever, bringingtears to my eyes, Master Mauricio spoke.” slaves. As you can see, things are changing in our home. George, who hasalways thought himself to be completely dominant, has come to realize, justas you two have, that he will find his true nature, not as a Master but as aslave. From now on, he will take his place with you, slave todd and you,slave tim, serving me. If either one of you is not willing to accept thischange you may go upstairs, dress, and return to your former life. Butbefore you do, slave george has some last words as a free man, before heagrees to become my property. Speak slave george.””slave tim. I know that you came into my household as my slave, completelyunder my control. You have my permission to leave if you want to do so butmy last desire before I submit as a slave — he said desire, not command — isfor you to remain as Master Mauricio’s slave and as my fellow slave. I stilllove you. that has not changed.”With tears streaming down my cheeks and my body trembling, i didn’t knowwhat to say. Of course, i still loved Master. But Master was not a masterany more. i could love slave george but knew that my love would now becontrolled by Master Mauricio, who was now simple MASTER because he sharedcommand with nobody. Almost unable to get the words out, i started to talk.”Master…i mean, slave george. i willingly submit to MASTER as my last act ofobedience to you.”Then i faced MASTER, with my eyes down cast and offered my completeservitude.”MASTER, i now consider myself to be your property, along with my brotherslaves, slave todd and slave george.”Then MASTER stood up, looked down at his three kneeling slaves and said.”Crawl to the bathroom. Quick!”Each of us moved as quickly as our four legs would carry us to the mainlevel bathroom.MASTER commanded.”slave george, into the tub on your back, paws in the air.”Slave george quickly got into the tub and spread his legs and arms in theair, exposing his very erect cock in complete vulnerability. First MASTERapplied his snake-skin boot to slave george’s cock, pushing it into his gut.Then he commanded slave todd and me.”Get up, you two”We got up.MASTER spoke again.”Now we will take turns pissing on slave george as a ritual of hissubmission. Slave tim, you will go first. I want you to piss on slavegeorge’s face. He will open his mouth and catch as much of your piss as hecan. He has never tasted your piss before so it should be a deliciouspleasure for him. Then, slave todd, you will piss on his cock and balls andspit at slave george’s mouth. Since he has not tasted your spit, it will bea delicious desert for him. Then you will both join him in the tub and Iwill piss on all three of you, after which, you will lick each other’sbodies clean. Now start.”I was the first to piss on my ex-master, now a slave like me. My cock waslimp but as I looked into slave george’s eyes I knew that he wanted my piss.He was not humiliated by the thought of drinking my piss. Rather, he wantedto please MASTER just as slave todd and I did. So I let a cascade of yellowout full force into slave george’s mouth. He gulped at it greedily, notwanting to disappoint MASTER by letting any land in the tub. When I finishedpeeing, I shook my cock. But MASTER spoke up quickly.`Let slave george lick the tip of your cock slave tim.’As master, slave george had never touched my cock with his mouth. Yet hedidn’t hesitate when MASTER spoke to rise from his prone position and extendhis tongue to the tip of my cock. Without caressing any more than the pissslit, he took the last drops into his mouth. He was not humiliated but I wasabashed and abased enough for him. MASTER spoke again.`Slave george, you will serve slave tim’s cock until I tell you otherwise.You have to learn by experience that you are now a slave. That means thatslave tim will not hold his cock to piss. You will kneel at the toilet andhold his cock to allow him to piss. You will lick up any piss that lands onthe toilet rim or the floor and you will clean slave tim’s piss slit. Isthat clear?’Yes MASTER. I will serve slave tim’s cock so that I might become the lowestof your slaves to please you MASTER.’Then slave todd pissed all over slave george’s cock and balls as MASTER hadordered and licked slave todd clean also, with the same order for futureservice to slave todd’s cock.Following ritual number two, slave todd and I both got into the tub. Therewas little room, leaving us packed like sardines. MASTER smiled contentedlyas he let his piss bathe all three of his slaves. We opened our mouths likebaby birds in the nest, not for thirst but in our desire to make MASTERhappy. When he finished he left us to lick each other’s body and the tubclean. It was not easy because of the tight fit. I don’t know how I