Sex At Work In DC

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[b]Sex At Work By Will Buster

To say that Rosy Dawn was only a call girl would be like calling a diamond tiara a headdress! This rambunctious, petite bombshell had several high priced clients eating out of her hand as well as her tight, juicing pussy. Several high powered politicians in the DC web could attest to the fact that being inside one of Rosie’s juicing, squeezing orifices was a thrilling adventure. It was a privilege and a pleasure to explore all those damp and dark places located beneath her skimpy, black lace pair of panties. Her plush 34 C tits were perfect for tweaking and gripping while her slim, flat waist gave promise of the vilest passions that lurked inside Rosie’s firm, young 22 year old body. Her violet eyes accented that breath taking heart shaped face and her strawberry blonde tresses completed the dazzling image that so many of the rich and infamous desired to toy with.

Now in all fairness, Rosy never intended to become a highly remunerated lady of the evening or morning or whatever time her male customers needed her delicate services. Originally she’d decided to go into modeling with the possible intention of becoming an actress. But she got cornered into the porn flick industry and one thing led to another. Eventually The “Top Temptresses Agency” contacted her and the rest is carnal history. Rosy was a very vivacious 22 years of exciting existence and this seductive siren held the world literally by its hairy balls. Well, at least the Washington DC world was tightly snuggled inside her oozing little hidey hole and suckling mouth.

What made Rosy so incomparable was the additional bonus of above average intelligence. She carefully studied an extensive array of amorous techniques from many sources including exotic Eastern descriptive books in order to add spice and delicacy to her bedroom, office or motel room performances. This clever approach to bed sport was a major factor as to why this sophisticated slut was in such demand. She was into role playing and dressing just the way a client would request and her squeals and sex cries were enough to ignite any cool blooded lawyer or public servant.

Naturally when she performed her sassy outcalls, she was usually accompanied by a large, well armed man to make sure she arrived on time and exquisitely alive. After all, DC wasn’t the safest place to practice her alluring artistry. On top of that, Rosy kept very precise notes in her little black book. It kept track of dates, times, locations and the names of the clients that she so meticulously serviced. She even kept an updated copy in her vault box at the bank. Once a week she made sure the latest and greatest were carefully edited into the back up text of visceral encounters. One thing was certain, if she ever got in Dutch with the law, she could bring down both major political parties in a stew pot of licentious slander. It was one of the reasons she insisted on being paid by credit card. She had a precise paper trail for every one of her illicit connoisseurs. As each month went by, her list grew as well as the size of her impressive bank account. Her philosophy was, Fuck long and Prosper.”


When Rosy entered the powerful Senator’s private office, she knew precisely what he needed. She’d been here a dozen times before and the cute little bimbo quickly adopted her submissive, immature school girl demeanor. It was her special treat for the influential man who sat at his polished, wooden antique desk that dominated the room, directly in front of her. Rose shut and locked the door behind her and then gave the powerful politician a very saucy smirk while wiggling her ass very seductively.

His rich, southern drawl seemed to fill the opulently appointed room. “Good morning Rosy. You’re ravishing as usual. It’s nice to see you again.”

With that he stood up and approached his rented little vixen. Rosy removed her conservative long coat to reveal a school chick outfit complete with white knee stockings and a blouse that was both sheer and lacey. Her saucy pig tails completed the effect as she stared up at him with wonder and contrived innocence in her entrancing eyes. “Do you like what you see daddy?”

The older man with the gray hair and the horn rimmed glasses looked at this perky little chick Escort Keçiören that smiled at him with her dazzling pearly whites. “Have you been a very naughty little girl, Rosy?”

He grinned down at her as he began to unbutton her blouse. “Oh yes, daddy! I just can’t help myself. I need to have my pink little pussy slit fucked hard almost every day. I wanna be a good little girl but that wicked hole won’t give me a moment’s peace! It keeps itching and burning until it gets a nice, hard cock shoved deep inside it. Hmmmmmm! Oh yeah! Feel me right up! Ooooo! Daddy! Pull off my dress and fuck me hard! I love it when you shoot all that warm cream inside my little pussy hole. Please, hurry! I need your cock so bad!” ”

He guided Rose to a nearby sofa and quickly pulled off the hottie’s dress and slip, enabling his hungry mouth to lick and suck her pretty tits and stiffening nipples. Soon his exploring fingers encountered the slick wetness that oozed from her hot little cunt. “Yes daddy! Yes! Please, let me suck your big cock for you and then you can fuck my horny little pussy sore!”

The great man spread her now nearly naked body on the green sofa before removing his own clothing. He’d done this steamy little trick before and his cock was harder than a steel pipe as he maneuvered her in front of him. He guided her face to his upright manhood and then Rosy began her magic. She moaned seductively as her little mouth slid downward in a fancy twisting motion on his throbbing shaft. The sex pot sucked on him and swirled her swishing tongue over every inch of it. Her small fingers gently toyed with his warm balls and tingling anal entrance. The long time Republican definitely knew how to spend some of that extra money he was getting from certain big business lobbyists. After all, what was the point of being a high ranking senator if you couldn’t enjoy some of the fringe benefits? This little hot tart was more than a mere benefit. She was an arousing, stimulating slut who provided his cock with the highest quality sex he’d ever enjoyed. He soon groaned with the exquisite pleasure that coursed through his itching prick. “Ooooo God! Rosy! You wicked little slut! Suck it off! Suck it! Yes! You vile little vixen! Eat daddy’s cock! Aaaaahhh! What a fucking cock sucking whore! God! God! Yeah!”

