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I drew off her jeans and panties together, eager for her. She giggled and kept her legs closed, teasing me. Kneeling between her legs, I eased them apart, revealing her to me for the first time, cooing as the scent of her excitement wafted to my nose. Her hair was very fine on her mound, not very thick, and light brown. I kissed one knee, then the other, kissing my way down her thighs as she opened them more for me. I say the ring then, small and golden, nestled between her lips. She lifted her hips as my lips came closer, my tongue running between her lips as she opened, tasting her. Moaning, she rolled her hips, her fingers in my hair, urging me to her, as my teeth closed on the ring and pulled. She could tell I was excited by my discovery by the way my tongue moved, the smile she had to see even as I kissed her and more.

“Oh, Jenny,” she purred, her fingers in my long blonde hair tightening.

I smiled, “Yes?”

“Have you ever seen anyone pierced like me before?” I knew she wanted to be special, but I blurted it out anyway, immediately sorry, but the wine, the heady excitement of sex, the taste of her all clouded my senses.

“Only my mom,” I said.

Her body stilled under my kisses. I lapped at her, moving the ring in her clit hood.

“Your mom?” Her voice was thick, no longer passionate, but I was not sure what else it was. “Your mom is pieced? And you have seen her?”

I let my nod answer, licking her, not wanting the mood to change, wanting to make love with her, hoping she would not be shocked, knowing she was. But there were lots of reasons a daughter might know her mother was pierced through her clit hood. Nude beaches. Casual bathroom scenes. Any number of things.

Or, the daughter could have been between her mother’s thighs, just as I was now between Erin’s.

I had met Erin just that day. I saw her and wanted her and within moments of talking to her, I knew she wanted me too. I am tall and well-rounded, blonde and blue-eyed, and I easily attract attention. Just like my mother. These things went through my mind as I licked Erin, trying to bring her mind back to lovemaking. She was too curious, or grossed out, to let me.

“How… I mean, when…” She had to ask.

I moved from between her legs and lay down next to her. Softly, I kissed her lips, seeing her eyes were open. Sighing, I decided that I had nothing to lose now by being honest. Either she was totally turned off, or it would excite her to hear, so I told her.

“Erin, my mother and I are very close.”

She let me kiss her, then pulled away to look at me. “How close?”

My fingers moved between her legs, toying with the ring. “Very close.”

“Oh, god,” she murmured, partly with shock, partly because of my fingers. türkçe alt yazı porno “You’re kidding, right?”

“No,” I answered simply, kissing her ardently, crushing my full breasts into her arm as I lay next to her, easing a finger inside of her as I did.

“You have made… had sex…”

“Yes,” I answered, punctuating my answer by pushing my finger into her deeper.

“Oh, god.”

I stopped her from saying more by covering her mouth with mine, letting my body speak to hers, wanting to bring her back into the moment, the touch of my fingers moving in and out of her, the sweet taste of my lips on her own, the warmth of my body touching hers.

Erin whimpered under me, and I could sense her excitement returning, building. She arched her back, pressing her slender body to mine, her sex to my fingers as her tongue pushed into my mouth. “Jenny?” she asked, breaking the kiss, “I think that excites me.”

In a moment I was sure of it as she pushed me back onto the bed, trailing kissed down my body, nipping each nipple a little harder than for pure pleasure, then moved down, down between my long legs, touching my clit with her lips. Her licking was hot and eager and I squirmed, raising my arms over my head and stretching my breasts and their hard nipples. It was sheer delight.

“Jenny,” she said, pausing in her licking, “tell me.”

Tell her. Tell her how I became my mother’s lover. As if it were that easy.

Delcy is an amazing woman. She was 25 when I was born, 40 when we first had intimate contact. Her mother was a pin-up model in the late 50s and early 60s, and my mother is even more gorgeous, to judge from those old pictures. Free-spirited and uninhibited, she began playing with other women when quite young, then with men later. She was married, briefly, before she met my father. When they did meet, sparks flew, and she left her husband and took up with dad and another woman, a ménage a trios that kept them quite happy for a few years. They broke up, then she reunited with Tina for the first part of my life, then married dad on my 15th birthday.

Shortly after I was born, she decided to go to grad school and supported us by taking off her clothes on stages in bars. She had already been featured in a men’s magazine, and her sister had done two porn movies. It wasn’t like any of the women in my family are shy about showing off their long, voluptuous, blonde-haired bodies.

“We were doing a modeling shoot,” I began. “A mother/daughter thing. Nude.”

“Nude?” asked Erin, pausing in her licking, the uncertainty and awe clear in her voice.

“Nude,” I nodded, her licking so wonderful, such delight. I lowered my hands and ran my fingers into her hair as my other hand türkçe ifşa porno caressed my own breast.