feltabout using my tongue on slave george but I did know that it felt verystrange and unsettling to have him lick me without any reserve. It seemed asthough he had always been made to submit.When we finished and were completely clean we returned to the living room onour hands and knees. Then we lined up before MASTER presenting ourselves forhis inspection — knees spread to leave cocks and balls completely visible,arms behind our heads, and eyes down in subservience to this superior man.Slave todd, slave george, and I knelt on the floor, waiting for MASTER’sfurther orders. it struck me that MASTER felt completely at home in his newrole as the sole dominant man in control of the three lives in subservientattention in front of him. His easy smile conveyed his satisfaction. He satinto the leather armchair, motioning for me to kneel on all fours in frontof him as his footstool. I quickly put myself under his booted feet. Thenhe motioned for slave george to approach and lick his boots. Slave georgebegan to massage MASTER’s boots with his tongue with great devotion.Occasionally his tongue wet the small of my back where MASTER’s left footrested. The heat from his tongue seared me with its passionate heat, makingmy cock hard. Seeing my arousal, MASTER put his fingers under my nose,instructing me to breathe in his smell deeply, concentrating on the momentand on his dominant will. I was hypnotized once again by his power.After several hours of his scenario, with slave todd serving MASTER andthen kneeling at the side of the chair so that MASTER could caress his headand hair, MASTER had us kneel in attentive mode again for instructions.”As you slaves know, part of the training of this household is one month inthe slave training center. So slave george will be leaving tomorrowmorning. Normally a master takes a slave to the center but since slavegeorge has gone there before as a master I have requested that the centerpick him up. After all, it is even more humiliating for a slave to bedelivered by two slaves. He will stay for one month, just as the two of youdid. He will learn to respond to my presence with complete subservience,loving every opportunity to prove his devotion as my slave just as slavetim once did for him and is now doing for me. You slaves will learn tobecome a family. You will love one another and will compete in only oneway: To be more subservient to me, your MASTER. When slave george was amaster he did not engage in much punishment. As you know, I amdifferent. All infractions will be punished and each of you will learn tobe grateful for all punishment for one reason — it pleases me.””Tonight I have a special treat for slave george and slave tim. They willgo on their first `date’ as slaves. A friend of mine, Master Anthony fromBangkok is a Master with a great love of using his feet and boots todominate and humiliate. I have agreed to let him take you two slaves outfor a night of public use. He should be arriving soon. I want you two toshave each other from the neck down. He wants you to be hairless.”Slave george and I went to our slave bathroom. Without speaking — we didn’treally know how to talk to each other slave-to-slave yet — we got theshaving equipment. We showered in hot water, soaping each others bodieswith our eyes down. His hands no longer felt the same on my body. Before Ibecame instantly obedient, feeling possessed by their masterfulcontrol. Now he was tentative, efficient but clearly not stating hisownership of my body when he touched me. I had similar reactions as heshaved me, even when he held my cock to remove the hair from my balls andwhen he spread my cheeks to make my ass baby-naked. I then returned thefavor for him. When I held his cock it was not the instrument thatcontrolled me anymore. It was the servile soft cock of another slave boy.I was amazed by how quickly he took on the slave demeaner, looking toplease instead of commanding.About an hour later the doorbell rang. Slave george and I went to open thedoor and kneeled to greet Master Anthony. He was a thin, not very tallAsian man dressed in black, with a beautiful pair of highly polished blackankle-high shoes. Slave george and I immediately began to worship his showsat the snap of his finger as he shared pleasantries with MASTER. Hecompleted ignored our ministrations and began walking to the living roomwith MASTER. We followed on all fours. When they sat, we began to lick hisshoes again. He acted as though we weren’t even there, just took forgranted that our tongues were bathing his shoes with devotion. Then, hesnapped his fingers again, commanding slave george to lie on his back athis feet. With the bottom of his foot, he stepped on slave george’s face,lightly enough for slave george to start licking