The gross sounds of her throat gagging and the saliva soaking him finally sent him over the edge and he violently pumped his sticky sperm right down her throat. “God damn! Swallow it all, you little bitch! God! Suck it! Suck it all!”

The classy prostitute never missed a drop as she swallowed his seed right down her esophagus and straight into her soft belly. The truth was that she liked the taste of warm cum as it jetted down her expressive mouth. She’d acquired a taste for male fluids during her many hours in front of skin flick cameras. Now she gulped the senator’s ball juice with apparent greed and relish. When she’d finished her nourishing snack she licked and softly caressed his shrunken manhood until it eventually revived.

Rosy knew precisely what he required. She’d been there before of course. She kept sucking him hard and quick to make sure he would recover quickly. Her fingers were playing with her clit so she’d be wet and willing when he finally got around to impaling her little fuck hole with his average sized manhood. Rosy preferred large dark meat herself, but money was money. Even an unremarkable cock was fun to fuck on. Besides, if she played her harlot cards correctly, she could retire by age thirty, with a nice nest egg courtesy of all these corrupt, horny politicians.

When he was ready, she spread open on the sofa showing off her charms in her glorious nakedness. “Fuck me daddy! Squirt a little baby bastard into my hot little box! Oh yeah! Stick it in and bang me! Yes! Like that! Give it to me harder you fucking animal! Yes! Fuck your little baby girl! Oooooo! Your cock is too big for my little pussy! You’re stretching me apart! Oh Jesus! Jesus! It hurts! Oh fuck! You don’t care! You just wanna ball me bad. Don’t you daddy?”

He gasped, “Yeah chicky boom! Take it all you dirty little whore!”

“Do you like it when I’m a bad little girl?”

He thrust even harder. This slut was super hot. “Yeah Keçiören Escort baby! Work it faster! Yeah! You know how, don’t you?”

Rosy giggled, “I just love it when a stiff cock is way to big for my tiny cunt! Oh yeah baby! Your big daddy dick feels so good! Fucking fill me! Ooooo! Ram me harder! Yes! Like that! You’re making me cum!”

Rosy had been instructed the first time she’d fucked the senator. He liked role playing as the father doing the naughty little daughter. It was his favorite fantasy and she had it down to a tee. Her fiery young body engulfed his manhood with vicious little jerks and contractions that spurred her high classed John on to faster and harder acts of the most improper sins that he was capable of dreaming about.

The strawberry blonde trickster arched her back and pushed hard onto his vicious strokes. “Yes! Ooooo! Yes! Fuck me nasty! Oooooo! Daddy! Daddy! You’re so big in my cunt! Eeeeaaaaaaaaahhhhhh! Oh shit! Yes! Again! Make me cum more!”

His hands were glued to her brace of 34 mounds and his mouth was greedily sucking her dainty little toes. He’d practically ripped off her stockings as the fuck had progressed and now the only thing she had on were her dangling earrings which bobbed at crazy angles from the power of his energetic thrusts.

The senator had waited over a day for this and his sap was rapidly rising to the surface surprisingly quickly for a man almost sixty. He lunged hard into this prime fox, relishing the texture of her wildly vibrating, hot young flesh. The little tart squirmed and writhed on him, making his cock tip tingle just the way he loved. He banged deep into her, piercing past her cervix as his shaft ground against her g spot. Suddenly the young bitch howled as she ejaculated her essence over his slamming pole.

“You sloppy bitch! Just for that I’m going to fuck your little ass hole to!”

Rosy squealed as her lusts kept pouring out of her cock stuffed channel. “Oooooo! Daddy! Daddy! Jolt your cream in my pussy and then you can fill my tiny ass hole with your huge prick all the way to your fucking balls! Ram me! Fucking take me you hot stud!”

His heart was racing now and he hoped that this incomparable lay wouldn’t cause a fucking stroke! Again and again he slammed his tingling meat deep and true. That tight sleeve of gripping, warm softness was driving him wild. He had to possess every carnal inch of this hired tramp!

The superbly performing minx was hitting her stride now and she soon screamed as another powerful climax ripped through her abdomen. It triggered him as well and he shot a shower of intense squirts into her shuddering slit. Rosy had to admit that this aged man was pretty good for being such an old fart. All she had to do was imagine herself being double fucked by two huge black sticks in front of some cameras and her pussy could pour time after time. That little cunny of hers easily recalled what it felt like to fuck ten black inches for hour after delirious hour. She kept climaxing while she felt his warm wetness keep bursting inside her deepest recesses.