“The photographer had the stylist braid our hair together for some of the shots, so we could not move apart at all. The photos themselves were not sexual, they are really very artistic, but I felt aroused as the slightest movement would cause my bare breast to drag across hers, or her naked hip to brush mine. And we had our arms around each other most of the time.”

“Oh, god,” Erin murmured, laying her head on my shoulder and caressing my breast. “This is so turning me on.” She turned her face into my shoulder in shyness for a moment, then bent her lips to my nipple and let her hand play across my mound, fingers teasing my clit. Her slim thighs found one of my and pulled it up tight to her sex. “Tell me more.”

I sighed deeply as she touched me, the thrill of her lips on my nipple, making it hard causing me to arch my back. I sucked in my breath as her finger went into me.

“The photographer had hired a limousine to take us home, and, after the shoot, we shrugged on our clothes and slipped into the back, each on opposite sides of the seat, a little flushed, a little aroused, a little embarrassed, in spite of it all. I had not bothered to put on all of my clothes, just tucking my bra and panties into my bag and wearing my sundress. I knew I was going to get myself off as soon as I got to my room. Mom was wearing a broomstick skirt and blouse, but I could see she didn’t have her bra on. I think she was eager to get home and see Dad.”

Erin released my nipple and kissed my neck as her finger moved in and out of me. I was highly aroused, both at her touch and knowing it was turning her on to hear me tell this story. It was exciting me to tell her.

“Finally, I couldn’t stand it anymore and slid across the seat. As I did, the hem of my dress caught and my legs were bared as I moved toward her. My hair was showing.”

Erin giggled. “You don’t have very much hair,” she said, running her damp fingers through what little I had.

“Shhhsssh. I was younger then,” I laughed, “I hadn’t started trimming yet. Mom sat up as I neared her, seeing me nude nearly to the waist, but I had been nude with her all day and she had seen me nude thousands of times at home. But this was different. This was sexy almost nude, and she was turned on by it. So was I. I came close and kissed her, full on the mouth, not a daughter’s kiss to her mother, but a woman’s kiss to another woman.”

Erin kissed me to let me know she knew exactly what I meant, then moved again, kissing her way down between my breasts. “Go on.” Her soft brown hair trailed over my skin as she moved.

“As we kissed, I ran my fingers vivid porno up her leg, up her bare thigh. I felt her pressing to me, wanting it as much as I did. Before I got too far, I felt her clench her thighs, stopping me from going up higher, and said, ‘I love you, Jenifer.’ I smiled into her lips and told her I loved her too, calling her by her name, and her thighs opened and my fingers slipped up to touch the ring in her clit. We kissed, my fingers moving to open her lips, and she touched me too, wrapping her arms around me and holding me as I made love to her.”

“Make love to me, Jenny,” Erin whispered as her lips found my clit again, sucking softly on her as she did. “Like you did with her.”

I rolled up, taking the lead, putting Erin in my mother’s place. “Delcy,” murmured in her ear as I ran my hand up her thigh to once more touch her ring. Erin is tall, though not as tall as either my mother or me, and she is slender, brown-eyed and haired. Still it was exciting to think of her that way. I straddled her lap as she leaned into the pillows, reaching between my naked thighs to play with her pussy and the ring in her clit hood as my other hand cupped her small breast and felt her stiff nipple. Delcy is a full voluptuous D, I am a C, and dear Erin is a B cup, but it stirred my memory to think of how my mother’s breast felt through her blouse that first time I took it in my touch while I fondled Erin. I pressed my kiss harder and pulled Erin’s ring, just as I had my mother’s in the limousine seven years ago.

“Oh, Jenifer,” Erin cried as I did, trying to lift her hips, even with me astride her. “You did that to her, to your mother, your own mother, you pulled her pussy ring?”

She knew the answer. But hearing me say so would excite her so. “Yes, I played with her ring, pulling like this…” and I pulled, “and turning it like this.” Erin cried out again, louder. I love noisy women.

“And I did this too,” I said, lowering my lips to her little nipple and sinking my teeth into the base of it. I held them there and spoke around her nipple. “Right behind her rings.”

Erin’s eyes shot open and she looked into mine. “She has pierced nipples too? Oh, god!”

I released her nipple, then took the other in my mouth, using my tongue to swab her areola. “Is this a bad time to mention she is shaved?”

Erin’s hands came down to rest on my head, her fingers lacing into my hair. “This is your mother?”

My fingers moved with her, into her, on her, the ring teased and toyed with. I could sense her orgasm as she moved with me, her mouth opening to mine as I pressed my breasts to hers and we kissed.

“My mother is a very sexy lady.”

“Oh, god, so is her daughter,” Erin grinned at me. “Oh, god!” She came, gasping and crying out, arching her body to mine.

“Want to meet her? I am sure she would like you.”

“Yessssssss,” my pretty young lover hissed.

I kissed her, then rolled over onto my back, my legs open to her, eager for her touch. “You might like Dad too,” I laughed.

“Your father!?”

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