the bottom of his foot. Hused his other foot to play with my cock, which immediately grew hard. Thenhe had me lie down next to george so he could step on my cock and ballswith more force. His sole and heel sometimes pushed hard enough to causereal pain but I was also very excited. Slave Todd served him and MASTERsomething to eat and drink while he continued to torture slave george’sface and my genitals, while barely paying attention to us.When they finished their snack, Master Anthony stood up, one foot on eachof his temporary slaves. He was light so the pressure was not too great onmy stomach. He took his time, giving about as much thought to us as hewould to a carpet. He and MASTER discussed how we would go to theclub. Since Master Anthony was not familiar with the area, they decidedthat slave todd would chauffeur us. MASTER had slave todd put on his boots,shorts. We proceeded to the garage. MASTER put on our collars, gave MasterAnthony the leashes. For clothes we were booted but otherwise naked. We gotinto the trunk of the car. Then slave todd drove us to the leather club.Arriving at the side door, slave todd opened the trunk and let usout. Master Anthony attached our leashes and led us into the club. It wasslave george’s first trip out as a slave. Men in the club recognizedhim. No one greeted him and he kept his eyes respectfully to the floor,concentrating only on his orders to serve Master Anthony. Master Anthonysent me to the bar to order him a drink and to ask the bartender for twodog dishes filled with beer. First I took Master Anthony his beer, thencarried over the two dog dishes and placed them at his feet. Slave georgeand I knelt before him. Although he knew nobody in the bar, Master Anthonyseemed perfectly comfortable. Several men greeted him respectfully. When hesnapped his fingers slave george and I were allowed to sip from our dogdishes. Occasionally he dipped the tip of his shoes into our dishes so theflavor of beer was mixed with that of the sidewalk. When he finished hisbeer, I got him another. On my return from the bar, naked and hard, I saw aman from work whom I had never seen in a gay venue before. Our eyes metbriefly but we did not speak. He was an executive in another department. Hedid not flinch or act surprised at seeing me but did not acknowledge mypresence either. He seemed very comfortable in a world of masters andslaves.I brought Master Anthony his beer. He continued to drink while carrying onconversations with men who approached him. In this way several hourspassed. At one point Master Anthony had his foot on both of our heads. Weheld them just above our dog dishes, supporting his weight so that we wouldnot end up drowning in our beer. It felt as though he would not have caredeven if he did notice. When he was through with this game, he had usstand. He told slave george to put his chair on the table he was seatedbefore. slave george did as he was told. Master Anthony sat on the chairand order slave george and I to stand in front of him so that our erectcocks lay on the table at the edge. He then started to manipulate our cockswith his feet, alternately crushing them with force and rolling them sothat the friction was masturbating us. A circle of men gathered to watchthe sex show.As though he had never been anything but a slave, slave george stood withhis eyes down and arms crossed behind his back throughout the scene. MasterAnthony occasionally slapped each of us lightly on the face. Each timeslapped we promptly said,”Thank you, Master”Master Anthony directed a leather man to take off his boots. Then he askedthe leatherman and his friend if they would like to piss into their bootsso that slave george and I could drink their piss and clean the inside ofthe boots with our tongues while he was playing with our cocks. Theleathermen laughed and started pissing in front of the group of mengathered to enjoy our humiliation. When they finished pissing they gaveeach of us a boot to drink from. The piss had strong foot smells mixed withit. I drank my piss quickly. Then worked my tongue all around the inside ofthe leatherman’s boots. From the corner of my eye I noticed slave georgedoing the same. Master Anthony lifted slave george’s face by putting hishand beneath the slave’s chin. When slave george’s face was looking him inthe eye, Master Anthony spit into the boot. Slave george promptly thankedhim and licked up the spittle inside the boot. When the boots werecompletely clean, Master Anthony took them from us and returned them to theleatherman, who thanked him with a note of submission in his voice.Our foot masturbation continued for quite a while. Master Anthony broughtus to the point of cumming but then relented to prolong our agony. Severaltimes my body started