It took another fifteen minutes of salacious sucking but she eventually got him hard enough to invade her tiny bum hole. Expertly she slipped those slick juices into her anal opening and guided him to pay dirt. He sank into her anus with a pleased groan. This was an around the world worth every penny of the five hundred dollars he paid for the privilege. The little whore didn’t rush him or reprimand him for being a bit slow and old. She didn’t judge him for wanting this daddy girl fantasy. She played along and let him frolic inside her youthful body until he’d launched his spunk into her virginal looking mouth and two little fuck holes. He knew that if he ever became dysfunctional, he would miss this pleasing little pussy cat. She was delightful, dirty and very enticing with her immature looking shape and her utterly raunchy sexual techniques. Rosie was an exquisite, uninhibited whore who was an irresistible combination of innocence and hellish vice. Her cute, little girl voice kept begging him to fuck her hot little ass hole, keeping him hot and definitely bothered.

Rosy relaxed and gripped his fully buried prick with her little rim, driving him Keçiören Escort Bayan wild. Soon he was slamming hard into her shitter and she squealed with pretended pain and obvious joys. Rosy eagerly met his deep thrusts expertly and greedily as she lay face down on that enjoyable sofa.
His hands sometimes gripped her hips or pinched her vulnerable tits and still the anal fuck went on and on. She was tight, hot and horny! Her rectum squirmed and clamped down on every powerful thrust of his, letting him know she loved the way he was taking her.

“Fuck my ass daddy! Harder! Harder! Oh Jesus! I want it fucking hhhaaarrrrddddeeerrr! Oooooo! Yes! Yes! Yes! Fucking make me cum! Yeah! Yeah! I’m cumming! Oh you hot fuck boy! You fuck better than a big black buck! Eeeeeeeee~! Sssshhhhiiiiittttt! Fuck! Launch that cream up my shit! God!”

Rosy felt her body explode in rapture as her anal orgasm drove her ballistic. She screamed and clamped down on his dick like a living vice! “Gimme your cum! Shoot it full daddy! Your little naughty girl needs your baby batter! Please daddy! Please! Squirt it into my fucking ass! Fuck my shit! Aaaaahhh! You’re so fucking big in my ass! Ooooooo!”

The tightness and the dirty lingo finally got the powerful politician at the brink. He grabbed her sexy hips hard and then slapped her shapely rump at that inspirational moment when he energetically poured his last vestiges of baby milk into his shrieking whore! It was so exotic and thrilling to fill this little tramps nether orifice! The fancy little slut told him she was only fourteen but he knew better. The agency wouldn’t dare hire anyone less than 18. Yet her voice sounded so immature and her four foot eleven inch frame was so easy to manhandle and play with that he could easily believe he was back in his early days of high school when he’d fucked a pretty little brunette classmate until she’d eventually dropped him for some football jock. How he’d hated football players! Every time he’d found a lush young thing in high school or college he’d had to loose them to some fucking athlete. Well he was getting even now as he pumped his warm cock cream into Rosie’s tiny shit hole! He slapped her bare arse again as he finally drained the last of his lust into his prime harlot.

He sighed at last. “You are one hot lay Rosy. If I weren’t married, I think I’d hire you by the month. What a wild little piece you are. You’re worth every penny.”

Rosy turned around and let him look at her juice coated groin and her reddened tits. “You’re such a nice daddy, honey. Any time you need me you just call me and I’ll sneak on over here and let you ravish my poor little defenseless holes. You’re so rough with me because I’m such a naughty little slut. Do you like your hot little baby girl? Do you like the way I fuck?”

The senator shook his head. “Rosy, if I were twenty years younger, I’d pound you silly for the entire day. But even though I can afford it, I no longer have the time and the rest of my day is going to be spent on examining some boring legislation concerning free trade agreements with fucking Bolivia.”

Rosy gently pulled him down to her and she crooned and pouted her tempting lips. “Oooooo daddy! Are you sure you wouldn’t like to fill my itchy little cunt and fuck me hard some more? I crave you so bad baby! Your hot little girl needs your huge cock squirting inside my baby pussy. Are you sure you don’t want to fill my cunt full again? You know I just love to be fucked a lot! Please daddy! Pretty please!”

He looked down at his flaccid, limp appendage. He grimaced in regret. “God Rosy! If I were but ten years younger, I’d make you so sore you’d have to crawl out of here. But I have reached my limit my sweet little fox. I’ll call you next week if I can.”

She kissed him then in both appreciation and affection. Although he was not all that great a lover, he was generous and considerate. She whispered, “Just call me when you need me lover. It’s so much fun to feel you inside me.”

Two hours later she was at a motel room being pussy pounded by a much younger and better endowed congressman. She was so impressed that she actually gave him an extra half hour free.

There was no question in any of her client’s minds that Rosy definitely enjoyed supplying a piece of prime cunt for a hefty piece of those big business lobbyist bucks! Washington DC just wasn’t quite the same after Miss Dawn did her thing in as many tantalizing positions as was femininely possible.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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