shaking because the force of pain and stimulation wasso great. At those moments a harder slap in the face from Master Anthonycalmed me down. Finally, I could control myself no longer and came acrossthe table. Seeing me cum caused a sympathetic reaction in slave george whocame with tremendous force and a number of very loud grunts that werealmost screams. His body was in paroxysms of pleasure for several minutes.I wanted to hug him and comfort him at that moment when he seemed sovulnerable but had not command to do so. When we both finished cummingMaster Anthony instructed us to clean each others cock and then lick up thecum from the table. We began licking up the cum while the men watched us.My tongue and mouth were aching from all the licking I had done thisevening. Master Anthony managed to step into the cum so we had to lick thebottoms of his shoes While he sat and watched. When we completely finishedour chores, he then ordered us onto hands and knees. He walked us aroundthe bar several times, allowed us a second beer in the dog dishes, then heled us to the door and our awaiting car and driver. We climbed into thetrunk for our ride home. The one thing that I noticed was that my workcolleague watched our departure.When we got home Master Anthony told MASTER that we had served him well. Asa reward, MASTER announced that slave george would have his first experienceof sleeping in diapers so that MASTER could change him when he dirtiedhimself. For my reward I would be allowed to have a pair of Master Anthony’sboots hung by a rope from my balls while I did my housework the next day anda pair of his shoes hung from the chain attached to the tit clamps I wouldwear all day. I indicated to MASTER that I needed to piss so he sent me andslave george to the bathroom. slave george knelt by the toilet bowl and tookmy cock in his hands, directing the stream into the toilet bowl. When I wasdone he shook my cock dry but a few drops landed on the rim of the bowl. Hequickly licked the drops of piss off of the porcelain and licked the lastdrop of piss from my now exhausted and flaccid cock.Once I went to my bed next to slave todd I tried to sleep. My mind keptwandering back to my colleague, Mark, from work. I wondered what he must bethinking about me now and how he might use this information about me. We hadspoken at meetings before but since he was hired since I was enslaved byMaster George, I never thought about him as a man. He was a handsome man,with rugged good looks and an outdoorsman type of build. He was very politeand low key at work, friendly but with clear boundaries. I thought he musthave been a few years older than me, perhaps about 47. Now that I thoughtabout him I realized that what always registered with me was his steady,calm eyes. He did not appear to bear much anxiety. He seemed strong in agentle way. That night it took me longer than usual to fall asleep.The next day I woke at the hour MASTER had commanded slave todd to set thealarm. I got up and cleaned myself as per the rule of daily life. Slavegeorge knelt by the toilet in his now dirtied diaper while I shit. He thencleaned me with toilet paper, gently probing to wipe every trace of brownfrom my anus. When I was presentable I went to the kitchen to preparebreakfast for Master Anthony and MASTER. When the eggs, coffee, toast andjuice were ready I carried the tray to MASTER’s bedroom. He was lying in bedwith Master Anthony. At the foot of the bed slave todd, rope-bound so thatall he could do was move like a Chinese princess of the nineteenth centurywith the added restriction of immovable arms, was licking the feet of MasterAnthony with great care and devotion. I served the two masters theirbreakfast. When they were done I intended to take the tray away but MASTERtold me to wait. He got out of bed, grabbing the tit clamps on the nighttable as he did so. He attached the clamps and then took a pair of MasterAnthony’s shoes and attached them to the other end of the clamps so thatthey hung about eight inches below my now aching nipples. He then took apiece of rope with which he quickly bound my balls, separating them. He tiedone end of the rope to the loop at the back of each of Master Anthony’sboots. He then said.”Looks good slave tim, thank me for your reward for today.”With my balls and tits being pulled down by the weight, I responded.” Thank you MASTER for this reward of pain to remind me how kind you are tome.”MASTER then dismissed my to my day of mopping, cleaning, vacuuming, washing,all with the painful tokens of his concern tugging on my body. Nonetheless,I went about my work. Curiously, my mind continued to turn back to Mark.What would he think about me, looking like this. I was a completelyobedient, subservient slave, treated as a toy most of the time. Unlikegeorge when he was my master in the first year or so, my slavery was nolonger an expression of mutual love. MASTER made no pretense of loving us.He knew he could use us, mostly because we had lost our will and weretotally addicted to his sexual power over us. Even at this moment just thethought of him standing over me while I scrubbed the kitchen floor on handsand knees was enough to make me rock hard. I thought of how natural itseemed for him to stand above me, reestablishing his dominance by having mesuck his cock or feel his foot step on my cock. At the same time, I wasdisturbed in a way that was not usual for me when I thought about Mark.By the time I finished my housework my balls and tits were in excruciatingpain. When I reported to MASTER he ordered me to bring him and MasterAnthony tea in the den. I brought in the tea. MASTER commanded me to kneeland used my back as a tea tray. In this way the boots hanging from my cockrested on the floor. it seemed like a relief but in reality accentuated thepain my tits felt. I had to use every bit of strength not to start shaking.I was afraid that if I did, I would spill the tea and be punished even more.I managed not to spill and was used in this way until MASTER announced thatI could go to bed since I had to work the next day. slave todd was sent tobed with me while MASTER and Master Anthony attended to slave george and hisfilthy diaper. Once in bed, slave todd massaged my tits with his tongue andmy balls by hand. I was graterful for his gentleness, the only such concernI had felt in a long time.The next day I dressed for work with my mind going in circles. First of all,I had to change gears from abject slave to man of business. Then I had toremind myself that I would eat with a knife and fork, use a toilet in thenormal way, be clothed all day. Finally, I had to think about how I woulddeal with Mark at work.I arrived at work, making the usual mental changes necessary to become ahighly responsible decision-maker. Even my physical demeanor had to changeaccording the role I was now playing. The morning went by quickly as Iattended to business. It amazed me to think that yesterday I had been notmuch more than a naked b**st of burden for two Masters and today I washelping to run a large corporation. Of course, the pain in my balls and titsserved to remind me of my true status. At about 11:00 a.m. Mark phoned me atmy desk and asked to meet for lunch. His voice was calm, matter-of-factlyfriendly, without a trace of disdain or superiority. I accepted hisinvitation without hesitation even though I was a bit of a wreck thinkingabout being confronted by him.At noon we met in the lobby to go to a nearby restaurant. It was expensiveenough to allow for some privacy in conversation. We didn’t speak untilafter the waiter seated us and took our order. I was the first to speak.”I guess that you are wondering about what you saw on Saturday night at thebar.”He replied, “I am not wondering about what I saw. I’ve seen stuff like thatmany times and participated a bit when I was younger. What I am wonderingabout is you.””How do you mean? Can’t you see that I am a slave?””Of course I could see that”, he answered. “What I wonder about is what youget out of it and who you are. I’ve noticed you for some time now at work.You’re an attractive man with a great deal going for you yet you let anAsian foot-master use you like as though your value was determined by howmuch cum you licked up from his boots and the table.”I felt pains running through me like I had not experienced since becoming aslave. It wasn’t the shame that brought a hard-on. Rather it was the pain ofknowing that Mark thought that I was a real decision-making person who hasreduced myself to subhuman status to please a man I did not love and who didnot love me. I was left speechless for a long time. I didn’t want to look athim and could not eat. Yet Mark was not put off. He kept his gaze on me andcontinued speaking throughout lunch. I was amazed, even in my pain andconfusion, that he remained unperturbed. Usually intimidated into submissionby such apparent strength I was not affected in that way at all today. I wasjust an internal mess but had no desire for him to dominate me or to actsexually in any way. In this way we …or I should say, Mark…finished lunchand returned to the office. When we got to the lobby he thanked me and saidthat he would like to lunch with me again tomorrow and for the rest of theweek if I agreed. I did.The rest of the day was extremely uncomfortable for me. I was torn betweenworlds, it seemed. On the one hand I thought about going home, strippingnaked and being used by MASTER when I got in. On the other, I thought aboutMark’s very different behavior.When I arrived at the house, slave george had already been picked up by thetwo slaves from slave training camp. Slave todd and I made dinner for MASTERand knelt at his feet as he ate alone; Master Anthony had left thatafternoon, leaving me a shoe with dried cum stains for my desert. MASTER, ofcourse, contributed to my desert by pissing into the shoe to help me moistenthe cum. I served him without missing a beat. I licked, knelt, obeyed,served, knelt over his knees so he could spank my for dropping crumbs on thefloor as I cleaned up after dinner. He allowed slave todd and me to pleasurehis cock together, alternately sucking and licking in an act of worship ofthe throbbing-hard cock that was his dominance and our submissiveness. Whenwe finished he sent us off to be left alone. I went to pay some of mypersonal bills and take care of business for my own townhouse that I rentedout when I moved in with master george.Again, the next day I met Mark for lunch. We continued our conversation.This time I was able to speak although it was still painful. I told himabout how my love for george when he was a Master had led me first to submitand then to become his slave. What kept coming back to me was the fact thatat one time being a slave was about loving george, then it was about havingoptions limited by the power of MASTER’s dominance and his cock. Mark neverflinched or acted as though anything I was saying was strange. He listenedand asked questions. And I spoke. I talked more socially with him than I hadspoken in the past years since I became a slave. It felt different and odd.I was having lunch with a man who allowed me to decide what I wanted to eatand who didn’t interrupt me or ignore my need to finish eating; he waitedfor me. I didn’t feel the obligation to attend to him every second we weretogether. Yet, at the same time, I knew that this was a very strong man, onewho was in control…of his own life.The month went like this. Lunches with Mark, evenings serving MASTER, somenights sleeping with MASTER, some nights in the cage, some nights with slavetodd. I was amazed that I could even function, never mind keep my new`friendship’ secret. But MASTER was not as perceptive as george had been. Hewas not interested enough in me as a person to notice if I was different inany way. As long as I served quickly and completely, he was happy. And I hadto admit that as long as he aroused my body with his dominance, I was hisslave. But in ways other than the sex, things were different. I started tosee my absolute obedience and servility as somewhat silly. My perception ofhis dominant attitude started to include an analysis that he was posturingand posing, not really living out of his own strength.After talking to Mark daily like this, it became obvious that he had someobjectives in establishing this friendship with me. With directness I hadnot shown in my out-of-work life in years I finally got up the courage toask him why he was spending so much time with me. With equal directness butno hesitancy or doubt he stated.”Because when you decide to be a man again, I want to be the man you love.”I was figuratively and almost literally on the floor.”You mean that after you saw me being led on a leash in a bar used as a cumand piss receptacle in front of 50 men you are interested in me?””Yep”. “I see what’s there, not what you’ve made yourself into. You don’tsee all that you are. I have some idea that there is a really interestingman capable of giving and receiving love. End of my explanation!”Once again, I went home in total confusion. Only this time with an option.That night, for the first time in several years, I forgot to shave my bodyhair, leaving stubble on my groin and balls.When I went to MASTER’s room, he had the cross set up and ordered me to layout his toys. I arranged the dildos, buttplugs, paddles, titclamps and otherdevices as I always did. Then, as usual, I kissed each item that would giveMASTER pleasure and my pain and humiliation. Also as usual, my cock startedto ache in anticipation, especially as his cock was open to sight because ofthe leather chaps he was wearing. MASTER commanded me to present forinspection. He checked my mouth with his fingers, then my chest and then myasshole, with some swats on my ass that made my cock harder. Then he brushedhis hand across my pubic area. When he felt the stubble, he quickly slappedmy face and spoke sternly.”Slave, why is your body not shaved according to rules. You’re worthless. Gointo the bathroom and kneel at the toilet.”I did as I was told. Then MASTER ordered me.”Start drinking the toilet water until I tell you to stop.”Something inside of me snapped at that moment. In spite of my hard cock andmy training I didn’t start drinking. Instead I stood up and said.”No”MASTER stared at me with a glaring anger. On any other occasion I would havefallen to my knees and started to beg for forgiveness. Instead, I just said.”No” “I am leaving”MASTER was dumbfounded. But I was done. I walked out of the room withoutlooking back, went to the room where my work clothes and things were stored.I dressed, packed a suitcase and without any explanation simply stated;””I’ll be back tomorrow for the rest of my things.” “This is over.”I walked out the door, didn’t say a word to Mauricio or to todd. I justleft.On the street, I hailed a cab and directed him to a downtown hotel. Therefor the first time in years, I slept as a free man, totally exhausted. Ididn’t realize till I fell on the bed what it cost me to break loose. Asfast as it happened it was like the creation of the world with the bigbang…it took an incredible amount of energy.The next day was Friday. At lunch I told Mark what I had done the nightbefore. He could see by my tired face and lack of energy what a toll hadbeen taken.He said to me. “I want to go to the hotel with you after work. Not for sex.You aren’t ready for that. I just want to be with you for a while”At 6:00 we left work together. We got to the hotel and went up to my room.When we got in the room we sat and talked a little. Mostly we just sat andcommunicated without words. At one point started to get worked upemotionally. With a simple kind gesture, Mark put his hand on my shoulder tocomfort me. Then I completely lost it. I started to convulse with tears andsobs. I couldn’t stop. It seemed like every bit of tension that had been putinto me by years of being attentive to masters was being purged. Mark cameclose and held me while I shivered and curled up like a baby. He didn’t letgo.I don’t even know how long I sobbed before I fell asleep in Mark’s arms. AndI had no idea how long I slept until the next day when he told me it was1:00 in the afternoon and that I had slept for at least 12 hours. He tuckedme into the bed and called room service to bring some food. When the foodwas delivered he sat by my side and helped me to eat. I had not been treatedwith this kind of concern and caring in so long it seemed like I would burninside my own skin. I never left the hotel that day. Mark went to getclothes and things to keep him occupied while he watched over me.These few days in the hotel were unnerving and yet extremely comforting. Iwas not being infantilized or dominated. A very strong man was taking careof me and I was returning his care with gratitude. The urge was strong toget up and serve him, to convert him into Master Mark but he had noinclination to allow that to happen. We talked, he asked my opinion. We evendisagreed and I was not punished for stating an opinion contrary to his.I took the next week off from work. I went to Mauricio and George’s house toget my things. When Todd answered the door he was in shock. But I called himby his name and did not allow him to defer to me in any way. His instinctwas to kneel before me since I no longer acted like a slave but I didn’twant that. Similarly, I addressed Mauricio by name. I explained to him thatI was moving back to my house. Curiously, I was not angry with him orfearful or ashamed. I was done. I didn’t much care if he had anything to sayor if my leaving was going to help destroy his world. I didn’t see myself asrunning from him to Mark. I was going home as a free man. I did not care ifGeorge returned to find me gone. I had loved this man but not what I hadbecome loving him or what he had become loving Mauricio. I just wanted to befree.The next months were a rediscovery of life for me. Mark and I dated. Ourrelationship grew. The first time we made love I was a total basket-case. Ididn’t know how to take pleasure for myself anymore and kept trying toplease him. He wouldn’t let me do that. With incredible patience he helpedme to rediscover my own pleasure points and helped me to let him know how Ienjoyed making love, not being used by a master. When I sucked his cock itwas not an act of submission and humiliation; he sucked mine with equalpleasure. We fucked each other. Sex with him was incredibly hot because Iwas giving myself to him and he was giving himself to me.As I regained myself, I found that I was not ready to give myself up toanyone, even Mark, for a long time. We allowed our relationship to growslowly over a period of several years before we decided it was time for usto live together. And that is where we still are. It isn’t always exciting.There is no new thrill of degradation and debasement. There are messydisagreements and reconciliations and two men who try to love each other asbest they know how.

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